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even though we did go out - SG wanted *out* of the house. :sigh: So...we hit the Jewish store near his work....and he went a little....crazy with the debit card. :big sigh: Still....none of the money was wasted, and the things he bought are lovely and will last years, so it's OK. We have a tablecloth for Feasts (although we're using it tonight, since the Sabbath-specific tablecloth isn't here yet), we have a charity-box, we have Feast-only silver candlesticks (um....yeah. OK. I *like* my Messianic brass ones, but he wanted something...prettier.), he has a new silver kiddush cup (again, I *like* my fine china one...but, whatever - I'll use it on Passover for me; that means I only need to get 2 for the kids), we have 2 more dreidels, a silver-plated challah knife, and we have some kosher candles. I will not comment on those...or on the Shabbos *toothpaste* they had for sale. It actually wasn't *that* expensive......but.....oh, well. He helped pick out my original candlesticks and kiddush cup, and I didn't know he didn't like them like I do. It's OK that he wanted "prettier" things - especially since he's agreed that the Messianic candlesticks will be the Shabbat ones.

We then hit the Homebrew store for some cheese starters. Quick stop at Fry's for a USB hub for my Macbook, and :whew: - home.

Annie and Mocha are in with Mal. Silly buckling figured out how to get into the doe pasture on Wednesday, but from the looks of things hasn't quite figured out WHAT he's supposed to do. I found him following the one in-heat doe around, trying to nibble her....EARS. Um. Yeah. Annie and Mocha aren't in - yet - but they are getting receptive. Except about the ears-thing - they don't like that too much. :lol:

My challah was a HUGE hit yesterday; I have another loaf rising in the breadpan right now. The 4-strand braid looks MUCH prettier on the table than a 3-strand one does :nods: We'll have that along with ravioli....the kids are on notice - NO SPILLING on the new tablecloth! :grin: (The white tablecloth makes the table look *very* special. I think I like it!)

See ya on the flip side! Shabbat Shalom!

Date: 2011-11-26 04:01 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I love my pretty tablethings... but I'm no good at not-spilling. Ah well, it just looks well used, right?

Sounds like a good time was had by all.

- Hearth


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