Nov. 1st, 2007 01:15 pm
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It's very very slow today, so I thought I'd work on the rectangle shawl. The yarn had decided to snarl - BIG time...so I had to :gasp: cut it to get rid of the knot. :sigh: Now I have to figure out how to hide the ends in a lacy, teeny-tiny yarn. :sigh:

My tummy's all upset.....not sure why. Probably a virus - fun stuff! Co-worker is all congested and icky....hope it's not contagious.

Looks like rain....forecast didn't call for rain. Figures. :grin:

Since I'm stalled on the knitting front, and I've finished my book, think I'll go browse eBay. :lol:
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on the way to the paddocks this morning. :grin: I was "mugged" by 2 very cute, but very obnoxious, l'il girls this morning...."Hey! You! Come pet MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I'm Cute!" "do you think she'll notice me snarfing up the grain on this side? Uh oh - turn on the cute, she saw me!" :snicker:

A quick toss of the bucket and both of the settled down to clean up the mess....:lol: Silly horses......

Did some more spinning last night - I now have about 1/2 a bobbin full of froghair. I LOVE how it's turning out...but it's gonna take FOREVER to get 3 bobbins full. Ah, well - as long as the yarn is finished by Dec. 1 I'm good. I have *PLANS*. :grin: (shhhhhhhhhhhh - it's a sekrit! projekt! :giggle:)

Wrist is all wonky today - hope it's just the weather. 48* + my wrist = pain I can't block. Apparantly. :sigh: I dug out the Alpaca wrist warmer...we'll see if that helps.

Probably means no knitting today......:sigh: I'm up to row 9 on the shawl (doesn't sound like much, huh? But it *is* - the pattern has developed, and you can SEE it now. Looks like......huh. Looks like little roses - NOT icky, sticky webs now. :grin:)

Hair has grown enough that it doesn't want to do ANYTHING now. :sigh: Another inch or so will help with *that*......

The Registry has gotten Starz registration application. How do I know? They sent me a new membership card. :grin: I guess they quit sending out reminders - I haven't renewed in...years, because they didn't send out begging notes. Whatever - I now have a cool decal on my truck, and a WAY cool card. (Yes, I'm easily amused!)

Yes, I'm avoiding work......wanna make something of it? :grin:
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Busy, busy weekend - I need a weekend from my weekends! :grin: BUT - got the backyard mowed, the pond has been re-discovered (need to do a little more mowing there, but we ran outta daylight. Sweet geek says he'll mow more next weekend), AND we got some fencing done.

Minimal fencing, but still - we got the wrong t-posts (the new ones are too big for my setter...:sigh:) so we had to go with Plan B - we used the 2 extra round pen panels to beef up the front of Moonie's paddock, and then tighted the fence wires. Soon as we get the other t-posts, we can finish that paddock and do the other one so the boys can be moved out of the front yard, and the rest of the round pen can be used to "prettify" the front of the paddocks. (Yes, it makes sense. I am getting FAR too old to break horses, and really don't *need* the round pen, as a round pen. When it comes time to back and break both Finn (like, NOW) and Heart (2.5 years), I'll go slow and do it in the front yard. Still contained, but more room than the pen - less chance of busting my head hitting a solid steel fence.)

The new shawl is coming along. I figured out the problem - the K1P1K1 into 1 stitch keeps getting purled back together in the return row. Not just for me, but for the friend that found this pattern. Setting stitch markers has made this problem evident, and easy to avoid. (Yes, I am bored with this pattern already - and I'm only on row 5. Fun stuff! :grin:) I'll keep plugging away at it - the yarn is *perfect* for it, the colors flow (Yes, there are pics of the yarn - I just need to get them uploaded. One of these days...:giggle:).....if only the bloody pattern didn't look like...well, demon-spawn webs of doom. :lol:

Got some spinning done last night - Emerald green superwash in froghair weight. Looks like I'll need to 3-ply it to make it a realistic yarn......realistic for the project I have in mind, anyway. :grin:

Gotta go clean out my in-box!
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my son hates me. See, I got feed today....1/2 ton of it. I was unloading it, when he came out and I (stupidly) made the remark: "Gee, son, wish you were just a *little* bit bigger - I sure could use some help!" :bangshead:

He hopped right on up in the truck and proceeded to try and heft a 50 lb bag of feed......and he only weighs 45 pounds. :shock: I quickly stopped him, hugged him, and told him that, while I appreciated the help, I didn't want him to get hurt. He went off sulking...and now doesn't want to speak to me.

WHAT is it with males and their egos???????? And WHY does their ego have to appear before they hit their teens???? :sigh: /rant over

Anyway, it's unloaded, stacked, and we're good to go. I....twisted my wrist (yeah, I know - but who else is gonna unload horse feed? I can't leave it in the truck bed!), so I'm ouchy right now...but the horses are stocked up again. :sigh: Superwoman I'm NOT....but I gotta do what needs to be done.

/whine I'd like some cheese to go along with that, if you don't mind.

Got my 2nd Ketylo fork today! It's 6", which is a *hair* too long, but it's skinnier than my other one. This one is an "original", my other one is from the new guy. :shhhh: I think I like this one better......even if it is a bit long. :blush:

Gotta find a way to NOT spend all day with LM and her dad Saturday. I have other plans...but I need to figure out what to say to not upset LM. Dad - don't care. He's......giving off icky vibes. :shudder: I don't play *that* game! BTDT - won't do THAT again. :shakeshead:

Of course, that brings up a whole 'nother kettle of worms...stuff I thought I'd worked thru but apparantly haven't. :sigh: It's a never-ending saga, isn't it? I think I can work thru it without a counselor this time...we'll see. If I've still got the same feelings next week, I'll give him a call. :sigh: Better safe than sorry, though!

I pulled out my Fire sock yesterday....and have no desire to work on it. There's too many negative feelings tied up in it - I'm hoping ignoring it will reduce them so I can *eventually* finish it and it's mate. I *really* want to wear these socks! :sigh: I started them during the divorce, worked on them in the attorney's office, the counciling sessions, the hearing.....I need to distance myself from it a bit longer. (I did find the pattern! It was in the divorce folder in the truck. Whee......I need to find a safe place to put it where I'll remember what I did with it. :grin:)

Need to find a new project - the shawl is stalled (boredom), Herself's fox is....I HATE acrylic yarn!, the washcloth I started Saturday evening is cotton and hurts to work on......yeah, I'm project poor right now! :grin: Knitting ADD, that's it! :snerk:

Guess I should go finish sleying the reed.......meh. We'll see.

Oven's beeping - gotta get the kidlets fed before they muntiny!
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and we have been swamped at work. Mrs. Boss has been here all day, every day - which isn't bad, per se, it's just.....we get *nothing* done because we are re-hashing stuff we've already re-hashed 10,000 times before. :sigh:

Today, she's not coming in :fingers crossed: This means I can get caught up on our contract work (almost done!), whip up my grocery list (ditto), and print out some more Torah Class lessons (I'm 1/2 thru Leviticus - fascinating reading. Just - fascinating! To see how the sacraficial types were all fulfilled in the NT - it's mind-boggling! Next up: Numbers!)

I might even get some knitting in - I'm almost to the lace section of the shawl! Whee! :grin:

I think I may have sold Erynne's filly....just have to set a price. Guess I should do some research on *that* today, too. :grin: Gotta sell Finn and Moonie and Princess Spindlelegs next......that'll leave me with 4. We'll see how that goes.

The weather has been fabulous lately - not too hot, beautiful, perfect swimming weather. The kids lessons are going *great* - Himself can now swim on his back the full length of the pool, and Herself can swim the full length with her face in the water :bigeyes: Amazing! I'm impressed - only 2 days, and So Much Progress!

