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but they are almost done with the Heat Pump install. It's only 89* outside; inside it's a balmy 84*. Not TOO bad - if this was August, it'd be unbearable.

This weekend was good - I made a cushion for my rocker (that I'm sure Chloe will eat soon. :sigh:); it actually turned out Really well! We hit 1 yard sale......I spent $5. Walked away with 10 gardening books and an enamelware canner - WITH the basket and jar lifter! SO happy with that - it'll make a nice large dyepot, or I can use it as intended, OR I can use it as the water bath for cheese making. For $5!!!

I spent some time reading, too - I have a LOT of sewing books. A LOT...and I went thru about 15 of them. I have to say, the newer, modern ones SUCK compared to the vintage (1949, baby!) one I have. It assumed you were serious about learning, and weren't stupid. The modern ones either dumb it down so much I can't make heads-or-tails of it, or they go so concise that I have no clue what they are trying to tell me. :sigh: I have a few more vintage ones on the way to me (gotta love! I scored a couple for $0.99! Shipping is a bit much...but 4 books for $25 isn't too bad, right? The books only cost $9.15...the other $15 was shipping. :ugh: Still - vintage dressmaking! Pattern drafting! Basic sewing!!

I'm itching to sew, but need to get fabric. :sigh: 's OK - I'll spend my time reading. It's too hot to knit......

Date: 2015-07-06 09:48 pm (UTC)
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My best modern book is the Threads book that came out in the last few years. Got it as a Christmas present.

Another AMAZING book that you wouldn't think is needed is the Sewing Machine Classroom. So many methods ... it's *not* just a glorified sewing machine manual. (It was a present - I would have thought it was a glorified manual until I cracked it open).

I LOL at one of my old McCalls books - it *assumes* you know how to make bound buttonholes and recommends corded bound buttonholes as the superior type, with instructions on how to upgrade your regular buttonholes for the corded sort. No instructions on bound buttonholes though. -snicker-


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