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So. How've you been? I've been busy - as usual. :lol: Himself asked me to replace his shirts with me-made ones, :gulp!: so I've been in the Studio working on a muslin for him to abuse. Funny thing - about the same time he asked me, Fabric Mart sent me an email with all shirtings on SALE. DEEP sale. (Gotta love Divine intervention, no? :rofl:) He now has 5 pieces of designer (seriously - Ralph Lauren, a "famous Hawaiian designer", and someone else I can't remember) cotton waiting to be turned into lovely button-down shirts. The muslin just needs buttonholes and buttons, then he gets to abuse it for a couple of weeks before I start on the "real" fabric.

In the meantime, I'm going to be sewing him a body double - Bootstrap Fashion has done it again. They offer custom drafted dress form patterns now....$24 for most sizes ($35-ish for the standard, multi-size patterns). I have his pattern, and we went out Friday and picked up the fabric for it (plain, gray, mid-weight cotton. He didn't want a pattern - even though it's in MY Studio. I don't mind - as long as it's in the color scheme I have going, it's good.) Soon as I get the buttonholes in, I'll start on it. :excited:

I'm not doing goals/resolutions/aspirations this year. Too much stress. :lol: Instead, I'm going to look back at 2018, then forward to 2019 to see what I plan on doing.

Knitting: Last year was pretty much a bust once FIL died. My knitting mojo left, and still hasn't really returned. I think it's because I had just finished a pair of stained glass socks (he LOVED them), and started another pair when he died. I finally finished the 2nd pair in....August, I think (he died in MAY). I started a scarf for Himself in December, and I'm finally 2/3's done.

This year, I'd like to knit more. I need to finish his scarf, knock out a hat for Herself, and start on this year's scarf for Himself. And finish a few pairs of socks for me. We'll see.....

Sewing: Last year wasn't too bad. I spent at least half focused on bags/purses, but I did get a few clothing items done. This year, I want to do Himself's shirts, then focus on undergarments for Herself and me. And a few purses, here and there, for the shop. Oh, and a few laptop cases - Cyn needs one DESPERATELY, and I want to see if maybe there's a market for geeky ones. (Hers will be the tester. :lol:)

Spinning/Weaving: I honestly haven't done much of either. I NEED to get back to the loom - I need the quiet contemplation weaving brings me. Spinning......well, can't do that in the house right now, as Duncan would eat the wheel. Teething wolfhounds are...well....a MESS. But cute!

Exercise: By December, I had a decent routine worked out. Sun/Tues/Thurs I do the weight machine. Mon/Wed/Fri I do a Pilates tape - 20 minutes right now. I want to keep that up - I've lost an inch in my waist so far! :huzzah!: Soon as my ankle gets better (don't ask) I'd like to hit the treadmill.......:sigh:

The contract job has sorta started back up. We'll see how it goes - I don't mind it. The money is nice, and the work is easy. I'm supposed to help Cyn with tax returns, so that'll also help.

Himself has gotten me to play some video games with him - it's fun. It's also a good way to this Mama is going to try to become a gamer. :gulp: So far, he's got me into Subnautica (creative only - I don't DO scary sea monster jump scares! I like building underwater bases and exploring.), Medieval Engineers, and he wants me to start playing Space Engineers, too. Oh, and Kerbal Space Program. :lol: He's offered to buy me the older Star Wars games, too.....but that's going to involve getting a MS :hiss: machine to properly run them - Macs aren't great for gaming. (I think I'll be getting one, anyway, for the contract stuff. All the programs client uses are MS based.....:sigh: I HATE MS machines! I'm an Apple fan......) Ah, well - it's fun. The kids are currently playing Borderlands's too violent for *me*. I'm a wuss.....

Let's see....oh. Monday last Tigger had a seizure. NSDH immediately ran her to the ER Vet - she's now on anti-seizure meds. (Don't mind me. We can't afford for me to go get my ankle checked out, but we can go into debt for a dog. Sure. Why not?) She's doing fine now - we have no idea what caused it. Our vet said they don't diagnose epilepsy after the dog is 5.....she's going on 11 now. So....who knows? She'll be on pills the rest of her life (at $75/month. Really, don't mind me - I'll get over it eventually.)

Anyway, I think that gets me up to date. Tomorrow is back to Cyn's, then Tuesday is finish the bloody shirt and start the body double day. Should be fun!

So. Tired!

Apr. 9th, 2018 02:11 pm
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But it's a good tired! Let's see if I can get y'all caught up.

1. Studio: Have recovered the couch in the Studio (this was a while back, but still - need to update!). It was a really....out there 60's brown/yellow/orange/brown plaid; now it's plain canvas. I also made a quilt and 4 or 5 throw pillows for it. MUCH nicer in there, now!

1a. We also got rid of "Big Ugly" - the old entertainment center I had in there. Now I have a double Billy and a single, in white. They....well. Big Ugly was 3' deep; the Billys are 15". So all the fleece is hanging out next to the loom. But! The Billy's have glass doors, and my yarn looks VERY NICE now. I can actually SEE what I have....which...well. I don't need any yarn for a while. I have enough in most weights to make almost anything. (Only 1 sweater's worth set aside; if I decide I NEED another sweater, we'll have to go shopping. But for hats/gloves/socks/scarves, I'm set.

2. Knitting: Have banged out 3 hats and a few pairs of socks. I've slowed down recently - I messed up my right elbow last month and can't do a lot without pain. :sigh: I have 2 pairs of socks on the needles, but they are stalled. No biggie - I'm sewing, instead!

3. Sewing: I joined Sew Over It's PDF club, and have taken advantage of it. I jumped on the new "Ultimate Culottes" - I have 3 pair, so far. Have plans for a few more - the goal is to get rid of my default sweat pants, and replace them with something a little more feminine. These fit the bill, at least for Spring/Summer/Fall. Have some Jeans patterns I need to work on, but right now I'm focused on Summery stuff. (It's been in the 80' MARCH and early APRIL. How hot is August gonna be????) Fabric Mart had a huge sale, and I scored some really nice Cotton Lawn. Already knocked out 1 SOI Vintage Shirt Dress; I have SOI's Nancy Dress (a Swing Dress) that I think will make a lovely tunic that I will tackle next. (SOI FITS me. I have to do very very little modification to their patterns, which is very very rare for me. SO NICE!)

4. Life, in general: Himself is.....better. He has developed an interest in modding Nerf blasters, thanks to the YouTube channel "Battle Universe". We've been having Family Nerf battles every Saturday evening....I am bruised, but it's fun. He still can't deal with crowds, so he stayed home yesterday while the rest of us went to Dallas Fan Expo.

