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And we're still here.........ah, well. :grin: It looks like rain, so :fingers crossed: it decides to dump water on us.

Herself......:ARRRRRGGGGGGH: We have worked on Ch. 5 for 2 weeks. She GOT every assignment - nailed each one. Today is the "test"....and she suddenly has NO CLUE. :bangs head: I. JUST. DO. NOT. GET. IT. She's supposed to reduce equations....easy, she KNOWS how to do it, we've DONE it.....and she missed the first 4. I told her to redo them or I'd fail her and we'd redo the damn chapter until she GOT it - again.

And Himself.......I told him NO computer time until he cleaned up his room. 5 minutes later, he's sitting down getting ready to play Portal. :bangs head: NO. Just - NO. So he says "Fine - get me a trash bag and I'll throw it all away." :bangs head harder: Not even...

I lost it. TOTALLY lost it. Told him that THAT wasn't the point, and if he kept it up, I'd uninstall the damn game and block the 'net on their Mac-mini, because I was tired of him rushing thru stuff just so he could play a damn game that wasn't *going* anywhere.

I don't know what's gotten into them today. His room isn't bad - he just has a bunch of papers piled up on a card table and chair that need to be straightened up. She KNOWS this stuff......:grumble:

I need a stiff drink...and it's only 9:30. :sigh:

Date: 2011-10-07 04:08 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)

I did just buy some whiskey so my evening-after-workout Irish Coffee was possible... I will share!

- Hearth


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