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Looks like most of America didn't want a felon in office. :whew: We'll see if we dodged a bullet, or fired one.

I'm honestly not understanding the reaction from her supporters. This is NOT the end of the world. Yet. Do what you'd tell the other guy's supporters to do, if the situation were reversed: Pull up your big-kid pants and deal with it. Show some dignity......and don't riot. That's........not an appropriate response. (Neither is whining, but hey - whining is minor and doesn't damage innocent people's property.)


I am fighting a cold, now - horribly sore throat, raspy voice. :sigh: I do NOT have time for this!

The electrician came out yesterday and FINISHED the Studio! I have a fan, now! WE still have a lot of work to do, but all outside work is done. IF it quits raining soon, we'll get the top of the cutting table cut and installed, and then - Then! - I can take photos and finally share what I have. :happy dance:

On to school....we'll see how my voice holds up. I'm hoping to get back to the Studio to weave; last night I finished a towel and got half-way thru the next one. I am so happy to be weaving again! It's my zen, if you understand what I'm trying to say. It helps me center myself, slow down, and focus on what's important. (and politics? Aren't important, not really. The President isn't supposed to do stuff without Congress's approval. Executive orders aren't supposed to be used to circumvent the matter what the current office holder seems to think. NO ONE is supposed to be above the law......we'll see if THAT actually happens, now.)
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A nice, steady rain. With bonus! Lightening! We need the rain, and it was pleasant to wake up to the pitter-patter of rain drops on the roof. Nicer when SG has decided that since HE has to be at work at 7, now, which means if he helps morning stables it has to be done at 5:30, and "that's not fair"...that HE will go out and do the chores by HIMSELF every morning. *I* got to stay nice and dry. :lol: (I'm sure weekends will be me, alone - don't care, it's OK - I would have been doing this by myself, too, but HE complained. There might be hope for him yet!)

Studio update: I am almost done with dish towel #3. I am absurdly slow right now - I am trying to make sure I am weaving correctly - it's been *3* years, after all! So, going slowly, watching my selvedges like a hawk...and revelling in the entire process.

We got both shelves installed in the cutting table (the one inside the long unit is a problem. I might have to do something else - I don't want to pull the unit apart just to drop a shelf in there.) We're going to try to drop the top on this weekend, but in the meantime it's Fabric Moving Time! ALL the denim/large rolls are stored neatly on the bottom shelf; today I'll be moving the rest of the fabric to the top shelf (hopefully. It's also Take-the-Aunt-shopping-day, so...we'll see.) Himself helped me move my sewing machine and desk out there yesterday; soon as the cutting table is cleared of all the tools I will reorganize my desk drawers and we'll be good to go. :happy dance:

Dinner's in the crock pot, and the rain has subsided - I need to shower and get the kids up so we can head out. Hope y'all have a great day!
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33* and pouring rain for morning stables. :brrrrrrrr: Still, the fire is nice and toasty, so....:lol:

Almost done with the toe of sock #1. Will start sock #2 after, because I want to push and get these DONE so I can whip out a pair for SG. Then it's kilt hose month!

I also started a geek project. A while back, I had the idea of weaving a pair of Dr. Who shoelaces for Comic Con. Found a 4th Doctor Scarf pattern, matched the colors with embroidery floss, and started figuring out how to best warp my inkle loom so I could get them done.

Weaving...didn't work. I tried 4 times - with 3 types of warp (the last being sewing thread). Inkle looms are made to weave warp-faced fabric (this means that the face of the cloth is the long threads that run length-wise.); for these I need WEFT-faced fabric (the weft is the thread that runs width-wise in the fabric; usually carried by a shuttle. Most clothing fabric is balanced - you see both warp and weft. Navajo rugs/tapestries are weft-faced. ) I tinkered with my loom, using fine-toothed combs to separate the warp, and started weaving....but my bands looked BAD. :sigh: Either balanced (which means I had white "dots" in the colored areas) or weft-faced but with horrible selvedges.

So, I started thinking. I have a French Knitter/Spool knitter/Knitting Nancy (basically a tube with prongs on top)...but the spacing was for large yarn - it was too loose with the embroidery floss. We were out running errands (I got a pair of antique sock blockers for photos - SG is planning to refinish them hopefully today!), so I picked up a new one with smaller spacing...but it was still to loose. :sigh:

After rummaging around in the Studio, I found a hollow wooden tube (NO IDEA what it belongs to/where it came from!), so grabbed some finishing nails and made my own.

It works Perfectly! I have about 1 foot of shoelace done......I'll work on it again after getting sock #2 started. :bounce: Dr. Who Scarf shoelaces - too fun! :lol: Judging from what I've got done, I think the scarf pattern will need to be split in half (the scarf is over 10 feet long IRL), with half on one shoe and half on the other. We'll see.

My shoes were shipped out on Thursday, so this'll be fun. Comic Con is the first weekend in February - the reason I'm so geeked? Guests include: Billie Piper (Rose), John Barrowman (Capt. Jack Harkness!), and - EEEEK!!! - Tom Baker (the 4th Doctor, of the SCARF.) :bounce: (Also scheduled are Jadzeea Dax (DS9), the Holographic Doctor (Voyager) and Ti'ilk (Stargate). Among others). I don't know that we're going to try for autographs - but we'll be able to see them. And I'll have a nod to the 4th Doctor with my shoelaces, and Rose and Ten with my shoes. :rofl: Should be fun!

Guess I should get back to knitting. Football, fun. :sigh:
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Don't get too excited - I don't think I can keep it up. :lol: (Well...this week I might be able to. We'll see...)

