Dec. 8th, 2015


Dec. 8th, 2015 07:01 am
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OK, let's recap:

Saturday: Kids and I went out shopping, got home to a horse out and running down the street. Got her caught, and noticed Magic was down. Had to ignore her - checking fence was priority! - but when came back to her, she managed to struggle up. Sat. evening she was down again.

Sunday: Magic still down. Took SG's dad to lunch - he was...slow. Called my dad to ask about a medication - he was a bit deaf.

Monday: SG stayed home to meet Vet. I....couldn't do it, so kids and I hit the fabric outlets. Called dad to check on him - he was extremely loopy. A few hours later, my brother texted - he and dad were on the way to the hospital (he took dad to the doc, who immediately called an ambulance.) Short version: pneumonia in right lung, and he's old. (84). Not the greatest news, but....:sigh: The hospital finally found him a room at 10 PM; I am on my way back after morning stables and shower this AM.

So. All in all a sucky weekend. A few bright spots - I did score 20 yards of denim for $70, but......:sigh: We're all zombiefied here.


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