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It's another one of those drizzly, dazy days - we're not going to hit 90* today! Or this weekend, according to the forecasters. It's a very odd summer, indeed - we've had 3 100+ days instead of the long string of them we usually have; I think it was last year we were all complaining because we almost broke our record for consecutive 100+ days, but missed it by 1. It was only 99* that last day....I mean, if we have to suffer, let it at least MEAN something, y'know? :lol:

Ms. boss is at it again.....she's so pissed that I "took advantage" of the agreement that SHE came up with and signed and presented to us that she wants to cancel it and leave coworker out in the cold. :sigh: She's a piece of work, she is.....and it might be about to bite her in the butt. We'll see how things play out....

I'm mid-way thru the heel turn of Herself's socks.....I gotta say, this is the WEIRDEST sock pattern I've ever done. Usually, you knit the leg, then stop and work half the stitches for the heel, then start back in the round*. This pattern? You work the leg, then the heel, gusset AND instep all at the same time. You stop and turn the heel, then....IF I'm reading the pattern right - you've decreased your way back to the correct number of stitches so you start the sole pattern while continuing the instep pattern and off you go down to the toe. It's.....odd. Looks way cool, but I'm having a hard time with this, because I can't wrap my brain around what I'm doing, so I keep stopping so I can think about it. Makes for SLOW knitting. (I need to *understand* what I'm doing - need to know what the point is. Socks were hard until a friend whipped me upside the head and told me to just blindly follow the heel instructions the first time. I did, it worked - and now I can do (normal!) socks in my sleep.) the 2nd sock should go much faster...when I get there. :lol:

I need to tidy up a bit before starting dinner, and try to finish the heel on this sock! See ya on the flip side!

*There are 3 basic types of heels in socks:

1. The flap-and-gusset heel; you knit a flap back-and-forth on half your stitches. When you reach the target length - usually 2" or so - you turn the heel using short-rows, then you pick up stitches along 1 side of the flap and knit them, knit the instep stitches that have been hanging out on the other needle(s), pick up and knit the stitches on the other side of the flap, and continue on, in the round, decreasing every 2 rounds or so until you're back to the original stitch count. This is the heel that fits *my* foot the best, so it's my go-to in socks.

2. The short-row heel; you work the heel on half the stitches, working 1 fewer stitch each row down to the target number (usually around 8, IIRC), then work 1 MORE stitch per row until all the stitches have been worked. From that point you just start working in the round again down to the toe. This is a relatively easy heel to work; sometimes you get holes where you turned the work. (There are LOTS of ways to fix that - I'm not very familiar with them). This is the heel that fits my husband....I'm not that great at it. Yet. (Yes, he has hand-knit socks However, until he starts keeping his toenails trimmed, he doesn't get that many, because his nails cut the toes of his socks. :grrrrrr: I'm tired of darning sock toes, so he's on the back burner for now.)

3. The afterthought/peasant heel; this one is easy. Basically, you knit the leg to where you want the heel to be, then work half the stitches on waste yarn, slide them back to the left needle and knit into the waste yarn with your sock yarn. *Most* instructions tell you to knit to the end of the sock and then go back, pull out the waste yarn, pick up all the stitches, and knit another toe; I prefer to knit 1 - 2 inches, stop, grab more needles and knit the heel so that the sock can be tried on and fitted correctly. I honestly hadn't thought until last night that I need to try this heel on my husband's socks - there's no holes to worry about, and I actually like the look better.

The only "problem" with any heel is that the color progression gets messed up if you're using the same yarn for the entire sock. :shrug: The afterthought heel requires weaving in the end at the beginning, because you're using a totally separate piece of yarn to knit the heel. :again, shrug: If it bothers you, knit your socks with contrast color heels and toes. :wink:
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My attorney called me at 1:30 this afternoon - he had the check in hand. They did take out withholding/etc (which they are required by law to do), and he wanted to make sure the amount was OK with me (um, yes, because I had calculated $1K more in the deductions.)

