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but I'm getting better! My throat doesn't hurt, and my ears are better. Probably because I'm taking SG's z-pack; he got it then decided he didn't need it. :sigh:

Baby chicks are doing well! (or were, when I fed them tonight). Checklit is a bit peeved with the service here, but he/she'll get over it.

Last week, SG's phone went wonky. Said No Service, and when it found service, it'd drop it randomly. He did all sorts of things to fix it; ended up he went to Apple Saturday and came home with a brand-spanking new iPhone 6S+. :sigh: Yes, company had paid for his old one....but you know, he COULD have "downgraded" to the older model. :shakes head:

Anyway. He also came home with the old, broken internal antenna phone. Apple didn't want it. He tossed it in a drawer to be "recycled" (when he finally gets around to recycling all our old electronics).......I had a Thought.

"So. Can I use the phone as an iPod?"

"Huh. Yeah, don't see why not - it's got 64g. Plenty of room for all your music. Wanna try it?"

Um....yeah. :lol:

We had to install the SIM card long enough to reset it, but now I have a handy-dandy iPod. I still have my old iPhone 4 (see "time", above); we're going to reset it and let Herself have it for a new iPod - she's still using my 3rd-gen original iPod. :blink:

I mean, why NOT? They don't need the newest iOS, and we don't need them as phones. Mine has a crack in the screen - not bad enough to prevent using it as an iPod (but apps were hard to use with it); SG's has a broken internal antenna - but you don't NEED the antenna to play music! It's a good use of resources, if you ask me.

Oh! Early Tuesday AM Chloe met a skunk....and pissed it off. At 1 AM, she decided to come into the bedroom to let us know how rude the skunk was - I could smell her thru my nose. :UGH:

She got a bath. IF you should find yourself in the same situation, here's a recipe that WILL remove the stink:

1 cup Arm & Hammer Washing Soda
4 cups Apple Cider Vinegar
1/4 cup Dawn dish soap (the original blue version)

Mix it all up, put on rubber gloves, and take the offending dog outside. Soak them with the water hose (if possible!), then work the mix into the coat. Let sit for a few minutes (I did it less than 5, because she was bouncing around to get away from me), then rinse, rinse, rinse.

She's clean and soft and NON-stinky now. I have warned her to NOT do this again.......but I am not taking any bets. She's called the "goofy Newfy" for a reason........:sigh: and :lol:
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Got up yesterday AM, went out to milk, and SG came out all torn up. Kenzie died sometime Friday evening/early Sat. morning. :sigh: No sign of distress; she was normal when we went to bed. :sigh:

Needless to say, it's pretty grim here right now.

I busied myself with soaping - 3 batches of Whey Cool. Sea Dog, Hippie Dippy, and an as-yet-unnamed batch scented with Plumeria. I prefer to experiment with Whey Cool instead of the Goat's Milk, because whey is a "waste" product and it doesn't bother me if the experiment doesn't work. :grin: This one did, but the scent accelerates - I had soap on a stick! We'll see what it looks like when I cut it later today.....

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there!
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in fact, it's *worse* today. The ears are good - thanks for the tips! - we hit the Vitamin Shoppe Saturday and I picked up some garlic oil capsules. Worked a treat! The nose, however, is worse. :sigh:

Yesterday was tidy the Studio day, and start SG's overalls. The sewing side of the Studio is almost neat; the weaving side, not so much. :shrug: I got the front of the overalls pretty much done; the pattern is a Kwik Sew one that leaves a lot to be desired.

SG got 1 side of the bar finished. Finally. Still hasn't finished the kitchen, or the baseboards.....but at least progress has been made. No bets on how long it'll take to do the other part of that wall......:big sigh:

Going to attempt school today. Then will attempt to get back to the Studio to work on the overalls some more - but that might not happen. We'll see - I didn't sleep last night because a) I couldn't breathe and b) Bree has discovered that she can easily get on the bed at any time. And so, at midnight, she decided SHE deserved to sleep on the bed. On top of me. Which caused Loki all sorts of angst - HE is supposed to sleep on me, NOT any other dog! At least I was warm.
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and it's only Wednesday! Oy vey!

Let's see...Monday we went to the Grandparent's. Um....Grannie isn't doing very well. We got there around 9:30; the door was open so we walked in. She was sitting on the floor - she had (please excuse me) fallen and couldn't get up. And we couldn't get her up. Her neighbor got home at 11 and got her up into a chair; while we waited the kids and I did a lot of little things for her around the house. :sigh:

Yesterday was SG's day of working from home. I had to go with him to the Toyota dealership (40 miles away) to drop off the Camry for recall work. I then spent the day (after school, of course) sewing some tank tops - here:

2016 tank tops

I have 5 (well, 6 if you count the wearable muslin - watermelon fabric. It seems SG has a "thing" for fruit prints - he LOVES the top. He couldn't comment on the *fit*, but the print? LOVE.) The lozenge and the fish are finished; the other 3 are waiting on bias tape for the neck and armholes. Here - look at it on Kat:

2016 fish tank top

It's unstructured; loose and comfy. PERFECT for outdoor chores.

I also have another Gertie top almost finished:

2016 fish Gertie top

(I can just eke out 2 shirts from 3 yards of fabric, IF I use bias tape for the binding, instead of self-bias. Not too bad! It's why I have the same print in 2 different shirts.)

I'm waiting on a button placement gauge - I love this print so much, and I want this blouse to be as perfect as I can get it. (The other tops are a little wonky in the button area - no big deal, but I'm trying to up my game here.)

