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Lots of stuff going on...let's see:

1. Took Snips to the vet on Saturday. She's a little pudgy, but our concern was that her left eye was droopy, and she couldn't keep her mouth closed. Vet checked her.....she has somehow damaged her head above the eye, and the nerve is dead now. She'll be OK, but the vet isn't sure if anything can be done. :sigh: She's in no danger - thankfully! - but I'll be keeping a close eye on her.

2. Picked up a very very UGLY credenza for my studio. It was only $75; it's solid wood, and has good bones. Also picked up a quart of paint and new hardware - now, it's actually pretty. And all my fabric is neatly contained, in a mouse-proof area. :sigh: Yes, we have mice again - thanks to Mike and Co. :grrrrrr: I need to get the soaping area squared away, then at least half the studio will be neat and tidy. :sigh:

3. Talked with our goat mentors - we are now the ONLY Cashmere breeders in N. Texas. :gulp: They sold ALL their Cashmeres last week - it was just getting to be too much for them. They're down to 12 Nubians and....multiple sheep. They're going to reduce the Nubians to 6 (ish), and keep the sheep. I understand, but it's still a sad thing to see happen.

4. Want to share a video for all the moms out there:

Enjoy! :wink:
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The Forgotten Man (In case the embed doesn't work, this is the link to it)

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OK, I just HAD to share this - it's too funny!

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Let me give a quick run-down of the cast: Gray fuzzy short-eared goat is Kaylee (the first goat you see in video #1); the white one that plays with her is her twin, Saffron. The brown/gray Nubian-looking goat is Jayne (first goat in video #2)- he's *20* days old here! The brown buckling is Calvin, the multi-colored one is Inara. The reddish buckling is Hobbes, his sister (the reddish/white one) is River. The does didn't bug me too much - the Nubian with white back feet is Annie, the other is Mocha. The black with gray ears is LaDue, the yellow is Sunny, and the black sorta-Nubian is Zorra. So, now that you know the "who", let's watch!

This is a video of our kids playing with Sweet was very windy, so there's a lot of noise.

OK..that worked...let's see if I can do it again.....

This is Herself and Calvin playing. She wanted to get in on the video action.....:grin:

And, since I'm on a roll,'s the last one I took:

*THIS* is the type of thing we watch *every* evening.....Goat TV at it's finest! And - this isn't the funniest part. Had I had my camera with me earlier, I'd have gotten even funnier stuff - the new playground is a hit!

(Herself says I need to figure out how to add music...I think I'll pass. This was enough fun!)
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I give you a funny, funny video:

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THIS is the genius who made my wheels! :bounce:

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I'm on the heel flap of sock is..well, here - have a video!

I wanna hop a flight to OK City, now! :grin:
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we went to the feed store last night for sweet geek's aunt. i have a feeling he'll be back - they had a *brand*new* crosby saddle, 16.5" or 17", for ....... $100. yeah, i think we need another saddle (himself's will become the training saddle, since it's in good but rough condition)

found a funny: - it's the mel gibson video; the funny starts around 7:00. :snicker:

arm...slightly better, believe it or not. still achy, but not to the point of amputation (it was...really. bad.)
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so I figured I'd share it with ya'll. :grin: Remember this?

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I just finished mowing half the backyard (the grass is...ummm.....waist high on me. It's...bad out there. I DID find the doghouse, and 2 of the 3 dogs, though! :grin:), and decided to surf youtube to relax. Lookie what I found:

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Needfire, performing one of my favorite songs. This one shows how cool they are - they segued into a couple of pipe tunes in the middle of the set. :grin: Enjoy!
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Yup, I'm bored. Deal with it! *g*

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And, here's another Brobdingnagian Bards Video - the Jedi Drinking Song Prequel. I don't like it as much as the original - but it's still funny:

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Well, at least one of their songs is:

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I just *love* this song!
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Let's see if this works:

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