Because of the time, I made an appointment to pick up the check tomorrow at 10. We live a little over an hour away, and I was a) out of the house and b) in barn clothes. By the time I got back home and cleaned up, it would have been approximately 2.....3 by the time we got to his office (IF traffic cooperated) and we'd be driving home during the start of rush hour. :shudder:

So. Tomorrow I'll make my bank very happy, and next week I'll make my creditors a little un-happy. (C'mon, you know they don't like it when people pay off bills, because they get no more interest. How do you think they stay in business? 29% interest, that's how!)

I'm glad it's over. God has been very, very good to me!
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See, prayer works!

At 4:30 I got an email from my att'y; work's att'y had sent him a Release form for me to sign. Soon as they get the original, they will cut 1 check.

Yes, *1*.

No, they are NOT paying my attorney fees. :growl:

No, this isn't fair. I shouldn't have to pay legal fees to get something that they promised me. BUT, as I told SG - Money in hand NOW is better than maybe a little more money months down the road (when we're behind on all the bills and interest rates are piling up.)

I printed the form, signed it (under protest) and scanned it and sent it to my attorney; SG will hand-deliver the original tomorrow morning (since the attorney's office is just up the street from SG's office. Convenient, that!) Work will have no reason to not cut the check this week - but I'm pretty sure they'll find one. :big sigh:

At least I should have it soon...and I can pay off all the bills. Won't have as much "free" money left, but hey - the bills will be *gone*.

Thank God, and thank y'all for all y'all's support. This has been a longer road than it should have been..but the end is in sight!


Jun. 17th, 2014 08:15 am
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So. Ms. boss's att'y waited until AFTER hours to contact my att'y on Friday. My att'y got ahold of him yesterday AM......and he wants to negotiate. For LESS. :bangs head:

My att'y told me that he told him that if company was his client, he'd have told them to write the checks and walk away. He asked me if I was willing to negotiate, and I said, 'Well..yeah. UP. This has gotten ridiculous, and I'm getting angry now. Ask him if $45K is good for him? I'm sorry..but this has me upset. THEY issue me a contract then refuse to honor it when push comes to shove - why should I take less than they PROMISED me???"

He agreed with me (well, maybe not with the amount, and I honestly, truly do not WANT more than I was promised, but......:sigh:)....and told me he'd call her att'y back and see.

I haven't heard from him yet....but it looks like I will be going to court.

The bad thing is - she's also fighting my unemployment, which has put us in a severe bind. The severance would pay off all the bills, meaning that the unemployment would be moot; now? Now, we NEED that money just to stay afloat. :sigh:

Prayers would be MUCH appreciated for a resolution here, because I am a basket case right now. (The "good" news is that I have half a sock already. Nervous energy for the win, I guess. :weak grin:)

Anyway. Enough belly-aching for the day. I need to stay positive. And I need to get photos of the new kids - both for y'all and for CraigsList. They ARE cute and bouncy and adorable! :fingers crossed: they all sell quickly...that would help out with the bill situation!
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OK, so:

Friday: We took Herself out to lunch, and I got a phone call from Texas Worker's Comp (aka: Unemployment). Seems Ms. boss is fighting my unemployment. :sigh: That's an hour and a half of my life that's just GONE. And they may deny my payments. :big sigh:

I did NOT hear anything from my attorney. I am hoping it's because they (work) caved, but because the office is closed on Friday they have until today to get the checks to my attorney. (Hey, I can hope, right??) SG is upset that my att'y didn't call me - I pointed out that every call is more $$$, and maybe he figured I'd think what I am, so why call until today? I hope......:big sigh:

Friday evening: Inara presented us with 2 lovely, big, BOYS. :groan: They are cute - not as gorgeous as Risky's 2, but cute! - and huge. I'm going to advertise them with the Firefly angle - since the sire is our Malcolm Reynolds should make shippers everywhere rejoice. :lol:

Saturday: Herself's party. Went well. Watched Frozen......:yawn: and :evil grin:, because EVERYBODY got the ear worm! :lol: We had pizza and ice-cream...yum!