We're pretty booked the rest of the week, so there will probably be no more sewing. Next week I need to tackle shorts. And PJ's.

Sam seems to be doing well. :fingers crossed: We're slowly tapering the steroids down, so....hopefully he'll continue doing well. I want to tackle a Thundershirt knock-off for him out of some of the knit fabric I picked up last week....people clothes first, though.

If I don't get back here before Friday, have a great week/weekend!
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I have been. :ahem: No more Yoda, I promise. For now, anyway. :lol:

So. It's already HOT here in Texas, y'all. 94* yesterday - and it's just JUNE. I figured it was time to add some sleeveless shirts to my wardrobe, because t-shirts, while nice, are Too Much Fabric for the heat we get.

I made a wearable muslin in the size that Butterick B6217 said I was. THAT was a joke - it was Too Big. :sigh: I went down a size, then used the larger-sized darts - I now had a blouse that fit:

2016 Gertie Blouse worn

(What? You thought I'd be modeling? Not this time! :lol: Kat can stand in for me - although the blouse fits a little bit better on me than on her.)

So yesterday I sat down and knocked out 4 more. :rofl:

2016 Gertie blouses

I had good reason for "mindless" sewing - Wednesday evening Sam started wheezing. Loudly. All. Night. Long. No sleep for the household! First thing yesterday AM, I called the Vet. The earliest appointment was 3:20, so I jumped on it. I guess the receptionist heard him in the background, because at 10:30 she called and told me they had a cancellation at 11, did I want it? YES.

We took him in...and our dear Dr. Sunshine said "He has a collapsed trachea." No "Hi", or "hello", or "Oh, that sounds bad. Let's take a look, shall we?" :sigh:

Long-term: it's fatal. Pomeranians are apparently prone to this - the cartilage weakens and collapses; the more the dog get anxious or excited, the more it happens, until the brain becomes oxygen-starved and gets damaged ( could we tell? He's pretty much brainless, now! :weak grin:)

Short-term: he's on steroids and antibiotics. IF this works - and it seems to be helping; he's only wheezing occasionally, not constantly - we'll keep him on low-dose steroids for however long he stays with us. I've already said the diet is out the window - let him enjoy life! (We don't over-feed, so it's not like we'll be straining his heart. Just...he can have treats from the table, y'know?)

Anyway. 5 new shirts. I've gone back and ripped the bias tape off of the yellow one; I screwed up the neckline and it bugged me. It and the watermelon one are pullovers; I'm going to modify the facing and do it like the pattern says. (But with bias tape on the arms. Maybe. :lol:) Not sure if I'll rip out the watermelon neck; it bugs me (because I can't do mitered turns worth a hoot), but....not as much as the cherry one did.

Today we picked up Herself's Bernina, and a few more yards of fabric. :innocent whistle: There's a few more shirts for me, 1 for her, and another FNAF bound (this time Springtrap. Our semi-favorite outlet had cotton in the perfect colors for $3/yard :shrug:) and a bunch of buttons. I'm planning on using this pattern again - because I have it *down*, y'all. :lol: That'll be next week, though - tomorrow is Herself's birthday party. :bounce:

Hope y'all have a great weekend! Shabbat Shalom!
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has been....interesting, shall we say. I guess somebody invoked the old Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times" because, folks, it has been Interesting.

Especially Wednesday. It was Herself's braces OFF! day. SG was home, so I invited him out to lunch with us after. Himself decided last minute that he didn't want to go - it was Star Wars day, after all, and he had just bought some "new" SW games that he HAD to play. I pointed out no lunch; he pointed to the freezer. :lol:

So. The 3 of us went. While they were trying to get the impressions for her retainer (2x on the bottom, *4* on the top!), my phone rang. It was Himself......

Seems that right after we left, Chloe started barking. And barking. And barking. He went outside - she was "playing" with a turtle. He, being a soft-hearted kid, pushed her away and tried to get the turtle to remove it. Chloe lunged at it; he shoved her away again. She lunged again, and Bree - who had been standing there watching - decided Chloe needed a lesson in minding and lunged for her.

Only, Himself was in the way. Of 2 very large dogs. :sigh: Bree got him on the hand, and immediately backed off. He got knocked down and trampled a bit, but managed to get into the house and on the phone with me before starting to panic. *I* started panicking, but managed to hide it, thank God.

I went out to the waiting room and sent SG to the house. He picked up Himself, came back and got us, and off we went to the ER. :sigh: 4 hours later, Himself was OK - no stitches, just 2 bad puncture wounds on his left hand, 1 on his elbow, and 1 on his right arm, plus a lot of scratches from Chloe's claws.

We got home (finally!), and I went to look for the turtle. Which was on the back porch (Chloe had brought it there) with 2 punctures in it's shell....turns out, it wasn't a cute l'il turtle that needed saving. It was a demon-spawn SNAPPING turtle that deserved everything it got (sorry, y'all, but I have been chased by a snapper before. They are EVIL - and if IT had gotten hold of Himself's hand, things would have turned very bad, very quickly.

