So. Tired!

Apr. 9th, 2018 02:11 pm
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But it's a good tired! Let's see if I can get y'all caught up.

1. Studio: Have recovered the couch in the Studio (this was a while back, but still - need to update!). It was a really....out there 60's brown/yellow/orange/brown plaid; now it's plain canvas. I also made a quilt and 4 or 5 throw pillows for it. MUCH nicer in there, now!

1a. We also got rid of "Big Ugly" - the old entertainment center I had in there. Now I have a double Billy and a single, in white. They....well. Big Ugly was 3' deep; the Billys are 15". So all the fleece is hanging out next to the loom. But! The Billy's have glass doors, and my yarn looks VERY NICE now. I can actually SEE what I have....which...well. I don't need any yarn for a while. I have enough in most weights to make almost anything. (Only 1 sweater's worth set aside; if I decide I NEED another sweater, we'll have to go shopping. But for hats/gloves/socks/scarves, I'm set.

2. Knitting: Have banged out 3 hats and a few pairs of socks. I've slowed down recently - I messed up my right elbow last month and can't do a lot without pain. :sigh: I have 2 pairs of socks on the needles, but they are stalled. No biggie - I'm sewing, instead!

3. Sewing: I joined Sew Over It's PDF club, and have taken advantage of it. I jumped on the new "Ultimate Culottes" - I have 3 pair, so far. Have plans for a few more - the goal is to get rid of my default sweat pants, and replace them with something a little more feminine. These fit the bill, at least for Spring/Summer/Fall. Have some Jeans patterns I need to work on, but right now I'm focused on Summery stuff. (It's been in the 80' MARCH and early APRIL. How hot is August gonna be????) Fabric Mart had a huge sale, and I scored some really nice Cotton Lawn. Already knocked out 1 SOI Vintage Shirt Dress; I have SOI's Nancy Dress (a Swing Dress) that I think will make a lovely tunic that I will tackle next. (SOI FITS me. I have to do very very little modification to their patterns, which is very very rare for me. SO NICE!)

4. Life, in general: Himself is.....better. He has developed an interest in modding Nerf blasters, thanks to the YouTube channel "Battle Universe". We've been having Family Nerf battles every Saturday evening....I am bruised, but it's fun. He still can't deal with crowds, so he stayed home yesterday while the rest of us went to Dallas Fan Expo.

FYI: IF you should decide you'd like to take your family to a Con (and have never been), might I suggest Sunday as your first visit? It's generally less crowded and a little bit cheaper. Most vendors (but not all!) are willing to slash prices so they don't have to move the stock back home. BUT.

If, say, there are more than 2 autographs you want to get, and they are BIG names, I highly recommend you spring for at least 1 Premium ticket (or VIP, but those prices are.....well. $$$$) We learned this with Mark Hamill - Sunday tickets, long lines, almost didn't get the autograph after HOURS of standing in line. For David Tennent, I did the Premium - we got 5 line jumps, so there was very little waiting.

This time......well. It was HUGE. Just some of the stars: Princess Bride Vizini, Wesley, and Humperdink; 2001 (the 2 main male characters); Back to the Future Biff, Doc Brown (Michael J. Fox and the girl had to cancel last minute, but STILL); Val Kilmer; Chuck Norris; Richard Dean Anderson; Inara from Firefly, Anthony Daniels (C3P0), Billy Dee Williams (LANDO CALRISSIAN, Oh My Goodness!!!!)...and the list honestly GOES ON (oh, Ben Afflack was there....he's a bit full of himself.). There were 9 autographs SG wanted, so -after a lot of waffling, to the point he missed the VIP pass - he went for a Premium. He decided on 4, total...and got the 3 "big" ones on Saturday. (He would have gotten some on Friday, but the guys he wanted didn't make it before he had to leave.) Sunday he got Inara's while Herself and I waited in line for the 2 SHE wanted - the English voice actors for a Japanese anime called "My Hero Acadamia". If you haven't discovered it yet....go. Go NOW. It's just started Season 3, and it's WONDERFUL. (Basically humans have evolved super hero powers, called "quirks". There are a few quirkless folks around - the main protagonist is a 14 year old quirkless boy named Midoriya. (Called "Deku"). The Number 1 Hero is All Might - and Herself LOVES them. Here, let me show you:

MHA Minis

When she found out Justin (Deku) and Chris (All Might) were going to be here, she pulled out the Sculpy and went to work. :lol: We took them with us yesterday so she could give them to the actors....who are both simply LOVELY people. Very, very, very nice and personable, and both of them were SO NICE to my out-of-her-element Aspie. :hugs: So nice, in fact, that she willingly got selfies with both:

MHA selfie - All Might

That, my friends, is Chris Sabat, voice of All Might (and Vagita from Dragonball Z). He is.....well, you can see. :lol: (She is bounding as Bonnie from FNAF. She crocheted the guitar. Yes, it's awesome. :lol:)

MHA selfie - Deku

This is Justin Briner, voice of Deku. VERY nice guy!

