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Don't know if our night made the national news - it did make the local! - but, first - we are all OK. Animals and people. Including the 2 new babies Inara gave us last night. :lol:

Doeling: 2
Buckling: 1

Anyway, we had MAJOR storms roll 8:30 last night the rain was HORIZONTAL. Freaky! At 11:30 PM we went out to check on Inara (and the horses)...but we didn't SEE the damage clearly until this AM.

I'll you:

The milk room roof:

storm - milkroom

The hay barn:

storm - hay barn

The buck barn:

storm - buck barn

The "missing" roof:

storm - roof

(that's in the neighbor's pasture...about 50 feet from the barn.) There are tree limbs down everywhere. The news says there's lots of damage in town - doesn't surprise me!

Oh, and Ali - April is doing GREAT. The Bo-Se shot apparently flipped a switch - she is taking full bottles now, and demanding MORE. She's not real happy this morning, having to share her space with 2 interlopers that get bottles while she is STARVING. :snicker:

We're waiting on the insurance adjuster now, but I have a feeling this is going to come in just under our deductible. We'll see......
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OK, so I am revising my thoughts about April - she has a strong suck reflex, but is very, very weak. She can manage maybe .5 oz before getting tired; we have to really work with her to get her take 2 oz per feeding. (I guess she was VERY hungry that first meal!) She hasn't done more than stand up, wobble a couple of steps, and fall down to sleep - normally, kids are starting to discover they can defy gravity by now. :lol:

Ran to the local large animal vet for a bottle of Bo-Se (a selenium supplement).....they sold me 1cc. For $5. :bangs head: What makes it worse is that baby Nubians only need .25 cc.....:sigh: I was able to give her a little under .5cc - the rest is in the diaper bag for the next kid. (Bo-Se helps give kids a "boost" - she needs all the help she can get. Normally I have it...but I used the last of it last year and didn't get around to buying a new bottle. :sigh:) So we went to our DOG vet - who quite happily ordered a bottle for me, and will call when it gets in. :shakes head:

Not much else going on - I'm on baby-watch, so I'm tired. Almost too tired to knit - so you KNOW I'm tired! Herself is starting to crank out buttons - our potter friend said they'll probably sell, and offered to take a batch to her next show. :bounce: *I* just want Herself to fire the big kiln - buttons work! :lol:

Shabbat Shalom - may your day be Blessed! And may we have no more early babies!
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Let's was Grocery day; Herself and SG both had morning eye exams and SG had a doctor's appointment at 1:30. I told him that I was sorry, but I simply could NOT see how I could do all I needed to do and be done by 12:00 so that I could go with him to the doc. He was a little miffed, but got over it.

Anyway. We got home a little after 1:00; he got home about 3:30. He wanted to eat early, so we all piled in the truck to grab a bite. Now, before I walked out the door I did a quick check on the goats. Our first doe isn't due until next week, but with goats you just never know. Everyone looked fine, so out we went.

Came home at 5:00. The kids headed out to do evening stables.....and Herself started yelling. Trillian had decided that today would be a good day to kid. According to my records, she wasn't due until 5/5 - so she's very early. Or I am a doofus that didn't write down the dates correctly. (Either one is possible, take your pick). So, kid count:

Doelings: 1
Bucklings: 0

She's a very, very pretty, mostly black, little girl. Looks to be full-term, has a STRONG suck reflex, and could stand up and wobble around. She was dry, so she wasn't new-new, but her belly was empty, so she wasn't more than maybe an hour old.

She's currently in the playpen in the bathroom. She took 3.5 oz of colostrum (THAT was fun - Trillian is a first-freshener. And she acted like it. :sigh: She wasn't too bad, but I don't like fighting does for the milk. She'll get better......or else. :lol:)

We're calling her April...maybe April Showers. *I* was kind of hoping for a sister - then we'd also have May Flowers. :snicker:

Anyway, we've started our kidding season with a bang! Next up (according to my possibly borked records) is Inara (who looks like she's carrying triplets; poor Risky has her own gravitational field, she's so huge!), due on Wednesday. Because that's an orthodontist day I'll be inducing her to go Monday AM (should she go that long. She's big, and her udder is starting to fill). Then we have a few days until Annie (5/3), then Zoe (5/5) and finally Risky (5/10...but I don't think she's gonna go that long. She looks about ready to pop!) I'm praying for more girls than boys - girls seem to sell better. We are just about at our limit - I plan on keeping 1 girl from each doe (so if Zoe gives me a girl, she's for sale, because Trillian is her daughter. Same with Inara - Padme is hers) to keep the bloodlines.

