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Today was Dallas Fan Days (aka: Comic Con) - but I'll get to that in a minute. Let's do a quick Weekend re-cap, shall we?

Friday was take-the-Aunt-shopping day. SG called and said it was "Clean the Office" at work day (the plant is closing down Oct. 31; he'll have a job until Dec. or Jan.), and was there anything I might possibly need that they might be tossing? I said, um....they had a comb binder the last time I was there.....he said "Done!"...and came home with a Fellowes electric comb binder. No manual, no combs, and no wire rack, but hey - Comb Binder! I can get the combs on from $4, so....:huzzah!:

Yesterday was decent - we got the backyard cleaned up and the dumpster is FULL. I knocked out the 4 cushions for the dining room, then decide I needed to focus on summer sleeveless tops. Managed to pick out the pattern before crashing into bed. :lol:

Then - today. Today was a HUGE day, y'all. HUGE. Herself - wait, lemme give you a photo:

2016 Comic Con Tony & Bonnie

Now, to *normal* people, this looks like a girl with a guy cosplaying as Tony Stark. What it actually is, is my Aspie squee-ing over getting her photo taking with TONY STARK. She actually asked me to ask him - this is a first. She is STILL giggly over it - and the photo was taken around 11:15 this morning!

She also happily posed for photo-ops with kids who recognized her costume: Bonnie the Bunny from Five Nights At Freddy's (aka: FNAF)(Don't ask, if you don't know. Basically, haunted robots at Chuck-E-Cheese's.)(trying to kill you).

This is HUGE. HUGE. Y'all have no idea - my anti-social geek would not shut-up about the kids. Or Tony. (She has a crush, y'all. :lol: This guy had the attitude and the look of a young Tony Stark. And he did NOT break character - which really made her squee!)

SG was also happy - he got to pose with Boba Fett:

2016 Comic Con Boba Fett & SG

OK, so this guy missed the mark a little - but it's still a good costume! (SG just pulled me aside - he wants to take Herself to every Con we can get to, with ALL of us in costume. No biggie - I just need to buckle down and SEW. :lol:) (He wants to do the NG (Engy? The Engineer) from TF2; she wants me to do an Iron Man bound, and me? I have 25 yards of handwoven cotton (Jedi robes!) to work thru. Or....Herself wants me to do Jessica Rabbit next time, so we can be 2 bunnies together. :snicker: I can do vamp. The heels....well, I'll do 'em just for her. :lol: (I need to get a few more photos of her cosplay; there's a lavender bow in the back that kinda sorta resembles a tail. :innocent whistling:)

We came home with more artwork than I had planned on. I've made a discovery: IF you want to shop Cons on the cheap, wait on go on the last day, early in the morning. Almost every vendor had slashed prices - and most of the artists were offering multi-purchase deals. We got some $15 prints at 3-for-$20, for example. (!!) I have to find frames now....I was looking for 1 or 2, we came home with *9*. :blink:

I have 4 fabrics in the dryer; when I went to get some "muslin" from the armoire in the Studio a mouse jumped at me.....I yelped, then shuddered as I cut off 2 yards and overlocked it. :shudder: I settled on Butterick's 6217 - one of Gertie's. I pin-fit the pattern....we'll see how it looks in fabric before I go hog-wild with it. :lol:
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since I have to run Tigger to the vet for stitches removal, then we have to head out for our monthly shopping trip......:whew!:

H, THANK YOU!!! I will look at the links later today. Defined waistline - yup. Otherwise, I look like Omar the Tent-maker has had a field day. :lol:

God is GOOD, people! I thought - according to all the paperwork I had - that Herself was not getting a SSI check this month. It put me in a small panic - because Himself's check pays the house, the car and house insurance, and the electric bill (most months - electric fluctuates!), her check pays everything else. I did the bills this AM, expecting *1* deposit - we got 2. :scratches head: I put a call in to the "local" office...seems that SS is 1 month BEHIND. So, THIS is her last check.