1. Ali - no, I didn't Lute the Cashmeres. They were only in with the buck for 1 week, so I *know* when they have to be due, but I don't know who got bred, when. I figure, 5 days before, 5 days after - so, 17 days to watch. Zorra, I had caught her in heat the month before, wrote it down, and calculated it for the month we bred. According to *that*, she was due Sunday - but I might not have calculated her heat cycle correctly. THIS year, I plan to track heat cycles better - because I only caught each doe in heat 1 time last year, and did a lot of guess-work. (The milkers, we could see evidence of breeding; the others, not so much.)

2. Himself's foot is doing remarkably well. He's tired of the antibiotics, but he has to take the whole bottle. :evil grin:

3. SG is waxing last week's cheddar - I know it's young, but it sure is tasty! Today (after grocery shopping), I started a batch of goat's milk stirred-curd cheddar. Basically the same cheese as last week, but this recipe was designed specifically for goat's milk. We'll see if it tastes any different.....

4. Tomorrow is a busy day. Pest guy in the AM, eye exam in the afternoon, and I HAVE to make some soap. And Friday I should probably make another batch of some sort of cheese.....we're getting almost 3 gallons/day out of 4 does, and we just can't drink that much. :lol: (Not complaining!)

5. I really need to get back to the loom - I've been avoiding it. I HATE purple, I'm on towel #5, and I really need to get these done so I can do "pretty" ones. :lol: The next set has stripes of rust and sage-y green; really pretty in the cone and on the warping mill, so I have high hopes for them. Then it's on to overshot placemats and THEN onto the tallits. :whew:

6. Herself had a doc appointment today. I'm...not sure about them - I haven't refilled her prescription for 2 months. The nurse we saw today? Didn't know that - the records apparently don't show refills. I didn't mention it - yet - because I want to make sure Herself is stable for more than 2 months before saying anything. Still, she's doing well, and I am pleased.

Gotta skitter - I'm tired, and tomorrow will be busy.
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Ours was...well, it happened. SG was late home, so I didn't do a whole lot of Feasting, but we had fish and cheese blintzes. So, it was good. As was the holiday from school. :grin:

BIG storms came thru last night - we got RAIN, but the tornado skipped us (Thank you Father!) and hit the next large town over. Somehow, it knocked out one of our breakers....we have no power on 1 side of the kitchen. Weird...but whatever. We have the dishwasher and disposer, and Internet - it's just the 4 plugs on the bar/counter that are dead. :scratches head: I've fiddled with the fuze in the breaker box, and it's still dead....:shrug:

No more babies - yet. The cashmere twins are doing well - and they are SO CUTE. We cuddle them every time we go out to the barn....both of them tolerate it. :lol:

Not much else to report. Got half of my next warp wound, and wove 1.5 dishtowels yesterday. Also got to the 2nd pattern repeat on the shawl....did I mention yesterday was a school holiday? :grin:

I have a conference call for work-work today....ick. Ah, well....They estimate it'll take an hour. :sigh: Hope not...I've got stuff to do!
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I don't really like these made-up holidays, but I have to admit it's nice being spoiled! Today, I was taken to lunch at Chili's (which means I also have dinner and probably breakfast - the portions are SO large that I always get at least 2 meals out of each plate), then to North Haven Gardens, where SG bought me a lovely Bird of Paradise tree and 2 skull cap plants (more to come...he wants to plant them in between the roses under the studio window). To top it all off, we went to Half Price books.....and I managed to walk out of there with only 1 overtly school-y thing (the book "The Civil War Day-by-Day". It's AWESOME. And only $6!) - yeah, the Morgan Llewellyn books will be read-alouds (I discovered last weekend that my children are woefully deficient in their Irish mythos knowledge, so I aim to fix that), but they're mostly for my collection.

I have the rest of the day "off".....:heh: I started the shawl yesterday (I decided to knit the Highland Triangle shawl from "Folk Shawls" (ravelry link). Pretty, easy, and relatively relaxing.

Oh!! And we sold Wesley yesterday! I have them all up on CraigsList, for a lot less than they're worth - my feeling is that I'd rather SELL them for what I can get (in this market, $100), then keep them because they're over-priced (they are worth $300+).....he went to a good home, and the new owner is excited to add him to his breeding program. Now if only the other 6 bucklings would sell......

Thank y'all who answered my survey....still need some more info. :grin: Ali, you have them priced the way *I'd* price them; however, in the online handwoven marketplace, dishtowels are selling for $20+ EACH. I think that's kind of high, but even locally that's what they go for. :blink: Yes, they last...but Oy, I can't think like that.

I need to wind 1 more dishtowel warp - yeah, I said I was just about over it...but I have 1 more colorway I want to weave up. :lol: The purple warp-from-Hell is almost done, so I need to get something wound. Then it's on to placemats! Then Tallit.....then, who knows? Probably more dishtowels....:lol:

Seriously, Happy Mother's Day!
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OK, it's been a busy and weird week. So....let's do a list! :lol:

1. Monday was recover and hem the dishtowels day. Didn't get that accomplished - but I did get all the towels ironed and pinned. :shrug: It was also a major post-office day; we got all the books I had ordered for Himself (he's "ready" to start Trig....according to Singapore, anyway. *I* don't think he's really ready - he doesn't remember stuff we *just* studied - so I decided to hit the pause button and do Life of Fred as a review. I had most of them, but needed Geometry, Advanced Algebra, and Trig.), and our new cheese press. Yeah, I caved - the one we built isn't sturdy, and was seriously starting to lean the last time we used it. This one was $99....but it's smaller and sturdier.

2. Tuesday was work.....and it sucked, because FA's office can't do their jobs. Or tell us when they update a program. :bangs head: 3 hours of my life lost because I had to upgrade to the new QuickBooks...which doesn't work correctly due to "known issues". :sigh: 'SAlright, though - I got it done.

