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Himself is doing OK-ish. Pretty stable - we've had 4 evaluations in the past 2 weeks. We have discovered that he, too, is on the Spectrum. :sigh: He's classified as "2E" - twice exceptional. His IQ is off the charts, which is all anyone ever noticed.

I had wondered a bit, over the years, but - insert Mom guilt here - was able to dismiss my thoughts because, compared to Herself, he was "normal"-ish. :bangs head: I have profusely apologized, and will continue to.

Part of his depression stems from this, we think. Not all - but some. He's a little better, just knowing.

The other "big" thing....we had a "life skills" assessment this week. Now, both the therapist and I figured he'd ace, not so much. Seems my "little engineer" really IS - he can't see the whole for all the itty-bitty parts. He gets hung up on the pieces, and can't finish the process. So.....they'll be scheduling some help, there, too.

Also - we found out he has low processing speed. Which just adds to the pressure he puts on himself......:sob:

Anyway. We are now waiting on some call-backs so we can move forward.

Me? I'm hanging in. I managed to knit 1.5 socks during the assessments, and have sewn a couple of portfolios to keep both kids' medically-related stuff in. (I had Herself's in a plastic one, but it disintegrated while in the POD. I can't find a replacement ANYWHERE, so....sewing machine to the rescue! I have 6 more cut out, because they will be PERFECT to hold my various knitting patterns....)

I had a scuffle with Zoey yesterday, and she managed to tear something in my left elbow. I think it's just scar arm is bad enough that I CAN NOT KNIT. :horrors!: It's bad enough that Herself *volunteered* to milk for me tonight.....:sigh:

Oh! One thing we did that has helped Himself a bit - he's been wanting to upgrade his gaming PC for a while, so we went ahead and did just that. Today I ran him to Fry's and picked up a new monitor, keyboard and mouse. It's helped his outlook a little bit (yes, I KNOW that buying stuff won't make him non-depressed, but it has helped his mind get out of the rut it was in. No, it's not a cure, but I will take every little bit of help I can get for him.) Herself will get his old PC - she only wants a few games that they can play together, so she doesn't need the latest and greatest. He's got a new game coming up (Dual Universe - it looks AWESOME) that his old PC was almost not up to he's now in a slightly better frame of mind.

And one more thing - my identity got stolen back in January. (Or March....I can't be sure.) Seems someone went to Sprint and bought "a few" iPhone 7's and disappeared. I spent a few hours at the Sheriff's office filing a report, just so I could put a fraud alert on my credit reports, and get Sprint off my back. :big sigh: I have a feeling Equifax is involved..........

L'shana Tova!


Sep. 4th, 2017 11:38 am
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Friday evening we ended up at the ER with Himself. He had a major mental breakdown......he's been diagnosed with severe depression and social anxiety. I have to start making calls tomorrow - he needs professional help. :sob:

Anyway - I'll be away more than usual, I think. He's OK right now.....but he's pretty fragile.
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which is nothing new, right? :lol: Let's see:

1. Sewing: Have the Sew Over It's Vintage Shirt Dress almost done! After staring at the muslin for a bit, I decided I *did*, in fact, like it, so I pulled out the $1/yard cotton I had slated for a shirtwaist dress and went to town. I'm near the end; it needs buttons, button-holes, bias binding at the arms, and a hem. Pics when it's done.

1a. H. sent me a BEAUTIFUL hand sewn - I should say, hand TAILORED - coat. In red. That goes with the new shirt dress perfectly. It's just GORGEOUS!!! It made me slow down on the the dress, so it would be worthy of being worn with it. I am humbled - and happy!

1b. Himself wants an Imperial Officer Uniform, to wear in December. I have scored the pattern for the pants and the coat (and the hat!), just need to score the fabric. Does anyone have ANY idea where I can look for a gray-green, suiting-weight? Wool is OK - and probably film-accurate. Budget-priced preferred - Herself has said she'd kinda like a uniform, too. :bangs head: (The TIE pilot flight suit is still on the table, but he wants the Uniform FIRST. :sigh:) I'm thinking 2 yards for the pants, and 3 yards for the coat (because I am paranoid of mistakes) per 10+ yards. I...can't afford $20/yard fabric in that amount. Black is a possibility, but he REALLY wants the gray-green - something to do with which branch he is. (Krennic's uniform has also been broached; black pants with white coat. Or Thrawn's - all white. :sigh: White and Black are relatively easy to find - the Gray-green is eluding me.)

I can't get into the Imperial Officer Forum (part of the 501st) without signing up - and I don't want to do that. He doesn't want to join; *I* want these to be film accurate in case he changes his mind later. :sigh:

2. School: Started lesson planning for next year - my last. Himself will be a Senior next year. This is hard - not because it's his last, but because he's galloped ahead, and I'm trying to figure out WHAT to do. I mean, he's already done more Science and History than Texas requires (or that he'd have gotten in Public School), he's doing Calculus (slowly. Thankfully! And Thank GOD for Khan Academy!!!!).

