Mar. 4th, 2015 09:17 am
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The kilt hose are FINISHED. I finished them Monday afternoon - sorry for the radio silence, but I was a knitter on a mission. Pictures will be forthcoming - the hose are currently drying, and the house is mud-encrusted. :lol:

My next socks are started - Yaacov by Stephanie Van Der Linden. LOVE, love, LOVE these socks - and the pattern is easy. The yarn does all the work!

As a reward for finishing the hose, I bought a pattern - <a href="http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/theseus-and-the-minotaur>Thesus and the Minotaur</a> I need to dye up the yarn for it....but they are COOL. (I like socks with themes.....these? I'll wear when we study Greek myths/architecture next year. Or wear to the Art Museum. Whatever.....:lol:) Yesterday was take the aunt shopping day, and call the IRS day. :sigh: I was on HOLD for 2.5 hours....talked to *2* agents, and got told that I needed to call back to talk to the 1st department AGAIN. They have NO idea why the refund hasn't hit, why there is a problem....I think they were hacked. Seriously. I've tried 18 times this AM to get thru; I got thru at 7:45, and my phone DROPPED THE CALL :bangs head: Frustration isn't even.....:arrrrrrrrrgh: Himself has requested a.....different type of History for next year. We're finishing up Modern World History; normally we'd cycle back to Ancients and go thru it again. He wants to do something on Historical Architecture. I've found a bunch of documentaries that fit, and The Teaching Company has some courses, so I'm going to try and set something up. Sounds fun! More later - I really need to keep hitting the IRS line. :sigh: <b>ETA:</b>. The Yaacov socks have been sent to the frog pond. The yarn is a singles, which will NOT last very long. Not on my feet, anyway. :sigh: I've ordered a sock blank so I can dye my own, and will start them again once that's done.


Feb. 19th, 2015 08:49 am
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Weather's been typical Texas - go from 80s on the weekend to 30s during the week. No wonder we're all sniffling - the trees don't know if it's Spring or Winter! And they're tentatively predicting "snow" next week - whatever *that* is. :lol:

Herself is set up for oral surgery next Friday. Fun times - the dentist was very nice; he explained everything to her so she's prepared. Nervous, but OK. *I* need to stock up on ice cream.....

Called the IRS; seems that they are "double checking a lot of returns due to identity theft". Um...OK, but WHY did you tell me you deposited my money, then changed it to "Your refund has been delayed"...because, IF you deposited it, like you said ON THE WEBSITE on Thursday, WHY, then, on Monday did you change it to "delayed"? It...doesn't make sense. The agent was nice, but even he hemmed and hawed when I asked that....:sigh: 60 days. We have to wait 60 days now - of course, it MIGHT get sent out sooner, but I am not holding my breath.

Kilt hose: Got to round 8 on the leg, but ripped it all out this AM. I had somehow buggered up the pattern rows and was off on 2 of the motifs; decided I couldn't live with the fudge, so RIP. I'm now up to round 2.....with markers EVERYWHERE. We'll see.....I seem to remember ripping a LOT on the first one, so this is par for the course.

School: We finished Latin 101. We're taking a break from Latin for the moment; we'll start up again in a week or 2. I need "light" for a bit.....so we're focusing just on the basics. :sigh:

Not much else.....guess I should get books together so we can start our day. Laters!
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with Skutt's Customer Service. Daniel *called* me (he had to look up my number, because I sure didn't send it to him!) to talk about the kiln. Unfortunately, it's going to take more $$$$ than it's worth to get it to a point of *test* firing it. :Sigh: Lesson learned.

He went out of his way to give me advice on what to look for. He also very carefully did NOT push for me to buy a Skutt kiln - which is IMPRESSIVE. I have found a few kilns on CraigsList that I am thinking about - I sent links to my potter friend to see what she says.

So, in a day or 2 I'll be listing the project kiln back on CL to try and get my $25 back. At least it wasn't an expensive lesson, y'know? (I wish I could just drop the funds to buy her a new kiln, but....it's just not possible. The kiln Daniel recommended has a retail price of $1700 - yes, it's all digital, and it's NEW, but....I just can't do that. Right now my budget is $300, *maybe* $350, so it's gonna have to be used. I am anticipating having to replace elements, even at that price - but if the kiln WORKS without a whole lot of other repairs, it'll be worth it.

Kilt hose: On the *TOE*. :happy dance: I'll be ready to start #2 this evening......finally!!!! :grin:
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because it was fun!

