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Busier than usual - this was the weekend of the Arlington Highland Games. Last year they moved it from June to May, to give us cooler weather....yeah. I froze all weekend. :lol: It wasn't busy, and I didn't have all the idiots ignorant people that I usually see.

Friday we went and did set up. I was worried - I had 2 goats (Risky and Dulce) down and not eating. This is BAD - a non-eating goat is generally a dead goat - so I was pretty concerned. Got home Friday afternoon and both goats were still with us, but not eating. Dulce was limping...I gave her banamine and Thiamine, and gave Risky Thiamine, and played the wait-and-see game.

Saturday AM, both girls were better, but not eating. So....more banamine (both, this time) and, because I had no other ideas, I wormed them. I spent the day slightly worried.....but both were NORMAL when we got home. :weird:

Saturday was Star Wars day (May 4th....May the Fourth be with you!), AND Free Comic Book day. There's a Comic store right down the street from the Stadium...and they had a sketch artist there doing free sketches. SG wanted a sketch of Himself and Herself, but Himself weaseled out (he doesn't like photos/pictures of him....:whatever:), so instead, SG got "his girls" done.

5/4/13 Free Comic Book Day sketch

(Sorry it's sideways - LJ won't let me edit it for some reason, and I finally gave up.) This is what she and I would look like as anime characters. :lol: The artist was FANTASTIC - she spent a lot of time talking with Herself about art in general, and comics in specific. It was a good time..and then I had a panic attack on the way home. Not sure why....but the corset had to come off NOW and I couldn't breathe...and....:sigh:

Sunday AM, Kaylee was down and not eating, so I wormed her (why not?)...and she was FINE when we got home. So...I wormed EVERYBODY yesterday evening.

Anyway, yesterday was weird....but good. My favorite jeweler was there (he's a Clan Cousin*), and he offered Herself an apprenticeship when she turns 18. They spent HOURS talking yesterday about jewelry-making....she's nervous and excited about this opportunity. Me? Waiting. IF it's what Yah wants, we'll know. If not, no need to worry about it now. (Also, he took my Celtic horse bracelet with him - the stone had a developed a crack, and he said he wouldn't stand for that. So, it's gone "home" to be cleaned, polished, and have the stone replaced. FREE. He does good work, and warranties his stuff for life. I didn't know that....) He gave her a list of stuff to get/do, so she can start....this is going to get interesting, I think. (I also ended up buying a pair of earrings from ONLY purchase at the Games. They're pierced-work, Irish Wolfhounds. Gorgeous. And what started her talking with him, because she said it looked "easy" to do. He concurred, and the conversation took off from there. Best $40 I ever spent! :lol:)

Overall, the Games were good. I had 1 lady tell her son that my spinning "this is how they used to make yarn!" Ignoring the fact that I was sitting Right In Front of Her, happily turning wool into yarn. Even her son gave her a look...:snicker: 1 guy showed up, bragging that he had woven his kilt....look, that's great, but...tartan? Not so hard to do. (It was his attitude - we should all bow at his prowess, because HE wove a Kilt! And...he has a ASHFORD wheel, and spins sewing thread on it. Riiiiight. Ashfords are nice, but NOT really suited for spinning froghair yarn. Again, it was his attitude....HIS wheel was fantabulous, and we should all be in awe of him. :sigh: I stroked his ego a bit, but it was hard to do.) Other than that, it was boring. I got 4 bobbins of singles spun, and about half of it plied off. One of my Clan Cousins has decided that the yarn would make a beautiful shawl, that would match her outfit perfectly. I can take a hint...:lol: (It's in the queue. It'll take a while, but shawl it is.)

I need to take a few days to recover - I was....fragile yesterday. Not sure why, but....:sigh: I went in mundanes - a Clan shirt and sweats - but it was still a bit..wobbly all day. Weird. (What's even weirder? I got asked by another Clan member if I was "a member of the Tribe" - because he FINALLY noticed my Star of David (I've only been wearing it for....4 years now. All the time.) I didn't even hesitate - Yes - and....I felt "normal". I don't even....I'm not sure WHAT was going on, but there it is. I was fine the rest of the day, for the record.)

Oh! We got some of our cousins hooked on Star Fluxx....:heh: Just spreading the joy.....