Gotta skitter - got to see if April needs more milk!
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because yesterday was the BEST garage sale day EVER. EVER!

We didn't plan on hitting any yesterday, but the Lord had different plans for us. We got up intending to go gather more logs - and the truck was DOA. Not totally - the radio and lights work, but it won't crank at all. So, into the car we went - we had planned on doing some running around before gathering wood - and headed out.

SG wasn't paying attention, and headed into work. :lol: I said something, so he decided to go thru a residential area to get back on track...and there was an Estate Sale. Now, I'm a sucker for sales at old Historic homes - and out town has a LOT of turn-of-the 20th-Century homes. I didn't want to BUY anything (honestly!), I just wanted to poke around this lovely Victorian home.

Now, I live in a very Christian area. Our town has a population of 6,500 +/-. There are at least 10 churches IN town, plus a bunch more in the surrounding areas (you've heard of the Bible Belt? I live in the very buckle. :lol: It's Texas - it's a BIG buckle!) So imagine our surprise to find Judaica at this sale! I scored a lovely menorah and a set of 6 glasses (I think they're for Pesach, but I haven't tried to translate them yet.) I left 2 Jewish aprons - 1 was stained, 1 was ORANGE. :shudder:

Anyway, we did our errands, then hit an Antique Mall, where SG scored 2 new-to-him planes (at 10% off!), AND he scored me a set of #8 wool carders (in Good! condition!) for $12 and an almost new LeClerc shuttle - for $4!!!!!!! And a metal rolling pin for Herself at 75% off!!!!!!! (for clay work - I want my silicone rolling pin back!)

Knitting Report: Frogged the scarf again. I decided that I was experienced enough that if that little voice kept telling me that something was Not Right, I needed to pay attention. In the round, stranded, it was too damn thick to wrap around a neck, so I'm knitting it flat. Yes, the back will be ugly - but it'll be usable.

Goats: I have 2 sick goats, and I'm not sure what's going on. We lost Vinnie yesterday - Thursday he had gotten his head stuck in the fence, and I think the other bucks beat him up while he was stuck. We got his head unstuck, but he didn't stand back up and quit eating. :sigh: Now the gray "fun size" cashmere is exhibiting signs of polio - and it doesn't look good right now. I've been sticking him with Thiamine, but....I'm not sure it's doing anything. And Frosty - Annie's daughter - is thin and a little weak. She's on the shot regimen as well - she's eating, I got her up this AM, but she layer back down after a few minutes. :sigh: The only new feed is the hay - we never know where the bales come from - and with this drought there's no telling WHAT kind of quality/weeds we have. :big sigh: I'll keep popping them with Thiamine...but I think I'm about to be down 1 Cashmere. :sad: This is the part I HATE about animal husbandry....but it's part of it. Doesn't mean I have to like it.....

Gotta skitter - school today, because Wednesday is shopping day. If we start out week today, we can take Wed. off.
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Because it's been a bummer today. We lost Rose - I think to a spider. :sigh: I am no longer going to have a favorite goat, because I'm tired of being heart-broken when something happens to them. :sigh:

Anyway, LOUD socks!

lizard socks right

lizard socks left

lizard socks both

The pattern is very well-written, and not that hard. It's just not intuitive - which means I had to pay attention to every round. I'm kind of liking the "strange" heel....I might try to incorporate it into a "normal" pair of socks later. We'll see.