She is thrilled - SG bought her a print with the whole ensemble (Class 1A from the school), and both Chris and Justin signed it. If any of the other actors come thru, she'll get them to sign it, too. (Yes, *I* also have their autographs...because I really like the show, too.)

We came home with 2 new plushies for her (Oh My - 40" tall Bonnie and Chicka from FNAF. They barely fit in the car!!!), a Gjallorhorn prop from Destiny (it was a flash sale....for 75% off! Himself is looking into modding it to actually fire Nerf missiles. :lol:), a bunch of art work, and some custom-painted Nerf blasters. Oh! We also had a photo op with the Princess Bride trio - it was a hoot! It was a good day! But exhausting - today has been very laid-back.
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I've promised photos for.....well, quite some time now. So, it's high time I actually DELIVERED, right? Right. :lol: There's a lot, so I'll put them behind a cut.

Click here for photos! )
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They didn't show up Monday - they hadn't finished the job they were on, but they showed up TODAY. They are currently working in the kids' bedrooms and bathroom; if they get those done and still have time they will do the dining room also. And maybe the foyer. :happy dance!:

The tub is DONE except for the grouting - which will be done tonight. I can see the light!!!!!

Saturday we are supposed to order the kitchen cabinets.....they said maybe 3 weeks before install. I....can wait 3 weeks. Maybe. :lol:

I will have some floors tonight!!!!! (And maybe a new hat, but we'll see how fast the knitting goes. :rofl:)

Oh - and I am NOT happy with the guy that put in my Studio (which I need to photograph for you, but can't until the kids get moved back into the house and all the household stuff gets moved back into the house where it belongs....because right now? It's a mess in there.). It's been what, 5 months? - and shingles are BLOWING OFF OF MY ROOF. :grrrrrr: And he wants another $85 to fix it. :GRRRRRRRRR:
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REAL disaster, not just "my candidate didn't win, oh woe is me!" :sigh: - the Lord can use it, and will. Why?

Because my house currently resembles a wind tunnel, I have NO flooring (except in the Master Suite, and part of Herself's room), and it smells of anti-microbial spray. Himself and I are happily camped out in the Studio (Loki stayed with us last night, as "protection". :snerk:......I want to cry. Seriously.

The Adjuster sent out a Disaster Recovery team Friday evening (she hasn't been out yet - she's waiting for all the fans and dehumidifiers to do their thing first). They got there around 5....and left at 12:30, only to return at 9:30 yesterday morning. I had thought that only the kitchen/laundry/family rooms would need work......oh, no. The carpet pad under the laminate was wet throughout the *entire* house. We had the dogs locked in the Master Suite - I was praying that somehow the water didn't go there. The Lord heard me - the water stopped 8" in front of our door! (Granted, the water went UNDER the kitchen cabinets along the shared wall, so there is still a chance that our room got wet......but for the moment, it was spared. I realize that *we* will probably have to pay to replace that floor - all my floors were the same - but 1 room is not that expensive, all told. :sigh:)

Herself's room was only wet 3' in, but still - the entire floor will have to be replaced. I've tried to prepare her.....I pick her up tomorrow, and she's got to start packing things up.

The crew leader told us we'll most likely get PODS to put all our stuff into. It has to go SOMEWHERE. He also said we'd probably be put up in a hotel - I nixed that idea. We have 7 dogs - there's no way any hotel will allow that; boarding honestly isn't an option for 5 out of the 6 (it would be too traumatic for them). The Studio has room for us to sleep - right now, Himself is on the pull-out bed, and I am on a twin-sized air mattress (the queen won't fit while the bed is open). When Herself gets home I'll either close up the sofa bed and set up the queen mattress, or I'll buy another twin mattress ($8, plus another 5 for a sheet). :shrug: SG refuses to move; he says it's no louder than the computer room at his plant........:whatever: (The upshot is, he gets to sleep with 6 dogs crowded in. :lol: Loki was QUITE happy to bunk with us.)

The dogs are totally confused - all the furniture is pulled to the center of the rooms (because they had to punch holes in where the baseboards used to be so that the fans can dry out the drywall there - it was ALL wet.) and squished together (as you can imagine), so there's no place for them to lay down. Our bedroom is the same....but Chloe and Riley are used to sleeping on the futon and loveseat while Bree normally sleeps on the sofa. Now, though......they are all crowded into 1 room. (We have large dogs, have I mentioned that? :lol:)

I am totally sick over this.......we have 25 fans and 3 dehumidifiers running 24/7 until tomorrow at the earliest. All my stuff has been handled by strangers - they were nice, and professional, but that's not the point. A crew will be dispatched to load up the PODS (or whatever they decide to do with our stuff - it can NOT stay in the house, no matter what else is decided). And Herself.....she's going to be an absolute basket case. I've already moved all our current and soon-to-be-utilized Homeschooling stuff out to the Studio - I don't want to lose any more time if at all possible. (Crud. I still need to move a TV and DVD player out.....or wait. I have an external CD/DVD player for the MacBook Air (which I am typing this on)....I'll get the drive this AM and we'll be set to go, once the next set of DVDs come in.) And our wi-fi reaches out here - Praise God for that! (The first thing SG did when the crew walked out the door was to plug in the router and his iMac. Techies! :shakes head: :lol:)(Himself brought his PC out here, so he's happily playing Space Engineers and Star Wars: Battlefront. It just fits on the serger desk - I'm glad I kept the desk, instead of deciding space was more important than storage!)(And the cutting table was finished Wednesday, just in time to use it to store my fine china on! The Lord really was looking out for us!)

