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Let's see.....

1. Spent yesterday whipping up an "infinite gore" skirt. I still can't quite wrap my mind around how 5 yards of fabric will get me a skirt with a 7-yard circumference, works. Himself told me the Math was right.....duh! I mean, *I* cut it out, but it still bends my brain a bit. :shrug: The skirt is lovely, and the color works *perfectly* with my new corset (which arrived today. :huzzah:)

2. Today was spent finishing Cyn's b-day prezzie - I had to sew the faces on all the placemats. I need to figure out my machine - for some reason, it's decided that there's only 1 stitch-length, and only 1 zig-zag stitch, no matter that I was using the cams on it. :sigh: Still, I got it done, and they are CUTE. I think I need to make us a set, just because....and I need to go to the designer's website and order the rest of the "set" - she has owl oven mitts, and a tea cozy, and I don't remember what-all else, but I forsee a few more presents out of this! :lol: (And I have a LOT of fabric left, so they'll all match.

3. I also helped Herself cut out her cloak. I'm not sure what's going on; the pattern said she needed 5.25 yards to make the small size. She had 4.75 (+/-) yards. I got the cloak AND hood cut out, and she still has some fabric left (not a lot; but enough for wrist-bands, maybe a belt, a headband, and some coasters. Probably 1/2 yard, all told.) It's too cold in the studio to keep sewing, so I'll help her assemble it when it warms up a bit.

4. Post Office weirdness. I had ordered Dusty a new blanket a couple of weeks ago. It arrived Friday, but after we had checked the mail, so Herself and I picked it up yesterday. The box was beat all to hell, and OPEN....and the clerk told me I might wanna send it back, because I owed postage on it. WHAT? It was sent Priority Mail ("if it fits, it ships!"), and I PAID the amount for that size box....but no, I owed another $24. :whatthe: I paid - because Dusty is too old to deal with cold, it hit 40* last night (and hasn't gotten above 44* today) AND it's going to get colder, and his old blanket got trashed completely by Finn - then went home and emailed the seller. Who is a gem - they promptly refunded the charge, and groused about the box more than I did (seriously, the lady in line behind us commented on the brightness of the blanket, because SHE COULD SEE IT when the clerk handed me the box. I'm surprised the blanket made it here, to be honest.) (And Dusty seems to like it; it's a tie-dyed neon Peace symbol blanket. :lol: Finn isn't sure what to think...he's not quite brave enough to try and bite it...yet. :rofl:)

5. Weigh-in. 190.5. Or 257.5. Take your pick. I think my scale is dying, because I got those 2 readings within minutes of each other. (And I KNOW I am not over 200. None of my clothes would fit if I were!)

6. Have I said how thankful I am for the firewood? Because.....I have had the woodstove going since 6 this AM, and it's still going. I'm not so worried about the wood supply now......and I'm *warm*. :happy dance:

7. I'm also thankful for Herself. We finally got her 'script filled yesterday.....but I'm not sure she needs to keep taking it. Both SG and I told her she could try weaning herself off, if SHE felt like it. We'll see. She's matured a LOT in the past few the point that today, after she bombed math (deductibles)...she asked me to explain it to her, then re-worked all the missed problems - WITHOUT me having to tell her to do it! :blink: This is....huge for her. HUGE. And I am SO THANKFUL we've reached this point.

7a. And Himself.....he's hit a wall in Math (Quadratic equations; solving by the square method). Instead of whining (which he would have done a year ago), he asked for help, then actually SHOWED HIS WORK. :bigger blink: His maturity level has also shot up's amazing. And humbling. (And I'm not gonna tell him he's almost out-stripped me in Math. What Singapore has him doing looks suspiciously like beginning Trigonometry to me (the formulas they want you to use, I mean - it looks a lot like some of the stuff I remember.).....I need to start looking into the Community College here and see what they require for dual-enrollment. Because....I don't think I can teach Calculus, and we're about 1 year away from that at our present speed. :shudder: Khan Academy will help....but he's going to need some real-time feedback I think.

7b. Yes, I know where we are prophetically. I realize that we may not be here next year....but I can't use that as an excuse to NOT teach my kids. I know some people in real life that are slacking because they expect to go any time....and while I agree with the "any time", I can't agree on the slacking. I've been given the job of teaching would it look to tell Him "Oh, well....I knew they wouldn't need to know this stuff, so I let them do whatever!". :shakes head: (I can't think like that.....I mean, right now I'm only looking 1 year in advance. He's college material, but I'm not even thinking that far ahead, except in the abstract. IF we're here, I'll worry about it then.)

