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Went to the Stock Show on Friday - SG bought me some lovely, lovely work gloves. Thinsulate-lined deerskin gloves; very warm, very sturdy. LOVE them!

FIL is....well, he's been moved to a regular room. I talked to him last night; he was slightly confused and very, very wheezy. :sigh: I....don't like it. At all.

Piano! It's going well. The teacher has both of us in book 1 for "Recreational Music Makers". It fits - I don't want to perform anywhere, I just want to be able to play piano. And harp. :lol: Problem......this book is, so far, too basic for *me*. He assigned both of us Module 1 for this week. I am....well, I'm into Module 4 already. :lol: To be fair, he warned me I'd move pretty quickly at first. The problem? I have to hide it from SG, who doesn't read music, doesn't have much music background, and is struggling with Module 1. :sigh: NOT fun at all.....(Every practice I start with Module 1. IF I play it perfectly, I move on to 2, then 3 etc. I have to play it perfect before I move on, though - I want my left hand to get with the program. Module 5 is where we are introduced to the Grand Staff (both clefs!)...I'm waiting on that. For now. :lol:)

Still knitting. Finished the fingerless gloves and started (yet) another hat. This one has Sheepies on it! :lol:
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Because I have a LOT of photos, I made a college. Kinda sucks, but hey - it's photos! :lol:

2017 january Knit Projects

This is all the stuff I've knit and finished in January. The socks were late September, but all the rest was started and finished in January. What can I say? Stress knitting at it's finest! Also, all the January stuff is knit in worsted weight yarn - which is thicker than my beloved sock weight, and knits up faster.

I am in the midst of another set of fingerless kitchen can't be finished soon enough! I'd like to knit something...smaller. Like socks. Right now, though, I can't get to my ball winder, so I have to knit with yarn that comes in ready-to-knit packages. :shrug: I can always use another hat or two or three....:rofl: Especially "fashion" hats like the cloches - they're warm, and cute, and give me options. As do the 2 new geeky hats.....Star Wars and Dr. Who for the win!

Back to the painting. Which I did yesterday - the kitchen has been redone AGAIN. I....liked the aqua-isa blue, but I didn't love it. It's now a nice Federal/French blue...and I LOVE it. It's a bit dark right now, but once the white cabinets go in it'll pop.

Have a great one!
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Floors are DONE. Finished. Beautiful. The kids' bathroom is virtually done - the grout needs to finish curing (tomorrow evening!) and we need to hang the towel rack and rehang the door, but I can mark it off the list.

And the kitchen cabinets have been ordered and will be delivered Jan. 30. Let me repeat that: My Kitchen will be Delivered 1/30/17. !

I need to talk about that - because my experience wasn't what the internet said it would be. It was better. Remember, I paid $249 to get Ikea's partner Traemand to come out, measure, and plan my kitchen for me - and I think that's why the actual ordering process went so quickly.

The Internet told me to a) get there right as the doors opened (we...didn't. :sigh:) and be prepared for a 2 or 3 hour ordeal - because the salespeople had to place the order line item by line item. :shudder: So, I was prepared for a long, drawn-out ordeal.

I brought ALL the paperwork Traemand sent me (VERY important!), plus the receipt from when I set up the measurement/planning (also VERY important! Take ALL the paperwork Ikea has ever given you - it'll make life so much easier!)

We got there at 11 (because SG decided to pay off the piano first, instead of 2nd. :sigh:), and had a 30 minute or so wait. To say they were packed would be an understatement - and it looked like almost everyone wanted to PLAN their kitchen right then. (I don't know why they weren't set up on the planner and left...that's what happened the first time we went in, but I digress.) When my name was called, the guy asked me what I needed; I said, "I'm here to order my kitchen." He went pale. "Traemand sent me all the paperwork - and I have it - what else do you need from me? Do I need to sign in the planner?"

He took a deep breath, said "You went thru Traemand? This'll be easy, then! Let me see the papers...." He found the plan #, typed it in, told it to convert to a sales order, removed the appliances (because the guy at Traemand didn't.....he was hoping we'd order the Ikea appliances, too. HA! Not even....), double-checked the number of items, and hit "final". He then got his supervisor over (he's been with Ikea for 12 years, but just started in kitchens) to make sure it was done correctly; she "fixed" a few things, told him how to get me the "free" gift card (the refund from the planning fee), then watched him check me out.

We were done within 30 minutes of his calling my name.

I am expecting 124 packages, weighing 599.9 Kg. :gulp!: We have 48 hours to do an inventory after they drop the stuff off; after that it's on us to pay for anything missing. Damaged items will be replaced free of charge - they just want to make sure we actually received everything we ordered.