*I kinda feel like I need to explain this. We're active in our respective Scottish Clan societies (both McDuff (SG) and McClellan (me)). Every member is related to the Clan(s) somehow; membership is voluntary. All members are "Clan Cousins" - think of it as the ONLY time you get to pick your family. :lol: Some of us are related for "real" - my Regional Director is not only my SIL, she's also a cousin 4 or 5 times removed - and some are only related thru the Clan, but they're all family. In a way. I could join...7 societies, I think, but have chosen just these 2 (for now)....I don't need a huge family. All trying to score soap and hand-knits. :lol: BUT - it's why Herself was offered the apprenticeship now, instead of waiting - she's "family", and interested in the craft. We'll see where it goes.....

So. Hot.

Jun. 5th, 2011 07:00 am
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This weekend is the big Highland Games and Scottish Festival. It's always hot....this year it was HOT. (Next year, it's moving to the first weekend in May. Yeah for less heat, Boo for Tornado season! :sigh:) Low crowds, lots of was miserable.

I did get a full bobbin spun, and got to talk to [ profile] ritaspins37. And we bought Himself his very own kilt. We'd been borrowing one from my SIL....and, well....

OK. If my kid outgrows something - be it a book, a toy, or item of clothing - I'll pass it on. Not loan it out - simply give it to you. *I* don't need it anymore. The kilt we borrowed - it's driving me crazy, because I am petrified he'll ruin it - he's a kid. Kids don't worry about their clothes! So...we found one that's a smidge big (he's a 28" waist; this one is a 30") for $65 in the Stewart Hunting plaid. AND it's washable! (because it's not wool, it's an acrylic blend - hey, he's a KID, and he's messy. I can live with a non-wool kilt!)

Thing is, "real" kilts will run you $600+. No, that wasn't a mistype - $600 is the going rate (or was, a few years ago) for 8 yards of Clan Tartan. Then you add the tailoring - SG paid over $1K for his Marine Corps kilt. I was NOT going to pay for a real kilt when the kid will outgrow it - probably before the next Festival.

Plus, I have the fabric for him for his own Clan kilt - I have 8 yards of full-width, and 8 yards of half-width. (The full-width is for a Great Kilt, which isn't sewn. You hand-pleat it before each wearing, lay down on it, and belt it 'round. Then you fiddle with the "peacock tail" to make the upper, "sash" part. The half-width was DH1's payment for making his brother a "traditional" kilt - for those, you only use 30" wide fabric; you pleat and sew them in, add the buckles etc, and you're good to go whenever you want. It's a LOT of work - you hand sew the knife-pleats in, and you have to do a bit of lining in the waist, and you have to have fittings to make sure the buckles are in the right place......:ugh:) Soon as he hits his full height, he can have a kilt made for him......but I won't do it before that.

This one is nice - Himself requested a "green tartan, please!", and Hunting Stewart is that. While some people get all fussy over using the "correct" this case, it doesn't matter. And, if you want to get technical, *I* have ancestors from Clan Stewart, so he's "legal" (don't get me started on that...) And - machine washable! Can't beat that - especially not for a kid!

It was fun, but HOT. Hooray for bodice chillers! And sunscreen! (Not going back today - we have a birthday party to attend.)
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but barely. This was the weekend of the Texas Scottish Festival and Highland Games. The weather was "a little slice of Hell" - and that's about right. 103* Saturday. This is JUNE, folks - summer doesn't start until the 21st......we're in for a hellacious summer!


Saturday: Got up at 4-freaking-o'clock, to shower, milk, garb up, and get out of the house by 5:30. Sweet Geek had to go in to work to shut the servers down - and he had to be there by 6:30. We got out of there by 7:15.....and he forgot to stop for breakfast. For most people, this isn't a major problem. For me, it is - my blood sugar tanks and I get bad really quick.

We got to the Games at 8:30....and I was past the hunger stage and at the "food sucks" stage. :sigh: Add in 103* temps, and, well......I didn't do too well. The only thing that kept me out of the Paramedics office was the Sweet Tea he kept forcing down me (I was at the point that *water* sucked.....I know better, I really do, but.....)

I'm glad the Games were DEAD - I wasn't much good to anybody. I did find out a friend is (finally!) getting married! (Congrats, again!!!) but that's about all I remember of the day.