My sock project right now is my Monkey travel socks - I am tired of them, and want to mark them off. I already have 10+ pairs kitted up, and want to get started on something totally new. And I need to get back to Himself's kilt hose.....(I get the itch, every now and then, to kit up a bunch of patterns. The original idea was to do a sock-of-the-month club-type thing, where you kit up 12 patterns and knit 1 up each month. I liked that idea....but don't like to limit myself to only 1 project/month. :lol: So I kit hem up when I run across the perfect pattern or the perfect yarn. Right now, they're mostly color-work, but I have a few texture/lace patterns ready to go, too. Makes things easier when I need to start a new pair of socks - there's very little thinking involved. :rofl:

Loki is doing well. SG made a tactical error last night; he got home and I handed-off puppy-patrol. I told him I'd been lucky to have puppy-cuddles all day, it was now HIS turn. :snicker: I went to bed at my normal time (8. I go to bed extremely early, but then, I get up at 5:15. Every morning. The kids can set their own bedtimes now, and I've never tried to limit my husband (even though he claims he's constantly tired. Um. Going to bed at 11:30 and getting up at 6:00 would make me a zombie, so...))..anyway. Around 9:30, he put Loki in the playpen so he could eat....Loki started whining. So, in an attempt to be "funny", he plopped Loki on my shoulder. I woozily said "Huh? Oh, puppy! :zzzzzz:" and Loki said ":snorflle: :zzzzzzzz:" SG said "Oh - I didn't KNOW he'd go to sleep THAT fast!" I said "Well...we're screwed. He's now going to think it's OK to sleep on the bed. No, leave him alone - I'm tired." :lol: At 11, SG took him (he was whining to go outside) and spent the next 4 hours on the futon; I got up at 3 and sent him to the bed and I took over the futon.

Loki and I took a 2 hour nap today, and he's currently asleep again. He's a sweet thing....with Puppy Breath! :lol:
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RIP Robin Williams. :sigh: I wish the world had a better understanding of mental illness - it's just like cancer, only you can't *see* it. He died of his illness...and he'll be missed.

RIP Lauren Bacall. What a lady!

We had to do "emergency" fence repair this AM. Not really an emergency; but I couldn't let the babies out without doing *something* to the fence between the doe paddock and the back yard. The spacing on the cattle panels was too large, so I pulled out the chain link roll we had. God is good! It was *just* long enough to cover the distance we needed covered. And now there's no way the kids can get their heads thru the fence for the dogs to "play" with. :whew: (And yes, God IS good - we got the roll when SG's company closed the warehouse. It was free, but we really had no need for chain link. We took it, just because - and it was exactly what we needed to dog-proof the fence!)

Almost to the heel turn. Would be further along, but...well, Dr. Who happened. I can't knit a complicated pattern AND watch the Doctor at the same time. :lol:

We started adding classes back this week. This week was Art/Music - we're using the Teaching Company's "Great American Music: Broadway Musicals". When that's finished, I have a PBS documentary on more modern Musicals, and then we'll be watching and doing studies on various musicals. Both kids are actually looking forward to this - amazing, huh? :lol:

Back to the knitting - I want to FINISH this pair THIS WEEK, so I can start something different. Something...I dunno - NOT blue and yellow! :rofl:

So. Tired!

Jul. 30th, 2014 08:38 am
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So. The family came by last night - at 9:30! - and bought Chip and Blackie. :Thank God!: We're down to 2 bucklings now - Oreo and Sheldon - and 1 doeling for sale. Not too bad!

Seems like it's "in" to have goats as pets. :scratching head: Not sure what's up with that, but hey - if it sells boy goats, I'm all for it. :lol:

Cut most of the soap....not sure what's going on. I mean, I know I used a little too much Castor Oil - but I know that that causes sticky, slightly slow to cure soap. I made 5 batches on Friday - same oils, same lye, same milk, same scale. The first batch is perfect - seriously, it's not even that sticky! The 2nd batch (Let it Goat) was slightly tacky, but not bad. I let the Patriotic Goat sit until is stickier than the other 2, but not totally off (hard to explain, but well within the realm of normal ). The Pina Goatlada? VERY soft, sticky, still oily. (Not as much as the fail batch, but still oozing a little oil). The Bay Rum - which was the 4th batch (the Pina Goatlada was the last one) - is going to explode oil when I cut it. The top is squishy, you can feel oil sloshing when you push on it, and the sides are so soft that I dinged them when I pulled the mold off. I'm letting it sit,'s another fail batch, methinks. Very, very weird.....I was very precise with my measurements (and I always am, but this time I was SUPER careful) because I wanted good soap, so I'm not sure what's going on here.