Now, because everyone asks: Total cost for the kitchen, upper cabinets, lower cabinets, countertop, bar countertop, sink and range hood, WITH tax and delivery: $5,392.49. Let me repeat: This is for the ENTIRE kitchen, less installation. (Delivery was $199; tax was $316.64 - meaning the actual cost of the kitchen was $4,876.85. Go compare that to Home Depot or Lowe's, just for fun. :lol:)

Install will be another $2,250.00. We *could* DIY; I've offered. However......both of us kinda don't feel like it. Yes, Himself could - and would happily! - assemble all the cabinets by himself.....but......y'know what? Life's too short. We've agreed it's worth $2300 to NOT do it ourselves. (Unlike the bathroom - it was NOT worth $1,500 to pay someone else to do it.)

Insurance had allocated about $4,000 for the lower cabinets and countertop I think we did pretty well. The contractor we consulted quoted $5,000 for lower cabinets and countertop; that did include installation, but no uppers and no bar. I think we came out ahead, actually - and I LOVE how the kitchen looks in the planning tool.

I am in a faint freak-out phase right now; we have NO kitchen at all (the sink was torn out for the floors, and can NOT be reinstalled.) We DO have a microwave....but it'll be coming out a day or 2 before the install. I am SO ready for all this to be over!

In good news, I have another new hat, and I've started yet another one. We ran out to Tuesday Morning today; they have a bunch of Clover wooden needles (both circular AND straights) for $2.99 (yes, Mom - I left some! :lol: RC's is Right There if you wanna go shop!).....I filled in the blanks in my collection, and added a few more balls of yarn. Today is work-day; Cyn needs it by this weekend, so I need to get cracking!
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So, this year I am trying to document all my projects - both on Ravelry and here (because Rav is more of a notebook-type thing than a blog.) I managed to finish 2 this week:

First up, SG's Tardis socks. These are for next weekend, when we go to ComicCon. (Why yes, we ARE geeks, thank you very much! And yes, we DO like wearing geeky things in public - even if socks aren't that noticeable, we still have and wear them.)

SG's Tardis Socks

I still need to work on my short rows - these are still icky looking on the inside. I found a YouTube, so I think I've figured out what I've been doing wrong.

I also need to RINSE any blue yarns I dye much better - there's some bleeding going on. :sigh: Oh, well - live and learn, right?

I finished his socks on Sunday, and Monday I CO a hat for me....which I cast OFF yesterday. Yes, 24 hours for a hat. It helped that it was worsted weight, and an easy geometric pattern.

Turkish hat

This particular pattern is an old Middle-Eastern weaving one - I think it's called Ram's Horn. I dunno; I saw the hat pattern on my "We think you'd like..." board on Rav, and it grabbed me. So much that I BOUGHT the yarn specifically for it last week. I'm pleased with it - the colors work, it was a fun knit, and it'll make a nice addition to my hat rotation.

We still have the beagle....SUPPOSEDLY, the rescue will pick her up today. :fingers crossed: Nights are hard, because she won't sleep anywhere but on the bed with us, and Loki is a whiney-butt that thinks he'll die if HE'S not on the bed...:sigh: I had a beagle-hat all night, and a Loki knee-warmer and a Tigger foot warmer. Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep. :sigh:

Well, onward and upward! Current project is: Shoelace #2. Gotta get it done by next Friday. And today is shopping day, so I need to get ready for that. Laters!
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I think. Still stuffy, sneezing all over the place (I don't usually sneeze. Right now? It's epidemic. :sigh:) Headache-y, dry, itchy eyes...but hey! I'm awake! And semi-coherent!!

I finished SG's Tardis socks last night. They're currently on the blockers drying (I always wash my hand knits when I take them off the needles - no telling what kind of gunk they have, and water makes the stitches look better.), so no pics yet. I also finished shoelace #1 and started #2 - only, it's from Season 18. It's all purples (for the "Rose" fits, and it's STILL the Doctor's scarf, so it works, too. And I won't get bored! :lol:)

I also started a hat for me.....yeah. I'm borked. But hats are fast and useful and on larger needles than socks - and my wrists need that right now.