FYI: IF you should decide you'd like to take your family to a Con (and have never been), might I suggest Sunday as your first visit? It's generally less crowded and a little bit cheaper. Most vendors (but not all!) are willing to slash prices so they don't have to move the stock back home. BUT.

If, say, there are more than 2 autographs you want to get, and they are BIG names, I highly recommend you spring for at least 1 Premium ticket (or VIP, but those prices are.....well. $$$$) We learned this with Mark Hamill - Sunday tickets, long lines, almost didn't get the autograph after HOURS of standing in line. For David Tennent, I did the Premium - we got 5 line jumps, so there was very little waiting.

This time......well. It was HUGE. Just some of the stars: Princess Bride Vizini, Wesley, and Humperdink; 2001 (the 2 main male characters); Back to the Future Biff, Doc Brown (Michael J. Fox and the girl had to cancel last minute, but STILL); Val Kilmer; Chuck Norris; Richard Dean Anderson; Inara from Firefly, Anthony Daniels (C3P0), Billy Dee Williams (LANDO CALRISSIAN, Oh My Goodness!!!!)...and the list honestly GOES ON (oh, Ben Afflack was there....he's a bit full of himself.). There were 9 autographs SG wanted, so -after a lot of waffling, to the point he missed the VIP pass - he went for a Premium. He decided on 4, total...and got the 3 "big" ones on Saturday. (He would have gotten some on Friday, but the guys he wanted didn't make it before he had to leave.) Sunday he got Inara's while Herself and I waited in line for the 2 SHE wanted - the English voice actors for a Japanese anime called "My Hero Acadamia". If you haven't discovered it yet....go. Go NOW. It's just started Season 3, and it's WONDERFUL. (Basically humans have evolved super hero powers, called "quirks". There are a few quirkless folks around - the main protagonist is a 14 year old quirkless boy named Midoriya. (Called "Deku"). The Number 1 Hero is All Might - and Herself LOVES them. Here, let me show you:

MHA Minis

When she found out Justin (Deku) and Chris (All Might) were going to be here, she pulled out the Sculpy and went to work. :lol: We took them with us yesterday so she could give them to the actors....who are both simply LOVELY people. Very, very, very nice and personable, and both of them were SO NICE to my out-of-her-element Aspie. :hugs: So nice, in fact, that she willingly got selfies with both:

MHA selfie - All Might

That, my friends, is Chris Sabat, voice of All Might (and Vagita from Dragonball Z). He is.....well, you can see. :lol: (She is bounding as Bonnie from FNAF. She crocheted the guitar. Yes, it's awesome. :lol:)

MHA selfie - Deku

This is Justin Briner, voice of Deku. VERY nice guy!

She is thrilled - SG bought her a print with the whole ensemble (Class 1A from the school), and both Chris and Justin signed it. If any of the other actors come thru, she'll get them to sign it, too. (Yes, *I* also have their autographs...because I really like the show, too.)

We came home with 2 new plushies for her (Oh My - 40" tall Bonnie and Chicka from FNAF. They barely fit in the car!!!), a Gjallorhorn prop from Destiny (it was a flash sale....for 75% off! Himself is looking into modding it to actually fire Nerf missiles. :lol:), a bunch of art work, and some custom-painted Nerf blasters. Oh! We also had a photo op with the Princess Bride trio - it was a hoot! It was a good day! But exhausting - today has been very laid-back.
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Wow, it's been a month....let me fill you in on our doings:

No, wait - it's too much. Let me sum up:

1. Himself is.....well, Himself. He's started social skills training, and has had 1 meeting with the therapist assigned to him. That.....didn't go to well; he doesn't like her. She - get this! - has NEVER SEEN STAR WARS. This is an issue........:sigh: He starts with the medical side on it Tuesday.

2. Herself is OK. Stressed over her brother, of course. I'm trying to get her into the same program.

3. Me. Hanging in there. Over-booked, but it's for the kids, so I'm OK. I've made 10 batches of soap - so far. I finished my "Skywalker" socks (Mark Hamill breathed on them! :squee!: /fangirl ), started and finished a pair of Firefly-themed socks, and am halfway thru a pair of Shakespeare-themed ones. Why Shakespeare? Because....

3a. This weekend is Dallas Fan Days. Matt Smith (the 11th Doctor) was supposed to headline; Yawn. I was going, but not to see him - he and the Ponds RUINED Dr. Who for me. :shrug: However, he cancelled, and they brought in 10. David Tennant. Oh My GOSH! David-freaking-Tennant! Mr. Scottish Shakespearean actor!!!!!!!

3b. I ponied up extra $$$ to get a "Gold" pass for this con - after the Mark Hamill fiasco (HOURS in line!), I swore never-again. The Gold pass gets you in all 3 days (we only went 1x, so that was a waste), PLUS 5 line jumps. Meaning - NO long waits!

We got there yesterday at 9:30; the doors opened at 10. *I* could have gone on in, but wanted to wait with SG and Herself (we could honestly only afford 1 gold pass.) We went straight to the autograph floor, and found Tennant's line. Since we had a gold pass, we went straight to the front (along with about 50 of our newest best friends. :lol:) He was supposed to start signing at 10:30; at 10:20 he arrived to a loud, long, cheer and started signing.

By 10:40, we were done. He is a VERY lovely person - he was friendly, actually *looked* at each person in front of him, and made small talk with ALL of us. Herself made a "Tiny 10" for him - he was gobsmacked. Asked if it was Fimo (well, yes/no - it's actually Sculpey, but that's basically the same thing), then asked if it was really FOR him, to actually TAKE home (yup!), then said his kid(s) would LOVE it. :squee!: It was great! (and, honestly - worth every penny we paid!)

We spent a few more hours there, shopping and talking with folks. Himself stayed home (he was pre-alpha testing a game), but he had tentatively requested a light saber - IF I could find either Kylo Ren's or Vader's, and ONLY IF it wasn't "too expensive". "It's just going to, you know, sit on my shelf, so I don't want you to spend too much. I really don't want you to spend...anything...but.....I.....I wouldkindaliketohaveacoollightsaber. If that's OK....."

My baby (who never asks for anything, and refuses to let me spend money on him) actually ASKING for something? You KNOW Mama's going to do whatever she can to fulfill THAT wish, right? Right. He now has an Ultra Saber "Chosen One". :snerk: In a nickel-plated finish (because SG insisted, and paid for half of the saber, so....Sure!) He was totally thrilled when we got home - he actually LEFT his game to admire his new saber! (That's BIG. Really, really BIG.)

4. Slowly working on getting the house in order. The kitchen is DONE, the family room is almost done, the dining room is...well, done, but I need to get the donate pile out of there and to the donation center. The Game Room is a DISASTER, but that's not my problem - that is SG's room. He said HE was in charge of *I* am leaving it alone.

