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Japan traveling Cats rescue - 8206853

With more than 7,000 followers on instagram, the rescue kittens, Daikichi and Fuku-Chan, have been traveling Japan With Their Owner for the last 8 years. Their owner, Nagasawa, documented their adventures on their Purr-fect instagram page and we just love it! It all started in 2011 when Nagasawa had to travel frequently due to his work and decided to take both of them along with him. He even adapted a stroller to fit the needs of his cats during the journey.  

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Painfully Honest Cakes

Apr. 22nd, 2019 01:01 pm
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Posted by Jen

Remember, kids, if you can't say anything nice...

...say it with cake.


Today is National Honesty Day, but before you go dropping those truth bombs, let's take a look at some ways you can be completely honest but still somewhat polite:

And my personal favorite:

Only works with Angelas, though.

I just realized if you read those three together, you get a short poem:

"You are tolerable.
You are slightly above average.
You are Angela."

I like it.


If you can be a little more effusive, there's also this option for a completely honest compliment:

"And hey, I mean that."


But let's be honest: 99% of the people you know are total jerkfaces, and the only reason we say nice things on their cakes is because it's their birthday and we want cake.

So here's a compromise: start with "happy birthday," and then throw in a little truth:



See, the exclamation mark makes it chipper!


The misspelling will confuse everyone long enough for us to make a run for it.


If you'd rather avoid all that conflict, though, then how about a general statement that everyone can agree on?



Thanks to Nichelle O., Gina G., Kristin S., Kitzy C., Joan A., Sarah C., Liz M., Doug K., & Michele D. for spouting off.


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And from my other blog, Epbot:

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easter macrotis lagotis Bilby easter bilby australia the greater bilby - 8205061

The greater bilby is also known as the rabbit-eared bandicoot, once occupied over 80 percent of Australia, but due to decades and decades of decline, they've become nearly extinct and only a handful of them exist in remote regions of Australia. Australian conservation groups are encouraging public awareness of the greater bilby by promoting the Easter bilby as an alternative to the Easter bunny. 

Story via National Geographic

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cathedral survival notre dame bees notre dame de paris - 8205573

The unseen residents of Notre Dame, roughly 180,000 bees, were currently living on its' roof when the fire broke out. 

Beekeeper, Nicolas Geant, who tend to them was worried they wouldn't survive the blaze but when he returned to assess the damage, he was relieved to find out they survived!  

Three hives were placed on the roof in 2013 to help boost the population as the numbers were dramatically declining. Since the hives where installed, Geant has been overseeing them and sharing updating on his Instagram page.

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