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We needed it - we've had none since May. Which, of course, was solid rain - but hey! We are no longer in a drought! And it's raining now! And it dropped the temp down to 91*!

Been working on Herself's blasted dress. I HATE this dress. (Simplicity 1194, if you're interested.) First up, I screwed up - I read that it needed 4 yards of fabric, so that's what we bought. Only......I missed that it wanted *60"* fabric. We bought 45". :sigh: (OK, it's closer to 40". Whatever....) So we were already short on fabric.

No biggie - I decided to do a gathered dirndl skirt instead of the 6-gore skirt the pattern called for. Cool, right? I cut 3 panels (because she wants it FULL and Swirly!), tried to gather it over a cord (that.....didn't work so well.) - ended up running 2 lines of basting stitches and pulling up the bobbin thread. Seamed them together, then started pinning them to the bodice...and it's too bloody long. :sigh: OK. That was easy enough to fix - I marked the panel and chopped it shorter, then serged the raw edge.

Problem: my machine apparently does NOT like sewing over gathers. :bangs head: After a lot of colorful vocabulary, I got it done.......and it actually looks *good*. :whew!:

Long story short: Dress is currently hanging so the hem can fall before I sew it in. I managed to sew in an almost invisible zipper (that's HUGE! The only zippers I have are 9" in blue, black, red, or gray. None of which are colors in the dress. So - gray it was. And *you can barely see it*!!!!!), AND I managed to line the bodice AFTER it was sewn to the skirt (which is what the instructions called for. Weird. *I* would have lined the bodice, THEN attached the skirt.)

I will NEVER sew this pattern up again. If she wants another one, she can do it herself. :nods: Or......I'll use the ruffler attachment and let the machine ruffle and sew at the same time. (But don't tell her that. She's already looking at another pattern for her dragon fabric.)

I traced off a bra pattern last night, and I'm going to do a mock-up in muslin to make sure it fits. (I'll cut it on the bias, so it stretches. It what they did before lycra and spandex became popular.) I bought a couple of kits from Bella Bravo (CHEAP! She sells fabric kits for $17, and it looks like, if I'm careful, I can get 2 bras out of it. Might need to buy more sliders and hooks and eyes, but fabric-wise it looks do-able. I paid an extra $3 for 1 yard of lace - which is WAY more than I need. So, $20 for a large-cup bra. Maybe 2. That's.....that's almost unbelievable!), but don't want to cut into the fabric until I know I chose the right size. Yes, I'll share photos - on Cat, not me. :lol:

I need to make some tops and more dresses, but I have time. And each project helps me get a little bit better. It's a good feeling.

Date: 2015-08-11 08:54 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Well done, you!

Feel free to sew things up in the order you prefer, once you get your feet under you.

Also, if the bras work, YOU get to be Sensei for a while. :)



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