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as regards to Lawn Tractors. #johndeerefail And SERIOUS lack of customer service. #agpowersucks #agpowerfail

Let's see: husband decided to spend some of his retirement settlement on a fancy lawn tractor. I, of course, pointed him to Kubota - that's what my tractor is, I've ALWAYS gotten good service from them #kubotalove , and thought a matched set would be nice. But no, husband wants a GREEN lawn tractor. I told him I'd buy a couple cans of green spray paint, but no - it was John Deere or nothing. #johndeerecustomerservicesucks

So. In late January, husband paid cash for a John Deere lawn tractor from the local dealer #agpowersucks. He got the tractor, the plow (basically a discount front-end loader) and the canopy. Again, he paid CASH for a NEW set-up.

Problem #1: Ag Power sold him a USED canopy at FULL price #agpowersucks . He reported it; the customer service rep said "Oh, well.... we'll give you a 10 or 15 percent discount on your next purchase #agpowersucks

Problem #2: Last month, he finally tried out the plow. He moved 1/2 bucket of mulch, and the plow died #johndeerefail . He called Ag Power #agpowerfail ; they said, yes, OF COURSE it's under warranty, and it won't cost you anything to get it fixed! Give us your CC# - it's just formality, we WILL NOT CHARGE YOU. #agpowerlies (I think you see where this is going, right??)

They sent a guy out (UNDER WARRANTY); turns out it was just a fuse. The guy again said NO CHARGE, and left. #agpowerlies

Problem #3: Husband was reconciling his bank account yesterday, and low and behold there's a charge for *$140* from Ag power #agpowerlies . He called and has gotten NOTHING but run-around.

This morning he was told the manager would call him - he has NOT gotten a call. He was told that NO, it was NOT under warranty #agpowerlies , and of COURSE he was responsible for the service call #agpowerlies .

The call ended with husband requesting the return policy - if they want his $140 so badly, then HE wants his $5,138.00 back. In CASH, just as he paid. They can keep the $140, but he'll keep the fuse. #agpowerfail

The guy said, oh, but we'll have to charge you a fee to return it......SERIOUSLY?????? #johndeeresucks #johndeerefail #agpowersucks #agpowerlies

(Why all the hashtags? Because LJ just rolled out something that allows hashtags to show up...where ever. I figure, why not add them this time? Maybe someone with a bit of customer-service smarts will see this and get how absolutely STUPID this has been handled on THEIR end. #agpowerlies )

Anyway. He's scoping out Kubota, because we're both pretty sure Ag Power is going to continue the stupidity and refuse to refund the $140 - even though THEY lied to us about the charge. OK, so if electrical isn't covered, why didn't the service rep ON THE PHONE ask husband to check the fuse before they sent anyone out??? #agpowerfail # agpowersucks

Let me recap:

1. Ag Power sold a USED part at NEW PART pricing #agpowerlies

2. Ag Power said No Charge, then charged $140 #agpowerlies

3. Ag Power wants to charge a fee to return said tractor package; the return is directly caused by THEIR lies and policies #agpowersucks #agpowerlies

If you are in the market for a lawn tractor/mower, STAY AWAY from Ag Power - they are willing to lie to get your business, and they won't honor their word. #agpowerlies

I'm not sure how much of this is John Deere's policies, but it wouldn't surprise me to find out it is #johndeeresucks #johndeerefail Pity - the green looks nice in the shed next to my orange tractor. Oh, well - looks like we'll end up with a matched set after all. (The local Kubota dealer goes above and beyond to make sure their customers are happy. Ag Power? Not at ALL. #agpowersucks
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when the Lord wants His people to ignore something, the chrischun sites promote the crap out of it. When He wants His people to pay attention, the chrischun sites are silent. It's odd, but I kinda "get" it...and right now, the chrischuns seem to be up in arms over: Modesty. (To be fair, I don't hit a lot of those sites. The homeschool forum I lurk on, though, has been ALL OVER the modesty thang, as have a few other sites I hit. So.....)

This bugs me, for more than 1 reason. I'm going to try to be coherent here, but I'm not sure I can, because this makes me so bear with me. I know *what* I want to say, but I'm not sure I can do justice to it.

So, modesty. According to what I've read, woman are to blame if a man - wait, a "brother" - sins. A woman MUST cover from throat to below the knee, and below the elbow, because a man might see her skin and sin - and it will be HER fault. I call BULL-SHIT to this.

Don't toss the old "well, men are visual creatures" bunk at me - we're ALL visual creatures. We ALL have eyes, and we all look. Don't put some man's lack of control on ME, just because I choose to wear shorts and a tank top in 104* weather. It's NOT MY FAULT. (It's same basic principle as a rapist claiming that his victim "asked for it - look at how she was dressed!" Yeah. THINK about that one a minute.)

I'm not saying that I have the right to go out skyclad (to use a neat phrase from my SCA days. :wink:) - I do believe that some things should stay covered except in the privacy of my own home. However......why am *I* (speaking for all women, here) condemned for wearing a sleeveless top (because some strange male might - just MIGHT, mind you - get lust-filled thoughts at the sight of my elbow (no shit, someone actually said that a female elbow is erotic.) or shoulder), while men are "allowed" to run around shirtless. (Even those who...really should cover up their beer bellies. Some things are best left unseen.)

Here's the deal - we all have eyes, and we all look. It doesn't mean that looking automatically equals lust. I can - here's a good example. There's a young man that lives around here somewhere (or did - I haven't seen him lately.) He tends to go running shirtless - and let me tell you, his abs are what I wish mine were. He's in good shape - but he doesn't cause me to fall into a lust-filled tremble when I see him. I simply see a great example of God's creation - and that's it. I admire it, then move on, just like I do when I see a sunrise/sunset.

WHY does the chrischun church claim that their menfolk can't control themselves? They're really putting their men down, you know.....and yes, I realize it's all about control. Of women, mostly - if you question it (and I have), you'll generally get something along the lines of "Well, because of Eve." (It might take a while to get to that point, but that's what it boils down to - women MUST be covered, because they can lead men astray too easily, like Eve.) Again - Bull Shit.

Yes, Eve took the first bite. She *offered* the fruit to Adam, who had 2 choices: 1) Politely decline or 2) Accept. He chose option #2. When God asked "What have you done?!", Adam took the coward's way out "SHE - the woman YOU gave me! - made me do it!" :facepalm:

Do you see what Adam did there? Not only did he deny his culpability in the situation, he actually accused GOD (indirectly) of the sin! I mean....yeah, way to put on your big-boy pants there, Adam!

Eve was WRONG, yes.....but she at least didn't blame anyone but the Serpent (who did, in fact, tempt her into it.) Doesn't make her sin right, but she did admit to doing it. Adam took no responsibility at all.....and the church seems to take that tack as well - it's not the MEN'S fault that they lust! It's the woman's! She needs to stay completely covered to keep HIM from sinning! :sigh:

It really gets bad when you want to discuss that #1 summer pastime (here, anyway): swimming. Women, to be modest, should apparently wear a 1-piece suit, with a rash guard or t-shirt over it, any time they are at the pool/beach. Um. A t-shirt. In the water.....there's a reason bars have wet t-shirt contests, you know, and modesty has NOTHING to do with it.'s hard to swim in a t-shirt..they balloon up, and weigh a ton and....yeah. Whatever. (Don't get me started on swim dresses.....I had one. I wore it 1 time. NEVER again. The skirt wouldn't stay in the water; it was up around my neck like a lily-pad. NOT very was bad. The weight of it wet out of the water pulled the neckline down to...well, *I* don't consider my belly-button modest.)

