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My attorney called me at 1:30 this afternoon - he had the check in hand. They did take out withholding/etc (which they are required by law to do), and he wanted to make sure the amount was OK with me (um, yes, because I had calculated $1K more in the deductions.)

Because of the time, I made an appointment to pick up the check tomorrow at 10. We live a little over an hour away, and I was a) out of the house and b) in barn clothes. By the time I got back home and cleaned up, it would have been approximately 2.....3 by the time we got to his office (IF traffic cooperated) and we'd be driving home during the start of rush hour. :shudder:

So. Tomorrow I'll make my bank very happy, and next week I'll make my creditors a little un-happy. (C'mon, you know they don't like it when people pay off bills, because they get no more interest. How do you think they stay in business? 29% interest, that's how!)

I'm glad it's over. God has been very, very good to me!


Date: 2014-06-20 05:06 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Happy to hear that - are you able to still get unemployment - or no? Oh who cares - 29% interest - that is insane!! Glad to hear there is a light at the end of your tunnel.


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