I need to get some packages out, but it'll be next week. Laters!
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It's been raining here off and on since Monday. We NEED it, and it's been wonderful - some heavy thunder-boomers, but mostly a soft, gentle, steady rain.

Today has been sunny, which is good - my furniture was delivered at 1. :happy dance: This is the first NEW living room furniture I've had since Himself was 18 months old - and that set was relatively cheap. This set? Very very nice. Taller than our old set, and much firmer. And comfy!

Tomorrow the oven is supposed to be delivered - I hope it comes early. There's some stuff the kids and I want to do - but we can't if we're tied down waiting for a delivery.

Anyway, it's Wednesday. So......nothing's changed. Still hanging out at 190-ish. :sigh: I bought 2 new DVD's at Half-Price.....they make Tony Horton look like a dweeb. :ow ow ow: I think the series is called "10-Minute Solutions".....and they are HARD. Which is good!


1. My new furniture! I am SO glad we had enough refund to purchase them (well, I had to get store credit, but they'll be paid off in 7 months instead of the 36 they gave me.) on top of the oven.

2. The weather! 'nuff said!

3. My kids. They are both SO MUCH better than they were a few years ago - they've finally settled in to the whole home-schooling thing, and they get along SO much better! And there's less arguing (most of the time!) and more actual LEARNING going on. It's.....wonderful.

4. The Lord, who has provided us with SO much! (Yeah, should be first. Always!) He makes sure we always have just what we need - and sometimes what we want, too. It's just....amazing, how He works things out.

I've been sewing a little. Cyn's birthday is 3/9, and she collects owls. To the point that it's hard to FIND stuff that is unique and that she doesn't already have. This year? I found a pattern for owl placemats. :lol: I have 4 done to the point of needing the eyes, then they're finished completely. They're cute! (Yes, yes, I owe y'all lots of pictures. I'm working on it, promise - I just haven't felt like taking the time to upload and edit them. I some point. :lol:)

Gotta skitter - there's a loveseat that needs breaking in! :lol:


Jan. 24th, 2013 11:44 am
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Yesterday was Field Trip day. We went to the Perot Museum - Mom had helped me buy a Charter Membership in December.

Short and sweet: WORTH. EVERY. PENNY.

Longer: Totally cool! It's set up in a neat way - you go in, and (if you follow the "plan"), you ride up an escalator to the 4th floor (top floor!). There, you start out in the Astronomy section (This is how stars are born! This is the wave length of light! This is.....totally cool!). From there, you head into the Archeology section - with TONS of fossils and casts. The jewel of the collection is the ONLY complete fossil of the Alamosaurus, which, so far, is the only "native" Texas dinosaur. (If I understood things correctly. You gotta understand, things got blurry after a while, there is SO MUCH to see!) There's also a lot of stuffed creatures - was the 3 ground squirrels. 2 were in....normal-ish positions (1 standing, 1 sitting on his back legs); the other......well. Um. I need to get the photo of Herself's camera, but imagine a 70's era dude sitting in a hot tub. Yes, really. "Hey ladies. I'm your man! C'mon in!" TOO funny!

Then you go down the stairs to the 3rd floor, which is basically Earth Science. Dirt, Rocks, Minerals (the Hall of Minerals is TOTALLY AWESOME!) - and, this being Texas, there's a whole section on the Oil and Gas Industry, with a foray into Alternative Energy (the Plasma Reactor was totally cool....heck, the entire museum was!). Lots of hand-on stuff in each area - we got to "build" a bird on the 4th floor, for example, and you could build your own dinosaur, too. We got to work a Farraday machine - Himself managed to create as much energy as is in 1 drop of oil - and.....well, I'm blanking, but there was a LOT.

And there was 3 ISDs there, we skimmed the other 2 floors. :sigh: After the 15th loud SQUEALfest over the "Make your own Tornado" machine, I had to get out of there. That was the only downer - too damn many out-of-control school kids. I can't blame them their excitement - this is 1 Awesome museum - but the out-of-control aspect needs to be looked at and addressed.

The 2nd floor is the "Technology" floor. Robots and artificial limbs and earthquake-proof buildings. Too bad we kept getting shoved aside by rude kids. :big sigh:

The first floor has a dino fossil in the atrium, and H2O molecules on the ceiling that move as you walk under them. And the gift shop. (I came home with a Galileo thermometer). There's also a floor under the whole building, where the children's area and traveling exhibits are. With piano-keyboard stairs. :grin:

We'll be going back, for sure - we only scratched the surface, and there's SO MUCH to see and do there! I'm also budgeting so I can keep our membership, because....well, just because. :lol:

Weightloss: 189.5. Did so much walking yesterday that I didn't sleep - my legs cramped all night long (and today, but.....:sigh:)


1. Family. My kids are the best!

2. The opportunity to do stuff like we did yesterday - fun AND educational.
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Let's see.....wet and rainy over the weekend. Sunday we did school (it's a work week), and Monday was pretty normal. COLD, but normal.

