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Tonight begins Yom Kippur, so I wanted to get this dress finished and photographed today. It would have been finished yesterday, except we had to take 2 dogs to the vet (Chloe has bronchitis and Riley has an ear infection. We couldn't take them together, because that would have been too easy. More like total chaos! :lol: Chloe's never met a person she didn't need to hug..and at 96.4 pounds, it gets....interesting. :lol:), then I had to rip out the "invisible" zipper - which wasn't - and on the 2nd attempt I managed to sew my left pointer finger to the zipper. :sigh: It's OK - just a bit sore, and very very bloody.

Anyway. I have some photos!

cherry diamonds front

I LOVE this dress. The fabrics work well together, it's cute, and it's totally, totally adorable. Very comfortable, too! I swapped the cuff pattern piece for the next size up, which makes the sleeve fit perfectly. I also managed to install the zipper correctly - it's invisible!

cherry diamonds right

I did the insets the same way I did the ones on dress #1 - it's messy on the inside, but works. This time I was even more careful - the points still aren't perfect, but they are more pointy. It needs washing in these photos - usually I toss it in the machine right after I finish, but I wanted to get these photos done. (I had a photo of the left side, but I was laughing at something Herself said, and it looked like I was trying to do a pin-up pose. :rofl:)

There WILL be a version 3.0 - I want to use the brown paisley fabric we got at the sale, but I'm not sure what color to use for the contrast. I'm thinking antique gold or a soft orange; Herself suggested Olive. I'm leaning towards the Olive.....but I need to find some fabric.

However, that's going to wait. Himself has requested a Jedi outfit....and since he NEVER asks me to make him things, that's up next. Then Herself wants a dress....and a couple of tops. And I need a top....and underthings. :sigh: It's never-ending, is it? :lol:

So. Tomorrow is Yom Kippur. The Day of Atonement. I highly recommend you at least stop for a minute or two and ask God for forgiveness....because we all need forgiveness!

See ya on the flip side!
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First up, H - Thank You! I LOVE that'll be seeing it again. And again - I still have at least 6 yards. :lol:

Recap: Saturday we went to the local airport for an Airshow and History lesson - the British Flying Tigers Museum was hosting the airshow. It was fun, although we didn't see the promised WWII re-enactors. :sigh: I wanted to see what they did, to see if *we* wanted to get involved. Ah, well - we got to see WWII-era planes, a Cold War-era Hind helicopter, a MiG.....and we talked to the flight school there. Himself thinks he might want to try to get his pilot's license ($7K. :gulp!:), so he had a lot of questions (you need 40 hours of flight time, with 10 being solo). The pilot offered to take both kids up if I'd pay they can see if they even LIKE flying. going to take him up on it, when I can budget something for fuel.

Yesterday I cut another diamond dress out. In the cherry fabric. And started working on it. All it needs is the insets inserted, the sleeves attached, then the zip and facings attached. :gulp: It is SO CUTE!!!!! Pics will be forthcoming!

Gotta skitter - school time, then we wait for the refrigerator repairman. Again. This is #3. :sigh:
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So......I've been a little busy, this week. Sometimes, you just have to quit trying and DO it, y'know?

diamond dress front

I started on this dress way back in June. I quit after the 4th muslin, because I was fed up. Decades of Style offered some suggestions, but I needed some time away from it to try and work things out in my head. A couple of weeks ago, I decided to try again.

diamond dress right

Muslin 5 and 6 still didn't work (or maybe it was 6 and 7 - I honestly lost count). The inset still didn't work. I contacted DoS again - and folks, I have to say that their customer service is TOP NOTCH. She tried everything she could to help me out, even sending me a diagram of how the inset and pocket were supposed to fit (which led me to sew them together differently from how the instructions said.)

diamond dress left

I finally said heck with it, and cut the "real" fabric. When I got to the inset portion, I did my own thing - I put the dress face down on my cutting table, and laid the inset piece face down on top of it. I matched up the pocket sides and bottom and pinned them, then carefully pinned the inset to the dress. I picked up the edge of the dress and the edge of the inset, and pinned them, then basted them into place. When I picked it up to look at it, it looked correct. I then sat down at the machine and sewed the seams. There's an extra inch or 2 of the inset fabric at the top, but at this point, I don't care. The cuffs are too short - I'm not sure if I cut the wrong size, or if it's drafted wrong; I had to pleat the excess sleeve into them, and they're a little too tight on my arm. It's also a little bit too long - I am going to take about an inch out of the dress skirt before cutting out the next one.