1. Yesterday was Comic Con! I have quite a few photos - I need to see if I feel comfortable posting them, as Herself is plainly ID'able (she's OK with it, but.....I am not. Not really, anyway.) Suffice to say that there were Daleks aplenty, and she got her photo taken with all of them. :lol: We "met" Dalek Tim, who said "Hello" to me (THAT photo is hysterical, because I didn't expect it to turn the eyestalk to me and say "Hello". It was a hoot! We talked to a group that is producing a fan-based Dr. Who series (Soldier Stories) online - sounds fantastic.

SG got autographs from Nichelle Nichols (the original Uhura) and the actor who played Ti'ilk (Stargate). $80.....:wince:...but he wanted them.

It was fun - even though we stood in line outside for 1.5 hours (AND we had purchased our tickets online!!!!). I overheard Security say that 11K people were there - not sure if they meant AT that moment, or Saturday total - it was PACKED. To the point that *I* started freaking out a little. Still, it was fun - both kids enjoyed it.

2. Heard from Skutt! It IS a Skutt kiln; built sometime between 1960 and 1980. It needs a Lot of Work, according to the tech....I am waiting to see what the estimate is before moving forward. I also asked my potter friend to give me her opinion. We'll have to pay for the repairs piecemeal no matter what; I just don't want to pay MORE than the kiln is actually worth, y'know? And I don't want to pay for something it doesn't really *need*. So....we're in a holding pattern there.

3. Bought more yarn for Himself's kilt hose from a Ravelry member. I gotta say, the Lord is good!! And I apparently *did* rate a miracle, because - Miracle of Miracles!!! - the dye lot MATCHED mine!!!! (You have NO idea about how big a deal this is! See....yarn is dyed in batches - might be large ones, but still, finite batches. Each batch has it's own dye lot number; it means that all the yarn with *that* number was dyed at the same time, in the same pool of dye. I bought my yarn last March from a store in WA state. The destash came from a lady in Indiana.....and all of the "new" yarn is the exact same dye lot as my original set!!!!! What are the odds???? I'm telling you, God is GOOD!!)

3a. Speaking of Kilt Hose, I am 3" away from starting the toe on #1. :Sigh: Kid's got big feet! Still, I can see the end of this one....one more to go.

4. Not much knitting will be done Thursday. The Perot has a new exhibit opening this weekend - The International Exhibit of Sherlock Holmes. Members-only days are Thursday and Friday, and we are going! Yes, I'll be in my Sherlocked shirt.....I don't have the socks done yet, but that's OK. I'll probably do them in March. Maybe April....so many socks, so little time. :lol: The kids are kinda excited - this is a forensics "lab" type exhibit. Should be fun!

Our IRS refund is due to hit Tuesday. Gotta pay the taxes, then I get to go buy a new washer and *hopefully* my replacement KitchenAid stand mixer. Won't have much "fun" money this year, but hey - at least the taxes are paid, right?

Gotta skitter - got knitting to do!
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Let's see....

1. Contacted Skutt (misspelled the name yesterday, I think) about the kiln. Sent pictures this AM; waiting to hear back. My potter friend says it looks good, so we should be OK.

2. Bought Himself's Birthday present today - a Ninetendo 3DSXL. He's thrilled - but won't get it until his birthday. Such is life. :lol: (Why yes, I got paid yesterday. Why do you ask?)

3. Comic Con tomorrow! Rose won't be there, but River will. I am still not getting autographs, but it'll be fun. Both kids are excited.

4. Am halfway thru the foot of the kilt hose. :huzzah!: The extra yarn shipped yesterday, so..I need to slow it down a bit. The 2nd sock will be out of the new batch of yarn, to hopefully spare me dye lot problems.

5. Found a small table on CraigsList this AM for my ball winder. It's.....OK. Not fancy, but cheap and will work. Needs a good cleaning, but that's minor.

Not sure what else - I'm spinning my wheels here, waiting on Skutt so I know what we need to do about the kiln. Hope you all have a nice Shabbat - laters!
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So. Today was Ortho day. Both kids are doing well - in fact, they are in line to have the braces removed within the next 6 or so months! But....Herself needs to have her wisdom teeth extracted. :sigh:

Made an appointment for the consultation.....and I've started preparing her. She does better if she KNOWS what's going to happen, when. Fun times!