Anyway. Good news is that (besides the world having 1 less snapping turtle) I had drug my Pax Eire socks to the Ortho with me (I have been studiously IGNORING them lately. I went off them, and couldn't drum up any knitting mojo.).....the time in the ER? Was prime knitting time - see here:

2016 Caliegh socks right

2016 Caleigh socks left

They are nice socks - Cashmere/Merino yarn! - but....I just lost interest in them mid-way down the foot of #1. Sometimes that happens.....:shrug: I have started another pair (What???? I Knit. Except when I lose mojo - but it's back for now.) in a nice, over-spun Merino in a lovely turquoise color way. We'll see how long it takes me to work them...:lol:

I had started another I put the binding foot on, cut the bias strips (but not :sigh:) and took it for a test-sew. That foot is da Bomb! But you have to pay a lot of attention to it, and the resulting bias binding is only 1/4" wide. I have discovered that I prefer 1/2" wide binding.....and that if I don't pay close enough attention the binding gets screwed. :sigh: That apron was a fail, and is now in the trash. (No, seriously - I didn't feel like trying to seam rip 2 yards of binding; I tried and the edges of the apron started seriously fraying. :sigh:) I'll reattempt that apron later.....lesson learned. :lol:

Gotta do some knitting - Shabbat Shalom!
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or, Hey! Have a photo post! :lol:

Meet Sam:

Sam before 1:21:16

This was him at 8:45 this morning, in the Jeep. We were on our way to meet the Vet! And to have a Spa Day - we call him a Tribble for a reason. Long hair....but full of mats. And he had fleas. :ugh: But our Vet got him all fixed up:

Sam after 1:21:16

This is Sam at 4:30 this afternoon, also in the Jeep. He looks like a naked lion. :lol: The Vet gave him a clean bill of health - except he needs to lose about 10 pounds. He weighs in at 28 pounds....he's a brick. With legs. And no longer a Tribble. (For the moment - we will let him grow his fur out again, but we'll keep up with the brushing.)

However, it's 38* right now. So, here's Sam now, on the couch:

Sam in sweater 1:21:16

Tigger's a little upset - that's HER sweater - but he needs it a little bit more than she does. She can jump up on the bed and burrow under the comforter, he can't. Yet. :evil grin:

While you're here, let me give you a quick peek at my 1941 Homefront Overalls, V.2.0:

2016 overalls v.2.0 front

2016 Overalls v.2.0 back

Sorry for no action shots, but - it's 38*, and it's RAINING. :ugh: They'll be put to use beginning tomorrow AM - they are sturdy, and the fabric is thick enough that it's warm. I'll try to take some interior shots - this pair is a HUGE improvement over V.1.0! I'll detail that out, too, just because. :lol: (Hey, it's blog fodder - I'll take what I can get, thankyouverymuch! :wink:) The fit is better - but it gives me a bit of a larger belly than I actually have. Still....I can MOVE in them, and the point was something I could wear to WORK in, so it's a win. I added 2" to each leg piece, or 4"/side. I'll talk about that, too, because I'm proud I figured it out!

I need to get some measurements off of Sam so I can make him a fleece sweater (won't that be cute, matching PJs for me and the dog? :snerk:) I know he's cold - poor thing. This isn't the right time of year for a full clip, but we had no choice.

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Wednesday was Shopping Day. I picked everything up (or so I thought), grabbed my *new* sock knitting kit, and headed out. It was a good day...

And then we got home. I.....have photos, but still can't post them; I am too traumatized. :sigh:

Got home to find a HUGE mess. The table was cleared off, and my Companion sock bag was.......:shudder: MISSING. It had been on the sewing desk, BEHIND the machine (which was in the upright and ready-to-sew position).....I found it in the backyard, near the FRONT of the house. The finished sock was in a shallow hole (and fine, if a bit muddy and soggy from drool), the free needle was at the side corner of the house, and the ball and sock-in-progress was....was.....ALL OVER THE BACK YARD. :screams: The bead box was opened, and the entire family room was awash in gold glass beads. (I hope we found all of them.)

The sock-in-progress is OK. They (I know who did it. Chloe and Loki can deny it all they want, but they left muddy paw prints on the table, stovetop, and sewing desk) had broken the working yarn (about.....10 yards or so from the sock) and had totally tangled up the outside end of yarn. I think I'm going to have to cut it.....I'll lose about 10 yards. Maybe more - I honestly can't cut it yet.

See, this is CASHMERE yarn. I hand-dyed it. It's scrumptiously soft. And they desecrated it. :bangs head:

I'll recover. I'll even get back to the knitting of this some point. (It keeps getting set aside, because the beads and twisted stitches slow down my rhythm, and force me to pay attention. I....need mindless knitting right now. So, this one has been dragging on since JUNE.

Oh - and they broke one of the porcelain buttons on the bag. :grrrrr: Herself said she'd make me another, but that's not the point. :sigh:

Anyway....yeah, I have a NEW project. Remember this?

sock blank dyed

That I dyed because the yarn I bought looked like this:

Yaacov - prefrogged

and was a singles, which wouldn't last? Remember???

Well...I'm at the heel flap of V.2.0. Pictures are currently on Ravelry; I'll try to get them uploaded here at some point. I don't like the muddiness, but it's better than the first attempt, AND the yarn is much, much nicer. I can't wait to see what color combos I get next! :lol: (And, I've already decided that any leftover yarn will become matching wrist warmers. The pattern is just too, too cool!

It's raining up a storm here, and we've lost power twice (I'm on the laptop - no plug needed!), so I'd better hop off. Need to get dinner sorted, anyway - Shabbat Shalom!
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This dress is in time-out for now. I reinserted the new diamond - one side with pocket, 1 side without. The without side I did "correctly" - I ripped all the seams, tried to sew in the insert (more on THAT in a moment), then re-sewed the seams, running the side seam in 1 go. :sigh: Here, have some pictures:

This is the side done the way the pattern tells you to do it:

dress take 2 side pocket other hole

See that hole? Yeah....

dress take 2 side pocket hole

Here's the whole pocket:

dress take 2 side full pocket

There are gaps on either side....