One of the things we're implementing is a linguistics "course" based on Asimov's book "Words on the Map". See, back when we started Homeschooling, I bought a Great Courses DVD set called "The History of the English Language"....linguistics. *I* LOVE linguistics; I love following the rabbit trail of where words came from. Turns out, so does Himself! So, when I was on an Asimov kick last year, I bought a bunch of books - mostly Science (we've been using them to finish out this year; some of the info is dated, but we talk about the new discoveries. Most of it's basic, so still valid.) One of the books I ran across was "Words on the Map"...which is basically a book of city names, and the history behind them. (I also bought "Words from the Myths", which I'm going to try to squeeze in, too.) We're excited - we're starting "Maps" next week!

3. Blather: My bruises are just about gone. Back still hurts, as does my cheek bone, but they are healing. The critters are doing well - the chicks are just about ready to go outside; good thing, since we're slated to get some day-old guineas next Thursday. :sigh: The goats are due to freshen in the next few weeks - I have a feeling the first kids will arrive the day the floors are going in. What a way to christen the new floors, huh? :lol:
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let me count the ways....:lol:

My over-the-top, absolutely, most favorite treat is Baklava. LOVE it! Unfortunately, over the past decade or so, I've become allergic to honey....which is a MAJOR ingredient in Baklava. Whenever we go to a Greek/Middle-Eastern restaurant, I have to make a choice: Is the Baklava worth the itching?

Mostly, it's NOT. So I have to settle for something else - usually good, but not Baklava. (Sometimes, I decide that it is....and I usually spend the next 8 hours or so itching and miserable. :sigh:)

So. Last year, my darling boy discovered Yakan Root Syrup - supposedly a good substitute for honey. For the past year, we've tried to acquire some - usually, when I had the money, we forgot about it.

Until last month. I found the syrup, on a day I had the funds, and it was LOCAL. Yesterday, he asked if we could see if the local Wally-world had Fillo did. I read the box - it's leavening-free!

Guess what my darling boy did for me yesterday? He made me a batch of oozy-gooey, sticky, absolutely YUMMY, honey-free Baklava. Mostly by himself! :huggles:

Next time, he wants to reduce the water to try and make it less soggy. I want to try crushed pecans instead of walnuts - BUT. This stuff is awesome. And yummy. And true to the "real" Baklava taste. :mmmmmmmm:

So. Mom's a very happy camper right now - and my diet is out the window, because I have a pan full of Baklava to devour. :lol:
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Hope y'all had a nice Mother's Day - I got to split and stack firewood! (I WANTED to, y'all. We need firewood for winter - even a mild one.) We have about 1 week's worth done; we need to do more. Fortunately, the county cut trees down our street last month, so I can go gather more wood. (Do they do that in other states? Here, every year the power company sends crews out to clear the lines. The tree-cutters cut the logs to fireplace length, and stack them neatly on the side of the road for anyone to pick up. Free wood - works for me!)

SG and the kids took over the morning stables (I had taken them over during Spring Break; the kids need the extra sleep and I don't mind.) then took me to lunch. He also bought me a new leather jacket - think Black Widow. :lol: Wilson's was having a major sale - the jacket was ply $39. Solid, real leather. :blink:

I think it was to "make up" for Saturday....see, I wanted to do lunch then instead of Sunday - less crowds. We hit Woodcraft first...and the ShopSmith people were there. We just so happen to have a ShopSmith - a 1969(ish) Anniversary edition that needs to be looked at. (The motor has 2 wires that came loose, and he can't figure out which pole is which.) I got to talking to the demonstrators.....long story short, he ordered a rebuild kit and will soon have a working ShopSmith (if you're not familiar with ShopSmith - look them up! Short version: a multi-tool. The new models are 7-in-1; ours is 5-in-1. Takes up less space in your shop, and works well.)

Saturday was also Free Comic Book Day, and we hit the "local" Comic store. They had an artist art wall has 1 new frame, now. (And 1 on order. :lol:) He's doing BB-8 for me; we bought a cute chibi-style Avengers piece with Thor, Cap, and Iron Man. One of these days I'll get a photo of the wall for y'all....

Oh! Herself bought me a pair of shoes! This is BIG for her - normally she grunts "Happy Mother's Day" in my general direction and later presents me with a(nother) pair of earrings (which I love, don't get me wrong, but I have...plenty of earrings now. :lol:) This year? She saw a pair of shoes on my eBay watch list and told me to order them, using her debit card. :blink: They haven't *gotten* here yet, but - she bought me shoes!!!

Anyway. SG's off all we'll be all sixes and sevens around here. I need to get ready for school - laters!
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has been....interesting, shall we say. I guess somebody invoked the old Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times" because, folks, it has been Interesting.