AND I got a call from the state disability office - they just NOW started working on her claim. :fingers crossed:.....I really, really hope it goes thru without a hitch. SS wanted to speak to Herself (since she's 18 now)...and she Freaked OUT. She doesn't do well on the phone.....or with people she doesn't know. (Funny story: we took SG's dad out on Saturday. He and I got to talking about the kids, and I dropped something about Herself being on the Spectrum. He said "Oh. I had no idea...I mean, yeah, she's always sitting over there, doing stuff...I just thought she was shy or something." I chuckled...."Um, no - she was with family, and that IS her being social. You should watch her when we're out and about sometimes - she doesn't interact with anyone she doesn't know. You? She knows you're "family" but doesn't KNOW you, so she's in the room, but not IN the room, y'know? Once she's......."safe" with you, she'll start talking to you - and you'll wish she was back to today. :lol: Because....YOU don't pick the topic, and YOU don't control the conversation. It's...interesting."

He "got" it - which is good! - and we'll see how it goes.)

So. Today we shop - and be as frugal as possible, while stocking up. Tomorrow...the plan is to hit the Fabric Outlet stores. I got paid for 2 jobs, so I have "extra" $$. (For the record, I entered her deposit after getting off the phone, and immediately took out an extra house payment. I want that in reserve, so I'm not panicking next month. I have just enough left for our normal grocery run....and I should be able to score a LOT of fabric tomorrow at cheap, cheap prices.)

Anyway.....gotta go round up Tigger. Laters!
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I KNOW Herself has neurological problems. I KNOW Asberger's has a LOT of "built-in" things that "normal" people have problems dealing with.

But I can NOT take much of her negativity, especially in regards to Math. Today, we were looking at square roots. Now, keep in mind that in PS, she was in ALGEBRA. The stuff we've been working on should be stuff she's done. This SHOULD be nothing more than a review - even if the problems are a bit different than she's used to, it still should be review (I will admit that *I* didn't get/understand "find the square root and notate it in prime factorization"....:huh?: Basically, the answer was something like "5 squared x 7 cubed" or somesuch. :scratches head:) Still - the textbook DOES show examples - I kinda understand what they're doing, even though I don't remember doing this stuff myself....I think I'm going to have to break down and buy the teacher's manual for each book in this series (at $30 PER book, 2 books per year. :sigh: 4 years.....$240. :gulp: It's in the budget for next paycheck....I am obviously NOT able to teach her like I can Himself - he GETS math, she doesn't. :sigh: I need the help!)

It also doesn't help that she refuses to backtrack to the book Himself's using...:sigh:

Annnnnd - she's not reading the text. She's taking the notebook elements, skimming to find the correct answers, and claiming she's read the whole thing. I have proof....she missed HALF of her Science test questions, because she hadn't read the damn book. :bangs head:

It's frustrating - she's bright, she's capable of this stuff....and she's NOT DOING IT. :bangs head:

Gotta go party stuffs to gather. With a grumpy kid who claims that it's not HER fault she flunked everything today. It never is.....
:deep breath: Sorry, but it's been a long morning.
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Because Herself was HORRIBLE today. And HORRIBLE doesn't even begin to cover it - it was like she had NO MEDS at all - which is not the case; we picked up her prescription Friday afternoon. I mean, we had doors slammed (and she BROKE my stained glass front door. BROKE it. And it had to be the RED glass, which is THE most expensive to replace, only we can't, because it's OLD glass and they don't make it anymore. She broke a pretty large triangular piece out of the border.....the piece is still in the frame, but I don't see how it can be fixed), we had shouting, we had bad attitudes towards EVERYONE (to the point I told her to start walking, because I was NOT taking her to school) was bad.

And then, after she "apologized" (it was lukewarm, at best), I went out to start the Jeep and it was DEAD. :bangs head: SG had to turn around, haul her sorry butt to school, then jump off the Jeep. :sigh: I'll be checking it later - I need to run to the store to get lunch stuffs.