This weekend I have 3 kidlets again. :grin: Gotta find something to keep them occupied so I can warp up the Glimakra (the dishtowel warp is measured and chained...I might try to sley it tonight and tomorrow, but I don't think I'll be able to get it completly done. 490 threads is A LOT of string! :grin:) Let's not mention the actual *threading*......:lol:

Not much else to report....hopefully I can see some $$ from the filly, so I can do a *full* grocery shop instead just a fill-in. Ah, well....G-d will provide - he always does!


Jul. 9th, 2007 01:29 pm
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My head feels the size of Detroit....it's stuffy. And full. And slow. urk. Throat hurts - hope it's not strep again!

Good news - looks like I *don't* have to go to court tomorrow. I was able to get a copy of the contract in question (long story short - my house paperwork and tractor paperwork disappeared in April...then mysteriously re-appeared in June(on a day that my garage door was open when I got home.....) but the original contract wasn't there.) I finally got a hold of the provider, he faxed me the copy, I faxed it on to the Court...and I'll be at work tomorrow. Joy! One less thing to worry about.

Shawl is coming along. I *hate* garter stitch..but it's what my cousin wants (warm over the shoulders, lacy on the edges), and that's what counts. I'm about 16 rows from starting the lace pattern....can't wait!

Had catfish for lunch - I couldn't *taste* it, but it was still good. I gained 2.5 pounds on vacation, so I need to get it off - can't swim, because of the weather, can't work out because of my head - the catfish is a good start.

Need to research guinea fowl and jewelers.


Jul. 8th, 2007 05:37 pm
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Sermon today was more of the same....I won't dissemate it, since it'll just be a repeat of last weeks. :grin: I will say, though, that I *HATE* it when they cut a couple of verses out in the middle of the message, and Pastor doesn't even *mention* them...especially when it causes the fuzzy-luvvvy folks to miss the point entirely (G-d is NOT fuzzy-wuzzy...he is still a jealous god and WILL punish those who don't follow his commandments)

Am still exhausted from our vacation - driving 4 hours at a time *kills* me. Fun thing - I get to do it again soon to take Herself to camp. At least I'll have a companion - one of the other moms will go with, since her daughter is also going. We can split the driving - yippee! :grin:

Got the septic sprayer replaced today - one of my neighbors happens to be a former Septic inspector, and knew exactly how to replace the blasted thing (I couldn't get the broken sprayer head out.....my wrists just don't have the strength). It's now ready for this month's inspection - AND, he reset the volume control (or....something) - it sprays heavier and longer now. For...whatever reason. :grin:

Did another deep conditioning treatment to my hair today - 1/3 cup honey, 1/3 cup strong chamomile tea, and 1/6 cup Mane n Tail + 1/6 cup VO5 calming chamomile. It frothed right up (which means the honey released the peroxide - yeah!) and slathered on easily. Left it in 2+ hours....it's now drying. The roots are noticably brighter - which was the goal. The curls are...well, BACK. Nice, springy S-curls from my ears down. Can't wait to see what it does tomorrow!

Sore throat today...just what I needed. I'm slurping down some Irish Breakfast tea - hope it helps. Raspberry is up next....gotta beat it down before work tomorrow.

Oh! Before I forget - my attorney told me to keep her informed. She's a nice lady - very expensive, but worth every penny (even if her staff is a bit...disorganized sometime. :heh:) Think I need to knit her something.....:evil grin:

Shawl is coming along. It's a big...garter stitch....triangle at the moment. I am getting So Sick of garter..but soon (hopefully) I'll be starting the lace edging. I'm contemplating changing the pattern...we'll see. I ususally don't follow a pattern exactly....not sure if I want to cahnge this one up or not. I've already changed the yarn and the color....:grin:

Need to refresh the mug...
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The county fair is over, I am home, tired, and extremely happy!

