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for History today we watched the Inauguration. What? EVERY Inauguration is historical. I heard a lot of Roosevelt and Kennedy in Trump's speech.

Also, I would like to point out that the "deplorables", the "racists" et al are NOT the ones committing violence and vandalism here - it's the "peaceful", "civilized" protestors - HILLARY SUPPORTERS that are doing it.

So - just WHO are the deplorables, huh? Seriously - there's NO call for violence and vandalism. Grow up. :shaking my head:
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Herself is HOME. I missed her - and she missed us. Obviously - she simply WILL NOT SHUT UP. :lol: (For an Aspie, that's HUGE. She has been babbling non-stop. :rofl:)

SG got a shock today. I had been on him to call the flooring company to find out if we could use a steam mop on the new floors. (No, we can't). He finally did; not only are steam mops right out, so are his beloved Swiffer Wet Wipes. :snicker: (That's been a bone of contention for YEARS. I hate those things; I was told that by not using them I was promoting a dirty house. Whatever....)I am laughing.......all I am supposed to use on these lovely, lovely floors are vinegar/water or ammonia/water, or the $$$ cleaning solution that they manufacture. Yeah....I'll stick with vinegar or ammonia and water, thank you very much!

Almost done with the current hat...then it's on to probably another one. Stress-knitting at it's finest, folks! :lol:

Oh! The piano was delivered's nice, it's lovely - and it's bigger than SG realized (I KNEW it was going to take up most of the game/music room - it's a baby grand, for heaven's sake! He, however, thought it would be the same size as the old spinet we had. Not even close. :sigh:) He's a little freaked about how much space he has "lost" in there.....:sigh: I have to find a piano tutor now....Himself is the only one of us who can play even a little, and he's self-taught. It's time for lessons, I think. (Prediction: SG will take lessons for a few months, maybe, then drop it. I will take them until I can play - maybe not perfectly, but until I can read both clefs at the same time and both hands can play independently. Himself doesn't want actual lessons, but wants me to show him what I learn.)

Off to do History now - laters!
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The cabinets will be installed Feb. 1 and 2. Let me repeat that: I should have a fully functional kitchen Feb.2!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't think I have enough exclamation points...:lol:

I need to take photos.....and get them posted. Right now, though, I want to happy dance all over the empty house.
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Floors are DONE. Finished. Beautiful. The kids' bathroom is virtually done - the grout needs to finish curing (tomorrow evening!) and we need to hang the towel rack and rehang the door, but I can mark it off the list.

And the kitchen cabinets have been ordered and will be delivered Jan. 30. Let me repeat that: My Kitchen will be Delivered 1/30/17. !

I need to talk about that - because my experience wasn't what the internet said it would be. It was better. Remember, I paid $249 to get Ikea's partner Traemand to come out, measure, and plan my kitchen for me - and I think that's why the actual ordering process went so quickly.

The Internet told me to a) get there right as the doors opened (we...didn't. :sigh:) and be prepared for a 2 or 3 hour ordeal - because the salespeople had to place the order line item by line item. :shudder: So, I was prepared for a long, drawn-out ordeal.

I brought ALL the paperwork Traemand sent me (VERY important!), plus the receipt from when I set up the measurement/planning (also VERY important! Take ALL the paperwork Ikea has ever given you - it'll make life so much easier!)

We got there at 11 (because SG decided to pay off the piano first, instead of 2nd. :sigh:), and had a 30 minute or so wait. To say they were packed would be an understatement - and it looked like almost everyone wanted to PLAN their kitchen right then. (I don't know why they weren't set up on the planner and left...that's what happened the first time we went in, but I digress.) When my name was called, the guy asked me what I needed; I said, "I'm here to order my kitchen." He went pale. "Traemand sent me all the paperwork - and I have it - what else do you need from me? Do I need to sign in the planner?"

He took a deep breath, said "You went thru Traemand? This'll be easy, then! Let me see the papers...." He found the plan #, typed it in, told it to convert to a sales order, removed the appliances (because the guy at Traemand didn't.....he was hoping we'd order the Ikea appliances, too. HA! Not even....), double-checked the number of items, and hit "final". He then got his supervisor over (he's been with Ikea for 12 years, but just started in kitchens) to make sure it was done correctly; she "fixed" a few things, told him how to get me the "free" gift card (the refund from the planning fee), then watched him check me out.

We were done within 30 minutes of his calling my name.

I am expecting 124 packages, weighing 599.9 Kg. :gulp!: We have 48 hours to do an inventory after they drop the stuff off; after that it's on us to pay for anything missing. Damaged items will be replaced free of charge - they just want to make sure we actually received everything we ordered.

