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OK, it's been a busy and weird week. So....let's do a list! :lol:

1. Monday was recover and hem the dishtowels day. Didn't get that accomplished - but I did get all the towels ironed and pinned. :shrug: It was also a major post-office day; we got all the books I had ordered for Himself (he's "ready" to start Trig....according to Singapore, anyway. *I* don't think he's really ready - he doesn't remember stuff we *just* studied - so I decided to hit the pause button and do Life of Fred as a review. I had most of them, but needed Geometry, Advanced Algebra, and Trig.), and our new cheese press. Yeah, I caved - the one we built isn't sturdy, and was seriously starting to lean the last time we used it. This one was $99....but it's smaller and sturdier.

2. Tuesday was work.....and it sucked, because FA's office can't do their jobs. Or tell us when they update a program. :bangs head: 3 hours of my life lost because I had to upgrade to the new QuickBooks...which doesn't work correctly due to "known issues". :sigh: 'SAlright, though - I got it done.

3. Yesterday was Cheese-making day! 1 batch of Manchego....the press worked GREAT. Easy-peasy lemon-squeezy, as they say - the cheese looks....well, professional. I also got all the dishtowels hemmed and sorted - I only got 2 of this warp (which is GOOD! I thought I'd end up with a lot more, because it was such a problem to weave off!); the other 12 are put up, ready to be handed out. :lol:

4. Today was soap-making day - gotta use up the whey! 3 batches of my Plain Jane soap are currently gelling; I would have made 4 but I ran out of coconut oil. No worries - we're getting 2.5 gallons/day out of our 4 milkers, so....I see lots of cheese and soap in my future. I can only do 1 batch of cheese per day....but that's OK. I need to figure out Ricotta - that's another way to use up the whey. (In soap, I use it to mix the lye in. That way, I figure I'm not diluting the Goat's Milk with water (the "normal" way to mix lye), and my soap is lighter/whiter than if I used GM to mix the lye. Not that I care, but some people apparently do.)

Now...I have some questions. I can't figure out how to set up a poll here, so I'm just going to ask - please answer! Disclaimer: participating in this doesn't mean you're gonna score free stuff...nor does it mean you won't. :wink:

a) What do you consider a "set" of dishtowels? 1? 2? 8? Does every towel in that set have to match in both color/pattern, or can they just be related (same colors, for example, but in a different weave pattern, or vice-versa)

b) How many towels do you usually use/have out? (I can't answer this one, because I am ALWAYS grabbing a towel....we go thru 6+ per week. It's why I keep weaving them....)

c) Placemats - yes/no? Again, how many in a set and do they have to be matchy-matchy?

d) Do placemats and dishtowels have to match your decor, or does anything go?

Almost forgot!

e) How do you feel about being gifted "seconds"? I do my best, but sometimes stuff still screws up. I try to pull the worst offenders....but sometimes the only problem is a wonky selvedge (because sometimes threads break, and that wonky-fies things). It doesn't affect the's just not perfect-looking. (Again - gifted, not sold. I won't take money for something that's not as perfect as I can get it.)

I'm trying to figure out the best way to market/gift my handwovens. Right now I'm on a dishtowel kick, but I'm starting to feel the urge to branch out into placemats (helps that Tigger just ATE one of the last set I wove....:grrrrr:) And table runners......:lol:

Gotta skitter - need to go bottle feed the kids. And get the boys listed on CraigsList - we disbudded the last of them last night, so they're ready to go. :fingers crossed:

survey says!

Date: 2013-05-09 03:57 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
With placemats - I think that two sets of four is what I would say is a full set - then you can rotate them - but if you have a fancy dinner - you can have eight settings and still have it look put together. If you have six at the table that night you can use the two different ones for the adults - or the girls or whatever and still have a nice look.
Not much in my house matches much else in my house - for dish towels - two are usually out - they almost never match - but if they were if the same style or color theme I could call that a match. Currently I have a coral colored hand towel from the bathroom on the stove (why??)
I was also recently chastized for using our "good towels" to deliver goats- ha! the "good towels" were beach towels I got on clearance two years ago for $3.50 each! or towels that we got over 8 years ago!!
I was curious where these 'good towels' were goign to be put to better use - but I bit my tounge. Silly people!
I think marketing placemats in groups of four - but with a discount if you buy two sets would be ideal!
And dishtowels in sets of two matching ones and others in the same color or pattern family could be offered at a discount with they are bought at the same time.
I honestly have no idea how much they would cost - but for example if you had a set of four placemats for $20 - you could offer $5 off for the second set of four - or dish towels maybe 2 for $12 but second set for $8, so again 4 for $20? - maybe 6 for $25? If they all fit in the same sized box - that way you are really only passing on the savings of shipping three seperate packages - I think.

Argh - really I don't know I only have been gettign to sleep 3 out of 24 hours the past few days so... feel free to ignore anythign I typed - especially if I made mistakes.
Honestly I am the WORST business person ever.

Re: survey says!

Date: 2013-05-09 03:59 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
PS my sister thought the animae picture you had done was fabulous! so pretty!

Date: 2013-05-09 10:53 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
1) A "set" of dishtowels is at least four. A "pair" of handmade dishtowels, however, is also a nice number.

2) I keep my towels in the drawer too. If I were to acquire fabulous towels like yours, they wouldn't be a "dishtowel" - they'd go in the cupboard with the ones my grandma embroidered, which I use to carry food to potlucks and on holidays. Bad things happen to the towels I use all the time, yours are too special for coffee stains.

3) I don't use placemats. I see them sold individually or in pairs. Can't think why you'd want fewer of them than you have in your family. Yes, they should match or coordinate at the least. So, a blue stripe on all of them, even if all have different colors. Or the same pattern, but in slightly different colors. You get the idea.

4) "Match" my decor? You mean in theme, like wee bunnies? No. "Match" as in "uses the colors I decorate with" - yes. But that's not all that hard. Keeps things from clashing, anyway.

5) If it's for "Giftmas" then they should be perfect. If it's a "here, I love you! I am sharing!" then perfection doesn't matter.

I keep meaning to mention that the lavender soap is beyond wonderful... but the bits of lavender have an unfortunate resemblance to grain moths when they fall off the soap. This may be something to consider - you could up the scent dramaticallly and market them as closet-scenters (oh admit it, you use soap in your closet too) or put entire sprigs in for the decoration?

HTH! - H


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