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I don't have a Primary Care doctor; I am almost never sick, so don't see the need. The ER wouldn't release me without one, however, so they set up an appointment with the local

Where to even begin? I want this in writing, as a record of this guy - because tomorrow, SG is going to get me the phone number for someone at the Insurance Co, because.....

Thursday, I got the prescription filled, and promptly slept all day. Friday, my appointment was at 10 - SG took off work and took me there, but had to run home to help the kids get the goats in the back yard. So...I was on my own when they *finally* called me back.

First, they took me to "Financial"...where the demeanor changed when they discovered that Hey! I have Private Insurance! I don't qualify for Gov't subsidy! (Red Flag #1). I waited another 15 minutes before being taken back to the exam room.

Doc comes in, shuts the door. Red Flag #2 - NO nurse in the room. OK, I can deal. He asks the basics, asks about my allergies ("I'm allergic to Penicillian and ALL pain-meds.")...then tells me he wants me on *aspirin*. :"Um. I'm ALLERGIC." "Oh, yes. Then I will write you a prescription for Plavix." "Wait - what? What is that a derivitive of?" "Oh, I don't know." "Um.....I really don't want an ALLERGIC REACTION to something..." "Oh, right. Well, I guess we have to try other things first."

RED FLAG. WHAT doctor immediately puts a patient on a BLOOD THINNER, if the bloodwork doesn't indicate a need? (And the ER doc said my bloodwork was *FINE*.)

OK. So then he starts on the history. Yes, my dad has had strokes. He also had high blood pressure - my BP has been PERFECT; even in the ER it was perfect (in fact, it was a bit *low*). He asks the usual: Do I smoke? NO. Do I drink? NO. :pause: "Not even socially?" :with a bit of a leer: NO. Illegal drugs? NO. :pause: Not even in High School? NONONONONONONONONONONO. :deep breath:

Dude. I said NO. No means NO. Why keep asking????

I'm getting uncomfortable here - it's just me and him in this little room. He decides that the ER didn't do a good job on the bloodwork, so orders more, and then orders an Echocardiogram and...some sort of Cranial something. Because the tests the ER ran "weren't enough. And sometimes you can have a stroke and it doesn't show on the CT scan. Even if you have NO symptoms afterwards. And they didn't check your thyroid." And I also MUST go get my eyes examined again. Okie-dokie....he leaves, and the nurse comes in and takes me to the "lab". I give more this point, I don't even care, just get me OUT of there.

I go to checkout...they make another appointment in 2 weeks. I'm already thinking that I need to find someone else...because honestly? I don't wanna go back. I ask about the tests..."OH. I don't know... I think YOU have to set them up at the hospital." Right-o then.....SG is there, so we head to the Hospital...

Where they have NO clue why I'm there. Apparently, no one from the doctor's office has called or faxed. All they have are the 2 sheets of paper the nurse gave me....which are apparently not enough. :sigh:

The lady in Radiology got me squared away....and muttered a few things about incompetent doctors and their staffs. :gulp:

We're not made of money just because we happen to have Insurance. And I'm not really comfortable with a doc that ignores protocol and leaves his nurse outside the door. And I'm REALLY not comfortable with the tone he took in asking the questions - I get that you need to know this stuff, but when I say "No", I really mean "No, I've never done that". There's no reason to smirk and ask again....

:sigh: I feel very comfortable that the ER doc nailed it - the anti-vert knocks me out, yes, but I'm NOT dizzy, I'm NOT nauseas, I have NO lingering problems that would indicate any sort of stroke (Cynthia has had a lot of TIA's - mini-strokes - and she has ALWAYS had some sort of after-effect. Mostly lost peripheral vision. Yes, everyone is different....but you'd think I'd have SOME sort of after-effect, right? And...I don't.)

Anyway, I feel fine. A little tired (what? I've been SLEEPING off and on for 4 days now! :lol:), but that's normal for this time of year - I'm on kid-watch. Dulce is STILL huge....and due Tuesday. I'm going to up my Vit D (after the tests on Wednesday....don't want anything odd to show up that would cause MORE testing.) and keep on keepin' on.

Weaving news: (So it's no all about *me* :lol:) Finished dishtowel #7 and started #8. Have SG's tallit all planned, and mine. Herself is contemplating hers; Himself told me to "have fun!" HE'S going to get a blue/white/light blue/black (maybe) plaid. :lol: I like plaids....

Date: 2013-04-08 03:38 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Bad docs are a scourge.

((hugs)) Glad you are feeling somewhat better. Be careful with yourself!


Date: 2013-04-08 12:07 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I too do not have a PCP. When I'm sick, I go to the clinic and am harassed by them to get one. At clinics like that, being alone in the room with the patient is generally normal... I'm not a fan but.. what can you do? As for getting an EKG I would not recommend any EKG performed in-house at that clinic, because of their usual lack of training.

Depending on what type of private insurance you have, you can pick a PCP easily (as I would recommend choosing one, even if you don't go on a regular basis, for your own protection and to avoid dealing with the clinic). You can even pick a PCP from the insurance websites these days. Sometimes you're restricted to whom you can choose, and other times you can be open access and pick whomever you want.

So if you can get someone new and start with fresh bloodwork and testing.

Surprised you didn't get asked the typical
"are you pregant?" "are you SURE???"

aNNa says:

Date: 2013-04-08 04:51 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
We don't have a PCP, either... for *any* of us. And for the record? ALL doctors are a scourge. They're all the same - we've had to change PCPs every year for years (because hub's workplace changes insurance providers that often, and where we are is NEVER covered by the next insurance)... so I gave up. Screw it.

And they ALL ask invasive questions, don't believe you, question the work already done, come to conclusions not supported by facts... and they ALWAYS refer you, because then someone else gets to charge you for something, too. It's crazy stupid and annoying. I feel your pain.


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