Sunday: Worked on getting the pool open (finally!) I swear, this year I am running the pump all winter and keeping the chlorine tablets in - because I am TIRED of not being able to swim until late June/early July. :sigh:

And, um, knitting happened. I finished travel sock #1 and started the 2nd, I worked on Himself's kilt hose, and I got halfway down the leg of my next sock. (Yes, that is a lot of knitting. I figured it was better to channel my nervous energy into Making Something instead of just sitting and worrying.) Of course, this has left my wrist all wonky.....:big sigh:

So, nothing new to report on the work front. Lots of knitting - I need to take pictures. And I need a nap....:lol:


Jun. 10th, 2014 08:20 am
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Or, how the boss is still messing with me. :sigh:

Her attorney waited until late yesterday afternoon (remember, he had to close of business yesterday to get the checks delivered) to call my attorney and ask for more time. My attorney asked how much more, and was told the end of this week. My attorney agreed, as do I - I am trying to be the nice guy here, just in case we end up in court.

Boss's att'y has sent the info to a labor att'y (oh look, another bill for the boss to pay!)....I'd be lying f I said I wasn't slightly worried. I have a good attorney who says yes, I am in the right here, but still....

I did tell my att'y that I am willing to go all the way with this. :sigh: I just wish I didn't have to do this....
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1) Met the attorney Friday. Same info - he's sending a letter. More later (don't want to do anything that might hurt any possible legal action we have to take. I hope we don't go there, but...just in case.)

2) Twins: standing, walking, trying to hop. They'll be 1 week old on Tuesday, so they're doing really, really well.

3) Will head to PO tomorrow!

4) Not much's weird to have no work this week, but I think I'll get used to it pretty quickly. :lol:
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1) Hearthie, I will send you the pattern and an example (I actually drew up the pattern myself, so...:lol:) I just haven't been able to get to the Post Office yet.....probably next week.

2) Twin girls are doing OK. They're still weak - they can't stand up yet, but hey! They were 1 week early! The fact that they are both eating like crazy is a good sign, yes? Patches still has no milk...but I am working with her daily. I have a feeling this year is a bust, though....we'll breed her again this winter; if she doesn't have milk next year she's gone.

3) Have an appointment with my attorney tomorrow. Not going into detail yet, but......FA is an ass. And Ms. boss's attorney seems to think I'm bluffing. :sigh: and :grrrrrr: I did apply for unemployment today...should've done it back in February, but my pride got in the way. Ah, well.....LOTS of stuff I've left off-line, but I promise I'll dish when I can.

4) Been working on the studio - today I cut out and pinned up new covers for the serger and machine. This time, I used sewing themed fabric, and they're looking cute! Will sew them up later today - we have to take the Featherweight in to have it serviced first. (I'm not sewing with it, but I like to get errands done early.

Late start today - had phone calls to make. Laters!
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So. Yesterday was my last in-office day. It was just me and coworker...I would have thought that FA would have had someone in for me to teach, but whatever - that's his problem, not mine. Still haven't heard anything re: my severance.....I have my attorney's number on hand, but I'm being patient. I did, after all, give them until next Thursday - even though the 90 days was up last Friday. No sense in being hard-nosed about it.....nice is always better if you can swing it.

Annie's twins are out with the big goats now. Risky is due next Saturday, and the other 4 does are all due within days of her. The first week or 2 of June will be busy! And noisy...:lol:

Knitting: I am totally stalled on the kilt hose. I think it's because there's so MUCH of them - I knit and knit and knit, and don't seem to make any progress. Himself and I made a deal - the first 2 weeks of the month I'll work on them (except for when we're out - my travel sock will still go and the hose will stay home). The last 2 weeks of the month are MINE to knit on whatever I want....I'm hoping that'll make me focus and concentrate on the hose those 2 weeks (because it's a deadline, of sorts) and yet I'll still get to do some fun, non-soul-sucking knits as well. :fingers crossed:

We've rolled completely into our Summer Schedule here. Torah/Math/Science/History are the only courses we'll do - dare I say it? - religiously; I've added a Writing class - the kids are watching a lot of really STUPID movies right now, so they are going to be writing a synopsis of 1 of them each week. Both of them thought that was hysterical; we'll see. :lol: I need to get some Field Trips scheduled..but until I know how much $$$ I'll have available it's kinda hard. Gas costs $$, you know.....