And apparently I have "sucker" written in Canine on my forehead. :sigh: We ran to Sonic yesterday for milkshakes (which...I didn't get. Because SG accidentally dropped mine. :bangs head:) and both of us saw a small dog almost get run over. I guess the other driver saw my panicked face and flailing arms, because he slammed on the brakes; I opened my door and said "Here baby! C'mon here!" and up this little beagle ran and hopped right in the car. She let me cuddle her for about 15 seconds, then she wriggled over to the back seat, curled up, and went to sleep. :sigh:

I took her to both vets today, and she's not chipped and neither one recognizes her. She's sweet, but she HATES our dogs. HATES them. It looks like she's a spoiled l'il girl, used to being an only child. We've called a local rescue group (they are going to try to pick her up tonight. :fingers crossed:).....she spent the night in MY bed; SG was banished to the sofa because Loki and Tigger were NOT happy with the situation. (The bed is THEIRS, you see - and she won't let any other dog get near her. She's a beagle, which means she's no banishment to the bathroom.) I don't think I can take much more of the Drama around here....:lol:

I need to go blow my nose again. Laters!
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but wool is so delightful! We've got no place to go...let it snow 'cause I have photos of woolies! (OK, so it doesn't really scan. It's cold, so cut me a little slack. :lol:)

I have PHOTOS! for you! I'll put them behind a cut...because I have a lot of catching up to do! Click for photos! )
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Which we need, but it makes it hard to meet my daily steps goal. I've been reduced to pacing around the house...ah, well - I NEED to shift the weight, so pace I will.

I don't have photos on the laptop, but I'll pop the Rav links here, to show you what I've finished the last 3 weeks:

SG's Hanukkah present - a GoT hat. He picked out (and bought!) the yarn.

A pair of fingerless mitts for SG's step-mom. She said her hands are always cold, so this should fix that. She's wool-worthy, but not wool-wise, so this is acrylic. It was actually not bad to work with - I still prefer wool, though.

A hat in an Owl theme for Cyn. She collects owls, so this seemed a perfect fit.

I also have a half-finished hat for Herself (it's based on...a very popular video game by Bethesda. I'll show it when I have it finished - it needs the visor, the neck guard and the horns. Silly? Yes - but she begged me for it, so....she gets a silly hat.)

And a cowl for SG's aunt - she requested it, in red, but not too fussy. It's a feather-and-fan variation in a nice, bright red.

Break's over - gotta get back to walking. I'm at the halfway point.....:sigh:

Shabbat Shalom, and Happy Hanukkah!
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I forgot this - because I am trying to forget it for real. :weak grin: It...well.

We have......many dogs. Critical mass, to be exact. Bailey, Bree and Kenzie are "good" dogs - they tend to spend most of their time imitating speed bumps. a pain, but not destructive. Chloe...well, she's been destro-mutt from day 1, and she's taught Riley some bad habits.

We think Loki is a wonder-dog, but I am beginning to think he's got us snowed. Why? Because the destruction had slowed down, until he came back from his operation. All of a sudden there's been an uptick in mischief.

We left the house at 8-ish Friday morning, and walked in the door at 5:15. When we pulled up to the gate, I saw *something* out in the backyard, but couldn't tell what it was. So, we unloaded and I went into the backyard to assess the damage.

Somehow - and I still can't figure this out! - 1 of the dogs managed to get MY violin case thru the pet door and into the backyard. Now, this is a rectangular case, with the pocket on top for music.'s NOT a small case by any means. Somehow, they managed to get it thru the pet door (something like 12" x 22", IIRC) and around the side of the house.

WITHOUT damaging the violin or bow. The case, however.....the music pocket is gone, and the music that was in it was scattered all over the yard (I think I found all of it. :sigh:) The strap was chewed in 2, and they tried to get into the case, but they didn't succeed. Both SG and Herself were amazed that the instrument was unharmed; I reminded them that I bought that case 2 years ago and that it was Airline rated - meaning it was meant to be tossed around in an airplane's cargo hold. So *I* am not surprised that the violin came to no harm.

But STILL - how did they manage that? The case isn't that lightweight - Loki couldn't have drug it, I don't think, but Chloe has NEVER even sniffed the instruments. Riley...well, he was caught hauling a chair cushion out the door last Wednesday, and he's capable of dragging things. Chloe, of course, is perfect capable of dragging the case, but.....she's more of the destroy-in-place kind of destructor. Not a haul-outside type. :Sigh:

So, I need to buy a new case. Again. (This is actually my old violin that SG traded me for. He bought me a really, really nice Italian violin when he was taking lessons to "replace" my nice German one. He had purchased (against my advice!) a cheap Chinese set when he decided he wanted to learn to play, and he found a really good teacher. The teacher was....not that impressed with the instrument, but told him it would work for a bit while he learned. Then SG brought my violin to his next lesson and was told that it was EXCELLENT for a beginner to an intermediate player, and why did he spend money on a Chinese one when he had access to this one, and...well, he then decided that he NEEDED mine. So, he made me an offer and hauled me to a violin shop. Funny thing? He had said he couldn't afford a decent instrument which is why he went Chinese. The one he bought me? Was almost $2K. :bangs head: and :lol:) (And, much as I love my original violin, I love this one 10x. It's...well, it's got a richer voice. And no, I don't play much any more because of my wrist problems. So for him to insist on buying me a new one? It was kinda stupid/silly, y'know? But he insisted. :sigh:)

