Aug. 8th, 2012


Aug. 8th, 2012 01:04 pm
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H, this isn't "normal" spring or fall cleaning - this is all-out Must Clean All The Things. 4 hours in the Music/Game room yesterday, and 3 in the Studio today - folks, I threw out YARN. LOTS of yarn - and it wasn't all crap yarn, either. The Studio isn't perfect yet, but it's at the point I can let people in it without being embarrassed....and the Music/Game room just needs a new coat of paint and new curtains, and it'll be DONE.

I tossed 6 bags of trash, and about 15 boxes. I think that's most of the drek....until I get to the Master Bedroom. That was supposed to be today...but the Studio got under my skin. :grin:

I swear, I'm nesting...but I am NOT preggers. It's odd.....but that's where I am at. I'm running with it - the house needed to be turned out anyway, but...this is NOT normal for me.

SG and I finally agreed on a new light fixture for the kitchen nook......a 3 pendant light set up that has orange/brown/red stained glass shades. I *think* we're going to go with the 5 light option for the kitchen proper, to replace the old, nasty flourescent fixture that's in there now. We'll see.....

It's been threatening rain all morning - Please, Lord, we Need it! I'd love a downpour!! Or a sprinkle.....we just need rain.


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