Especially Wednesday. It was Herself's braces OFF! day. SG was home, so I invited him out to lunch with us after. Himself decided last minute that he didn't want to go - it was Star Wars day, after all, and he had just bought some "new" SW games that he HAD to play. I pointed out no lunch; he pointed to the freezer. :lol:

So. The 3 of us went. While they were trying to get the impressions for her retainer (2x on the bottom, *4* on the top!), my phone rang. It was Himself......

Seems that right after we left, Chloe started barking. And barking. And barking. He went outside - she was "playing" with a turtle. He, being a soft-hearted kid, pushed her away and tried to get the turtle to remove it. Chloe lunged at it; he shoved her away again. She lunged again, and Bree - who had been standing there watching - decided Chloe needed a lesson in minding and lunged for her.

Only, Himself was in the way. Of 2 very large dogs. :sigh: Bree got him on the hand, and immediately backed off. He got knocked down and trampled a bit, but managed to get into the house and on the phone with me before starting to panic. *I* started panicking, but managed to hide it, thank God.

I went out to the waiting room and sent SG to the house. He picked up Himself, came back and got us, and off we went to the ER. :sigh: 4 hours later, Himself was OK - no stitches, just 2 bad puncture wounds on his left hand, 1 on his elbow, and 1 on his right arm, plus a lot of scratches from Chloe's claws.

We got home (finally!), and I went to look for the turtle. Which was on the back porch (Chloe had brought it there) with 2 punctures in it's shell....turns out, it wasn't a cute l'il turtle that needed saving. It was a demon-spawn SNAPPING turtle that deserved everything it got (sorry, y'all, but I have been chased by a snapper before. They are EVIL - and if IT had gotten hold of Himself's hand, things would have turned very bad, very quickly.

Anyway. Good news is that (besides the world having 1 less snapping turtle) I had drug my Pax Eire socks to the Ortho with me (I have been studiously IGNORING them lately. I went off them, and couldn't drum up any knitting mojo.).....the time in the ER? Was prime knitting time - see here:

2016 Caliegh socks right

2016 Caleigh socks left

They are nice socks - Cashmere/Merino yarn! - but....I just lost interest in them mid-way down the foot of #1. Sometimes that happens.....:shrug: I have started another pair (What???? I Knit. Except when I lose mojo - but it's back for now.) in a nice, over-spun Merino in a lovely turquoise color way. We'll see how long it takes me to work them...:lol:

I had started another I put the binding foot on, cut the bias strips (but not :sigh:) and took it for a test-sew. That foot is da Bomb! But you have to pay a lot of attention to it, and the resulting bias binding is only 1/4" wide. I have discovered that I prefer 1/2" wide binding.....and that if I don't pay close enough attention the binding gets screwed. :sigh: That apron was a fail, and is now in the trash. (No, seriously - I didn't feel like trying to seam rip 2 yards of binding; I tried and the edges of the apron started seriously fraying. :sigh:) I'll reattempt that apron later.....lesson learned. :lol:

Gotta do some knitting - Shabbat Shalom!
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It's been a wild ride, today. Got 1 of the kids' refunds in.....both kids went on a virtual shopping spree. :lol: Herself has bought a TON of plushies (gotta love my Aspie!); Himself has bought 2 video games. The priorities....:lol:

We also hit Sam's Club and JoAnn's, because Herself also needed more yarn. (Why yes - she DID need yarn. *I* only have wool. She uses acrylic :ack:, so...there was no yarn in the house for her. :snicker:)

Hopefully the other kid's refund will hit soon - that's slated to be spent on groceries and clothes for them. (They get SSI from their dad - I have 10% withheld so that we get a nice lump sum once a year. They get a portion of it - that's only fair! - and the rest gets put to use for the household.) Our joint return was filed on Monday.....they claim we'll get the refund within 21 days. We'll see....I get some of that for personal use; I'm thinking about upgrading my serger. Maybe. The Singer is an entry-level machine, and it works....but I can't get the tension perfect and the bloody thing moves around on the table when I'm trying to serge denim. :sigh: I have a LOT of jeans planned - both for me and for Herself - so.....I'm window shopping right now. We'll see.....I haven't fully decided yet.

I hit Bootstrap when we got home....Herself now has a custom-fit skinny jeans pattern, the PJ bottom pattern I have ( but in her size), and underwear. Soon as I can, we'll go fabric shopping and I'll get started on her wardrobe (mine's almost done; I just need 2 more pairs of jeans/bombachas and some underwear and I'll be done. Shirts? I have plenty of geeky graphic tees, so I'm good to go there. Her wardrobe is she's up next.