Now, because everyone asks: Total cost for the kitchen, upper cabinets, lower cabinets, countertop, bar countertop, sink and range hood, WITH tax and delivery: $5,392.49. Let me repeat: This is for the ENTIRE kitchen, less installation. (Delivery was $199; tax was $316.64 - meaning the actual cost of the kitchen was $4,876.85. Go compare that to Home Depot or Lowe's, just for fun. :lol:)

Install will be another $2,250.00. We *could* DIY; I've offered. However......both of us kinda don't feel like it. Yes, Himself could - and would happily! - assemble all the cabinets by himself.....but......y'know what? Life's too short. We've agreed it's worth $2300 to NOT do it ourselves. (Unlike the bathroom - it was NOT worth $1,500 to pay someone else to do it.)

Insurance had allocated about $4,000 for the lower cabinets and countertop I think we did pretty well. The contractor we consulted quoted $5,000 for lower cabinets and countertop; that did include installation, but no uppers and no bar. I think we came out ahead, actually - and I LOVE how the kitchen looks in the planning tool.

I am in a faint freak-out phase right now; we have NO kitchen at all (the sink was torn out for the floors, and can NOT be reinstalled.) We DO have a microwave....but it'll be coming out a day or 2 before the install. I am SO ready for all this to be over!

In good news, I have another new hat, and I've started yet another one. We ran out to Tuesday Morning today; they have a bunch of Clover wooden needles (both circular AND straights) for $2.99 (yes, Mom - I left some! :lol: RC's is Right There if you wanna go shop!).....I filled in the blanks in my collection, and added a few more balls of yarn. Today is work-day; Cyn needs it by this weekend, so I need to get cracking!
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They didn't show up Monday - they hadn't finished the job they were on, but they showed up TODAY. They are currently working in the kids' bedrooms and bathroom; if they get those done and still have time they will do the dining room also. And maybe the foyer. :happy dance!:

The tub is DONE except for the grouting - which will be done tonight. I can see the light!!!!!

Saturday we are supposed to order the kitchen cabinets.....they said maybe 3 weeks before install. I....can wait 3 weeks. Maybe. :lol:

I will have some floors tonight!!!!! (And maybe a new hat, but we'll see how fast the knitting goes. :rofl:)

Oh - and I am NOT happy with the guy that put in my Studio (which I need to photograph for you, but can't until the kids get moved back into the house and all the household stuff gets moved back into the house where it belongs....because right now? It's a mess in there.). It's been what, 5 months? - and shingles are BLOWING OFF OF MY ROOF. :grrrrrr: And he wants another $85 to fix it. :GRRRRRRRRR:
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It's COLD outside - it's up to 33* right now; it was 15 when I got up at 5. :brrrrr: Still, I've been a busy little bee this AM - the living room, breakfast nook, and bar are all now painted. :lol: SG couldn't believe how fast I am....I keep telling him, if you're not obsessive about drips and drops, you can bang out a room in under an hour. Latex paint wipes up easily with a wet paper towel; if it happens to dry you can use a butter knife, and if THAT doesn't work a little bit of steam will lift it right up off the floor. Right now, we have NO floors, so.....I don't worry about drips and drops. :lol:

We're going to be doing a little more in the family room - SG's wanted to do a "brick" wall in there forEVER. Only, he wanted to do it behind the entertainment center. Kind of a waste, if you ask me - you won't SEE it. So....last night I suggested that we do a "brick" half-wall around the entire family room, AND do the bar, too. It'll hide the dog stains (because we have 1 dog that can't walk beside a wall without rubbing on it. :sigh:), it'll fulfill his need for a brick wall, and it'll look nice. And it'll hide the fact that he quit texturing the bar because he........didn't like how it was coming out? Anyway......:lol:

I'm supposed to be able to tile the bathtub today; we'll see. The flooring guys are supposed to be here at 9:30-ish tomorrow AM - I CANNOT wait!
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At least, I *THINK* it's snow.......white, lacy, float-y things falling from a gray sky. Very cold. Melts into nothingness when it hits the windshield - that's snow, right? :lol:

Herself is back at FIL's. She's a bit shaky, but the doc said things look normal. This doc (her GP) said she'd order the nuclear thyroid test that the endo botched, so hopefully we'll see SOMETHING that'll confirm Hashimoto's so we can start actually TREATING things. Instead of, you know, being told to do yoga. :bangs head:

It was an interesting mail day - I received a manikin head. :snicker: I want it to take photos of my knit hats, and Herself wants it to design cosplay headpieces on. Very weird to see a face looking at you, but.....:lol: I also got my latest order from Smiley', I LOVE them. Low prices and nice yarn.