Look, I'm not saying modesty has no place for Believers.....but what the chrischun church calls "modesty" really isn't. It's twisted......cover your private bits, and dress to where YOU (and your mate!) are comfortable with it, and don't worry about someone else's sin. No matter how "modestly" YOU dress, there's someone out there who just might get turned on by it. And it's not your fault. (You think I kid...I don't. It's a scary world out there, full of weirdoes. When every female is covered by a burka, the sight of a woman's *finger* can turn some people, you know, women can't win. :sigh:)

Anyway, I'm rambling. We need to head out......and I don't know if I even make sense. SO.....laters!
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SG has another doc appointment for his foot - it's no better. :sigh: I love the man...but I HATE wounded warriors.

Snap Circuits are a HUGE hit. Today we built an alarm with a photo-resistor, and we learned about insulated vs. uninsulated wires. Cool!

Herself and Himself are finally in the same chapter in Math. She's...not happy, but what can I do? She totally BOMBED her Ch. Revision exercise (seriously. 2 right - out of 36. :sigh:) He missed 2 out of 40. I can't move her ahead, and I certainly can't hold him she has to repeat the chapter. I *hope* that this will make her pay more attention - she really doesn't want him to sail ahead of her!

I have a copy of a Women's Siddur (Prayer Book)....I......yeah. It's so over-the-top in some places that I am having a hard time being respectful. I get the "time-bound" thing - women aren't required to do "time-bound" commandments because they need to care for the kids/house/husband...but. Torah doesn't SAY THAT. I get that there are morning prayers (women are exempt from them), and noon-time prayers (ditto), and evening prayers (ditto, again)...but it says that IF you want to do the prayers, you can...unless you are *too late* for them, in which case too bad, so sad; the general feeling is that that prayer-ship has sailed and God won't hear them. Um. I...I can't think like that.

And...some of the "women-only" prayers.......for example, you can only pray for a specific sex of a baby the first 40 days. SOME women don't realize that they are pregnant before that point, so - what? They can't ask for a boy/girl? I mean......again, I didn't realize that God shuts that prayer line down after a certain amount of time.

I....:sigh: I always thought that God has a 24/7/365 prayer-line thing going. Any time, any place, you could pray and He'd hear it. The Siddurs, though, imply (they don't say this outright) that you only have x-amount of time to say prayers......and I simply Do. Not. Get. It. I also don't get the "women are exempt from prayer because of family obligations"...don't men ALSO have family obligations? Why aren't THEY exempt, then? (And why the distinction? Torah says "Israel" heard God, not "the MEN of Israel".....which means that WOMEN also agreed to keep Torah. :sigh:

There's a lot more swirling around in my head, but I have family obligations. :wink: I have to braid the challah, check the bank balance, and get everybody ready to take the husband to the doctor. :lol: Seriously - I just can't put my thoughts into words. I need to muse on it a bit more....

Shabbat Shalom!
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OK, I don’t normally “do” political posts…but this takes the cake. I’ve seen it ALL over my FL today, and I think it needs another boost.

Daily Kos has a good write-up on it.

Elizabeth Moon, a pretty good S/F writer, speaks up here. (I don't always agree with everything Elizabeth writes, but I do agree with this post in it's entirety. Yes, I'm surprised too! :wink:)

Look, I am neither pro-life, nor am I anti-abortion. I fully believe that it’s a decision that’s between a woman and Yah. Yes, the father/sperm donor should have a say….but sometimes that’s not possible. I can see both sides of the argument – rape? Incest? What if a pregnancy puts the mother’s life in danger? (I have an online friend who went thru this…..her Rabbi told her that if she didn’t terminate the pregnancy, she was violating Torah – I don’t remember all the specifics, but it seems that if she had continued to carry the fetus, she had a very high probability of dying (and the fetus was non-viable, anyway) – and that was, basically, her allowing the fetus to murder her. Or something like that – it wasn’t something she OR the Rabbi (OR her husband - and they had been trying to conceive another child for YEARS) entered into lightly.)

I don't think abortion should be used as birth control, and I don't think it's something that should be top of the list when an "oops" pregnancy occurs. It's a major decision and should be treated as such - BY the people it directly affects.....NOT some government faction that has no real tangible interest in the people that are making such a decision.

Laws like this should NOT be passed. The thing no one's mentioned yet - sometimes, you miscarry before you even realize you've been pregnant. WHO, then, will make the determination that it's a normal period, or proof of an illegal miscarriage? I mean.....I know that this argument was used a few years ago to block a less-intensive anti-abortion bill.....

I have no right to tell you what to do with your body, not do you have that right in regard to me. I will accept your decision, and even support you/lend a sympathetic ear, no matter what – but I can not make that decision for you. And the government CERTAINLY has no right to FORCE me to make a decision of this type. MY body, MY decision - YOUR body, YOUR decision.

It's that simple.


Sep. 7th, 2011 10:15 am
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I don't know how much more of Herself I can take. I *KNOW* keeping her home is the right thing to do. I KNOW High School is a BAD idea for her. I KNOW she'll blossom here at home, working at her pace.

But I can NOT take another day of meltdowns and arguments and back-talk. I simply can't. :deep breath:

Today? Math. Himself had requested Monday that I not read the History lesson to them - he said he can't keep up with the info when I read it; he'd rather read it himself. Fair enough. So, he reads History while she does Math, and vice-versa (I read History to her Monday...but not today. I couldn't).

She's on Ch. 4 - Introduction to Algebra. I open the textbook - and she says "This is stupid. I HATE this." I tell her - gently - too bad, we have to do math, and this is it. I start reading - this section is on variables. ie: This rectangle's height can be expressed by "h", and the length by "l". To find the area, you'd say "h x l". "I KNOW THAT. This is stupid." :sigh: OK... moving on "Suppose the length is 5 and the height is 3. How would you solve the equation?" "I don't know - this is STUPID. I'm not going to do it!" wash, rinse, repeat. (The answer, of course, is 15. In case you don't remember your algebra.)

We moved on. "How would you find the perimeter?" "I don't KNOW or CARE." :sigh: I told her too bad, we had to get this done, and started explaining: "OK. How do you find the perimeter of a rectangle?" After a few arguments, she grudgingly told me to add the length and height, and multiply by 2. (Well, not really - she said "You add length + length + height + height", but that's close enough.) I said, OK - how would I write it using variables? "I DON'T CARE - this is STUPID" :bangs head:

When I started to explain ("P = 2Lx2H), I got told "I already KNOW this. Leave me alone!" (I think there was a "shut up" in there, too.) So, I said "FINE. Do the assignment, then, since you already know all this."

That led to a 20 minute meltdown. :bangs head: There were 19 problems - she missed 10. And they were EASY. I mean here: Find the value of 3a + 4b, when a=1/3 and b=1/2. Her answer? 32. :WHA??: (The correct answer is 3; 3* 1/3 = 1 and 4 * 1/2 = 2; 1 + 2 = 3)

I asked her HOW she figured the answer was 32.....and she told me "When I don't know the answer, or want to figure it out, I just put down random numbers."....with the attitude that it was the correct thing to do. No wonder she was failing math!!!!!! :boggle:

I don't know how much more of this I can take - it's not just Math. I handed her the History text...she spent 3 minutes on the first page and claimed she was done. When I confronted her, I got a "HMPFFFFFFFF" and a grudging page turn.