3. Yesterday was Cheese-making day! 1 batch of Manchego....the press worked GREAT. Easy-peasy lemon-squeezy, as they say - the cheese looks....well, professional. I also got all the dishtowels hemmed and sorted - I only got 2 of this warp (which is GOOD! I thought I'd end up with a lot more, because it was such a problem to weave off!); the other 12 are put up, ready to be handed out. :lol:

4. Today was soap-making day - gotta use up the whey! 3 batches of my Plain Jane soap are currently gelling; I would have made 4 but I ran out of coconut oil. No worries - we're getting 2.5 gallons/day out of our 4 milkers, so....I see lots of cheese and soap in my future. I can only do 1 batch of cheese per day....but that's OK. I need to figure out Ricotta - that's another way to use up the whey. (In soap, I use it to mix the lye in. That way, I figure I'm not diluting the Goat's Milk with water (the "normal" way to mix lye), and my soap is lighter/whiter than if I used GM to mix the lye. Not that I care, but some people apparently do.)

Now...I have some questions. I can't figure out how to set up a poll here, so I'm just going to ask - please answer! Disclaimer: participating in this doesn't mean you're gonna score free stuff...nor does it mean you won't. :wink:

a) What do you consider a "set" of dishtowels? 1? 2? 8? Does every towel in that set have to match in both color/pattern, or can they just be related (same colors, for example, but in a different weave pattern, or vice-versa)

b) How many towels do you usually use/have out? (I can't answer this one, because I am ALWAYS grabbing a towel....we go thru 6+ per week. It's why I keep weaving them....)

c) Placemats - yes/no? Again, how many in a set and do they have to be matchy-matchy?

d) Do placemats and dishtowels have to match your decor, or does anything go?

Almost forgot!

e) How do you feel about being gifted "seconds"? I do my best, but sometimes stuff still screws up. I try to pull the worst offenders....but sometimes the only problem is a wonky selvedge (because sometimes threads break, and that wonky-fies things). It doesn't affect the's just not perfect-looking. (Again - gifted, not sold. I won't take money for something that's not as perfect as I can get it.)

I'm trying to figure out the best way to market/gift my handwovens. Right now I'm on a dishtowel kick, but I'm starting to feel the urge to branch out into placemats (helps that Tigger just ATE one of the last set I wove....:grrrrr:) And table runners......:lol:

Gotta skitter - need to go bottle feed the kids. And get the boys listed on CraigsList - we disbudded the last of them last night, so they're ready to go. :fingers crossed:
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1. Doc visit yesterday went well. Everything is OK - she wants to check my thyroid, because, in her words "At about 40, women's thyroids tend to go wonky. I recommend this to all my patients." See, I LIKE knowing WHY the doc wants a test - don't just order it, let me know WHY. I also need to get the girls smashed....which brings me to:

2. I was reading Epbot the other day. Jen said that 90% of all women are wearing the wrong size bra. I thought "No way. Because I've been measured 3x at Bali, and they get the same size each time." and felt smug....until I thought about it. Because...they always measure me IN MY CLOTHES. :hmmmm: So...I grabbed a tape measure, went to the bathroom, and stripped...and measured.

The band size didn't change. get the cup size, I did what was recommended - I bent over and let gravity help. Um.. Oh. My. For YEARS, I've worn a 34D. For YEARS, I've been uncomfortable (ignore the fact that everyone that found out my bra size told me that there was NO WAY I was a girls just aren't that big.) Well....they're WRONG. My correct size?

34H/34FF (depending on if it's US/UK sizing). :boggle: I have an 8" difference in my 2 measurements.....and I re-measured 4x before I accepted it.

13 years ago, my mother took me to a private bra-seller, who measured me and told me then I was a 34FF (I still have that bra, and am wearing it now.) *I* thought it was just because I had just birthed Himself, and that things would settle, no. She measured me correctly. (I quit wearing it after Himself was weaned, because...well, my girls just are NOT that big, and FF is huge, right? Nope. I put it on this morning, and I am AMAZED at how natural it feels. And how I no longer have armpit fat, AND my girls are perky. I've already got a bunch of bras saved on eBay - payday is going to be fun!)

IF you have "back fat" or "armpit fat", chances are it's not fat, it's migrated breast tissue. Have back pain? Bra straps fall down? Straps leave impressions in your shoulders? All of this is caused by the wrong bra size. :sigh:

What makes it worse? Last month I bought $200 worth of new bras....all in the WRONG size. The women's shelter is about to get a donation....:sigh:

3. Got the new bookcase set up last night...and SG HATES it. No, the wood wasn't perfect - it's a freaking BOOKCASE. It holds ALL my and Herself's craft books (WITH room to spare, I might add!), and the colors look good. :sigh: He's already planning on building a "proper" one (plus the 2nd one I need....the books all fit on this one, but not the magazines. Of which I have...a lot. Still, *I* think it looks fabulous, and the Studio is coming along now - it actually is starting to look, well, nice.

4. I got the yarn armoire painted totally changed the "feel" of the piece. Normally, I dislike painted wood....but this? Gave the piece new life. (So did the paint job on the pie safe - it was a yucky, baby-poo yellow. Now? It's a lovely cottage blue. TOTALLY changed it - now I LOVE it. And before anyone yells at me - no, it wasn't an antique. It used old wood, but from everything we could tell, it's a fake. Even the kids' Granny, who is an antique hound, said it wasn't real - and I only paid $200 for it 15 years ago. It was either paint it or burn it...because it was UGLY.) I'm going to try to get photos this weekend, because...well, it's starting to look really good in there.