Oh! The floors are currently sitting in the music room, acclimating. The wood stove is on the back porch (getting snowed on....:sigh:), so they can start the flooring installation Monday. :bounce: There's a little painting I need to do yet, but it'll get done before Monday AM. I'm hoping to start the tiling, but that depends on SG getting the Hardie board installed (maybe Himself and I can do that tomorrow? We'll see - SG wants to paint all the ceilings. Which...shouldn't take that long, only it does because he's a very slow painting. And not that much neater than I am, to be honest........:sigh:)

I need to get back to knitting the current pair of fingerless gloves. Then another hat! And maybe I'll be able to wind Himself's yarn and get his fingerless gloves done......:bounce:
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Sunday, most of the kids bathroom was textured, but not all. Football was on, so nothing else got accomplished by the male portion of the equation, but I painted what I could.

Monday - SG woke up "sick". You have to understand, when he gets sick, he's the sickest sick person to ever be sick. :sigh: He managed to play some TitanFall finish the texturing in the bathroom, but it was too late for me to be able to finish the painting.

Tuesday: SG still sick. Himself and I ran Herself to FIL's, then headed home so Himself could tear out the kitchen cabinets. got home to find that SG was able to pull the doors off, but was "too sick" for us to do any tear out. I did all the sponge-painting in the kids bathroom - the painting in there is now DONE.

Tuesday, Evening/Wednesday: I went to bed at 9 - late for *me*. At 11:30, the phone rang - Herself was in the midst of a panic attack. I talked her down, went to the bathroom, and she called back - it was back, only *worse*. At 12:40 I headed out to Ft. Worth; we got home at 3 AM. (I was able to get her into the Doctor's today at 1:30....I know it's her thyroid; she has all the symptoms of Hashimoto's, but her labs come back "normal". When I asked if maybe "normal" is *high* for her, we were told that maybe she could try yoga. :bangs head: Anyway. I couldn't get back to sleep, so went into a rather manic phase - the kitchen cabinets are now *gone* and the kitchen has been completely repainted. It's now a nice, baby French/Country blue instead of Olive green.

Today: Doc appt at 1:30. The flooring is due to be delivered this morning. Himself/I need to paint the Family room and do some touch ups, and to move out most of the stuff that we moved back in so we could live a little more comfortably.

IF the doctor's appointment goes well, tomorrow I'll take Herself back to Ft. Worth. Honestly - she doesn't need to be here while all the work is being done - it'd really mess her up. Change always does. IF SG can get the Hardie board up in the kids' bath, Himself and I can start the tile work. SG needs to focus on the kitchen, though - he STILL hasn't finished moving the bar wall. :bangs head: (He got very upset with me Tuesday AM when I told him that we didn't have the TIME to be sick. It's just a cold, for pete's sake - he's not dying, he's not incapacitated! In revenge, he passed his cold to the rest of us....and lo and behold, it hasn't stopped us. I was still able to run and pick up the paint yesterday, and to actually paint with it......he's upset about THAT, as well. :shrug: There's too much to do and a finite amount of time to do it in - I can't afford to take any time off just because I have a cold. :sigh:) (This is why I couldn't go to sleep yesterday, even though I was totally exhausted - too much HAS to be done before the floors go in.

Ah, well - such is life here, right now. I can tile even after the floors go in, if necessary - don't want to, but hey - the tub will catch most of the mess.

And! Once the floors are in (next week, they said!!!!), I can go order my cabinets (we're waiting on SG's severance package; had we gone with lower-quality floors and bottom cabinets only we could have already ordered everything. BUT...we didn't. And SG only got 1 week of vacation pay....and was freaking out over how we'd survive. :shakes head: So.....soon as his severance hits (next week - funny how it all worked out, huh? :wink:) we'll go to Ikea and get that ball rolling. :rubs hands:) Things are looking up!
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If the year goes the way the first day goes....I am in for a very busy and productive year. So far, I have:

1. Done a full load of laundry
2. Fed all the critters
3. Finished knitting another hat
4. Run to Wally World
5. Put 4 coats of paint on the kids' bathroom walls (need to sponge a contrast color over them, but SG needs to finish texturing the new drywall first. He told me to paint, so....I did!)
6. Napped
7. Ordered a batch of Worsted Weight yarn from Smiley's Yarns


#7 was needed. Yes, I have yarn - SOCK yarn. I don't have a large selection of heavier-weight yarn - yarn one would use for hats/gloves/scarves/sweaters. So....I think I have that covered, now. I like having yarn in house so I can start on a project *now*, when the mood strikes. No, I won't have sweater-amounts, but...that's OK. I like small, fast projects. Smiley's has decent yarn for $1.99/ball.....2 balls are more than enough to knit a hat. I need to get a containment unit for this, but....that's OK. I have plans to knit a lot of it up quickly.