I am trying to look on the bright side......I'll get new floors! (We're talking about either linoleum or simply painting/staining the slab. Right now, I am leaning heavily on the paint/stain, because I do NOT want to go thru this again! SG is trying to talk me off of that ledge - concrete will be colder than the vinyl (which.....we need something that will stand up to the dogs, with as few seams as possible. Laminate works, but.....seams. And if - IF - we ever get another leak......:shudder:) I'll also get new cabinets and countertops (bottom only, probably - but hey! New! And we'll only be out our deductible.......:sigh:

I do have photos, but.......they make me sick to look at them. I'll try to post something later this week, once we know what the plan is.

Thank God the Studio was finished enough we can basically live in it! It's a bit of a slog to do a bathroom run at 2 AM, but I can deal with that. :lol: (Trying to look on the bright side!)
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Looks like most of America didn't want a felon in office. :whew: We'll see if we dodged a bullet, or fired one.

I'm honestly not understanding the reaction from her supporters. This is NOT the end of the world. Yet. Do what you'd tell the other guy's supporters to do, if the situation were reversed: Pull up your big-kid pants and deal with it. Show some dignity......and don't riot. That's........not an appropriate response. (Neither is whining, but hey - whining is minor and doesn't damage innocent people's property.)


I am fighting a cold, now - horribly sore throat, raspy voice. :sigh: I do NOT have time for this!

The electrician came out yesterday and FINISHED the Studio! I have a fan, now! WE still have a lot of work to do, but all outside work is done. IF it quits raining soon, we'll get the top of the cutting table cut and installed, and then - Then! - I can take photos and finally share what I have. :happy dance:

On to school....we'll see how my voice holds up. I'm hoping to get back to the Studio to weave; last night I finished a towel and got half-way thru the next one. I am so happy to be weaving again! It's my zen, if you understand what I'm trying to say. It helps me center myself, slow down, and focus on what's important. (and politics? Aren't important, not really. The President isn't supposed to do stuff without Congress's approval. Executive orders aren't supposed to be used to circumvent the matter what the current office holder seems to think. NO ONE is supposed to be above the law......we'll see if THAT actually happens, now.)
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A nice, steady rain. With bonus! Lightening! We need the rain, and it was pleasant to wake up to the pitter-patter of rain drops on the roof. Nicer when SG has decided that since HE has to be at work at 7, now, which means if he helps morning stables it has to be done at 5:30, and "that's not fair"...that HE will go out and do the chores by HIMSELF every morning. *I* got to stay nice and dry. :lol: (I'm sure weekends will be me, alone - don't care, it's OK - I would have been doing this by myself, too, but HE complained. There might be hope for him yet!)

Studio update: I am almost done with dish towel #3. I am absurdly slow right now - I am trying to make sure I am weaving correctly - it's been *3* years, after all! So, going slowly, watching my selvedges like a hawk...and revelling in the entire process.

We got both shelves installed in the cutting table (the one inside the long unit is a problem. I might have to do something else - I don't want to pull the unit apart just to drop a shelf in there.) We're going to try to drop the top on this weekend, but in the meantime it's Fabric Moving Time! ALL the denim/large rolls are stored neatly on the bottom shelf; today I'll be moving the rest of the fabric to the top shelf (hopefully. It's also Take-the-Aunt-shopping-day, so...we'll see.) Himself helped me move my sewing machine and desk out there yesterday; soon as the cutting table is cleared of all the tools I will reorganize my desk drawers and we'll be good to go. :happy dance:

Dinner's in the crock pot, and the rain has subsided - I need to shower and get the kids up so we can head out. Hope y'all have a great day!
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And I couldn't be more excited! I can WEAVE again!!!!!!!!!

No, the Studio isn't finished yet....but it is finished enough that we could get the loom moved in. Here - have a photo:

loom in pieces

This is what a Swedish Countermarch Loom looks like, when you've moved it OUT of one space, given it a bath and a wax treatment, then moved it into a new space. It breaks down into a bunch of....well, not small, but smallER pieces. :lol: (Also, see that dark wood cabinet with glass doors? That's what SG got me from his plant. It's just the right size for most of the knitting yarns! I have my eye on a slightly larger, almost matching cabinet......if it falls through, CraigsList has a few listed right now. I need 1 more nice cabinet for the rest of the knitting yarns, a few cones of weaving yarn, and my spinning tools. Or CDs. Anyway, I need 1 more storage cabinet - it'll go next to the pie safe. Yes, the back wall will be "heavy". Don't care - it's why I didn't put windows on it.)