Tuesday? We had thunder-snow, sleet, and rain. The roads were AWFUL. 2+ hours to make it into work - normally it's right at 1 hour. Slick, icy, freezing and nasty. The trip home wasn't too bad...but it wasn't FUN, either. Stopped at the post office, then had to run to New Bank to open an account - our branch is closing, and we've decided that it's just not worth driving 35 miles every time we need to do some banking. 45 minutes later, I have a new account - needed, since I got the kids' 1099s, and filed their returns last night. (Heads up; the IRS isn't going to start processing refunds until 1/30/13.)

I thought today would be "normal". HA! We milked, then I laid out all the school books...and SG called. He had left his work bag at home....and could we maybe run them to his office? He'd buy us lunch....oh, and be there by 11, as he had an afternoon meeting. This was at 9......we'd have to leave at 10 to be there by we did TorahClass and boogied. :sigh: Tomorrow will be a full day....

Anyway. I'm on the 2nd pattern motif of SG's hat. I have the Shavuot placemats all cut out, but ran out of the contrast fabric, so can't finish them until next week. Haven't been sleeping all that well - weird dreams. (We win the lotto, and I'm being the open-handed "monarch". Don't like that - *I* give because Yah has given to me, NOT for applause, but in my dreams? It's all about the "fame". Not sure what's up with that....but I do NOT like it. :sigh:) Wrist is all buggy, so can't knit today...and I'm still COLD.

And....the weather is supposed to start up again tonight. More thunder-snow, sleet, and rain. Should be FUN. Not! At least *I* am not planning on going anywhere - just stayin' home and getting stuff done. :nods:

Oh, and I didn't weigh-in this AM, but I'm pretty sure (going by my morning weigh-ins all week) that I'm still sitting at 189/190. :sigh: Need to figure out what's going least my waist is 2" smaller!
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and has been for 24 hours now, and is supposed to for another 24. Praise God! We NEED this so badly! Yes, it's wet and squishy and muddy and mucky, but I don't care - it's RAINING!!!

Weigh-in: 189. Boo-ya! I'm aiming for 170.....that's right at 2 pounds per month. Should be do-able. :nods:


Spent 2 hours yesterday making a circular needle holder. I've wanted one for years...but. I just can't spend $40 on something that's so simple to make. I had a bunch of fabric that my MIL gave me, so for $0 and 2 hours (because I had to re-thread the serger and do my daily Hebrew lesson), I have a nice hanging holder. Photos forthcoming....I have a lot of things to take photos of. :grin:

I got the Passover coasters set up, just need to sew them. Won't take long....but I want to get the Purim ones set up too, so I can sew them up all at one time.

Trying to find some salvaged cabinets, but not having much luck. I might have to end up buying some....:sigh: I'll keep's not like I'm in a huge rush or anything. At the moment, anyway.

Thankfuls (since I may or may not post tomorrow....):

Rain. Have I mentioned it's been raining?

My kids. They've been SO helpful lately, it's incredible. AND, they haven't complained about our new school schedule - I've added a few things, and ramped up others. So far, so good.

My house. I don't say thank you enough for my lovely house. I tend to take it for granted, and i shouldn't. We are very, very blessed!

Well, I got some cleaning to do before we start school - laters!
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wet Giftmas.......they claim we'll get up to 2" of snow, but.....we'll see. It's been raining off and on since about 4:30 this morning, and the temp has dropped over 10* since 6.

I know it's only Tuesday, but we'll be out grocery shopping tomorrow, so I might as well post the weigh-in today:

189. That's another .5 pounds gone. :happy dance: Looks like the 10-Minute Workout thingy is doing *something* - Herself told me Saturday evening that I was looking "good". :snicker:

Here's a well-written post on why a weapons ban will NOT work - it's written by a NPR-loving, gun-totin' Dem. What *I* like about it? He lays out what "assault" weapons are NOT - which a lot of gun-fearing people don't know. :sigh: (My feelings? Get rid of the "Gun-Free Zones", because that just tells criminals/crazy people that "Hey! Here's a spot where you'll have the only gun! Have fun for the 8-10 minutes it takes Law Enforcement to arrive!") (And did anyone outside of Texas see that a Jared's was robbed AT GUNPOINT a few days ago? Jared's posts all their stores with "No Guns". :snicker: Guess the robbers didn't see those, huh?)(And and, Texas has specific signs that MUST be posted in order to be legally enforced. Most places post "gun-buster" signs, which mean NOTHING to licensed concealed-carry people. In Texas, you have to use the "ugly" sign, and it must be in specific language and a specific size. Just a FYI. Jared's posts the ugly signs.)