Oh, and then yesterday SG decided to be Hanukkah Harry. :lol: New video games for all! We're now set up for the kids/kids & SG to play co-op on Destiny...and they're already looking for more games to play together. I don't mind - the kids get along a lot better since they started playing video games together, and I hope it works with SG, too (He...doesn't "get" teens. At all. :big sigh:)

Anyway, I think we're now up to date. I need to print off the rest of our History assignments (MoH 4 finally shipped! I got it last week, so need to print out the rest of the year's stuff.) And knit - I'm tired of the hat, but need to get it done. :sigh: (I'm tired of cables. To try and speed it up I've started cabling without a cable needle - something I've resisted for a long time. Now? I want to get it done. :lol:) (It says a lot about my growth as a knitter - 2 years ago cables were my favorite thing. Now? Hate 'em! I'd MUCH rather do color-work.)
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Let's see....SG hurt his foot Thursday being a Good Samaritan. He did go see his doc, who took x-rays and sent him home *without reading the x-rays*. As of this AM, we STILL haven't heard I have a grumpy husband hanging around all week. (He was already on times!)

I finished the owl hat, and started another one. This for Herself, and is from a popular video game. :lol: I'll post pictures when I get a bit more knit....but it's hysterical. Then it's on to a hat for SG (based on GoT) - THEN I can finally knock out a few pairs of socks. I'm in withdrawal - to the point that yes, I *did* CO a pair yesterday for Thanksgiving dinner knitting (I can't do something with charts at a family dinner - it's rude. Mindless knitting? I can participate in conversations while knitting.)

Tadpole: Try Miller's Soap or The Dish. Just bue sure you have a good scale (that does grams as well as ounces) and take all safety precautions. Lye is dangerous - be safe.

I spent some time Saturday sewing, but....part of it didn't work out. I decided to use the Featherweight - but I didn't realize that the foot isn't exactly 1/4". So....some of my seams pulled apart when I washed the item. :sigh: It was a gift, I need to sit down and have a re-do. Not a huge problem - I can use the flawed one myself (and I *was* going to make one for me, so...this is OK.) This time I'll use my White,'s just, it was cold in the studio and I wanted to be warm. It's easy to set the Featherweight up in the dining room...I can't easily move the White. (It's HEAVY.) :shrug: It is supposed to warm up today, so.....I'll start cutting fabric soon.

Guess I really should get back to the knitting. My adventurer needs a proper head covering! :snicker:
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Still cold. Woodstove still merrily putting out heat and eating logs - glad the Lord provided them! (I HATE burning money, which is what you do when you buy logs. :shakes head:)

Today is Pajama day - I did have to get dressed to pick up feed, but soon as I got home I took a hot shower and climbed into my warm PJs. It's nice - we're all cozy by the fire. The kids are in the middle of a History test; they have a Chemistry test next. *I* get to relax while they work - it's nice!

Hat: 1/3 done. Hats go quick, color-work ones moreso. It's fun watching the pattern develop!

Loki is doing well. He was groggy when we picked him up, but the moment we got home he was FINE. In fact, he refused to snuggle on the couch and immediately jumped down to play with Chloe. Silly puppy!

Not much else going on. Hope y'all have a great one!
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Spent yesterday quietly freaking out - seems the Orthodontist accidentally ran Himself's downpayment thru 2x. Which, of course, caused all sorts of problems with my bank. :sigh:

See, I get paid 1x/month. I have everything budgeted and scheduled - I end payday with $50 (sometimes more, but always at least $50) to last the rest of the month, which, since I budget so tightly works fine for me. Except when someone takes $200 out that I wasn't expecting. :sigh:

After numerous phone calls (I actually held it together during them - thank the knitting for that!), they agreed to refund the $200. We're still "discussing" the overdraft charges ($134 worth. :OUCH!:)....I really hope they do the right thing. It's not my fault that I was assessed the charges, it was because of their error...but we'll see.

Meanwhile, I knit. And knit. Auntie's mitts are *done*, SG's Balmoral is fulled and blocking (he knows about it; I had to have him try it on. Sure enough, I had to full it a bit more.), and I am in the midst of a beautiful cowl for me. I have a pair of mitts for me, a pair of mitts for Herself, a pair of gloves for SG and for Himself, and a Balmoral for Himself in the queue.....those'll keep me busy for a while.