We left at 3:30; got home and Sweet Geek force-fed me and put me to bed. He went out to milk.....I had to take Benedryl to get to sleep, though.

Sunday: Better. He made sure I ate, and he kept me hydrated. The Games were still deader-than-dead, though....we closed up at 3. This is the largest Games in this part of the world.....and Clans were pulling out at noon. (They opened at 10....that's how bad it was.)

I do know that people are scared. It's not what they were saying so much - it's how they were acting. The beer tents weren't sellin'....the Homebrew Club ended up trying to GIVE beer away - and they weren't swamped. NO ONE was buying......this is the first year I got my hair braided ($25; I got it done early Saturday and it's STILL looking good. I will be taking it down tonight - I need to wash it. I don't know how other long-hairs can do it, only washing 1x a week. :shudder: It's a lovely crown braid - the one type of braid I haven't been able to do to myself.) - usually there are 2 braiders and they are swamped; this year? 1 braider, and there was never a line when I'd walk by. I know the economy's bad...even so, people usually spend freely here. Not this year - I saw lots of shoppers, but very very few buyers.

I also heard a lot of muttering about the Oil Spill - and, surprisingly, it WAS NOT against BP. The majority of folks are PISSED at the gov't for not letting the experts do their thing - see, BP DID have extengency plans. They were NOT allowed to follow them - the gov't stepped in and told them what to do. Ummm.......IF said gov't had any experience in the Oil Industry, I'd understand that....but they don't. And now BP can't do what they wanted - Top Kill, which was way down the list, has eff'd up the leak so much they can't plug it like they could have if they HADN'T done step 10 before step 2.

And....lots of disgruntled workers, too. Ure has been saying there's going to be a revolt...and I have to agree, based on what I heard (and, even more importantly, what I *DID NOT* hear.). Usually, even when folks are pissed at the gov't, they have some little something they can say "Well, he did *this* Ok." Not's......this isn't good.

The general concensus is that things are bad, and WILL get worse. I even heard a *bunch* of people say that they didn't think we'd one was willing to say this was Biblical...but the fact that they don't think it'll get better.....:shakes head:
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Arlington 2009. Barely, but I *did* survive. [ profile] ritaspins39, sorry I missed you - we bailed out about 3-ish Saturday, and 3:30-ish Sunday. The heat (and the dead-ness) just got to be too much.

2 words to describe this years' Festival: Dead and Hot. Attendance was WAY down from previous years - I could actually *see* the performance tent opposite us! And the Games Field! (That NEVER happens - it's usually too crowded). And Hot - I got hit by the heat about 2 was touch and go for a bit, but I managed to stay upright. Barely.

Didn't acquire anything new (THAT'S a record, too...), because the Vendors that were there hadn't cut their prices despite the economy (and..I'm not saying that they should have, but.....they weren't moving much.); in fact, some of them had *raised* prices. Now, usually that's a smart thing to do for handmade goods; right now, not so much.

I got 1 bobbin completely full, and 1 half full. Also got a bit of a spindle-full of Biscuit hair. :grin:

Our guests seemed to enjoy it, except for the heat. I have a line on some Churro wool next year (our NE Regional raises Churros, and....tosses the wool (!?!!). I'm on the list to get some next shearing....:heh:

The Kirkin' Service sucked...seriously. There were no hymn sheets, which would have been OK except the musicians (that have done this service *EVERY* year that I've been going - 10? 15?) didn't know the words (it's pretty much the SAME SONGS every year.) and so, none of the congregation got them, either. (I haven't gone *every* year, but they have.) It was...pathetic. I'm still reading up on the verses the minister spoke on ("preached" is a bit much for what he did...), but I'm pretty sure he took them out of context (quick, act surprised!). :sigh: Should have just skipped it, methinks.

I have a nice bodice-burn going......this'll be fun next week when it starts to peel. :sigh:

Family: B-day party THIS Saturday around lunch-ish. I'll try to get emails out...can't promise, but I'll try. Bring your suits, the pool is open ('ll work, and they are SUPPOSED to get the salt generator up and running THIS week. :snerk:)

She Lives!