I also have plans for this year....not resolutions, but plans. I want to:

1. Keep my house tidy. We'll be purging like mad as we bring everything back in, which should make this easier to do.

2. Make more things. I NEED to be creative, and this year? I let that slide. I was trying to get in shape, so I tried to get 10K steps/day. Problem - I didn't allow myself time to MAKE things until after that goal was reached. I hit my step count every day until MIL died......and didn't meet my goal of 12 pairs of socks. :frustrated: I also didn't lose any weight - my waist got a couple of inches smaller, but.....honestly? I don't feel it was worth it. This year? I'll still try to MOVE, but knitting/spinning/weaving/sewing will take priority. I NEED to create - it's one of the reasons I'm having a hard time finding my happiness. I also need to make more cheese and soap this year - I enjoy that, too!

3. Ummm....honestly? I think #2 is the biggest thing I want to do this year.

So. I'm not going to do anything radical, or make any major changes. I just need to make time to MAKE things.......what sort of things are you trying to accomplish this year?
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so let's make it a good one, right? :lol:

So. I had a lot of plans for 2016. The big one, for me, was to get my house in order and set up routines so I could keep it neat and tidy(ish). I actually succeeded in this, but not by my own skills. :lol: No, seriously - I have to count this as a win - my house is currently almost empty, which means, from a certain point of view, it's tidy. :rofl: NOT what I had in mind, but hey - it works, right?

Have some photos:

This is what's left of the kids' bathroom:

kids bathroom sink gone

kids bathroom tub gone

I'm kinda bummed that the murals got ruined, but also relieved. I've wanted to update the bathroom for a while, but Herself can't handle change. This, however - there was no way to save them, and I can't match the colors - I mixed them as I painted each fish. :sigh: So.....the drywall has mostly been replaced. The tub has 1 piece of hardiboard; SG stopped to fiddle with the over-the-mirror light. :sigh: Hey - at least the tub is in, right?

He stopped the kitchen to do the bathroom:

kitchen dishwasher side

kitchen oven side

The top cabinets over the dishwasher are almost empty; the other side...they aren't. It won't take long to empty them....I'm just not really in the mood right now. I got a bit depressed yesterday as we packed up all my Fiestaware. :sigh:

I KNOW things will get better. I KNOW I'll end up with a practically new house....but it's still hard. And I'm looking at going into the New Year with a house all topsy-turvy....NOT what I wanted to do. Ah, well...this too shall pass.

it is, however, the main reason I've lost my happiness. I'm normally happy - being happy is, for neuro-normal people, a *choice* - but now? I'm finding it difficult. Once the floors are in and I can see progress, it'll be easier - but right now? It's hard. :sigh:

Anyway - hope y'all have a Happy New Year! May 2017 be MUCH better than 2016!
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My kitchen is...well. I DO have the upper cabinets - today, at least. We're supposed to go pick up boxes tomorrow so I can empty the uppers, then they're OUT. Fun times....

The kids' bathroom is.....well. Yesterday AM, it was GUTTED. (I have photos. It isn't pretty...). Monday the plumber came out and pulled the toilet and tub, and started prep work to move the sink pipes. Yesterday he came back, installed the new tub, and got the pipes moved and the sink dry-fitted. I'm actually glad we gutted the bathroom; seems that (very long story short!) the builders were on something when they bricked that wall of the house; they seem to have started at both ends and worked to the middle. Only, they half-arsed the mortar in the seam; it was GONE. We noticed a sliver of light when the tub surround was removed (because, you see, the builders did NOT put anything behind the surround; no hardi board, no green drywall, nothing but insulation. :sigh:) and went to investigate - otherwise, we probably wouldn't have noticed anything amiss (question time: Do you go around scrutinizing the walls of your house? Because I don't.)

Home Depot has a.....caulk-type product that replaces mortar/repairs cement. The seam is now fixed, and looks.....normal? No light, anyway. :shakes head:

The plumber is not familiar with Ikea....and the pipes perplexed him. He said HE would have set the plumbing up differently, but...whatever. :lol: I had to get Himself involved; if you've ever seen Ikea instructions, you know you need to be a Lego Master Builder to interpret them. Our not. :lol: This is good experience for Himself; he helped remove the toilet, helped dry-fit the sink, and helped with some of the pipe-stuff. Tomorrow, he'll help/observe me tile the bathroom (hopefully! SG has to install the hardi board and new drywall, then I have to get the walls painted. I do NOT want to paint after the tiling is done; I don't want to get blue paint on the lovely off-white tiles.)