Chloe is a dream puppy. So far, no destruction (other than muddy paw prints). She likes to take stuff outside, but - so far! - she hasn't eaten them. She likes to get into the the can now lives on the counter. She's a total love-bug - which Himself needed. I think he chose (well, he was chosen!) a good dog.

Guess I should get back to knitting. School starts later. :lol:
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We've had rain - Praise the Lord!, and it is glorious! Chilly, but hey - Rain!

Let's see - this weekend we replaced the kitchen light. Finally. This was the original fixture - from 2003. Same bulbs, even - the fluorescent bulbs were finally getting dim. We now have a pretty, 5-light decorative fixture (with halogen LED bulbs) that is BRIGHT. In fact, we're already calling it the "spotlight", because.....seriously. You could just about land a plane with it, it's so bright. :snicker: I think lower-wattage bulbs are in our future - these are 50-watt, and....BRIGHT.

I finished my mitts Friday evening. Yes, pics will be forthcoming - I'm trying not to spam y'all. :lol: I started Auntie's hat yesterday.....well, actually, I started it Saturday evening. Here's the deal....I usually have no problem getting gauge in my knitting. I might not be spot-on, but I'm usually close enough that it works. This hat? Um. On size 2's (it called for size 1's), the ribbing was 2" too large. (On 1's it would have been *worse*). On 3's, I'm spot-on, but it's the body of the hat is being completely stranded. The solid-color areas I'm knitting from both ends of the ball - and I'm getting a nice, solid, warm fabric. I think I'll end up folding the ribbing in half and stitching it down..but we'll see. Of course, all this "experimenting" required an "emergency" trip to JoAnn's to try and score a 16" size 3 circular needle. I KNOW I have a bunch around here somewhere - but I can't find them. They're not in my holder......:grumble: At least JoAnn's had one (and a size 2 16", for just in case) AND I had a few coupons. :sigh: Still....all that knitting time, lost. :lol:

Speaking of balls, my ball-winder has gone wonky. Instead of winding nice, lovely, balanced yarn balls, it's winding wonky, skewed, parallelograms. Bizarre. Neither SG nor I can figure it out - I think I need to shoot off an e-mail to the company (Strauch; used to be Fricke. It's the lovely large ball winder....LOVE it, when it works!) This is causing a few problems with knitting....:sigh:

This is supposed to be a work-week, but.....guess what? I haven't received all the stuff yet. :sigh: I really wish they'd get their act together!

It's almost time to start school - laters!
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Yesterday we took Auntie out shopping. She's having car trouble, and has *refused* to let anyone take it in to get it fixed. She says she doesn't need it, she can "go into a home and not bother anybody". :sigh: Not. Happening.

Instead, I volunteered to take her out once a month for shopping/etc. I don't mind; she's easy to get along with, and I am humbled by her faith - I wanna be more like her when I grow up! :lol: She won't consider moving in with us (yeah, it'd be a bit of a bother to shift things around, but it's do-able, and we'd work it out., she won't do it. :sigh:), so this is the next best solution.

Anyway. Got home and made 3 batches of soap (darn it, I forgot to mail out samples! Crap - they're boxed (no labels, just messy hand-writing.....but they're free and same recipe as the rest of my soap, so it'll work!) and I'll get them out today. I'm actually glad I forgot - 1 batch, Grandma's Flower Garden, is a total scent-fail; there's NO scent at all to it. :sigh: Need to tinker with that one! Oh, well - I have more laundry soap! :lol: (And yes, that's where fail-batches end up - I grind it up and make laundry soap. Why not?) - 1 batch of Chimera (Dragon's Blood scent), 1 batch of Grandma's Flower Garden (Rosehip Jasmine; I put in more scent this time - hope it sticks!), and 1 batch of Lavender Milk (Lavender, duh! No buds this time - just a softly swirled violet/natural bar.) My kitchen smells DIVINE - as does my dishwasher. :lol:

If we have time today, I'll make a few more batches - not sure of scents yet, but I need to use up milk and I am SICK of making cheese. :lol:

Not much else to report. I'm at the crown of Himself's hat - I downloaded the pattern, re-jiggered the decreases, and realized that it's easier than I had thought. Oh, well - it was worth the $5 for the light-bulb moment. I also have the kid's Hanukkah prezzies almost all purchased...this year, Himself wants Lego Star Wars sets. Oy! It's been a couple of years since he requested Legos - I had no idea they had gone UP so much in price (on eBay, I mean - I remember I used to be able to get them for 40 - 60% off. Now? Most of them are maybe $10 cheaper - when you figure in shipping, it's cheaper to get them directly from a Lego store. :sigh:) Herself's been easy.....but she's getting 1 "big" present, to make up in price for all his Legos. She's been wanting a Nintendo 3DS.....I talked to the guy at GameStop yesterday, and it looks like I'll be picking one up for her on payday. IF I'm lucky, she'll get a special edition one...if not, just a regular XL one. :sigh: Still cheaper than it could have been...but OY! Teens are expensive! :lol: (Not really. This is the one time of year I do go all-out to indulge them. MUCH cheaper to buy 8 semi-expensive things 1x/year than it is to spoil them all year long. And I've been able to get some things earlier in the year, which helps.)

