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Let's see....

Ali: Knitting IS hard - at first. It takes practice to teach your hands what to do, when. I promise, IF you want to learn to knit, you can - it just might take a while. However, you don't HAVE to knit (I know, that should be obvious, but some people don't "get" that. I give you permission to never knit anything if you don't want to. :wink:) *I* can't crochet at all - yet people tell me all the time that knitting is harder to get.....for them, maybe it is. For me? Crochet simply does NOT make sense. I am in awe of my daughter, who can do both.

H: Spinning...doesn't require a wheel, you know. :wink: Drop spindles are cheap and small and portable - yeah, they're slower by the day, but faster by the week. My collection fits in a flower pot. :lol: There's also a lot of small wheels out there....but wheels aren't cheap or as portable. If you wanna try, let me know. I'll see if I can't scrounge up a CD spindle - I have a TON of wool I can share. :whistles innocently: :giggles madly: :runs away: (Yup, I'm a fiber-enabler. You want to learn something I know how to do? I'll gladly share stuff and what I know. :lol:)

Sock Report: I'm on the 2nd lace pattern now, about halfway up the foot. I have to say, this pattern is NOT hard - it looks it, but it really isn't. (I'm not just saying that, either - it really isn't hard!) As long as I count carefully on each odd row (the actual pattern rows are the odd ones; the even rows are straight knit all across), it's easy-peasy. I am still using lifelines, because...lace. Dropped stitches. 'Nuff said.

Oh - and yes, sock machines ARE fun. And fiddly - as far as I know, no one is currently making them (I could be wrong - Auto Knitter was supposedly making new ones back in the early 2000's, but I honestly don't know if they are/did.), so all the available ones are from the turn of the 20th century. And they act their age. Mine was bought fully refurbished, and guaranteed to knit; it did/does, but it's picky. VERY picky - if you don't apply the correct amount of weight to the knit tube, it'll refuse to you have to pull down on the knitting with your non-cranking hand. And....that hurts my wrist. More than knitting by hand, the CSM sits and gathers dust.

Mine dates from 1920-ish, if I remember correctly. It's complete - and when it's in the mood, you can crank out a pair of socks in an hour. Ribbed cuff and all.

I need to sit down and spin some so I can think about Ali's post today.....I don't have any mindless knitting to help me focus, so I need to spin. I think better when my "upper" mind is focused on something like spinning/easy knitting.
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because pictures or it didn't happen, right? :wink:

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37* for the high today. :brrrrrr: Yes, it gets cold here every year. THIS year, however, it's here early. I really don't wanna think about what this means for the rest of Winter....

Chloe has completely housebroken herself. Thursday she was free all night....NO piddles, puddles, or bombs At All. :huzzah!: She's a smart cookie.....pretty much. :lol:

Stealth project: the knitting part is DONE, I just need to full it. (Fulling and Felting are the same thing; Fulling is when it's done on purpose, and Felting is when it's an oops. :lol:) That's on the agenda for tomorrow, provided SG goes into the office.

Knitting: Working on Auntie's fingerless mitts. She tried a pair of mine on Thursday, and they fit, so we're good to go.

We got complemented on our hats today at Gamestop.....I had an idea for another chu'llo. Um. 1) Game-related motifs and 2) Star Wars. I just so happen to have a collection of Star Wars charts....methinks I need to get another yarn order ready. :rofl: I'll put them in the queue.

Spent some time today filling in my Lesson Plans - we finished Vol. 1 of All American History, and Vol. 1 of Writing with Skill. Today I filled in Vol. 2 of some point this week I need to fill in Torah Class Leviticus - not that we are anywhere *near* finishing Exodus, but..why not? Go ahead and get it set up, then it's open and go the rest of the year.

Sewing: I made Tigger a sweater - only it looks like a pajama top, so it's her "jammies". We had to run out to pick up some velcro - I braved the frozen studio and attached it today. She's SO cute in it! And she seems to love it - she's all curled up on the couch; not even trying to shimmy out of it or anything. I need to make Kenzie some sort of blanket - she's shivering now, too. (It's 32* outside - I don't blame her!)