Jun. 6th, 2009 06:09 pm
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:whew: It's been a busy one, and it's just Saturday! Cut to the chase, man! )
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Well, for me it is - no work tomorrow, as our AGM is THIS WEEKEND :ack: and I have to go to the BOD meeting tomorrow AM. Fun off and I STILL have to get up at 5. :sigh:

Pool: They are supposed to fix the pump today. Excuse me, but that thought does NOT fill me with glee....because I really don't think they'll show up (see: Last few times we've been "on the schedule" and they didn't show up or do anything at all). I wanna swim, dammit!

Tonight, I have to get all our garb ready to go, make a loaf of bread, wash a load of clothes, get a dump cake ready-to-bake, empty my bobbins and get my basket packed (did I mention I have to be at my Regional's house at 8 AM? No? Well..yeah), load the truck with the tents/chairs/tables/stuffs we took to San Antonio....oh, and feed the critters. :sigh: I need a vacation!

Gotta run - got lots of stuff to do today up here!
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And, mostly intact!

Cut for space reasons )
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and you *know* what that means - it's Texas Scottish Festival time! Starts tonight at 5, calling of the clans is at 8 (they have *got* to be kidding me...:shakes head:), then tomorrow and Sunday it's non-stop kilts, bagpipes, kilts, Highland Games, kilts, dancing, kilts, celtic music - oh, have I mentioned the Kilts? :lol:

Needless to say, my weekend is busy, busy, busy!

ON another note....this sock? Out of my handspun 3-ply? Is cursed. I'm on attempt #3...the first one was nice, but the fabric was too sleazy, so I ripped and CO 84 (up from 76). Nice, cushy fabric, with my gauge I was spot on to fit his ankle...but. My Sweet Geek has deep heels (I don't know how else to explain it - my heels are dainty, and if the cuff fits my ankle it'll ease over the heel. His? Not so much - the cuff measured the same as his ankle, but there was NO WAY to ease it over the heel....) so I had to go up. We decided on *2* more inches (so..I'm up to 100 stitches now). We'll see how this goes. (1 inch wouldn't have quite done it, we think. The cuff would get to the area right before the heel, and not stretch any further. I could ease it to the heel, but not where the heel curves up into the ankle...and the fabric was straining a bit. 1".....well, we didn't feel that 8 more stitches would do it.)

Good thing I LOVE knitting - the process, not necessarily the product. :grin:

Off to knit a bit more - I'm trying to get the cuff back to 2" so we can try it on *again* before I move on into the mindless portion (and, good thing I started this *now* and not while I was actually, y'know, STUCK in a car for 10 hours with no way to verify fit. :grin:)
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that I *survived* Arlington. It was.....well, Mother Nature decided to throw a hissy fit Sunday AM.

Seriously. The sky turned...well, 1 side was gray, thunder-boomer clouds. There was a solid white line down the middle, and the other side was pitch black, ROLLING, evil-looking clouds. It was a "Wow! COOL! Oh, SHIT!" moment. :grin:

Me and 2 cousins dropped our tents, and were congratulating ourselves on a job well done when the bottom fell out. 1 of the back tents started to collapse, so I ran back there to bolster it up. My "brother" grabbed his front tent, and my cousin grabbed our front tent..I got picked up a couple of times, but we survived intact...unlike the 6 tents we watched collapse. :sigh:

The rest of the day was muggy.....I discovered who my family really is (and it's larger than I ever imagined), I tried to avoid dangerous situations (and was constantly surrounded by watchful male cousins), but still managed to be stalked. :bigger sigh: Ah, well.....double chocolate fudge cake makes all situations better.

Not many people braved the mosquito-infested swamp that the stadium became, so it was slow, but still nice.

Alaric came back by to pick up a momento he had asked for. He left pleased, and I'm happy that he's happy. Steve would have wanted him to have all that's good.

I am exhausted, sore, and stiff today. The storm lasted approx. 45 minutes...and I was hanging on to the tent the whole time. We had good music, and good food...and I have a ton of new cousins. I also have 2 new 2-ply yarns, and 3 more bobbins of singles. Overall, it was a good festival.
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day 1 of the Arlington Festival. In 1 word - HUMID. Ugh. My bloomers were *sticking* to me.

It was a sort of lazy day - I don't know the head count, but it felt like Sunday's usually feel. Might have been the morning deluge, might have been the humidity...don't know. It was not bad.