And then, after about 30 minutes of work and foul language, you have this:

loom facing back

This is from the warp beam, or back of the loom, facing the front. Or, the back of the Studio. The pie safe is where (most of) the spinning fiber lives.

loom facing window

This is the view from my perspective, while I am weaving. The window faces the back of the house, so I have a nice view of the dogs. There's also a window to the side of me, facing SG's shop.

You can sort of get an idea of what the Studio looks like - but I'm not showing all of it, not yet. There's still a LOT of tools in here, and my sewing desk is still in the house (as is almost all of the fabric.) We have to finish the ceiling (the panels are all up, but it needs work. A....lot of work. I can live with it, but the seams need to be covered with trim boards (because...well, it looks like amateurs did it, which...we are, and did. :lol:) and the cutting table needs 2 shelves before we can drop the top on. The fabric can't be moved until that happens, and my sewing desk can't be moved until all the ladders and scaffolds and big tools are out.

But! The loom is IN, and I have confirmation that I was, in fact correct - I have PLENTY of room. Not a lot of SPACE, but plenty of room. I can work in here comfortably, there's room for Herself to sew while I am (and Himself, too, if he wants!) - and there's still room to walk around. Praise God for it, too! :happy dance:

I am taking the rest of today to warp the loom. This week I need to start shoveling out the garage studio so Herself can get set's bad. We are battling a mouse invasion (33 dead, so far...and at LEAST 2 more in the house. :sigh: SG promised back in June to get an's now almost November, and no exterminator in sight.) so....yeah, it's bad. Hence me scrubbing down EVERYTHING after it leaves the house before it goes into my new studio......:shudder:

Gotta run - my loom is calling me!
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Let's see.....ALL the fiber has been moved into the Studio. The Pie Safe was emptied, moved, scrubbed, repainted, scrubbed again, then set into place and filled. All the spinning kates have been scrubbed and waxed.....:whew:

Yesterday we went hunting for the last 3 bead board panels. Home Depot had some, but we also hit the Salvage place. They had bead board.....and we had a great idea for the top of my cutting table.

The original plan had been a table 6' x 4'. SG talked me into changing it to 5' x 6'...until yesterday. I had been going to buy 2 30" doors for the top; metal plates to screw them together, sand and paint the top. The Salvage place was too expensive, door-wise; the salesman suggested a countertop. However...a countertop the size I wanted (even mis-matched)...was going to be MORE than the cabinets were. Hmmm....SG asked about laminate, they had some.....for $15/sheet. $15 for a sheet of MDF.....and I'm back to a 6' x 4' top.

Only.....we went to Home Depot today to pick up the bead board (they were $1/sheet cheaper)....and they had a 3/4" MDF board with laminate on BOTH sides...for $35. No paint, so seams....just a lovely, slick 1 piece top. :lol: Yes, we bought it....and SG is building the shelves right now. :rofl:

I also knocked out a futon cover - 2 Queen-sized sheets and 30 minutes of sewing, and voila! A pretty, easy to remove, cover.

It was busy, but a good weekend. I'm hoping to get the loom uncovered and moved this week....the electrician is supposed to be out on Wednesday...we'll see. :lol:
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Yesterday was a PJ day - we were all tired from the State Fair. Today is a lazy day - at least we're dressed? :lol:

I managed to move my weaving shuttles and stuffed critters out to the Studio. Today I want to see if I can find some of the Command Strips hanging things so I can get some stuff on the walls. The 3rd quilted hanging is all sewn; I just need to add the embroidered details, the binding, and quilt it up.

I'm going to make a semi-permanant slipcover for the Studio couch - I was going to use painter's drop cloths, but found 10 oz duck online for LESS, so....guess what I ordered? :lol: I've figured out how to do it, I just need the fabric and the space to get it done. I'm going to leave it natural - that will go with any color. I'm also going to make a cover for the stuff!

My sock drawer exploded (seriously!), so I need to figure out how to get the thing OUT of the closet so I can glue it back together. I can't figure out how to get the drawer off the metal tracks.....:sigh:

Have a great Shabbat!
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Sukkot began Sunday evening; we spent it in the Studio. Um. Yeah. The air mattress sprung a leak, the dogs would NOT shut up - because the people! Were! Gone! And the A/C cycles on and I got very little sleep.

Last night, we moved to the living room. New air mattress......which the dogs managed to pull the plug on. Twice. (I can laugh, now - and it'll be a hysterical story next year! - but it wasn't fun at 10:30 to have to scramble to find the pump to re-fill the rapidly collapsing mattress.) I slept better, though....