I have a dress!!!!!!! :lol:

I'll start on the cherry dress Sunday. I am SO excited!

Shabbat Shalom! See ya on Sunday!
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Hearthie poked me, so here are a few photos of the finished dress. I don't have any "action" shots yet - I am planning on wearing it out and about tomorrow - so you're stuck with closeups on Cat. :lol:

I...need to work on my finishing skills. The bias tape worked out OK (I need to work on THAT, as well, but this was made basically freehand. I found :oops: a bias tape maker stashed deep in the drawers last night....:sigh: I'll use it NEXT time.), but the sewing on of it...well, it needs work.

Herself suggested I mix the bias tape - use green on the print, and print on the green. I did...but I wasn't as accurate as I'd like on the transitions:

walkaway shoulder

walkaway other shoulder

Not horribly bad for a first attempt....but I want to do better! The neck looks OK, but there's a bit of a bobble...not sure what's going on there. Again, it looks OK.....I just need more practice.

walkaway neck

And the buttons on the waist:

walkaway buttons

I'm not sure I'm happy with them - they are OK, they were in the stash, but....I kinda wanted blue domes. I'll keep looking - but these work.

Tuesday saw the dress finished, and some tops for Herself begun. I traced the pattern and cut it out of some UGLY poly knit that a friend of Mom's gave' This fabric will still be here after Armageddon - it's pretty much obviously synthetic. :lol: It was an ugly brown, and felt like old support hose. :ick: Still, it worked to fit the tanks, which is what matters, right?

sewing tank tops

sewing tank on C

She hasn't taken the boho one off since I finished it. (!!) (She was in the middle of a game with Himself, and Not Happy that I wanted a photo. :lol:) *I* need to do some reading and some practice - the boho and flame fabrics rolled like a hippy at Woodstock, and the necklines and armholes look...well.....Not Good. I have enough of both fabrics left for at least 1 more tank, so I'll do some reading and playing with the ugly stuff before trying again. SHE likes them, which is really what counts, but *I* am not happy with them.

Next up: The 1944 House Dress from Decades of Style. I traced the pattern last night, and will start the muslin later today. I *need* a few things that FIT, so that's why I seem to be fixated on sewing right now. I plan on tweaking my weekly routine - Right now I work/school in the AM, 12 - 3 is hobby time (knitting/sewing/reading), 3-ish - 5 is dinner prep/house tidy, and after dinner is family/hobby (depending on what the family wants to do. Lately the kids and SG have been gaming together (TF2), so *I* get to play with fabric.) I want to designate a specific day for each thing - I just need to figure out what days work best for what hobby.

Need to go hang the laundry out before it gets any hotter!
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That actually LOOKS like a dress, and appears to maybe, possibly FIT!!!!!!

I was gonna do a twitter-type thing, spot blogging as I went, but......didn't want to keep stopping to post photos. I took 1 of me actually CUTTING the fabric:

WalkAway fabric cut

Then I got to sewing. I started the cutting at a little after Noon; it's now 2:30 and the dress is DONE and on Cat to hang for the night:


WalkAway Dress Front


WalkAway Dress Back

What you don't see is that the cherry fabric is split in the front, showing off a faux pencil skirt of the green. You also don't see that there's really only 1 layer of fabric in the back - the front piece just wraps around and snaps/hooks and eyes at the waist. It's all open back I have to be careful I don't do too many twirls. :O_o: :lol:

It still needs bias tape, but I need to MAKE some, first. Herself suggested that I use the cherry fabric to bind the green parts, and the green to bind the cherry parts - and I like that idea. I'm just not sure if I should bind the hem in the green, or if I should just do a quick rolled hem (on the machine - I'm not a sadist! :lol:) I'm also not sure if I want Real Buttons (with buttonholes!) on the overlap, or if I want to do snaps with "show" buttons sewn on top. Decisions, decisions......