Gotta start dinner! Shabbat Shalom - see ya on the flip side!
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because boy, have I got photos for you!!! God is good - and I'll show you THAT in a minute! :lol:

First up, let me catch you up on the sock knitting front. (Because I am ALL about the socks, right? :lol:) Let's start with the Yaacov socks, V.2.0 (which Herself STOLE from me. :humph: :lol:)

2015 Yaakov Socks V.2.0

2015 Yaacov socks V.2.0 other side

Except for the spots where the colors ran together, I am *very* pleased with these. We dyed the yarn ourselves, and it pretty much worked out. I figured out where we went "wrong" (and, let me say that the original socks, the ones in the book, have areas of colors running together. So, in that respect, we HIT it out of the park. *I* however, want a pair with NO or very little blurriness.) You'll note that they match *exactly*, which was also part of the plan.

Herself is totally enthralled with them, so they are still a win. :lol:

Next up, the current sock - I give you Socks to Knit While Bored (aka: Sherlocked!) :lol:

2015 Sherlocked in progress

I am...not following the pattern exactly. I know, I KNOW - but...I really, really HATE trying to purl color work. I can do it, but...I don't LIKE it. And I'm not really sure I have enough of the black yarn dyed up to do solid-color heels (the toes WILL be solid, because I think it'll look better.) color-worked heels were always the plan. I knit 2 rows....and decided to sub the heel from Maurits (remember the neon lizards? THAT heel. :lol:) You knit the heel flap and gusset AND instep at the same time; you decrease all the added stitches away and get a triangular thing going on on the foot. I think it'll look cool, so....there ya go. :lol:

And now.......well. I browse CraigsList quite a bit, usually just the Free and Arts and Crafts areas. Thursday I hit A&C, and saw an ad for "Free Clay!", so I clicked on it. It was from a teacher about 1 hour away who is moving, and decided she didn't want to move her pottery clay. I called. She said "Well, it's only about 200 pounds of clay, but I just don't want to bother moving it. I'll just buy new once I get settled (? Um.....that's still moving 200 pounds of clay, right? Whatever....). We made arrangements to pick it up yesterday, and Herself got moderately excited.

Well. Um. We got there yesterday AM,, here - have a peek:

Free Clay

This, my friends, is "200" pounds of clay. Plus 50 pounds of Air-dry clay, 2 5-gallon buckets of pre-mixed slip, and.....oh my gosh, probably another 10 gallons or so of colored slip. And some tools. And some plaster of paris to make molds. And....I honestly don't know what all else. I just know that the back of my Jeep - which can hold 25 bags of horse feed, or 2 square bales of hay (with some room left over) or a wolfhound, or a full-size pregnant Nubian - is FULL. Today I HAVE to rearrange the Studio - SG is going to bring home a set of shelves tomorrow to put this stuff on - because....well, it can't stay in the Jeep. :lol:

The lady also gave us a lead on a consignment shop that sells artwork; we went and had a good long talk with the proprietor. Herself is......mildly anxious, excited, and scared about this. I have a contract that we are going to look over......this could be good for us. The proprietor is also interested in my soaps and We'll see. I HAVE to get the loom unearthed so I can get back to's been far too long.

Anyway, what a HUGE blessing this is! Clay isn't *that* expensive,'s not super-cheap, either. All of this is the same firing temp as her porcelain, so she can make stuff out of both and fire them at the same time. And the glazes will work on both. :happy dance:

Guess I'd better get to work - we have a LOT of rearranging to do!
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because we were supposed to be at the Med. Center for the 2nd scan right now. Only, we're home......

Yesterday was the day of the Scan. I got up at 5-Freaking-0'clock and headed straight out to milk. In the dark (no biggie), the cold (OK, that's a bit of an issue for me) AND the rain. Oh, did I mention the HAIL???? Because I got hit with quite a few hailstones......anyway. Got everyone sorted, grabbed a quick shower, then grabbed Herself (who has been a basket-case the past few weeks; not only does this screw up her routine (which is Verboten - you do NOT mess with her routine!), but she gets very, very tense when she doesn't know what is going to happen. :sigh:) and headed out. At 6 AM. In the dark. And rain. (The hail had thankfully passed by then). We had an hour drive to the Med. I left an hour and a half early. ( just never know. Traffic. Accidents. Trains. Which....we met 2 of the 3....the accidents happened AFTER we passed thru, Thank God!)

So. We check in and are led to the Radiology waiting area. I get out the current sock and settle in; Herself nervously plays on her DS. 1.5 hours LATER (at 8:45...our appointment was *8*, mind you!), we get taken back to the room. The nurse starts asking questions......"is she on any thyroid medication?" Um....well, yes and no. WHAT? She's on Propanol - which is NOT a "real" thyroid med; it's a beta-blocker that also does "good" things to the thyroid - and all Hell broke loose. Nope, can't take the test - the thyroid med will mess it up.'s NOT A THYROID MED you morons! OK, is she on any multi-vitamins? Well, yes -but she hasn't taken one in over 3 weeks. NO NO NO NO - it has to be at least *6* weeks, so No Test For You!

