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We've been busy, but let me get this out of the way: Rogue 1 is a good movie. It is a Star Wars......made-for-TV-movie. It doesn't FEEL like a true Star Wars feels like a one-off (which, it is.) IF you've seen the 1977 Star Wars (aka "A New Hope"), then you already know what HAS to happen here - and it does.

This is a WAR movie. It's not......over-blown violent, but people die. On screen. (Again, if you are at all familiar with Star Wars, then you KNOW what is going to happen.) It does fill in the details about what happened just before Ep. IV opens - literally, Rogue 1 ends moments before the screen crawl of IV begins. it was a satisfying show, feels like a - dare I say this? - Holiday Special :snerk: :rolls on floor laughing uproariously: :have you SEEN the Holiday Special from the '70's?????: :lol: Only, Better. This has story, and plot and it's a good show.

Ah :wipes eyes: - it was good, but I won't be going back to the theatre to see it again. I'll buy the DVD, because Star Wars, but.....:shrug: They did a good job with the Senators that started the rebellion (Mon Mothma, Bail Organa) - they aged them from the prequels beautifully. The CGI Tarkin (that actor died years and years ago!) works, IF you don't scrutinize it too much. There was only 1 plot.....pothole; it doesn't matter, it doesn't make you question the movie, it just......doesn't explain WHY the Tantive IV was docked with the ship it was docked with, during the battle (again - if you've seen IV, you KNOW there was a battle. I'm trying my best to NOT spoil it!) - there isn't a logical reason for it, but - eh, it works. The motivation for most of the characters makes sense, the acting is really, really GOOD, the dialogue is snappy (a bit too much, honestly, I could do with less smart-alecky-ness, but it wasn't enough to make me quit caring.) The action is intense, and everything *works* - you care about the characters, you care about the mission (even though you already know that they succeed - we've seen the future!). AND Vader gets to Vader around - SHOWING why people feared him.

Anyway - that was Friday. :lol:

Yesterday was Ikea. I HATE Ikea, I really do - it's a soul-sucking bastion of the Underworld - but they have affordable cabinets. That I actually like. :Sigh: I got an appointment for Wednesday for a kitchen planner to come out and spend up to 4 hours with me, actually planning my kitchen. Yes, I have set it up in the official planning program......but. It's buggy, it doesn't have everything *I* want, and I don't want to buy a lot of stuff only to find out it doesn't work the way I thought it would. Plus, we get that fee back when we order the cabinets,'s free piece of mind. We also bought the vanity, sink, faucet, and storage cabinet for the kids' bathroom. We then hit Home Depot and bought paint and the tub fixture, then priced a new tub and toilet (the Jeep was FULL, and it'll take the truck to get the tub. I want porcelain over steel, NOT fiberglass, so....yeah. Truck.)

This week, I have to go order the floors. I have to wait until the bank releases the rest of the funds, but.......:huzzah!: Things are starting to move along rather nicely.

I finished scarf #6 today - I am back to socks, now. :lol: Cyn gave me some $$ for my birthday; I bought some worsted weight yarn. Smiley's Yarn has the BEST prices I've found for economical yarns - it's kind of hit-or-miss on fiber content, but they had a decent selection of 100% wool worsted and DK weight yarns. I bought....well, I bought enough that I should be set for a while. I have a large selection of sock-weight yarn; it was time I branched out. (Yes, I can use sock yarn for other things...but it takes longer. Smaller yarn = more stitches. I want hats NOW, not 2 weeks from now, y'know? :lol:)

It's almost lunch-time; better skitter! It's currently 22*; need to toss another log on the fire!
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and an apology - I'm trying to cut back on Internet time so as to get all the knitting done. I have half a scarf, 2 hats and 1 (2) pair(s) of socks to get done by Dec. 16. :sigh: So, less reading/commenting/posting for a bit.

Anyway, photos! Click for photos! )
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because I got nuthin'. I'm battling sleeplessness - it's hard to sleep when my leg hurts so darn much! - and trying to keep up with the school work. Forget the housework! :lol:

Click for pictures! )
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I finally finished the birds COMPLETELY last night. The embroidery.....Oi! About 6 hours worth, all told - but it's definitely worth it!