I do promise to actually MODEL the dress for you when it's done - but that might not be until later in the week. I need to make Herself some tanks first....the pattern came in today and she's agitating for them. My House Dress pattern ALSO came in.....that's on the schedule for either Wednesday or Thursday. I need to gird my loins to start the muslin process again......hopefully I can nail it in under 5 muslins......:lol: (Glad the outlet has MORE of this fabric, because I seem to be running thru it. Ah, well - I only need to nail the pattern once, then it's good to go for however many I want to make of it. The house dress? Will have at least 3 makes, maybe more if it looks as good as I think it will.)

Got some clean up to do!
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I took a bunch of photos of the bodice front and diamond inset. Let's start with the original pattern:

diamond pattern inset original

I include it, so you can compare it with my tracing:

diamond pattern inset alone

And the tracing of the front bodice piece (I cut the skirt part off, since it's not necessary for this):

diamond pattern bodice

I was VERY careful in tracing off the pieces - the medical paper is thin enough that you can see the lines very clearly. I carefully followed ONLY my size lines (it helped that my size was a solid line - the rest are dotted/slashed/dashed).

Now, here we go trying to fit the inset into the bodice. I folded the bodice darts down, to make sure they weren't causing any problems:

diamond pattern 6

diamond pattern 4

diamond pattern 3

diamond pattern 2

Diamond Pattern 1

The dashed line is the grain line; you can see that I tried to keep both oriented the same way. (Also, I traced the pieces using a dotted line, because it's easier on me.

You can see that it wants to fit....but just doesn't quite. I couldn't get the lines or the dots to line up, no matter what I did (the 2 marks on the one side of the inset are for the pocket; the inset is actually only sewed to the dress along the top, the bottom is sewn to the pocket back. The pocket back is sewn to the pocket facings, which are sewn to the bottom of the cut-out bit on the bodice. the facings? Match the bottom of the cut-out almost exactly, which doesn't help with the darn diamonds.)

The curvy bit on the inset is part of the side seam. You are supposed to have 5/8" seam allowances.....:sigh:

Anyway, I give up. For now. I think I want to find a dress with a similar shape.....and I'll add diamonds to the sides of IT. No, it won't be THIS dress, but it'll be close. And much easier to sew.

I am going to cut into my for reals fabric for the Walk Away dress any minute now. Really! :snicker: I want to sew it up today, so I can do the binding and hemming tomorrow......wish me luck!
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I have photos for you, but I won't post them until tomorrow. Long story short - the Diamond Dress is a DUD. I have thrown in the towel, because the pattern pieces do NOT fit into each other - and I have photos to prove it. :sigh:

So. I started on the Walk-Away dress. Hearthie kindly sent me the pattern (THANKS again!); she had done some fiddling with it and left the adjustments on the pieces. I gave it a good thought, and decided to keep the adjustments in the bodice (because I know I need to do a FBA, which she had already done); I would cut MY pattern to my size, adding in her adjustments, and see how it went.

Um. 5 muslins seems that, for whatever reason, this dress fits me almost perfectly right out of the box. :scratches head: I know everyone says the bodice is loos and baggy....not on me. In fact, I had to re-do the armhole; in doing so I got rid of the weird dart that was right there (darts are supposed to point to the apex of your bust - the nipple. This one? Pointed 1" ABOVE my bust. :weird:) The french dart things end right AT the apex, so I'm keeping them there. On this version, anyway. :lol:

I cut a 16 of the front and back, and a 22 of the circle skirt. My collar bone matches the size 16 bust size, my waist matches the size 18....but my butt is a wee bit larger than the 22 hip. :sigh: It means I'll need to either gather or pleat the skirt into the waistband (in other words, ease it in. :lol:), but that's not too hard. (For the muslin, I took 2 pleats, one on either side of the mid-back seam.) I think I'll still have to do a couple of small tucks in the neckline - on the muslin, it gapes a bit. Not much, but enough that I don't like it.

Other than that, the fit is GOOD. Not perfect, but a) it's my first dress, and I want to WEAR it NOW and b) I'm pretties sure I'll figure out ways to fix it as I get more experience. The muslin is wearable ( was before I re-did the front. Only, I only cut it a little past my waist, because I was testing the re-drawing of the armholes. SO.....I have a mini-skirt in front. :lol:) (Well, and if you ignore the fact that the muslin is see-thru. :shock:)

So, my "real" fabrics are washed and ironed.....why am I here posting instead of cutting? Because I am SCARED to cut the actual fabric. :sigh: It's only $3/yard fabric; the dress will only cost me $15 if it bombs. Which it shouldn't, since the muslin fit.