SG cut firewood today, so we're good for another few days of cold. Not that I want more days of cold...but we're ready. The Scottish Wheel is set up in the Living room - it was nice to sit in front of the fire spinning yesterday! I need to schedule more spinning time....I need a few more oven mitts and I have a lot of nasty wool that'll suit.

Stay warm!
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Busier than usual - this was the weekend of the Arlington Highland Games. Last year they moved it from June to May, to give us cooler weather....yeah. I froze all weekend. :lol: It wasn't busy, and I didn't have all the idiots ignorant people that I usually see.

Friday we went and did set up. I was worried - I had 2 goats (Risky and Dulce) down and not eating. This is BAD - a non-eating goat is generally a dead goat - so I was pretty concerned. Got home Friday afternoon and both goats were still with us, but not eating. Dulce was limping...I gave her banamine and Thiamine, and gave Risky Thiamine, and played the wait-and-see game.

Saturday AM, both girls were better, but not eating. So....more banamine (both, this time) and, because I had no other ideas, I wormed them. I spent the day slightly worried.....but both were NORMAL when we got home. :weird:

Saturday was Star Wars day (May 4th....May the Fourth be with you!), AND Free Comic Book day. There's a Comic store right down the street from the Stadium...and they had a sketch artist there doing free sketches. SG wanted a sketch of Himself and Herself, but Himself weaseled out (he doesn't like photos/pictures of him....:whatever:), so instead, SG got "his girls" done.

5/4/13 Free Comic Book Day sketch

(Sorry it's sideways - LJ won't let me edit it for some reason, and I finally gave up.) This is what she and I would look like as anime characters. :lol: The artist was FANTASTIC - she spent a lot of time talking with Herself about art in general, and comics in specific. It was a good time..and then I had a panic attack on the way home. Not sure why....but the corset had to come off NOW and I couldn't breathe...and....:sigh:

Sunday AM, Kaylee was down and not eating, so I wormed her (why not?)...and she was FINE when we got home. So...I wormed EVERYBODY yesterday evening.

Anyway, yesterday was weird....but good. My favorite jeweler was there (he's a Clan Cousin*), and he offered Herself an apprenticeship when she turns 18. They spent HOURS talking yesterday about jewelry-making....she's nervous and excited about this opportunity. Me? Waiting. IF it's what Yah wants, we'll know. If not, no need to worry about it now. (Also, he took my Celtic horse bracelet with him - the stone had a developed a crack, and he said he wouldn't stand for that. So, it's gone "home" to be cleaned, polished, and have the stone replaced. FREE. He does good work, and warranties his stuff for life. I didn't know that....) He gave her a list of stuff to get/do, so she can start....this is going to get interesting, I think. (I also ended up buying a pair of earrings from ONLY purchase at the Games. They're pierced-work, Irish Wolfhounds. Gorgeous. And what started her talking with him, because she said it looked "easy" to do. He concurred, and the conversation took off from there. Best $40 I ever spent! :lol:)

Overall, the Games were good. I had 1 lady tell her son that my spinning "this is how they used to make yarn!" Ignoring the fact that I was sitting Right In Front of Her, happily turning wool into yarn. Even her son gave her a look...:snicker: 1 guy showed up, bragging that he had woven his kilt....look, that's great, but...tartan? Not so hard to do. (It was his attitude - we should all bow at his prowess, because HE wove a Kilt! And...he has a ASHFORD wheel, and spins sewing thread on it. Riiiiight. Ashfords are nice, but NOT really suited for spinning froghair yarn. Again, it was his attitude....HIS wheel was fantabulous, and we should all be in awe of him. :sigh: I stroked his ego a bit, but it was hard to do.) Other than that, it was boring. I got 4 bobbins of singles spun, and about half of it plied off. One of my Clan Cousins has decided that the yarn would make a beautiful shawl, that would match her outfit perfectly. I can take a hint...:lol: (It's in the queue. It'll take a while, but shawl it is.)

