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I wasn't going to post today - I wanted Herself's pictures to stay on top, but...she left her current project on the kitchen table this morning, and I couldn't resist.

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Jan. 19th, 2012 09:57 am
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Herself took a whole slew of photos of her crocheted stuff a while back, and has been asking me to post them. I finally sat down this morning and cobbled together some collages - I'm sorry, but I don't think I have room in my Scrapbook for all the photos she took individually. :grin: She's been....rather busy.

Cut for photos! )
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So, pictures you shall have! 2 posts - this one mostly fiber-related. :grin:

Don't envy me because I have Cashmere... )
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barely. Spent ALL day yesterday - and no, I'm not exaggerating - in bed. The sore throat disappeared, then morphed into a stuffy-head. There were a couple of times I expected my head to *explode*. :sigh: A headache appeared around 3......not fun.

Needless to say, we didn't go look at our new goats yesterday. We're going to go this week - we were supposed to go today, but they have things they need to do before it rains. Looks like we'll get 3 Nubians (!!) and 2 Cashmeres....I would have been happy with 1 and 4; this is MUCH better. :grin: My current plans involve building a new barn next to the current barn for the Cashmeres, and keeping just the dairy breeds in this barn. We've already got the goat pen separated, so it wouldn't be too much work; long-term plans involve buying the Utility panels as we have funds and doing the entire place with them. Horses and goats can't bend them, they won't break easily, and they'll keep *everything* where they should be. Once the horse paddocks are re-done, we'll be able to let the goats run with the horses. LONG-long-term plans involve trying to save up to purchase the property next door to us.....but that won't happen for a LONG time. Unless we win the lottery.....:lol:

Herself is crocheting me a hat I can wear to the barn - my chullo is great, but not goat-friendly. I get snarly when they taste my tassels. :lol: I'm working on a hat for a distant clan-cousin....he bought the yarn and told me to have fun. :sigh: It's hard to knit for someone you don't *know*, y'know? I mean - if he'd handed me a pattern it'd be no problem; being told "Have fun" makes it impossible. I don't know WHAT he, just because *I* like it, doesn't mean he will. Ah, well......I'm getting to try some color-patterns I wouldn't have gotten to for a while. :grin:

SG is out getting me donut holes. For some reason, I am CRAVING them......Himself cooked bacon for me.....I could get used to being sick! :lol: We've lit the woodstove 2x so's nice and toasty. Too bad it'll be 70* was 34 this AM when I drug myself out to milk. :shiver: Need to get the propane heater set up, I think.....
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no, really. I have a post brewing, but this needs to be told (I'm all about transparency, remember? :lol:). I am horrible. Terrible. Why?

Well, last week Herself asked me to find and print some crochet patterns for her. No biggie - I took my lunch hour and found most of the critters on her list. I also found - gasp - some crochet sock patterns. (First proof of how horrible I am) 1 pair was a plain-jane pair, 1 was patterned, and 1 was origami. (What? She Loves Origami, I figured this was a good fit! 2nd proof of how insidious I am!) I shuffled the socks into the critters, and handed her the folder on Friday. She flipped thru them, stopped at the socks, and gave me *the* look. Nothing was said....then. :snicker:

Sunday, I pulled out my current sock project (plain stockinette sock in Fire Lizard Studios "Stargazing" colorway). (I fasted from knitting/spinning/weaving/CRAFTING on Saturday) There I sat, happily working on my sock and studiously ignoring my daughter, who had pulled out the new patterns and was perusing them. (Proof #3. :snicker:) Herself was watching me......a few minutes later she said "Mom?" ":pause: Huh?" "How did you *do* that? Did you do color changes every row, or..?" "Oh! No, it's all in the yarn. See? Self-striping. My favorite type of sock yarn - looks harder than it is!" :back to knitting:

"Mom?" "yeah?" "Do you sock yarn really tiny?" :snicker: "Huh. Well... here, come look at my basket and see what you think." (I am an adult. I can share my stash...I really can. There's no way I can possibly knit all the sock yarn I have stashed - even with the sock machine. I really can share......)