I demo'd from about 9:30 to 3:30. Have 4 bobbins full of nice singles, and 1 bobbin about 1/4 full. Had lots of interest, and scored a 33 gallon garbage sack FULL of blue suffolk fleece (my mother will pick it up tomorrow, since the shepherd lives near her. Go me!!!

Oh, ya'll want the results, huh? :grin: Let's just say we cleaned up!

For those with click-thru phobias....Herself got a 1st for her drawing, and a 1st for her mosaic doorstop. Himself got a 1st and Best in Category for his herringbone scarf (which he gave to ME, so hahahahahahahaha!) and a 2nd on his Alamo. (Way to go Kids!!)

Me? Oh. Well...if you insist. 1st for my snowflake socks, 1st for my garter-stitch scarf, 1st for my handspun yarns, 1st for my huck dishtowel, 1st and Best in Category for my woven shawl/soon to be a jacket fabric, and a 1st and Best in Category (and lots of ooohs and ahhhhhs) for the worm-spit lace shawl. Whee!!

And, for the cynical out there, Yes, there were other entries not related to me in each category. :grin: (The yarns were in Weaving:accessories, and of course, were the only ones. I'm working on that...)

I'm chuffed!!

[livejournal.com profile] ritaspins37, I got all of the "clown spore" batts (orange/green/yellow) and all of the red/purple roving spun up. I'll be plying them up either tonight or tomorrow, and pictures *will* be posted at some point. The clown spore was a big hit - I need to do some colorways similar to this, I think...gotta drag out the dyepots! :grin:
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J. is back at his shop in Tyler. His "partner" is trying to set him up to be screwed again....Not on MY watch! :evil grin: We'll see how this plays out...J.'s a lot happier here, but.......:sigh:

Almost done with the body of the sweater. Got a lot done Monday at the Extension meeting - it was fun, and the food was great! We planted the idea of a fiber group...now to see where it goes. I came away with a bunch of cool receipes, so it was all good.

Made cinnamon rolls from scratch last night; let them rise in the 'fridge all night and popped them in the oven this morning. YUM! THAT receipe is a definate keeper! So buttery, so cinnamon-y..so GOOD. And, I only had *1* (how's that for self-control?)!

The woven shawl is finally off of the loom....the fringe is braided, I just need to wet-finish it so I can get pics. Maybe this weekend...we'll see.

Himself is still coughing - he's out of Prednisolone, so I need to call the doc back. :grrrrrr: Fun stuff!

Herself is still trucking along. She's working on her fair entry - a drawing. Of....a bird, I think. I have no clue - she changes her mind hourly, it seems.

Oof, back to work!
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OK, so...I've been teasing ya'll about my finished shawl. I finally got a couple of pictures of the (crappily) blocked shawl (J. helped. He has no clue how to block knitting. I will re-block it later, before the fair):

Cut to spare my friends' pages. Do the clicky-thingy )

Now for the question )

Thanks for looking!
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Whoo Hoo! The victorian shawl is DONE. It's currently blocking - I WILL post pictures once it's dry, I promise!

It's not as huge as I would like, but damn - it's done! I have enough yarn left for...maybe 2 rows. Since finishing all the yarn would require *3* rows (pattern/ws purl/cast off), I call it good.

Today was a icy rain day. No icy streets - yet - but it's been raining all day, and the temps have never been above 35*. Tonight should be fun.....

In honor of finishing the damn, fussy, lace shawl, I CO a simple EZ seamless sweater in some Cherry Tree Hill Pot Luck yarn. I had started an AS Sweater a few years ago, but the varigation and the cables just didn't work. So, to the frog pond it went, and it's been sitting ever since.

Got my County Fair entries all together, too. Just have to cut the shawl off of the Loom and fringe it, and wet finish everything, and they're good to go. Wonder if I can finish a sweater by March? :grin:

Hair - washed it this AM. Most of the red is gone :sad: - it's now a light strawberry blonde-ish sort of color. Looks good. Or, I think so anyway. :grin:

I love...