Let's see.....Sunday I started moving stuff into the Studio. SG's plant officially closed on Friday (he's there until December), so this week looks to be clean-up. He brought home a bookcase for me, and surprised me with a lovely display cabinet. He said "I'm not sure IF you can use this, but.....I've always liked it and it was slated to go to the dumpster, so.....". I said "SOCK YARN STASH!!!!" and giggled as we moved it in. :lol: God is indeed Good!

Today's goal: Fill the case with my sock yarn (and probably most/all of my knitting yarn. Contrary to popular belief, I really DO NOT have that much knitting yarn. Honest! Most of my stash is fiber........that needs to be converted to yarn. :lol: I also want to try to move the weaving/spinning books out there...and maybe the knitting books, too. That might be tomorrow's job, though. We'll see. I need to organize the books as I shelve them - which is a job in and of itself!

Yesterday was FIL's day. I went with him to do errands - we got a LOT done. I also brought home a few quilting books so I can start learning how to finish that quilt.....I'll take 'em back in the next few weeks (until he and my SIL say I can have them, I'm only borrowing them. Do I want them? Yes - they're books! But I want them honestly, not taken piecemeal. If that makes sense.) Got home to find no electrician...:sigh: He's going to have a lot to work around if he keeps putting us off. :lol:

Gotta skitter - I need to start moving yarn!
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Sorry for the radio silence - we've been on the run almost constantly. :sigh: Guess it's our new normal? Hope not..... Anyway.

1. The Lord REALLY wanted me to fast - He had Wednesday's Doc appt rescheduled for Thursday. So, I fasted. And stayed home all day. :lol:

2. FIL is better - both docs say so. Hopefully he'll take that to heart.......we (SIL and me) are trying to gently convince him he needs a dog for companionship. I told him I'd cover any vet costs - because, after all, we'd be the ones with the dog if anything happens to him. We're going over again tomorrow, and are planning on bringing the Riley for him to interact with.....we'll see how that goes.

3. The electrician came out Monday evening (after telling me he'd be out Tuesday, since Monday was a holiday), installed 1.5 lights, and left. He's supposed to come out tomorrow.......we'll see. I have moved almost all the sewing books out there - my books are stacked on top of each other in the current shelves and are falling/getting, he can move around my stuff. The serger desk is in there, too - and in a little bit, Herself's sewing desk will be in there. SG needed to get to some of his tools to do finish work in the Studio, so.....:shrug: We're still missing 3 ceiling I can't move the loom out there yet.......but SG says as soon as we get those in and installed, he will work AROUND the loom to finish the ceiling/walls. :taps fingers impatiently:

4. I had an awesome idea for 1 more quilted wall-hanging.......and I have a confession to make. Know how I keep saying I HATE quilting? Well......I had an idea last week for a "fiber critter" hanging; I already had templates for sheep and goats, and found a pattern for Llamas and Alpacas. I went into the garage Studio (soon to be Herself's) and started digging for the goats pattern........

If I hate quilting so much, please explain to me how come I have *14* quilted wall hanging patterns in my stash? Some of which already have fabric matched up to them???? :lol:

I have to admit, I like quilted wall hangings - they're cute, they're different, they're handmade....but I honestly do not like *making* them so much. Back when we bought this house (in 2013), I had *plans* - I was going to be like MIL, and decorate for each season and holiday.....which explains the multitude of patterns. I made 1 with stacked jack-o-lanterns (fun!), then made 1 with 4 turkeys....that one made me dislike quilting. Each turkey has 9 tail feathers that you sew together, then appliqué on the square, then you appliqué the body and details on top of them.......:shudder: I put them aside for a while.

Then we started homeschooling, so I made one for that......we put it up each Monday AM (to start our week), then pulled it down every Friday and replaced it with one I made for Shabbat. That routine got old, I made 1 with goats (matching the fabric for each goat with 1 of our goats :lol:)......:sigh: and :lol:

But. :sigh: MIL told me (shortly after she went to the Rehab) that she had a box of feed sack fabric that had my name on it, and I was to go GET it. I didn't.......until Thursday (because I want to use some of that for my critter quilt). While I was digging for that box, I found a basket with a TON of quilt squares in it. FIL didn't recognize it, so I said :gulp!: that I would assemble them and see what we had....and I would do my best to FINISH the quilt.

Now, most of what MIL had been doing was small lap-quilts, or twin-sized quilts.....and that's what I figured I had. Um......nope. SIL sent me a photo of MIL's friend's finished (matching)quilt (they were working on them together - MIL put hers aside to start on Herself's quilt)...this thing is KING-sized, it's a's HUGE. And she's missing 3 appliquéd squares. :gulp: It'll be gorgeous....and I'm going to try to work on it next year. I need to up my game, first.......I want to do it justice. Guess I need to work on appliqué work now......I figure my hand-sewing will be a LOT better by the time that thing is quilted! :lol:

Need to get moving.......
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We went to the hospital today to see FIL. He's in the observation unit; he has a UTI and as of this AM fluid in the lungs. :bangs head: He's very very very wheezy, and tired. We saw the Doc; he said that he *might* be discharged tomorrow.