Oh, my new shears? ROCK. I LOVE them - best $10 I've spent in a long time! :lol: I'm honestly considering picking up another pair next time I'm out that way - they are great!
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This dress is in time-out for now. I reinserted the new diamond - one side with pocket, 1 side without. The without side I did "correctly" - I ripped all the seams, tried to sew in the insert (more on THAT in a moment), then re-sewed the seams, running the side seam in 1 go. :sigh: Here, have some pictures:

This is the side done the way the pattern tells you to do it:

dress take 2 side pocket other hole

See that hole? Yeah....

dress take 2 side pocket hole

Here's the whole pocket:

dress take 2 side full pocket

There are gaps on either side....

Here's the side with the pocket removed:

dress take 2 side pocket

And IT has a hole, too!

dress take 2 side no pocket

Yes, the penguins are upside down. I'm not sure WHY, but that's the way it wanted to fit (but...if I attached the pocket to it, they were right-side up? I dunno WHAT'S going on here....

Here's the front, without the zip. There's a good 1" overlap, it looks like:

dress take 2 front

And the back:

dress take 2 back

Part of the problem that I am having is the shape of the inserts. They sew in as diamonds. The pattern drawing has diamonds. The photo of the 1 dress on the website shows diamonds. The insets? Are NOT diamonds - they have cut-out bits in the side corners. I kinda see what they are trying to get you to do - the pocket goes to the bottom corner, leaving a "bite" out (sort of "L" shaped) - with me so far? When you sew the inset in, you only sew in the top - the bottom is free, because you attach the pocket (which is sewn onto the bottom of the inset) to the pocket facing (which is already sewn to the bottom inset opening on the dress).

Problem (MY problem anyway): the bottom fits just fine. The top, though - it doesn't make it to the top corner. If I MAKE it fit (which I have done, by easing it in - which the pattern does NOT mention!), you still have that "L"- and it will NOT match up. I've tried matching up the bottom (which is already sewn to the facing, remember) - and it just WILL. NOT. FIT. :bangs head: No matter how I sew it in, no matter how I pin it, I still end up with a bit of the "L" that isn't attached to *anything*. The drawings in the pattern do NOT help - they don't show this part, they only show what it looks like after everything is sewn in - and *I* don't see any stitch lines on the "L". :sigh:

So. I am going back to the drawing board. I am going to re-trace the dress front and back as designed. THEN, before I cut it out (because I have 2 complete sets already cut out), I am going to lay it over the inserts, and trace the side curves (because this dress IS NOT straight-sided, oh no. It's slightly curved. Of COURSE it is.). I will then cut out the new dress pieces. (And don't forget I have had to Frankenstein this dress anyway, thanks to my big hips. I am going from a 38 (which, by the way, is NOT my bust size - it's my *over* bust size, so I still get to do some tinkering *there*. Fun stuff!) to a 46 (which....I am not sure is going to fit correctly *anyway* - the muslin looks awfully tight in the hip area.)

Tomorrow we are going to the outlet store. My budget is suddenly smaller (because I screwed up and put off applying for Herself's disability - MY fault. I didn't want to admit that she IS disabled, so I ignored it. Now, I am paying for it with less money each month. :sigh: SS takes FOREVER to decide disability cases, and they usually DENY it the first 2 or 3 times. :big sigh: MY fault...but after paying bills, I have $0.39 for groceries. Don't panic - SG's aunt will give me some money for her expenses (it goes to SG's account and pays her bills), and SG said I can have some of it, so groceries ARE covered, just not now. :shrug: It's not like I don't have a full pantry and freezer - it just means I need to use some of my fabric money for necessities today. But not all of it - darn it, some of that money is a payment on my sock machine, and THAT I am keeping for fabric.)

Anyway. Tomorrow I plan on getting as much muslin as I can (along with enough fabric for a couple more dresses) - then I will attempt muslin #3. It should go MUCH easier, since it's just a plain dress. I will fit THAT, make the changes to the modified pattern, THEN I will draw the diamond insets on the "finished" pattern, cut them out, add the 5/8" seam allowance to *them* (since it's already in the dress itself), and make muslin #4 (hopefully out of "real" fabric - but not my cherries! :lol:)...which should, if I've thought of everything, be a wearable dress. Finally. I'm thinking of doing muslin #5 (again in real, but not cherry fabric) WITH the pockets, using MY pattern pieces. We'll see.