5. I need to find a new calendar/schedule app. Preferably one I can have color-code appointments so I know at a glance WHO I am hauling someplace. Bonus points if it lets me also schedule chores. DOUBLE bonus points if it is "cross platform" - meaning I only need to buy it once, but can run it on my iPad, iPhone and, maybe, my MacBook. Off to the App Store I go!

Sorry it took a month.....but seriously, life is packed right now.
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Went to the Stock Show on Friday - SG bought me some lovely, lovely work gloves. Thinsulate-lined deerskin gloves; very warm, very sturdy. LOVE them!

FIL is....well, he's been moved to a regular room. I talked to him last night; he was slightly confused and very, very wheezy. :sigh: I....don't like it. At all.

Piano! It's going well. The teacher has both of us in book 1 for "Recreational Music Makers". It fits - I don't want to perform anywhere, I just want to be able to play piano. And harp. :lol: Problem......this book is, so far, too basic for *me*. He assigned both of us Module 1 for this week. I am....well, I'm into Module 4 already. :lol: To be fair, he warned me I'd move pretty quickly at first. The problem? I have to hide it from SG, who doesn't read music, doesn't have much music background, and is struggling with Module 1. :sigh: NOT fun at all.....(Every practice I start with Module 1. IF I play it perfectly, I move on to 2, then 3 etc. I have to play it perfect before I move on, though - I want my left hand to get with the program. Module 5 is where we are introduced to the Grand Staff (both clefs!)...I'm waiting on that. For now. :lol:)

Still knitting. Finished the fingerless gloves and started (yet) another hat. This one has Sheepies on it! :lol:
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Because I have a LOT of photos, I made a college. Kinda sucks, but hey - it's photos! :lol:

2017 january Knit Projects

This is all the stuff I've knit and finished in January. The socks were late September, but all the rest was started and finished in January. What can I say? Stress knitting at it's finest! Also, all the January stuff is knit in worsted weight yarn - which is thicker than my beloved sock weight, and knits up faster.

I am in the midst of another set of fingerless kitchen can't be finished soon enough! I'd like to knit something...smaller. Like socks. Right now, though, I can't get to my ball winder, so I have to knit with yarn that comes in ready-to-knit packages. :shrug: I can always use another hat or two or three....:rofl: Especially "fashion" hats like the cloches - they're warm, and cute, and give me options. As do the 2 new geeky hats.....Star Wars and Dr. Who for the win!

Back to the painting. Which I did yesterday - the kitchen has been redone AGAIN. I....liked the aqua-isa blue, but I didn't love it. It's now a nice Federal/French blue...and I LOVE it. It's a bit dark right now, but once the white cabinets go in it'll pop.

Have a great one!
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Floors are DONE. Finished. Beautiful. The kids' bathroom is virtually done - the grout needs to finish curing (tomorrow evening!) and we need to hang the towel rack and rehang the door, but I can mark it off the list.

And the kitchen cabinets have been ordered and will be delivered Jan. 30. Let me repeat that: My Kitchen will be Delivered 1/30/17. !

I need to talk about that - because my experience wasn't what the internet said it would be. It was better. Remember, I paid $249 to get Ikea's partner Traemand to come out, measure, and plan my kitchen for me - and I think that's why the actual ordering process went so quickly.

The Internet told me to a) get there right as the doors opened (we...didn't. :sigh:) and be prepared for a 2 or 3 hour ordeal - because the salespeople had to place the order line item by line item. :shudder: So, I was prepared for a long, drawn-out ordeal.

I brought ALL the paperwork Traemand sent me (VERY important!), plus the receipt from when I set up the measurement/planning (also VERY important! Take ALL the paperwork Ikea has ever given you - it'll make life so much easier!)

We got there at 11 (because SG decided to pay off the piano first, instead of 2nd. :sigh:), and had a 30 minute or so wait. To say they were packed would be an understatement - and it looked like almost everyone wanted to PLAN their kitchen right then. (I don't know why they weren't set up on the planner and left...that's what happened the first time we went in, but I digress.) When my name was called, the guy asked me what I needed; I said, "I'm here to order my kitchen." He went pale. "Traemand sent me all the paperwork - and I have it - what else do you need from me? Do I need to sign in the planner?"

He took a deep breath, said "You went thru Traemand? This'll be easy, then! Let me see the papers...." He found the plan #, typed it in, told it to convert to a sales order, removed the appliances (because the guy at Traemand didn't.....he was hoping we'd order the Ikea appliances, too. HA! Not even....), double-checked the number of items, and hit "final". He then got his supervisor over (he's been with Ikea for 12 years, but just started in kitchens) to make sure it was done correctly; she "fixed" a few things, told him how to get me the "free" gift card (the refund from the planning fee), then watched him check me out.

We were done within 30 minutes of his calling my name.

I am expecting 124 packages, weighing 599.9 Kg. :gulp!: We have 48 hours to do an inventory after they drop the stuff off; after that it's on us to pay for anything missing. Damaged items will be replaced free of charge - they just want to make sure we actually received everything we ordered.

Now, because everyone asks: Total cost for the kitchen, upper cabinets, lower cabinets, countertop, bar countertop, sink and range hood, WITH tax and delivery: $5,392.49. Let me repeat: This is for the ENTIRE kitchen, less installation. (Delivery was $199; tax was $316.64 - meaning the actual cost of the kitchen was $4,876.85. Go compare that to Home Depot or Lowe's, just for fun. :lol:)

Install will be another $2,250.00. We *could* DIY; I've offered. However......both of us kinda don't feel like it. Yes, Himself could - and would happily! - assemble all the cabinets by himself.....but......y'know what? Life's too short. We've agreed it's worth $2300 to NOT do it ourselves. (Unlike the bathroom - it was NOT worth $1,500 to pay someone else to do it.)

Insurance had allocated about $4,000 for the lower cabinets and countertop I think we did pretty well. The contractor we consulted quoted $5,000 for lower cabinets and countertop; that did include installation, but no uppers and no bar. I think we came out ahead, actually - and I LOVE how the kitchen looks in the planning tool.

I am in a faint freak-out phase right now; we have NO kitchen at all (the sink was torn out for the floors, and can NOT be reinstalled.) We DO have a microwave....but it'll be coming out a day or 2 before the install. I am SO ready for all this to be over!

In good news, I have another new hat, and I've started yet another one. We ran out to Tuesday Morning today; they have a bunch of Clover wooden needles (both circular AND straights) for $2.99 (yes, Mom - I left some! :lol: RC's is Right There if you wanna go shop!).....I filled in the blanks in my collection, and added a few more balls of yarn. Today is work-day; Cyn needs it by this weekend, so I need to get cracking!
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We've been busy, but let me get this out of the way: Rogue 1 is a good movie. It is a Star Wars......made-for-TV-movie. It doesn't FEEL like a true Star Wars feels like a one-off (which, it is.) IF you've seen the 1977 Star Wars (aka "A New Hope"), then you already know what HAS to happen here - and it does.