She hemmed, she hawed, she petted (THAT's why I am HORRIBLE. I let her PET the sock yarn. Bad mom! Bad! :lol:) - she ended up with 2 colorways. "Can I......would this.......doyouthinkIcouldmakesockswiththis?" :GOTCHA!: "Sure! I didn't have plans for those (I lie. The "Poems in Color" (I think that's the name) was purchased for me, but hey - I have disposable income and can buy more. She's on a fixed income, so....I can share. I can.) You'll need to wind them into balls, but go for it!"

:lol: So, she wound, and started a pair yesterday. Gave up, because "Mom! There's NO WAY this will fit my toes! I don't know WHAT that writer means! The toe-ups aren't gonna fit, and this yarn sucks (it's a singles, and it's grabby. I'll grant her that...but sucks? Not hardly - and it's SO PRETTY - sorry. I digress!) and and and..." "OK. Look - this is kinda fuzzy stuff - why don't you do a swatch -" "WHAT?" ":deep breath: Look, before you start with the other yarn - which is smooth and will be easier to learn with - you need to make sure that you are getting the right gauge - stitches per inch - that the pattern calls for. You might need to use a different hook size - I'm sure crochet is like knitting here. Just because the pattern calls for a "C" hook (or whatever) doesn't mean that's what *you* need to use. Let's says chain 19 to start. So......I suggest you chain 40 and work a square, then I'll help you measure." "But.....if I do that, I won't have enough yarn for the socks, will I?" "Um...yeah, because you don't have to *keep* the swatch - just measure it, then you can frog it and start the sock. See? No big deal - and I guarantee that those 2 balls WILL make a pair of socks for you, with a little left over." (Please note that I did NOT mention that I almost NEVER swatch - especially not for a sock. I use the cuff as my swatch....and yes, I do have to frog occassionally. Not often, though - but she's never done clothing before, so she needs to learn how to do it "right" before jumping in and doing like me.)

So, yes - I am HORRIBLE. I have seduced my daughter to the sock side.....:snicker: And I do not repent of it one bit. See, IF it takes, I now have an excuse to buy more sock yarn - for HER - in colorways that *I* would never choose. I enjoy fondling yarn, I enjoy bringing it home...but then it sits, all forlorn. Now? I can do what I enjoy, AND I can enjoy seeing someone *wearing* them, only *I* didn't have to work it up! :lol:
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And now, I give you Herself's latest. (Yes, she gets her own post. Why not? :lol:)

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Aug. 10th, 2010 07:55 am
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Today you get pictures of Herself's creations. It's VERY photo-intensive - so, dial-uppers, I apologize. It IS worth the wait, though, if you want to click - she made up the pattern for *2* of these all by herself. (You have NO idea how cool that is! Seriously!) I've got some blather, too - but I'll put it *outside* the cut, at the end. Just 'cause. :lol:

Behold! Transported...wait, wrong show. What's Pokemon's tag line, anyway? )

And yes, my icon is totally because I needed the morale boost. She's good! Very good. It's freaky, but cool.

Blather: I have a way-cool soap shop to share: Kristy's Lovely Lathers It's on etsy...and I go there to get inspired. Her soaps are literally works of art. I found her on the Dish (you have to register..I.....they're more bubble than soap. If you want to see some pretty soaps, then, yeah - the Gallery is worth it. Otherwise, no - they spend more time yakking then sharing soap-ideas. Afraid someone's gonna steal their top-secret recipes. :shrug:) This shop......I've figured out how she's done most of them - and they are impressive. (I don't want to copy her - she's just inspiring. I just want to have a few bars to put in my soaping box to get my creative juices going when I soap.)

Dog: Damn dog has torn a hole in the chicken-run fence. I patched it with more chicken-wire last night; SG wants to put tin all along the bottom. On the one hand, it would protect the birds, and keep the young pullets *in*...on the other, it's yard-ish. :sigh: He's in denial about the dog's idiocy......:bigger sigh:

Tooth: Dentist was happy to set up appointment, until I told them it was ONLY for the extraction. 10 minutes on hold later, the earliest opening is Sept 10. Rosh Hashanna. I...took it, but won't go. Not on one of the Feasts. I'm trying to decide what I want to do - pick up my x-rays and go elsewhere/wait until AFTER the Fall Feasts (with the hope that This is the Year, and I won't be here to have dental work - hey, I can dream, right?)/wait until the temporary filling falls out and it becomes an emergency (bet they'd see me *then*)...I dunno. It's a mess.

