Dec. 11th, 2012 07:36 am
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1. Anna, I have watched the first 3 minutes or so of that video - I just *can't* watch the full thing, for some reason. I'm going to try again today (with headphones this time - maybe it's got something to do with the noise-level in this house?), because I would like to see it. But......he's claiming to be Mayan? Because if so, well.....there ARE no "Mayan" any more. (Which is what bugged me the first time I tried to watch it). It's like claiming to be a Canaanite - they're gone now. You might have a touch of their blood....but not enough to call yourself "Canaanite" (or "Mayan" :wink:) Yes, it's nit-picky......and I need to get over it.

2. Dress: I added 2, 2" strips to the bodice. It fits now (we won't discuss WHERE the strips fall, OK? :wink:)...but I didn't gather the skirt properly so it's off. However, I know what I need to do on the "real" one (1 color skirt, instead of 2, add the width to the bodice and waist band as I'm cutting it out, and stick with 2 colors in the bodice instead of 3. It'll look more "clothing-like" instead of "garb-like"). This one will make a nice knock-about-the-house-dress (as opposed to "house dress", which it is NOT.)

3. Firearms: After a LOT of thought, and discussion with guys at numerous gun stores (because I don't trust 1 opinion from a dude trying to sell me something :wink:), I think we're going to go (eventually) with a 9mm for me. Glock, of course (hey, if it's good enough for Israel, it's good enough for *me*!).....probably the compact as opposed to the sub-compact (the sub has more recoil than the compact...and there's not much difference in size. 1/2" at the most in barrel length, and NONE in the grip, because I'll have to add the extension so there's a place for my pinky. :lol:) We discussed .38....and most of the guys think that it's a little too much for my wrist. (I asked about .45....and got laughter. Apparently, that's WAY too much power for me. :lol:

3a. Carry: Under-the-shoulder won't work for me - I have too in the way. Believe me, I've tried - it either "prints" too much, or gives me a lopsided uni-boob. The "flash-bang" We're still looking at IWB holsters (but with sweats....not sure that's going to work) and belly-bands (Pistolwear's PT-1 or -2)....but again, I have time. :grin:

4. Life: 20 degrees this AM. Cold enough to kill the hoppers and scorpions.....and cold enough to freeze ME. :brr: The wood stove is going full-force.....and it's STILL cold. Ah, well - no complaints. I'd rather the bugs be dead.

Gotta get cracking.......laters!


Date: 2012-12-12 07:06 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
AcTah the mayan super hero? yeah we were talking about that a while back - no? I thought so, but I got...ummm is all over the place right now - and I was talking to the goat folks and the muslim folks and I thought I talked to you ladies about it but...goodness who even knows?

Being a mayan or not - he is not a scientist. So if you know much about science it is hard to watch for that factor. Also the translator is not very accurate.

However the important thing is (to have no fear)
the important thing about the video is that it carries the ideas of many many people who are expecting the end of an age this winter. Most of the folks that have a speck of goodness in them are hoping for an end of evil. If they are still around in the spring they will be like prisoners who, after being told they were almost done with their jailtime, find out they still have another decade to serve. They will be angry and devestated.


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