Dec. 9th, 2006 11:09 pm
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Half-Price books. Really, I do....we went there today as an early birthday prezzie to me. I scored: A new copy of "The Magic of Handweaving", which isn't too bad, a new copy of "making Kumihimo", which isn't what I thought - this involves a takadai instead of a marudai, a copy of "Celtic Needlepoint" by A. Starmore, a bunch of fiction books...I made out like a bandit. :grin:

We hit Hobby Lobby and I got 2 more tatting shuttles, and some string - still tiny, but larger than the sz 20 I started with. I'll be winding a shuttle later and making *white* snowflakes.

We hit a few other stores, too - Mardel's and Russell Stover's; the kids and J. went into Thrallmart while I sat in the car and devoured my new treasures books.

It was a good day. :lol:

Oh - the tree is decorated, and the woven shawl is *thisclose* to being finished. Must go weave!
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since there seems to be interest out there :cue "Twilight Zone" music: :g:

[livejournal.com profile] mantofev - Tatting is fun, and it's pretty easy once you figure out exactly what you're supposed to do. I tatted 3 rings this morning before work (and - they're attached to each other! Whoo!); it's fast and pretty mindless.

Basically, you make a loop over your left hand, and tie knots using the shuttle (or needle - from what I can tell, it's the same basic idea). The weird thing (to me, anyway) is that you tie the knot with the shuttle yarn, then "flip" it onto the loop...so that the shuttle yarn becomes the base and the loop is the knots. :blink: Once you get the "flip" in your head, it's easy....but that's where I kept getting stuck.

[livejournal.com profile] oakenking - Jump on in - the water's fine! :g: I don't recommend the book I bought - "Tatting" by Bernadette Baldelli. The pictures and explanations leave a bit to be desired (at least for ME.) I screwed up 6 rings before throwing the shuttle across the room and hitting the 'net. The explanation of a chain involves 2 shuttles, and adding on to an existing ring.....which is confusing (again, to me).

Carrie Carlson's site has really really good drawings and explanations - I actually got it the first time I did it. (Oh - and she has downloadable videos, too!)

Tatting.net has videos - but they moved too fast for me. (for some reason I can't get it to come up....I googled "tatting + video" and it was hit #1 or #2) YMMV. :g:

And, if you have it or can get it, the "Reader's Digest Complete Book of Needlework" :snerk:(it's not really complete...but it does have tatting and bobbin lace in it) has some decent instructions. I like Carrie's better, but RD helped me figure out how to attach the rings together. It has decent photos of finished rings, but no real explanations of chains.

Now, all that being said, I haven't mastered chains yet, just rings. Still, I figure rings would be harder, since you have to attach them - and chains are basically rings that you tat with a straight piece of string instead of a loop.

My next step is finding some decent pattern books and going to town. After I weave off the current warp...and finish the silk shawl(any hints on blocking handspun/handknit silk?). Knowing me, I'll ditch the 2 current projects and jump into this...:g: Oh, and attempting it with handspun...
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We are weaving! The tie-up isn't perfect (I threatened to have J. do it, but the loom still didn't act right) but it's good enough, and the resulting fabric is YUMMY.

There's something about weaving with handspun....I mean, it's such a charge, and a kick, to be making actual fabric out of yarn that I made from start (the sheep) to finish. (I dyed all of it, carded about 1/2 of it, and spun all of it....and now I'm weaving it. Whee!)

Gotta get back to the loom!
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YES - my loom is warped, the warp is beamed, and it is tied onto the front beam! I haven't tied up the treadles yet - I'm too tired to deal with the fiddling I still have to do with the countermarche tie-up - but other than that, it's Done!