Ortho today..the kids are not looking forward to that. :lol:
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Let's see:

Friday I made 4 large batches and 1 small batch of soap. Small was Black Pepper EO; the larges were Fresh Snow, Apple Pie, Pina Colada, and Bay Rum. I am tweaking my recipe.....and went a little overboard with the Castor Oil. The logs are, well, sticky - but they'll cure out. In 4-6 *months*. :rofl: I'll do a little more tweaking and try again this week.

Got new tires for the Jeep....$500! For *3*! :wince: I needed them, so....what do you do?

Spent yesterday digging holes and setting posts for the new, improved buck pen. They're gaining 40 feet in both directions - which they desperately need. When we're done there, we'll be redoing the doe's pen - we want to move the fence AWAY from the backyard so that the dogs won't be able to hurt any baby goats we have out there. :sigh:

Have a lady interested in 2 bucklings - they're coming out tomorrow evening to look. :fingers crossed: they buy!


Jul. 24th, 2014 08:35 am
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First up: L'il Rose is doing great - you'd never know she was sick! I've quit giving Thiamine for now, but we are watching her pretty closely. I think Ali's right - I think she od'd on the All Stock. Silly goat! :lol:

Yesterday was Town Day. My kids are great - Herself went with me, and Himself went with Mom, and both of them saved us quite a bit of money. I came in $150 UNDER my budget - not too bad, huh? (Of course, I'll be going back today to pick up a few extras - like the clothesline the Chloe-monster ATE last night - but still. I'll still be well under what I budgeted!) All was well until we were leaving - Mom tripped and banged up her knee. She said it was OK, but I'm still concerned.

The children are currently cleaning the doe barn - it's not too bad this month. I did most of the inside chores this AM for them - I don't see the need to make them do both; we'll do school when they get done. We're still in Summer mode, so it's light. "Real" school will be starting in August; I have scheduled to add 1 class a week until we're at full load. Should make things easier on them.

Oh- Ali, no Dr. Who??????? IF you're interested, (and if your Roku has it) 1channel has both the original and the reboot. Since you're new, I'd suggest starting with the reboot - the 9th Doctor (Eccleston) is really, really good. The older ones are also good, but I think you'll get into the reboot easier. As Herself says, "It's really Random! I LIKE it!" :rofl: (I only saw bits and pieces of episodes over the years, so my "official" 1st Doctor is 10 (David Tennant). Even then, I only saw 1 complete episode before we started watching the reboot as a family.) It's a fun show, but it IS random, and the humor is definitely British. :lol:

Need to go hunt up some books - laters!
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Polio is a fast-moving metabolic problem in goats. Especially kids. If you have a kid that suddenly refuses to eat, constantly stretches their back legs, and just acts "off", you need to act FAST. Thiamine (B-1) @ 1 cc/35 lbs SQ or IM every 6 hours will reverse it - but you HAVE to act, or you'll lose the goat.

So, guess what happened last night? We went out to give the last bottles of the day, and MY little girl was "off". This is my problem goat - she was the smallest twin, she hurt her leg when she was about 2 weeks old, and now this. :sigh: When I saw the stretching, I was concerned. I asked Dr. Google - the first hit was polio, so I grabbed the Thiamine and popped her. 2 hours later, I popped her again (I can't stay up until midnight, no matter how much I care about the goat.)

This AM? I ran out to check on her before we milked - she was PISSED off at the management. Just what kind of establishment was this? No food, owies on her butt, who did we think we were, anyway? :lol: She's still a little wobbly, but her appetite's back, she's no longer lethargic, and I think we're out of the woods.

I'll keep her on Thiamine 2x/day until Thursday, then I'll re-evaluate.

