Mar. 9th, 2009

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And I do mean *survived*. Let's recap, shall we?

Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday, in which the strangest question EVER was reported )

In which we do a Good Deed )

Wrist - OK, I hadn't spun for about a week before the surgery until Saturday. This was probably NOT the best way to get back into it....Saturday night I had to pop a pain pill. I was stiff, sore, and very, very achy. Sunday was better - it's a little sore this morning, but NOTHING like it was Saturday. I got back in the groove pretty quickly - I was turning out froghair singles within a few minutes.

Elbow - tender where the stitches are right up to the skin, but no major pain.

Borg - I was able to get 1 lady *spinning* on my Norwegian. She's a natural...and I'm sure will be joining our ranks soon. 2 kids HAVE to have a wheel NOW, dad.....1 dad took down the info on Babe's Fiber Starter, so I feel pretty good about that one. A couple of other people are *very* interested - I passed out a few cards, and told them how to find a local knitting/spinning guild. :grin: Clan-wise, we had 6 full sheets of new members/interested parties, which is phenominal for this Festival. This is good - our Annual General Meeting is this year, HERE, in June, so...we want more members to show our National Board how good we are. :snicker:

I'm tired, and I'm at work, so I'd better skedaddle. Lunch with the boss today - it's co-worker's 65th b-day today, so, needless to say, we ain't gonna get much done today. :lol:


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