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In the summer of 2017, Lilly Smartelli, 55 years old nurse from Michigan was diagnosed with a pulmonary diffusion defect that has likely left her with a year or two to live. Smartelli realized there was one thing she wanted: "a big Italian wedding." Now she is going to fulfiled that dream with her rescue dog, Bernie, with one aim in mind- collecting donations for animal rescues. Via: People Pets

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Feb. 19th, 2019 02:00 pm
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Posted by Jen

Jill ordered a birthday cake for her daughter Hope, then told the bakery she'd be in around 1pm to pick it up.

Now, I've seen it all, minions, but even I was not prepared for these icing choices:

Why. WHY.


Ryan L. writes, "A theatrical show I had been on tour with was celebrating its millionth audience member. The company manager gave specific instructions on what the baker should write."

Huh. I tried to understand why the baker wrote "musical symbols" while also drawing musical symbols but then my brain started to hurt and I had to stop.


And finally, Kyle B. wanted "Happy Birthday" on a rainbow cake.

Just that.

He watched the baker carefully write it all down on the order sheet, then later.... he got this:

Now, if you're curious what, exactly, the baker wrote on Kyle's order sheet, then GUESS WHAT.

I have that, too.


::head tilt::

Yup, that definitely clears things up.


Thanks to Jill B., Ryan L., & Kyle B. for today's serving of Just iced.

(Ok, that pun didn't really work, but I tried, dangit. I TRIED.)


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Mists of Avalon--Book III Chapter 3 Part II




The woman who arranged for her niece and nephew to be drugged, drunken participants in a sex ritual involving non-consensual incest because no one except Morgaine’s brother was “worthy” of her. (Book I Chapters 15 and 16)

The woman who killed her supposed best friend, telling her in flowery and ambiguous language that the poison would end her pain without bothering to check and see if her friend wanted to die.  (Book II Chapter 9 Part I)

The woman who cursed an aspiring mother with the inability to bear living children  because VIviane didn’t like the other woman’s religion.  (Book III Chapter 1 Part II)

The woman whose only objection to having the High Queen raped by her maybe-brother was “we won’t find any women to help us with this.” (Book III Chapter 1 Part II)

She’s really, most sincerely dead.


Content Warnings

  • warning: ableism
  • warning: abuse (emotional)
  • warning: classism
  • warning: conception
  • warning: controversial issues
  • warning: death/possible death
  • warning: do not want
  • warning: incest
  • warning: pedophilic tones
  • warning: potential triggers
  • warning: pregnancy and/or miscarriage
  • warning: racism
  • warning: rape (mentioned)
  • warning: sexism
  • warning: threats (non-violent)
  • warning: victim-blaming

(If you want to catch up, the Table of Contents is available here, along with links to every review we’ve done on this book so far.)

Note: This book’s critique may be hard for anyone who has suffered because of incest, pedophilia, or rape. There is a great deal of normalization of these crimes in Mists, as well as a huge amount of rape apologia, and we three critics spend a lot of time tearing all of this apart. Check the content warnings for each chapter, make your own judgments…and please be safe.

Mists of Avalon--Book III Chapter 3 Part II

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Do you think your cat hates you? If you watch this video by AnimalWised, you will see that cats can't hate in the way we humans are so good at. However, we can experience problems in our relationships with our cats due to the way we treat them. We may not understand that what we are doing is actually leading to problems, but this is likely because we are not paying sufficient attention to our cat's body language and methods of communication. If we do, we might see that what we understand is hate is simply a rejection of being treated in a certain way. Most importantly, a cat's behavioral changes might be due to health issues, so it is imperative we take our cat to the vet if they starting acting like they hate us.

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