Here's the side with the pocket removed:

dress take 2 side pocket

And IT has a hole, too!

dress take 2 side no pocket

Yes, the penguins are upside down. I'm not sure WHY, but that's the way it wanted to fit (but...if I attached the pocket to it, they were right-side up? I dunno WHAT'S going on here....

Here's the front, without the zip. There's a good 1" overlap, it looks like:

dress take 2 front

And the back:

dress take 2 back

Part of the problem that I am having is the shape of the inserts. They sew in as diamonds. The pattern drawing has diamonds. The photo of the 1 dress on the website shows diamonds. The insets? Are NOT diamonds - they have cut-out bits in the side corners. I kinda see what they are trying to get you to do - the pocket goes to the bottom corner, leaving a "bite" out (sort of "L" shaped) - with me so far? When you sew the inset in, you only sew in the top - the bottom is free, because you attach the pocket (which is sewn onto the bottom of the inset) to the pocket facing (which is already sewn to the bottom inset opening on the dress).

Problem (MY problem anyway): the bottom fits just fine. The top, though - it doesn't make it to the top corner. If I MAKE it fit (which I have done, by easing it in - which the pattern does NOT mention!), you still have that "L"- and it will NOT match up. I've tried matching up the bottom (which is already sewn to the facing, remember) - and it just WILL. NOT. FIT. :bangs head: No matter how I sew it in, no matter how I pin it, I still end up with a bit of the "L" that isn't attached to *anything*. The drawings in the pattern do NOT help - they don't show this part, they only show what it looks like after everything is sewn in - and *I* don't see any stitch lines on the "L". :sigh:

So. I am going back to the drawing board. I am going to re-trace the dress front and back as designed. THEN, before I cut it out (because I have 2 complete sets already cut out), I am going to lay it over the inserts, and trace the side curves (because this dress IS NOT straight-sided, oh no. It's slightly curved. Of COURSE it is.). I will then cut out the new dress pieces. (And don't forget I have had to Frankenstein this dress anyway, thanks to my big hips. I am going from a 38 (which, by the way, is NOT my bust size - it's my *over* bust size, so I still get to do some tinkering *there*. Fun stuff!) to a 46 (which....I am not sure is going to fit correctly *anyway* - the muslin looks awfully tight in the hip area.)

Tomorrow we are going to the outlet store. My budget is suddenly smaller (because I screwed up and put off applying for Herself's disability - MY fault. I didn't want to admit that she IS disabled, so I ignored it. Now, I am paying for it with less money each month. :sigh: SS takes FOREVER to decide disability cases, and they usually DENY it the first 2 or 3 times. :big sigh: MY fault...but after paying bills, I have $0.39 for groceries. Don't panic - SG's aunt will give me some money for her expenses (it goes to SG's account and pays her bills), and SG said I can have some of it, so groceries ARE covered, just not now. :shrug: It's not like I don't have a full pantry and freezer - it just means I need to use some of my fabric money for necessities today. But not all of it - darn it, some of that money is a payment on my sock machine, and THAT I am keeping for fabric.)

Anyway. Tomorrow I plan on getting as much muslin as I can (along with enough fabric for a couple more dresses) - then I will attempt muslin #3. It should go MUCH easier, since it's just a plain dress. I will fit THAT, make the changes to the modified pattern, THEN I will draw the diamond insets on the "finished" pattern, cut them out, add the 5/8" seam allowance to *them* (since it's already in the dress itself), and make muslin #4 (hopefully out of "real" fabric - but not my cherries! :lol:)...which should, if I've thought of everything, be a wearable dress. Finally. I'm thinking of doing muslin #5 (again in real, but not cherry fabric) WITH the pockets, using MY pattern pieces. We'll see.

So - that's where the dress stands at the moment. I did say I love a challenge, right? Because this? Is a challenge. Oh, and Hearth - thanks for finally pushing me to actually JOIN the pattern review site. I hadn't done so, because I have too many memberships and didn't want to add another time-sink. However...the 1 person who has attempted this dress had the same type of problems I am having with the diamonds. I honest think there's something screwy about the shape, but.....:shrug: I am not an expert or a pattern designer, and I'm sure there's some reason for the "L" cut-outs. *I* just can't SEE them.

OH, and to top everything else off...this AM Tigger and Chloe got into it AGAIN. I have no idea what sparked it - I was at the bar putting on my fitbit when it went from everything's-coming-up-roses to I-hate-you-and-want-to-EAT-you. SG came out and grabbed Chloe (she got him with 1 tooth on his finger, but immediately let go); I grabbed Tigger, who Chomped down on my leg. I kicked her (sorry, but that HURT), and she let go and lunged for Chloe AGAIN. :sigh: She's banished to the bedroom, Chloe is sort of repentant, and I have 5 tooth-marks on my leg. I've been bleeding since 5:00......yes, I hit it with peroxide (I am allergic, but what do you do?) AND tea-tree oil, and it's bled enough that any icky stuff that was in there is gone now, but...:sigh: It's slowed to a trickle now, but....I have a lovely bruise (I bruise at the drop of a hat, so that's nothing new) and a lovely set of teeth marks. The detectives can use it to positively ID the culprit, I guess....:lol: and :owowowowowowowow:

I am going to go knit for a few minutes. That's something I can do successfully. :lol:
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Cyn gave me a Sam's Club membership.....that's a DANGEROUS thing, y'all. I need to figure out storage, because.....yeah. Much cheaper to buy paper goods and bottled water in bulk. And cereal.