What brought it on? Well, baby goats are just looking for an excuse to die. :rofl: I think she either got some moldy hay or she overate the All Stock pellets I had put in for them. Molasses is BAD for rumens, but we can't afford to buy $16/bag goat feed plus the $9/bag horse feed plus the $18/bag alfalfa.....the horse feed (All Stock) is low molasses and we mix it with alfalfa to cut the molasses even more. I just didn't do that for the babies yesterday. :sigh: Won't make THAT mistake again.

Anyway, that's all I got. Maybe today will be a bit less exciting? :fingers crossed:
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Just sold 2 bucklings! Not for what I was asking, but hey - they're GONE! As pets, and I got a decent price ($60/each). Thank you, Lord!

Wait - I never posted photos of them, did I? Well...I need to remedy that right now!

Behold: this years kid crop!

Pile o'goats

5.5 of them in the front yard


The 2 on the pile of stepping stones are the doelings - I'm retaining the brown one. The black girl is pretty flashy!


The large brown boy in the background is sold, as is the boy with the white front foot (first photo). The 2 flashy boys here are Oreo and Chip (should be obvious, but Oreo is the black and white one, Chip is the white and black one. :lol:) It was hard to get photos of them, because they will NOT stand still. :lol: And yes - they do all look alike. Malcolm seems to throw duplicates. At least we'll know who the daddy is! :snicker:

And my Soaping Center:

Soaping Center

It's not quite finished - the tambour (roll up) door needs to be reassembled and we need a magnet on the bottom door, but it works the way I wanted it to. ALL my supplies are in it, with room to spare! (And yes, it IS being used right now. "Goats in Love" and "Chimera" are currently gelling on the pull-out enamel top. It works GREAT for this! - and for pressing cheese, too!) (And the Studio is still in disarray - OK, it's a mess. It's still hot in there, so I work on it a little bit every morning before school. It'll get there sooner or later.)

SG HATES it, because it's, well, a piece of junk. It has had a very hard life. He plans on building me a reproduction, keeping the hardware (which is all now new) and the top (which IS original and can't be replaced), because this one....well, it's shoddy. *I* don't care, because I am going to make a mess on it, but he wants a "nice" one. :shrug:

We hit the pool when the buyer left, and the kids came up with some new "seasonal" soaps for me. I have come up with one for the 4th of July - red/white/blue swirls in an apple pie scent; they came up with a winter holiday one - blue/white swirls in Frankensence & Myrrh, a Halloween one in orange/black (or orange/yellow/white) swirls and pumpkin spice scent, and they're working on a Thanksgiving one. Not sure on the colors, but a cranberry scent. I see lots of fun, one-off soaps in my future! :lol: I just need to start promoting the heck out of the website.......that's hard for me. I'll get over it.....

Not much else to report. I am almost at the heel-turn of my Whovian socks.....finally. It's just been to darn hot to KNIT, if you can believe it.
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1. Picked up the check Friday @ 10. Got it in the bank; the funds are mostly on hold until 7/1. :sigh: and :figures:

2. Saturday morning, Zoe - the last preggers doe standing - came up for morning stables with a cute little tricolor buckling wobbling behind her. She wasn't interested in him, so I grabbed him up (he was dry but his ears were still damp), checked him over (perfect!) and put him with the others. The afterbirth was still wet and shiny, so she'd just slipped it.....he's GORGEOUS, but a he. :sigh: If it quits raining tomorrow (kinda hope not...:wink:) I'll get photos of all of 'em, because I have GOT to get them listed for sale.

3. We were out and about yesterday, and we found a metal cart for Herself's kiln...for $48. Himself is assembling it right now - it's red, it smells, but it'll be perfect for her. :win!:

4. Today we're rehabilitating some baby sparrows. SG decided to clean off the back porch - I had told him he really should wait, because the birds were all still visiting the nests, but he was tired of the flies and mess. The nest he knocked down had 2 babies in his conscience struck and we have them in a box with the heat lamp over them. I am not holding out much hope here.... (the cart mentioned in #3 will become the incubator - we need a place to hang the heat lamp from, and it'll be perfect for that.)