Knitting: Despite the lack of mention, I have been knitting. Slowly. On the "Chains of Love Cami" from "Pure Knits". It's an easy pattern - except for the cables, I've got it memorized. Granted, my center panel isn't what the pattern calls for...I mean, it's close - I left out a K1 on row 3. :shrug: I like how it looks, it fits my stitch count (as written, it's off 2, I think - I had to add 1 to make it come out correctly on row 1. :sigh:), so I'm running with it. The Bamboo yarn is interesting - similar to silk, but feels more like cotton. Splitty....we'll see how it holds up.
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In lieu of real content, I give you: Pictures! (Seriously, my life is never-changing. Get up at 4:30, shower, milk, process milk, dress, work. Get home at 5:15, change, milk, process milk, go to bed @ 7-ish. BO-ring. And yet, somehow, I'm still tired. :sigh:)

A picture is said to be worth 1,000 words )
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And the boss changed our hours! We now work 8 - 4 Mon - Thurs, and 8 - 12 Fri. Not sure why - she's probably using this to be able to justify getting rid of me, but I don't care - I'm off at noon today!

In celebration, let's have some photos! Crocheted Critters ahoy! )

Proud mama much? :lol:
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and The Sweater has been washed. It needed it - it had been hauled around for what? 2 years? And was...pretty filthy. (The wash water? Was *gross*!). It's now back on the wooly board, drying. It survived the wash!!! (Yes, this makes me happy! :lol:)

Herself is cranking out more mice....she wants to make her Science Teacher a Lab Rat. :groan: But hey - it's keeping her busy. :lol:

I'm almost done with the Kippah as written. It *is* a Kippah, so it's small - 8" diameter - and I want something more "snood" like, so I'm going to wing another round of the petals. That should make it the right size. The silk is *wonderful* to work with! So smooth and shiny....I'm geeked over how it's looking (especially since I switched to circs last night - you can see the "round-ness" of it now. So pretty!) The goal is to wear it to NTIF this I gotta get knitting. :grin:

Sweet Geek is fighting a stuff. He brought home 3 more pallets yesterday - think we almost have enough wood for the milkroom. :grin:
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Let's see...where to begin? I know - I'll cheat! It's faster to SHOW you! Photos ahead! )

Gotta run - I spent too much time fighting with Scrapbook over this!
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for a photo post! This is ALL about Herself's crochet - a pleasant change from my never-ending knitting and spinning, I'm sure. :grin:

Cut to spare the FL. Photos ahead! )
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and the weather isn't AS cold. 36* right now....supposed to hit 60* today. (It was 58* yesterday...whee!)

Sunny is molting - she looks like she has mange, poor thing! :lol: Herself has decided it's HER job to pluck her....we have a full grocery sack already. Zorra's mouth is healing - finally got to look at it last night. Looks like she cut her lip on the fence or something - but it's healing. She's not drooling anymore. :lol: I've been treating it with E-balm - if you've never tried it, you need to! (Goodies Unlimited - Aubrey makes it all herself, and it's FANTASTIC. It's helped my scars not look so awful. (No affiliation, etc - just a happy customer)

Himself made dinner last night - breaded chicken nuggets and sugar snap peas. It was yummy! All I had to do was cut up the chicken - he did the rest. Very tasty - we're talking of having 1 night a week be "kids' night", where they do the meal. :bounce:

Refund hit today - too bad it's all spent. :lol: The stove is due to be installed sometime next week....good timing! Especially since they are forecasting SNOW again. :sigh:

Lunch today at the Mercury with Mrs boss. This'll be interesting!

Herself has just about finished cat #1. She's sewing on the ears and feet now......crochet IS faster than knitting, I'll grant - but I prefer the look of knitting. No biggie - I'm just thrilled she's playing with yarn!

Sweet Geek is chomping at the bit to get the loom warped. I'm pretty sure his enthusiasm will fade when he realizes he has 366 ends to sley and thread (at 24 EPI. :snicker:) (I LOVE the whole warping process - I get a charge out of handling the yarn, "seeing" the fabric as it's set up on the loom...the weaving part is sort of a let-down for me. It's all wood-handling at that point.....) Still, I'm looking forward to the new placemat set.

Need to get to knitting!