Not much else going on....
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1. Granny's yesterday. She's starting to slow the point that she is starting to gift things. :sigh: We came home with a complete set of Fiestaware dishes, a Singer Featherweight, Herself's tea set, a bunch of craft's sad. The kids enjoyed the visit, and were pretty oblivious to the *why* the truck was full of stuff, but.....:sigh: We did talk to Papaw about his Navy days a bit; we'll do more next month when we go.

2. Rain! We got blessed, glorious RAIN the past 2 days!

3. I am a negligent mother. :hangs head: I am really, really bad.....but I am rectifying the situation as fast as I can. You see, Monday I finally - FINALLY! - introduced my children to the Doctor. The Ninth Doctor, to be exact. :lol: They are true Whovians already - I got asked WHY I waited so long.....the fact that it airs here very very late (or very very early - take your pick) convinced them I was correct.

Why now? Because DH figured out how to root the fruit-television box, and we can now get all sorts of things we couldn't get before. Like....sports, for instance. (That was actually the reason he rooted; last year we paid for the MLB app so he could watch the Rangers play. can't watch the local team on the app - you HAVE to subscribe to Fox Sports....which we can't get unless we pay for an entire package. Nope, not gonna do it - I don't have $90+/month for TV we probably will not watch. :sigh: Someone told me you could get the channels if you rooted the Television box (it works on Roku, too, if you're not a fruit-fan. :wink:)

So. Monday he was scrolling around, and on a whim looked for Dr. Who....and found the Ninth and Tenth doctors. So, my children were properly introduced, and were instantly smitten. :geeks!:

4. Work: Seems that yesterday she finally admitted she had no choice. There's a LOT going on there in the background......but suffice to say that yesterday, anyway, she had agreed to pay the Severance. Of course, that was *yesterday*.....hopefully she won't change her mind AGAIN. :sigh: and :lol:, because I've lived this for the past.....what, 9 years? Oh - and she's back to wanting to hire someone for FA. :bangs head: :whatever:

Ortho today, so I gotta get cracking. Then it's back to printing out Study Guides for some of the literature we'll be doing this year - AND I found Study Guides for a lot of the Musicals I had planned on doing....:hehe: Sure am glad I figured out 2-sided printing on my rinky-dink Laser printer! :happy dance:
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:sigh: So. I sent an email to work, asking about when my sev. check might be issued. I was nice, I was polite....and the SHTF. Loudly.

I was going to ask in person on Tuesday, but both Ms. boss and FA were NOT in good moods. He's going in for surgery today (hip replacement) and she was having tummy problems...I figured it would be best to wait. (She already hates me. Didn't want to add fuel to THAT fire, KWIM?)

I sent an email to FA on Tuesday, asking what he knew. That chicken said "Oh, no - I thought you and she had discussed it." Um, dude - it was YOUR idea in the first place to set up the agreement, and it was YOUR idea to terminate my employment and make me a contractor. Don't even...nevermind.

So. I emailed the office yesterday. It went over about like I predicted - she was *shocked* and *pissed* and *how could I even think..* Um, because it says in black and white that if YOU terminate ME, I get paid? (No, I haven't mentioned the attorney visit yet. I'm trying to keep this civil, you know?)

FA was called. He hemmed, and hawed, and tried to say that I wasn't terminated, I was just "reclassified". Um, no. If that were the case, why is HE fighting TWC over unemployment on some of his former *contractors*? If they were just "reclassified employees" they'd be eligible for unemployment, right? :bangs head: He finally said, "Well, run it by *work attorney* to see what he says.." which is FA-speak for "Yeah, this is right, but *I* don't want to be the one to admit it."

:sigh: 1 more office day. It's gonna be HELL, but I can deal with it for 6 hours. I have a Board-certified Labor and Employment Attorney's word that I do, in fact, get the severance, so I'm not worried...too much. I mean, yeah - I'm human. I worry. But I know I really shouldn't.....:sigh:

In the "good news" category - this has pissed Ms. boss off at FA totally. He had had her almost convinced that SHE needed to hire a replacement for me (to do HIS work...yeah. He's a snake.)..this? This has made her declare no way, no how will she hire someone for him - he can do it himself. :snicker: (Hey, I gotta take what I can get. I hope this opens her eyes to his snake-ness....because he takes advantage of her horribly.)