Tigger is doing OK. We got home from shopping and I let her out of the bedroom...and she and Chloe AND Bree got into it. :sigh: Not sure what's up with them.....this AM they are besties again.

Today we are going to the Fabric Outlet district. I have a list....:lol: OH, H - have you heard of Mrs. Dewpre on Etsy? down. She's got a LOT of vintage, scalable patterns (with the rulers and instructions on how to get a perfect fit!) for....not too much money. She has a deal - 3 $8.50 patterns for $22, I got Herself a blouse and jacket pattern, and me a blouse/pedal pusher combo. I know HOW to grade/upsize scaled patterns, but I've never done it before (just helped. 21 years ago. This is going to be FUN. :lol:) I also bought a .pdf set on Underwear and Lingerie from the '40s - I printed it out and have some reading to do. It was put out by The Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences, and looks to be from a correspondence course. No, I'm not doing underwear Right Now....but Soon. :lol:

Need to get our Summer School going....then it's off to the stores. Looks to be a fun (albeit HOT!) day today!
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since I have to run Tigger to the vet for stitches removal, then we have to head out for our monthly shopping trip......:whew!:

H, THANK YOU!!! I will look at the links later today. Defined waistline - yup. Otherwise, I look like Omar the Tent-maker has had a field day. :lol:

God is GOOD, people! I thought - according to all the paperwork I had - that Herself was not getting a SSI check this month. It put me in a small panic - because Himself's check pays the house, the car and house insurance, and the electric bill (most months - electric fluctuates!), her check pays everything else. I did the bills this AM, expecting *1* deposit - we got 2. :scratches head: I put a call in to the "local" office...seems that SS is 1 month BEHIND. So, THIS is her last check.

AND I got a call from the state disability office - they just NOW started working on her claim. :fingers crossed:.....I really, really hope it goes thru without a hitch. SS wanted to speak to Herself (since she's 18 now)...and she Freaked OUT. She doesn't do well on the phone.....or with people she doesn't know. (Funny story: we took SG's dad out on Saturday. He and I got to talking about the kids, and I dropped something about Herself being on the Spectrum. He said "Oh. I had no idea...I mean, yeah, she's always sitting over there, doing stuff...I just thought she was shy or something." I chuckled...."Um, no - she was with family, and that IS her being social. You should watch her when we're out and about sometimes - she doesn't interact with anyone she doesn't know. You? She knows you're "family" but doesn't KNOW you, so she's in the room, but not IN the room, y'know? Once she's......."safe" with you, she'll start talking to you - and you'll wish she was back to today. :lol: Because....YOU don't pick the topic, and YOU don't control the conversation. It's...interesting."

He "got" it - which is good! - and we'll see how it goes.)

So. Today we shop - and be as frugal as possible, while stocking up. Tomorrow...the plan is to hit the Fabric Outlet stores. I got paid for 2 jobs, so I have "extra" $$. (For the record, I entered her deposit after getting off the phone, and immediately took out an extra house payment. I want that in reserve, so I'm not panicking next month. I have just enough left for our normal grocery run....and I should be able to score a LOT of fabric tomorrow at cheap, cheap prices.)

Anyway.....gotta go round up Tigger. Laters!
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or thereabouts. Let's see....

1. Tigger is healing; she gets her stitches removed Wednesday. Yippee! No more Cone of Shame!

2. Knitting: Finished the Egypt socks, need to get photos. Started my next pair - "Companion". One of the Firefly themed socks. It's going well - and it has BEADS. Never knit with beads before...this is interesting.

3. Books: We hit Half-Price on Saturday. It seems I'm being pushed towards sewing.....I brought home a few felted knit books and a couple of sewing ones. BUT. I was browsing eBay...and I scored a copy of Gertie's New Vintage Sewing (or...whatever. Her first book) for.......$11.41. With $0.01 shipping. I got it Saturday as well.....and it is Impressive. I am NOWHERE near ready to tackle the projects - yet - but it is chock full of techniques and tips. I'm debating buying her 2nd book from JoAnn's - even with a 40% off coupon it's more than I usually spend on a book, but this one is just That Good. I also scored a copy of Colette's book (I love the patterns, but don't want to shell out $15 for a shorts pattern, you know?) - it should arrive today. (It was $9.98 with $2.98 shipping).

4. Sewing: So, the current plan is to read, read, read, then make some bags. One can never have too many bags, right? I'll use some of the techniques from the new books, and get comfortable with them, THEN I'll tackle some actual clothing for me. I need to get comfortable with zippers - and bags are good for that.

5. Life, in general: Still haven't heard from SS on Herself's disability. Starting to panic, a little - I mean, I KNOW God has this, but.....bills are coming due and we're down the house payment each month. :gulp: Trying to stay calm.....

Need to get started with Himself's school. We're on the Summer Schedule, so it's light, but it still needs to be done. Laters!