Shabbat Shalom!

My son...

Oct. 10th, 2013 07:49 am
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has thrown me for a loop. He's designed his hat, right? - and I've been pretty much faithfully following his directions. So far, he's happy with what's on the needles...but then.

This AM, I asked him about the very top of the hat - you know, the part where the hat gets smaller and finally closes up at the tip-top of your head? He hadn't graphed that part out; since I am on the last row of the last pattern, I figured I'd better get the top pinned down so I could finish up (I had planned on taking progress shots, to show how I got from the design to the finished hat, knit up too quickly. I just started it for reals on Monday, and did NO knitting yesterday...and yet, I'm almost ready to start the crown decreases. :wow:).

He looked at what I had knit, he thought a minute, and said "I want an 8-pointed star, in 4 colors. Start with....say, black, then yellow, then white, then blue - but it MUST be 8-pointed." Um. OK....

I am NOT an expert knitter, just an enthusiastic, fearless Intermediate one. I like colorwork, but it's not my love (that would be cable-work; I LOVE working cables. So. Much. FUN!) - and I've never done a multi-color hat-top decrease. Single color? Sure! Stripes? You betcha! But this? Um.....I'm not sure where to begin - it's not the decreases themselves, I can figure those out - it's WHERE to do the color changes so I get a star-shape instead of an octogonal stripe-set. I don't have the skills for that.....and, while I *could* just grab the yarn and start attempting it, I really don't want to do a lot of frogging and re-knitting - the yarn will degrade and make the top of the hat look bad. :sigh:

I hit my bookshelves...I found a LOT of 7-point stars, but he's adamant - it MUST be 8-pointed. So I hit Ravelry...after a 25 minute search, I found a pattern (not for free, naturally!) that'll work...and he said "Wait - I don't want you to have to PAY for it...maybe I need to...I dunno, I really want an 8-pointed star....but..." I sighed, and said "Look, it's only $5, and I can use the shaping on something else. I've already got 25 minutes invested - this'll make your hat go faster. Yes, I *could* try and figure it out myself, but I'd honestly rather pay someone who's already DONE the math for me." And this pattern has the EXACT colorwork he's thinking of - a star within a star within a star within a star. *I* won't have to do anything except jiggle to numbers to fit what I've got, and change the colors to match what I'm already using. Both of which are EASY to do.

So....I'll be downloading the pattern later today, and hopefully his hat will be finished tonight/tomorrow. Then I get to start on a kippah - thanks for the idea, Ali! :wink: *That'll* go pretty fast - the motif is only 18 stitches, and kippot aren't that much knitting anyway. Can't wait!!
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Stupid Snips has decided that she belongs on the bed at night. I'm sorta OK with that - she's small; if it were Bree I'd have a HUGE problem (pun intended!) However....last night she decided my legs were the perfect pillows - and I couldn't move.

When I can't move, I can't sleep. :sigh: Been up since 3:30 AM.....that's WAY too early for me. :yawn:

It was 33* this AM for morning 'stables' - I've come to the realization that I *need* a barn hat. I can't wear my chullo out there - the goats try to eat the tassles; the only solution is to knit me a new one. Only...I have no yarn. (Don't laugh!) Seriously - I needed worsted weight (or I'd be knitting until Spring), and I dug, and I dug, and I DUG thru the stash...I don't have ANY worsted weight (or DK, or Sport, even!) that isn't already taken by a project. SG just stood there staring at me - here I was, surrounded by yarn...claiming I had NONE. Non-knitters just DO NOT get it....

He got gas this AM, and picked up a lottery scratch-off. *I* won $12 (not bad - spend $2/win $12!), so he gave me the funds to buy yarn with. $3.69 later, I have a skein of Paton's "Real Wool" - just enough to make me a nice, cabled, ear-flap hat. :happy dance:

If I hadn't been so tired, I'd have noticed the price and bought a couple more skeins - I need mittens, too. Ah, well - next time.