I....will not repeat what I said to them (but I honestly didn't cuss. I am proud of that! I saved that for SG, who is a Marine and can take it.) - but I. Was. Pissed. I had cleared 2 days of everything so we could do this stinking test, and now I'm told no, we can't, too bad for you?

The message I left on the doctor's answering machine was NOT happy. They haven't called me back - which doesn't surprise me! - but they'd better. I told them I was DONE with this stupid test. This is the 2nd time they've screwed up - I am NOT giving them a 3rd try. They can figure something else out - no more hour drives (and 1/4 tank of gas!) for a 2-day test (that would be - at the minimum! - *4* hours in the car over 2 days, and 1/2 tank of gas.) They deal. And they'd better - SOMETHING is going on with Herself's thyroid; it's messing up everything else in her life, and they NEED to get a handle on it. Oh, and did I mention it's a FASTING test??????? :bangs head:

:deep breath: I am actually calm(ish) this AM. I need to rip back a few rows on my sock....I got kinda tense there for a bit and....well, you can tell. :lol:

I need to post photos for y'all, but it'll have to wait. I'm not in the mood for pictures right now......
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:lol: Anyway...

Herself has a week of doctor's appointments next week. Monday is a Gyn visit (to try and figure out WHY the BC pills aren't doing their job of regulating her cycle), Tuesday we have to be at the Med. Center in Mesquite at *8* AM for the start of a test/scan on her thyroid (the endo checked her levels last week, and did some "new" test - low and behold, her thyroid levels were *high*. :sigh:); we have to be back at 2 for the scan, then Wednesday we have to be back at 8:30 for the final scan. Thursday we see her GP.....needless to say, school has been cancelled for next week. :sigh: Glad we homeschool!

Just turned the heel of Yaacov sock #1. My gauge is all over the place - i was supposed to be at 3" and 32 I was at 3" at 24 rows. I fudged it - knit to 30 rows so I can pick up the required 16 stitches on each side of the flap. I tried it on - it DOES fit, thankfully! I am going to push and try to get this pair done this week, so I can take a NEW sock along on Tuesday (I think we'll have to hang out at the Med. center, because it's an hour away - gas is an issue. :sigh: Ah, well - let's pray they figure out what the heck is going on with Herself, because she's miserable. (Oh, and the endo put her on thyroid meds. :sigh: Fun stuff....)

We started Joshua this week (TorahClass for the win!). Looks good, so far. I really like how Mr. Bradford goes into the traditions and culture of the time period, and brings the NT into it. Fascinating stuff!

Gotta run - have a Jedi outfit to finish, as well as a new knitting bag. (What? I found Star Wars fat quarters at Wally-world......and 2 fat quarters are just enough to squeak out a large bag. And......Star Wars!!!!!! :lol:)
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since I have to run Tigger to the vet for stitches removal, then we have to head out for our monthly shopping trip......:whew!:

H, THANK YOU!!! I will look at the links later today. Defined waistline - yup. Otherwise, I look like Omar the Tent-maker has had a field day. :lol:

God is GOOD, people! I thought - according to all the paperwork I had - that Herself was not getting a SSI check this month. It put me in a small panic - because Himself's check pays the house, the car and house insurance, and the electric bill (most months - electric fluctuates!), her check pays everything else. I did the bills this AM, expecting *1* deposit - we got 2. :scratches head: I put a call in to the "local" office...seems that SS is 1 month BEHIND. So, THIS is her last check.

AND I got a call from the state disability office - they just NOW started working on her claim. :fingers crossed:.....I really, really hope it goes thru without a hitch. SS wanted to speak to Herself (since she's 18 now)...and she Freaked OUT. She doesn't do well on the phone.....or with people she doesn't know. (Funny story: we took SG's dad out on Saturday. He and I got to talking about the kids, and I dropped something about Herself being on the Spectrum. He said "Oh. I had no idea...I mean, yeah, she's always sitting over there, doing stuff...I just thought she was shy or something." I chuckled...."Um, no - she was with family, and that IS her being social. You should watch her when we're out and about sometimes - she doesn't interact with anyone she doesn't know. You? She knows you're "family" but doesn't KNOW you, so she's in the room, but not IN the room, y'know? Once she's......."safe" with you, she'll start talking to you - and you'll wish she was back to today. :lol: Because....YOU don't pick the topic, and YOU don't control the conversation. It's...interesting."

He "got" it - which is good! - and we'll see how it goes.)

So. Today we shop - and be as frugal as possible, while stocking up. Tomorrow...the plan is to hit the Fabric Outlet stores. I got paid for 2 jobs, so I have "extra" $$. (For the record, I entered her deposit after getting off the phone, and immediately took out an extra house payment. I want that in reserve, so I'm not panicking next month. I have just enough left for our normal grocery run....and I should be able to score a LOT of fabric tomorrow at cheap, cheap prices.)

