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1. Been cleaning the Studio. I've just about given up on my idea of a perfectly organized space; there's just NOT enough storage in there, and a) I can't afford to buy it and b) waiting on SG to *build* me the storage I need is an exercise in futility. (See: door, pantry. Also: back, bookcase).

I've been moving stuff around; the spinning corner now has the pie safe and armoire behind it (the armoire needs paint...that's this weekend's project). The bookcase will be up on the ledge. I'm going to put the 4H table loom up for sale (WITH a treadle stand! It's been converted to a floor loom!) - I simply do NOT have room for it. Hope it sells quick...I need the space. :sigh: (If you arrange shipping, I'll be happy to box it up....just sayin'. )

2. Doc. appt. tomorrow. Let's hope she doesn't find anything.

3. Picard was born with floppy ears - this is BAD, since he's an Alpine and is supposed to have sticky-uppy ears. Yesterday, both of them spontaneously became sticky-uppy ears!!!! I'll be listing him and Riker on CraigsList today or tomorrow - I don't need them. :sigh:

4. Maybe today I'll finish weaving off this warp...we'll see. I keep cleaning instead of weaving - I have procrastination syndrome. :lol: See, once the warp is all woven, it's *gone*. Doesn't matter that I have another warp ready to go (actually....2, but the 2nd one I need more heddles for. Oh! I found 300 heddles in my cleaning/rearranging spree! Now I just need 500 more, instead of 800.) I've got 1 project I need to measure the warp for; another one that I mis-calculated and need to buy 1200 more yards of warp before I can get it started. :sigh: Adding numbers is hard, yo. :lol: (I think my original plan was to make a table runner instead of placemats....but I need placemats more than I need a runner. So....more warp!)

5. Herself finally decided on a plan for her tallit. Of course she has to be *different*....instead of white (like the rest of us!), she wants deep, dark purple with a silvery-gray star pattern. Not hard to weave; it's just a totally new set of yarns. :sigh: and :lol: I have to weave the placemats first, though - the pattern she's chosen is overshot, and I'd rather screw up inexpensive cotton instead of the wool/silk blend.

6. Bjorn had an interesting hypothesis about the bombing.....I'm still digesting it.

7. Ali, I looked into the radiant floor heat when I had this house built. After ignoring the laughter ("This is TEXAS!! You don't need heated floors here!" :sigh: Yeah, I do - I feel the cold.) I figured out that it would up the build cost to a point that I couldn't comfortably swing the payments, and it wouldn't really cut my electric bill in the winter. It'd probably be cheaper to install in a place that actually *HAD* winters....but here, it's way expensive (because no one handles it). Ana White is in Alaska, and is currently installing it in her "Momplex" might hop over there and read about it. They're doing it under laminate, if I remember correctly, and showing all the steps. Interesting reading!

Gotta skitter - got stuff to do before school!
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