AND, Heart was being a grumpy bitch- she tried to bite me when I went out to look at her legs. I didn't touch her - I was just looking - and I wanted to give her some more Bute, but she was having none of it. The wrap at the elbow had fallen (which I predicted), and there's puss coming out, least it's coming out. Tonight, SG will catch her and I'll do a through cleaning of it, then hit it with some lime (it eats proud flesh, and helps get rid of any puss. Folk-remedy, to be sure, but it *works*).

The kids are outside with the other goats today. They had a blast yesterday....and they need the socialization. They need to know they're goats and not funny people.

Horrible day so least the Shuttle made it up safely.
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had to take Herself to the Doc. Thank GOD. This morning was....bad.

Before I start, I want to say that if you want to tell me I suck as a parent, fine - but please, keep in mind I am dealing with a kid on the Autism Spectrum. She is NOT Neuro-normal. What works for you and your "normal" kids will NOT WORK WITH HER. OK? OK.....

I knew this AM was going to be bad. She woke up grumpy. This is a warning sign, and it makes me start deflecting immediately. She grumped when the dogs sniffed her (I let the dogs wake up the kids - I mean, it's hard to be in a bad mood with puppies licking your face/feet, y'know?), she grumped during her breakfast. She was wearing the SAME shirt she'd worn since Sunday.......because, all 4 times I asked this weekend, she had "no dirty clothes". Right.......

So...she took her meds, and I *very politely* asked her to bring me her laundry so I could get it started. Cue MELTDOWN. :sigh:

I won't go into a lot of detail; suffice to say that it was bad. REALLY bad. Bad to the point that I was 1 more statement from her would have caused me to call the mental hospital for her admittance. (No joke - it was BAD.)

So, about 20 minutes later the meds kicked in, and all was well in Who-ville. :sigh:

The doc re-prescribed Adderall; she is to take 1/2 of 1 the minute she gets up. Vyvance at the regular time...and he changed her night-time meds. :fingers crossed:

She's perfectly fine, now - and denies anything was wrong this AM. :bangs head:

THIS is why we are both late to work each morning - I can't leave her alone with her brother for an hour before school. I can't leave her alone for half an hour.....Himself is smart, yes, but he can't see the meltdown brewing, and.....sorry guys, but he's a typical male. He doesn't see the signs and walks Right Into it. Then makes it worse by trying to get out of it......and SG isn't much better. He, at least, is starting to see the signs and tries to diffuse.....

:sigh: I hope the med changes work.....the defiant attitude needs to be adjusted as does the diva-ness. Some of it's puberty (Oh, JOY.), but most is ASD at it's finest.

In good news, we got the goat coats and baby blanket today. It's currently 54*, so none are needed...we'll go out later and swap out.

Busy day

Apr. 23rd, 2010 04:03 pm
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Let's see.....took Herself to a new phychiatrist today -I like him. He specializes in ASD kids (which I didn't know when I made the appointment - Thanks, Yah!) and - get this! - believes in the "less is more" approach to medications. He took her off EVERYTHING except Vyvance, and added 1 - yes, *1* pill. Very easy to talk to, tried to engage Herself (wasn't happening), and suggested Social Therapy. Which I've been trying to get for YEARS. I think this is a good move.

Then Herself and I had a girl's day out. (Himself had a Field Trip, or he and Sweet Geek would'a had a Boy's day. Oh, well...) We hit every book store in the near area (I wanted a copy of the Apocrypha - but it needed to include Enoch. I *finally* found it at the 3rd store. :whew:), we hit Hobby Lobby, and Wally world. Good times - she actually *talked* to me. Not about anything important, but - she TALKED to me. :cheers:

My blue linen didn't come in, so I am taking that as a sign that I need to do all wool tzit-tzits. :nods: Dyed some up last night - it came out a *beautiful* sapphire blue. I'll start weaving this weekend - I need to sample some fiber first. :wink:

The green bamboo yarn for my tank top came in, so that's in the queue. We'll see....

