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If you get the chance. They deserve all the love and respect we can give 'em.

Dinner went well last night. LOVE mesquite-grilled steaks. So does the hubby. :wink:

We've watched 2 Shalom Sesame episodes so far - I like them. I like them so much I've actually PUT them on our lesson plans. :grin: That way, I KNOW we won't skip them - they're there, in black and white. :nods:

SG is picking up the kids "big" gifts - new bicycles. We're going with mountain bikes, so that they can ride them on the roads *and* cross-country (we live in a very rural area). He's going to get me one, too, so that I can ride with them. The 10-speeds my Dad gave us are going to the recycle center - they will cost more to refurbish than we'll spend on the new ones. :sigh:

Glasses are supposed to be in today, but I'm not counting on it. IF they are, we'll go pick them up tomorrow or Sunday (we have to be out Sunday anyway, so....probably then.) I kinda doubt it though - they told SG that they were "being overnighted today"....meaning yesterday...after *I* was told that they'd be overnighted TUESDAY. So...yeah. NOT impressed with LensCrafters right now.

Gotta run to the bank......


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