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Went to the Stock Show on Friday - SG bought me some lovely, lovely work gloves. Thinsulate-lined deerskin gloves; very warm, very sturdy. LOVE them!

FIL is....well, he's been moved to a regular room. I talked to him last night; he was slightly confused and very, very wheezy. :sigh: I....don't like it. At all.

Piano! It's going well. The teacher has both of us in book 1 for "Recreational Music Makers". It fits - I don't want to perform anywhere, I just want to be able to play piano. And harp. :lol: Problem......this book is, so far, too basic for *me*. He assigned both of us Module 1 for this week. I am....well, I'm into Module 4 already. :lol: To be fair, he warned me I'd move pretty quickly at first. The problem? I have to hide it from SG, who doesn't read music, doesn't have much music background, and is struggling with Module 1. :sigh: NOT fun at all.....(Every practice I start with Module 1. IF I play it perfectly, I move on to 2, then 3 etc. I have to play it perfect before I move on, though - I want my left hand to get with the program. Module 5 is where we are introduced to the Grand Staff (both clefs!)...I'm waiting on that. For now. :lol:)

Still knitting. Finished the fingerless gloves and started (yet) another hat. This one has Sheepies on it! :lol:
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Because I have a LOT of photos, I made a college. Kinda sucks, but hey - it's photos! :lol:

2017 january Knit Projects

This is all the stuff I've knit and finished in January. The socks were late September, but all the rest was started and finished in January. What can I say? Stress knitting at it's finest! Also, all the January stuff is knit in worsted weight yarn - which is thicker than my beloved sock weight, and knits up faster.

I am in the midst of another set of fingerless kitchen can't be finished soon enough! I'd like to knit something...smaller. Like socks. Right now, though, I can't get to my ball winder, so I have to knit with yarn that comes in ready-to-knit packages. :shrug: I can always use another hat or two or three....:rofl: Especially "fashion" hats like the cloches - they're warm, and cute, and give me options. As do the 2 new geeky hats.....Star Wars and Dr. Who for the win!

Back to the painting. Which I did yesterday - the kitchen has been redone AGAIN. I....liked the aqua-isa blue, but I didn't love it. It's now a nice Federal/French blue...and I LOVE it. It's a bit dark right now, but once the white cabinets go in it'll pop.

Have a great one!
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We've had intermittent internet the past few weeks - today it is Dry! and the 'net is fine; I expect it to go down again soon, when they finally come out to replace our roof. The check is at the Post Office, so hopefully they will get us on the list and get it done soon.

Anyway - I will take advantage of the internet, and do a Photo Post! Been promising for a while - so, enjoy!

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Spent yesterday quietly freaking out - seems the Orthodontist accidentally ran Himself's downpayment thru 2x. Which, of course, caused all sorts of problems with my bank. :sigh:

See, I get paid 1x/month. I have everything budgeted and scheduled - I end payday with $50 (sometimes more, but always at least $50) to last the rest of the month, which, since I budget so tightly works fine for me. Except when someone takes $200 out that I wasn't expecting. :sigh:

After numerous phone calls (I actually held it together during them - thank the knitting for that!), they agreed to refund the $200. We're still "discussing" the overdraft charges ($134 worth. :OUCH!:)....I really hope they do the right thing. It's not my fault that I was assessed the charges, it was because of their error...but we'll see.

Meanwhile, I knit. And knit. Auntie's mitts are *done*, SG's Balmoral is fulled and blocking (he knows about it; I had to have him try it on. Sure enough, I had to full it a bit more.), and I am in the midst of a beautiful cowl for me. I have a pair of mitts for me, a pair of mitts for Herself, a pair of gloves for SG and for Himself, and a Balmoral for Himself in the queue.....those'll keep me busy for a while.

Chloe is a dream puppy. So far, no destruction (other than muddy paw prints). She likes to take stuff outside, but - so far! - she hasn't eaten them. She likes to get into the the can now lives on the counter. She's a total love-bug - which Himself needed. I think he chose (well, he was chosen!) a good dog.

Guess I should get back to knitting. School starts later. :lol:
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Let's see:

1. Snips is HOME. She's nowhere near *well*, but she's home. Right now, she's blind, groggy, but more alert than she has been. Doc wanted us to take her home, because he felt she'd be more comfortable. She has been eating and drinking, and she's walking better, so.....:fingers crossed: (He's not sure if this is medicine related or neurological damage - we won't know for a while. While I'm hoping it's medicine related, I can deal with neuro problems.)