So. We're back on the treadmill. :fun times: Hopefully we can take him home tomorrow.....we'll have to see if the kids stay, or not. :sigh:

In other news, we have 2 chicks now. One of the silkies decided she wanted to go broody, and 2 survived. They are too, too cute. :lol: The other silkie hen is broody now...we'll see if she gets lucky, too.

And....I am halfway thru a wall quilt. Have I mentioned I hate quilting? Because....I do. But this is cute...and I have 1 more in the queue. :lol: They're for the Studio, of course....and they are sheep-themed. Of course. :snicker: Since I currently can't do any apparel sewing (because I don't have the room to cut out things right now), this has to do.

Work on the Studio is stalled...because we're at the hard part, yo. It's just too ~hard~ to put the ceiling panels up! :/whine: :bangs head: *I* can't move anything out there until the electric is done, and the electrician can't proceed until the ceiling is finished. VERY frustrating. (And no, the kids and I can't do it - they don't know what to do, and I can't physically hold the panels up for nailing. And Himself isn't too sure about the we're at a standstill.) :grrrrrrrr:

Ah well. It'll get done when it gets done. Yesterday we found a CraigsList ad......and scored a desk (for MIL's machine....MUCH better than the cabinet!) with chair, AND a small sleeper sofa. It's smaller than a modern loveseat....and it looks untouched. Seriously - except for dust, it looks brand-spankin' new! Brown/cream/black/rust plaid...slightly ugly, but FREE. :lol: I am researching slipcovers......because the colors don't really fit my color scheme. :rofl: I'm not really sure how to Tetris it in.....but I'll make it work. I need someplace to curl up and read, after all.

The wall quilt is calling........what have I gotten myself into? :snicker:
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but we brought the kids home last Saturday, and we've been a bit busy ever since. We got the kids home and settled, then started panelling the Studio. We got...well, part of it done - we had to, because the carpet was installed Tuesday morning. We've been working on it all week - as of right now, the walls are about 80% done (it takes forever....because you have to rest at least a half-hour after installing each panel. :sigh:); we have the panels for the ceiling, but no telling HOW long that's gonna take. :grumble:

We eased back into school. Herself has been obsessively churning out jewelry (she has to Make Things when she's stressed.) - MIL had given her a lot of loose gem stones, and she's finally started using them. I have a lovely ring with one of MIL's amethysts set between 2 small pink sapphires. Amethyst was her I have something to remind me of her. (I also have a bunch of new earrings, and she's working on a necklace for me. :lol:) Himself has been working with the keeps jamming, and he keeps UN-jamming it. :lol: and :sigh: It's new tech, so it's to be expected, but it's frustrating, too.

Think that brings us up to date......I need to do a grocery run, so later!
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Let's is almost, sorta back to normal. Whatever "normal" is. :grin: The kids are still at FIL's, and will probably remain there until the end of this week. I *hope* to have them home this weekend, so we can get Himself back into the groove of school and such....but if FIL still needs them, he's got them.

My Studio is built. The outside is almost finished - it came primed. The last week of MIL's life I noticed a Sherwin-Williams store near the nursing home...and they had the magical words "All Paint 30% off!" in the window. :lol: So...the outside is just about finished - I don't do too well on ladders, and the kids aren't home, so the highest points of the gables and trim still aren't painted. (I fell off the ladder trying to paint them, so I quit. No harm done; SG said he'll get to it *soon*.)

The interior, however......we went with an electrician that is a friend of a family member. He....well, I'm sure he's good....he just doesn't show up until 5 PM, and leaves at 6. My "2-day job" is now on day 5 (because he doesn't work weekends, naturally!). :sigh: He really wasn't that much cheaper than the other guys that quoted us (and assured us my building was a couple of hours job, and would be done within 2 days of setting it up. :bangs head:) - the difference is that this guy threw in the light fixtures (used, of course....."on a model home, so not really Used."), and the other guys didn't. We're talking maybe $200 in lights.......oh, well. Live and Learn. This guy has "worked" himself out of doing SG's shop. :sigh:

Anyway. The meter was hooked up today. Saturday SG put in the insulation, tying it up out of the electrician's way. Soon as the wiring is roughed in, we'll be slapping up panelling; once the fixtures are in and the carpet installed (should be next week - the carpet guy told me up front it wouldn't be this week; I am OK with that!) I can move my stuff *in*. Then we can repaint the garage (Herself picked out the paint at Sherwin-Williams......the word "Sale" is a magical thing, indeed! :lol:) and she can get her stuff moved in there.

Pictures when it's finished. :lol:

Saturday I purchased the cabinets for my cutting table. Yes, I have the fold-down one from MIL...but. I am tight on space in the Studio (because it's not just for sewing, but also weaving/spinning/knitting/fiber prep), so things have to be multi-purpose. The cutting table I's good for when you need something temporary, but you really can't set up storage under it. So. I was toying with using base cabinets and plywood. We priced them at Lowe's......$500 for the cabinets ONLY. :gulp!: CraigsList has been worthless for Saturday morning I woke up with the idea that we needed to go to the local Salvage Yard.