In better, happier news - I have almost all of next school year planned out. I also figured out how to get my rinky-dink laser printer to do 2-sided printing - since TorahClass has Deuteronomy out finally, I can print it on the laser instead of eating up all the inkjet ink. (LJ is cheaper! And I have a few replacement cartridges already! :happy dance: (and...the LJ toner is only $10 more than all the inkjet cartridges. How weird is *that*?))
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A: Not really. I turned in my 2 week notice (because I don't want to burn all my bridges here - after all, Ms. boss still holds the Severance in her hands), and I did agree to help train my "replacement". More on that in a bit...

H: Yup, things have gotten really....icky there. Mostly because of FA and his......taking advantage. :sigh:

Speaking of my "replacement"....seems that yesterday FA had lunch with Ms. boss and co-worker. He is trying to find Company an *employee* to replace me. Um. If they need an *employee*, why did HE insist they get rid of me (and make me contract???).'s HIS work that is the bulk of my job. Why should Company HIRE someone (that honestly, they do NOT need - I've known that for a few years now, but didn't rock the boat because the money was nice) to do HIS work? Yes, he pays Company a set fee/month for the work that we His work did NOT pay all of my salary (his work + other contract work more than covered me, but Ms. boss really wants to get rid of other contract work. I don't blame her - that contact keeps changing the rules on us and it's...well, toxic.) Heck, his fee now just barely covers my work - seeing how other contract hasn't given us anything in 2 months (typical for this time of year. She'll hit Company with a TON of stuff late May/early June, should Company keep her.)

And....honestly? His work is worth MORE than the piddly $25/hour. Most of it is in Excel - I have a massive workbook set up, with 3 spreadsheets per prospect. Right now, I have 20, 60 spreadsheets in the workbook, that all link to each other, a Summary sheet, and a sheet that breaks out how to cut the other contract worker's (and his 6 employees) checks. It's.....OK, it looks more complicated than it is (but then, I'm got lots of experience in linking across sheets, so to *me* it's easy), it's just time consuming to add new contractors/prospects. (I added 3 new contractors today - 2 I had "dirty" added Sunday, but I went in and did it correctly today. It took me a solid hour to make sure all my spreadsheets still balanced, and they balanced on the main summary sheet and check sheet. It only took 1 hour because I cheated in the way I added them - I put the new guys where they belonged on the Summary sheet, then added 3 lines in the middle of all the other sheets and copied the "good" list over. Too bad you can't cheat on the formulas - that's what takes the longest, even with cut and pasting. :sigh:)

Then you have to go into QuickBooks and set up Invoices and bills and checks...and then you have to go into Oildex and re-input the invoices in their format. Again, nothing hard - just very very very tedious and time-consuming. (I'm typically in the office for 6+ hours every other week just doing QB and OD. It takes me.....2 hours at home to download and print all the info, and another....2-ish hours (in a "normal" cycle) to input everything in my workbook. Add to that if I have to go in and add new people.)

Oh, and he changes how he wants the stuff input ALL. THE. TIME. :bangs head: We've re-done the Payroll accounts 3x already since January...and I'm sure he'll change them again before year-end. He always does. :sigh:

Anyway...gotta skitter so school can start.
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OK. I can *finally* talk about something that's been going on since February. Sit's kinda complicated.

I've been with Company since 1/1/92. Lots of reasons....basically, I promised Mr. Boss I'd stay to the bitter end. (LOTS of history there - but let's keep this short. -ish.) In 2005, Mr. Boss died and his wife (Ms. boss) took over.

In 2010, she presented co-worker and me with a piece of paper and told us to sign it Right Now. The top read "Severance Agreement" We signed, and read it later. Basically, it said that if Company terminated us for anything other than cause (and "cause" is defined), we got a chunk of money. The amount would be determined with how long we had been employed. Remember this, OK?

In 2011, I tried to quit, but Ms. boss convinced me to stay on as part-time. No biggie - I could work from home while teaching the kids, so all was good.