[ profile] ritaspins37 dropped by - wish I could have chatted more, but the "local knight" showed up, already partially sloshed, to flirt. :rollseyes: Alaric found me - it's been a *long* time, buddy! - and we got caught up on the last 3 years worth of life. Have a "Name the baby horse" contest going real winners yet.

Got all of the Abby Primary batts spun (plied last night) - whee! Bright, obnoxious yarn. The batts spun like buttah - I dove into the "spring" ones - got 1 full bobbin, and 1 half. Met a guy with him mom's wheel at home - he's bringing it out today to learn to use it. :grin: Talked shop with a couple of weavers.....

Aside from the heat, it was nice. Hopefully, today will be as nice - but without the bodice. :grin: It's casual day, so shorts and clan shirt are *the* attire. Maybe I won't wanna throw myself in the pool when I get home....
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Describe it in one word: HOT. effing Hot!

Let's see...where to begin? Ah...Friday. The kids were on their way to Granny's when I got home. I had a lovely RAOK in the mail - a box from Bethanie - it had 2 balls of Naturwolle (in natural - lovely!), a cute soap, and some stickers. The box had been opened..and Herself claimed the soap. Himself is jealous, so decided he got something made out of the yarn. to get my wrist better so I can Do Something.

Saturday )
Sunday )
Overall, lots of fun, even if it was hot. Only got hit on by 1 (not very) witty drunk - he thought he was SO funny. *sigh* The same old jokes are funny, even the 200th time you hear them, if the timing is right. His..wasn't. Got an offer of Wooly Mammoth hair to try spinning - I need to email a reminder to the jeweler that offered. Got proposisitioned for a portrait - a really sweet clansman came over, fascinated by the wheel. He watched for a bit, sat down, and asked for my address. O....K. I handed him my Clan card. Why? He is going to send me a couple of pages with the Gaelic words for the parts of a spinning wheel. He is also an artist, and wants to do a portrait of me in garb, spinning. Coolness!

Got 4 full bobbins of my current Dragonhair, and 1 1/2 full bobbin of some stuff by Color Me (in the "Regal" colorway. Yum! It'll be my next pair of socks, once I can knit again.)

Very tired, very sore. Must go throw myself into the pool to cool off and see if it helps my hand and foot.
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of The Kilt! It's way cool - and more awesome on than it is here.

Alec Beaton's Kilt Alec Beaton's Kilt

The "Saltire" kilt - the official kilt of Scotland

I'd like to figure out *exactly* how it was woven....I'm sure it was on a computerized dobby loom, but that's as far as I get. It's just....awesome.
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A little melted, a bit burned, but I SURVIVED!

I love this festival, I really do - the largest one in the Region, and #2 (or 3) in the Country, lots of kilts, lots of pipers, top-notch's fun. And Good.

Bloody hot, though. Yesterday was the normal drill - full garb. Sodhopper boots, bloomers (flying pigs), chemise (gauze!!), 2 skirts (v. lightweight cotton), bodice (cotton velveteen) and tartan scarf over the shoulder. Fully equipped with bodice chiller, so it wasn't murder, but.....the humidity was horrid. Today, we went with a more casual look - shorts and clan shirts. I got more burned today than I did yesterday!

The coolest thing - seriously, the *coolest* thing I have ever seen - was Alec Beaton's kilt. He's a terrific Scottish musician (2nd, IMNSHO, only to Alasdair Frasier, the premier Scottish fiddler), and has awesome taste in kilts - his kilt was a triumph of the weaver's art. Solid blue (just wait!) with (wait for it - it's worth it) the St. Andrew's Cross WOVEN IN on the back of it. In the pleats, yet. He was kind enough to let me tweak some pleats to get a good look at it - I get a headache just thinking about warping the bloody thing. Totally cool, and I need to find a picture of it, since my server won't let me upload pictures or webpages right now, and I didn't snap a picture (what, say to him "Now that I've fondled your pleats, I want to snap a few pics of your butt!" ? I don't think so...)

Alasdair held a class on fiddling during the Bonniest knees contest (our entry WON! Whoo Hoo!), then took the kids (it was mostly younglings) UP ON STAGE WITH HIM to play backup. He's so cool - and a fantastic teacher. I wanted to go audit the class, but I had to help herd kilts for the contest. Ahh, well.....*g*

Must go wash off all the sweat and crash. Have I mentioned it was Bloody HOT out there???


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