It's been like this all week.....and every day's been a little worse. I can't take much more of this.......and I don't know what to do about it. And now? Now she's all sweetness and light, and "I'm sorry about this morning. Let me play on the computer now." ( Just...NO.) She also tried the "I won't do it again"....but she said that Monday, and Tuesday......:sigh:

Sorry for the vent, but DAMN - I'm fed up. (Himself? Doesn't do this. He'll throw a fit once in a while (writing tended to set him off, but I switched to "The 5 Finger Paragraph" and he's WRITING now. It' - but nothing like this. He complains, yes - today's math (and Friday's) was a Review - he's at the very end of 6B. I want to be sure he *gets* math before moving on to the Middle/High School sequence (which is what Herself is in). Today's Review had 50 problems; I told him today was odd only; Friday he'd do the even ones of a different review. He gave me the big sigh, but then hunkered down and started working. (He got an 81 on it; most of the errors were simple addition - he got in a rush to get finished.) I didn't get any "This is stupid!"...I got one "Mom, I KNOW how to do all these!", but it wasn't a complaint, it was simply a statement.)

UPDATE ON CYNTHIA'S MOM: She's been transferred to a private room, but she had a BIG regression last night. She has a bladder infection, but is allergic to the medication they gave her. They pulled her off of it...and didn't give her anything else. She's running a fever (102*), and was delirious this AM. I had been wanting to post a positive today - the stroke caused no physical delays, just speech, and she was doing well...but now she's not. Please keep the prayers coming - even if it's just that she passes easily. (And that's hard to write...but she's 90, and I'd like her to not suffer. Healing would be great, of course...but if that's not His will, then...well........)
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I sat down yesterday to try and find some note/lap book elements for...I don't remember what I started out looking for. I know at one point I decided to try and find stuff on WWI - for next year (why wait? I have the time NOW; might not later on, and it'll keep)...and found some teacher's site with a COMPLETE unit study on WWI. AND WWII. :whee!: One thing led to another (you know how it is with Google, right?)....

I ended up with (in no sort of order): Complete Unit studies on:

Early Greece
Early Rome
The American Revolution
The French Revolution
Overview of the 17th Century
Mary, Queen of Scots
Famous American Women
The Renaissance
The Middle Ages
The Presidential Election Process
The Constitution
The Declaration of Independence
The Aztecs and Mayans

:whew: I have NO idea what search terms I was using...but I hit PAY DIRT. Some of these are from companies that SELL these - I asked SG if it was wrong to snag them; he said no, because I wasn't trying to hack, I wasn't looking specifically for them - and they were on the first 5 pages of my google search, FROM the companies themselves.

I still didn't find ANYTHING on the Byzantine I caved and purchased a set for that ($7. Worth it - I have spent 4 hours - so far - on getting Ch. 9 set up...and I'm only 1/3 of the way thru. Even tweaking, this will speed up what I need.). That's today's project - get Ch. 9 done, and see if I can't get Ch. 10 done as well (The Dark Continent and China. Whee!)

I have noticed something......I know a lot of homeschooler's use Story of the World for their History spine. I....have issues with that series - I've looked at the books multiple times, and just can't buy them. (Even on clearance and 50% off the last sales price. :sigh:) There's quite a few problems with them (check out Amazon's 1 and 2 star ratings for specifics......I found a few just flipping thru.) and...well, let's be honest. It's not "history", it's "historical fiction" (Yeah, they're called "Living History" honest. It's fiction, with history mixed in.) - I have NO PROBLEM with historical fiction, if you label it as such. For younger kids, it's probably better to introduce history with fictional long as you get the facts right. (For most younger kids, everything is stories anyway - so this is a *great* way to teach them the basics.)

SOTW? Doesn't. I know - because the author admits it - that she moved at least 1 event 100 years (the rebellion of Boudiccia. She said she moved it up a century to "make it flow better". Um. You can't DO THAT to history!!!! Put it 100 years later in sequence, but explain that it happened at the same time as X...but X was followed by Y and Z so quickly that you didn't want to mess up the connections.) She also mixes Bible stories in with no warning/explanation (Note: I don't mind that - we do accept the Bible as History. However....some people don't. If you're marketing a book for the masses, you need to notate what's Biblical and what's not. And you really should include *other* religious stories as well, to balance it - IF you're aiming for the mass market, and not the niche market. /soapbox) However...she includes some stories from the Talmud.....which.....well, aren't Scriptural......and, again, IF you include those, you need to include stories from other religions as well. :sigh: EDIT: Ali tells me that SOTW does, in fact, include other beliefs, so I retract that part of my rant. For the Record. :lol:

Anyway, back to my point - a lot of folks use SOTW for History. They also buy a LOT of these lap/note books sets.....which are all sold as "Unit Studies" WITH Historical notes. IF the book is History, as it claims to be, why do you need PAGES of Historical Notes (which, basically, ends up looking like a chapter pulled from an actual TEXT book, but I digress) to supplement the lesson? I...don't get it.

I am using the lap/note books to help the kids *retain* what the text says. Yes, our book is a textbook - and it's rather dry. BUT - it's also solid History.....without any fictional errors mixed in. Granted - if I had younger kids, it wouldn't be suitable; it's written for middle/high school students. But....I don't know that I'd go with SOTW as my *main* source. Unfortunately - I like the idea, I really do. It's just.....the facts aren't solid. :sad:

Wow...didn't mean to go off like that. I guess I'm just a bit upset - it seems that because the "most popular" (or so it seems) history text is light on actual History, the lap/note book companies are trying to take up the slack - and that pushes up the cost. $16 for a lapbook set? Or $30 for a set (which is what I paid for some of the Science sets.....yes, it's high. However, those were set up to go along with our Science texts...and there's a LOT there. But no "science" notes - if you don't have the book they were set up for, you won't really get a lot out of them.).....yes, it's a lot of work to set these up - I've been doing it! - but....$16 is still a lot, especially when they are so focused. (Which is why I'm trying to pull my own together - yes, I'm using freebies from the 'net, but I still have to tweak them, because our text covers things that other texts don't seem to. Should have researched it a bit more first...but hey - I got the books on sale! :lol:)

Today was a light day - Himself had to review Ch. 6 in Science, and do Art. Herself simply had a Science review (and I KNOW she's gonna fail again - but this time, the grade stands. I will NOT let her jack around.....she's got to learn that this is REAL school. :sigh:)
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I am at the point that I HATE, absolutely DETEST, the public school system. Dec. 17 I had to leave early, because Himself had a meltdown during the Holiday Party. Basically, he played the school, and won. He didn't want to be there, he didn't like that the counselor called me to ask if he could do something else, or if I wanted him at the party. I put it off on *him* - why should I make the decision? *I* wasn't there! He chose to go to the, he created a scene so he could go home early.

The school decided he was "in crisis" (BS) and they would not allow him back without a note from his psychologist saying he was "fit for school". We called and got an emergency visit....and the doctor told me up front that Himself had played the school. "There's NOTHING wrong with this kid except low self-esteem. I'll write a letter - but the school hasn't a clue how to handle above-average kids."