This is a WAR movie. It's not......over-blown violent, but people die. On screen. (Again, if you are at all familiar with Star Wars, then you KNOW what is going to happen.) It does fill in the details about what happened just before Ep. IV opens - literally, Rogue 1 ends moments before the screen crawl of IV begins. it was a satisfying show, feels like a - dare I say this? - Holiday Special :snerk: :rolls on floor laughing uproariously: :have you SEEN the Holiday Special from the '70's?????: :lol: Only, Better. This has story, and plot and it's a good show.

Ah :wipes eyes: - it was good, but I won't be going back to the theatre to see it again. I'll buy the DVD, because Star Wars, but.....:shrug: They did a good job with the Senators that started the rebellion (Mon Mothma, Bail Organa) - they aged them from the prequels beautifully. The CGI Tarkin (that actor died years and years ago!) works, IF you don't scrutinize it too much. There was only 1 plot.....pothole; it doesn't matter, it doesn't make you question the movie, it just......doesn't explain WHY the Tantive IV was docked with the ship it was docked with, during the battle (again - if you've seen IV, you KNOW there was a battle. I'm trying my best to NOT spoil it!) - there isn't a logical reason for it, but - eh, it works. The motivation for most of the characters makes sense, the acting is really, really GOOD, the dialogue is snappy (a bit too much, honestly, I could do with less smart-alecky-ness, but it wasn't enough to make me quit caring.) The action is intense, and everything *works* - you care about the characters, you care about the mission (even though you already know that they succeed - we've seen the future!). AND Vader gets to Vader around - SHOWING why people feared him.

Anyway - that was Friday. :lol:

Yesterday was Ikea. I HATE Ikea, I really do - it's a soul-sucking bastion of the Underworld - but they have affordable cabinets. That I actually like. :Sigh: I got an appointment for Wednesday for a kitchen planner to come out and spend up to 4 hours with me, actually planning my kitchen. Yes, I have set it up in the official planning program......but. It's buggy, it doesn't have everything *I* want, and I don't want to buy a lot of stuff only to find out it doesn't work the way I thought it would. Plus, we get that fee back when we order the cabinets,'s free piece of mind. We also bought the vanity, sink, faucet, and storage cabinet for the kids' bathroom. We then hit Home Depot and bought paint and the tub fixture, then priced a new tub and toilet (the Jeep was FULL, and it'll take the truck to get the tub. I want porcelain over steel, NOT fiberglass, so....yeah. Truck.)

This week, I have to go order the floors. I have to wait until the bank releases the rest of the funds, but.......:huzzah!: Things are starting to move along rather nicely.

I finished scarf #6 today - I am back to socks, now. :lol: Cyn gave me some $$ for my birthday; I bought some worsted weight yarn. Smiley's Yarn has the BEST prices I've found for economical yarns - it's kind of hit-or-miss on fiber content, but they had a decent selection of 100% wool worsted and DK weight yarns. I bought....well, I bought enough that I should be set for a while. I have a large selection of sock-weight yarn; it was time I branched out. (Yes, I can use sock yarn for other things...but it takes longer. Smaller yarn = more stitches. I want hats NOW, not 2 weeks from now, y'know? :lol:)

It's almost lunch-time; better skitter! It's currently 22*; need to toss another log on the fire!
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The insurance check came back on Monday, and we dropped everything to run it to the bank. They, of course, put a hold on most of the funds, but enough has been released that we can go get the kids' bathroom vanity today (if we wanted - we're planning an Ikea run Saturday). We're also going to replace their tub and toilet while we're at it (why not? They could use replacement - might as well do it now, before replacing the floors.) Next week, when the bulk is released, I'll order the floors and the kitchen cabinets. :happy dance:

I'll soon have my house back! Can't wait!!!!

We are going to arrange a professional to come out and measure the kitchen - we've done it, I've played with Ikea's kitchen designer program....but I am planning some changes and want to make sure I don't screw up. The current plan has 2 small countertops on either side of the stove......and, in MY kitchen, they are useless. They simply collect stuff. I really want to ditch them - run the wall cabinets down to the countertop, leaving just a "lip" of counter. Regular cabinets on top, drawers on bottom, with a built-in microwave (Ikea has a cabinet designed just for that, but it's the same depth all the way. I want - I THINK I want - shallower cabinets on top.....according to the program, it looks like it'll work, but I want the confidence that'll come from an Ikea professional looking and advising. (The other side of the kitchen is a long run of countertop that curves around the sink and ends in a small clear space. IF I have enough storage space, that'll be enough counter space. If not.....we'll be hacking an island to match - right now I have a portable island from Big Lots, but it doesn't match, it won't match, and Herself can use it for lamp working.)

I think this knitting jag is almost over - I'm on the last (for now) scarf.....and have slowed down a bit. I'm still planning on stocking up on "larger" yarn - I am a SOCK knitter. I use tiny yarn/tiny needles - anything larger than a size 2 feels like I'm trying to knit with pencils or something. I am good on sock yarn......not so much on hat/sweater/bulky yarn. :lol:
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Seems I got bit by a knitting jag Friday afternoon. My knitting mojo has been mostly gone for a while - understood, but still. I guess spending a lot of time the past year in hospital rooms knitting kinda ruined my mojo......but I was still plugging along on a sock. If by "plugging along" you mean knitting 1 needle's worth of stitches (18) every day or so......

Anyway. Friday I was upset with myself, so I decided to go find some BIG, fun yarn and try to knit something mindless. Unfortunately, I am predominately a sock knitter - which means SMALL yarn. I did have 1 ball of Bulky yarn that SG bought me last year (yes, HE bought me a ball of yarn, un-asked for. It's not "my" type - it's 75/25 Poly/Wool - but HE bought it.) I went to Ravelry and looked up projects using it. There are...a LOT of projects using bulky wool! Who Knew???

I settled on a nice cowl, CO enough stitches to wrap around 2x, and went at it.

3 hours later, I was DONE. Finished. So I cast on 60 stitches with the leftovers, and......1.5 hours later I had a nice, snuggly cowl.