Here's one side:

Firebirds right

And the other:

Firebirds left

They've since been washed (they were pretty grubby; not surprising since they were knit all over the place!) and are currently blocking. Soon as they're dry, I'll sew on the eyes (the kit came with 3mm silver-lined red beads; Herself said that wasn't bling-y enough. She gave me 4mm Swarovski fire-opal crystals to use instead.) and get more pictures of them - this time on the feet they're intended for. They really need to be seen *on* to get the full effect.

I've already CO Himself's scarf. I've never combined color-work and cables before, so....hopefully I won't have to rip back. We'll see.

The bruises have turned yellow-and-green...icky. The swelling is just about gone; it only hurts if someone/thing touches the bruised area. So - healing is occurring. This is good!

SG is...well, he's a man. Still hurts - to the point that he's annoying. :wry grin: (Why can't most men handle pain? I leg only slowed me down the morning after it happened - I still kept up with chores/etc. HE'S been in bed since Thursday evening; when he's up, he's fine until someone asks him about things. :shakes head: I know I have a high pain-tolerance level, so it's kinda funny to me when other people *don't*. (He's also surprised that the antibiotics didn't fix him Right Then, and that pain meds take TIME to actually kick in. :shakes head:)

We got RAIN!!!!!!! Lovely, lovely rain!!!!! Saturday was nice and wet, as was this AM - and it's still looking like rain now. :happy dance:

Gotta go work on the scarf again. I'm interested in how it's going to turn out!
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I think. This cough will NOT quit...ugh. Ah, well...

Sweet Geek took me to see The Golden Compass yesterday. It was good - I haven't read the books, so some of it was confusing as hell - but I think I'll pass on taking the kids. They can wait for the DVD to come out.

I have NO CLUE why it's being boycotted by the religious right - I didn't see ANYTHING objectionable in it. Maybe the books have more anti-religon sentiment; the movie...well, I didn't see any. Ah, well....(I still want an ice bear of my own...)

The scarves are DONE and delivered - Sweet Geek has the photo on his camera, so I can't upload it yet. :grin: I've started another knitted scarf - last minute "oops" prezzie - in red Angel Hair. Fast knitting, even if it is plastic yarn.

Gotta finish assembling a prezzie, so I can get it into the mail tomorrow or Tuesday. Fun stuff!


Dec. 13th, 2007 08:29 am
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The scarf is *finished*. Done. Completed. Cast Off. Whee! :grin: With time to spare, and 2 yards of yarn left over, even.

Next up: Finish my fingerless gloves. All that needs doing is the fingers on glove #2.....20 minutes, tops. (Well, I'm at work, so maybe an hour, max.) Then, I'll cast on for LM's hat.

Speaking of which, I spent over an hour last night reorganizing all my knitting needles. Man, I had NO CLUE I had SO MANY size 8 needles....:grin: I also *really* need to do something about all my circs....the interchangables have their own case(s), but the regular circs......they breed. That's my only excuse - they've been watching the looms and wheels, and have started breeding. :grin:

Tonight, I'll get back to the weaving and bang that scarf out. It *has* to be done by Saturday, so I can wash it and gift it Sunday. It's doable...but I HAVE to sit and actually, you know, *weave*. :lol:
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My Mother-of-the-Year award got snatched away from me this morning, because I refused to allow them (the ungrateful little ingrates) to play with their toys INSTEAD of eating breakfast. And, y'know, actually *getting*ready*for*school*. I mean, obviously, finishing up the modifications on the Lego Technics Battle Droid (changing it from a simple Drone into a Command Droid - SO Important!) is MUCH more Important than, say...brushing your teeth. :rolls eyes: We won't even go into the discussion of why I would NOT allow the installation CD to be put on the PC Right!Now!....(hey - *I'm* not allowed to play with electronics, remember? I can use 'em, but any alterations have to be done by the professional, 'cause for some reason I tend creative with it. Never mind I follow the never seems to work exactly the way the program says it will. It's a gift I have...:grin:)

Actually wove a couple of inches on scarf #4. It's looking good - he wanted red and black checks (Texas Tech, don'cha know), and it's coming out pretty nice if I do say so myself. Should go pretty quickly - I only spent maybe 15 minutes on it, and got 4 stripes done.