Gotta get ready for Shabbat, so more on the flip side!
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I said my kids were "off"? Yeah, well...they're REALLY off. To the point that I am GLAD I do not stay home with them - I don't think any of us would survive. :sigh:

Last night wasn't too bad...this morning? I swear my children have been possessed. Herself woke up surly, and stomped out to the garage. She was ticked that she had to wait on the rest of us....Himself was slow to start. We get to the barn - Herself busys herself with feeding the horses, then goes back to the house; Himself helped me milk while G'ma fed the babies. We get done; Himself goes in while I feed the now starving (and about to *die*!) goats.

I get in the house, and Himself informs me that Herself said something about "his a-word". OK..I'm tired. I don't *need* this...I pop off "Well, it's cute - what of it?" :bangs head: NOT the right thing to say......:sigh: He proceeds to tattle - which is NOT allowed in my house. She starts denying it.....and turns on the tears (I think that's an Aspie thing - she doesn't get social things, she's seen some li'l girl cry and get comforted, so, Hey! Tears!). And I haven't DONE anything. :bangs head: I tell her, fine - DON'T Say things like that! which, again, she denys that she's done, and cries, and I'm thinking - hey, I didn't yell, I didn't use my stern-parent voice...what the hell is going on here?

I tell Himself to stop it - and HE starts crying. WTH???? I quit....I had to get dressed for work (lunch today at the :sniff: Petroleum Club :sniff:) and did NOT have time for this.

This is NOT typical of my mornings, and it's NOT typical of my children. Sniping at each other? Yeah. Tattling? Not so much. Crying over NOTHING? Not at all.

Something's going on.....and it's going to be big. I don't know if Katia is going to blow, causing an earthquake, or if a quake is going to set off Katia, needs to blow soon so I can regain what little sanity I have left. It's got my family on edge......

Oh, and to top everything off? We are taking Herself to a new (hopefully better) doctor on Friday. Her current one? Sucks. Sucks to the point I want to report her - I haven't liked her since day 1, when she told us that she "doesn't talk to the patient, she'd rather talk to the owners" :smash:......all she does is write prescriptions. I get that she's "med management" - so is the new doctor (the receptionist was APPALLED when I asked if the doc talked to the patient or the "owners"....which justifies my feelings about Dr. McSuckypants)...but Dr. McSP CHARGES me $15 to write a 'script - without seeing Herself. AND doesn't mail it out, AND doesn't get to it timely. (Example? This refill. G'ma called it in LAST WEEK, like SHE usually does. (On Monday, I think). FRIDAY, they call and tell her that SHE is not authorized to call in refills. Wha???? So, on Monday this week, *I* call in. (7 days, people - today is Herself's LAST pill.) The office manager tells me they'll get right on it, but I'll have to pick it up, and they'll call me when it's ready. No shit, Sherlock.....only - today is Wednesday. They haven't called to tell me it's ready...SHE TOOK HER LAST PILL TODAY. :bangs head: (Fortunately, I have her former prescription. It doesn't work as well, but it keeps her stable-ish. Still....)

:sigh: I feel better now.....
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I just got off the phone with Ms. R (the counciler at Norman, Herself's new school). They have worked on Herself's schedule. We have 2 pre-A/P classes, the other 2 are normal.

What Ms. R did was to try and pair the teacher's attitude/personality with Herself's. The 2 A/P calsses are Math (Ms. Cardoza) and Science (Ms. Bowers). The otehr 2 are English (Ms. Marler (I think) ) and History (Mr. Holland). *IF* these do not work, we can do something later - but these are who she (Ms. R) thinks will work best.

The schedule will not be ready until Friday, but Ms. R says she can meet the teachers then - around 1 PM.

And - To go to Mr. Burkhart (the Ass't Principal) and tell him about the not able to get into the locker, and he will work on it with her.

Think that's it....

*I left the teacher's name entire so I can double-check the schedule. There's no first names, so I don't feel bad about it.
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Need to note this:

Herself's new councilor called today (!). She wanted to go over the 504, and to ask if she could make a change.

The 504 states Herself needs to go to a quiet area upon arriving. The councilor suggested that we try her in the cafeteria with everyone else, since in 2 years she'll be in HS, and...well, that's how it'll be. :sigh: I agreed.

