Aug. 4th, 2013

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OK. Normally, I shrug off the "normal" weirdness, but this.....and Anna mentioned "wackyness", which this could also be :deep breath:

About 2, 3 months ago, SG lost his checkbook. Panic ensured - he keeps all the credit cards in it as well as his checks. I reminded him that the cards are no good (either maxed out :sigh: or suspended (by our request), and the bank is pretty good about watching for weirdness. We looked for it for a week or 2, then went on with life.

Until Friday.

He came in from work with a weird look on his face. "Found the checkbook......" he said. "Oh! Great! Where?" " my truck. Here. In the driveway......"

Here's the deal. He parks in the SAME place every single day. The kids and I walk RIGHT BY that spot every morning and evening when we go milk (and again every. single. time we go outside.) I can see that spot clearly when I look out the Studio windows/door. There's NO WAY we would have missed the brown leather checkbook on our grayish-white, crushed concrete driveway.

Plus, Snips goes out with us each milking...and she's nosy. SHE would have run over to sniff it.....

The funny thing, though? Friday morning I told the Lord that enough was enough, and I wanted any "bad guys" OUT of my house and OFF my property. See, things have been disappearing and reappearing for about 4 months now - but it had gotten worse. WAY past the point of simple forgetfulness - I mean, WAY beyond. (For example: we have a Sharpie that we use for marking the dates on the milk jars. It lives on the kitchen counter, next to the masking tape and the milk filters. I have another Sharpie that lives behind the cheese press, for marking the labels as I make cheese. The milk Sharpie has vanished and reappeared in bizarre places - and I KNOW the kids aren't doing it. (Like...the last time I found it, it was ON the stovetop. On the opposite side of the kitchen from the milking stuff.) :sigh: (And this is just the minor stuff.....other weirdness has been occurring, too....too much stuff to be attributed to "bad luck" or coincidence or whatever. Remember, once is an accident, twice is coincidence, 3x is enemy action. We're WAY beyond 3x, here....)

Things should be "normal" now - whatever "normal" is. :lol:

In other news, I got my sewing machine all cleaned and gone over, and it purrs like a kitten now. The lady even got the sew discs working! (Not that I've ever used them, but hey - they work!) Bombshell V.2.1 is currently in time out; for some reason, once again, the back is 4" longer than the front. I can't figure it out - I've double-checked the pattern, I've double-checked my basting....nope, you can plainly see on the pattern that the fronts aren't as tall as the backs. :bangs head: I guess I'll be gently gathering them to fit when I sit down to attach everything. :sigh: It's looking really good, though.....:sigh:


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