Anyway.....gotta go round up Tigger. Laters!
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OK, so Herself is moderately better. Doc appt. yesterday was honestly a waste of time - we learned NOTHING. And nothing was done - just "come back in 6 weeks for more blood work" :bangs head: At least she sees a "specialist" on Tuesday....maybe we'll learn something then.

I finished sock #1, and am on the leg of #2. I am itching to dye up some more yarn to kit up yet more socks....but I am fighting the urge. I need to knit more down, first......maybe. :lol:

Tomorrow we go to pick up a sewing machine cabinet/table....I want to move my White (30-ish pounds!) into the house, as I can't sew in the Studio. No room! I found a cheap, antique cabinet on CraigsList - hope it works. (No picture....but the lady is nice, and it's CHEAP.) Not sure where I'll put it.....ah, well. Such is life, right? :lol:

Himself got his forge, and promptly freaked out. :rofl: I'm working on him......

Shabbat Shalom! See ya on the flip side!
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because we spent 6 hours Sunday night/Monday morning at the ER with Herself. She's got something going on in her lower GI....with blood. :aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!: Of course, it was our ER...which is not so....good. :sigh: 2.5 hours before we got INTO the ER, then another hour before the doc even came in. (And...they were NOT busy. Most patients went to the "fast track" rooms; only 3 went back to the ER proper. Of those 3, 1 was out by 10, 1 poor guy was discharged at 8, but taken back to a room at 11 because there was no one to take him back to his nursing home (I mean, really? REALLY? The 2 sheriffs deputies that were hanging out at Denny's at 2 AM couldn't take the 45 minutes round trip to get him home?????) and the 3rd was a 35-week pregnant lady that got whisked to L&D. (As she should've been.)

Herself got an IV at 11:30.....then potassium at 1. Then we were discharged at 1:45, knowing nothing more than we did when we arrived. Seriously. SLOW and - dare I say it? - incompetent isn't even enough to cover our ER...which is why I don't go there unless I feel we need help NOW. (Not that "NOW"'s usually 2 hours from when we get there. :sigh:)

I got 2.5 hours sleep Monday AM, so last night at 7 I crashed and burned. Feel better today - but Herself is still lethargic. :sigh: She has an appt. Thursday with her doctor, so that's good, and one with an endocrinologist next Tuesday, so hopefully we'll find out *something*.

Anyway. Today is take-the-aunt-shopping day, but Herself will be barricading herself in the bathroom. The roofers are supposed to replace our roof on Monday - should be fun! I am 10 rounds from the toe on Nile sock #1 (thanks to the ER visit. I had LOTS of knitting time! Too bad I had to quit around midnight -I was at the point I couldn't count to 2. :sigh:) And laundry. :sigh:
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which is normal, right? :sigh:

Herself had a doc appt last week...she's got something going on with her thyroid. She has an appt with an endocrinologist on the 9th to see what we need to do. Fun - and worrisome! - times!

Goat kids are doing well. We have dried up Annie - leaving me with 3 on the stand - because she couldn't get on the stand by herself, and she got diarrhea, which is BAD for goats. Her milk production had dropped to nearly nothing - which is unusual for her - so, I made the call. I put her on some loading doses of antibiotic, and have been forcing hay and grain down her. :sigh: She's out right now, eating weeds. I'll put her up shortly - it's Not Raining now, but it will rain soon.

We currently have a very pissed off sparrow fledgling in the Studio. He (she?) fell out of the nest yesterday morning and Chloe grabbed him. We got him away from her, but it seems like his leg may be broken. So, into a shoebox in the Studio he went. He's active - he got out of the box for a few hours last night - and has his first flight feathers, so maybe he'll make it. I hope so.....

I will have photos later - they're on my phone, not my laptop. :sigh: I'll transfer them over at doe point soon......

We're OK!

May. 12th, 2015 02:44 pm
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So far, most of the tornados/high winds have passed around us, not over us. Thank God for that! We're just waterlogged and muddy. :lol:

Been running around trying to pull together info to apply for Disability for Herself. It's not something I *want* to do...but I need to. :sigh: She simply doesn't function well enough to be able to hold a job - case in point, yesterday at the theater.

We went to see "Avengers: Age of Ultron" (good movie, not great, but fun. NOT for the..under 10 crowd, but fun) at 11:20. The building was empty - I think there were 4 other people in our theater with us. Halfway thru the movie, she leans over and whispers "I need to go to the bathroom." "OK." I say.

A few minutes later, I say "Honey, if you need to go, GO." "NO." :sigh: A few minutes later, she's squirming, so I say, again, "Honey, go ahead and go!" "NO. Not alone!" :bangs head:

Yes. *I* had to take my almost 18-year old daughter to the bathroom, because she refused to go by herself. In a pretty much empty building, with the bathrooms clearly marked. It's aggravating, because she should be able to do that (most *8* year olds can do that by themselves!)....but she can't.