Feb. 18th, 2010 05:32 am
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OK....I am so chuffed over Herself's crochet-mastery that I HAD to take a photo! There's only 1..because,'s a square. :lol: How many photos can you take of a *square*?

It's photo time! )

Still contemplating Revelation.....had a few thoughts, but need to read it all before trying to put them into words.
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26* this AM. The high today is supposed to be 56* - almost where it's *supposed* to be. Tomorrow, it's supposed to be 60* - THAT'S more like it! :grin:

Herself is crocheting up a storm! She's already finished a "wash cloth" for me (need to take photos - it's good!) and is working on a scarf for one of her Beanie Babies (I...don't even know. She's happy, so...:shrug:) She's now working with some acrylic that she HAD to have.....and she says it "feels funny". :snicker: Guess I shouldn't have started her with cotton - but it's what I had on hand.

We're planning on going to the LYS (Local Yarn Store) Saturday - I want to try and sell the 12H table loom. *IF* I'm lucky, the shop will buy it, and I can just trade with them. :grin: I want some more weaving yarns, some solid-color sock yarns for my *next* project (Turkish socks! I need TONS of color!), and I'd like to get the kids' stashes started (or at least Herself's - Himself is off of yarn-fondling at the moment and is concentrating on Airigami. least he's doing SOMETHING with his hands!) Maybe pick up yet another set of crochet hooks, since Himself has *lost* the set I got off of eBay. :sigh:

Cleared off 3 more bobbins last night - soon as I ply up the last little bit of orange, I'll have cleared off every bobbin except the one that's on the Norwegian. (Cashmere - THAT one won't be touched until it's full!) The Norwegian is now ready for NTIF.....and I'm a little more comfortable with the Can. Sax (my Production Wheel). That lovely scares me - it's SO fast! (Well, DUH! It has a 30" drive wheel!) One of these days I'll get comfortable with her......I'm having trouble controlling the foot vs hand speed. I just need to sit down and play.....but right now I'm in a knitting mode. (The sleeve is at 25% now.....we're moving along. Slowly, but progress can be seen)

Pondering the Book of Revelation again.....lots of questions. Well, we'll know soon enough, I think.
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:shifts eyes: I have to confess...that....I can do the basic, rudimentary crochet stitch. :shifts feet: However - I will go to my GRAVE denying this.

Not because I'm afraid other knitters will shun me or anything, but because Herself needs to be accomplished at something dear ol' mom isn't.

See, origami took off in part because I can fold 1 thing: a Crane. That's it. I taught her that, then provided books and paper, and she's been folding like crazy ever since. I don't know a valley fold from a mountain fold - and I'm happy with that. She got Himself into it - but she's still the Queen. (Even at his young age, he knows better then to 1-up his sister. Gotta love a sensitive guy!)

I tried knitting - he took to it quickly...but then, he's always been a "Mama's boy", wanting to get into every fiber-craft I do. Weaving? He was weaving on a 12H table loom at 4 (and I have photos to prove it!). Knitting? He's slowly knitting a scarf - he'd be done with it now if he'd stick to 1 pattern. Instead, every 4" he's changing - he's got a bit of garter, then stockinette, then 4x4 rib...he says he wants to try all sorts of patterns. He's thinking about crochet - but because I can't offer help, he's kinda in the dark.

Herself? Managed about 1" of a scarf before deciding it was "too hard". I think it's because I am constantly knitting, and Himself is doggedly working on his project(s) (he also has a hat in progress for his Grannie)...and she doesn't like being upstaged. She does like to weave on the inkle loom (simple band loom that makes trim/sashes/bookmarks. Very very basic 2H loom) - but NOT if I am weaving on the other one. She was playing with the RH loom...until Sweet Geek started weaving last night. She was OK with it...until he started playing around with lace-weaves (which I do NOT do, because they are too fiddly for me. I want to bang out CLOTH, not fiddle with wrapping warp threads to make holes in my fabric. :shrug: Different strokes, and all that - HE thinks weaving Tartans would be mind-numbing, and I LOVE it - watching the sett emerge with each color-change. :happy wiggles:)

Because of the whole Aspie thing, I tend to let her do what she this case, she found a learn-to kit with a crocheted goldfish. Oh My Goodness - she is OBSESSED. I've given her a ball of cotton and an appropriate sized hook (I think - it's about the same thickness as the appropriate-sized knitting needle) to practise with, and she is going NUTS trying to figure out the "magic ring" you need to start the blasted thing. I found her a video - and quickly figured out what you're supposed to do...but I *KNOW* she'll drop it if I show ANY skill at it whatsoever.'ll still be "hearing" me claim I can't crochet. She doesn't read here - yet - but sometimes she reads over my shoulder as I type. And, honestly - I *can't* crochet. Not past the basic single crochet - and, again honestly, I don't WANT or NEED to crochet. I can produce all the fabric my family will ever need by weaving or knitting.....and Herself NEEDS more outlets for her creativity.