2. The fingerless thistles are DONE. Photos later, after Shabbat.

3. The high today was 37*. With rain. And sleet.

4. We're taking next week off - we have to get ready for Thanksgivukkah (that wonderful holiday that occurs once every 125 years. :lol:) Our turkey will be chunked, battered, and deep-fried. :omnomnom: I still have to do stuffing....but that's OK. Should be interesting!

5. For some reason, wordpress is having problems with me commenting. :sigh: I'll look at it on Sunday.

Shabbat Shalom! I have to get dinner in the oven - hope y'all have a great one!
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so this'll be light on content, but heavy on photos. Or something.

Snips: We had to take her back to our vet yesterday. She was Zombie-dog; almost totally catatonic. I had bugged him all day Tuesday, because of it, and he said - at first - it was attributable as side-effects of the phenobarbitol. Um, yeah, the drunkeness, the weak back end, the blindness, the deafness are all attributable to it...but this was something MORE.

Wednesday AM he told me, OK, he'd take a look at her, but it was probably just the normal things...until he saw her. Nope - this was MUCH worse. He thinks she is very very sensitive to the drug, and has taken her off of it and is flushing her to try and get it out of her system. :sigh: (What the hell, it's only money, right?) We went to visit her at lunch time; she's still out of it, but was actually responsive when we petted her. She's still not *there*, but she's eating now (a little, and only licking the food off of a spoon - she's not *eating* by herself yet). He's worried, but thinks she'll be back to "normal" at some point. No idea of when she'll get to come home - but we're praying.

To take my mind off of her, I needed something.....complex, yet mindless. Yes, such a thing exists - SpillyJane's "Prickly Thistle" mittens. Only, I don't need mittens, being in Texas and all, so I did some surgery on the charts...

thistle mitt hand

This is the back of the hand. How could I NOT need this pattern - it has the Blessed Thistle of Scotland on it!

And the palm is just as lovely:

thistle mitt palm

It definitely needs blocking, but it'll wait until I get the mate done. I removed 1 repeat of the leaves and changed the thumb to a gusseted one, instead of the "sore" thumb that SpillyJane loves so much. Me, not so much - it's not as comfortable on my hand as a gusseted thumb is. My chart looks like something belonging to Frankenstein, but it works. Hope I can read my scribbled notes as I knit #2. :lol:

This is the last set for me for the moment. I have 2 pairs I want to make for others (and more for me, but I can wait. :lol:)....and I need to work on SG's tam. But not now, because he's off all next week, and stealth knitting isn't possible when the recipient is watching and commenting on your current project. :sigh: and :lol:

I've got a post brewing, but am too brain-dead to make sense of it - but. Actions speak louder than words....and if you claim to be a Christ-follower, you need to keep that in mind. Especially this time of year. More later.....


Nov. 18th, 2013 02:07 pm
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OK, let's do pictures. I can do pictures.....:lol:

First up, the SpillyJane Owl Mitts:

Owl Mitts finished

Fun, well-written pattern. And Cute!

The Alef-Tav mitts:

Alef Tav mitts finished

LOVE these - so fast to knit! I think there'll be another pair or 2 of these in my future.....:grin: current project: SpillyJane's "Prickly Thistles" mittens:

I'm making a few changes to these - for one thing, I'm converting them to fingerless mitts. I'm in Texas - we don't NEED mittens, but my wrists do need warmth. I LOVE this pattern - so I figure, I can fiddle with it and make it fingerless. And change the thumb to a gusseted one instead of an afterthought one. :fingers crossed:

Granted, I have a few other projects that I should be working on...but they're mindless. Right now? I need something that requires concentration. This? Isn't *difficult*, but it does require thinking. And I need that right now......

Anyway - this is a few hours worth of knitting; I started them last night and I've been working on them off and on today. No rush - but necessary right now.

So. We go pick up Snips at 4:30 today. She gets to stay locked in the bedroom if we're not here to supervise - but at least she's alive. I can deal with whatever we need to deal with, y'know?

Back to the needles......
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Um. Err.... you know how I started the Alef Tav mitts yesterday morning? about 6 hours of knitting time, they' Seriously......I bound off the thumb of #2 around 3:30 this afternoon. :blink:

VERY fast to knit, very easy, well-written charts. I definitely want to do these again - but maybe spread it out a bit. :lol:

No photos yet - it's blocking right now, and I have to get Shabbat dinner started, but :huzzah!: They're DONE!!!!!!