5. Our A/C went out this week. :sigh: Still, the Lord is good - it's 36* right now. Our A/C repair friend is going to come look at it this weekend....and it's supposed to be on the chilly side until Monday.

6. Remember the local weaving store? Yeah...I will NOT recommend them. It's been over 2 weeks, and we still hadn't heard about our special order. SG called yesterday...."Oh! She isn't going to carry that yarn anymore, and she didn't get around to actually placing the order for a while."

Wait. You have a customer who wants to buy some yarn THAT YOU HAVE IN THE STORE. You don't have 1 of the colors he wants, so YOU offer to order it in for him (and charge him shipping...I'm still pissed over that). Customer pays almost $300 (between SG and me, that is..still, family, and purchased at the same time), and you don't order what he wants in a timely manner? And then tell him you're not going to carry that yarn anymore? WHY didn't you mention that at the time of purchase - because we would have placed the order ourselves and had it shipped directly to the house. And already HAD it...but I digress. ( was the OWNER herself who dealt with us that, yeah, she should have TOLD us she wasn't dealing in that yarn anymore.)

I am beyond done with her. I put up with the weird treatment (we have ALWAYS been treated as if we're intruding....and how DARE we actually want to purchase something they have for sale!) because, hey, she was "local". Support your local yarn store and all that...I think I need to adopt the internet as my "local". :sigh:

I still need 5 colors in that yarn. Halcyon Yarn carries "mini-cones" of it (630 yards) for $17/each...guess who's going to be getting a lot of money from me soon? The Woolery has excellent customer service - I have a couple of items I'll be buying from them soon, too. I'd rather get good service and wait for my product then put up with the "local" again. :sigh: I can always order sample cards if I simply must fondle the yarn...

7. Shabbat Shalom! Tonight's menu includes pot roast (already smelling delish!), rice, and challah. See ya on the flip side!
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1. Been cleaning the Studio. I've just about given up on my idea of a perfectly organized space; there's just NOT enough storage in there, and a) I can't afford to buy it and b) waiting on SG to *build* me the storage I need is an exercise in futility. (See: door, pantry. Also: back, bookcase).

I've been moving stuff around; the spinning corner now has the pie safe and armoire behind it (the armoire needs paint...that's this weekend's project). The bookcase will be up on the ledge. I'm going to put the 4H table loom up for sale (WITH a treadle stand! It's been converted to a floor loom!) - I simply do NOT have room for it. Hope it sells quick...I need the space. :sigh: (If you arrange shipping, I'll be happy to box it up....just sayin'. )

2. Doc. appt. tomorrow. Let's hope she doesn't find anything.

3. Picard was born with floppy ears - this is BAD, since he's an Alpine and is supposed to have sticky-uppy ears. Yesterday, both of them spontaneously became sticky-uppy ears!!!! I'll be listing him and Riker on CraigsList today or tomorrow - I don't need them. :sigh:

4. Maybe today I'll finish weaving off this warp...we'll see. I keep cleaning instead of weaving - I have procrastination syndrome. :lol: See, once the warp is all woven, it's *gone*. Doesn't matter that I have another warp ready to go (actually....2, but the 2nd one I need more heddles for. Oh! I found 300 heddles in my cleaning/rearranging spree! Now I just need 500 more, instead of 800.) I've got 1 project I need to measure the warp for; another one that I mis-calculated and need to buy 1200 more yards of warp before I can get it started. :sigh: Adding numbers is hard, yo. :lol: (I think my original plan was to make a table runner instead of placemats....but I need placemats more than I need a runner. So....more warp!)

5. Herself finally decided on a plan for her tallit. Of course she has to be *different*....instead of white (like the rest of us!), she wants deep, dark purple with a silvery-gray star pattern. Not hard to weave; it's just a totally new set of yarns. :sigh: and :lol: I have to weave the placemats first, though - the pattern she's chosen is overshot, and I'd rather screw up inexpensive cotton instead of the wool/silk blend.

6. Bjorn had an interesting hypothesis about the bombing.....I'm still digesting it.

7. Ali, I looked into the radiant floor heat when I had this house built. After ignoring the laughter ("This is TEXAS!! You don't need heated floors here!" :sigh: Yeah, I do - I feel the cold.) I figured out that it would up the build cost to a point that I couldn't comfortably swing the payments, and it wouldn't really cut my electric bill in the winter. It'd probably be cheaper to install in a place that actually *HAD* winters....but here, it's way expensive (because no one handles it). Ana White is in Alaska, and is currently installing it in her "Momplex" might hop over there and read about it. They're doing it under laminate, if I remember correctly, and showing all the steps. Interesting reading!

Gotta skitter - got stuff to do before school!
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As per our usual mode, our weekends are packed. This one was no exception...

1. Got a new bookcase built (but not quite finished). 6'x3'x1', in 3/4" poplar. It needs a back - seems that it's a little to large to be sturdy without one. The sides are a lovely "Mysteria" blue (think...gray undertoned French Blue), the inside is a soft dove gray. Lovely! But a lot of work.

2. Home Depot had picnic tables on sale - $49!! We bought 1, then decided to use it as a pattern to make another one for the goats to play on. :lol: We have a ton of scrap lumber to use, so the goat toy will be free...the best type!