I need to take a few days to recover - I was....fragile yesterday. Not sure why, but....:sigh: I went in mundanes - a Clan shirt and sweats - but it was still a bit..wobbly all day. Weird. (What's even weirder? I got asked by another Clan member if I was "a member of the Tribe" - because he FINALLY noticed my Star of David (I've only been wearing it for....4 years now. All the time.) I didn't even hesitate - Yes - and....I felt "normal". I don't even....I'm not sure WHAT was going on, but there it is. I was fine the rest of the day, for the record.)

Oh! We got some of our cousins hooked on Star Fluxx....:heh: Just spreading the joy.....

*I kinda feel like I need to explain this. We're active in our respective Scottish Clan societies (both McDuff (SG) and McClellan (me)). Every member is related to the Clan(s) somehow; membership is voluntary. All members are "Clan Cousins" - think of it as the ONLY time you get to pick your family. :lol: Some of us are related for "real" - my Regional Director is not only my SIL, she's also a cousin 4 or 5 times removed - and some are only related thru the Clan, but they're all family. In a way. I could join...7 societies, I think, but have chosen just these 2 (for now)....I don't need a huge family. All trying to score soap and hand-knits. :lol: BUT - it's why Herself was offered the apprenticeship now, instead of waiting - she's "family", and interested in the craft. We'll see where it goes.....


Mar. 14th, 2013 08:29 am
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Lost of stuff's been happening this week, aided by the fact that we are on Spring Break. And I only have 1 kid at home. So, I give you Photos!

Clicky! )

That catches you up with my stuff, I think. Herself has a camera-full I need to sort and post, but that'll come later. For now, I need to finish warping the loom, then I have to bake pie. is Pi Day! (Well, at 1:59, because...pi = 3.14159, duh! :wink:)

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Pool install has been rescheduled for tomorrow. I had to go out and dig 2 holes (who am I kidding? The TRACTOR dug 2 holes! :love my Kubota:) to see if they'd fill up with water...I could have told them no, because our soil just doesn't work like that, but hey - I got to play with the tractor!

Baby goats are PO'd at me right now - today I dropped the lunch-time bottle. This AM I filled up the "big" feeder with pellets, topped off the water, and filled the hay rack, so they're not starving, no matter what they say.

I got to SPIN today!!!!! Well, ply - but it's close enough. I owe Alden an apology - ever since I got the Production Wheel, I've looked at it, but have been too afraid of it to sit down and spin. (Don't laugh - it's HUGE. My other 2 wheels are nice, normal wheels - this one has a 30" drive wheel, and it's's like a Ferrari vs. a Cadillac. (I wanted to say Volkswagon, but I just can't compare an AA wheel to such a..pedestrian car. :lol:) I tried it out the day I got it....and it ATE the wool out of my hand, burped, and looked for more. I haven't been brave enough to try again) It's SWEET. I plied up 2 full Norwegian bobbins in about 10 minutes (minus the few times I had to unwind the loose stuff on the bobbin and rewind it on.....have I mentioned this wheel is FAST?) I'm eyeballing the ready-to-spin stash to see what I can practice on.......

I bought this wheel with spinning-for-sale in mind. Yes, my other 2 wheels will work for that....but. A production wheel was designed to do 1 thing - spin garment-weight yarn in the most efficient manner possible. My other 2 will do the job, but they aren't designed for speed-spinning. This wheel IS. I had the thought that if I had a "work" wheel, it wouldn't take away the pleasure I get from just sitting down and *spinning* - I would "work" so many hours per day, then I could sit with my "fun" wheel(s) and noodle around. (This wheel won't allow "noodling" - it's all business.) I'm still not friends with it - but now that I'm over my fear of it, that will come.

Children are doing fine at Granny's. Himself called me to see if he could delete stuff off of the ancient laptop (the ONLY Windoze unit we still have - he uses it for coding Portal test chambers). I said sure - after all, *I* haven't used the machine in 2+ years; I really doubt there's anything on there I still need. (Is it wrong of me to say that I keep hoping it'll just die a natural death, so we'll truly be an Apple-only family? Because.....yeah.)