They went back to school today...and the principal called me saying they had no letter, so come pick Himself up. Problem - I am *60* miles away with no car (I rode in with my co-worker today). Plus, the doc said he wrote the letter....I can't help it no one can find it in their email box. :sigh: Add to it that the doc is in MEXICO right now...:bangs head:

Doc said he can re-send it from his iPhone. SG is dealing with the school - I told him I have HAD ENOUGH. This is absolutely ridiculous. There is NOTHING wrong with the boy that common sense couldn't "fix"....the school is just full of stupid idiots. (And yes, I don't care if someone from there reads this - they need a reality check. :grrrrr:

So....I am waiting on my coworker to quit. If I walk off, I get nothing....I'm NOT greedy, but damn, I've been here 20 years and don't want to leave with nothing - I'd like to be able to pay off the Jeep and most of the credit cards so we could live on just SG's salary (2 mortgages are KILLING us. Can't move his aunt in right now.....not enough $$$ to convert the garage to a livable room). However.....this can't go on. If my boss would just get fed up with the business, I'd be OK.....:sigh:

Not what I'd planned to write today....wanted to write about my lovely puppy EATING the bedroom rug......or my experiments in "fun" and cheap meals (last night was pizza croissants...interesting).....instead I have to vent about idiotic "teachers". :bangs head:
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No sleep last night because of the whole school situation. Herself is starting to get upset over it, as well - which is BAD, and totally unnecessary. I do not appreciate my children being put thru something - never mind. Just. Never. Mind.

SG is also pissed - to the point that, to quote [ profile] cleolinda, "I didn't know you could use F*** as a preposition!". :sigh: He's so upset that he ruined this morning's milk - he forgot to pour it into the tote bucket, and ran the soapy water directly into it. :sigh:

Tomorrow is Meet the Teacher and Pick Up Schedule day....I have to work. I can NOT get off. I have NO idea HOW we are going to do this - Himself is starting a new school and has NO idea where his classroom is. Herself is at the same school, but without a schedule, how will she know where to go? Picking it up Monday is NOT an option for her - she can't handle it. (Not to put her down, but, well - she can't. She has to KNOW, in Advance, or things Do Not Go Well.) I guess I have to pull off a miracle - again - to get things straight...and you know what? I shouldn't have to do that. It puts me in an untenable situation - and that's not right. (Life isn't fair. I know that. I also know - Never. Mind. I have enough shit on my plate right now - don't need more Drama Llama. Or stress - we have a big meeting with the bank next week, and I am looking at unemployment. Yes, I'm ready. Still stressful.)

Let's see......happy junk. Ummm....Oh! Thanks for the name ideas! Herself suggested "Doe-minican Republic"....:snicker: I think I need some paint. :lol: We have Fort Clucks, at Camp Cluckington; BUCKingham Palace (unfinished, but hey...); and now the DOEminican Republic. :snicker: I still owe SG a sign for the milk room - Watto(from "Phantom Menace") holding a holodisk with a goat...and the caption? (C'mon - you've seen the movie - you can guess. Guess!) "It's a NUBIAN" :lol:

Oh! This AM, I went out to feed. Let me back up...Last night, it looked like :gasp: rain. I checked the forecast - yup. 20% chance. The bucklings don't have shelter. So, the kids and I went out and hustled them into the DOEminican Republic, in the kidding area.

This AM, I grabbed their bucket, opened the stall door, and headed around the side of the barn. They came out, paused at the door - it was Dark! And Scarey! - so I rattled the feed as I rounded the corner. They bounced around....and Calvin took off at a dead run. I didn't have time to say more than "CALVIN!" before - SMACK - he ran into the closed (and chained) gate.

Goats bounce when they hit chain link. :lol: Their heads (Nubian, anyway) make a hollow thud when they hit said chain link at a fast clip. :rofl:

Calvin shook it off, and bounced in when I quit laughing long enough to unhook the gate. :lol:

AAAAAAAAAAAnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd, just found out that somehow, the bucks are in with the does. :bangs head: At least no one is in heat - it's too damned hot! Still....:sigh:
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thankfully. Beautiful sunrise again today - too bad it's gonna be HOT again.

Re: Rep. Barton. :sigh: He's a local. I love 'im. I'm pissed that MSM is only playing snippets of his apology to BP - it gives a *totally* different spin on it. If you watch the *entire* thing, and not just what the MSM wants you to see, you see that Rep. Barton SAID, up front, that yes, BP needs to pay for damages. YES, criminal charges are being considered. He then goes on to say that here, in America, we have due process....and then he goes into the parts you hear on MSM. - THAT's what he apologized for - the fact that they are being forced to pay billions before ANY charges/definate fault has been proven.

Is BP at fault? Undoubtedly. Should they pay something? Yes. $20 Billion? I dunno - what happens if the damages only equal $2 Billion? What happens to the other $18B? By rights, it would go back to BP.....but I betcha it won't. (And I don't KNOW how much this is going to cost - it could be in the Trillions. Point is, we DON'T know.)

Look, it's like this. Say I live in a townhome. It catches fire and burns my unit, the one next door, and half the block. Got that?, here are 2 scenarios:

1. I'm pissed at the bank, because I can't pay the mortgage, so I deliberatly set fire to the unit.

2. I had lit some candles to create a romantic mood; my spouse and I the mood and I forgot to blow 1 candle out. It was on the table; our cat jumped up there, knocked it over, catching the tablecloth (and thence the curtains/rest of the unit) on fire., ignoring insurance (since the US Gov't is ignoring BP's insurance - and I can Guarantee that BP has insurance that'll cover blowouts. Maybe not as catastrophic as this one is, but they DO have some form of insurnace, if only to cover their investment partners. More on that in a minute) how much am *I* personally liable for? In scenario 1, I should be liable for all damages - it was a deliberate act. But what about scenario 2? It wasn't pre-planned, I certainly didn't intend on losing my investment....but should I be responsible for the entire cost? Think about this - it's the same (basic) scenario we're looking at in the Gulf (only on a much smaller scale, of course).

Also.......the oil industry is SO specialized. BP may NOT be the company that ultimatly is responsible. (Bear with me). BP may be the parent....BP America is a subsidiary, but stand-alone company that handles the US arm. BP Exploration (I'm guessing on the names here, but this is standard) is the one that actually handles all the drilling. Same parent company, but each company is a stand-alone (BP is probably the major share-holder in all these companies, not really the "owner"). Still with me? OK...

When you drill a well, YOU don't put up all the funds. An on-shore well will cost around $3M (for a relatively shallow well, with no complications during drilling - dry hole costs are around $1.8M or so - the rest is completion costs) company wants to tie up that much money on a well that may prove to be a dry hole. So, you sell interests in that well - most oil companies have a list of folks/other companies that are willing to go in, so we're not talking Joe Blow can join in. Usually, the driller maintains 50% or so, the rest is sold in proportionate shares (and, to further confuse matters, there are Royalty interests as well, that make up about 5% of the ownership. RIs go to the landowners (in the Gulf, it's either the state (LA) or the US gov't), the landman that got the lease, possibly the company officers......small %'s, yes, but if you have enough of them they add up! RI owners are NOT responsible for any of the expenses - those belong to the Working Interest owners). You, as the driller, HAVE to have insurance, or no one will invest in the well - if you do have a blow-out (and that's not that common anymore, honestly - in the 30 years my company's been in business - and we started out doing our own drilling! - there's only been 1 blowout. In the over 10,000 wells we've drilled/participated in.), you want your investor's money covered.

So...why hasn't the insurace been mentioned?

