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Looks like most of America didn't want a felon in office. :whew: We'll see if we dodged a bullet, or fired one.

I'm honestly not understanding the reaction from her supporters. This is NOT the end of the world. Yet. Do what you'd tell the other guy's supporters to do, if the situation were reversed: Pull up your big-kid pants and deal with it. Show some dignity......and don't riot. That's........not an appropriate response. (Neither is whining, but hey - whining is minor and doesn't damage innocent people's property.)


I am fighting a cold, now - horribly sore throat, raspy voice. :sigh: I do NOT have time for this!

The electrician came out yesterday and FINISHED the Studio! I have a fan, now! WE still have a lot of work to do, but all outside work is done. IF it quits raining soon, we'll get the top of the cutting table cut and installed, and then - Then! - I can take photos and finally share what I have. :happy dance:

On to school....we'll see how my voice holds up. I'm hoping to get back to the Studio to weave; last night I finished a towel and got half-way thru the next one. I am so happy to be weaving again! It's my zen, if you understand what I'm trying to say. It helps me center myself, slow down, and focus on what's important. (and politics? Aren't important, not really. The President isn't supposed to do stuff without Congress's approval. Executive orders aren't supposed to be used to circumvent the matter what the current office holder seems to think. NO ONE is supposed to be above the law......we'll see if THAT actually happens, now.)

Date: 2016-11-09 03:28 pm (UTC)
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I am not impressed, and getting very tired of being told that I'm a racist 'cause I don't like the democrats. "Whitelash". Gah.

The rest of the country went red. CA went deep blue and nutso.

By January 1, marijuana cigs will probably be cheaper than tobacco. (Added a $2/pack tax on a fairly heavily taxed item, legalized recreational pot)
... You'll have to go through a background check to buy bullets, but those poor porn stars aren't going to be forced to wear rubbers.
... We're reinstating the bilingual ghettos in schools, but getting rid of plastic shopping bags.
... We passed all the taxes, bonds and every other money generating scheme, and we'll be releasing non-violent felons... like pimps... faster than planned. There is no such thing as interest on a debt... right?
But hey, at least the state legislature will have to post their ideas online.


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