Gotta go vacuum - Shabbat Shalom!!


Feb. 18th, 2010 05:32 am
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OK....I am so chuffed over Herself's crochet-mastery that I HAD to take a photo! There's only 1..because,'s a square. :lol: How many photos can you take of a *square*?

It's photo time! )

Still contemplating Revelation.....had a few thoughts, but need to read it all before trying to put them into words.
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26* this AM. The high today is supposed to be 56* - almost where it's *supposed* to be. Tomorrow, it's supposed to be 60* - THAT'S more like it! :grin:

Herself is crocheting up a storm! She's already finished a "wash cloth" for me (need to take photos - it's good!) and is working on a scarf for one of her Beanie Babies (I...don't even know. She's happy, so...:shrug:) She's now working with some acrylic that she HAD to have.....and she says it "feels funny". :snicker: Guess I shouldn't have started her with cotton - but it's what I had on hand.

We're planning on going to the LYS (Local Yarn Store) Saturday - I want to try and sell the 12H table loom. *IF* I'm lucky, the shop will buy it, and I can just trade with them. :grin: I want some more weaving yarns, some solid-color sock yarns for my *next* project (Turkish socks! I need TONS of color!), and I'd like to get the kids' stashes started (or at least Herself's - Himself is off of yarn-fondling at the moment and is concentrating on Airigami. least he's doing SOMETHING with his hands!) Maybe pick up yet another set of crochet hooks, since Himself has *lost* the set I got off of eBay. :sigh:

Cleared off 3 more bobbins last night - soon as I ply up the last little bit of orange, I'll have cleared off every bobbin except the one that's on the Norwegian. (Cashmere - THAT one won't be touched until it's full!) The Norwegian is now ready for NTIF.....and I'm a little more comfortable with the Can. Sax (my Production Wheel). That lovely scares me - it's SO fast! (Well, DUH! It has a 30" drive wheel!) One of these days I'll get comfortable with her......I'm having trouble controlling the foot vs hand speed. I just need to sit down and play.....but right now I'm in a knitting mode. (The sleeve is at 25% now.....we're moving along. Slowly, but progress can be seen)

Pondering the Book of Revelation again.....lots of questions. Well, we'll know soon enough, I think.
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:yawn: The dogs actually let me sleep almost ALL night last night! We have the pet door closed because of when they have to go out (potty/barking/patrol), they scratch on my door. I got to sleep straight thru to 3:30 this morning!

That's good, because Sweet Geek was at his aunt's last night (they are....moving something at his work, so he's pulling long hours. Fun!). Normally, HE gets up to let them it was nice that they thought of me. :grin:
Hope they do it again - he might not be home tonight, either. :sigh: (We had to ask a neighbor to pick up the kids...I can drop them off - for now - but picking them up is problematical. They both have my cell :fingers crossed: it goes well.

Am trying to clear off some bobbins for NTIF - it's coming up quick. Got over 200 yards off of the blue froghair I've been working on forever. Still have more on the bobbins.....then I need to clear off the orange. I'm trying to get 4 empties for the demo - that way I know I'll have enough bobbins. :grin:

The stove has been ordered; the rest will be ordered tomorrow. Still looks like next weekend will be the install - hope it doesn't get as cold again! (Although I doubt we'd lose power again...still, can't be too prepared!)

For my records: Wormed the goats yesterday. 1 ml Ivomec/37.5 pounds, orally. All 3 goats were about 120 pounds, so they each got 3 ml (well, they got a FULL 3 ml syringe - a little *more* than 3 ml.)

Zorra cut her mouth sometime on Sunday - she's fine, but it looks icky. I treated it with E-balm. She can eat and chew her cud, and doesn't seem to be in any pain or distress....but we'll keep watching.
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My brain is going 90-to-nothing right now, so *you* get a meandering post. :grin: Sorry...I think. Now, as an apology, you *ALSO* get

Clicky-clicky for blatherings and photos )
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And I do mean *survived*. Let's recap, shall we?

Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday, in which the strangest question EVER was reported )

In which we do a Good Deed )

Wrist - OK, I hadn't spun for about a week before the surgery until Saturday. This was probably NOT the best way to get back into it....Saturday night I had to pop a pain pill. I was stiff, sore, and very, very achy. Sunday was better - it's a little sore this morning, but NOTHING like it was Saturday. I got back in the groove pretty quickly - I was turning out froghair singles within a few minutes.

Elbow - tender where the stitches are right up to the skin, but no major pain.

Borg - I was able to get 1 lady *spinning* on my Norwegian. She's a natural...and I'm sure will be joining our ranks soon. 2 kids HAVE to have a wheel NOW, dad.....1 dad took down the info on Babe's Fiber Starter, so I feel pretty good about that one. A couple of other people are *very* interested - I passed out a few cards, and told them how to find a local knitting/spinning guild. :grin: Clan-wise, we had 6 full sheets of new members/interested parties, which is phenominal for this Festival. This is good - our Annual General Meeting is this year, HERE, in June, so...we want more members to show our National Board how good we are. :snicker:

I'm tired, and I'm at work, so I'd better skedaddle. Lunch with the boss today - it's co-worker's 65th b-day today, so, needless to say, we ain't gonna get much done today. :lol:
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well, it *is* March, after all. We can't expect it to be 80* yet (even though it HAS been, quite a bit. I'm gonna HATE June this year, I just know it!)

[ profile] ritaspins37 pointed out that I haven't mentioned spinning. She's right...I haven't tried it yet. I have a demo this weekend, and...well, I haven't had a chance to sit down at the wheel. :sigh: I'm not worried - my left hand is the forward hand, so it doesn't do a *whole* lot anyway, and *knitting* doesn't hurt (yes, it's a sock. YES, I'm taking it slow - I did maybe 6 rounds yesterday, in the course of 3 hours. I want to knit, but I do NOT want to encourage more pain. So...slow.)

Speaking of socks, I pulled out my Tsock kit (Fiber Festival) last night for a read-thru. I got it sometime last year, and put it directly into the stash, because, somehow, I had the impression that it was knit toe-up (the lovely and talented Tsarina prefers toe-up, and most of her patterns are.) Imagine my surprise when I discovered the instructions are for a CUFF DOWN sock! (I had even gone on Ravelry to read any trouble-shooting/errata...and yup - toe-up. :bangs head:) Needless to say, it has been bumped up to next-in-line. :grin: (I've just about got Sweet Geek convinced that I need Vintage. Badly. It's toe-up....guess I'll need to just suck it up and try it. :giggle:) The Tsarina set me straight - it is cuff down, with a peasant heel. She said if the heel as written doesn't fit me, she'll talk me thru modifying it - how great is that?

See, I'm a heel-flap-and-gusset girl, because they fit my foot correctly. Short-row heels...don't. I've tried - both on the CSM and by hand, and the flap and gusset heel wins hands-down. I haven't done a Peasant Heel yet, so this will be fun.

I am band-aid free on the inside of the wrist....the outside is still seeping a bit. We won't discuss the elbow - it's about the same. I can flip my hand from palm down to palm up; I have NO up and down movement. It hurts to try and pull the hand back, but I am working on it. I think it's because it isn't fully healed yet, but.....yeah. Am going to keep working on it. I can start using balm on it Friday (counting down? Me? :lol:)

I guess I should pretend to work...
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I promised you pictures, and I HAVE pictures. Of many things. :grin: (Yes, I am a tease. :lol:) So...this'll be long, and picture-heavy. Cut to spare my FL and dial-up users )


Dec. 28th, 2008 05:20 pm
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we finally got the closet finished yesterday about 4. We still need to get another set of shelves for the wall next to the door, but that's just extra. Sweet Geek is currently taping the ceiling of the bedroom so I can start painting tomorrow - AFTER I a)clean; b)take the kids shopping; and c)see my orthopedist. Fun, fun fun! (He's pissed at the Cowboys......)