I can tell you what I see happening. BP Exploration is going to file bankruptcy. Bye-bye money - BP America and BP will be fine, and untouched, because Hey - they're not involved in this! BP Exploration is probably in hock up to their necks, due to all the drilling they've been there won't be any money to pay creditors with. (Which is why the oil industry is so specialized. Drillers spend the money, the major stock-holders reap the profits. Most drillers have few employees - you hire contractors. It's cheaper - no insurance, no bennies; that's for the contract company to provide. I didn't say it was *fair*, but that seems to be the norm.)

:huh: I kinda went off track there, but the persecution of BP is really driving me nuts. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT. A horrible one, yes - 11 people DIED, for pete's sake! - but to villify BP without due process is WRONG. And it does set a very dangerous precident.....and I'm like Rep. Barton - I don't want to live in an America where due process is ignored. Do you?
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and payday. Huzzah! Even though I've already spent more than half of this check, it's still nice to have funds to put in the bank. For now, anyway. :grin:

The sunrise/skies this morning were GORGEOUS. Truly a work of God - beautiful, fluffy white and pink clouds, in a soft blue sky - except to the NorthWest, where they were fluffly gray clouds in a dark, stormy sky. Simply breath-taking! Now, they're gray clouds in a blue sky....rain is moving in. While I don't want the floods AR and OK have had, we *do* need rain.

I will no longer be endorsing KnitPicks. I had quit buying their needles when I found out how they treated a friend of mine.....OK, so you can't copyright/trademark a type of needle. I get that. Just because the Dyak's had come up with the slant cut laminate needle, that doesn't mean that Joe Blow over here can't make some, and sell them, too.

BUT. When you take another artist's idea, and try to TRADEMARK it so that THEY can't sell their OWN product, you've crossed a line. And that's what KP has done.

They started this a few years ago, when they (KP) came out with their Harmony needles. I didn't know the background at the time, and bought a set - they're nice needles. Cheap - and that's the thing, they are cheaply made.

Tom's needles are NOT cheap. They're not priced outrageously, but they are priced at a point that *I* can't go out and buy the full line at one time. He also doesn't have (right now, anyway :grin:) interchangables....but that's a minor detail. His Darn Pretty Needles are FABULOUS - I love 'em, and won't use anything else for sock-knitting. I have bought a couple of sets (full sets, I mean - 5 sizes, same colorway), and keep trying to budget for more.

The latest? KP has filed a - I don't know if it's a patent or a trademark; whatever, IF it goes thru, it'll prevent the Dyaks from selling their own, Made in America, needles. That THEY developed. And KP shamelessly copied.

For a while, I justified buying yarn only from KP, but not any more. I just can't - knowing how they treat REAL fiber people, I can't give them my money anymore. I'll use what I have from them, of course - I've already spent the funds, and I'm not rich enough to toss yarn on principle (in this case, I do wish I were!), but I'm not buying any more of ANYTHING from them. :sigh:

JL Yarns (on eBay) has good prices, and decent yarn. DBNY has closeouts - fantastic brands at good prices. Elann, ditto - but DBNY has slightly better prices (not as good a selection, though). Simply Sock Yarn has good prices on - what else? - sock yarns.....and there's ALWAYS eBay. And...I really need to get off my butt and spin up the fleeces I have. THAT will take care of a LOT of my yarn needs......for many, many years. :giggle: and :hangs head in shame:

:whew: Glad that's off my chest!
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So, today at work I had to listen to my boss and co-worker discuss buying more Hummel figurines for investment purposes. :bangs head:

Are people *really* this stupid? Are they not aware of what's going on with the GLOBAL economy? That we are NOT in a recovery, and won't recover for a very long time (if ever?)

I'm sorry......even if you DON'T believe we are watching Biblical Propehcy unfold around us, you have to admit things are bad....and that it's probably a good idea to invest your money in stuff you need to, canned goods. Chickens. Dairy Goats. Water stores. Vegetable garden/seeds.

NOT stupid, mass-marketed ceramic crap. :bangs head:

I...just can't think like that. (Let's see..over the past *2* days, co-worker has spent OVER $700 on Hummels. Mrs boss hasn't been that bad - she's only spent $400. But they are talking about buying MORE next week. Ummm.....$400 will buy a LOT of canned goods. Or a couple of young dairy goats. A small coop and 3 or 4 laying hens. Or....never mind.)


Jan. 12th, 2010 07:56 am
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First up, a rumor. I haven't checked it out yet - I will, but I wanted more people to look for it, too. I heard it from a cattle farmer (who was right on the ammo shortage BEFORE the election, so...) He's heard that there is legislation in the works to require a license/certification to prepare taxes. NOT to be a PAID preparer, mind you - but to simply Prepare them. Like, your own, even. IF true, this is bad.....think of all the Turbo Tax users - if you're not certified, you can't file your own. That would put TT out of business....and it would hurt the working class - *I* don't pay anyone to prepare my taxes; it's bad enough paying $25 to FILE my taxes. Add the fee on top of that....I can't do it. (What about all the companies that prepare their forms in-house (, for example?) - we used to pay Coopers and Lybrand $100K/year for tax prep. Granted, it was for 3 1120S's, 4 partnerships, and 1 1040.....but STILL. Having to pay a "certified" preparer could push some companies from profit to loss.....yes, some companies DO run at that close of a margin. Turbo Tax (and others) runs us $100/program....MUCH cheaper to do it ourselves.) Any one else heard of this?

Climategate: I do NOT doubt that humans have contributed to the changes in our climate. However....I DO question the "fact" that we are the Major cause. Mars is undergoing global warming right now.....and I simply can't see how our little-bitty SOLAR-powered rovers could have contributed. (I also read somewhere that VENUS is getting warmer...and we've never sent probes to Venus as far as I know...). My biggest peeve is that, if we are SO worried about global warming, and are telling EVERYONE to cut out gas consumption.....why did the world leaders FLY to Copenhagen for Climategate? (Don't Jets put out a LOT of pollution - and aren't movie stars like John Travolta scorned because of their private planes? Bit 2-faced there, right?) Why didn't *they* care enough about their "global footprint" to hold a webinar? (And don't toss time-zones into the picture - the leader's time-clocks were still set to their personal time-zones, so that's a non-issue.) If we could afford to let someone from our country fly over there (during a Financial Crisis, yet!), we could afford to lock them in a room somewhere with a webcam and laptop.

Blather: Started posting some yarn reviews last night. They're short, and mostly for my own records....but might prove useful to someone else. I've mostly done sock yarn so far (in my files...I haven't uploaded everything yet. :lol:), but plan on doing other weights, as well. You might not agree with some of *my* opinions, so feel free to tell me why you feel different in the comments. I might change my mind...:grin:
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Since I'm on a roll here, I'll do another knitting post. Might as well do it while my mind is there, right? :lol:

We've already discussed the actual value of using good yarn. I wanted to touch on *my* personal shopping...because I asked a "loaded" question a while back (remember the "should I spend $$$ on Expensive yarn and get less, or spend it on cheap yarn and get more?" post?) - I *knew* the knitters in the audience would tell me to buy the "good" stuff, and save the cheaper stuff for later. :grin: And, that's exactly what I did. And I feel a bit guilty about you get to 'listen' to my angst and thought processes. :lol:

I don't normally splurge on anything. Everything "out of the ordinary" that I buy - sock yarn, knitting/weaving/spinning stuffs, clothing - I research and think about before plunking down the funds. And try to spend as little as possible. This stems from life with my first husband - I had the same job; he had a decent job. However - he spent money like it grew on trees. There was one time I remember that I had $25 to buy 2 weeks worth of groceries - for 4 people. (I did it...we ate horribly, but we had FOOD.) (He had bought yet another damn firearm. Our agreement was "If you spend $100.01+ on something NOT Necessary, the spouse gets the SAME AMOUNT IN CASH to spend as they wish". I had hoped this would curtail the spontaneous spending...HA! I did, however, score some very nice equipment (eventually!) with this deal......but still. :sigh:)