SG took me to the yarn store in Ft. Worth (we went to pick up Herself).....they were having a 30% off EVERYTHING sale. I, um....fell down. Not hard....but 6 balls of yarn, 4 of which were bulky (2 are worsted for a hat for me). Of the 4, I am on ball #3. Since Saturday afternoon. :blink:

I still don't want to work on the sock, but I think my mojo is coming back. I also think I am slightly addicted to super-quick knits......:lol:

I think I am going to stock up on bulky yarn, and knit it up during the year. That way, I'll have some presents ready to go - and some new warm things for me/mine. Win/Win - just because they are quick doesn't mean that they aren't worthy presents. :lol:

I have the 4 finished cowls drying now; the 5th one needs washing and the 6th one is on the needles now. the last one is for Herself.......I put it off because she chose the most eye-blinding skein she could find. :lol:

Oh! Himself talked me into playing's pretty, it's neat, and it's TERRIFYING. The killer fish are...well.......scary. He's going to set me up in Creative mode so that I won't be bothered by them - I'm not so much into the story as I am into exploring the pretty, pretty world. He's also playing - I'll get the story from him. :lol:
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for those of you, who, like me, have NO idea of what, exactly, being named an Executor entails. It's interesting!

First, someone has to die and name you executor in their will. You need to cobble together some money (in our example, $1800-ish), and contact a Probate Attorney. Bonus points if he's "local" to you. Find the will, and make an appointment.

Go to the appointment. Discuss the basics of the "estate" with same; be sure to verify you will get back any funds spent by you on estate business (in Texas, yes - you will get back the funds. Otherwise, you'll come out *less* than the other heirs, and that's not fair.) Agree to the attorney's fees, and write a retainer check.

Go home, freak out slightly on the amount of money you will be out until you can liquidate assets.

Wait approx. 2 weeks. Get a letter from the attorney spelling out the date and time you are to go to Court to be officially appointed as Executor. Notice that he wants you to meet with him 15 minutes before the court time, so you can go over your "testimony". Mark date on calendar so that you are SURE you won't forget.

Court day! Make sure you are dressed appropriate to the dignity of the court - NOT in cut-off shorts and flip-flops, or the dirty wife-beater, stained and torn jeans, and tatts that the folks after us showed up in. :shakes head: Because you are paranoid about being late to official things, make sure you leave the house with PLENTY of time to spare. (In our case? Um.....4 hours. For a 1 hour drive. In my defense, SG offered to take me to lunch at a sit-down place that notoriously runs slow. We ended up at Chick-fil-a......and the yarn store. :lol: More on THAT later...suffice to say I *needed* a new project, right then.)

Wait for your attorney, who is LATE. Later than my brother, in fact, who is almost always late. (In our family, I got all the "Must get there on Time" genes, and my brother got all the "don't worry, it's fine, I'll get there when I get there" genes.) Then, remind your attorney of who, exactly, you are (he tried to give me someone else's paperwork. TWICE.)

Go over the "testimony" - basically, you answer yes or no to various easy questions. If you're not totally brain-dead, you've got this. :lol: Oh - be sure you're not a felon, or been declared legally incompetent. :snicker:

Take a deep breath, and go into the Court. The Judge will swear you in, get your attorney to hand him the papers, and then he'll tell your attorney to question you. Pay attention - he might try to trick you by asking "And you swear you are not a felon" and "Have you ever been declared mentally incompetent"...which if you are not listening you might mis-interpret. (No, I didn't. I did sign one page on the wrong line, though....)

The Judge will declare you Executor. You and your attorney will then go to the clerk's office to get the paperwork (he didn't tell me that.....:sigh:) and then you are done and can sell all the things.

Re: Yarn. I had started a new sock last Friday. By Friday evening, I was OVER it. The yarn - which was NOT cheap ($28/skein!) - is riddled with weak spots that break if you look at it funny. Or try to pull a bit out to knit with. I tried to keep going - by Tuesday AM I was at 4", but had 8 grafts. I told the yarn store owner about it - she was horrified and wanted to try and help me; I told her no, the yarn was a couple of years old, it was a highly-spun yarn and it looked like in some spots it was just too highly-spun. Seems that the company is now out of business, so......Anyway. I bought 3 new skeins and a set of needles. She wound 1 into a ball for me, and I sat down and CO a new sock. (SG was at Lowe's, which is in the same shopping center.) I happily knit while I waited for him - AND I had a sock to work while waiting for the attorney. And 2 more skeins to play with, later. :lol: I don't get to the yarn store often, so it was a nice treat. (Photos later......)

Tomorrow at 11 we go to the Title Company. This is almost done.......:whew!:
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has been....interesting, shall we say. I guess somebody invoked the old Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times" because, folks, it has been Interesting.

Especially Wednesday. It was Herself's braces OFF! day. SG was home, so I invited him out to lunch with us after. Himself decided last minute that he didn't want to go - it was Star Wars day, after all, and he had just bought some "new" SW games that he HAD to play. I pointed out no lunch; he pointed to the freezer. :lol:

So. The 3 of us went. While they were trying to get the impressions for her retainer (2x on the bottom, *4* on the top!), my phone rang. It was Himself......

Seems that right after we left, Chloe started barking. And barking. And barking. He went outside - she was "playing" with a turtle. He, being a soft-hearted kid, pushed her away and tried to get the turtle to remove it. Chloe lunged at it; he shoved her away again. She lunged again, and Bree - who had been standing there watching - decided Chloe needed a lesson in minding and lunged for her.

Only, Himself was in the way. Of 2 very large dogs. :sigh: Bree got him on the hand, and immediately backed off. He got knocked down and trampled a bit, but managed to get into the house and on the phone with me before starting to panic. *I* started panicking, but managed to hide it, thank God.

I went out to the waiting room and sent SG to the house. He picked up Himself, came back and got us, and off we went to the ER. :sigh: 4 hours later, Himself was OK - no stitches, just 2 bad puncture wounds on his left hand, 1 on his elbow, and 1 on his right arm, plus a lot of scratches from Chloe's claws.

We got home (finally!), and I went to look for the turtle. Which was on the back porch (Chloe had brought it there) with 2 punctures in it's shell....turns out, it wasn't a cute l'il turtle that needed saving. It was a demon-spawn SNAPPING turtle that deserved everything it got (sorry, y'all, but I have been chased by a snapper before. They are EVIL - and if IT had gotten hold of Himself's hand, things would have turned very bad, very quickly.