So. The floors *should* be in, but I haven't heard from the Floor guy. They might not be in until next week, which is still OK - the wood stove will be moved 1/6. The cabinets will be ordered 1/15......I am slowly going bonkers, but at least I am SEEING progress now. It's a HUGE mess, but progress is being made. And money is being spent....:lol:
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FIL went back to the ER Sunday evening. He's home now, and fine......:sigh: I'll be sending Herself back over next week sometime, probably.

I knit a hat's cute. I need pics - but that's kinda hard with no furniture. :sigh: I'll be SO GLAD when this is all over and my house is back to normal - whatever "normal" is. :lol:

Thinking about next year's goals......I have some nebulous thoughts running around in my head. Soon as I nail 'em down, I'll write up a post.
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it began last night at Sundown. Hope you have a wonderful Festival, and eat lots of fried things! :lol:
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Yesterday was a busy day! We went to the floor store and put the deposit down on the floors! :huzzah!: We're looking at the 2nd week of January, more or less...which is good. The wood stove can't be moved until 1/6, and it has to be out before the floor can go in the family room.

And, the Ikea kitchen planner came out. I want to talk about this, because I couldn't find ANY details on this while I was googling like mad. So.....buckle up! :lol:

Once you've decided that you want to go with Ikea, I HIGHLY recommend you plunk down the $249 for the planning service (vs. the $149 for the measuring service, or $0 to do it yourself. me on this!) However, BEFORE you go in ( go in, even if it's a bit of a trip. Again, trust me - and find something else to buy so it's not a "wasted" trip.), go thru and kind of decide the "look" you want. Why? Because they require a basic idea before scheduling your appointment.

I had already decided I wanted the 'Hittorp' doors, drawers on the bottom and glass - if possible! - on top. I also knew I wanted the Butcherblock countertop - the solid wood one, not the veneered one (because SG is going to router a nice edge on it. :grin:) So. We went in the moment they opened the doors and headed straight for the kitchen department (do this. Again - trust me. Ikea is usually crowded, and it seems that most people want to browse the kitchen department.) The salesman had me fill out a pre-planning guide (see why I told you to KNOW what you think you want? :lol:); I had to indicate that I had appliances already and wasn't going to replace them (and guess at the sizes of said appliances), and that I was using one of their countertops (some people go elsewhere). Then he rang me up, and told me that when I actually ordered the cabinets I'd get the $249 back as a gift card (I knew this, but wanted to put it out there anyway. Basically, the service is free if you do go thru with the order.) Also, IF I bought the cabinets and they went on sale within 90 days, because I was an Ikea Family member (If you're going to buy a lot from Ikea, JOIN. It's free) I'd get the difference back as a gift card. If you're not a Family member, you're kind of out of luck on that one.

Anyway. The appointments are for a 4-hour visit. That sounds like more than enough was barely enough. Granted, our kitchen is.....interesting. We only have 2 walls for cabinets; the sink is angled away from the dishwasher wall at a 60-ish* angle, with another 60-ish* angled cabinet ending that run. Plus there's a narrow bar along that run of cabinets. The other side has the range, with a microwave/hood and refrigerator. We have more bottom/base cabinets than we do wall cabinets. It's not a huge kitchen, but that angled bit made things......interesting.

The planner got here at 2. I have to say, I am VERY impressed with him - I told him up front to be blunt with me and tell me when I was getting stupid. He was polite, but did just that. :lol: The first 30 minutes or so was spent taking very precise measurements, then he went into Ikea's planning program to set the room up. (I have played around with the online me on this: USE THE SERVICE. The program is OK, if glitchy, but it doesn't tell you that you need "filler" pieces - and you NEED them, because these are frameless cabinets. Without the filler pieces, the doors won't open correctly and the drawers won't slide in and out easily.)

Then the fun began. Because of the worksheet I had filled out at the store, he already knew what I wanted. It was relatively easy to start dropping the cabinets in - until we got to the sink. I wanted the 'Domsjo' (I think that's the faux-Swedish name of it) - the porcelain apron-fronted double-bowl farm sink. Desperately. I LOVE that look, and Ikea has the cheapest one I've ever seen ($300 vs. $650+!!!) We spent a good HOUR trying to make it fit - I even said I'd go with the single-bowl version.......what we ended up deciding was that SG would tear out part of the half-wall, add 3" to the long run, then add 1" to the end piece, maintaining the weird angle. The double-bowl sink was 1" too large, and the single-bowl sink was 6" too small, otherwise. And.......I really don't like the looks of the other sinks. (I did offer to go with another sink, even though I don't like them as much. The renderings.....weren't beautiful, but I could have lived with it. SG said no, he'd do the work so I'd be happier. :snuggles:)