I received a LOVELY present yesterday - a quilled piece of wall art. Normally, all hand-made art goes in the Studio...but this one won't. I want it where I can admire it every day....I don't spend all day in the Studio, but I spend a lot of time in the Family Room. I just need to figure out *where* would be the best spot to display's *gorgeous*!

We need to look for a new oven.....Friday evening I had a lovely steak dinner planned. As usual, I set up the top oven to "broil", then started getting the steaks ready. I saw "flickers"....and the broiler was shooting sparks. :freak out: So I turned it off, and set up the bottom oven....which at one point *caught the steaks on fire*. :big freak out: The oven - not the broiler - seems to be working, but I'm all panic-y now, so we'll be replacing it with the IRS refund. :sigh: (The steaks were salvageable.....but STILL.) I HATE having to replace appliances, because they ain't cheap - and free-standing double ovens are less cheap than normal ovens. (And SG is insisting that I get another double oven, even though we don't use both ovens all the time.)

We've renamed Penny - she is now, and forever more, going to be known as "Tigger". It fits her much better. :lol:

Herself got a few craft books for Hanukkah - one of which was a "beaded bug" one. She's gone NUTS. I have beaded butterflies, moths, and beetles all OVER place, as well as parts of them. :snicker: I'm hoping she doesn't get into quilling - it's beautiful, and I LOVE the effect, but I really, really, REALLY don't need more craft supplies scattered around the house. :lol: (The problem is that now, instead of focusing on *1* thing, she's multi-crafting. So that I have a house-full of half-finished stuff all over the place. I don't mind the crafting, really, but I do mind the crochet/beading/knot-work/origami/quilting projects piled on the sofa and coffee table. Oh, and the acrylic paint, because some of the stuff "needs" to be painted, too. Oy!)

Herself is baking cookies right now - they'll make a nice dessert. Menu today: Chicken and Steak fajitas. :yum!:

Have a great day, y'all!
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and Weigh-in. Let's get *that* over with first, shall we?

189.5. Same as last week, which is amazing if you consider all the fried-stuffs we were stuffing ourselves with last week. Friday was FRYday....EVERYTHING was dumped in the deep frier. :lol:


1. My family. Miss my kids horribly, but they are having a blast at Granny's. Probably being totally spoiled, but hey - that's OK. It's a grandparent's prerogative, right?

2. The weather. It's been SO mild here lately - 70's yesterday. Today? It's back to winter - 40, with a windchill in the 30's. Looks like the grasshoppers are dead (THANK YOU LORD!!!!), so it's all good.

3. My State. No, we're not as "great" as Michigan....but we're getting there. Yes, our guv'nor is....well, interesting...but at least he's not trying to trample on our Constitutional rights just because of all the propaganda (and you can't call it anything else - why else show photos of the victims? We didn't after the CO theatre, or the OR mall. THINK about it before you have a knee-jerk reaction, OK? ) Gun-free zones should be abolished, IMNSHO - they're just *begging* for bad guys to come in. (And the arguments about not arming teachers, because the kids would have access? Um. Concealed means CONCEALED. If they're doing it right, the kids would never know WHICH teachers were carrying. Which is how it should be.)

4. My husband. Just because - he knows why. :grin:

Think I'll go do my ironing today.....that way tomorrow will be relaxing. I've got all my work-work done except for 1 company - and I got about 1/4 of it done today.
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Or something. Since I like alliteration. :lol:

Weigh-in: 189.5. :happy dance: I bought Tony Horton's "10 Minute Trainer" for SG for Hannukah; it arrived Monday. *I* started it Tuesday...he started it yesterday. (Yeah, I don't get it either.) I am trying very hard to not laugh at him....but he complains more than *I* do. :snicker: It's NOT an easy workout - it IS 10 minutes of non-stop, very fast movement. I'm glad we started with this...there's NO WAY SG could do any of the other, more-traditional workouts. (Yes, he's out of shape. Badly. Worse than I was, if truth be told. He NEEDS's just getting him to DO it that's going to be the problem.) I'm hoping that if I keep it up, he'll be......forced by pride to keep up, too. :fingers crossed:


1. My husband, who is a good sport. He's complaining, but at least he's DOING the workout. Mostly. :lol:

2. Family: enough said. :grin:

(Yes, it's short - I don't want to strain for this, I want to be "real" about this. I'm thankful for more, of course! - but these are on the top of the list right now.)