Kilt hose: The heel is TURNED!!!! and I am cruising down the foot. I had to buy more yarn....I have 5 balls. 1 is still knit in the too-small hose, but can easily be frogged (I...just haven't wanted to. Yet.) The problem? I've already got 2 balls in this sock, and I still have a LOT of foot to go. :sigh: I am starting to panic a bit, because I hate the thought of running out of yarn mid-project. And then there's the dye lot problem.....

I found a lady on Ravelry who had 6 skeins for $20 (these normally run $6/skein!!)...I figure, I'll get them and knit the 2nd sock from them, because I'm pretty sure there's no way they'll match the dye lot I have. (Of course, there could be a miracle. I'm not sure I merit one, but - it IS possible.) I'm sure she bought matching dye lots, so there shouldn't be a problem within each sock, and you shouldn't notice the mis-match when it's on a different sock.

Tomorrow I get to go do some work. I don't mind - $$ for me! And since my friend didn't get into the Fiber Festival this year, that means I get to do a Yarn Store run in the next week or so - should be fun!

Laters! I have knitting to do!


Feb. 1st, 2015 03:09 pm
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I finished the shoelaces - they look great! and got my travel sock to the toe. It's now set down, though - because February is Kilt Hose Month. ALL Kilt Hose, ALL the time (until they are done.) I've figured out where I am on them (almost to the heel on #1), I verified that it does, in fact, FIT the boy, and I've worked a few rounds to get back in the groove. The plan is to finish #1 by Feb 10, and get #2 done by Feb......I wanna say 20, but I'll be happy if it's done by the 28th. :fingers crossed:

Started our taxes today....:ugh: I'd be finished if SG actually cared - all he has to do is go online and get his W-2 info, but he can't be arsed to do so. :sigh: Oh, well - he has plans for the left over funds, but he can't HAVE them until I file, and the longer I wait, the longer it'll take him to get his money. Not that he'll admit that - it'll be my fault we didn't get it sooner. :bangs head:

Not a lot going on here. Next week is Comic Con - can't wait! It'll be fun!....but this week is same old, same old. Guess I should go knit a bit......

Oh! We saw Big Hero 6 last week - it's a good movie. VERY good. Go see it if you can! I want to see Imitation Game, too..hopefully soon.
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So. Yesterday was my last in-office day. It was just me and coworker...I would have thought that FA would have had someone in for me to teach, but whatever - that's his problem, not mine. Still haven't heard anything re: my severance.....I have my attorney's number on hand, but I'm being patient. I did, after all, give them until next Thursday - even though the 90 days was up last Friday. No sense in being hard-nosed about it.....nice is always better if you can swing it.

Annie's twins are out with the big goats now. Risky is due next Saturday, and the other 4 does are all due within days of her. The first week or 2 of June will be busy! And noisy...:lol:

Knitting: I am totally stalled on the kilt hose. I think it's because there's so MUCH of them - I knit and knit and knit, and don't seem to make any progress. Himself and I made a deal - the first 2 weeks of the month I'll work on them (except for when we're out - my travel sock will still go and the hose will stay home). The last 2 weeks of the month are MINE to knit on whatever I want....I'm hoping that'll make me focus and concentrate on the hose those 2 weeks (because it's a deadline, of sorts) and yet I'll still get to do some fun, non-soul-sucking knits as well. :fingers crossed:

We've rolled completely into our Summer Schedule here. Torah/Math/Science/History are the only courses we'll do - dare I say it? - religiously; I've added a Writing class - the kids are watching a lot of really STUPID movies right now, so they are going to be writing a synopsis of 1 of them each week. Both of them thought that was hysterical; we'll see. :lol: I need to get some Field Trips scheduled..but until I know how much $$$ I'll have available it's kinda hard. Gas costs $$, you know.....

Not much else going on....
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I have all our current books scheduled thru the end of the books. Might not sound like much, but to me, it is. I like "open and go"...and scheduling things are the only way *I* can make our stuff "open and go". Today I get to do languages, poetry, and start on the next textbooks (I think Chemistry for Science, and Trigonometry. Wish Mystery of History IV was out, because I'm going to NEED it by the end of September...:sigh:) Scheduling doesn't really take long, when I get in the groove; I can do an entire year of 1 subject in about an hour or so. It's just....tedious typing. :lol:

We've been having good discussions in TorahClass. We're in Lev. 10, and discussing the chrischun view of God = love vs. the Biblical view of God = disciplinary parent. It's been good, and deep. (God = love is NOT Biblical....read Acts, specifically Ananais and Sapphiro. It all repeats what you learn in Lev. 10......funny how an UN-changing God seems to have changed from the OT to the NT, isn't it? :wink:)