As of March 1, it'll be 1 year since I brought Himself home to school. I need to do a follow-up; I've noticed a LOT of homeschoolers curriculum hop. We don't...but we have had a few misses. I feel the need to be totally transparent, in case one of y'all decides to take this route (which I DO recommend - both kids are flourishing at home, and actually *learning*. Less tension at home, too!)

Right now, I'm gonna cast on the first ear-flap, then I think I'll...go to bed. At 5 PM. Yes, I am THAT tired. :sigh:
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Got home last night at *7* pm. We left work late, had to buy horse feed, had to go pick up the Jeep (they didn't find anything, and charged nothing to add air to the tires. Oh, well....), had to grab dinner (I had the shakes pretty bad by then), THEN we had to eat and unload all the grain. In the freezing dark.

At least I slept like the dead last night! (Benedryl helped. So did the fact that I was already pretty much dead on my feet.)

Knitting: Sweet Geek's first wristwarmer is done, just need to weave in the ends. The 2nd one is cast on...they go fast. Mine will be next...I'll probably add something to it so we can tell the difference (maybe. Maybe not on *this* set...I need another set specifically for up here at the office.) Stalled on the socks until these are done...and I finish my chullo. I NEED a hat, dammit! :lol:

Not much else to report. Since I basically lost a day yesterday (boss ended up not coming in, thankfully - but we didn't know it until no naps for me!), I have a lot to catch up on. :sigh: At least I have a job....
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Let's see.....the other day someone posted in one of the forums a question about stranded knitting, and then yesterday my mom asked about Since I'm in the middle of a stranded project, might as well talk about it. :lol:

Stranded knitting - or multi-color knitting - is NOT hard. If you can knit with 1 yarn, you can knit with more. It's just fussy. You have to work to keep your tension even over all the yarns - but it comes easier the more you do it. You have to *gasp* read a chart! Oh noes! Listen - you're reading *this*, right? Reading a chart is no more difficult.

Plus, stranded knitting is just plain fun! You're painting with yarn - and I get a kick out of watching the design develop. My chullo is going fast - mostly because I have to knit just One.More.Round to see the pictures. :lol: (I'm almost done with my sheepies - 3 more rounds to go! Then it's on to....well, you'll see. When I get around to taking photos - I'm too busy actually *knitting* :lol:)

Other knitting.....I need to finish my Fiber Festival socks. The first one is done except for the cuff; the second one is at the toe decreases. Those have been stalled, not only for the Boring Gray, but...well, they have (basically) short row heels. SR Heels do NOT fit my foot. I've tried.....they always migrate around. I'm a heel-flap-and-gusset girl - they fit my foot perfectly, the gusset cradles my high arches, and they DO NOT MOVE in my shoes. The FF socks? The gusset area is a bit baggy (but I can live with that), but the heel just doesn't cup my foot. I'm going to knit them again - in green, I think, with a stranded heel flap (I'm thinking green with a short-repeat multi, so it looks like flowers), and a stranded toe. We'll see - I need to find (or spin!) the perfect yarn. :lol:

I brought a ball of LL's Shepherd Sock in "1776" - her Liberty colorway. I'm thinking I need a pair of Monkeys out of it.....or maybe Feather and Fan. We'll see. Want to finish the FF's first. (Then I can wear my sheepie Chullo and my FF socks to the barn. :lol:) I don't have a small travel project - just Sweet Geek's sweater - so...socks. You can never have too many hand-knit socks. :lol:

Enough rambling.....I'm hoping Ms boss doesn't come in. I have socks to knit work to do!

Semper Fi!

Nov. 10th, 2009 07:19 am
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Yes, today is the Marine Corps birthday, and my anniversary. I don't know whether to yell Semper Fi or Love you....Semper you just doesn't have that special "ring" to it, know what I mean? :lol:

Himself is turning into quite the reader. He's slowly plowing his way thru my Star Wars Expanded Universe books - these are *adult* books (NOT that type!), not kids' books, so this is very impressive (Yes, I pre-read them. Not that I expect anything R- or X-rated in them - Lucas is VERY particular about what goes on in his sandbox, but you never know). For a 9-year old boy, this is very good. I foresee a trip to Half Price in the near future to get more reading material.