Nowadays, things are better. I do have some "disposable" income - not a lot, no - we're not rich, by any means, but I have enough that spending $50/month on stuff like yarn doesn't affect the budget. (And before anything gets started, here - I DO give to charity. I don't put my hobbies in front of other people's needs - I just don't talk about it a lot. It's no one's business but mine and the charity in question. So.....anyway.) (Oh - and our household is pretty much run on my salary - Sweet Geek is paying all the expenses for his though I'm married now, I'm still running a one-income household. Yes, it's complicated. It works for us, though, so...:shrug: And "rich" is all about perspective, isn't it? While I, living near Dallas - home of Big Oil and Bigger Hair, think our funds are in the Not Rich category, someone in..say.....somewhere closer to Mexico might think we're rolling in the dough. So....we have enough, but not so much that there's excess, if that makes sense. And I don't know why I feel like I need to explain away our finances.... Anyway....)

The "sock yarn incident" was a very rare thing - and I *did* waffle on spending $150 on yarn. Sweet Geek made it plain, though - either I bought what *I* wanted, or he'd go to one of my bookmarks and buy what *he* wanted (since he doesn't knit, and doesn't know sock yarn from Red Heart....yeah. I went shopping. :lol:) After the majority of commenters told me to go ahead and splurge (like I said, it's what I wanted to do, anyway - I just needed affirmation), I did. And I still bought most of it On Sale. :lol:

My reasoning was: I buy a LOT of lower-cost sock yarns. eBay is a biggie for me - JL Yarns has 20 skeins for $65 all the time. (That's $6.50/pair!) The Salvia is comparable to Lorna's Laces - the colors are...odd, but it seems like the yarn base is the same. The yardage and gauge are the same, anyway. I also shop KnitPicks a lot. I'd never tried some of the yarn designer's favorites - Koigu, Noro, Cherry Tree Hill, Malabrigo, to name a few - and I was curious as to how it compared to the.....economy brands. (The Lorna's Laces yarns I've knit with have either been gifted to me or eBay scores, just FYI). Let me tell you, I'm GLAD I took this opportunity to try some of these!

The Noro Silk Garden? I won't be buying again. The yarn DID soften up after a wash...but it still feels a bit...plastic-y. I think that's the silk - I don't think they de-gummed it properly. The PF Alyeska (the cashmere blend) - Oh. My. I can't WAIT for our goats to start shedding! FANTASTIC stuff! The Malabrigo feels yummy - I need to knit it up soon; ditto the Cherry Tree Hill. I don't know how they'll wear, yet....but that's the purpose of this experiment, right?

Would I spend the $$$ on them again? Not the Noro.....and most of these I'll try to get discounted. (Well, the PF Alyeska I'll pay full-price for...but at $30/pair, it'll be a while. I need to buy a few things for the house, first! Plus we have the goats...and Merino wool can be bought relatively cheaply so I can just blend my own - for less* than the $30) I'll still buy the Salvia and KnitPicks yarns - the price is good (even if the colors are weird)...and I feel more comfortable spending that amount.

*Less than if you don't do a full cost calculation - which I do later on. Have fun! :lol:

I can FULLY understand someone not wanting to plunk down the "big" bucks for good yarn - I do. It's why I shop KnitPicks (I'm really not affiliated, ya'll, and they don't pay me to mention them. It's just - they have good yarn, for cheap. Smiley's Yarns is another cheap place - but they carry a lot of synthetics, which I don't use.) - Wool of the Andes (Worsted Weight, 100% wool) runs $1.99 - $2.19/ball. That's CHEAP - and it's pretty good stuff! It's what the never-ending cardigan is being knit out of - and, let me tell you, the knit-in-progress has been abused, and it doesn't show it At All (except for the one hole I discovered the other night. Yes, I'm angsting on it. Yes, it'll be repaired this weekend). I'm impressed!

I hit eBay yesterday to see what was out there. A lot of sweater kits...anywhere from $19.99 (for synthetic yarns) to $108 (pure wool.....but I thought the pattern was UGLY. :grin:). Looks like my $46 KnitPicks sweater is an even better buy - I think I paid $8 for the pattern. (And...I don't normally buy patterns. I have enough books to start my own library, and there are tons of free ones on the 'net. I just fell in love with this one.)

An aside: I have enough sock yarn to keep my family in socks for.....quite a while (not gonna actually *admit* how much I have stashed. It's...insulation. :nods:). When that runs out....I have fleeces. And roving. LOTS. And cashmere goats in my back yard. My family will be well-dressed after the wool, yes - oh, wait! I have about 40 pounds of raw cotton in the garage, too (it was free!) and a charka to spin it on. Yeah - we'll be the only ones in new clothes for miles around. :grin:

And here's another thought (it's been bugging me -this whole "you can't MAKE for less than you can buy" thought).....if we are going to be buying cheap yarn because we can't make a blanket as cheap as we can buy a fleece one at Wally-world...then we need to apply the SAME criteria to other things, as well. Like, say - Bread. :rubs hands:

I can buy a loaf of bread at the local grocery for $1.19/loaf. (Wallyworld for $0.78. Local is closer, so...). I prefer home-made. Let's see....Flour. I buy it in 5-lb bags (King Arthur ONLY....there are cheaper flours out there, but KA is by far the BEST.) for $4.29/bag. I use 3 cups in my challa receipe....let's do some math here....5 pounds = 80 oz/$4.29 = $0.05/oz. Approximately. 3 cups = 24 oz x $0.05 = $1.20. Ooops...I'm alreay OVER the cost of store-bought bread...and I've only measured out the flour. I still need 3 T sugar, 2 T butter, 2 t salt, 1.5 C water, and 1.5 t yeast (I think...this is working off of memory, here).....huh. Well, it doesn't matter - FRESH, home-made bread blows store-bought bread out of the water, and there's no harmful chemicals/preservatives in it, to boot! (And, I didn't even run numbers on running the bread machine (or calculated the cost of the machine per use.....OR the same for a stand-mixer and oven. If we're going to do this, we have to do it correctly - so I'd have to figure in the cost of gas to run to the store, too....but that's over-kill for this, wouldn't you agree? And my time....for the bread machine, it's 90 seconds. That's how long it takes me to measure out all the ingredients, dump them in the pan, and hit "start". I go off and do other things for 3.5 hours, when "voila!" I have bread. time doesn't even enter INTO this calculation.)

"No fair!" you say. "Cooking at home is tons cheaper than buying out," (I've heard - and argued about - this before. It's actually NOT true!) Right. Let's do a little math here - I can buy a Red Baron frozen pizza, which will feed the 4 of us, for $3.50. Cheaper than buying from Pizza Hut (they have an "Any size, Any topping for $10" going on right now)...but. Ground meat = $2.19/pound. Cheese = $1.99/pound. Tomato sauce = $0.79/can. Black Olives = $0.79/can. Mushrooms = $1.19/can. I can't calculate the pizza dough - our receipe uses 3 cups of flour (see the bread, above!), plus 1 T olive oil, 1 T sugar (well, honey - but I'm allergic), 1 T water, and...1.5 T yeast. There's NO WAY I can match $3.50/pizza! Yes, mine TASTES also takes almost 2 hours from start to dinner. Red Baron takes 20 minutes. Again - there's no addition for my time, OR for the cost of electricity (and, again - to be fair about it, we'd HAVE to calculate both, FOR both. I think I proved my point without that, though.)