Not much else going on. I'm still slogging thru Kilt Hose V. 1.2 #1.....it's BORING. And tedious. And I'm starting to really not like the boring blue-ness of it. I'll slog on, though - I promised him kilt hose, and kilt hose he shall have. To try and stave off knitting infidelity, I've been browsing Ravelry (it...makes sense. Seriously. To me, anyway. :lol:) I LOVE the Tsockarina's stuff, but I can't get my hands on it...unless I find a kit in someone's for sale stash. Which...I have. :snicker: An Oktoberfest kit is on it's way to me now, and I have 2 lines on Firebird (for Herself...if I should end up with 2 kits, I get a pair, too. Win/Win.). The beauty of this? Her kits are all so OUT THERE and INTENSE that I will be happy to just *look* at them (I've had Vintage for...4 years now. I keep pulling it out and drooling, then stashing it back. I *will* knit it at some point....) I have told myself, no challenging knits until the kilt hose are finished. (I confess to 1 other project - my travel sock. I can't juggle a chart and cables in the car, so I need something relatively mindless. "Monkey" in my Manos yarn is *perfect*...only I long to be working on it All. The. Time. oops! :lol:)

Well, better get to lesson planning. The kids are almost ready for chore-time, which means I get unlimited access to the computer desk. :huzzah!:
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Because....wow. OK. :blink:

Internet doesn't seem to be much faster, even though they "moved us to a higher frequency tower with only 4 other customers on it." Right. It still sucked last night - we are paying for 5mb. According to the speed tests we ran last night, we were getting 1.2. Or less. (Right after the guy left, it tested at 9.46!!!!! Then it dropped....it stabilized around 4.5 - which is fine! - then, at 5, just like normal, it dropped to under 1.0. :sigh:)

Chloe the wonder-mutt ATE my crockpot on Saturday. The cord is...well, gone, as is the knob. We went out and got me a much larger one - 8 qt! - only, I didn't realize how much BIGGER that was. It's too big for the beef tips I wanted to do for tonight...good thing I have a lovely Fiesta dutch oven-tye pot. :lol: 2 pounds of lovely stew meat is bubbling away in the oven right now. The house is starting to smell divine! :mmmmmmmm:

We had to disbudd Penny last night. It's the one thing about goats that I HATE - but it's a necessity, both for our safety and theirs. She's fine this AM, bounding around like nothing happened. (Sheldon got done a week and a half ago - he's a BIG boy. Her horns had just now started coming in. So...I got to dread it 2x instead of just once.)

Barn cleaning today. Fun stuff.....

I'm almost finished with the first ball of yarn - and I'm not done with the ribbing yet. Kilt hose V.1., I made it to the heel flap on the first ball....weirdness. Yes, I'm knitting the larger size...but it's only 10 stitches more. I didn't think it'd take that much more yarn!

Gotta run - school's about to start!
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Been busy. Last Friday was Canton (again - no purchases, but lots of fun. Oh, and a yummy soft pretzel!) Saturday was yarn and stuff (SG replaced the 2 sets of needles the dogs had eaten.) Sunday was rain. :lol: And school, since I had to go to the office yesterday (4 more weeks......)

Been slogging along on the kilt hose, V.1.2. Finished the cuff yesterday and am now working the ribbed "garter" under said cuff. LOTS of knitting yet to do - but I enjoy it.

We're in Leviticus now. LOTS of good, meaty stuff there - all sin isn't equal. Don't believe me? It's right there in Lev. 3-5. Lots to think about, there!

We're also studying WWI. We're doing documentaries this week - our History text spent 1 chapter on the war. (Ditto for WWII) So....I'm filling in. I honestly didn't know that Germany had concentration camps in WWI - did you?

Today we get "faster" internet...we'll see. I'm not holding my breath - it's the same company, they're just moving us to a "faster" tower. Yeah....we'll see.

Almost time to start - laters!
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:sigh: I have been obsessively working on my son's kilt hose for the past....2.5 weeks or so. Slow going - the calf-shaping chart was just.....not my cuppa, but the other charts are just fun to work. I stopped and had Himself try it on 3x - here, have a couple of photos from Monday evening:

Kilt Hose front

Kilt Hose back

I asked about fit; he said "It's nice. Snug, but not too much. I like them!"