(Oh, and it's raining. Again. I don't want to complain, but we are going to need to evolve flippers soon if this keeps up. Normal annual rainfall is 34". In May, we got 32". I have no clue what we got over the weekend, but it was at LEAST 2.5" here......we went from the entire state being in Extreme Drought conditions to NO DROUGHT at ALL in 4 weeks. Nice? Yes. But I'm a bit tired of the mud and glop. And mosquitos........Oh. My. Goodness - they are flying around in packs now. :shudder:)
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we actually didn't lose 'net connection, but I tried to stay off anyway. (We won't discuss the's done, but I don't think they did the dish correctly. I mean, except for the 1.5 hours we had no power (and the crew did NOTHING), we had no blips with our connection...which means the dish was NOT moved. :sigh:) I did not get much knitting done, though......Tuesday was the Endo (Herself seems fine, according to the doc....:sigh:), Wednesday was spent with my Mom (we also got Herself an ID card - she does Not want to drive. At ALL.), Thursday we had friends over, and Friday....Friday we were HOME, but trying to get ready for Shabbat AND Herself's 18th birthday and party on Saturday. (Yes, she's 18 now....but maturity-wise, she's...maybe 8. :big sigh:)

And then there was Saturday evening. After the party, SG, Herself and I went to look at a hay field 2 towns over. Himself wanted to stay home...good thing, too. He called as we had just turned around to come home - Chloe and Tigger had gotten into a disagreement, and both were bleeding. I got him calmed down, and SG sped up. Himself called back....Tigger was "bleeding all over the bed, Mom. Looks bad. What do I do?????" :bangs head: I told him to dump a handful of flour on her (flour will stop bleeding - good to know, right?), and to check out Chloe - who seemed fine.

Got home......yes, Tigger was bleeding, but NOT all over the bed. Just 2 smallish spots. BUT - it was bad. She had a deep puncture wound on her back leg, with 2 smaller ones near it, one on her forehead, and one on her neck. Chloe had a couple of small spots on her front leg and some scratches on her belly. :sigh: We flushed Tigger's deep wound with peroxide, squirted some on Chloe, then packed Tigger up and took her to the doggie ER (SG was resistant...after Risky? Not me - I'l figure out some way to help pay off the Care Credit card.)

LONG story short - Tigger had surgery Sat. evening/Sunday morning. Vet called at 1 AM to tell us she made it thru the surgery OK, had a drain tube and about 14 stitches. We picked her up at 8, and have been trying to keep her quiet (HA!) and isolated (HA HA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

Anyway. I am TIRED - no sleep last night, because SG thought Tigger was depressed (probably right - she HATES the cone of shame, but keeps shimmying out of the soft one I made for her (needs work. :sigh:)) so he plopped her in bed. Then fell asleep himself and kept kicking her in his sleep. :huge sigh: Now, of course, she thinks she's allowed in the bed (which...normally she is, but we have orders to NOT let her jump. Riiiiiight. Her name is Tigger for a REASON.)...and she can jump up there faster than I can realize she WANTS up. :big sigh:

Our vet called yesterday to check on her - which I thought was nice. I have to bring her in tomorrow to get the drain checked and possibly removed; she'll have stitches for 2 weeks. I am going to be a zombie for those 2 weeks, methinks........

So. Very little knitting has been done. I have turned the heel and finished the gussets on sock #2, but that's about as far as I've gotten. I want to get it DONE, because I want to knit something else.

But right now, all I want is a few solid hours of SLEEP. It looks like rain - again - so maybe I'll get that. :fingers crossed:
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I forgot this - because I am trying to forget it for real. :weak grin: It...well.

We have......many dogs. Critical mass, to be exact. Bailey, Bree and Kenzie are "good" dogs - they tend to spend most of their time imitating speed bumps. a pain, but not destructive. Chloe...well, she's been destro-mutt from day 1, and she's taught Riley some bad habits.

We think Loki is a wonder-dog, but I am beginning to think he's got us snowed. Why? Because the destruction had slowed down, until he came back from his operation. All of a sudden there's been an uptick in mischief.

We left the house at 8-ish Friday morning, and walked in the door at 5:15. When we pulled up to the gate, I saw *something* out in the backyard, but couldn't tell what it was. So, we unloaded and I went into the backyard to assess the damage.

Somehow - and I still can't figure this out! - 1 of the dogs managed to get MY violin case thru the pet door and into the backyard. Now, this is a rectangular case, with the pocket on top for music.'s NOT a small case by any means. Somehow, they managed to get it thru the pet door (something like 12" x 22", IIRC) and around the side of the house.

WITHOUT damaging the violin or bow. The case, however.....the music pocket is gone, and the music that was in it was scattered all over the yard (I think I found all of it. :sigh:) The strap was chewed in 2, and they tried to get into the case, but they didn't succeed. Both SG and Herself were amazed that the instrument was unharmed; I reminded them that I bought that case 2 years ago and that it was Airline rated - meaning it was meant to be tossed around in an airplane's cargo hold. So *I* am not surprised that the violin came to no harm.

But STILL - how did they manage that? The case isn't that lightweight - Loki couldn't have drug it, I don't think, but Chloe has NEVER even sniffed the instruments. Riley...well, he was caught hauling a chair cushion out the door last Wednesday, and he's capable of dragging things. Chloe, of course, is perfect capable of dragging the case, but.....she's more of the destroy-in-place kind of destructor. Not a haul-outside type. :Sigh:

So, I need to buy a new case. Again. (This is actually my old violin that SG traded me for. He bought me a really, really nice Italian violin when he was taking lessons to "replace" my nice German one. He had purchased (against my advice!) a cheap Chinese set when he decided he wanted to learn to play, and he found a really good teacher. The teacher was....not that impressed with the instrument, but told him it would work for a bit while he learned. Then SG brought my violin to his next lesson and was told that it was EXCELLENT for a beginner to an intermediate player, and why did he spend money on a Chinese one when he had access to this one, and...well, he then decided that he NEEDED mine. So, he made me an offer and hauled me to a violin shop. Funny thing? He had said he couldn't afford a decent instrument which is why he went Chinese. The one he bought me? Was almost $2K. :bangs head: and :lol:) (And, much as I love my original violin, I love this one 10x. It's...well, it's got a richer voice. And no, I don't play much any more because of my wrist problems. So for him to insist on buying me a new one? It was kinda stupid/silly, y'know? But he insisted. :sigh:)