Filled the first bobbin on my production wheel - about 2 hours of spinning time to get a full bobbin of froghair singles. :boggle: I'm still adjusting to the speed....and I still need to take photos, but the bedroom takes priority. It's...bad. Really, REALLY bad. :grin:
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Had a nice time today with Sweet Geek's brother and sister-in-law. Drop-in type; lots of snacks, and fun. Kids seemed to enjoy it.

Wrist is all achy...:sigh:

Himself is all wound up because he lost *THE* most important part of his new Lego Set - without it, he can't finish the hyperspace ring for his Jedi Starfighter. :sigh: Not my problem..and he won't take advice. I'm just letting him vent in his room......

Off to spin. :grin:

Hoo Boy!

Dec. 24th, 2008 06:23 pm
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OK...I had no idea that moving up from a 24" wheel to a 29" wheel was so difficult. I sat down and did Alden's formulas (in The Book.....) to figure out my ratios, then I picked the closet one to my "standard" on the Norwegian. Why? Because I decided to break her in with the kilt hose yarn. I have a *ton* to go thru, and I need to, get 'er done.....and all I can say is: This lovely lady is FAST. If I treadle at my normal, mindless pace, I get wire. At the moment, I can't speed up my draft - so I have to concentrate on slowing down my foot. That's HARD.

It's a Lovely wheel - very Plain Jane, but gorgeous all the same. She's a light maple - very, very pale next to my other 2 wheels, and Huge. :grin: When I unpacked the box, I wondered at the Zoom Spout machine oil - Alden has always, ALWAYS impressed on me the importance of 30W oil - but the sight of the lovely wood made it plain. 30W would darken the wood in an unsightly manner.

I haven't done a lot of spinning on her - we hit Wallyworld 2x today. First for groceries, then we went back to improve the kids' wardrobes (underwear and socks - we had none. I think they're under the beds - but if you think I'm gonna go there, you're crazy! :lol: However, in the 15 minutes or so I've spent on her I've managed to put 1 good layer on the bobbin. I figure I can, once I get used to the speed, fill a bobbin in...20 minutes? 30?

Anyway, I gotta go - I have to get cozy with the new wheel! (Yeah - pictures will come, once I get around to taking them. :grin:)
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the wheel stork just delivered a box....I haven't opened it yet - we're eating dinner - but I will shortly. You *might* hear from me tomorrow.....:lol: We're hitting the grocery store early, then home...where I will be ensconced with my new wheel. Getting her broke in. Or something. :grin:

Pictures to follow.....if I can drag myself away from her.

I'm here!

Dec. 23rd, 2008 11:09 am
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Survived the MRI...barely. Good thing it was only 30 minutes....I was just about to go into a full-blown panic attack when the nurse pulled me out. :sigh: Got a set of prints off of it for the doc, so that's good (and....MRI prints look weird. :grin:)

Today, I got my SS card and my DL changed to Mrs., that's good. It only took 2 hours total, too (and that included driving time!).

We're now sitting around the house waiting on the wheel stork....he left the UPS distribution center at 2:20 this AM, and is "Out for Delivery". :taps fingers: Hope he delivers soon...I've got groceries to buy! :lol:

Updated the comments yesterday for the story on the truck roll-over. :shakes head: Sad stuff, that....


Dec. 19th, 2008 07:18 am
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NOT a good day yesterday. Co-worker went home sick; I had to deal with a p-o'd Ms boss. Sweet Geek's Aunt's dog had to be put down, so we went to bury it for her after work. USPS has LOST Sweet Geek's new lens......THAT'S fun to deal with....and I twisted my left hand/wrist wrong last night, and am now in worse pain than I was before. The MRI isn't until Monday....:sigh:

Good news is that the wheel stork left CA yesterday...:grin:

Not much to say right now....
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Brace yourself..this is going to be a wild ride. Lots'a stream of conciousness stuff here....

Herself )

Wheel Stork Update )

The weather outside is frightful... )

Hair blatherings )

Think that's all....for the moment. We'll see. :grin:


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