This AM, I had started the heel turn, so I asked him to try it on one more time. I figured it'd be easier for him to check the fit now that there weren't 4 needles to deal with (just the 2 on the instep)....he gets the cuff over his heel, stops, and says "You know what? I think it's a little too tight. Can you loosen it up?" :bangs head:

I knit to knit (except socks. Those I knit for the SOCKS. :lol:) I really, truly, don't mind frogging this and starting over...but why did it take until I was almost finished with the first ball of yarn to decide he'd rather have slightly larger ones??????

The good news is, I was knitting the Medium size. Surely the Large will fit him longer than...well, 1 wearing. :lol: :sob:

Enough whining - I have a cuff to cast on!

(To sop my ego, I've been working on project bags today. 2 weeks ago I found the CUTEST fabric - Timeless Treasures "Tossed Sheep". It comes in gray and red....I had purchased the red and the companion fabric and made 2 bags. Friday, I went back and purchased the matching gray fabric along with 2 more companion patterns - and yesterday and today I cut out all the parts from the fabrics I have. Pretty soon I'll have a whack of cute project bags....it's helped with the kilt hose fail, let me tell you! :lol: I'll get photos of those when the rest of the fabric comes in and I have bags made up.)
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H: They keep your entries for *months*???? Wow. Here, the *County* Fair opens for entry drop-off the Friday before the Fair begins; judging of the "Creative Talent" stuff is Sunday and the Fair opens for visits on Wednesday. Saturday you go pick your stuff up. So...1 week, basically.

It'll be hard for me this year, since I'm knitting stuff FOR entry, instead of just haphazardly entering whatever I have that's new. :lol:

H, again: You gave me a tip about a Dover book on fitting patterns....I haven't found that one yet, but I scored at Half-Price on Wednesday. I got a copy of "Every Sewer's Guide to the Perfect Fit"....Wow. I have quite a few books on this topic, but this one...THIS one is Awesome. The authors assume that the sewer knows the basics and nothing else - and they don't talk down to you. WORTH the $4.99 I paid. :lol: I'm still looking for the Dover book - because one can never have too much knowledge.

On that note, I seem to be pushed towards sewing lately. The last 2 visits to Half-Price I've walked out with sewing books. Nothing else, just sewing. Weird. :shrug:

Ali: LOVE the babies! Especially the Nubians! :wink: We bred very late this year - partly on purpose, partly because December was the first time I could get the buck over next to the does AND the first time I actually caught anyone in heat. Annie snuck over to the bucklings a couple of months earlier - hence the twins. Good news is, we have milk - we were still milking 3, and getting *maybe* 1.5 pints/day. Annie, by herself, is giving us a little more than 1/2 gallon/day. We're currently milking Annie and Zoe, but I'm going to dry up Zoe in the next week or so - she was bred but doesn't look it, but milked thru last year AND gave us a buckling...I'd kinda like to give her a break.

Knitting: 2/3 the way down the leg of kilt hose #1. I put most of the stitches on a circa this AM and had Himself try it on - it FITS. :huzzah!: Looks MUCH better than it does on the needles, too! :lol: Now, to keep him from grown taller in the next year or so, so that he can wear these at least once. (He's 14. I'm not counting on him wearing them for years and years....2 would make me very happy.)

I got my copy of Gainford's "Knitting Kilt Hose and Knickerbocker Stockings" today (which means I'll find my original this weekend, right?) - I'm going to start planning SG's pair. The pair I'm knitting for Himself will in NO way fit SG - I'm knitting the Medium for Himself. The Large is the same, but you add 12 stitches to it.....SG's calf is WAY bigger than 1.5" larger than Himself's. There is just no way I can knit the same pattern and have it fit SG - he's got lovely, manly calves - at least, not without adding at least 2 more cables to it. I'd rather just start fresh, to be honest.

It's been threatening rain all day. It was 66* this AM, and very very very humid.....I wish the weather would get itself under control. I'm tired of it going from freezing to burning in such short amounts of time. :sigh:

Shabbat Shalom!
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because Chloe AND Tigger decided they needed to sleep with us last night. No room for *me* - I ended up with my legs under my chin all night long. :sigh: Ah, well.....at least I was warm.

Kilt hose: Almost done with the calf decreases, and about 1/2-way down the leg. Looking pretty good - but I still check the legend before crossing a cable, to be sure I'm not messing it up again.