Anyway. Good news is that (besides the world having 1 less snapping turtle) I had drug my Pax Eire socks to the Ortho with me (I have been studiously IGNORING them lately. I went off them, and couldn't drum up any knitting mojo.).....the time in the ER? Was prime knitting time - see here:

2016 Caliegh socks right

2016 Caleigh socks left

They are nice socks - Cashmere/Merino yarn! - but....I just lost interest in them mid-way down the foot of #1. Sometimes that happens.....:shrug: I have started another pair (What???? I Knit. Except when I lose mojo - but it's back for now.) in a nice, over-spun Merino in a lovely turquoise color way. We'll see how long it takes me to work them...:lol:

I had started another I put the binding foot on, cut the bias strips (but not :sigh:) and took it for a test-sew. That foot is da Bomb! But you have to pay a lot of attention to it, and the resulting bias binding is only 1/4" wide. I have discovered that I prefer 1/2" wide binding.....and that if I don't pay close enough attention the binding gets screwed. :sigh: That apron was a fail, and is now in the trash. (No, seriously - I didn't feel like trying to seam rip 2 yards of binding; I tried and the edges of the apron started seriously fraying. :sigh:) I'll reattempt that apron later.....lesson learned. :lol:

Gotta do some knitting - Shabbat Shalom!
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Because I don't have much else to share right now. It's wet, it's chilly...we need the rain, but we're at a point we almost need an Ark, too. The creek is about 25' outside it's banks right now....we're going to evolve webbed feet soon!

Anyway, photos! First up, the Yaakov V.3.0 socks:

2016 Yaakov V3.0 left

2016 Yaakov V.3.0 right

These are "better" than V.2.0, but there's still a bit of muddiness. However, they'll do! (for now :lol:) I have 3 more double sock blanks, so there *may* be at least 1 more pair in the works, but...not any time soon. I have too many other patterns I want to knit up, first.

I managed to finish these Thursday AM, and I wore them to NTIF on Friday. Thursday PM I started these:

2016 Celeigh socks front

2016 Celeigh socks back

The yarn is a Cash/Merino base from Wool2Dye4, and it's SCRUMPTOUS! Lovely, lovely yarn - SOOOOooooo soft and cushy, and it takes the dye really, really well. The colors are...well, this pair was inspired by a Celtic song, "The Orange and the Green". It's about a boy from a mixed family (Irish Protestant (Orange) and Irish Catholic (Green)), and how difficult his life was, having to make both sides happy. (It's a comedic song, BTW. :lol:) I wanted to show that the 2 COULD get, here we go. If I could count to 3, I'd be past the heel now, but I had to rip back 20 rows because....yeah, I can't count. :lol:

Anyway. That's what I've been up to lately. I need to fix Herself's jeans pattern, and give it another try, and I need to retrace my bombachas pattern and change the tucks to darts. And get rid of some length.

Hope y'all are staying dry!
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Just a quickie:

I sewed up a pair of Bootstrap jeans for Herself....major FAIL. When I ordered the pattern, my iPad didn't pick up all the numbers, and the ankle had a circumference of 5". :sigh: Yuliya was great and re-did it at the correct 15". I reprinted the pattern, cut out the denim...and the waist is about 2" too small. Oh, and the fly? Is a separate piece and the instructions are very lacking. :sigh: So. I am debating on whether I need to buy a new jeans pattern (and redraft the fly so it's integrated like on my Bombacha pattern) or if I should just buy a block pattern and use it to redraft the jeans pattern I already have.

So. To prove to myself I could, in fact, sew - I sewed up a bag. Specifically, a carry bag for my Scottish wheel. I've needed one for...oh, 15 years now, and just never got around to it. I have. Only.....I erred the OTHER way on it - it's a wee bit big. :shrug: Still, it protects the wheel, it looks pretty good (if I do say so myself!), and I used all stash (except the zip - I didn't have any long zips. So...a total cost of $3.14 for a 36" zipper. :lol:) Pics will be forthcoming - I'm trying to decide if I need to make covers for the legs, or if I want to just dump them in there with the wheel itself.

The size isn't really an issue - I just overestimated how much would be taken up by the padded inner liner. I figure, I can dump all my other stuff in there with the wheel, and only have to tote 1 thing. It was kinda hard to get good measurements - the base is approx. 18" x 15", the wheel is 22" in diameter, but the axle adds 1.5" to the width of the base, the "body" is approx. 35" tall, and the legs are about 24" long. Plus, the footman (the piece that connects the wheel to the treadle) is 36" of hand-forged I fudged on the dimensions.

My machine almost gave up when I tried to attach the bottom to the inner liner - I had 1 layer of polar fleece (to protect the wheel),and a layer of heavy muslin/poly quilt batting/heavy muslin that I quilted (using the decorative stitches; I decided to see what the machine could actually DO). I think the quilted layer was about at the limit of how thick my machine will sew....but it finally did it. Attaching the zip to the outer layer (plaid and denim) was....well, problematical - the entire bag was assembled at this point, and the zip goes all around the top in the gusset. It looks OK...but I could do better. Maybe next time - I have 2 more wheels that could use covers. Someday. :lol:

On the knitting front, Sock #1 is DONE and #2 is halfway down the leg. Again, photos will be forthcoming.

The IRS is still holding Himself's refund hostage - the left hand has no clue what the right hand is doing. :bangs head: I have spent more time on hold than any human needs to......ah well. We'll get it when we get it. :shrug:

I'm working on a project for a friend of mine, hence the radio silence. Hope y'all are doing well!
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I, um...wasn't going to post today, but...well, it was a good mail day. :wink: Anyway, I have photos! Let's see...

First up, the UGLY socks:

2016 Ugly socks right

2016 Ugly socks left

The yarn is nice, and the colors - in the skein! - obviously looked good, or I wouldn't have bought it (I don't get affected by wool fumes to the point of purposefully buying ugly yarn, and I KNOW I didn't dye this batch. I...don't have dyes in that lichen green, for one thing!). The pattern is Old Shale/Feather and Fan, which usually works great with variegated skeins. This skein, though......

Here's my currently active sock - I give you Yaacov V.3.0:

2016 Yaacov socks cuff

The muddiness I had yesterday in the pattern portion is now in the bottom of the ribbing. :shrug: It works there, and the pattern is showing up pretty clearly. Can't wait to see how it works up next!

And now....I give you my new serger:

BL Serger case

It came in a lovely protective case! The box...was HUGE. The serger was in the case (wrapped in bubble wrap!), then the case was wrapped in bubble wrap, with an old yoga mat wrapped around *that*. The foot pedal and accessories were in bubble wrap inside a shoe box that was *also* wrapped in bubble wrap.

BL Serger outside

There she is, in all her glory! I am.....intimidated. VERY intimidated! She currently has 3 needles in - she can take 5. :gulp!:

BL Serger inside

This thing is SPOTLESS. I mean - except for a few scuffs on the outside, it looks like it's never been used! I am.....:gulp!:

I will play with it probably tomorrow....or maybe Sunday. I am.....honestly? I am a little scared of this thing! :giggle: At least it's good timing - I have a pair of jeans to make up for Herself....guess I can practice on them.

I need to rustle up lunch and get back to knitting...the serger can...can wait a bit. :lol: I need to read the manual and hunt up some videos to get my courage up.
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First up, I got a query on how my 10 (?!!!) year old Sodhopper boots are holding up (are they REALLY 10 years old?????) 1 word: FANTASTICALLY.