Anna, I did finally slog thru the video. Um. It's...interesting. Not sure what I feel about it...except that because it's from Devorah, I have doubts. (Because she's been wrong before - and never acknowledged that she was wrong. It's not that she WAS wrong, it's that she ignored that she was, if that makes sense. So I don't put a lot of stock in her posts anymore.....but I also admit I may be wrong in that. I'm trying to keep an open mind here.) one point he says something about numerous "holes" in the Earth...each 50 meters in diameter. OK......I know of a few sinkholes...but he implied/said that there were lots more than that.....but we don't know about them? :confused: (And that might be a translation problem.)

Ali, not sure it's the same guy, but it sounds like it. I'm ok with some pseudo-science - we don't know everything, after all! - I'm still digesting it (see above for why I have a problem with him).

School: This is our last full week of the year. The kids go to Granny's this weekend, but I'm not going to pick back up until after the New Year. Herself is totally done with Discovering Mathematics 2A/B; Himself is 2 weeks behind her. We'll be starting 3A in I'm giving them a break for now.

I have more bouncing around in my head, but I have work to do....laters!
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As well as weigh-in Wednesday and Thankful Thursday. :lol: I have spent TOO much time outside the house this week, so today is STAY HOME day.

Weigh-in: 191. Yup. Gained 1 pound. BUT. Tuesday was the office luncheon...and I had a lot of salty stuff that I don't normally have. Plus dessert. (It's hard to say no when the boss is paying and insisting, y'know?) I'm not upset - I had to tighten my sweats again, so it's all good.

Today I am thankful for:

1. My kids. Heart went thru the fence last night, and without asking both kids helped get her back on our side, AND they helped fix the fence. DURING morning milking. (Yes, this is a miracle! :lol:)

2. SG. He's been working early and late the past week, but he's still sweet and considerate - even dead tired. He's still silly - he's upset with me because I bought him a workout set (Tim Horton's 10-minute Workout DVD set. SG said I needed to find him a workout I did. Then I bought it. :lol:) - seems HE wanted to pay for it. :confused: Whatever - I'm just happy he's decided to actually TRY to lose weight (and...he needs to. Moreso than me - it's just taken him a bit to own up to it.)

3. Ms. boss. Yes, I'm thankful for her - she was more generous than I expected. And it was - and IS! - much appreciated. She even gave generously to the kids - both kids are over the moon. (And the candy/cookie gift bowl was a nice touch, too!)

4. My goats. The 4 does on the milk-line are STILL putting out almost 1 gallon/ December. it's amazing! And great - I have 3 gallons in the freezer, plus about 3 in the fridge...and they're still producing. Not sure what's going on.....but I'll take it!

The Lord is good!
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means weigh-in, right? Right.

This AM, before my shower, I was: 190


:happy dance:

The only thing I'm doing is the belly dance; I've been watching what I eat for...well, at least a year now. It's the added exercise that's doing the trick.

Still have a ways to go, but :huzzah!: - I am getting there! I need to find my tape measure...but I am happy with the scale today!!

In other news, there's a hostage-type situation at the end of the main street at the end of *our* street. Hard to get in and was there at 8:40 when we left, and STILL there when we got back from the store at 12:00. :not good:

Gotta put groceries up!
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SG took the MacBook to work today, so I am posting from his iMac. Weird - not used to the wireless keyboard. Anyway....

1. H, I hear ya on the blog thing, but...I'm lazy and really don't want to keep up 2 blogs. I don't think there's a way to limit the posting by I'm going to think about this. For the moment, I'll leave the blog page up.....I might delete it later. I'm not sure how important it is, we'll see.

As for it going direct to the home page instead of the soap page.....yeah, but most of the soap sites I've visited (not counting etsy) do the same thing. Again, for the moment, I'll leave it - but I might add a "Soap" button.

1a. I slapped together a "goats" page last night, with photos of our does. I need to find decent photos of this year's kid crop, and I need to add photos of the bucks, but at least you can *see* the goaties now.

2. Attn HS'ers! Homeschool Buyers Co-op has a deal with The Great Courses. IF you go thru the co-op, you get 10% off, plus smartpoints that can be redeemed on other goodies. You can't stack discounts (so if you're on TGC's mailing list, you might be able to get a larger discount sometimes), but it's good for when you don't have a code. And the 10% works with the SALE PRICES, too! :happy dance: (SG just had me order him their new Photography course - $7.00 off helps!)

3. Turkey day is coming, so let the baking commence. Today is bread for Himself - he wants to make some herbed bread sticks. Tomorrow is Pie Day (Pumpkin/Pecan/Chocolate Peanut Butter)...this is going to be bad for my hips, I think.