I can't find my copy of Lady Gainford's "Kilt Hose and Knickerbocker Stockings"...which is bad. I don't think I want to re-knit this pattern for SG, and her book is the only one I know of that has good kilt hose patterns. :sigh: I did order another copy this AM - which means I'll find MY copy in the next few days, right? :lol:

Baby goats are doing well. Both are LOUD and bouncy - as they should be. :lol:

This weekend is the Dallas Fiber Fest - Herself and I will be going for a short bit on Saturday. We have to be home by 3-ish to get our Fair entries - she entered 2 drawings and 1 necklace; I entered 2 pairs of socks; SG entered 4 photos. The judging was yesterday, but we won't know until Wednesday (when the Fair is open to the Public) how we did. I think her necklace has a really good shot of winning *something* - we'll see.

Break's over - back to the kilt hose!
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Well, yesterday afternoon I spread out the kilt hose and took a long, hard look at it. Something had been bugging me....yup. The calf-shaping knot....was mis-crossed. Not once, mind you - that I could have overlooked...not twice...but somehow I had managed to screw it up *3* times. THREE times!

So, it got ripped out, back to the ribbed garter. 21 rounds gone. :big sigh: I'm back up to round 13 now...fingers are crossed that I am reading the symbols correctly this time. (I've got the symbol chart ON my board, and I am DOUBLE-CHECKING it each and EVERY time. :sigh: Doesn't help that there is 1 symbol not defined.......you'd think this pattern has been out long enough that it's correct....)

Any way.....we're headed out after lunch to drop off our County Fair entries. We'll see how we do.....

Got to get back to knitting - Shabbat Shalom!


Mar. 20th, 2014 10:09 am
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I saved a cat's life last night, and as a thank you, it tore the crap out of my left hand. Tigger and Chloe were both attacking it; I got them off but the cat was too terrified and PISSED to go back over the fence (I won't discuss it's lack of intelligence; EVERY cat knows our yard is home to cat-hating dogs. This stupid thing decided to stroll in our gate and across the back yard - what did it expect to happen?) So, I made a split-second decision and grabbed it to toss it over the fence...it decided my thumb was the perfect thing to latch on to while windmilling it's legs in the dogs' general direction. OUCH. It took a few seconds for me to shake it off of my thumb......:sigh: I was bleeding all over the place; ended up with 3 holes in my thumb, 2 holes in my ring finger, and multiple holes and scratches on my right hand. :big sigh:

Progress on Himself's kilt hose has slowed to a crawl, needless to say. I cut up the pattern and taped the charts onto 2 sheets of paper - this helps keep track of what I'm doing and where. The yarn (Cascade 220 Sport) is nice - the cables are popping, and it looks great. I'm about halfway thru the calf-shaping chart.....I'm trying really hard to NOT think about the other 3 I have to knit. :lol:

The washer got fixed Tuesday, so yesterday was Wash-all-the-things! Day. Today is finish up washing-all-the-things...:lol: Baby goats are out in the barn; I hope it's warm enough tonight that they can STAY out there. They're cute and all....but I need sleep. NOT tap-dancing goats at 2 AM.

More later....
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Let's see.....got up at normal time, fed the ravenous twins, and settled down to watch the news. Heard a gosh-awful scream.......seems the 2-pastures-over-neighbor's mules/horses decided it would be just great to come over into OUR pasture, beat up on Dusty (27) and flirt with our mares. :sigh:

We've been having problems with this neighbor - one of his cows has been visiting for the past 2 or 3 months. We call him, he shrugs.......last week his mules came over to watch our horses eat. Now this...

We did get a Deputy out to take a report - Dusty had a nice, largish bloody patch on his neck where some other horse/mule tried to take a chunk out of him. One of the other horses has a HUGE gaping hole in his rump - looks like from a t-post, but it wouldn't let me get close enough to be sure. :shrug: Not my problem....or my horse. We're currently waiting on neighbor to come out and get his critters.

We're also still waiting on the washer repairman. :sigh: The pump is "broken", they didn't have the part in but would have it yesterday.....I need my washer. Badly. I have a TON of hand wash-only stuff that NEEDS the washer. :sigh:

Working on Himself's kilt hose. I told him yesterday that if he EVER doubts my love for him, I'll shove these in his face. :lol: They're NOT hard, just very, very fiddly. I have the cuff done and am working on the ribbing now...then it's on to the fun part - the cabled leg. :whee: (Of course, I'm ignoring that I have 3 more to do - the mate to his and SG's pair. I might just strangle myself with my needles before I'm done......:rofl:)

Off to get school together....we're all kinda off-kilter this morning. Can't imagine why......


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