I'm pretty sure they'll deny it, and we'll have to appeal. NOT what I want to do, but what choice do we have? Her survivor's benefits ends at the end of May.....and while I could get a part-time job, it'll cut into the homeschooling time with Himself. (And it would leave him alone with her, which....isn't really ideal. She doesn't do that well without supervision, unfortunately.)

Anyway, SS is do to call me in about 15 minutes. Should be fun - NOT!
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Updated count:

doelings: 4 (+1 dead)
bucklings: 1 (+2 dead) you know, I induced Risky Saturday evening. I did it after a LOT of soul-searching; her due date (day 150) was 5/10; they can go 5 days before - 5 days after (but after the fiasco that was Mocha and Annie a few years ago, NONE of my goats will go more than 36 hours or so over their due date.) SG and I had a HUGE fight over this, but Risky had started showing signs of early labor on Monday (pawing, avoiding the other goats, not *eating*) and by Saturday all she was doing was laying in one sot moaning. I decided that having her pop on day 144 (which would have been today, and still early) would be better than making her wait any longer. (When you induce, you give them Lute. 36 hours later (or so), you have babies. I NEVER do it willy-nilly, I always make sure we're within (or close) to day 145 or later, and I make sure I have a damn good reason to induce. This year, I did Inara, because we weren't going to be home on her due date (she went the day before), I did Annie (because I will NOT let her go over - she's a smaller goat, and I don't want to lose her like we did Mocha), and I did Zoe because she was due tomorrow, and, again - we aren't going to be home.)

Cut because it got long. Click here! )

Oh, and to top it off? The insurance adjuster came out on Friday, and not only were the barns damaged, but we need a new roof. :fun: And it's my fault that the adjuster came out.....even though I simply did what I was told and reported the barn damage. I......don't get it, but such is life.
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Don't know if our night made the national news - it did make the local! - but, first - we are all OK. Animals and people. Including the 2 new babies Inara gave us last night. :lol:

Doeling: 2
Buckling: 1

Anyway, we had MAJOR storms roll 8:30 last night the rain was HORIZONTAL. Freaky! At 11:30 PM we went out to check on Inara (and the horses)...but we didn't SEE the damage clearly until this AM.

I'll you:

The milk room roof:

storm - milkroom

The hay barn:

storm - hay barn

The buck barn:

storm - buck barn

The "missing" roof:

storm - roof

(that's in the neighbor's pasture...about 50 feet from the barn.) There are tree limbs down everywhere. The news says there's lots of damage in town - doesn't surprise me!

Oh, and Ali - April is doing GREAT. The Bo-Se shot apparently flipped a switch - she is taking full bottles now, and demanding MORE. She's not real happy this morning, having to share her space with 2 interlopers that get bottles while she is STARVING. :snicker:

We're waiting on the insurance adjuster now, but I have a feeling this is going to come in just under our deductible. We'll see......
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A DIGITAL kiln - for $300. With extras! Let me back up....

2 days ago, I couldn't sleep, so I got up and hit CraigsList (as one does.) On a lark, I went to a neighboring CL (instead of the Dallas one), and there was a new listing for a Paragon TnF Grand Prairie. About 1 hour from us. :hmmmmmmm: No photos, so I sent off an email and asked.

Yesterday, I got the photos. I'll include 2 here, so you can see why I got excited:

Paragon kiln inside

Paragon kiln front

I asked her about it; she bought it new in 1997-ish (according to the controller - that's the first year that this model was made. She thinks she bought it in 1994...but the number doesn't match that.), made 12 dolls with it, then packed it up in her garage and started playing with her grandkids. :lol: She needs to clean out the garage, needed to go.

This thing is PRISTINE. It honestly looks new - there's 1 ding in the brick in the lid, and 1 ding on the outside casing, but other than that it's new. She plugged it in for us and the electronics work; the elements look..well, new, so we said "Here, take my money please!" and loaded it up.

She included 2 full shelves, 1 1/2 shelf, all the posts, a bunch of cones, and a set of modeling tools. And a rolling stand for it, to make it easier for us to move it around. It's not even half the size of the Skutt, but you know what? It's actually the *perfect* size for what Herself wants to do with it. (Jewelry components. I did a quick estimate - she should be able to get components for 70 pairs of earrings in this thing each firing. Maybe more - I was conservative!)

It's large enough to do mugs and bowls, too - and plates or tiles. She's not into that - yet - but she might be later. It's set up for porcelain (with 3" bricks instead of 2.5"), so she can fire anything she wants - including glass and PMC!. OH, and did I mention it has digital controls? No more babysitting the entire firing!! (Just the end, to make sure it does shut off like it's supposed to.)