3. Yesterday was clean the studio and rearrange day. All of SG's brew bottles are now where they belong (instead of just dumped on my floor - why is it that *I* get yelled at if I "dump" something in his shop, but it's OK for him to use my studio as a junk room? Nevermind...just griping.), the old (cheap) bookcase has been moved up next to the pie safe, and the area where the new bookcase belongs is now clean. I'm re-thinking the arrangement....:hmmmmm:

I'm thinking that maybe the bookcase(s) (Yes...I really need *2* for all the books I have in there*) need to be up on the ledge, and the fiber and yarn need to be on the side wall behind my spinning chair. With the new storage up on the ledge as well. IF the water heater bursts, the books will be safe from water damage......I need to paint the yarn- and fiber-storage units anyway (yarn will be the same French Chocolate as the fabric storage; the fiber will be this lovely blue. The pink of the sewing table....isn't going to be repeated. It's TOO pink. :lol:)

4. Dishtowels! I can see the end of the warp! I think there's 2 more towels on the warp.....maybe. I just need to sit and weave.

* I have a LOT of craft books. I feel that, while YouTube is nice and all, it may not be around all the time. (Don't try to argue the point....EMPs are a distinct possibility - no, they aren't permanent, but...still. I'm watching the gov't - they're trying to limit us plebe's access to the 'net.) I'd rather have a hard copy of instructions on stuff that'll be important later (clothing fabrication/woodstove cookery/animal care/etc) ON hand, so that if we're stuck with no electricity we can still do stuff that's needed. Do I NEED 50 books on knitting? Probably not - but I can't leave a useful book on the store shelf. :lol: SG doesn't agree...and he gets mad at me every time I purchase a book on some woodworking skill. :rolls eyes: Whatever...I'd rather have 'em and not need them instead of the other way around.
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So far. This AM Dulcinea presented us with a cute li'l buckling....:urgh: Never say that the Lord doesn't have a sense of humor - I can't keep this year's kid crop; we have TOO many goats now. So, ALL this year's crop is for sale....thus, the Lord has given us 2 bucklings - which I don't need *anyway*, and aren't tempted to keep.

The next doe (Nubian) is due 4/19....the Nubians will pop off every 3 days, then the Cashmeres start. The Cashmeres were only in with Hobbes for 7 days, so I'm not sure everybody got bred...we'll see. The Nubians and Alpines are my main concern - they give us milk!

Speaking of: Sasha is a sweet little girl. She's giving me about 1 quart a day, which sounds bad, BUT she's feeding her buckling (Riker). Dulce got on the stand and EASILY gave me 3 baby bottles of colostrum (and she wasn't empty - I didn't take it all!), and will be feeding her buckling (Picard) as well. (I'm not totally sure she's done...she's still got a large belly on her, and Picard was still wet when we went out to milk. I was prepared - she was due Tuesday; Tuesday evening I luted her to be sure we'd be home. Sure enough, she kidded this AM *right on schedule* (lute takes 36 hours. I popped her at 7:15 Tuesday evening.....we went out at 7:15 this AM, and there he was!) I'll be going out again in a bit to check on things - she was letting him nurse, so I'm relieved there, but it's COLD out there today. :sigh:)

State of me: I did NOT go take the tests yesterday. I got a new doctor Monday; I called Radiology to see if I should go ahead or not, and the tech said no, go ahead a cancel. Let the new doc order whatever tests she (yup, got a woman this time!) wants. I feel better, and I feel comfortable with the new doc - she homeschools, so at least I shouldn't have problems scheduling stuff around *our* school schedule. I see her next week.

Got the samples of the tallit yarn....pretty stuff! Now I just need to place an order.....:lol: And finish the never-ending dishtowel warp. I've gone to weaving these current ones in plaid, because...well, I'm tired of weaving the same thing. And I'm getting a little tired of blue and yellow. :snicker: Next up is purple and lavendar...but it's only 6 yards, so it'll go fast. THEN, if I've been able to buy the yarn and the heddles (I don't have enough heddles for the loom is set up for "larger" yarns, not the fine ones. No biggie - but I figure I need to order 800 heddles for the $18/100. So....yeah. Gotta wait. I could tie them myself, but frankly I'd rather throw money at it. Tying 800 string heddles......would make me more insane then I already am. Oh, and let's not discuss me setting up my loom with the other 4 shafts, OK? I have everything BUT the heddles for it....:lol:)

We started American History Monday....we'll see how it goes. Not sure I like this book (All American History by Bright Ideas Press)....but I sprung for the Student Activity books this time, to save on copying. The kids are OK with it....but we've only done 1 lesson. Hope it works! :lol:

Oh! Next week is Israel's birthday! Iyar 6 (This year it's April 16) Israel turns 65! Happy Yom Ha'atzmaut!
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I don't have a Primary Care doctor; I am almost never sick, so don't see the need. The ER wouldn't release me without one, however, so they set up an appointment with the local

Where to even begin? I want this in writing, as a record of this guy - because tomorrow, SG is going to get me the phone number for someone at the Insurance Co, because.....

Thursday, I got the prescription filled, and promptly slept all day. Friday, my appointment was at 10 - SG took off work and took me there, but had to run home to help the kids get the goats in the back yard. So...I was on my own when they *finally* called me back.

First, they took me to "Financial"...where the demeanor changed when they discovered that Hey! I have Private Insurance! I don't qualify for Gov't subsidy! (Red Flag #1). I waited another 15 minutes before being taken back to the exam room.

Doc comes in, shuts the door. Red Flag #2 - NO nurse in the room. OK, I can deal. He asks the basics, asks about my allergies ("I'm allergic to Penicillian and ALL pain-meds.")...then tells me he wants me on *aspirin*. :"Um. I'm ALLERGIC." "Oh, yes. Then I will write you a prescription for Plavix." "Wait - what? What is that a derivitive of?" "Oh, I don't know." "Um.....I really don't want an ALLERGIC REACTION to something..." "Oh, right. Well, I guess we have to try other things first."

RED FLAG. WHAT doctor immediately puts a patient on a BLOOD THINNER, if the bloodwork doesn't indicate a need? (And the ER doc said my bloodwork was *FINE*.)