Now...we need to arrange a few lessons for her. The "local" yarn store offers them...I'll be calling them up soon. So that she feels "better" then her ol' mom. (And I still win, because she'll be working with yarn. :heh heh:)
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since we just got hit with a deadline. :sigh: Way to plan stuff, guys! :lol:

Crochet: Himself looked at the book, started practising with the cotton yarn I had at home (to save the "good" stuff)...then lost the hook. :bangs head: I found it this AM on the floor.....anyway, whilst tucking him into bed, he said "Thanks for the stuff, Mom, but....I don't really like anything in that book." Figures.......

Herself is busy working. I think she likes the fact that she can do something *I* can't. :grin: Her class is doing an economics project - the kids have to set up a business, with a plan, budget, etc, then on 3/11 they'll be having a "flea market" type thing to sell their products. She said "Oh! I can sell crocheted stuff! Or origami jewelry! Or...." :grin:

Sweater: Still on the sleeve. Only did 5 rows yesterday. I need to get cracking!

Exercise: Got my other DVDs in last night, so did the "Basic Moves" one. It's easy, compared to the Slim Down one, and just what I needed last night. Tonight will be the Fat burning one, I think. I haven't lost any weight, per my scale, but my pants are a little bit looser (loose enough now that they keep sliding down. Not a HUGE difference, but still...)

Woodstove: Estimate was......DOUBLE my budget. Right at $5K. This includes *everything* - stove/hearth/pipe/installation...but...:whew: We are discussing this. Might not happen, now. We'll see.
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see, we ran to JoAnn's at lunch today. I had a 40% off coupon, and a little boy who wants to learn to crochet and a sister who won't let him look at her kit. (Typical). So...I figured I'd see if *they* had a kit for him, I'd use the coupon, and all would be well and good.

Only....the crochet kits? Were all Guuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrllllllllll stuff. Purses/lacey scarves/flower bracelets. Himself would NEVER get into *that*. So. OK, I can deal with this.

I hit the yarn section. Ooooh - books! Cool...let's see if they have any amigurumi (love that I have the spelling now!) books! Hmmm...cute fruit. Nah. Oooh - animals! Well....OhOHOHHHH! Crobots!!!! (Yes, folks - I found a book on crocheted Robots. :bangs head:)

Ok - I know what the coupon will be used on. :grin: I flipped the book open (it's all greek....:sigh:), figured out what hook/yarn the patterns were written for, and gathered it up.

So. He now has a "kit" to make a couple of Crobots. Worsted-weight yarn, size 2.75mm hook, and the book. (I bought Herself a skein of bright clown-spore, so she wouldn't feel left out. :lol:) We'll see if either one keeps up with it.....:fingers crossed:

Oh - and I got a set of 9 hooks off of eBay for $10 with shipping. Since I just paid $2 for *1* hook, I think that was a good deal. If the kids DON'T take up crochet, I can use the hooks for picking up dropped knit stitches. Or something. I STILL Don't Understand how crochet works. I tried to help Herself last night - I can do a chain. I figured out how to go back, pick up a stitch (just like knitting!! :lol:), and even pull the thread thru...but I don't understand how *2* stitches are called "single crochet". It...doesn't make sense to me. Nor can I really be sure I'm picking up the proper...stitch? Side of a stitch?

I mean, in knitting, all your stitches are held nice and tidy on the left-hand needle. The right-hand needle works them in order - it's all orderly and logical.

Crochet? You've got a hook, and the work just hangs out, only attached by 1 loop. It's not logical AT ALL - to me, anyway - and it simply doesn't make sense. :sigh:

Oh, well - if I can get the kids crocheting, we'll be covered in the event we require something crocheted. I've got the knitting side covered. :lol:


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