She also agreed to meet with Herself and G'ma next week when they pick up schedules; she will take Herself on a tour and get her settled. Since she and Herself knew each other 2 schools ago this should work out *great*.

And, I get to meet with her after G'ma's surgery.
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It's been wild today, so let's get with it, shall we?

First up, we had a meeting with Herself's counsellor. Seems they've had *4* meetings already - WITHOUT me, I might ad - and this one was to set things up for Middle School next year (sorta like an IEP, but not). It was....well, it was a CYA meeting, to be honest - Sweet Geek had called the Austin School Board a few months ago, and I think it's coming home now. :evil grin:

Basically, Herself is to be allowed to do stuff with her hands (origami, pipe cleaner sculptures, stress balls, ect) while in class. She is to be helped with organization; she is NOT to take assignments home(because they'll never be seen again), she is to be given structure (VERY Important for an Aspie!), and she is to be warned of changes in routine. They are recommending AP classes - which I already suggested - and I hope it works.

THEN, we went out and picked up my new pullets - my very sweet husband got me 8 2 month old Silver Laced Wyandottes! They are cute, and silly, and will make a colorful addition to the flock. (Pictures will, of course, be forthcoming). I spent the afternoon watching them adapt to the flock, and putting down new chicken wire around the 2 sides of the perimeter of the run. And mowing.

I'm glad we got new pullets...1 of the RIR's isn't looking too good. I think she may have been hit by a rock while I was mowing - she's acting kinda drunk, and sorta fell over in the coop. :fingers crossed: that she's just a bit stunned....then we have a Buff Orp that's been sitting in the nesting box all day - no egg, though. We're watching her, too.....:sigh: That's part of country life I don't like, but it's part of nature.

I need to do one more side of the run (the 4th side still needs to have the posts reset), then I need to shower and take everyone out to dinner. I'm tired!
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And a holiday! So, we went clothes shopping while Sweet Geek waited for Sears (the refridgerator is out - again). The kids are now set for summer - go me!

Have started the heel on FF sock #1 - my sock looks like a hedgehog. I have 8 DPNs in it right now - 4 at the foot, and the 4 I am working with on the heel. Soon, I'll have 4 more in it - at the cuff, so I can try it on. My sock looks very lethal (I really should get a photo of this - it's freaky.)

Sweet Geek paid me a compliment the other day - I had finished the pattern portion, and was knitting down the leg towards where I would stick the waste yarn for the heel. He glanced over at me, did a double-take, and said "That is a WAY COOL sock!"...and he MEANT it. He saw the spinning wheel almost instantly - I didn't have to explain the patterning to him, and he was mucho impressed. :grin: and :huggles: He saw the hedgehog last night and just blinked at me.....:lol:

I've never done a peasant heel before, or slip-stitch patterning, so this is gonna be a learning experience (I've never done a crochet CO, either....I have already stretched my boundries on this sock, and it's only half done! :boggle:)

Herself had a MAJOR melt-down last night. :sigh: All because she simply can't keep her mouth shut - and because she has a worse potty-mouth OR half the US Army. Seriously - I don't know WHERE she got some of these words, because *I* (and Sweet Geek) do NOT use them. :sigh: She was in a full-blown melt-down for almost an hour last night...this morning we're all peachy keen. I just LOVE Asberger's (/sarcasm)

Sweet Geek and Herself are out setting up the garden and planting all the stuffs he's bought over the winter. Himself helped me put up the new clothes and get some seeds started - we still have a bunch to sow, but they have to be started outside. Fun stuff!

