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Figured I'd better spend a few minutes uploading photos for y'all's enjoyment....there's.....7, I think, this time. :lol: Better put them behind a cut...

As requested, a photo of my rectangle:

sewing - pet door flap

I...really need to scrub that wall! :sigh: and :lol:

Here's a bunch of bags I've been churning out lately - first up, the "oldest" ones:

sewing - pastel bags

Bright, screaming, sheep! What's not to like? :lol: I am not fond of the pyramid bag - I can't really get stuff *out* of it easily. Ah, well....This is my current at home project - Necker, on 70 stitches. Herself and I dyed the yarn....I've been working on this since MARCH - frogged it 2x now. This time seems to be working.....we'll see.

My current travel sock (Pattern: Monkey, modified to 72 stitches, in Manos yarn):

sewing - monkey bag

And an empty bag in the "opposite" set up - the sheep is the contrast fabric on this one, where it's the main fabric in the other one.

Himself's Kilt hose project bag:

sewing - kilt hose bag

With the old pet door flap in the's pretty well eaten. Mostly by a black dog I won't name, to protect the guilty. :lol:

A couple more bags, with alternate contrast fabric:

sewing - bags

The bag I did yesterday. Corners are a bit wonky, but I was modifying the pattern to fit my shorter zipper as I sewed. I have plans to make a few more of these:

sewing - square bag

Most of the bags are made out of the same fabrics, just assembled differently. I LOVE the bouncing sheep, and the white "knitting phrases" fabric. The gray and red phrases fabrics are....meh, but still cute as knitting bags. (Yes, I kinda went overboard with them. I think I have 14 of these, in various combos....but they are SO CUTE I couldn't help myself.

OH, and here's my "holy grail" pattern:

sewing - bombachas pattern

Suitability's Bombachas "dream" pants pattern. All of my sewing has been leading up to me making my own pants.....see, I have a weird outlook on stuff. In my mind, if you want to learn something to make a particular item (for example, I wanted to learn to knit so I could knit Socks. ONLY socks.), then, that's what you should do. Don't listen to people who'll tell you that that particular item is Too Hard for, my friends, just jump on in. My first pair of socks *looked* like socks. The fact that they were not wearable by any human on this planet is beside the point - I knit SOCKS. And I've never stopped knitting socks since. :lol:

I have wanted to learn to sew my own pants for...well, years. I can knock out elastic waist bloomers all day long (without patterns, even!), but I really wanted to sew *these*. I am almost there - I can do zippers now (and I have the useful bags to prove it!), I can sew pleats.....I just need to do button holes (and I have an attachment that'll do them for me!) and, baby, I'll be able to crank out pants that fit *me*. And my small waist, big hips body. Yeah, I've got tops, too....but all along these are what I wanted to do. (Does that even make sense?)

Anyway, this is what I've been up to lately. Done a little weaving, a little cleaning...but mostly I've been sewing bags and knitting socks. And homeschooling. (But mostly....socks. :rofl:)

Date: 2014-05-23 04:47 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I really like those bags! I have no end of scrap... are they difficult to make? Do you use a pattern, if so, which one?

I do have a knitting friend (not you, you sew your own) whose dog destroyed her project bag, and I've been thinking it would be rather excellent to replace it... care to enable me? :D

Pants... I don't do pants much, but yay you! The craziest "first sewing" project I ever heard of was a formal dress. I think you're ready. Buttonholes with a machine are dead easy, just measure your spacings carefully and do a couple of dry runs on scrap fabric first. (Scraps of the *pants* fabric, not random fabric).



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