3a. I did the Bellydance Fusion: Pilates workout today. I didn't know it was an hour.....and I didn't know how *intense* it was. I managed to do about 75% of it....and my abs are SORE. I think I figured out belly rolls....but I can't do them yet. I can't isolate my upper abs (bottom of ribcage) just yet. But I can work on it. And I will....because I am liking what is happening to my abs. :grin:

4. Short week this week - we are still schooling, but on a limited basis. My kids do better if we do SOME school every day - breaks don't work so well here. (Winter visits to Granny, while good for the kids, wreak havoc on our schooling - I have to spend another week/week-and-a-half in reminding them what they already know. Ah, well - it's really no big deal, right? Right.)

Need to go clean the kitchen before starting school - laters!
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Or something. :sigh: According to the scale, I *gained* 1 pound this week. It's weird, because my pants don't sit at my waist now - they slide (they didn't do that before!). I am still watching what I eat....ah, well. Slight set-backs are to be expected, right?

I am doing a DVD every morning - no skips. I'm tired, but I think that's more because of the getting up at 4:30 than it is the workouts (SG is going in early all this week, because he has Friday off. No complaints, except that 4:30 is too damn early!)

I've also learned a few things: The belly-twins workouts ("Bellydance Fitness" - 4 workouts on 2 DVDs/4 VHSs) are good, but more aerobic than bellydance. Suhaila (or whatever) with her "Fitness Fusion" workouts (4 - Bellydance Yoga/Pilaties/Jazz/Buns).....she....well, sucks as a workout instructor. She runs thru some movements in a warmup, then throws them at you without a lot of explanation (for example, in the Jazz one, you learn a series of movements - standing straight, you go up on your toes, bend your knees, and slowly drop your heels. Not too hard..but she doesn't name it. Later, in the workout portion, she starts telling you to do "plie", I KNOW that plie is deep knee bends, so I got that one (sorta)...but chasee? Turns out that's the running walk-thingy she skimmed over at the end of the warmup. :sigh:) Azur has a decent, low-impact DVD with really good instruction.

I've got another set of workouts by another lady (can't remember her name at the moment), but they're each 1 hour long. I've done the 1st one and it's good - very very very hard (at least at first - I'm sure the better shape you're in, the easier it is). Haven't done the 2nd one yet, but I'm sure it's the same quality. I'm working my way up to them - I'm not ready for a 1 hour workout yet. Yet.

I also have the Belly Twins "Core Conditioning" DVD....never done that one; it requires hand-weights. Those are on my list of things to buy.

So. Not such a good report this week, but I'm OK with it. I can do the workouts without a lot of getting out of breath now, so something's working. I'll keep watching my portions - Anna suggested an online forum to track calories, but I'm not at that point yet. I spend too much time on this thing as it is - I'd like to try and do this without more screen time (but I will probably end up signing up there.......we'll see.)

One thing that made it hard this AM.....last night, SG worked late. I went out to help the kids feed..and the bucks were out. So, Herself milked and I fixed fence. Got the bucks put up easily enough; I was re-stapling the fence panel when Calvin decided that I was cute and needed to be...well, he head-butted me in the bum then stood over me and tried to pee on me. :ICK: I bopped him on the head, finished that post, then climbed over the fence (into our neighbor's pasture) to staple the other post. Got that done....hiked down to the horse pasture, and tried to climb the barbed-wire fence. Which......since I had a sore bum, I had a hard time getting my leg over the fence; I got stuck, ripped my pants, and fell. :sigh: So....I was sore this AM. But I worked out anyway, because I NEED to.

Guess I'd better get my work-work done, so we can start school. This week and next is light (because of the Field trip Friday, and Turkey-day next week. :sigh:), which helps....but I am tired. Maybe I can fit in a nap?
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Let's see:

1. I finished my first sock yesterday, and immediately CO the 2nd. I LOVE this yarn (and "Monkey". I think it has to be my favorite not-me designed sock pattern - it's easily memorized, goes quickly, and makes a fabulous sock.) Photos will be forthcoming.....later.

2. This weekend was "clean up" weekend. The yard looks much better, and so does the house. The kitchen is almost clean - that's a Big Deal here. :lol:

3. Lame duck. Yesterday I did the Fat Burning workout...and couldn't do much the rest of the day. My calves were SCREAMING. So today I did the Slim Down workout - not quite as high-impact as the Fat Burning one, but not low-impact either. My calves are a little better, but I'm still hobbling around. I obviously need this....tomorrow will be a low-impact day, to let my calves recover.