Not much else going on - my life right now consists of bottles/milking/school/knitting/repeat. I'm tired...but it could be worse. We only have 4 does on the stand now....very do-able, but still a lot of work. At least we're on our summer schedule with school - very laid back and minimal.


Jun. 17th, 2014 08:15 am
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So. Ms. boss's att'y waited until AFTER hours to contact my att'y on Friday. My att'y got ahold of him yesterday AM......and he wants to negotiate. For LESS. :bangs head:

My att'y told me that he told him that if company was his client, he'd have told them to write the checks and walk away. He asked me if I was willing to negotiate, and I said, 'Well..yeah. UP. This has gotten ridiculous, and I'm getting angry now. Ask him if $45K is good for him? I'm sorry..but this has me upset. THEY issue me a contract then refuse to honor it when push comes to shove - why should I take less than they PROMISED me???"

He agreed with me (well, maybe not with the amount, and I honestly, truly do not WANT more than I was promised, but......:sigh:)....and told me he'd call her att'y back and see.

I haven't heard from him yet....but it looks like I will be going to court.

The bad thing is - she's also fighting my unemployment, which has put us in a severe bind. The severance would pay off all the bills, meaning that the unemployment would be moot; now? Now, we NEED that money just to stay afloat. :sigh:

Prayers would be MUCH appreciated for a resolution here, because I am a basket case right now. (The "good" news is that I have half a sock already. Nervous energy for the win, I guess. :weak grin:)

Anyway. Enough belly-aching for the day. I need to stay positive. And I need to get photos of the new kids - both for y'all and for CraigsList. They ARE cute and bouncy and adorable! :fingers crossed: they all sell quickly...that would help out with the bill situation!
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OK, so:

Friday: We took Herself out to lunch, and I got a phone call from Texas Worker's Comp (aka: Unemployment). Seems Ms. boss is fighting my unemployment. :sigh: That's an hour and a half of my life that's just GONE. And they may deny my payments. :big sigh:

I did NOT hear anything from my attorney. I am hoping it's because they (work) caved, but because the office is closed on Friday they have until today to get the checks to my attorney. (Hey, I can hope, right??) SG is upset that my att'y didn't call me - I pointed out that every call is more $$$, and maybe he figured I'd think what I am, so why call until today? I hope......:big sigh:

Friday evening: Inara presented us with 2 lovely, big, BOYS. :groan: They are cute - not as gorgeous as Risky's 2, but cute! - and huge. I'm going to advertise them with the Firefly angle - since the sire is our Malcolm Reynolds should make shippers everywhere rejoice. :lol:

Saturday: Herself's party. Went well. Watched Frozen......:yawn: and :evil grin:, because EVERYBODY got the ear worm! :lol: We had pizza and ice-cream...yum!

Sunday: Worked on getting the pool open (finally!) I swear, this year I am running the pump all winter and keeping the chlorine tablets in - because I am TIRED of not being able to swim until late June/early July. :sigh:

And, um, knitting happened. I finished travel sock #1 and started the 2nd, I worked on Himself's kilt hose, and I got halfway down the leg of my next sock. (Yes, that is a lot of knitting. I figured it was better to channel my nervous energy into Making Something instead of just sitting and worrying.) Of course, this has left my wrist all wonky.....:big sigh:

So, nothing new to report on the work front. Lots of knitting - I need to take pictures. And I need a nap....:lol:
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1) Met the attorney Friday. Same info - he's sending a letter. More later (don't want to do anything that might hurt any possible legal action we have to take. I hope we don't go there, but...just in case.)

2) Twins: standing, walking, trying to hop. They'll be 1 week old on Tuesday, so they're doing really, really well.

3) Will head to PO tomorrow!

4) Not much's weird to have no work this week, but I think I'll get used to it pretty quickly. :lol:
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1) Hearthie, I will send you the pattern and an example (I actually drew up the pattern myself, so...:lol:) I just haven't been able to get to the Post Office yet.....probably next week.