Lo and behold, they had a 6' long sink cabinet..for $170. My "dream" table is 6' x 4'. OK......for $10 more they are putting in 2 drawers where the sink is supposed to go. For another $70 I got 2 12" drawer cabinets for the opposite corners......add 2 plywood shelves and a top and I have a nice, sturdy cutting table with TONS of storage! I should be picking the cabinets up this weekend.....a quick coat of paint and a bit of work, and voila! Fabric storage, tool storage, AND a cutting table! :bounce:

As a bonus, they had a gorgeous stained glass door panel just sitting there.......I asked, the guy hem-hawed, then made me an offer. SG cut into my door yesterday and installed it. :lol: What? FIL has said he wants to get back into stained glass; this just saved him some work. :rofl: No, it wasn't necessary, but it's oh-so-lovely, and it lets in a bit of light so I don't feel so claustrophobic. AND it'll save SG some money - he is going to buy me a storm door. We were looking at stained-glass he can buy a plain glass one. :happy dance:

I've been busy at the sewing table; Herself now has a machine cover and chair cushion, and the serger now has a cover and matching chair cushion, and the curtains are done. I need to cover some cork boards, then I think I'm done with the sewing portion of the Studio. For the moment, anyway. I need to eventually make a cover for MIL's machine, and a matching cushion (once I get a chair for *that* cabinet), but that can wait a bit.

I think that brings me up to date. are things with y'all?
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Let's see....Wednesday and Thursday, you'd have thought MIL was fine. A little confused, but fine. She was a *pistol* discussing decorating the room, griping about the "former" cook, praising the "new"'d SWEAR she was recovering. Friday she started slipping; she kept falling asleep while her hairdresser did her hair, she kept calling me SIL.....but still, she was *there*.

Saturday, she started sleeping all the time. Sunday and Monday she didn't wake up at all. Yesterday....yesterday the Charge Nurse told me she didn't think it'd be too much longer. Herself and I had to leave at noon, but the rest of the family was there.

Today I took off - we had an ortho appointment. I called SIL....and MIL has rallied. She woke up yesterday and demanded FIL *kiss* her (!), and laughed and giggled at all the jokes. This AM she's been sleeping....but still giggling at SIL's jokes and banter. :scratches head: She's also not as swollen as we'd thought she'd be (she's been off dialysis now for 11 days. Usually day 10 is it.).....we're confused. Hopeful, but......unless we're granted a miracle, this is the last gasp. :sad:

We've been busy. I've finished 2 pairs of socks, 1 dress, have 1 dress that just needs hem and buttonholes/buttons, studio is almost built. And...we bought the kids a Makerbot Replicater. :innocent whistle: Herself is happily planning a BUNCH of cosplays.....(Ebay is your friend. I got it for less than half-price, and it only had about 6 hours of printing time. Still expensive, yes - but we don't have jet skis, or motorbikes, or go-carts...we don't have an RV, or go mountain-climbing, or other expensive habits. This? Will more than earn it's keep, I promise you. Both kids have plans for it.......and I like them to be creative. It's been fun this past week, watching them play around with it.)

Anyway. We're back on vigil tomorrow AM. My building should be finished tomorrow; tomorrow afternoon the electrician and flooring people are supposed to come out to quote me on those. Once the wiring is done we'll insulate and panel the whole she-bang, then the carpet can be installed and I can move my stuff. It's bittersweet, goes on.
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Let's see....yesterday was spent with the Grands. They are....not doing as well as I'd like to see them. :sigh: Point: Granny is giving away stuff, because she doesn't want fights when she's gone...and she seems to think it's going to be sooner rather than later. :big sigh:

I think I've figured out the kiln issue - it appears that the kiln needs a *240* volt outlet. SG told the electrician it needed a *220* volt outlet. Now, it's not all on him, because *I* drug myself out of bed to stumble down to the shop with the kiln manual in hand so that the electrician could look at it. "No - I know what it needs! 220 40 amp (I think he said 40 amp) plug. No problem!" Only...if anyone had bothered to LOOK at the plate on the side of the kiln, they would have seen that it very plainly states "240 volt". (And, to be fair - *I* did not look at the plate until this AM. Still - I am not the one running wires and installing plugs, nor was I the one PAYING for same.) :sigh: I've got a call in to the electrician - hopefully we can get this fixed soon.

Especially since yesterday the Grands and we went to the ceramic store. 12 new glazes and a bisque-fired pot (it's a present. :shhhhhhhhhhhh!: :lol:) Herself is currently cutting out porcelain disks to test fire the new glazes (so she has a visual of what they look like fired.) She can fire these in her Firefly, but she's chomping at the bit to get the big one up and running.