4. Goliad has bred Dulce; not sure about Sasha. We'll be moving them out this week so that Calvin and his harem can go in; Malcolm will be with Annie, but I'll hand-breed him. No sense in trying to figure out a pen for just the 2 of them. Next month: Hobbes gets put in with the Cashmere girls.

5. I had to go to the App store today, to update Pocket Universe. The Editor's Choice....was Star Wars Angry Birds. :hangs head: Yeah....I dropped $2.99 to get it (on all 3 iPads - not a bad deal)'s fun. :lol:

Gotta skitter - SG wants to bottle beer, so I need to clear off the island for him. And work on my sock!

So. Tired.

Nov. 9th, 2012 10:02 am
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SG has had to be at the office at 6:30 AM the past 2 mornings...I am ded. Because, you see, to get him to the office at 6:30, he has to leave no later than 5:15...which means he has to get up at 4:30.

Which means, of course, that *I* get up at 4:30, too. :sigh: and :yawn:

It means that I get to do my workout earlier...which is a good thing. Unless you're doing floor work. Because we have 4 dogs. :snicker: Today I was doing a Bellydance Fusion tape, with lots of floor exercises. In 1, you get down on all 4's, lift 1 leg (with knee bent) and raise and lower it. Easy, right? Not so much when you have a 36 pound dog on your supporting leg trying to maul a 55 pound dog standing on your foot, while a 125 pound dog is adding weight to the leg you're supposed to be lifting, and a 26 pound dog is trying to climb on your back so she can bite the nose of the 125 pound dog. :sigh: and :lol:, because it WAS funny. Not effective, no, but funny. (And the videos with mostly floor work are shelved for now - I have 11 (12 if I could find the last one), so I can still pick and choose. Until the dogs get used to me being in there by myself, I need to do more...upright exercises. :lol:) (I'm doing well - I won't post results yet, but I am HAPPY!!!)

My sock is moving along, but slower. I finished the gussets, and am cruising down the foot. Look to be finished by - hopefully! - Sunday; 1 week for a sock isn't bad, especially not for *me*. I need to take pictures, because I am loving the way the yarn is knitting up.

Speaking of pictures...:sigh: SG still hasn't edited my soap photos. :sigh: I have the website set up, with soap descriptions even, but without photos....well, I really can't point y'all at it to critique it until I get photos uploaded. :grumble: He tells me he WILL work on them this weekend...:fingers crossed:

Gotta go grade Math - and get the house ready for Shabbat. Shabbat Shalom!!!
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and I seem to have caught it. Sore throat, stuffy nose, slight earache. Sweet Geek has the above, plus the upset tummy. Himself is OK, Herself has the head-stuff.

Himself, however, has other problems. He was running in gym yesterday, and he ran into the boy in front of him, and fell. The boy behind him stepped on his glasses. :grrrr: All accidental, but still.....the glasses are wonky, but wearable. Himself's elbow, however.....nice, 1" long scrape, and bruising. I applied E-balm to it, so we'll see how it does. We were planning on eye exams next month...guess they'll be moved up. :sigh:

Red Angel's latest post has had me was about Mercy and Justice. I might post later - I gotta get my thoughts in order, first.

Sweater: Didn't get a whole lot done yesterday. Ms boss was SUPPOSED to not be in. I had planned on working on it....we got a surprise deadline, so the morning was spent getting the contract work done (usually we have time to do it..this was sudden. Oh, well...). I started knitting AT LUNCH.......Ms boss came in at 12:40. DURING our lunch hour. :sigh: Had to put it up, because knitting isn't allowed (even on MY OWN TIME!!!). :sigh: She'll be in all day sigh:

Exercise: Did the "Fat Buring" DVD last night. It's.....OK, it's strenuous, but not as bad as the "Slim Down" one. And not as bad as I remembered. Lots of leg work. Tonight (unless I am hacking up a lung), I'll do the Hips/Thighs one. *That's* where most of my fluff is - my upper body is OK (needs toning, but it's OK.) I'll save the Abs workout for either tomorrow or whenever. Trying to decide if I want to alternate an "easy" DVD with the Slim Down/Fat Burning ones.

Mom: got all the tubes out yesterday. Still in ICU. Finally got rid of some phlegm - but not by coughing. (Upset tummy, basically. :ugh:) I need to call the nurse...maybe later today? Not sure when she'll be home.