The other side of the kitchen and the wall cabinets went very quickly. The micro-hood is being replaced with a "real" hood (SG fell in love with it, and I have no problem with it. Besides, he's doing a lot more work to give me my sink, so....:wink:), and we're doing away with the stupid, teeny cabinets over the 'fridge. This side of the kitchen will have solid doors on top, instead of glass - the glass doors don't fit this size of cabinets (of course not! :lol:)

The sink-side of the kitchen will have 6-pane glass doors on top; 2 narrow cabinets on each end with a 30" wide double-door cabinet in the middle. We're gaining approximately 6" of cabinet length here, and losing the sorta stupid-looking blank space at the end of that run. The dishwasher will need to be scooted over a little bit, so that we have 2 identical cabinets with drawers on either side of it (right now, we have 1 wide cabinet next to the wall, and 1 narrow cabinet near the's unbalanced and has bothered SG. Me? Not so much, but it's a minor thing.) ALL the lowers are drawers; all of them (I think) have a hidden small drawer on the top (think silverware drawer.) From the front, you'll see 2 or 3 drawers, but inside there's a +1.

The renderings last night looked really, really nice. Upscale farmhouse. :lol: The estimated quote: $4700. For an ENTIRE kitchen. (Just for comparison sake, the insurance estimated $3,800 for the bottom cabinets and countertop ONLY; the contractor we talked too quoted us $5,500 for the bottom cabinets and countertop. We'd still need to replace the top cabinets to match........yeah, I think Ikea wins this round!)(And the rendering included everything, even the drawer pulls and cabinet knobs. It might go up a little bit, if he needs to add more filler pieces, but it won't go up THAT much. Even if it went up to the $5,500, it's for a FULL kitchen, not just the bottoms.)

It does not include installation. The planner said to estimate $65/cabinet...which sounds awfully low to me (Ikea had said $200/cabinet, which sounds WAY too high.) IF the $65 is correct.........installation would run about $1,000 (OK, less, but I'm trying to round up and include any taxes.) IF this is correct we are going to have them do the install - the planner said it would take maybe 1 day to do. (Versus the 10+ days I've seen DIY'ers take. Um....I'll take 1 day for $1,000, Alex!) If it's more, we'll have to discuss it and decide then.

The planner was very professional. He didn't mind some of my "what if?" questions, and he was nice when he told me I couldn't do what I wanted to do (get rid of the countertop on either side of the stove. You need clearance on both sides for safety - I hadn't thought of that.) He also didn't mind Bree and Chloe investigating him. :lol: All in all, it was well worth the $249. I feel comfortable that we'll be ordering exactly what we need, and that everything will fit like it's supposed to (well, once we re-do the bar area. But that won't take a lot, according to both the planner and SG, so....:lol:)

AND I get to have "my" sink! :rofl:

We should get the files today or tomorrow, then we can plan a trip back out to Ikea to order them. I have been told - numerous times! - to order IN PERSON, not on line, and to pay for delivery. I think it's a $200 delivery fee to our, but then it's on Ikea to send the correct stuff. And we don't have a large enough truck for an entire kitchen's worth of cabinets; we'd have to either rent a larger one, or make multiple trips.......I'd rather pay the delivery fee. :lol:

Now we wait.......we can't do the cabinets until the floors are installed (because Ikea cabinets don't sit on the floor, they have feet. Sounds weird, but the upshot is that IF there is another leak, only the feet will get wet, and we won't have to do this again (barring a Major flood, of course - but let's not borrow trouble.) We are going to start demolishing the current cabinets and re-doing the bar, and we're going to replace the kids' tub and toilet (because why not? Might as well do it now, while we're tearing out the vanity.) THEN - then we get to do the Master suite.......we're going to end up with a new house, practically. :happy dance:
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We've been busy, but let me get this out of the way: Rogue 1 is a good movie. It is a Star Wars......made-for-TV-movie. It doesn't FEEL like a true Star Wars feels like a one-off (which, it is.) IF you've seen the 1977 Star Wars (aka "A New Hope"), then you already know what HAS to happen here - and it does.

This is a WAR movie. It's not......over-blown violent, but people die. On screen. (Again, if you are at all familiar with Star Wars, then you KNOW what is going to happen.) It does fill in the details about what happened just before Ep. IV opens - literally, Rogue 1 ends moments before the screen crawl of IV begins. it was a satisfying show, feels like a - dare I say this? - Holiday Special :snerk: :rolls on floor laughing uproariously: :have you SEEN the Holiday Special from the '70's?????: :lol: Only, Better. This has story, and plot and it's a good show.