I need to get back to my sock....might as well be productive while I wait for Sears to call. :rolls eyes:
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made it thru the night with just didn't touch the pain, but helped me sleep. that's something, anyway.

i think i just bought a new coop - waiting to hear back. guess i should hunt for new pullets now.....:grin:

mom gets to play me at himself's school today - the art teacher wants a weaving demo. hope she has fun (the rh loom is easy, and himself'll be there to help. no problem!)

have a p-t conf. on 3/12 at herself's school with the principal. fun stuff.
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which means lunch date! :grin:

FYI - I posted pics last night, if you wanna see the Monkey socks. :grin:

Tax return season is upon us, so this'll be short'n'sweet - gotta get crackin'. :sigh:

ETA: Sweet Geek called the councilor again yesterday, and, Again, he hasn't heard back yet. We got the forms to fill out to file a complaint with, there's that.


Feb. 5th, 2009 07:58 am
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Operating on very little sleep today...was up at 3:30-ish. :sigh: Need to figure out WHY I can't also very under-caffeniated. :bigger sigh:

Herself: Science teacher going to try to help, as is Math teacher. Still no response from counciler (surprise! NOT!) or Austin.

Taxes: Turbo Tax has changed. Used to, we bought 5 copies, so we had unlimited e-filing. Now, we were only allowed 1, but can put it on unlimited computers, BUT can only get 5 e-filings. Let's see....we have the LLC, the INC, the Trust, the Personal...that's 4. And the grandson has already been told *we'll* do his, as well. So....5. So....I don't get a copy this year. (I e-file. It's faster.) I think we're just going to do it online, and pay when we file (something like $39, plus whatever fees. :sigh:) Fun stuff! ( doesn't make sense, but that's what the Turbo Tax website confirmed. Weird. I can't pay $109 for a copy of the same, online it is.)

Oh, how brain-dead I feel! Must go try and wake up....
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The saga continues: Sweet Geek called the counciler yesterday, and..she basically sluffed him off. To the point that he said "F-this!" and called the Austin Headquarters. :evil grin: He's waiting on a call back - which I am sure he'll get.

Mom went in yesterday to have a meeting with the Math teacher. It's a sub, but she was very ameniable to actually - *gasp* - HELPING Herself. They have set up one-on-one tutoring, and she has asked for info on Asberger's so she can figure out other things to do. Wow - someone in the School System who actually gives a damn! :boggles:

Mom is going to take in the "Notice" we got (did I mention that? It's a Notice of Proposal or Refusal to Provide Services in Regard to Identification, Evaluation, Placement, or Free Apprpriate Public Education"...and I can't make heads or tails of it. According to the conversation Sweet Geek had, it's a Refusal to provide, since Herself "doesn't have academic problems, just social". :snerk:) to the Principal today, and ask her what it means. IF she says it's a refusal blah blah blah, Mom will present her with the 3-week Failure Notice we got, and ask her to explain. :snicker: She's also gonna drop the Weekly report from the math class (the failure notice is for Science), which shows her daily grades for LAST WEEK as: 40, 20, 40, 100, 53. Nope, no academic problems *there*, huh? (/sarcasm - they don't understand that word, anyway)

:sigh: Up until last year (5th grade), Herself was an Honor Roll Student. (Seriously - I have the certificates and everything!). This school has been HORRIBLE for her - and it's worse because the counciler *won't* do her job. All this could be prevented if she'd just help us find coping mechanisms for, have the teachers collect her homework each day, instead of sending it home and expecting her to turn it in the next day (NOT gonna happen. She is too disorganized, and she can't help it. Believe me, I'm not making it up - she simply can't FIND things. Even right in front of her - her brain doesn't work that way.) She tests well - of course! She KNOWS what to do, she understands the concepts....she's failing because of her daily grades ( all homework driven. :sigh:)

We'll see what Austin does.....:fingers crossed:

In other, slightly more upbeat news: Himself is reading at a 6.4 level (that's 6th grade, 4th month.) He's in 3rd grade. :beams: Herself is doing more complex origami (hey, it's a reach, but it's cool!)
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Sweet Geek had another "discussion" with the school yesterday. We sent in ANOTHER copy of the doctor's report (WITH the dx on it, thankyouverymuch!)on Friday, and he called yesterday to talk to the principal about it. He somehow ended up in the Special Ed department....where he was told that "her problem isn't Academic, it's Social, so....we can't help!" :bangs head:

Ironically enough, I received a 3-week FAILURE NOTICE in the mail last night. :insert hysterical laughter here: daughter was a straight-A Honor Roll student until she got in THIS school last school year (5th grade). She BARELY passed last year, and is on track to barely squeak by this year....I have requested an ARD meeting (basically a meeting with the Spec. Ed department) to get her back in the program, to get her an IEP - this was in EARLY SEPTEMBER. To say I am pissed off doesn't even began to cover it.