30" of handspun BL/Falkland Island 2-ply, worsted-to-bulky weight, varigated dyed in burgundy. The weft is my mohair/silk 2-ply mostly worsted weight....should make for a yummy, cuddly, totally touchable shawl.

Warp was sleyed at 8 epi - 2/dent in a 4/dent reed.

Speaking of which - all you newbie weavers out there, here's a piece of free advice. Run out and buy reeds in various dents. Seriously - I have 4 ATM, and want to pick up a few more. Used ones aren't that expensive; eBay has them all the time, and a lot of shops will sell you reeds if you ask nicely. It makes life *so* much easier when you can swap out your reed instead of trying to force lumpy/bumpy yarn through a slightly too small dent. Plus, you don't have to do a lot of math to figure out how to sley 12 epi in an 8 dent reed. :g:

I'm going to go wind the weft in a moment......can't wait to fondle the yarn!

Hair: Ran to CVS today - I had a 30% off coupon good today only - and grabbed some Henna 'n' Placenta packets (among other things). When we got home, I did my hair, and then did Herself's hair. Looks good....but.

I'm not happy with the additives they have in there - alcohol and polyparaben being the most bothersome. My hair *looks* good...but I don't think it looks better than when I just cassia.

It was faster/easier, though. For comparison:

Henna n' Placenta: Wash Hair, blot dry, tear open pouch, smoosh into hair, apply shower cap, apply turbie, let soak, rinse.

Cassia: Boil water, make chamomile tea, let steep at least 20 minutes, add to powdered cassia, gag, smoosh into hair, gag, apply shower cap, apply turbie, let soak, clean up mess in kitchen, hop into shower, rinse, rinse, rinse, grab condish, rinse, rinse, rinse, do laundry.

I'll probably do a regulary cassia treatment next week or so, so I can compare the results...but we'll see. I might be weaving, instead!
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since the power here at work keeps cutting in and out (my 'puter has died and rebooted twice already this AM).

Hair stuff: Whee! I reached 100 posts on the LHC, so I can browse the private journals/picture journals! Hee - I know what I'll be doing today :lol:

I'm wearing my hair up in a french twist again today, held by the 3-prong paduak fork. It's messy - my hair doesn't want to cooperate. It's all right, though - I'm in sweats today, so messy hair goes with the outfit.

Think I'll cassia this weekend - I'll only mix up 1/2, though, and I won't add as much liquid. Then...maybe an SMT on Sunday? Or not...we'll see how it goes. I definately want to cassia, though.

I've also got the itch to make some more hair toys. I got into Nightshade's journal, and she had posted a link to some way cool hair spirals, and what she has in mind to replicate them. I might have to do the same thing....:grin: I also want to make a "Christmas" hair stick - red and green beads. Don't know if I'll have time this weekend, though - I have got to get my loom warped! The reed is sleyed, I just need to thread the heddles and wind on....but that takes lots of time. I can forsee the kids will be watching a lot of TV tomorrow...:lol:

I'm nearing the end of the Victorian Shawl (yeah, yeah - pictures. I'll post pictures when it's done....promise!) - I'm almost out of yarn. Can't wait to get it finished, so I can start on something small and quick!

Himself is working on a super-seekrit present on the RH loom. He's only about 1" into it, but it looks good, and the fabric feels really nice. He needs to get cracking - Christmas is coming up pretty quick! Herself hasn't decided what she wants to give this year....we need to think on this.

Power's flickering again - better sign off!


Nov. 22nd, 2006 01:25 am
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Himself slammed his finger in the door today at school. Nurse doesn't think it's broken, but it's slightly swollen and red. She iced it; I've iced it and given him Motrin. Fun stuff.

Slow day today. I finished J.'s hat, and got back on the shawl. Wrist is killing me. I need to get back on his socks, but can't handle the teeny-tiny needles. :sigh:

My hair, at it's longest point, is hitting the *bottom* of my bra strap. This is cause for celebration - even if it does *boing* back up to midway between shoulder and BSL when I let it go. That's what I get for being happy with my curls!