OK. So then he starts on the history. Yes, my dad has had strokes. He also had high blood pressure - my BP has been PERFECT; even in the ER it was perfect (in fact, it was a bit *low*). He asks the usual: Do I smoke? NO. Do I drink? NO. :pause: "Not even socially?" :with a bit of a leer: NO. Illegal drugs? NO. :pause: Not even in High School? NONONONONONONONONONONO. :deep breath:

Dude. I said NO. No means NO. Why keep asking????

I'm getting uncomfortable here - it's just me and him in this little room. He decides that the ER didn't do a good job on the bloodwork, so orders more, and then orders an Echocardiogram and...some sort of Cranial something. Because the tests the ER ran "weren't enough. And sometimes you can have a stroke and it doesn't show on the CT scan. Even if you have NO symptoms afterwards. And they didn't check your thyroid." And I also MUST go get my eyes examined again. Okie-dokie....he leaves, and the nurse comes in and takes me to the "lab". I give more this point, I don't even care, just get me OUT of there.

I go to checkout...they make another appointment in 2 weeks. I'm already thinking that I need to find someone else...because honestly? I don't wanna go back. I ask about the tests..."OH. I don't know... I think YOU have to set them up at the hospital." Right-o then.....SG is there, so we head to the Hospital...

Where they have NO clue why I'm there. Apparently, no one from the doctor's office has called or faxed. All they have are the 2 sheets of paper the nurse gave me....which are apparently not enough. :sigh:

The lady in Radiology got me squared away....and muttered a few things about incompetent doctors and their staffs. :gulp:

We're not made of money just because we happen to have Insurance. And I'm not really comfortable with a doc that ignores protocol and leaves his nurse outside the door. And I'm REALLY not comfortable with the tone he took in asking the questions - I get that you need to know this stuff, but when I say "No", I really mean "No, I've never done that". There's no reason to smirk and ask again....

:sigh: I feel very comfortable that the ER doc nailed it - the anti-vert knocks me out, yes, but I'm NOT dizzy, I'm NOT nauseas, I have NO lingering problems that would indicate any sort of stroke (Cynthia has had a lot of TIA's - mini-strokes - and she has ALWAYS had some sort of after-effect. Mostly lost peripheral vision. Yes, everyone is different....but you'd think I'd have SOME sort of after-effect, right? And...I don't.)

Anyway, I feel fine. A little tired (what? I've been SLEEPING off and on for 4 days now! :lol:), but that's normal for this time of year - I'm on kid-watch. Dulce is STILL huge....and due Tuesday. I'm going to up my Vit D (after the tests on Wednesday....don't want anything odd to show up that would cause MORE testing.) and keep on keepin' on.

Weaving news: (So it's no all about *me* :lol:) Finished dishtowel #7 and started #8. Have SG's tallit all planned, and mine. Herself is contemplating hers; Himself told me to "have fun!" HE'S going to get a blue/white/light blue/black (maybe) plaid. :lol: I like plaids....
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Let's do a list - I haven't done that in a while:

1. We almost got creamed by the LARGEST truck I have EVER seen today - the FBI have brought in a mobile command center, and they needed gas. At the pump we were just vacating. HUGE doesn't cover it. Awesome and scary do. I wish them luck in their endeavors.

2. Studio clean-up time! Herself and I got the free desk cleaned up and painted Friday afternoon before the rains hit. It's....Pink! - not the color I had anticipated from the sample. It was supposed to be a nice cranberry...oh, well. It works. And we have SPACE in the sewing corner now - all 3 machines (my sewing machine, Herself's sewing machine, and my serger) all fit, WITH room to spare. The patterns are neatly filed in 1 drawer, all the thread is in another, and the 2 bottom drawers hold the machine parts and misc. sewing tools.

I spent most of the day yesterday putting my Spin-Off collection in binders - I ran out of binders before I ran out of magazines, but SG says he has more at work. I have all but 3 issues from 1983 - current....the only reason I resubbed this year was to keep the collection "intact". I'm thinking I'll drop it next year, though....the current issues suck, IMNSHO. :sigh:

It's still cluttered in there, because I have NO PLACE to put stuff. I am looking on CraigsList for salvaged cabinets - that'll get it into shape. Yes, I have photos....but I'm debating posting them because of the clutter (yes, it bothers me. No, I *can't* do anything about it right now - I NEED cabinets. Or some form of storage...cabinets are the logical choice.)

3. Saturday, we hit the "local" weaving store. See.....for about a year now, I've had the hankering to weave a Prayer Shawl - a Tallit, to be exact. I've been fighting it - it's NOT Torah-commanded, and, besides, SG has a (nasty polyester) shawl he got from the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit. But....I *wanted* to weave one. And Friday SG surprised me by a) going to the local sofer's (Jewish Scribe) and pricing shawls and b) asking if it was possible for me to weave one. (Um, yeah - they're just large rectangles. I have a 63" wide loom.....I think a 35" wide rectangle is do-able. :lol:)

So. I spent a bit of Friday evening figuring yardage and yarn requirements. Saturday, we went to the aforementioned weaving store ( not a huge fan. They are...not the friendliest bunch, and they're not exactly *close* to us. But....they're within driving distance, and they do have some yarns to fondle. Prices...are a bit high, but not out of's just the people aren't as friendly as at the now-defunct Woolenworks I hung out at when I was learning to weave.)....she didn't have what I had planned on using (20/2 wool)..but she DID have 18/2 wool/silk. Um....yes, PLEASE! (For figuring purposes, the sett is about the I didn't have to do any re-calculating.)