And dining out - you can get a cheeseburger from Burger King for $1.99 right now. The local burger joint has a cheeseburger and fries deal for $5. *I* can't compete with that - not when you add up the meat, buns (even store bought!), cheese, toppings, FRIES.....when you start really LOOKING at the actual cost of things, you'll be surprised at what you find out (I really is cheaper for me to haul my kids to McDonalds (NEVER. EVER.) or BK for every meal than it is for me to cook at home. Frightening, isn't it?) No, the food isn't good for you...but if you want to say that you can't spend the bucks for quality *hobby* supplies because you can buy the finished object cheaper at a big box store...well, you really need to apply that to *everything* you buy, or you aren't being realistic. Or fair. (And don't go into the "I raise most of my food at home, so it's TONS cheaper." thing. Really? Start with the cost of the seed/animal/feed, and add it up. You'd be surprised....don't forget to calculate your time, AND the water (for plants, as well!). That $0.99/pound produce is starting to look better, isn't it? Or the chicken breasts at 6 lbs/$4.00 (which is what our local grocery has going right pullets were $5/EACH. That's *1* breast...for $5. As a baby. I don't want to calculate what I've spent on feed for my chickens...let alone the coop/water/feeders/waterers/nesting materials.....I'd go nuts. Remember my first egg? The one that calculated out to something like $1k? Yeah...)

My point (and I did have one...somewhere. SomeWhen...:lol:) is that you CAN'T try to compare stuff you make yourself with mass-produced crap. You *CAN'T* make for cheaper than you can buy. So..that being the case, shouldn't you WANT to spend a little extra for qualilty materials (...or ingredients...:lol:) to make your things even better? *I* do...which is why I don't use synthetics any more than I have to, and why I buy sock yarn instead of finished socks. (And why I have a garage full of (protected!) fleeces waiting for me to get back in the spinning mood. It's MUCH cheaper to just buy the damn yarn....$2/150 yards is miniscule by the time to calculate the cost of the fleece (say....$20 for a 5 lb fleece, which is CHEAP stuff!), the water/soap/electricity/TIME to properly scour it, the time spent picking/carding/DYEING it (if you want brightly colored fluff instead of sheepie-colored fluff...don't forget to add in the cost of the dyestuffs!), THEN the time spent actually, y'know, TURNING it into yarn (don't forget to ...y'know what, never mind. If I had to break down the cost-per-use of my wheels, I'd go NUTS. I have....4 wheels in the house. (A 5th is on walk-about). Each one is used for a specific purpose.....and I really don't care how much they cost. It doesn't matter - I'm already WAY over the $2/150 yards, anyway!). *I* can't MAKE yarn (even from free fleeces! Or my own goats!! I now know why Cashmere is SO DAMN expensive....:sigh: and :lol:, because my goats offer me entertainment as well as fiber and dairy (soon!)) as cheap as I can buy why bother?

I bother because a) I can b)I know exactly what's IN my yarn - no harsh chemicals were used to scour it, no harsh dyestuffs were used to color it, no harsh oils were spritzed on it to spin it.....and c) I (generally) know exactly where it came from, and how the contributing animal was cared for. It's not a cost-thing for me - if it was, I'd never use anything but Red Heart, and I'd be the poorer for it.

I think that's all...boss is in, so I have to wind this up.
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I was up with the chickens this morning - 3:30. Yes, my silly birds were up and out in the run when I went to feed the 4-leggers at 4:45. Why up so early? Because my boss is a...never mind. :lol:

I hit Wally-world at 5 AM, and got me 4 pairs of slacks, 3 (very lightweight, therefore USELESS) sweaters, a couple long-sleeved tops, and a cute (but even more useless) short-sleeved sweater. Vest. Thing. Anything to appease the snob I work for, so my bonus won't go belly-up. boss doesn't pay well. Neither did Mr. Boss, but Mr. Boss gave FANTASTIC bonuses. Which Mrs boss HATES (less for *her* to have, see?). We figured it up yesterday - our bonuses are *30%* of our annual salary. Think about that a minute.....and tell me *you* wouldn't go spend a little money on clothes (you don't really need) to appease a greedy b***h. (I shouldn't call her names, but it's getting harder. She's "not greedy", though, according to her. :eye roll:)

About 10 years ago, Mr. Boss made us an offer: either (piddly) annual raises (about $100/month gross) or LARGE annual bonuses. I don't know about you, but....$1200/year vs. $4K (the first year..they've gone up every other year. Yeah. He was a generous man, when it came to "gifts")? No contest - sign me up for the annual bonus! (He was verbally abusive, but made up for it - whenever he'd go off on us, a few days later we'd get cash to "go out on a date with your husband/fella! You all need some relaxation!" It was....weird, but hey - I'll put up with a LOT if the payoff's worth it. He never *apologized* verbally, but did with gifts and stuff. Which, again, Mrs. boss HATED. Oh, well...)

Mrs boss feels we are "more than adequately paid". (See: not greedy, above) :sigh: Let's don't mention all the personal stuff we (mostly co-worker) does for her.....or the added crap we put up with all the time. It's....never mind.

Vent over......we get off at noon today, so I need to find something to do for the next 3.5 hours. :sigh:
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OK. This needs to STOP. Just got a call - the kids' Granny is back in the hospital, throwing up blood again. My kids do NOT need both g'ma's sick at the same time - Lord, no offense, but Enough is ENOUGH. Let's postpone the bad stuff for a bit, OK?

:grumbling: Seriously, illness is Okey-Dokey...anything worse is Right Out. Herself, especially, needs a LONG lead-in time to process, this needs to STOP. :hrumph:
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First up: New chicken coop - it DOES NOT leak! I checked it last night; we had gotten a pretty good gully-washer (there were puddles *everywhere*) - and the inside of the coop was bone dry! :huzzah:

Now....we start with a Book Review and go from there. Lots of opinions abound - You've been warned! )
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Man, the people on a dairy goat forum I lurk on are very, very militant about goats. I mean, I asked about milking Cashmeres - a valid question, yes? - and got slammed (politely, but still slammed) over "oh, no - you want a REAL dairy goat! NOT cashmere!" and on and on and on. :shakes head:

What makes this even funnier? I googled "milking + cashmere" and got....quite a few hits on people who are actually, y'know, MILKING thier Cashmere goats! And - gasp! - DRINKING the milk!

I tell ya, this is more fun than tossing the "single treadle is better than double!" into a flock of spinners (or "circs are better than DPNs!" into a whack of knitters) :lol:

Here's the deal - all female goats have udders. They all get milk. So.....why not *use* that milk? Granted, we won't get the quantity (maybe) from a Cashmere that we would from a goat bred for dairy use...but a) this is a backyard, homesteading operation, NOT a commercial dairy; b) we only need 2 gallons a *week* for drinking purposes (and....Nubians traditionally give 1 gallon A DAY - we have 2 coming!); c) the "excess" will become cheese/soap/butter/ice cream/baked goods.

Seriously - if I wanted a massive amount of milk, I'd go with 3 Nubians, tops (or Alpines, Toggenburgs, Saanens, or La Manchas). They would give us, in low estimates, 1.5 gallons a day (that's figuring .5 gallon PER GOAT.) - we have 6 goats coming. 2 are Nubian - small, yes, but that shouldn't affect output - the other 4 are Cashmere (well, 1 is a cross). If we get .5 gallon a day per goat, that's still *3 freaking gallons* a day. :boggle: MORE than enough for what we want to do.