I don't have current pictures of them - they are in a storage box in the closet - but they are in really good shape. They've been worn - the first 5 years or so they were worn a good 5 months out of the year (mostly as fashion boots); the past 5 or so they've been worn 2 weekends/year plus a few days (as fashion boots). (Reminds me - I need to pull them out, it's getting to be boot weather again!). The leather has held up really, really well - minimal scuff marks, no bald patches. (As a comparison, my Catskill Mountain boots are a good 20+ years old; the sole is starting to pull away from the foot in a couple of places, and the piece on the heel has a wear hole. Again, they were worn a TON the first 10 years or so - we did Renn Faire for the full run (6 weeks, both days) and I wore them like normal boots.) The Sodhoppers haven't been worn quite as much - knee-high boots don't work with everything I own like the ankle boots do - but still, they've been worn.

Were they worth the $$$? YES. Would I spend it again? YES - if I had the funds. I LOVE them - and I DO wear them as everyday boots (but not so much the past 2 years; I discovered Bear Paw Uggs knock-offs. They are warmer, thanks to the fake fur lining. :lol:)

So, on to the update:

Herself is NOT having the nuclear thyroid test this week. Seems the Med. Center is NOT on our insurance, and we'd have to pay out of pocket. Um.....why do we pay the big bucks in premiums if it's not accepted????? :grrrrr: So, I've called the doc and they are supposed to be trying to find something else. :sigh: Her gyno visit today went well - the doc was nice, friendly, and wasn't upset that *I* was in there with her (she's over 18...normally that means that Mom is not really welcome, thanks to HIPPA. However....thanks to the Asberger's, Mom NEEDS to be there - both to "translate" her to the doc, and to take notes - because SHE won't remember anything, otherwise. :sigh: (I don't mind doing it,'s sad. She's technically an adult, but......maturity-wise and emotionally, she's about 8. Ah, well - she's my baby, and I love her, and I can be Mom for however long she needs me to be (that.....sounds weird, because I will ALWAYS be "mom"....but I think you know what I mean.) He switched out her BC pills, and said that this should all pass when we get her thyroid straightened out. :fingers crossed:


First up, the Sock of extreme color-blindness:

2015 Yaacov Sock

This is Yaacov, from "Op-Art Socks". The colors...didn't do what I intended; they are pooling when I thought I had dyed the blank to prevent that. Funny thing: see the part on the leg where the orange and blue go on and on? Well.....The colors actually SWITCHED; it started with A as orange and B as blue, then in a remarkable stretch A became blue and B became orange. Fun! Ah, well - this won't be the last pair I make in this pattern, and I love this sock anyway, so it's all good. I'm almost to the heel flap of #2.

My new knitting bag:

2015 Star Wars Bag

The main body came from 2 fat quarters. I LOVE this print - it looks like old pulp comic books. Way fun for a bag! (Not sure how you'd use it effectively in a quilt, but whatever. It works here!) Herself picked the secondary color as trim for a dress for her; the fabric I chose for this actually worked with her dress fabric better than it did this fabric, so we swapped. :lol:

2015 Star Wars bag inside

A shot of the inside, to kinda show how large it is. I have my sock project bag in there (because it's 2 balls of yarn that HAVE to stay in the same position thru out the knitting), a copy of the charts, the books the pattern is in, and a darning egg. There's a pocket inside, as well (the ugly on this one, but it works.) that holds all sorts of stuff (this one just has some spare change; usually I have a tape measure, a needle gauge, my darning needles, a nail file, and the darning egg in there. :lol:)

Herself wants an Avengers bag (and an Iron Man bag, AND a Dalek bag!), so I'll be making up a few more of these. They're easy, now that I've figured out the assembly - just a bit fiddly.

Himself FINALLY tried on a pair of old pants that he says has the correct fit for his Jedi outfit, so I will FINALLY be able to sew those up tomorrow (I am fighting an extreme headache today. Lack of sleep is the culprit; not only did SG and the rest of us have words yesterday, but Loki has decided that since it's cold outside he HAS to sleep as close to me as possible. Oh, and the bed is actually his, so I need to move over to give him room to stretch out. :sigh: Add to it that tomorrow is our anniversary...oy! Ah, well.....I have a batch of cinnamon rolls rising in the fridge, so at least breakfast is taken care of. Tuesday's are usually Sonic night (1/2 price Cheeseburgers!), so I know what dinner will be (and I am perfectly OK with that.)

Back to nursing my head!
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:lol: Anyway...

Herself has a week of doctor's appointments next week. Monday is a Gyn visit (to try and figure out WHY the BC pills aren't doing their job of regulating her cycle), Tuesday we have to be at the Med. Center in Mesquite at *8* AM for the start of a test/scan on her thyroid (the endo checked her levels last week, and did some "new" test - low and behold, her thyroid levels were *high*. :sigh:); we have to be back at 2 for the scan, then Wednesday we have to be back at 8:30 for the final scan. Thursday we see her GP.....needless to say, school has been cancelled for next week. :sigh: Glad we homeschool!

Just turned the heel of Yaacov sock #1. My gauge is all over the place - i was supposed to be at 3" and 32 I was at 3" at 24 rows. I fudged it - knit to 30 rows so I can pick up the required 16 stitches on each side of the flap. I tried it on - it DOES fit, thankfully! I am going to push and try to get this pair done this week, so I can take a NEW sock along on Tuesday (I think we'll have to hang out at the Med. center, because it's an hour away - gas is an issue. :sigh: Ah, well - let's pray they figure out what the heck is going on with Herself, because she's miserable. (Oh, and the endo put her on thyroid meds. :sigh: Fun stuff....)

We started Joshua this week (TorahClass for the win!). Looks good, so far. I really like how Mr. Bradford goes into the traditions and culture of the time period, and brings the NT into it. Fascinating stuff!

Gotta run - have a Jedi outfit to finish, as well as a new knitting bag. (What? I found Star Wars fat quarters at Wally-world......and 2 fat quarters are just enough to squeak out a large bag. And......Star Wars!!!!!! :lol:)
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Wednesday was Shopping Day. I picked everything up (or so I thought), grabbed my *new* sock knitting kit, and headed out. It was a good day...

And then we got home. I.....have photos, but still can't post them; I am too traumatized. :sigh:

Got home to find a HUGE mess. The table was cleared off, and my Companion sock bag was.......:shudder: MISSING. It had been on the sewing desk, BEHIND the machine (which was in the upright and ready-to-sew position).....I found it in the backyard, near the FRONT of the house. The finished sock was in a shallow hole (and fine, if a bit muddy and soggy from drool), the free needle was at the side corner of the house, and the ball and sock-in-progress was....was.....ALL OVER THE BACK YARD. :screams: The bead box was opened, and the entire family room was awash in gold glass beads. (I hope we found all of them.)