Yes, I DID knit during a Biology test today, and Horrible Histories. And Brave. :lol:

Hope y'all have a great Shabbat!
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and almost forgot to post! I have a good excuse - I've been up since 4:30 (and yesterday, too!) because SG had to be at work at 6:15. Fun stuff...NOT. I NEED 8 hours of sleep....ah, well - tomorrow is Shabbat, and I can sleep in.

By 8 AM I had: showered, breakfasted, did 1 load of laundry, got school ready, and done ALL the work that I was supposed to do next week. So, it was a good, productive morning. :lol:

Let's see...chicks: we're down to 3. Don't know what happened to #4 - it vanished. The other 3 are cute li'l cheepers - hope they all make it!

Knitting: on the homestretch on the mitts. These are for me (oops!) - I need a pair for "work". Only have 20 rounds to do, so *hopefully* they'll be done tonight. Then it's on to the hat for Auntie, then the other pair of fingerless mitts due by Hanukkah. THEN it's on to the mitts due in January, then the tam. Do-able...but we'll see if I get 'em all done.

Hope y'all have a good Shabbat! The challah's almost ready to braid, and Herself is baking a cake. The house smells nice!
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chicks! Late last month one of our hens went broody. I sent Herself out with a Sharpie to mark the eggs, and told both kids to let her alone. Yes, it was late in the season, but hey - why not see what happens?

Yesterday, we had 4 new, cute chicks! She's still sitting on 3 eggs, but...they're not marked. Meaning that Himself, who has egg duty, didn't check as well as he should have - but, whatever. We're leaving them for now, just to see if they happen to hatch or not. Soon as the hen decides she's done, we'll toss 'em.

Yesterday was paperwork day - ALL of our farm receipts have been entered into Ranch Manager. :whew: I had let it slide - 3 months of receipts were cluttering up my desk - but now everything is entered, the receipts are filed, and we're all good to go. I have to say - I really like that program. We have the Goat module (of course!), but I've set up accounts to track the horse and chicken expenses as well. It's actually better than QuickBooks for this - because it also allows you to track breedings, kid dings, vet visits - all sorts of stuff.

Started another set of Celtic fingerless mitts yesterday; got the cuff completely done. These are mine - for work. The blue/green ones are too nice for outdoor work; these are brown/tan, and look nice. Next up, a color work hat with earflaps, then the matching pair of mitts, then the tam. THEN back to the sweater. And of course, the never-ending sock-knitting (those are my out-and-about project.)

The last day out, we hit Half-Price. I scored a copy of the original "Knitting Principles"....WoW. What a fantastic resource! It's not a book for reading, it's strictly for reference - and it's Fabulous! I need to skim the thing, because there's some techniques I'd like a bit more input on. :grin:

Well, back to Biology. Pond scum. Fun stuff! :lol:


Oct. 23rd, 2013 08:07 am
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I've been busy, trying to finish some UFO's. These are DONE (as of last night) - here, photos first, then blather:

Completed pair:

fingerless mitts pair

Close up of patterns:

fingerless mitts closeup

They still need blocking, but hey - they're DONE! And warm! Too bad they're too "fancy" for barn work...:lol:

Pattern is Black Forest Braided Gloves (ravelry link) from Nanette Blancherd designs. The pattern is well written, and it's a straight-forward knit. Easy-peasy! (I think the link takes you to the purchase page - if you hit the "x", it'll land on the pattern page. Sorry!) NOT like knitting fingers. It HURTS - few stitches, with the entire glove hanging down. So, I think any future mitts will have NO fingers, just a few rounds of ribbing at the base of the fingers. Unless I can knit the finger-parts separate, then graft them on....I need to think about this.

Work yesterday. Um. FA's office manager is...well, she needs to either buckle down or find something else to do, because it was - and is! - a cluster-muck of almost epic proportions. She quit doing 1 part of her job (an important part! Has to do with what I bill the client!), and had to catch up. And...didn't. So I didn't get to finish MY job yesterday, and don't think I can do it today (we won't be near a computer). So...the billing's going to be delayed. Somehow, I'm sure it'll morph into being MY fault....:bangs head:

Anyway. That's 1 UFO moved to the FO pile. I have another 2 pairs of socks (1 of which has sat since 2006. Oops....:lol:), a sweater (the back is done, as is half of 1 front.), and a shawl. There's another pair of socks somewhere - they're modular, though, and I lost interest in it after finishing the first one. (Each "row" is a set of mitered diamonds. You start with 1, then pick up stitches on one side, CO an equal amount, and miter down, then do it again. I think it's 7 per "row"....and you have to CUT the yarn in between each one. I...don't like weaving in ends, and I don't like all the picking up and CO that goes on....neat idea, but....:meh: I think that pair is going to move to the "lost" pile.)