Anyway. SG bought 1 pound of WHITE (it's...blinding. :lol:), 10 oz of Royal Blue (BLUE!!! It's GORGEOUS!) and ordered 1 pound of Natural (it'll add a subtle depth to the finished shawl - the color is just a hair "off" the white.) We only wanted 8 oz of the blue...but "It'll be So Much Trouble for me to wind it off....can't you use the extra 2 oz?" (Um. She could *easily* have wound off 2 can use balled yarn just as easily as you use cones...and.....she has an electric ball winder. I'm just sayin'....) Oh, and she expects us to pay the shipping on the natural. Um. She commented that she needed to order more of this for her shop......SG's going to be having words with her tomorrow. :sigh: (I don't mind paying for shipping for a special order that's going to my house - but when a shop CARRIES this yarn, and has already said they'll be ordering more, I really don't think charging ME the shipping is fair. And....I've never had to pay shipping to a local shop before....)

Himself has indicated interest as well - he's thinking he wants a PLAID prayer shawl. :happy dance:

4. SG is off today (he had to work Friday, so his boss "made it up" to them today) no school. We'll make it up tomorrow.

5. The kids spent most of yesterday doing yard work. SG had bought 8 roses and 2 apple trees; I now have 5 rose bushes under my studio window. It'll be nice when they start blooming. The other 3 roses are by the front gate; the 2 trees are replacements for the 2 we bought last year that died (and were still under warranty - free trees for the win! :lol:) He also bought me a pretty purple's in line with my window so I will see it every time I look up from the loom.

Our whole area is on high-alert, and everybody is skittish. I have NEVER seen so many Rangers/FBI/SWAT people as I did today...not just around the Courthouse, but all over town. I can only imagine how bad it is in the DA's town....:sad: This really isn't the way any of us thought our town would get on the news......


Mar. 24th, 2013 08:23 am
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Yesterday was cold and wet - we had hail; some places had so much it looked like snow. The skylights in the barn and milk room are ruined...looks like I'll be up on the roof later fixing it. :sigh:

I was stupid....when Herself and I were winding on this warp, I thought it was kinda long. I had warped what I thought was 6 yards..but it sure did seem longer. Yesterday, I pulled the reel back out to wind my next warp (I'm on towel #3 - halfway according to my original calculations)...and decided to actually *measure* the reel before I started. Um. *I* thought it was a 1-yard reel...nope. It's a 2-yard. So, my 6 yard warp? Is actually *12* yards. Glad I had already decided that most of this warp went to the give-away pile...:lol: (The next warp is actually 6 yards. And I marked the reel, so I won't forget.)

SG bought me an auxiliary cord for my iPad/Phone - now I can listen to the podcasts in the Jeep without burning them to CD. (The radio has an aux. jack - makes it nice!)

Need to go weave a bit...I have a LONG way to go on this current warp! :lol:
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Julia Dishtowels finished
(finished "Julia" dishtowels, wet-finished, hemmed, and ironed)

The more they stay the same:

Dishtowel warp

(new warp, same threading plan as "Julia", but with UKI's 8/2 cotton, in blue and yellow stripes.)

The "Julia" towels have actually been done since Friday; I spent Monday and Tuesday tying 480 knots (to save time - it really did! - I simply tied the new warp onto the unwoven warp ends. No new sleying or threading! It took me 3 hours vs. 5+ to start fresh.), then yesterday was spent trying to find my temple (the wooden thingy). I had ordered it last week; USPS said it was delivered the post office 20 miles away. (I have no clue; the zip code doesn't even REMOTELY look like ours!). The clerk at our PO was nice enough to call and have them find it; I then packed up the kids and we took a short road trip. :sigh:

And then...the temple is BROKEN. 1 of the teeth (on the bottom; they're what keep the warp spread out) has fallen out. Yes, I've contacted the seller...we'll see what they do about it. :sigh:

Still, all that aside, I like the warp. The weft (natural) is muting the yellow stripe (which *I* like, because I find that yellow at bit garish), and I like the more rustic look of this set over the "Julia" ones (they had a natural warp/white weft; I reversed it for this warp). We'll see how I feel about it 6 yards from now...:lol:

I'm already planning the *next* warp - natural with purple and lavender stripes. And the *next* next one - natural with green and rust stripes. After that....well, I'll probably be sick of this pattern, so I'll warp something new. Still dishtowels, probably.....I'm kinda addicted to them. They're fast and useful. :nods: (And...we have 2 sets of friends purchasing new houses, so we need 2 housewarming gifts, then there's the friends that need pick-me-ups, and Giftmas prezzies, and and can never have too many handwoven dishtowels on hand. The good thing for me is, I get at least 1 out of every warp, so I just about NEVER have to buy new towels. :lol:)

It's cool and drizzly here - good thing. We NEED the rain. Badly.
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I haven't woven since around 3 PM Friday! Got 1.75 dishtowels done - if I'd quit admiring them every 15 minutes or so, I'd be DONE with this batch already! :lol:

Yesterday was getting Himself home from Granny's. Fun stuff...hit the game store again, but they didn't have the game I wanted (Star Fluxx) - they did have 1 SG wanted (Pandemic), so we're set for Family Night for a bit (I found Star Fluxx on eBay this AM...we'll have it in a week or so.) While we watched a movie last night, I started winding my next dishtowel warp.....yes, it's addictive. The only tedious part is the winding....I like warping, even though it takes time. (This warp took 5 hours. Because of the problems. Weaving? Is the shortest part of the whole thing....but I like the whole process, so it's good. It's also why I wind LONG warps....more time throwing a shuttle and less time inside the loom. :lol:)

Today I finished winding while downloading podcasts. More on that later, though - I need to go WEAVE. :happy dance:
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Julia dishtowels pattern

This is the current project. "Julia" dishtowels from a pre-wound warp from Glimakra USA. A few problems in the warping - it was wound for warping back-to-front; I warp front-to-back - but I overcame them....and I LOVE how they're weaving up.