Finished his fingerless mitts this morning. I now only have Sweet Geek's sweater as my carry-around project. Oh, no - what to do? :lol: The Chullo is definately a Stay At Home project - it's hard enough for me to juggle 2 balls on the table....would hate to try and do it in a car or restaurant! I'm up to the sheep.....which means I'll soon be juggling 3 colors. :sigh: I remember why I wasn't too upset when I put it down earlier in the year - I LOVE colorwork, but hate the knitting of it. :grin:

Am off tomorrow - the plan is to build the feeders and get some fence work done. We're going out to dinner tonight, and Sweet Geek said he'd stop at Home Depot for me (my Jeep can't handle the length) to get the wood for the feeders, so I don't have to go out tomorrow. Hopefully, my plan will be successful....we'll see. I'm starting with Premier 1's plans, but changing them to fit our barn better. Fun stuff.....I don't think in 3-D. This'll be interesting. :lol:
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and no, we do NOT have a barn. We have a building, yes - but no roof, and a hole large enough for a herd of horses to go thru. Why? Because my darling husband decided to over-engineer the rafters - and I wasn't outside to correct him. :sigh:

Ah, well.....I'm off Wednesday. I *can't* roof by myself, but I can build a feeder and maybe run some fence. The goats are coming SATURDAY...we gotta get this stuff done!

Have started the sheepie portion of my chullo (click the tag - I think there's pics on here somewhere from v.1.0.). I've made a few changes - added 3 rows of dark green at the bottom (because I am stupid and color-blind, that's why) and changed the green on the border (see former excuse). I'm much happier with this - it IS a titch large, but Palette fulls wonderfully well (or so KP website says) so....that's good. :lol:

Must run - contract work due today!
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I have to get back to knitting. :lol: Sweet Geek and Herself are rafter-ing the barn (I can't *do* anything until the rafters are up, and I HATE sitting with nothing to do.) So...quick recap of the weekend so far:

Saturday: Got up at 4:30 thinking about my chullo. I put it down before my surgery in March, and haven't picked it back up again, because something was "off" about it. No, not the screwed up, roll-y edge - I'd figured out how to fix that (pick up stitches, and add a garter-stitch border. Tedious, but no biggie) - it was something...else. I was in bed, contemplating March and milking, and thought "Hey! My chullo would make a PERFECT milking hat - it has sheepies on it and everything!"

So, I hopped up out of bed (at 4:45 AM on a Saturday...I'm nuts.), and dug out the hat. And looked at it. It's...cute. (Denial only lasts so long, y'know.) It, it can't be..but it looks......Damn. Went into the kids' bathroom, shut the door (still with the denial), and. Put. It. On. Shitshitshitshitshit. It's too DAMN small. Like, 1" too small around - it won't even reach my ears - and ear flaps'll only do so much.

So. I cut the yarn. Then I actually sat down and figured my gauge.

See, I don't normally do a gauge swatch - not on small projects, anyway. I usually hit gauge with no problems (don't hate me. It's just blind luck), so this time I figured, OK, the KP yarn I'm using feels the same, grist-wise, as the LL sock yarn I love. I get 8 sts/inch with LL on size 2, this has the same grist, so - Size 2 it is! (Since the pattern calls for 8 sts/inch)

When I actually COUNTED stitches, I got 12 sts/inch. :gulp: No wonder the damn hat is too small. So. I have no size 3 circ, and I don't want to use DPNs for stranded knitting - I can, there's no problem, it's just more fiddly than I feel like right now (and the whole. Damn. Hat is stranded knitting - you use both ends of the ball and alternate in all the solid color portions. So....OK. :deep breath:

I got 12 sts/inch with size 2s. I'll probably get 10 sts/inch with size 3s, so let's move up to size 4s (which I happen to have handy) and see what we get.

I'm right at 8.5 sts/inch. The hat (I'm 3 rows from the sheepie right now) is a tad loose - but I can FIX that with a little hot water and agitation. Even if it doesn't tighten up any, I'd rather it be a bit loose - I can bun my hair and wear it over the bun. (I'm betting it'll shrink like anything, though - the knitting is a bit loose, and a tad floppy - usually signs that I can full it a bit with judicious washing.)

So......I CO, and started in. I remembered to do the border in garter (purling 162 stitches isn't my favorite thing, but it's ok.), and I'm MUCH happier with it. We'll see how I feel when I get to the sheep. :lol:

Barn: We started yesterday at 8 (yes, I had 3 hours of knitting! Go me! Sweet Geek did breakfast - pancakes. Lovely man...), and, when we finished, the back of the barn was done, the side where the window is was almost done (need to cut 1 piece), the other side is almost done (need to cut 3 pieces of tin, and put up a whole one. We laid out the rest of the tin - *I* was afraid we'd need to go get more today for the roof. It LOOKS like we have enough - especially since we bought 3 more clear panels for the skylights (we use 2 at a time, to conserve the tin).

We also visited our pregnant goats last night - I had to take the breeder some of my feed, so she could switch them over gradually. They're fat, they're happy, and they are all (it looks) pregnant. :huzzah: We've GOT to get the barn done, though - they are coming home *next* weekend. :ack:

Gotta run - have some knitting to do!


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