February 10, 2014, co-worker calls me (with Ms. boss in the background - I could hear her clearly) - Company is going to cut my pay by $200/month. What could I say but OK? I could refigure the budget, and it wouldn't cause too many problems.

February 12, 2014, I went into the office. AFTER I left, I get a phone call from co-worker (about, oh, 2 hours after I'd left). Again, Ms. boss is talking in the background, telling co-worker what to say. They are NOT going to cut my pay, instead they are making me a contract worker at $25/hour, not to exceed $1500/month. Again, what do you do? I said OK, but wasn't happy about it. salary was quite a bit more than $25/hour; there's simply not enough work - even with FA's work (and, BTW, HE'S the one that came up with this) to net me even the $200 less salary. :sigh: Still - I need a job.

February 14, 2014, SG calls me from work. He'd been thinking (and stewing), and he'd gone to his HR dept to ask a few questions. He asked me "What about your Severance Agreement?" I said, "Um....what about it? I'm still emp.....loy......oh shit. You greedy bastard! You lovely, devious, greedy man!" and both of us started laughing (quick note: He wasn't upset by my words - he knew what I meant and how I meant it, and he thought it was hysterical.)

I put in a call to a lawyer friend, who advised me to get in touch with a board certified labor and employment attorney. Which I did.

February 22, 2014, I met with the attorney. He immediately put my mind at ease; yup, Company had terminated my employment without cause on 2/12/14, and the clock started ticking on the Severance Agreement (Company has 90 days to pay up.) He advised me that I could either quit right then and wait the 3 months, or I could hang in there the 3 months and then quit and request my Severance.

I chose to wait it out.

Today, I turned in my notice. I won't bore you with all the reasons why, but basically the work is worth WELL over $25/hour, and I'm tired of being taken advantage of by FA (who is the primary job).

Now. Back in February, FA claimed that he could get "anyone" to do the work for $25/hour. Today? He starts backpedaling - "Um. Well. Um. You WILL stay on to train someone, right? Because it's going to take some time to find someone to do the work...." yeah. Um, I'll stay a bit, but not for long, because honestly? I. AM. TIRED. of all the Crap. From him, mostly.

Oh, and I'm sure he pissed off Ms. boss, because HE said "Well, I'm sure we can pay you more if that's what we need to do." Um. The company is NOT his, so how does he get off in offering me more pay from Company? Especially if the job is only worth $25? Sorry, but I'm done.

So. That's off my chest. Feel free to discuss. :lol:
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Wow, the Lord is really hitting us with changes left and right! Can't talk about some...but I can talk about this.

Seems Ms. Boss has finally decided that it's time (maybe) to cut me loose. The contract work we do pays for my salary; the work we do for FA *COSTS* her $200/month. (Because she pays him a retainer, and what he pays us is *less*). This wasn't a huge issue, until this month when the shit hit the fan with FA deciding we had been doing Payroll wrong all last year (.....we did it the way *HE* set it up) and, after we "fixed" it.....he decided we had fixed it wrong (again...did it the way HE said - and Ms. B was there while he was explaining it, and there when he claimed we did it wrong.)

She's fed up with him.

Add in the fact that we can't make the other contractor happy - we do things the way she says, but then it's NOT what she said, and......again, Ms. B has been there when we're told what to do and how to do it, sees that we're doing exactly what we were told, and she's been there when we're told that we screwed up because we.....followed directions. :bangs head:

I.....OK, I've expected this for some time. I'm not totally upset or shocked by this....but this, on top of other news, has set SG in a tizzy. He's not freaking out, thankfully, but......honestly? He's not used to living in Faith. I am.....again, I am a little concerned, but not worried, because hey - God is in control! He'll provide!

And if this shakes out the way it looks like it will, I'll be getting enough in severance to pay off *everything* except the 2 houses and SG's car. And the car will be mostly paid off. We WILL be able to live - comfortably, even, if not as comfortable as we are now - on SG's salary.

So. We'll see how this shakes out. On the one hand - yippee! No more dealing with stupidity and childish antics! On the other, it's an end of an era - I've been there 22 years, now.


Shabbat Shalom!
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Wow. Let's see......