Sabbat Shalom - and may your day be blessed!


Mar. 14th, 2013 08:29 am
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Lost of stuff's been happening this week, aided by the fact that we are on Spring Break. And I only have 1 kid at home. So, I give you Photos!

Clicky! )

That catches you up with my stuff, I think. Herself has a camera-full I need to sort and post, but that'll come later. For now, I need to finish warping the loom, then I have to bake pie. is Pi Day! (Well, at 1:59, because...pi = 3.14159, duh! :wink:)



May. 22nd, 2012 10:51 am
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The studio is almost all set up. The dining room is almost cleared of my craft stuff; can't finish until I have a bookshelf to put the books and magazines on. The other little stuff is just waiting until I get the studio problem? The table loom(s).

Yes, I have 3 looms. 1 big, huge monster of a Glimakra (LOVE her! 60" wide (OK...58" per Glimakra, but what's 2"?), 8S (only set up for 4 right now, but I have the kit to upgrade), 1 22" 4S Structo that I put on a treadle stand (to "convert" it to a floor loom) and 1 16" 12S LeClerc (that is currently at a friend's house....I have NO room for it!). Plus the 20" RH loom, and 2 inkle looms. (Those 3 don't concern me right now - they fit under the table just fine.)

WHY do I have the table looms, when I have the Glimakra? Let me explain....

The weaving width of a loom tells you the maximum width you can weave - that's NOT the width of the finished fabric, mind you - you lose probably 2", maybe 3", when you wet-finish it - which means you can weave fabric UP TO that width. So, my 60" loom will weave a piece of fabric that finishes out at approx. 56" wide. Wide enough to do a tablecloth in 1 piece, or a bedspread, or curtain fabric for wide windows. I can also weave narrower things - placemats, dishclothes, etc. So...why do I hang onto the 22"?

Because of "loom waste". See, EVERY loom has a length of warp yarn that it can NOT weave. My big monster of a loom wastes about 1 - 1.5 yards of yarn on EVERY warp - because of the depth from the last shaft to the back beam, and the amount of yarn it takes to tie onto the cloth beam in front. I've tried various ways to cut down on the waste - tying on a "dummy warp" (but then you have to tie ALL your warp threads to it and hope the 400+ knots hold :ick:), "lashing on" to cords attached to the beam (works to the end of the warp, then I run into MAJOR tension issues - I lost about 2 yards that time. :sigh:)'s just a fact of life that I need to add 1 yard in length to every project.

On a long warp - like, for these dishtowels - it's not a big deal. A 4.5 yard warp will net me about 4 dishtowels. I might be able to squeak a short "rag" out of the end, but I'm good with 4 finished towels. On a short warp, however - like for, say, a scarf - 1 yard is WAY too much waste. (And I don't like weaving identical scarves - they go fast, and get boring. :lol:)

The Structo is much shallower - and, IIRC, I only have like 20" (I think it's less, actually) of waste on it. THAT's not bad - for a scarf, I'll warp 2.5 yards, and end up with a good 6' finished scarf, not including fringe. I'd have to warp at LEAST 3 yards on the Glimakra....while .5 yards doesn't sound like much, when you multiply that by numerous scarves, it adds up quickly (and when you're talking *handspun* yarn, it REALLY adds up!)

So.....I keep the smaller loom...but I have NO room for it. I spent a good hour yesterday shifting stuff around; ended up with the Structo on the ledge where the wheels were going to go. The wheels will now sit in FRONT of the ledge, on the runner....not exactly where I wanted them, but there's really no other place for them. (I'm not worried about blocking access to the wool/yarn stash; I don't go in there every day, just at the start of projects. It won't be an issue in having to scoot a wheel or 2 out of the way.) My issue is with the water heater - I wanted the wheels on the ledge so if the WH ever blows, they won't get water-damaged. (Never mind the loom - 2 of my wheels actually cost me MORE than the loom did!)

The LeClerc has been for sale for 2 years now...I have it for $500 - brand new it's $1,770. NOBODY has even nibbled on it. :sigh: I've only used it about 5 times - I just don't like multi-shaft weaving. 8S will be enough fun, I think....12S was overkill. (In fact, I never used more than the front 4 shafts on it...funny, huh? :lol:) (The more shafts you have, the fancier patterns you can do. I'm happy exploring 4S patterns; 8 will send me over the moon!) I really don't want to mark it down any more......but it's OK right now, since it's not *here*.

I'm trying to convince myself that I really don't NEED the Structo....but it's not working. Yet. Sometimes you do need to have 2 looms in action at the same time.....but.....:sigh: And, it's easier to teach somebody the basics of weaving on it than on my Glimakra, because of the tie-up (how you tie each shaft to the treadles. On the Structo, it's easy - 1 tie per shaft. On the Glimakra, it's not - each shaft has to be tied to EVERY treadle; each treadle lifts the pattern shafts and drops the others. Makes for a nice large shed, and it's easier on the warp threads, but it's a bugger to set up!)

I dunno.....I have all this space, and it feels like it's still not enough room. I had offered to downsize my Glimakra - I used to have a 45" loom, and it was nice; I'd just have to piece larger items - but SG said emphatically NO. (Which made me happy - this was and is my dream loom!). It's just SO BIG.......I'll keep moving things around until it "clicks". The loom is where it is - there's really no other place to put it but in the middle of the room - but the rest of the stuff can be shuffled around.

Just thinking out loud here...
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Because nothing much is going on, I figured I'd give you photos. Clicky! Too many to leave un-cut. )


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