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well, more of a fantasy. See.....I used to play at Robin Hood growing up. Took archery 1 summer, then took it again a few times at church camp. In the back of my head, I kept thinking I needed to brush up on it, because you never know when ammo will run out, and your handgun be reduced to an expensive bludgeon.

SG has caught the archery bug (from watching "Hunger Games" and "The Avengers". :grin:), yesterday while we were out we hit Bass Pro Shops, and ended up in the Archery department. Of course, he tells the employee that it's for *me* (yeah, right!), so the guy helpfully gets the smallest recurve set up, and let me pull it.

NOT gonna work. He set it up for left-hand (meaning, right hand on bow, left pulling the string.) I pulled, held to a count of 10, and my left wrist started burning (I was told by my doc years ago that that meant I was starting to stretch the scar tissue, and if I continued on I'd be *tearing* it. :blech:) All righty, then, let's switch - this time, I didn't even get to 5 before my wrist AND my elbow starting burning. :sigh: (And this was a JUNIOR bow, with only 20 pounds of pull!). SG asked about a compound bow (because the pulley system takes some of the pressure off)...but the employee told him it wouldn't help *me* any. fantasies of being the next Robin Hood are dead and buried. :lol: I'm still going to try to CL a bow for the kids, though....just because. (And today my left arm is HORRIBLE. :sigh: I didn't even DO anything other than pull the string, and it's all sore, tingly, and bad. :sigh:)

We also hit a few gun stores. SG's rifle came with a "lifetime" warranty (um. I'm thinking it's gonna be a 1 year warranty, but I digress.), and his front sights were wonky (the post wouldn't stay in the housing, because the inside was stripped. Or that's what I understand.) So, off we went to the "shop". the worst example of a gun shop I have EVER been in - it was a 20 X 20 (or so) metal building, in which the gun portion consisted of 1 counter, and a 3 x 8 piece on the wall to hang rifles. Of which he had 5. And 1 pistol. The rest of the "shop" was full of....well, woman's fashion junk (the vinyl purses with rhinestones, stupid cutesy t-shirts, decorative crap...that sort of stuff.) The guy swapped the sights, no problem, and we hustled out of there - his wife/girlfriend/whoever was PUSHY, and didn't like it when I said I had already checked out the store.

On the way home, we spotted another was what I expected. FULL of all sorts of firepower..and the guys were nice. Tried to sell me a nice Glock .45. :lol: (Later. No $$$ now. And....I was told by a LE friend that I can't handle a .45, I need a 9mm instead. We're going to test a few next payday, to see.) Then we hit Bass Pro (WAY too expensive!) and another small shop....where, IF we decide to "upgrade", is where we'll go. VERY nice, VERY helpful, and most insistent that I not purchase without trying, AND they gave me a GLOCK info packet for free. Yeah, we'll be going back there later! :wink:

Today was school....we've started the TorahClass Homeschool version of Genesis. Seems to be the same stuff in the regular one, only put in book form. I think the kids will get a LOT out of it. :bounce: (Should we be here, of course! :wink:)

Tomorrow is a Non-Work day, so Hag Samech! And Happy Bris, Yeshua! :wink:

Date: 2012-10-08 11:06 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
May I humbly suggest that you also look at Springfield? Specifically the XD 9? I had carpal tunnel and the resulting surgery on both hands years ago and my hands tend to get pounded by glocks because of the shape and size of the grip, but I have an XD9 subcompact that is very manageable for me. I do have the extended magazines which carry 16 rounds and bring the length of the grip back to a more normal length. M&P also makes a nice gun, so do Sig and Walther, my kids love our Walther P-22 semiautomatic. The .22 doesn't have enough inherent stopping power in my opinion, but it's a good round and if your hands have problems with recoil you might want to look into one.

Date: 2012-10-08 11:06 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
It is too early in the morning! I forgot to sign my name *sigh*


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