I have had a headache since Friday. :bleck:

Good news: my missing Zenni Optical order came in yesterday! I no longer look like a dork (unless I want to!) :lol: The everyday glasses are GORGEOUS - emerald green, with fancy earpieces. The sunglasses are almost dark enough (I...have light-sensitive eyes. I prefer super-dark tint; most places won't go dark enough. These....are OK.) and look pretty good on. I am very, very pleased!

Himself's glasses STILL aren't in. :grrrrr: I called; seems that 1 lens didn't meet their quality control, so they had to reorder it. On Friday. Not sure I'm buying that, since I don't think they were open on Friday (It being a holiday and all), but hey - at least they know I'm waiting. I think I should have just ordered his from Zenni, too......

Not much else going on. I was able to score a sock kit I've been wanting for a while (Quantum Paratsox). It's a sock, with a moebius strip - so the outside is the inside. :snicker: Should be fun to wear to the Perot! :lol:

Need to have a lie-down. We're on Spring Break this week, which is a Blessing!
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Yes, I am still alive - just busy. And tired. I have photos....on the iPad. Eventually I'll upload them - but I dyed 5 more skeins today (2 pairs of socks worth!), and need photos of them, and tomorrow I plan on dyeing up 3 more skeins. What? I have patterns I want to do soon-ish; they are all based on characters from "Firefly". 4 of today's skeins are for a Jayne Cobb sock (the hat! I matched the colors to the hat I knit SG a while back...:lol:) and Inara (a lovely burgundy/wine-color; I need some beads for her sock). Tomorrow I plan on dyeing up yarn for Wash (leafy green for "I am a Leaf on the Wind, watch me soar"), Kaylee (I'm thinking pink, for That Dress), and Malcolm (brown, maybe? He IS a Browncoat, after all. :wink:)

I'm halfway down the foot of Herself's Biohazard sock. The Florescent Yellow is BRIGHT - the black helps, sorta, but not much. :lol: You'll be able to see her feet coming from a mile away! I've got 3 pairs of socks in the queue ready to go - Yaacov, Trip up the Nile, and Walk around China, then I can start on the Firefly socks. Maybe.....I have a LOT of socks already kitted up and ready to go. (I have mentioned that 2015 is the Year of the Sock, right? Because....yeah. Socks are THE project this year.)

Zenni shipped my first order yesterday; the glasses are due here on Saturday. :happy dance: Can't wait for the sunglasses - it's already in the 70s here. Spring? What's that? :lol:

Tomorrow is doctor day for Herself...I need to get the travel sock sorted so I have something to work on while we wait. And wait - this doctor is notoriously late. :shrug: That's why I have a travel sock!

Oh! SG finally finished my weaving cabinet! He moved it into the Studio last night, and I filled it up with my weaving yarns. it's almost big enough for all of them; I'm down to 1 shelf in the armoire for weaving yarns now. It's a lovely thing - and yes, I have a photo of it, too. I'll try to do photos tomorrow - but no promises. :lol:
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Ali, you asked, so I give you - Photos! Click for Photos! )

So. Tired!

Mar. 22nd, 2015 02:09 pm
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Have spent the day re-doing the Studio. :sigh: Good News: We sold the Skutt! (God is VERY good!!) Bad News: I had to totally rearrange the Studio so Herself has space to use her kiln...and we have an electrician coming out Thursday to put in the proper plug. :ack!:

I honestly don't begrudge her 1/4 of the Studio....but. I was already out of room with just MY stuff; add her 2 kilns and all the stuff that goes with them, and....yeah. We are stuffed to the gills. I had to get rid of my sewing desk and the credenza; I bought Himself a new dresser and took his for fabric storage. Unfortunately, it's not as large as the I have to find a way to shoe-horn in the rest of the fabric. And thread. And patterns.....I also bought a cheap plastic filing cabinet for the patterns...but it's really not suited for that. :sigh: Ah, well - we'll work it out. Somehow.

We're all at 6's and 7's right now, but it'll get organized.

And! The IRS finally deposited Herself's refund! :Thank God!!!: I'll be looking at washers tomorrow or Tuesday (we have to get the A/C serviced; hopefully tomorrow evening.). I need to know how much $$ will be left so I can see what else I can do. Glasses for Himself and me are top of the list; I need to pay our neighbor for a flatbed trailer he offered us (for $150. Not bad!), and I'd like to pick up some more soap supplies, coned yarn, and dyes. Hopefully, I can do ALL of it. : fingers crossed :

I'm exhausted (still not totally recovered from the crud), so I'm gonna go sit a bit. Oh!!!! Finished the Celtic socks - pics later. (They're drying right now) I need to assemble a CD tower (Lost the CD storage when the credenza left. :sigh:) - Laters!


May. 3rd, 2013 06:39 am
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Decided it was time to do a "photo" tour of the studio.....please bear in mind, it's still a bit cluttered, but it's looking a LOT better. Also, I need to vacuum....

Come into my parlour... )

Shabbat Shalom!


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