So. Herself's birthday is now sorted (for real!), as is Himself's. :whew: Now I can look at getting *me* something with what's left of the refund (besides my washer and mixer, I mean - both of those are "household", not personal.)

In other news: yesterday I made soap! I wanted to test the shaped ice cube trays I bought from Think Geek, and I wanted to test a new scent (Neroli and Shea Blossom. :mmmmmm:) I didn't have any small containers of milk, so I thawed a pint of cream....I forgot that cream = soap on a stick. :lol: I was able to beat it into shape and glop it into the molds; the soap looks good, but I won't un-mold it until tomorrow (because of the details. I want it firm.) I'm thawing a gallon of milk right now - I have an AWESOME idea for the Neroli-Shea Blossom....a 3 color soap. Not a swirl...we'll see if I can *do* it. If so, I'll have an awesome soap. If not...I'll have some 3 color laundry soap. :snicker: At least it'll smell nice!

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Seriously - GOOD! Remember how we talked about "balloons" a while back? Well.....I got a whole bouquet last night!!!!!

Let me back up....SG has been a brat lately. I understand *why*,'s hard when he comes home, grabs dinner, and goes off into another room to play You Tubes and play with RC toys. :sigh: And then yells at *us* because he's "out of the loop". :bangs head: Anyway....

Last night after dinner, I decided to browse CraigsList (as one does). I skimmed the free/pets/arts and crafts, and then, on a *whim*, I searched for "kiln". See, we bought Herself a small "starter" kiln (Paragon Firefly) for her last birthday. She LOVES it,'s analog, you have to babysit it, and it's SMALL (which was the point. As kilns go, it's one of the less expensive - and it cost us (from a DISCOUNT dealer!) almost $400. FYI.) The firing space is 4"x4"x4" - small. I have looked at trying to upgrade it, but the cost was prohibitive, so - I've been watching CL to see a) what's out there and b) what they're going for.

The 2nd listing was "Electric Ceramic Kiln, $25 (Greenville)". WHAT???? I clicked it, thinking "Nah, it's a typo". Lady had *2* kilns that worked when she stored them (about 10 years ago), and she was OVER it - wanted them GONE. I asked if she'd hold 1 until Friday - nope, GONE, remember? So, I got directions and planned on heading out.

SG decided that HE needed to go ( odd, because he doesn't like leaving home when he's home, y'know?) I grabbed Herself (because, if it worked out, this would be a very early Birthday present), and we all headed out. At 6:30 PM. To a place 1.5 hours away.

Yes, we brought home a kiln. Looks like a Stutt (good brand), looks to be in decent shape. I sent photos to my potter friend - she says that even if we need to replace all the elements and most of the firebricks we got a FANTASTIC deal.

Kiln sitter

Kiln side

Kiln inside

Kiln front

It's....big. Has a kiln sitter (which means no more babysitting!) It's modular, which means we can work on 1 section at a time, and use that while we work on the next one. And - it's BIG.

And it was $25!!!!!

I did a quick price check - from the dealer we got the Firefly from (and they are DISCOUNT, remember!), a similar Stutt is $2500. (But it's "missing" a layer or 2). I need to get a 220 plug put into the Studio, and I want someone to look at the kiln to tell me what I need to fix. On CL, smaller kilns go for $500+ - so even repairing it we'll come out ahead.

:happy dance: Now I need to find more ceramics books for Herself....she's got NO excuse (well, once we get it OK'd for use) to not play with clay!

Yes, God is GOOD. FANTASTIC, in fact! :lol:
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So. Today was Ortho day. Both kids are doing well - in fact, they are in line to have the braces removed within the next 6 or so months! But....Herself needs to have her wisdom teeth extracted. :sigh:

Made an appointment for the consultation.....and I've started preparing her. She does better if she KNOWS what's going to happen, when. Fun times!

Kilt hose: The heel is TURNED!!!! and I am cruising down the foot. I had to buy more yarn....I have 5 balls. 1 is still knit in the too-small hose, but can easily be frogged (I...just haven't wanted to. Yet.) The problem? I've already got 2 balls in this sock, and I still have a LOT of foot to go. :sigh: I am starting to panic a bit, because I hate the thought of running out of yarn mid-project. And then there's the dye lot problem.....

I found a lady on Ravelry who had 6 skeins for $20 (these normally run $6/skein!!)...I figure, I'll get them and knit the 2nd sock from them, because I'm pretty sure there's no way they'll match the dye lot I have. (Of course, there could be a miracle. I'm not sure I merit one, but - it IS possible.) I'm sure she bought matching dye lots, so there shouldn't be a problem within each sock, and you shouldn't notice the mis-match when it's on a different sock.

Tomorrow I get to go do some work. I don't mind - $$ for me! And since my friend didn't get into the Fiber Festival this year, that means I get to do a Yarn Store run in the next week or so - should be fun!

Laters! I have knitting to do!


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