2) Twin girls are doing OK. They're still weak - they can't stand up yet, but hey! They were 1 week early! The fact that they are both eating like crazy is a good sign, yes? Patches still has no milk...but I am working with her daily. I have a feeling this year is a bust, though....we'll breed her again this winter; if she doesn't have milk next year she's gone.

3) Have an appointment with my attorney tomorrow. Not going into detail yet, but......FA is an ass. And Ms. boss's attorney seems to think I'm bluffing. :sigh: and :grrrrrr: I did apply for unemployment today...should've done it back in February, but my pride got in the way. Ah, well.....LOTS of stuff I've left off-line, but I promise I'll dish when I can.

4) Been working on the studio - today I cut out and pinned up new covers for the serger and machine. This time, I used sewing themed fabric, and they're looking cute! Will sew them up later today - we have to take the Featherweight in to have it serviced first. (I'm not sewing with it, but I like to get errands done early.

Late start today - had phone calls to make. Laters!
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and He giveth.....

Saturday, we went to the Grands to go to a Gem and Mineral show. Got home to find Penny, Annie's daughter from this year, dead. :sigh: She'd gotten her head stuck in the fence......I had a meltdown.

But., Padme/Patches (she's registered as Padme, but we call her Patches) surprised us with Twin GIRLS. She's 1 week early, but both girls seem strong; they both have good suck reflexes and are LOUD. Padme, however, has no milk (yet). Good thing I had saved some colostrum from last year!

So. We have 1 girl that we can sell this year (maybe 2...but I had planned to keep Penny, so....I'll probably keep 1 of these. And if Risky has a girl, she's MINE.)

Funny thing, I was checking Risky - she's due Saturday. I saw Padme pee while laying down...and went "Ooops, we got babies comin'!" :lol: That's one way to jazz up school time, I guess.....

Finished the first Necker sock, and started the 2nd. Also, today I'm dying yarn for a future sock project...I think I really, really NEED a pair of TARDIS socks, don't you? :lol:

Gotta go check the babies! (The rest of the does are due between now and the 19th. We're gonna be busy! At least the weather's nice!)
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H: They keep your entries for *months*???? Wow. Here, the *County* Fair opens for entry drop-off the Friday before the Fair begins; judging of the "Creative Talent" stuff is Sunday and the Fair opens for visits on Wednesday. Saturday you go pick your stuff up. So...1 week, basically.

It'll be hard for me this year, since I'm knitting stuff FOR entry, instead of just haphazardly entering whatever I have that's new. :lol:

H, again: You gave me a tip about a Dover book on fitting patterns....I haven't found that one yet, but I scored at Half-Price on Wednesday. I got a copy of "Every Sewer's Guide to the Perfect Fit"....Wow. I have quite a few books on this topic, but this one...THIS one is Awesome. The authors assume that the sewer knows the basics and nothing else - and they don't talk down to you. WORTH the $4.99 I paid. :lol: I'm still looking for the Dover book - because one can never have too much knowledge.

On that note, I seem to be pushed towards sewing lately. The last 2 visits to Half-Price I've walked out with sewing books. Nothing else, just sewing. Weird. :shrug:

Ali: LOVE the babies! Especially the Nubians! :wink: We bred very late this year - partly on purpose, partly because December was the first time I could get the buck over next to the does AND the first time I actually caught anyone in heat. Annie snuck over to the bucklings a couple of months earlier - hence the twins. Good news is, we have milk - we were still milking 3, and getting *maybe* 1.5 pints/day. Annie, by herself, is giving us a little more than 1/2 gallon/day. We're currently milking Annie and Zoe, but I'm going to dry up Zoe in the next week or so - she was bred but doesn't look it, but milked thru last year AND gave us a buckling...I'd kinda like to give her a break.

Knitting: 2/3 the way down the leg of kilt hose #1. I put most of the stitches on a circa this AM and had Himself try it on - it FITS. :huzzah!: Looks MUCH better than it does on the needles, too! :lol: Now, to keep him from grown taller in the next year or so, so that he can wear these at least once. (He's 14. I'm not counting on him wearing them for years and years....2 would make me very happy.)