So - that's where the dress stands at the moment. I did say I love a challenge, right? Because this? Is a challenge. Oh, and Hearth - thanks for finally pushing me to actually JOIN the pattern review site. I hadn't done so, because I have too many memberships and didn't want to add another time-sink. However...the 1 person who has attempted this dress had the same type of problems I am having with the diamonds. I honest think there's something screwy about the shape, but.....:shrug: I am not an expert or a pattern designer, and I'm sure there's some reason for the "L" cut-outs. *I* just can't SEE them.

OH, and to top everything else off...this AM Tigger and Chloe got into it AGAIN. I have no idea what sparked it - I was at the bar putting on my fitbit when it went from everything's-coming-up-roses to I-hate-you-and-want-to-EAT-you. SG came out and grabbed Chloe (she got him with 1 tooth on his finger, but immediately let go); I grabbed Tigger, who Chomped down on my leg. I kicked her (sorry, but that HURT), and she let go and lunged for Chloe AGAIN. :sigh: She's banished to the bedroom, Chloe is sort of repentant, and I have 5 tooth-marks on my leg. I've been bleeding since 5:00......yes, I hit it with peroxide (I am allergic, but what do you do?) AND tea-tree oil, and it's bled enough that any icky stuff that was in there is gone now, but...:sigh: It's slowed to a trickle now, but....I have a lovely bruise (I bruise at the drop of a hat, so that's nothing new) and a lovely set of teeth marks. The detectives can use it to positively ID the culprit, I guess....:lol: and :owowowowowowowow:

I am going to go knit for a few minutes. That's something I can do successfully. :lol:
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:sigh: I was hoping to have a finished muslin to show you.....but no. The Lord knocked me a bit yesterday, telling me to only sew up *1* insert and, well, inset it instead of barreling on ahead. I'm glad - because somehow I managed to sew the insets together incorrectly. (It looks like I sewed the 2 fronts together, and the 2 backs. :sigh:) I managed to get the blasted thing in the space...and the dress was instantly TOO SMALL and there were ugly wrinkles all over the place.

So. I put it into time out while I had a good think about things. After dinner, I cut another set of insets out - this time I did 1 back and 1 front and pinned them together IMMEDIATELY, then did the other set (and promptly cut the front wrong-side up, because I am just that dingy. :big sigh:) Into time-out it went again. (I am honestly thinking about just trashing the pockets; sew the insets into the sides after I sew in the darts, and just run the side seam right down the center. I'm trying to do this *right*, though...but the thought has occurred to me that Hey! I don't need no stinking pockets in a dress! :lol: I will persevere, though - have I mentioned I am stubborn? Fabric will NOT get the better of me! Besides, I like my seam ripper, and I'm using a basting stitch which makes ripping FUN. :evil laugh:)

I wish someone had done a sew-along on this dress - but I can't find anything (it's Decades of Style #5002, if you're interested. Go ahead and look - maybe your Google-fu is better than mine.) The way they want you to do the sew the sides of the dress up, leaving the large holes. Then you sew the bottom pocket facing to the bottom of the diamond-ish shape (um. I need to work on that, I think - it looks OK, but not great.) Then you sew the front and back insets together, the front and back pockets together (both of the contrast fabric), sew the diamonds to the pockets, THEN you somehow wrangle the over-sized geometric Thing into the hole. And sew it - with the whole dress hanging off of your sewing machine table, pulling on the fabric. :bangs head: (Let's not discuss the "right-sides together, sew from marker to marker" bit, OK? Because at this point, the marks are gone/hidden by other stitching, and it's difficult to get the blasted things pinned together. I'm using Cat to hold the dress while I pin each side of the diamond, sew it, then go back and pin the OTHER side, because otherwise I get ugly wrinkles. Did I mention I love my seam ripper?)

And after all this, I still have to figure out how to FIT the thing to ME. I think the back problem will require a tuck, somewhere around the points of the diamonds...but we'll see. I'm not there yet. I'm also pretty sure I'll need to do a FBA - but maybe not. Right now, the bodice looks OK to my eyes....but that might be wishful thinking.