I think the sweater is the next at-home project. It's mindless (well, as mindless as cable-knitting can be), which means I have time to *think*. I'm wrestling with some stuff right now, and mindless knitting helps me focus and work stuff out. (And pray - because mindless knitting is GREAT for prayer sessions.)
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and, once again, FA's office staff aren't doing their jobs. Not my problem....but he said "oh, you can just come in Wednesday instead". Um, no. No can-do, and No will-do. IF they don't have the stuff to me by tomorrow 2-ish (because I'm not a total hard-a$$ on this - I'll give 'em a little leeway, but the office closes at 4, and I figure I don't have to work past 4 either), his invoicing won't be done until NEXT week. :sigh:

Anyway. Fingerless glove #1 is DONE, and I'm about half-way thru the knotwork cuff on #2. This is fun knitting, and it's fast - for me! - because it's JUST knitting; no fancy stitches, no lace, just knit every stitch. Color changes are easy. I've already got plans for another set (because I'll have enough yarn left over - might as well use it!) AND I've got plans for SG's Auntie's b-day prezzie (but I need red yarn for hers.). And maybe a few other gifts, as well - Herself found a pattern for Alef Tav mitts....:lol:

We cleaned the Music/Game room yesterday - oy! What a mess! It's now tidy and put (mostly) back together. I found a set of Math books that need to be sent out - sorry! I put them in the chair, and they got covered by a sheep :face palm: (A stuffed sheep, not wool. Although that wouldn't have been surprising, here. :lol:) I also found *another* UFO :sigh: and some loose yarn. I swear, it breeds - I don't remember this stuff. (And it's mine, because it's not acrylic.) We also set the oven to self-clean, and almost burned up the microwave - for some reason, the interior of the microwave got hot enough to MELT the potato chip bags and to BURN the cake that was in there (don't ask - well, you can. We have large dogs. We have to put the stuff somewhere they can't reach - and the top of the fridge is full. So, the microwave becomes a "pantry" of sorts.) :sigh: I think it's just about time to replace it.....:big sigh:

Ah, well - back to knitting. And movies - we're working our way thru the Clone Wars cartoons. Fun stuff! (I love Star Wars. The cartoons, not so much, but the stories are still in the 'verse, and my favorite characters are in them (Yoda and young Obi-Wan.))
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For some reason, I have a bad case of "finishitis". Not sure where it came from, but I am running with it. :grin: We won't discuss how many UFO's (UnFinished Objects) I have.....let's just say that any case of finishitis can be suffered thru pretty easily. :grin:

I finished the kippah - it's currently blocking and will go out in the world next week. I was trying to figure out what I wanted to knit next when my eye fell upon a project abandoned in 2011. There's NOTHING wrong with the project, I just needed something mindless to knit so abandoned this and went with a new sock project. (It happens. This project is color-work, so 2 balls of yarn, AND it's charted - I can't juggle a chart in the car, which is why my default project is socks.)

I've done quite a bit since I picked it up yesterday - but here's what I've got so far:

black forest gloves

The pattern is the Black Forest Mitts, from Ravelry. I fell in love with the knot work - not sure why it's languished for 2 years, but I'm back in the groove and want to get them DONE. The yarn is.....I dunno; soft wool and silk, I think - I know I got the yarn at Yarn and Stitches in Dallas; next time I'm there I'll try to get them to help me ID it. It's a lovely, lovely yarn - very soft and shiny, but it's not suitable for everyday wear. It has almost no body at all - very slinky and limp and SOFT. These will be my "out with the husband" fingerless mitts; I have plans to do another pair for around the house and barn use. I've got some emerald green handspun superwash in fingering weight that will be perfect; I just need to scrounge up a contrast color and I'm good to go.

This pair, I'm almost finished with the thumb gusset - 2 more rounds - then it's 1" to the fingers. So, almost done. :happy dance: The 2nd one should go quickly; IIRC, I had only put in about 1 week's worth of knitting in this one before I abandoned it. It's not a complicated knit, it's just not one I can do while out and about. :lol:

Not much else to report - it's gotten cold here, and it's supposed to rain again. Lovely weather, if you like the cold. :lol:

Shabbat Shalom!


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