I got my copy of Gainford's "Knitting Kilt Hose and Knickerbocker Stockings" today (which means I'll find my original this weekend, right?) - I'm going to start planning SG's pair. The pair I'm knitting for Himself will in NO way fit SG - I'm knitting the Medium for Himself. The Large is the same, but you add 12 stitches to it.....SG's calf is WAY bigger than 1.5" larger than Himself's. There is just no way I can knit the same pattern and have it fit SG - he's got lovely, manly calves - at least, not without adding at least 2 more cables to it. I'd rather just start fresh, to be honest.

It's been threatening rain all day. It was 66* this AM, and very very very humid.....I wish the weather would get itself under control. I'm tired of it going from freezing to burning in such short amounts of time. :sigh:

Shabbat Shalom!


Mar. 20th, 2014 10:09 am
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I saved a cat's life last night, and as a thank you, it tore the crap out of my left hand. Tigger and Chloe were both attacking it; I got them off but the cat was too terrified and PISSED to go back over the fence (I won't discuss it's lack of intelligence; EVERY cat knows our yard is home to cat-hating dogs. This stupid thing decided to stroll in our gate and across the back yard - what did it expect to happen?) So, I made a split-second decision and grabbed it to toss it over the decided my thumb was the perfect thing to latch on to while windmilling it's legs in the dogs' general direction. OUCH. It took a few seconds for me to shake it off of my thumb......:sigh: I was bleeding all over the place; ended up with 3 holes in my thumb, 2 holes in my ring finger, and multiple holes and scratches on my right hand. :big sigh:

Progress on Himself's kilt hose has slowed to a crawl, needless to say. I cut up the pattern and taped the charts onto 2 sheets of paper - this helps keep track of what I'm doing and where. The yarn (Cascade 220 Sport) is nice - the cables are popping, and it looks great. I'm about halfway thru the calf-shaping chart.....I'm trying really hard to NOT think about the other 3 I have to knit. :lol:

The washer got fixed Tuesday, so yesterday was Wash-all-the-things! Day. Today is finish up washing-all-the-things...:lol: Baby goats are out in the barn; I hope it's warm enough tonight that they can STAY out there. They're cute and all....but I need sleep. NOT tap-dancing goats at 2 AM.

More later....


Mar. 14th, 2014 10:52 am
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Because I am dead tired, and this is easy. Ish. :lol: Washer repairman is due out at 12.....:fingers crossed: Hope he can fix the washer, because I have a PILE of dirty towels that need attention.

Anyway. THIS is what I've been working on lately:

Alhambra Socks

Pattern is Alhambra from Op-Art Socks. Yarn is hand-dyed from Franklin Natural; the mis-match was intentional. I wanted to see what they'd look like in both color ways....:lol: Not sure I'll do that again - I'm not sure I like the non-matchiness of them.

This is the last of the color-work socks for a while - next up, 2 pairs of Kilt Hose. :sigh: and :lol: Pattern is lovely - He'mo Leanan Kilt Hose by Anne Gilmour. BEAUTIFUL cabling - can't wait to cast on (I'm winding the yarn now. Himself's is up first - a lovely Aegean Blue. Then SG's - mossy green. :mmmmm:)

And I owe a photo of the twins:

Annie's Twins

They're residing in the bathroom in a playpen right now. Hopefully they can go out in the barn Sunday - I'm a little worried about Penny - she's SO small! Healthy, but tiny.

AND. I have the BEST husband EVER. You know he got Himself all set up with a wondrous gaming PC, right? his annual bonus hit. FIRST thing he did was call me to find out what kind of kiln Herself was wanting. (Paragon Firefly. With the viewing window!). He then placed an order - this is amazing, because kilns aren't cheap (and I was looking at a pre-owned one for her) AND she's not actually into stuff that needs a kiln. Yet. She's been angling for a microwave kiln for months..this? Is SO much better. And I didn't beg. :lol: (If you knew the dynamics here, you'd know what a HUGE thing this is. HUGE. She's going to be over the moon - and it was HIS idea!)

Gotta run - bottle duty time! Then it's on to the needles!!

Shabbat Shalom!


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