Turkey day will be spent with the ILs. She's cooking - not me - which is great. We'll go, pig out, then leave the kids and make our escape. Just think - a full weekend with NO Kids. Wow. We're taking a short trip.....


Nov. 16th, 2006 07:52 pm
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wrist still sore and swollen. i took the time to whip out a new wrist warmer - this one is out of alpaca/wool, and has a thumb on it. it's warm, it seems to help, and it's rasta-colored. *g*

stalled on the shawl. digging at the yo's is killing my wrist...so i co a hat for j. (6 times, but who's counting?). teal-y blue handspun on size 5's. i like the yarn; the colors are cool, and he likes blue. win/win.

went to penzey's at lunch. yum - i keep opening jars to grab a quick sniff....the new salt free mural of flavor is incredible smelling! think i'll be cooking chicken tonight with it!

added a link to the sidebar - it goes to my hair journal. figured that way, any interested parties can click there, and i won't be inflicting the stuff to the non-interested.

must go sniff spices again!


Nov. 14th, 2006 02:34 pm
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not a whole lot to say. left wrist is swollen and painful - too much stuff on sat., i think. had to take a pain pill last night...ugh.

himself has an appt. with the pediatric dentist on mon. 11/27. should be fun....not.

still plugging along on the shawl. nearing the end of the yarn, though - there is hope that i will finish it this year!

work calls!


Nov. 2nd, 2006 06:56 pm
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the Christmas prezzie I ordered J. yesterday? That was coming from S. Carolina? Via DHL ground?

Arrived *today*, right around 10 AM. :blink: Wow doesn't begin to cover it!

Also, I got my paduak hair fork last night - double wow. This one is a 3-prong....I've only used 2-prong ones before, so it's a bit different, but I love it. The wood is a gorgeous reddish-orange color, which sets off my blonde hair wonderfully well.

So well, in fact, that J. says we will go to Woodcraft Supply this weekend and pick up some more wood for him to make me some new toys. *g* Let's see...more paduak, purpleheart, gabbon ebony, snakewood, cocobolo.....he has *no* clue what he is in for! (I loves me some exotic woods! The more colorful, the better!)

My mother's house was robbed this AM - a neighbor saw the perp leaving the front door; he got into his car and chased him to a nearby subdivision. He *did* get the plate # and a decent description, so that's good. She'll probably be borrowing the Lucy-nator to protect the rest of her stuff....this will make Herself upset, but will please the Zoey-monster. :sigh: Less dog fights = happy fiberaddict, but I gotta think of how to console Herself. Maybe put it as a "security job" instead of a "we gotta get 1 of the bitches out of the house before 1 of them gets killed" thing. (and yes - the fights have gotten bad. Not lately, but then I've been basically ignoring all the dogs the past few weeks. I need to remedy that....)(To forstall the inevitable pet abuse lines: YES, they are getting fed and watered. Just not a lot of pets. We don't get home until 6:30; bedtime is 8:00. In that 1.5 hours, I have to fix supper, supervise homework, feed the dogs/horses/goldfish, wrangle bath times, and put the kids to bed. Yes, J. helps - but still, we've only got 1.5 hours. We haven't been home the past few weekends.....hopefully that'll slow down after next weeks demo. I hope.)

Choir practise last night was fun - cool songs, I got a duet in a few weeks, and a secret solo (well, I'm doing descant to a duet. Call it what you will). Our pastor has an incredible voice - we're trying to get him to come back and sing *with* us.......heh. We'll see. (Small country church. We can do that)

Still working on the shawl. Haven't touched the warp in almost a week. Need to get back on J.'s socks; I also need to finish a sweater for Himself that I started...oh.....2 years ago (4 sizes too big. I am smrt!) Also need to put the finishing touches on the Christmas prezzies I did over the summer. Ah, well.....


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