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or thereabouts. Let's see....

1. Tigger is healing; she gets her stitches removed Wednesday. Yippee! No more Cone of Shame!

2. Knitting: Finished the Egypt socks, need to get photos. Started my next pair - "Companion". One of the Firefly themed socks. It's going well - and it has BEADS. Never knit with beads before...this is interesting.

3. Books: We hit Half-Price on Saturday. It seems I'm being pushed towards sewing.....I brought home a few felted knit books and a couple of sewing ones. BUT. I was browsing eBay...and I scored a copy of Gertie's New Vintage Sewing (or...whatever. Her first book) for.......$11.41. With $0.01 shipping. I got it Saturday as well.....and it is Impressive. I am NOWHERE near ready to tackle the projects - yet - but it is chock full of techniques and tips. I'm debating buying her 2nd book from JoAnn's - even with a 40% off coupon it's more than I usually spend on a book, but this one is just That Good. I also scored a copy of Colette's book (I love the patterns, but don't want to shell out $15 for a shorts pattern, you know?) - it should arrive today. (It was $9.98 with $2.98 shipping).

4. Sewing: So, the current plan is to read, read, read, then make some bags. One can never have too many bags, right? I'll use some of the techniques from the new books, and get comfortable with them, THEN I'll tackle some actual clothing for me. I need to get comfortable with zippers - and bags are good for that.

5. Life, in general: Still haven't heard from SS on Herself's disability. Starting to panic, a little - I mean, I KNOW God has this, but.....bills are coming due and we're down the house payment each month. :gulp: Trying to stay calm.....

Need to get started with Himself's school. We're on the Summer Schedule, so it's light, but it still needs to be done. Laters!

(Oh, and it's raining. Again. I don't want to complain, but we are going to need to evolve flippers soon if this keeps up. Normal annual rainfall is 34". In May, we got 32". I have no clue what we got over the weekend, but it was at LEAST 2.5" here......we went from the entire state being in Extreme Drought conditions to NO DROUGHT at ALL in 4 weeks. Nice? Yes. But I'm a bit tired of the mud and glop. And mosquitos........Oh. My. Goodness - they are flying around in packs now. :shudder:)

Date: 2015-06-22 03:19 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I have the first Gertie but not the second. I love her aesthetic, but her patterns are set for her figure - not mine. (little bust, little waist definition, soft hips). I found out with the first couple makes that the patterns just don't work at all, adjustments or not. That said, I used her online tutorial via craftsy (no longer avail, she didn't do support) to learn to hand-tailor, and I've made some beautiful garments with her help.

Colette patterns are perfect for my girl - when she grows up. Hips FTW! Again, love the aesthetic, but the patterns I got (and they are GORGEOUS patterns, come in little books with good instructions) just don't work for me. That center seam she puts in every darn skirt. :p

I do reasonably well in Big Four - after adjustments - and I'm liking Sew Chic for indie patterns.

Working on a dirndl next.. after two extremely boring shirts that almost look like scrubs, I've sworn off boring clothing. I can buy THAT at the store.

LMK if you need some help looking for patterns that would suit, I'd enjoy that. :) _H


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