DIY: Have been looking for a Wooly Board for blocking sweaters. (Yes, they ARE a necessity for well-knit sweaters, IF you want said sweaters to look their best.) That's the cheapest I found them I kept looking. I found a link for plans for a PVC one...but...I really don't LIKE PVC. It (OK, I AM cheap, but...I also like things to look nice. Plus, the price quotes were around $40....that's still a little high - especially for PVC!) Then, I hit paydirt = Wooly Board Instructions from Knitting Beyond the Hebrides (I used to be a member, way back when she who will NOT be named was really getting nasty). This uses 5 36" dowel rods, 1 thinner one, and a 36" long piece of scrap 2x4. CHEAP. And nice looking! :grin:

Sweet Geek has promised to make me one. When, I don't know, but he's got until his sweater is finished. :lol: It's adjustable, and I do have plans for more sweaters, so it IS a necessity.

Need to drag out my office sweater - it's COLD up here. :brrrrr:
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since we just got hit with a deadline. :sigh: Way to plan stuff, guys! :lol:

Crochet: Himself looked at the book, started practising with the cotton yarn I had at home (to save the "good" stuff)...then lost the hook. :bangs head: I found it this AM on the floor.....anyway, whilst tucking him into bed, he said "Thanks for the stuff, Mom, but....I don't really like anything in that book." Figures.......

Herself is busy working. I think she likes the fact that she can do something *I* can't. :grin: Her class is doing an economics project - the kids have to set up a business, with a plan, budget, etc, then on 3/11 they'll be having a "flea market" type thing to sell their products. She said "Oh! I can sell crocheted stuff! Or origami jewelry! Or...." :grin:

Sweater: Still on the sleeve. Only did 5 rows yesterday. I need to get cracking!

Exercise: Got my other DVDs in last night, so did the "Basic Moves" one. It's easy, compared to the Slim Down one, and just what I needed last night. Tonight will be the Fat burning one, I think. I haven't lost any weight, per my scale, but my pants are a little bit looser (loose enough now that they keep sliding down. Not a HUGE difference, but still...)

Woodstove: Estimate was......DOUBLE my budget. Right at $5K. This includes *everything* - stove/hearth/pipe/installation...but...:whew: We are discussing this. Might not happen, now. We'll see.
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this morning. Sweet Geek left at 4 AM (he had to be at work at 5, since he's getting off at 1 to pick up the kidlets. :sigh:), so *I* got to feed this AM. 38*, rain, wind.....I was smart, though - I took a shower AFTER I froze! :lol:

Sweater: I now have a deadline - March 6. Sweet Geek's b-day. Haven't informed *him* of this, of course....but that's what I'm aiming for. I already have a prezzie for him (a music CD by some Dallas Cowboys. :grin:), so this would make a lovely surprise.

While I didn't make any resolutions/aspirations this year, I did decide I need to get into better shape. So....I am back on the belly dance bandwagon. I have the Belly-Twins set, and the Fitness Fusion set....unfortunately, I only have 1 of the Twins offerings on DVD. And I don't really *like* the Fitness Fusion set (I'll give it one more try, then it's out of here. It's....belly dance is fun. Pairing it with Pilates was different, with Yoga made me uncomfortable, and I haven't tried the Jazz or Hip Hop ones yet. I...just have a weird feeling about the whole set. :shrug:) When Sweet Geek swapped TVs, he didn't hook up the DVD/VCR combo we have - just the Blu-Ray player. So....I have 1 workout tape to do. And it's INSANE. (The "Slim Down" NEVER. STOP. MOVING. I am NOT in shape. It's.....funny. :lol:)

Sweet Geek is all for me working out - but he says I don't *need* to. (Sweet Man!). We made a deal - he'll make sure I do 1 portion per day, and HE won't watch - or, if he does, he won't laugh. (Seriously - I am NOT as coordinated as the twins. I feel like a whale next to them!). He also said I could get DVDs of the VHS tapes I have. :snuggles:

eBay to the rescue! I was able to get them under $15/each (each DVD consists of *2* VHS tapes, so...I thought tat was pretty good!). I'd like to be able to do a different workout each night (to keep boredom at bay, and keep me going). I also got Shamira's DVDs - I have her first VHS one, and it's good (but it's an HOUR - the Twins are 30 - 45 minutes each) AND at the end she does a dance for Cpt. Picard. :snicker:

You can blame Anna for this - she's trying to lose the baby-weight, and I am trying to be an online buddy. It's NOT a competition, or anything - but I needed a push, and she posted her goals on a good day for me. :lol:

I've done the Slim Down workout 2x...on Wednesday, I made it to the 15 minute mark. Yesterday, I made it thru the whole thing. I didn't do ALL the exercises - I bounced thru some of them (they don't *explain*, they say "Now, add a twist/hop!" and.....WHA???? I bounced and watched and tried to figure out what they were doing), but I'm moving now. And sweating.

I have a little time before having to take the kids to school/heading to work, so I think I'll knit a bit. :grin:


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