I will say that once this dress is fitted correctly, the other dress from Decades of Style that I want (the 1940's House Dress) will be a SNAP. No insets, so I should be able to trace the pattern, grading the hips like I did here, then make whatever changes I am doing now...and then slap together a muslin (I have learned my lesson with this dress - always do a muslin for a new pattern!), then slap together the dress. THIS dress should only take a couple of hours to assemble, once we (yes, WE - this is a cooperative effort here, guys! :lol:) get it to fit right - the actual sewing - except for the aforementioned insets - is pretty straight-forward and easy. (Don't mention hemming. Let me live in my bubble, OK? Besides, I just ordered a blind-hemming foot which should make this easy. Also don't mention the invisible zipper. I also ordered an invisible zipper foot....we won't discuss my issues with zippers right now. I found some online tutorials that made it look easy - which is why I ordered the foot. I have a regular zipper foot, but think I'll go with the recommended one. It's only money, right? And feet are cheaper than new machines...right? Right.)

Anyway.....that's where things are right now. I spent some time yesterday (during "time-out") inventorying the feet that came with the Rocketeer, and the feet that I already had (which won't fit, because they are short-shank feet, not slant-shank feet. :big sigh: - I have a TON of short-shank feet. H, are you interested? I can set you up with all sorts of cool feet......) and then I hit eBay (it's off-limits for now. I....well, I only ordered 3 feet. Plus the monogrammer the other day, and the buttonholer (oh, I also have a Singer short-shank buttonholer up for grabs, if anyone's interested. Perfect buttonholes, every time!). I think I'm good on feet and accessories for now. :lol: Once the dust settles, I'll start looking at Bernina feet for Herself's machine....THOSE are pricey! I probably won't trick hers out like I'm doing for the Rocketeer - but she does need some feet (I'm not sure what she has...guess I should check that out first, huh?)

Off to tackle the insets - wish me luck!
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First off, Thank You for your comments! Ali, don't be jelly - I don't have mad skills. Honest! I can sew a relatively straight seam, and I can cut sort of straight. If YOU can do these 2 things - and read and follow directions (I am working on the following part. I think I know a "better" way, and that's when I get into trouble.) - then YOU can sew clothing. Just be prepared to fail spectacularly every now and then! :lol:

H, you're probably correct in the changes I need to make to the back, but......I am not going to do anything until I get muslin #2 done. With a better choice of fabric. AND - I am actually going to do what 1 of my books TOLD me to do, but I ignored: I am going to sew the entire thing - pockets, facings, EVERYTHING - before I try it on Cat or me. I was trying to save time....but I think I need to pretend this is for reals, and THEN start making changes. (I do have what the books so kindly call a sway-back. Let's say it like it is: I have a big butt. :snicker: As well as a full bust - one book calls my shape "Matronly". Um.....OK. It is what it is. I prefer curvy. :lol:)

I'll be begging for help when the time comes to fit - I understand the process to fix a sway back....but this dress, with the diamonds (which are hiding pockets; yet another reason muslin #1 sucked. I didn't DO the pockets. :sigh:) is going to be a bit more problematical than a normal, easy dress. Apparently I need more of a challenge than most people do.....

So. Here's a shot of fabric choices #2:

dress take 2

You guys have NO idea how hard it is for me to cut the main dress out of the white and use the penguins for the contrast - the idea of a penguin dress is just turning my crank so hard it's not funny. I have to keep reminding myself this is a FITTING attempt, not a Wearing attempt - and I only have so much of the penguins. I think I need to pick up a few more yards of it, and some solid blue or black for the contrasts - because I think it'd be cute and fun. (Why yes, I DO have a warped sense of humor, why do you ask? :lol:)(And yes, I WOULD wear it - outside the house, even. :lol:)

The actual dress - once I GET to that point - will be black and white polka-dot with cherries for the main dress, and a mid-tone green as the contrasts. The fabric is totally cute - I had intended it for the Walk-away dress, but Herself is convinced it'll look better in this one. The Walk-away would have been easier....but hey! I actually *do* like the diamond dress better, so there ya go. (The diamond dress is a reproduction of an actual 1950's housedress. I was skeptical, until Saturday. I had a friend and her mom over, and I showed them the pattern. It seems that they have one of Grandma's vintage dresses that IS this exact pattern! I am awed.....and more determined to sew one up for me to wear.)

Gotta go iron, then do school. Today's project is to sew up this dress completely......wish me luck!


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