He's on the warpath now. :heh heh: He's just about decided to skip the School Board and go straight to Austin with this...we'll see. I'd like to see the councilor (who has thus far refused to do ANYTHING she promised me) to join the unemployment line, but that's not very charitable of me. I'm working on it. :arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh:

In other news, I am almost finished with the first motif on my hat. 3-color stranded knitting doesn't make for fast progress. :grin:

More later - maybe. I gotta calm down first.
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I got nuthin'. Kids are OK....we did get a doc. appt. finally for Herself - in November. Better than December...but still a LONG wait.

17 eggs yesterday. :whoo hoo:

NOVA last night was on Artic Dinosaurs. (I know.. but I got nuthin'. :grin:)

Lunch date today...that's *something*, I guess.
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and the sun is rain today! Yesterday, a *huge* line of thunderboomers came thru - it was raining until (at least) 1 AM. We're a muddy mess, but it smelled so sweet and clean this morning. :grin:

I heard an owl this morning when I went out to feed the critters. It

Herself had a rough night last night, so she went to bed directly after dinner. She was a little more in control this morning...good thing, since it's Benchmark time. (Report cards come out tomorrow, I think....Himself's will be good; hers....probably not so much.)

My kombucha seems to be doing weird smells, the SCOBY is floating around....we'll see how it tastes this weekend. I've got bottles ready, and some frozen cherries to try flavoring some.....:fingers crossed:

Not much else to report. Just gotta keep smiling.....:grin:
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It's finally Friday! We're having meatloaf tonight....should be interesting. :grin:

We walked all the way around the pond last night. We have lots of wee fishies in there, along with humongeous frogs. The bat house was empty.....we also have a *lot* of Monarch butterflies hangin' out near the creek. I'll try to get pics of them tonight.

Speaking of the creek...we have dead fish. LOTS of them. Not sure why - the water is flowing; sluggishly, but it's flowing. I need to figure out how to remove the bodies...they're starting to stink. :sigh:

Herself is still having problems in school. Mom spoke to a couple of her teachers, so they at least know what we're (probably) dealing with. The counselor? Haven't heard back. She was *supposed* to be gathering up the emails of the teachers so that we can "coordinate homework". WTF? She is *supposed* to, by *law*, reevaluate my child if I request it...I did, and this is what she came up with. :grrrrrrrrrr: I am letting it go for the moment, but in a week or 2 I'll be back on her case. Herself needs help *now*....but I am being patient. That's not an easy thing for me......

It's raining here......we need it!
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R-H was great - we had fish, with carrots, salad, wine, challah bread and lemon-apricot cake. Yum! The fish didn't last 5 minutes (I'll post the "receipe" in a bit), and everyone enjoyed themselves.

The hike to the pond was nice....the kids had gathered a LOT of rocks (guess who got to carry them? :grin:), and Zoey seemed to enjoy pulling Himself around. We found a LARGE frog in the pond...I had to insist the kids NOT hit it with the rocks. :lol: We all tossed in our "sins", then hiked back to the house.

Had a wonderful lunch today - we hit the bookstore and I got a couple of books on Aspergers. One was recommended to me (The "Out-of-Sync Child"), the other was on Parenting Children with ASD. Both look to be interesting...we'll see.

Has anyone else actually calculated their increase in grocery/gas prices? I did this morning. A few months ago, I was paying (per month) $300 in groceries and $150-ish in gas. Last month? *$600* in groceries and $350 in gas. :blink: Whoa. And last month wasn't a "restock" month, it was a regular "buy what we're gonna eat now" month. :sigh:

Back to work for me......


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