Oh, and then yesterday SG decided to be Hanukkah Harry. :lol: New video games for all! We're now set up for the kids/kids & SG to play co-op on Destiny...and they're already looking for more games to play together. I don't mind - the kids get along a lot better since they started playing video games together, and I hope it works with SG, too (He...doesn't "get" teens. At all. :big sigh:)

Anyway, I think we're now up to date. I need to print off the rest of our History assignments (MoH 4 finally shipped! I got it last week, so need to print out the rest of the year's stuff.) And knit - I'm tired of the hat, but need to get it done. :sigh: (I'm tired of cables. To try and speed it up I've started cabling without a cable needle - something I've resisted for a long time. Now? I want to get it done. :lol:) (It says a lot about my growth as a knitter - 2 years ago cables were my favorite thing. Now? Hate 'em! I'd MUCH rather do color-work.)
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Still cold. Woodstove still merrily putting out heat and eating logs - glad the Lord provided them! (I HATE burning money, which is what you do when you buy logs. :shakes head:)

Today is Pajama day - I did have to get dressed to pick up feed, but soon as I got home I took a hot shower and climbed into my warm PJs. It's nice - we're all cozy by the fire. The kids are in the middle of a History test; they have a Chemistry test next. *I* get to relax while they work - it's nice!

Hat: 1/3 done. Hats go quick, color-work ones moreso. It's fun watching the pattern develop!

Loki is doing well. He was groggy when we picked him up, but the moment we got home he was FINE. In fact, he refused to snuggle on the couch and immediately jumped down to play with Chloe. Silly puppy!

Not much else going on. Hope y'all have a great one!
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This is the coldest we've been this early, according to the forecasters. All I know is, I am FREEZING. We need to have a sweep come out before we can fire up the wood stove...and I am feeling it. :brrrrrrr:

Loki is at the Vet, getting his dangly-bits removed. Poor guy....he was really talking when we got there. I don't envy them when he wakes up - he's sure to let his displeasure show! :lol:

Oh! If you're in the market for a paper cutter, you NEED to go to - they have a $45 cutter on sale at a 100% discount. No, I didn't mistype - it's FREE right now. Full discloser - I have one on the way to me right now. :lol: I ran across these guys looking for cheaper laminating pouches - they have the best prices I've found - and then this hit my inbox. You're welcome! :wink:

The scarf is FINISHED. DONE. Washed and blocking as we speak. :happy dance: It ended up right at 6' long......I'll be CO a hat in a few minutes. :happy dance:

Not much else going on here - waiting for the Vet to call, and waiting to hear about family members doctor reports. And freezing. Did I mention it's COLD here? (What?? It was 33* this AM - and in the 40's right now. For *here*, that's FREEZING. There's a reason I've never looked to moving elsewhere - I don't do Cold very well. Heat? Bring it ON - but cold? Not so much. Even WITH wool I'm miserable.)
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Today marks the beginning of the annual firewood gathering. The county started cutting trees 3 roads over from us; we went and picked up a truckload this evening, and will go back Saturday for more. We don't "need"it, no - but when the Lord provides, it would be stupid to NOT gratefully accept it, y'know?

I'm slowly working my way up Himself's scarf. It took 3 tries, but I have it *down* now - color worked cables, in navy and sea-blue, in 2 cable patterns (Saxon Braid framed by a 3-strand braided cable). It's going to be GORGEOUS, but....I think it's going to be too hot. Because of the color-stranding, I decided to knit it in the round, so that when I'm done I can seam up the ends and he'll have a reversible scary; I didn't stop to think that color work is double-thick, so that *this* scarf will be quadruple-thick. :sigh: HE'S happy with it so far, and says it's perfect, so...onward I go. Photos will be forthcoming; I want to get it a bit further along to show the knots better.

Loki puppy is SO silly - he "talks" and "sings". Last Friday, SG bought me (and Herself :giggle:) the new Toothless toy from Build-a-Bear; she put a sound chip in that roars.....I got one with the Star Wars Main Theme. (of course!). Well, every time Loki hears mine, he starts "singing" along with it. So, so funny - because he's actually in TUNE. :lol:

The weather's been nice - the A/C hasn't come on hardly at all, all week! Just lovely!

Gotta skitter - dinner's on!
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1. Yes, there's a CONFIRMED case of Ebola in Dallas, at the hospital that both my children were born at. :sigh: I'm not surprised....and not too worried. I'm an hour away...

2. Mom brought my pattern back yesterday. :huzzah: I immediately sat down and commenced knitting. I started the heel. Put it down when I finished the decreases and went to bed. Picked it back up this AM.

2a. I fail at counting to 11. I had gotten to my marker and - for once! - decided to count my decreases (should have had 11). I had...15. On *both* sides. :bangs head: Ripped back to the lifeline.

2b. I made it to the increase portion, and discovered that I still can't count to 11. Ripped back to the lifeline, again. (This is why we use lifelines, friends!)

2c. Checked the pattern - 11 decreases, with 17 live stitches in between. OK. I decide that *this* time, I would count ONLY the live stitches. Why I thought 17 was better than 11 I don't know, because...well. I made it to 17 and started the increases. On the LAST set, I decided that maybe that niggling little voice might know something I didn't.....because the heel looked a bit shallow. :sigh: Checked the pattern - I should have 11 decreases. I had 9. Double-checked the finished sock - yup, this one is too damn shallow. :bangs head: Threw the sock and bag onto the dash of the truck, muttered a bit, then ripped back to the lifeline AGAIN.