Ah :wipes eyes: - it was good, but I won't be going back to the theatre to see it again. I'll buy the DVD, because Star Wars, but.....:shrug: They did a good job with the Senators that started the rebellion (Mon Mothma, Bail Organa) - they aged them from the prequels beautifully. The CGI Tarkin (that actor died years and years ago!) works, IF you don't scrutinize it too much. There was only 1 plot.....pothole; it doesn't matter, it doesn't make you question the movie, it just......doesn't explain WHY the Tantive IV was docked with the ship it was docked with, during the battle (again - if you've seen IV, you KNOW there was a battle. I'm trying my best to NOT spoil it!) - there isn't a logical reason for it, but - eh, it works. The motivation for most of the characters makes sense, the acting is really, really GOOD, the dialogue is snappy (a bit too much, honestly, I could do with less smart-alecky-ness, but it wasn't enough to make me quit caring.) The action is intense, and everything *works* - you care about the characters, you care about the mission (even though you already know that they succeed - we've seen the future!). AND Vader gets to Vader around - SHOWING why people feared him.

Anyway - that was Friday. :lol:

Yesterday was Ikea. I HATE Ikea, I really do - it's a soul-sucking bastion of the Underworld - but they have affordable cabinets. That I actually like. :Sigh: I got an appointment for Wednesday for a kitchen planner to come out and spend up to 4 hours with me, actually planning my kitchen. Yes, I have set it up in the official planning program......but. It's buggy, it doesn't have everything *I* want, and I don't want to buy a lot of stuff only to find out it doesn't work the way I thought it would. Plus, we get that fee back when we order the cabinets,'s free piece of mind. We also bought the vanity, sink, faucet, and storage cabinet for the kids' bathroom. We then hit Home Depot and bought paint and the tub fixture, then priced a new tub and toilet (the Jeep was FULL, and it'll take the truck to get the tub. I want porcelain over steel, NOT fiberglass, so....yeah. Truck.)

This week, I have to go order the floors. I have to wait until the bank releases the rest of the funds, but.......:huzzah!: Things are starting to move along rather nicely.

I finished scarf #6 today - I am back to socks, now. :lol: Cyn gave me some $$ for my birthday; I bought some worsted weight yarn. Smiley's Yarn has the BEST prices I've found for economical yarns - it's kind of hit-or-miss on fiber content, but they had a decent selection of 100% wool worsted and DK weight yarns. I bought....well, I bought enough that I should be set for a while. I have a large selection of sock-weight yarn; it was time I branched out. (Yes, I can use sock yarn for other things...but it takes longer. Smaller yarn = more stitches. I want hats NOW, not 2 weeks from now, y'know? :lol:)

It's almost lunch-time; better skitter! It's currently 22*; need to toss another log on the fire!
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The insurance check came back on Monday, and we dropped everything to run it to the bank. They, of course, put a hold on most of the funds, but enough has been released that we can go get the kids' bathroom vanity today (if we wanted - we're planning an Ikea run Saturday). We're also going to replace their tub and toilet while we're at it (why not? They could use replacement - might as well do it now, before replacing the floors.) Next week, when the bulk is released, I'll order the floors and the kitchen cabinets. :happy dance:

I'll soon have my house back! Can't wait!!!!

We are going to arrange a professional to come out and measure the kitchen - we've done it, I've played with Ikea's kitchen designer program....but I am planning some changes and want to make sure I don't screw up. The current plan has 2 small countertops on either side of the stove......and, in MY kitchen, they are useless. They simply collect stuff. I really want to ditch them - run the wall cabinets down to the countertop, leaving just a "lip" of counter. Regular cabinets on top, drawers on bottom, with a built-in microwave (Ikea has a cabinet designed just for that, but it's the same depth all the way. I want - I THINK I want - shallower cabinets on top.....according to the program, it looks like it'll work, but I want the confidence that'll come from an Ikea professional looking and advising. (The other side of the kitchen is a long run of countertop that curves around the sink and ends in a small clear space. IF I have enough storage space, that'll be enough counter space. If not.....we'll be hacking an island to match - right now I have a portable island from Big Lots, but it doesn't match, it won't match, and Herself can use it for lamp working.)

I think this knitting jag is almost over - I'm on the last (for now) scarf.....and have slowed down a bit. I'm still planning on stocking up on "larger" yarn - I am a SOCK knitter. I use tiny yarn/tiny needles - anything larger than a size 2 feels like I'm trying to knit with pencils or something. I am good on sock yarn......not so much on hat/sweater/bulky yarn. :lol:
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Seems I got bit by a knitting jag Friday afternoon. My knitting mojo has been mostly gone for a while - understood, but still. I guess spending a lot of time the past year in hospital rooms knitting kinda ruined my mojo......but I was still plugging along on a sock. If by "plugging along" you mean knitting 1 needle's worth of stitches (18) every day or so......