The knitted scarf is about 9 rows from completion. Not sure what I'll do with myself today when it's finished - I didn't bring another project. :wah: Ah, well...I can PLAN the next project (hat for LM, as requested. I *knew* I should have packed the yarn and DPNs!)

In other news, I saw snowflakes (shhhhhhhhh!) this morning on the way to the daycare. Yes, honest to God snowflakes. I took it as an expression of happiness on my natal day, said thanks, and muttered my way in (I really DON'T want my Libby to get mashed up because other people can't drive when the weather's not perfect. I was a nervous wreck all the way in today. :grin:)

Speaking of Libby, can anyone out there give me the Gaelic pronunciation of "Saorsa"? It's Scots Gaelic for "Liberty", and would make a much more butch-sounding name for the Jeepster......otherwise, it's "Libby"...which I'm just not really that fond of. (Go figure....:grin:) I'm thinking it's something like "shOREsa", but honestly, I have no clue.

Lunch today with Ms. boss.....won't be as nice as yesterday's lunch, but hey - free lunch! I can make nice for a couple of hours...:grin: Dinner tonight, thanks to my Mom....I could get used to this. :lol:

Again, please click on the link posted in this entry - it's all I want for my birthday, Erin to get her 5 million downloads. It'd make a great (and FREE) prezzie for me....AND her. Again, win/win. :smile:


Dec. 5th, 2007 02:31 pm
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according to my pattern, I am done with the scarf (well, less the 6 rows to actually *finish* it)..but according to my ball of yarn, I'm not even 1/2 done. Think I'll go along with the yarn on this one...:grin:

The receipient has seen and admired it, but has NO clue that it's intended for *her* :snicker: I love stealth gifts......

Been "window shopping" today....I found a cargo cover for a Liberty that *might* fit's for a '05, but the seller is going to get me the measurements so I can be sure before I buy it. He's got it listed for $50; the dealership wants $160 for it. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...what would you do? :grin:

I also want to get some mud flaps, and maybe running boards. eBay has them both for less than 1/2 what the dealer wants...I just need to decide if I *really* need them. (The mud flaps, yes...the running boards, maybe.)

Need to get this scarf finished so I can a)finish my fingerless gloves (1 is completely done, the other needs the finger-bits), b) finish the other giftmas stuff, and c)make LM a hat (got the yarn and needles, just need to *do* it) I also need to sit at the wheel and get Sweet Geek's yarn at least to the plying point....(it needs to be a 3-ply to actually be *yarn*...I have 1 bobbin filled. This is going to take a while....) AND I have 1 scarf to warp and weave off......(checks calendar...I *think* this is all do-able, less the yarn)

Back to the scarf!
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which means Chili! And Sweet Geek! Whee! :grin:

Finished the red vacation scarf - even the ends are woven in. Just needs washing, then it'll be ready for gifting. Started on the next prezzie - the Catspaw Scarf from Straw into Gold. I started it last night (around 6:30) and I'm already 1/3 done! :boggle: Patons wool on size 7s, if it matters. :grin:

Gonna go play with Jeeps tomorrow - I'm interested in the Liberty. I miss my Wrangler - yes, it was a POS, but it was a *FUN* POS. I'm hoping the Liberty is similar - the gas mileage is MUCH better than my Chevy's, and the cost is MUCH less (which should = less payments...but I'm not holding my breath). If the dealer will deal, then I might be convinced to trade up (or down, depending on your point of view) - I already did the credit app and got pre-approved, so that's one step done. We'll see....

Need to hit the looms hard this weekend - got 1.5 scarves to knock out. Weekdays are impossible - too much other stuff to do. Sweet Geek has class tomorrow AM, so I'll weave until he gets to the house. Then it's Jeep time (the kids think this is a good idea - they both say they'll miss the truck, but "Jeeps are more fun. We can go Off-Road!" :snicker: That's my kids! :grin:)

Back to knitting....


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