2d. Double-check the pattern....then decide to actually GO BACK a page to see how I was supposed to END the patterning for the heel (the chart has a hash-marked row saying "Separate for the heel". Big help THAT is!) The last pattern row was as I remembered...then I moved the post-it notes. :sigh: It says, quite plainly, that I need to steal 4 instep stitches on each side for the wonder I couldn't get my stitch counts to match the pattern - I was 8 stitches short! I dutifully move the stitches around and recommence knitting the heel. Hope I can COUNT this time! :sigh: (Once again - LIFELINES. They are a necessity!)

3. Bree lost part of her tail yesterday. Bailey, for some reason, snapped and bit off 1.5" of the tip. :YIKES!: I finally got the bleeding stopped, and she seems to be OK right now, but OUCH! We're going to try to hydrogen peroxide it tonight......pray for us. She's a wuss. A huge wuss (both in wussiness AND size - she's about 120, I think. Wolfhounds are considered "giant" dogs. We think she's just big.)

4. Shoutout to my brother - it's his birthday! Happy Birthday bro!!

I think that brings us up to date. The sock has been in time-out since 3, think it's learned it's lesson? Hope so......:lol:
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because she simply can't be trusted. We left her out of the crate today when we ran to First Monday, because she has been *so* good......that backfired. Came home to find my MacBook Air ON THE FLOOR - it had been in it's leather case on the pull-out drawer of the command center. SG even pushed it further back before we left.....she had also eaten a collectible car that was on the TOP SHELF of the entertainment center, a paper project Herself had made, an Anna Lee lamb that was also on the top shelf of the entertainment was a DISASTER. :sigh:

The Air is fine, thankfully. The not. :sigh: (And we were only gone 2.5 hours. She was a very busy girl!)

Loki, on the other hand, was a perfect little boy. No messes in the bathroom at all - except he had spilled his water bowl.

I am halfway down the foot of my sock - I need to get it done, because...well. There is a sock pattern from the Tsock Tsarina that I have been hunting for for *years*. I showed it to Herself last year, because it's a Firebird - and that's her chosen name just about everywhere. I *though* she'd admire it and we'd move on; oh no. She saw it, fell head-over-heels in love with it, and has been hounding me ever since to find it.

Back in May, a nice Raveler offered to buy the kit for me at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I jumped on it; the Raveler got it, then had surgery and disappeared off the internet. I quit bugging her email in June, because I figured either surgery did NOT go well and her family was dealing with too much stuff, or something else had happened - maybe she wasn't able to get the kit after all.

Well, she contacted me this week, had the kit, and it got mailed out yesterday. :happy dance: Herself is beside herself, because Firebird socks! They are due to hit my mailbox Tuesday....and she's agreed that they can be a Hanukkah present - that's 2 down, plus the 1 I have coming from Fire Mountain (that can be broken down if need be.) :whew: Of course, there's still the actual knitting....

The Tsock Tsarina is notorious patterns. I've knit one - Fiber Festival. It was relatively straight-forward, with just a few surprises. I ended up having to do a foot-ectomy, since it called for a short-row heel, and it did NOT fit my foot. I have 2 more of her kits in the stash - Vintage (grapes! I want to knit them for Shabbat-wear!) and Oktoberfest (beer! I want to knit the kit for me, and dye up some yarn for SG, since he's a home brewer.) There's a few more I want....but they'll wait. For now. :lol:

Happy Day!

Aug. 24th, 2014 06:15 pm
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Hope y'all are having a good day! It's hot here, but we've had a *fantastic* day!

First up: I give you my Travelling Monkeys.

Monkey travel socks

Finished them at 5 on Friday. LOVE them. The yarn was Manos.....I'm not too impressed with it, but the socks are cushy and *loud*, which is what I wanted. I've already started the next pair. :lol: I'll get a photo when I get a little further into them.

SG has been playing with his lathe. I had asked him for some more darning eggs - I use them to close the toes on socks and the tops of mittens; I have 3 right now. My "dream" is to have 1 for each project bag; I want fully equipped bags so that each one is a complete project in itself. SG decided - on his own, mind you! - that these would be good to learn on. (See why I love the guy? :lol:)

So. He dug out some crepe myrtle logs and went to town. I have a lovely, not quite finished crepe myrtle darning egg - and it looks *good*. And he eyeballed the shape and it's *perfect*. He's decided that whenever he gets a new wood (right now, that'd be anything NOT crepe myrtle :snerk:) he'll turn another egg for me. :happy dance: (And he's got a block of dymondwood (laminate) in rainbow layers that I'm *itching* for him to play with!) He's not at all phased by my dream - in fact, he wants to make enough that I can put together kits as presents for friends!

Loki is doing well. We had to leave him home for a couple of hours today - he was NOT happy when we came home. Little bugger holds a grudge! All was forgiven after a nap with mama, though - he was quite happy to play with me then. :snicker: He's figured out how to come in the pet door, but he's still not firm on the whole "outside is the bathroom" idea. He's still just a wee baby, though, so it's not too much of a big deal. Yet. Everybody except Bree has accepted him; until she does, I don't feel comfortable leaving him down at night. :sigh: The futon is NOT the most comfortable thing.....

Gotta skitter - got more knitting to do! And puppy kisses!


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