Yesterday was the Company Chrismess lunch. Good food, nice bonus (same as last year - Praise God for it!) good conversation. Cyn and I took Mrs. Boss there and home; I found a local-to-her branch of my bank and Cyn ran me to it. My bonus check got in 1 minute before the cut-off (again, Praise God!); we ran to her bank then I headed home. Didn't get home until almost 4:30 - and I left the house at 9:45! :whew:

Today I spent most of my bonus.....the kids really needed to update their tablets. :big sigh: Even going with refurbished models, they ain't cheap! Fortunately, I'll get some of the cost back when I send in their old ones....but *still*. I need to update mine as well, but it'll have to wait (even with the rebates, I'm still out-of-pocket more than I wanted to be. Still....this is the LAST time I'm planning on upgrading their tablets, so....and I'll get a little more back for my iPad 2 when I trade it in, so.....).

Today was also my usual work day - the kids went with me. Mrs. Boss and Cyn had both given them $$, and they wanted to spend it. :lol: We went to the mall; Himself hit the Lego store and had a blast trying to decide exactly what he wanted to spend his $$ on. Herself got more, and spent less - we hit Puzzle Zoo, JoAnn's and GameStop for her. Me? I bought 3 skeins of luxury fingering-weight yarn. :lol: I have 2 pairs of mitts and 1 pair of socks to look forward to.

There's a lot more stuff I wanted to do,'s nothing we *needed*, so it's all good.

Tomorrow's a "normal" day...then Thursday...oh, Thursday. SG is home, but we won't be. He opted out of our trip to Granny's....we'll be gone most of the day, shopping with her. :sigh:

It doesn't sound like much, but I HATE leaving the house. I HATE dealing with crowds....this is 3 days worth this week. Next week we have to go back to the mall to pick up the new tablets (IF they come in...I opted in-store pick-up instead of having them shipped to the house. I felt like it was safer that way). At least the kids are happy! :lol:

I need to knit a bit to take the edge off. Laters!
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The orthodontist's office finally agreed to pay - "in good faith" - the overdraft charges. Unfortunately, because they farted around, I got hit with one more. :sigh: I'm just gonna eat that one, because honestly? It's not worth the arguing. My bank is supposed to be emailing me an official statement to forward on to the ortho (because apparently a *dated* screenshot of my account isn't good enough. Whatever...)...I kinda hope it shows the added charge, so I can point out that hey, I'm trying to be nice here (even though, once again, it was NOT my fault that I got hit with the overdraft charges.)

Good news - we ARE getting bonuses this year; they're the same as last year. Praise God for it! I've got plans for it....most of it will be spent on the kids. I get to buy me a basket kit (5 baskets, 1 price - nice!) and some yarn. The rest - what little there will be after tithing and kids - will SIT in my account to try and prevent any problems. :big sigh:

Been busy with the needles lately - I finished my cowl yesterday, and started a pair of fingerless mitts this AM. Photos on my Ravelry page (fiber-addict; I need to make sure everything is set to open access) - I don't wanna spam people here. :lol: (Truth: The photos are on my iPad, and LJ won't upload from it - or if they will, it's not intuitive. Ravelry makes it *easy*.)

It's "warm" - 45* right now - and Raining. Huzzah! We NEED rain so badly!

Hope y'all have a Shabbat Shalom!
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Let's yesterday happened. I got the stuff at 11:30 Monday, and - SURPRISE! - EVERYTHING was correct for once!!! I was out of the office by 11:15!!!!

Bad news: Mrs. Boss is back in the hospital. She came to the office yesterday - she looked tired; both FA and I told her to NOT stay until 4. I suggested that 3 would be better (because how dare I tell her what to do, right?) because of traffic; he told her she was silly to even come in at all. (But...Cyn wasn't there - she's sick - so, y'know, she had to come in because I was there. :scratches head:) Anyway, sometime yesterday she started feeling bad, so her DIL (who happens to be a well-regarded doctor, thank the Lord!) - who happened to be there - took her vitals and called the paramedics. I haven't heard anything else....