The sock-in-progress is OK. They (I know who did it. Chloe and Loki can deny it all they want, but they left muddy paw prints on the table, stovetop, and sewing desk) had broken the working yarn (about.....10 yards or so from the sock) and had totally tangled up the outside end of yarn. I think I'm going to have to cut it.....I'll lose about 10 yards. Maybe more - I honestly can't cut it yet.

See, this is CASHMERE yarn. I hand-dyed it. It's scrumptiously soft. And they desecrated it. :bangs head:

I'll recover. I'll even get back to the knitting of this some point. (It keeps getting set aside, because the beads and twisted stitches slow down my rhythm, and force me to pay attention. I....need mindless knitting right now. So, this one has been dragging on since JUNE.

Oh - and they broke one of the porcelain buttons on the bag. :grrrrr: Herself said she'd make me another, but that's not the point. :sigh:

Anyway....yeah, I have a NEW project. Remember this?

sock blank dyed

That I dyed because the yarn I bought looked like this:

Yaacov - prefrogged

and was a singles, which wouldn't last? Remember???

Well...I'm at the heel flap of V.2.0. Pictures are currently on Ravelry; I'll try to get them uploaded here at some point. I don't like the muddiness, but it's better than the first attempt, AND the yarn is much, much nicer. I can't wait to see what color combos I get next! :lol: (And, I've already decided that any leftover yarn will become matching wrist warmers. The pattern is just too, too cool!

It's raining up a storm here, and we've lost power twice (I'm on the laptop - no plug needed!), so I'd better hop off. Need to get dinner sorted, anyway - Shabbat Shalom!


Oct. 19th, 2015 03:16 pm
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Because I still don't have a lot to report. I'm busy, but.....not *busy* busy, if you understand. We're just keepin' on, here...

So, Photos! I have 3 to share:

First up, Socks! DH "stole" these before I had finished the 2nd one. It's OK - I was so OVER them it isn't funny.

2015 crazy stripes socks

Commercial sock yarn, don't remember the brand. Feels decent, the colors looked great in the skein, but knit up? I'm not impressed. I don't like the way they striped - it happens sometimes. SG's happy, so it's all good. :lol:

I've been sewing - I'm putting off working on Himself's Jedi robes. I'm just not.....feeling it right now. I'm going to start on them in the morning, though - there's nothing else I have to do to postpone it. :wry grin: This was the last thing standing in the way - covers for the pressing tools:

cover - sleeve board

The sleeve board. Both sides are covered; I used old towels for the padding. I LOVE how they look and feel now!

cover - ironing board

And my matchy-matchy ironing board. The original cover was the standard blue-and-white stripes; I HATED it. It was....boring. And...for some reason, it offended my sensibilities. I realize that sounds weird, but there it is - I hated using the thing. Now? I love it! Herself says it reminds her of a country cottage...I guess I like cottage-y things. :lol: I do need to pad it - I think I am going to look for an old wool blanket to use.

School is going well. I found a documentary series (it's on YouTube!) called "Engineering an Empire" that we are using alongside the iTunes U course. I thought it was going to be light-weight; it.....well, it is, but it isn't. It's pretty good! Himself is enjoying it, except that each episode is like 1.5 hours. :shrug: There's another series we'll be watching at the end of the year; it's called "Ancient Impossible". I have no idea how good/accurate it is, but hey - it looks fun.

We have to take Bree to the vet tonight; she's got 3 lumps that need to be removed. Surgery is tomorrow AM....I am worried, but I trust our vet. baby isn't going to be home tonight! She's going to be a basket-case, and so am I.

Not much else to report.....
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or thereabouts. Let's see....

1. Tigger is healing; she gets her stitches removed Wednesday. Yippee! No more Cone of Shame!

2. Knitting: Finished the Egypt socks, need to get photos. Started my next pair - "Companion". One of the Firefly themed socks. It's going well - and it has BEADS. Never knit with beads before...this is interesting.

3. Books: We hit Half-Price on Saturday. It seems I'm being pushed towards sewing.....I brought home a few felted knit books and a couple of sewing ones. BUT. I was browsing eBay...and I scored a copy of Gertie's New Vintage Sewing (or...whatever. Her first book) for.......$11.41. With $0.01 shipping. I got it Saturday as well.....and it is Impressive. I am NOWHERE near ready to tackle the projects - yet - but it is chock full of techniques and tips. I'm debating buying her 2nd book from JoAnn's - even with a 40% off coupon it's more than I usually spend on a book, but this one is just That Good. I also scored a copy of Colette's book (I love the patterns, but don't want to shell out $15 for a shorts pattern, you know?) - it should arrive today. (It was $9.98 with $2.98 shipping).

4. Sewing: So, the current plan is to read, read, read, then make some bags. One can never have too many bags, right? I'll use some of the techniques from the new books, and get comfortable with them, THEN I'll tackle some actual clothing for me. I need to get comfortable with zippers - and bags are good for that.

5. Life, in general: Still haven't heard from SS on Herself's disability. Starting to panic, a little - I mean, I KNOW God has this, but.....bills are coming due and we're down the house payment each month. :gulp: Trying to stay calm.....

Need to get started with Himself's school. We're on the Summer Schedule, so it's light, but it still needs to be done. Laters!

(Oh, and it's raining. Again. I don't want to complain, but we are going to need to evolve flippers soon if this keeps up. Normal annual rainfall is 34". In May, we got 32". I have no clue what we got over the weekend, but it was at LEAST 2.5" here......we went from the entire state being in Extreme Drought conditions to NO DROUGHT at ALL in 4 weeks. Nice? Yes. But I'm a bit tired of the mud and glop. And mosquitos........Oh. My. Goodness - they are flying around in packs now. :shudder:)
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OK, so Herself is moderately better. Doc appt. yesterday was honestly a waste of time - we learned NOTHING. And nothing was done - just "come back in 6 weeks for more blood work" :bangs head: At least she sees a "specialist" on Tuesday....maybe we'll learn something then.

I finished sock #1, and am on the leg of #2. I am itching to dye up some more yarn to kit up yet more socks....but I am fighting the urge. I need to knit more down, first......maybe. :lol:

Tomorrow we go to pick up a sewing machine cabinet/table....I want to move my White (30-ish pounds!) into the house, as I can't sew in the Studio. No room! I found a cheap, antique cabinet on CraigsList - hope it works. (No picture....but the lady is nice, and it's CHEAP.) Not sure where I'll put it.....ah, well. Such is life, right? :lol:

Himself got his forge, and promptly freaked out. :rofl: I'm working on him......

Shabbat Shalom! See ya on the flip side!


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