Anyway. Friday I was upset with myself, so I decided to go find some BIG, fun yarn and try to knit something mindless. Unfortunately, I am predominately a sock knitter - which means SMALL yarn. I did have 1 ball of Bulky yarn that SG bought me last year (yes, HE bought me a ball of yarn, un-asked for. It's not "my" type - it's 75/25 Poly/Wool - but HE bought it.) I went to Ravelry and looked up projects using it. There are...a LOT of projects using bulky wool! Who Knew???

I settled on a nice cowl, CO enough stitches to wrap around 2x, and went at it.

3 hours later, I was DONE. Finished. So I cast on 60 stitches with the leftovers, and......1.5 hours later I had a nice, snuggly cowl.

SG took me to the yarn store in Ft. Worth (we went to pick up Herself).....they were having a 30% off EVERYTHING sale. I, um....fell down. Not hard....but 6 balls of yarn, 4 of which were bulky (2 are worsted for a hat for me). Of the 4, I am on ball #3. Since Saturday afternoon. :blink:

I still don't want to work on the sock, but I think my mojo is coming back. I also think I am slightly addicted to super-quick knits......:lol:

I think I am going to stock up on bulky yarn, and knit it up during the year. That way, I'll have some presents ready to go - and some new warm things for me/mine. Win/Win - just because they are quick doesn't mean that they aren't worthy presents. :lol:

I have the 4 finished cowls drying now; the 5th one needs washing and the 6th one is on the needles now. the last one is for Herself.......I put it off because she chose the most eye-blinding skein she could find. :lol:

Oh! Himself talked me into playing's pretty, it's neat, and it's TERRIFYING. The killer fish are...well.......scary. He's going to set me up in Creative mode so that I won't be bothered by them - I'm not so much into the story as I am into exploring the pretty, pretty world. He's also playing - I'll get the story from him. :lol:
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baby, it's COLD outside! 28*, to be exact. :brrrrrr: I don't have a fire going right now, because last night our smoke detectors decided to go haywire. :sigh: We think it's because of all the dust in here - there is NO REASON for them to be going off. It's no fun at 2:30 AM to be frantically running around outside, to see if there are flames/smoke coming from your house! (Nope - SG even went up into the attic to verify.) We'll be trying to blow them out today; if that doesn't work we'll be replacing them.

Himself is doing well - he managed to eat an actual sandwich last night! We're going to try a burger for lunch - he's anxious to get back to real food! :lol:

I bought him a new game yesterday - Subnautica. It's a very, very pretty game - basically an underwater survival game. It's so pretty, *I* am thinking about playing it! (That's big. I don't play many video games these days; I'd rather knit.) He's trying to get me to buy Abzu - he says it's basically Journey (which I enjoyed!) but underwater. (Hmmm....I'm seeing a theme, here. :lol:) We'll see.

I finished my cowl Wednesday evening - 4 days from cast on to bind off. Not too bad! I need to do more "fast" knitting - larger than fingering yarn on size 5+ needles (my socks are knit on 1's or 1.5's. BIG difference!) I also need a few more cowls and hats (and fingerless mitts).

We pick Herself up tomorrow. It's been a long week without her! *She* actually *called* ME Wednesday!!! (This is BIG. B-I-G big!) Granted, it wasn't much of a conversation, but still - a phone call! :will wonders never cease?:

I guess I should get back to the current sock project. Shabbat Shalom, and stay warm, y'all!
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Himself had his wisdom teeth removed yesterday, and it went well. Today he is sore, but not horribly so. I am extremely thankful - any type of surgery is dangerous.

I started a new cowl, and am halfway through it. Today we are chilling at home; I have a fire going, he's on the futon, and things are good.

The mortgage company is giving me fits; more on that later. :sigh: I can't wait to pay them off and tell them what I think of them. Hint: it's not complementary.
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Normally, I'd be cleaning for Shabbat...but now? My house is a disaster, there's NOTHING to clean (and no point - the mud on the slab (from 13 years ago!) will just turn to dust and cover everything within 10 minutes.), so......I am sitting in front of the wood stove, trying to warm up.

Himself is now cavity-free. He got the last 2 fillings yesterday; his mouth is a bit sore this AM, but nothing major. Monday, however.......:poor kid: Herself didn't sleep last night; we went to the Endocronologist yesterday, and she prescribed some sleeping meds (that we'll pick up today), so hopefully that'll get straightened out.

Poor girl - they STILL can't get her thyroid figured out. She has all the symptoms of Hashimoto's, except her blood tests come up "normal". :grrrrr: We're trying to figure out HOW to figure this out - the doctor can't officially diagnose her without the "proper" bloodwork. :sigh:

Ah, well. Such is life. We'll get it figured out eventually.

Shabbat Shalom, y'all!


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