Anyway. Rain has been happening. So has knitting. :grin: I'll spare you the gritty details - they're on my Ravelry page (hope that links correctly - my user name is fiber-addict) to spare y'all. The current project is the "curiosity" hat in red and black. It's going pretty quickly - I'm almost done with the color patterning part! I'm knocking out the present list as fast as my finger's'll fly......

Ali, we use bobby-pins. Right now, Himself's hair is so long/full that he can jam his kippah in amongst the curls and it stays, but when it's trimmed I drag out the bobby pins again. Also, I suck - I NEED to watch the vids, I just....haven't. :sigh: I have the drive next to my laptop.....I'll try tomorrow.

Need to get back to the hat......


Oct. 23rd, 2013 08:07 am
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I've been busy, trying to finish some UFO's. These are DONE (as of last night) - here, photos first, then blather:

Completed pair:

fingerless mitts pair

Close up of patterns:

fingerless mitts closeup

They still need blocking, but hey - they're DONE! And warm! Too bad they're too "fancy" for barn work...:lol:

Pattern is Black Forest Braided Gloves (ravelry link) from Nanette Blancherd designs. The pattern is well written, and it's a straight-forward knit. Easy-peasy! (I think the link takes you to the purchase page - if you hit the "x", it'll land on the pattern page. Sorry!) NOT like knitting fingers. It HURTS - few stitches, with the entire glove hanging down. So, I think any future mitts will have NO fingers, just a few rounds of ribbing at the base of the fingers. Unless I can knit the finger-parts separate, then graft them on....I need to think about this.

Work yesterday. Um. FA's office manager is...well, she needs to either buckle down or find something else to do, because it was - and is! - a cluster-muck of almost epic proportions. She quit doing 1 part of her job (an important part! Has to do with what I bill the client!), and had to catch up. And...didn't. So I didn't get to finish MY job yesterday, and don't think I can do it today (we won't be near a computer). So...the billing's going to be delayed. Somehow, I'm sure it'll morph into being MY fault....:bangs head:

Anyway. That's 1 UFO moved to the FO pile. I have another 2 pairs of socks (1 of which has sat since 2006. Oops....:lol:), a sweater (the back is done, as is half of 1 front.), and a shawl. There's another pair of socks somewhere - they're modular, though, and I lost interest in it after finishing the first one. (Each "row" is a set of mitered diamonds. You start with 1, then pick up stitches on one side, CO an equal amount, and miter down, then do it again. I think it's 7 per "row"....and you have to CUT the yarn in between each one. I...don't like weaving in ends, and I don't like all the picking up and CO that goes on....neat idea, but....:meh: I think that pair is going to move to the "lost" pile.)

I think the sweater is the next at-home project. It's mindless (well, as mindless as cable-knitting can be), which means I have time to *think*. I'm wrestling with some stuff right now, and mindless knitting helps me focus and work stuff out. (And pray - because mindless knitting is GREAT for prayer sessions.)
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And Thank God for it! :happy dance:

I wanted to post photos today, but....I'm 4 rounds shy of finishing the design part of the kippah, so it's not ready for a close-up. Yet. But it will be - soon. :lol: I steam-blocked Himself's hat (and it looks *fabulous*!); when I finish the kippah I'll steam it and get photos.

Work-work is DONE, Mrs. Boss is at home, and it's raining. All is right in my part of the world - hope your part is well, too!
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It's raining here! Thank the Lord for that - we need it, badly. Supposed to do this thru Wednesday - I hope so. :happy dance:

Finished Himself's hat Friday, and started a kippah yesterday. I'm not sure I'm happy with it...I went down 2 needles sizes, and added a repeat....and...I dunno. I'll give it a few more rounds before doing anything - it's fine, the gauge is good, the fabric is perfect for the use....I'm just not sure it's "right".

Part of the problem is that it's a bit larger around then the last one I made..which, granted, is a bit small.'s the right size according to a bunch of patterns I looked at, it's not I said, I'll give it a bit before doing anything.

Mrs. Boss was rushed to the ER Saturday evening.....yesterday they put in a pacemaker. I haven't heard *anything* since last night, so I'm a bit worried.....praying helps. I've already done most of the work I got on Friday (worry does that :grin:)...

We're doing school today, but those of you who have a holiday, hope it's a good one!


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