:deep breath: I just - those folks are kinda nutty. They seem to be more concerned with quantity per goat in a commercial sort of sense than what we are looking for/at.

Wow - I needed to get that out of my system, I think. :lol: How's the weather out there? It was 95 yesterday - the pool was a balmy 90*. PERFECT for cooling off in. Today it's forcasted to be 100*....this is only June. I am NOT looking forward to August......
Plus, Nubians don't have spinnable fiber.......:hehehehehehehehehe:
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No? Not recently?, the freezer is still (At The Moment, anyway) working - even the icemaker! However....while I have ice, and lots of it, the dispenser WON'T deliver. (It's been this way since the repairman came out). And my commenter - Mr. [ profile] searscares? Has NEVER responded to my challenge of giving me a phone number to call. To, y'know, actually PROVE he's with Sears and not some scam artist. Figures.

Oh, and my pool company is now on my list. For the past..oh, year or so, the owner has made disparaging remarks about my pool. You know, stuff like "Oh, you have an ENTRY Level pool. *WE* don't sell those" :sniff: and "Well, WE won't sell *that* - we have Quality stuff here". When we needed the new liner, it took them almost a month to give me a quote - around $600 for a PLAIN liner. I hit eBay and got a 25 mil liner (just like the quote) with a PATTERN for......$289. *Big* difference.

Now? The pump is making noise - sort of a high-pitched whine. I called *last* week - they came out yesterday. They didn't call me - they left a note saying my pump motor needed to be replaced. No price quote, no call us for a quote, no Nothing.....

I did some very quick checking. I currently have a 1 HP pump with a 19" sand filter (the pool guy said it was "too small" for my set up. Not according the place I bought it from). I found a 2 HP pump - new - for $100. If I want to replace the whole shebang, I can get a 2HP pump with 19" sand filter on eBay for $270 - and $25 shipping. it $300 to replace everything.

We'll be calling the pool company today or tomorrow, just to see what they say. I'm betting it'll be over $300.....just a guess. (Yes, we're talking about changing...but we're kinda limited out in the country. :sigh:)

Anyway, that's my news. I have lunch with Sweet Geek today - that's good! :grin:
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Injured hen is doing better. I mean - REALLY better. Sweet Geek and I went into the dog kennel/hen hospital last night to discuss something...I hadn't pulled the gate all the way shut. No biggie, thought I - Ms. hen isn't actually moving around much...and then I turned around and watched her do her best impression of "Escape from Alcatraz". :shakes head:

We spent a good 10 minutes chasing her around the run trying to recapture her. She ran, she hid under the coops, she dodged....silly thing! She was most upset when we plopped her back in the hospital. :grin:

I figure we'll keep her isolated a few more days, just to make sure she won't be picked on.

Freezer: He replaced a valve. Again. The refridgerator STILL isn't as cold as it should be, but the freezer is cold and ice is being made. I am NOT holding my breath - mark my words, I'll be calling their *wonderful* (/sarcasm) service department again about this.

Speaking of Sears sucks, reasons why: I got a very interesting comment on yesterday's entry from someone at Sears (supposedly). The domain *does* point to Sears' homepage...but it sure smells fishy to me. I'll do some more research, but I'm thinking someone's trying to play me for some reason. It makes NO sense that someone WITH Sears would randomly find my LJ (I did a google yesterday after the comment hit my journal? Wasn't on the first 5 pages of google - I searched "I hate Sears" and "hate Sears" and even "Sears sucks" hits. So...yeah.) and comment there, instead of, y'know, CALLING me on one of the *4* numbers they have for me. If they really cared, that is - they don't, and that's the problem. They outsourced customer service, and they can't deviate from the preprinted script, they can't actually LOOK UP anything, and they certainly can't HELP the CUSTOMER. I'm not saying that the US-based CS was better - well, yeah, I am, actually....they actually STOOD BY what they sold, and tried to make the customer happy. Now? It's all about the bottom line - I got news for them, *I* will NOT be going back to them when my dryer finally dies (which will probably be in the next year or so. It is, after all, OVER 5 years old, so....they don't build 'em like they used to. :sigh:) - it's not drying the clothes in one cycle any more, even when I spin them out 2 or 3 times before transferring them over. I've already got my eye on my next set - Home Depot has them, they'll bring them out and set them up, and haul off the old set. :nods head: No more Kenmore Crap for me! No more paying $200 for an "extended warranty" that means I get to wait at least 3 days for most repairs - or more, if I don't pitch a fit - and then get told BY THE REPAIRMAN that I really shoud have ordered the part and fixed it myself (remember my dishwasher earlier this year? Yeah..only no, I *paid* for the damn warranty, you can damn well do your stinking job!)

:deep breath: Wow..that turned into a rant. :blink: Sorry about that - guess I'm still a little pissed at Sears....and will be again in a few weeks, I bet, when the compressor goes out AGAIN and I have to do this AGAIN. If I had an extra $1600 laying around, I'd replace the damn appliance with someone a bit more reliable...but I don't, so....yeah. :sigh:
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My freezer. Is out. AGAIN. For the 3rd time in what - 2 months? 3? We have the warranty on it, yes, but it's OUT. AGAIN. And Sears no longer offers to replace appliances if you have to have them repaired 3x in a year for the same damn thing. (Even new - they offer you a $500 credit for a new one. Yeah - no. This appliance cost $1600 NEW. :bangs head:)

It's the compressor - I've told them that. Over and Over again. They keep replacing little parts......if they'd just replace the damn compressor we'd be good for another 4 or 5 years. :sigh:

And don't get me started on their Service Department. The first time I called (at 4:30 this morning, or thereabouts), the lady couldn't do anything - "You must call between business hours of 8 and 5". :sigh: So, why did I call at 5 AM last time and get a service call set up? - she couldn't answer that. I told her what I thought of her - I was nice, believe it or not! - waited until 5:15, and called back. This time it went to Mexico instead of India, and, not only did he set me up with a Friday appointment, he told me to call back at *7:00* (NOT 8, see?) and tell them it was an emergency and to set me up something sooner. I did, and they did - they are coming out today between 8 and 5. Supposedly. :sigh:

Anyway. Onto more pleasant things.........the pool is not quite full - miscommunication. :grin: I said to "check" it at 3; they thought I said "turn it off" at 3. No biggie - the water is running now, and it should be full by tonight. The pool service is coming out next week to get it set up (they have to add the salt, backwash the filter, get it all running so they can get the salt balance right), then it'll be good to go once it warms up enough to swim. :bounce:

Broody chicken is not broody any more. :yippee: (Broody hens don't lay eggs - fine if you want baby chicks, not so much if you want eggs.) Production is down - 8 being the new daily average. :scratches head: Must be molting - although it doesn't look like it.

Injured chicken is mending. She clucked at me this AM when I opened the dog crate...the rest of the hens spilled out of the coops when I opened the doors (at 5-ish....silly birds! It's Dark!), she just set there clucking.

I need to get pictures of the SLW pullets - their latest trick is to try and see how many of them will fit inside a cinderblock. They are SO funny - I had forgotten how funny babies are. The hens are a hoot, but pullets - they're even funnier. :grin:

Seedlings are doing well - they will need to go in the ground This Week. Fun stuff....


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