Aug. 31st, 2007 08:31 am
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I learned the coolest thing yesterday in my Torah Class lesson - there is a repeating pattern of Hebrew letters that spells out the word "Torah" in a fixed sequence in the beginning of 4 of the 5 books of the Torah. Gen 1: 1-5, it's speled forwards, with each letter of the word spaced exactly 49 letters apart (7x7), starting with the final letter of the first word and going forward. Ditto in Exodus 1: 1-6, starting with the final letter of the 2nd word.

In Leviticus, you get the Divine name of YHVH spelled out, with the letters precisly 7 letters apart. (7 of course, is the divine number of God)

In Numbers, the word Torah is spelled backwards in the 7x7 interval.....but in Deuteronomy, the interval is 48. Why? Because Deuternomy was written BY Moses - man. And, man is not Divine.

Totally cool! It geeked me out, to be sure. :grin:

In other news...kiddos still liking school. Herself does her homework in class, Himself brings it home and finishes it within about 15 minutes.

He decided he wanted chili tonight for our Sabbath meal....OK. I can do that. We had to hit the grocery store last night anyway, so I bought some fresh meat (no thawing! Speeds up the process!)..I also found some lamb (yummy!) and the rest of the groceries. This AM I browned the meat and got the chili going....supper will be fast tonight - it's already done! :grin:

Got my Lacis order in yesterday...I'm not real impressed with the pomamder ball (to hold tatting thread) - it's WAY too big for my teeny wrists; the hardwood shuttle is not impressive...but the workbook is cool. :lol: LOTS of ideas there....

Gotta run - bosslady is on her way up....
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It rained yesterday - make that "torrential downpoured". I don't know exactly how much we got, but my pool went up about 3". :blink: The front yard is all squishy, and the horses were soaked (and told me *all* about it!)

Got my Baerreis Finny fork yesterday - I loves me some Paduak wood! It's a nice, deep orangey-rust, and it's cute. It's the fork of choice's holding, but my hair has reached the mid-back abyss and won't do *anything* I want it to. :sigh: Still, the fork is lovely, and I'm happy with it.

Kids doing well in school. Both have pretty much settled in. They're getting easier to get up and moving in the AM, so that's good. The 3-day weekend won't help matters, though.....

Almost done with the size 80 bookmark...MAN, is that thread Teeny! :grin: I've got some handdyed stuff from Yarnplayer (on Etsy) to try out next (size 30, 2 50s, and another 80) to see what size I prefer......since my Lacis order is on the UPS truck as we speak (well....type), I might get to try one of them out sooner rather than later. :grin:

Must run - boss is due in any minute :grrrr:
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and I had 1 happy camper, and 1 not-so-happy camper. Himself is all excited - "Mom, I got all hundreds last year. Except for the 4 90s. Think I can do it again?" :grin: Herself...not so much. Except for the animals in her room (the blue-tailed skink, rats, finches, 5 turtles, 2 goldfish, tarantula......:shudder:) We'll's her first year in this school (our district has the schools set up so that you move every 2 years. Yippee.) and she's a bit apprehensive.

In other news, I've been experimenting with different sized tatting threads. Started out with crochet cotton (size 10). It was easy. Moved to cotton perle 8 - not much different; it's a bit thicker. Moved to cotton perle 12 - it's a lot smaller! Whoa...but I perservered, and have managed to lose 2 bookmark halves now. :grin:

Then.......then I went out and bought "real" tatting thread. Size *80*. Can you say "sewing thread"? I knew you could!

It's a challenge - I can't tat with it unless I am in very strong light. It's Teeny! I have 1/4 of a bookmark done...and it takes up the space of 1 motif in the perle 12. :bigeyes: Pretty, though.....I have some size 20, 30, 50, and 80 on order, so we'll see which I like best.

Started knitting Herself a vegan's firey. And Ugly - but it's what she wants. Himself wants one to sleep with....but he hasn't picked the colors yet. Probably, knowing him, it'll be as lifelike as possible. :grin:


Aug. 12th, 2007 03:49 pm
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Yesterday was busier than it had any right to be. Herself had a doc's appt for her last HPV vaccination, so we headed out towards Downtown early. After, we hit Penzey's, Tom Thumb, and Chili's (lunch was superb! They have a new dessert - chocolate shots. Yum!) I got some new spice blends (Lamb, Greek, and Tuscan Sunset - all of which smell divine!), and some LAMB. Wowza.

We had some of the Lamb last night - it was my first attempt at cooking it, and it came out OK....the George Foreman grill was NOT a good idea (the bone kept the grill from closing all the way), but the lamb had a wonderful flavor, and disappeared pretty quickly. I've got enough for 1 more time I'll broil it and see how it goes. (And, I'll be picking up more so we can experiment again. :grin:)

Napped, then swam....we tried to watch the meteor shower but it was too overcast (or something). We'll try again tonight...and tomorrow morning.

Today was church (the women's Thankoffering Service)...meh. The sermon was.....well, it wasn't anything great. (It wasn't pastor). She based it on the 2nd lesson (from Hebrews) and kept saying "the Preacher" who wrote it (and here I thought scholars had determined that Paul wrote it to his congregation of Messianic Jews) and that "preachers" during that time were persecuted......huh? If anything, he'd have been called "Rabbi", and "persecuted"???????? She lost me at that point, as she went on and on and on about personal signs from God......:sigh: (I'm an equal opportunity give a sermon, it'll get looked at.)

We're gonna hit the pool soon - it's 102* right now, so I'm trying to get up the energy to actually go outside. I need to rearrange the round pen soon - the front yard is overgrown, and the horses need to mow it down. I'm tired of wasting all that lovely grass with the tractor (and, yes - I'm lazy. Why mow if the horses will do it for me?), so....gotta find some help, though. Each panel is over 50 lbs, and I can't do it by myself. (There's 10 panels, each....8 or 10 feet long. Uuuuugggggggggghhhhhhhhh.)

Still need to go pickup the rug weaver's stuff...didn't hear from him this weekend, so I'll try to ring him up sometime this week. Did connect with a crocheter who has a ton of what she calls "weaving yarns".....those will appear on my doorstep soon. :grin:

Have started bookmark #3. The celtic heart one bombed - I need more practise, first - this one is another clover-leaf pattern. I found some actual, real tatting thread in the stash and am trying's teeny. It's working up nice! Payday will (hopefully) see more ordered (and a new shuttle...maybe) along with some pattern books. I am ready to branch out. I think. :grin:


Aug. 9th, 2007 09:28 am
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I have a washing machine again - one that *works*. It only took about 30 minutes, too - AND they cleaned out my dryer and tuned it up. (Did you know that the lint trap isn't the only thing you're supposed to clean on a dryer? I didn't. There was 4 years of Ick in there.......the good news is, it didn't go *poof*. The better news is, I now know how to get in there and vaccum it out (1x year, pleaseandthankyou!)

The dishwasher is still sounding like it's about to explode, but the repairman was very nice and listened to it for me. "Oh!" he said. "Check the cut-off valve under the sink." So...I did. Nope - we hit 2.1 on the richter scale. "Ahh..." he said. "It's the mumblesomthing valve. It'll run ya about $165 in parts and labor. You can use it as is with no problem, though - just go outside when it's fillin' up. Once the water hits a certain level, it'll get quiet again." *whew* Since he used to be *the* only repairman in this area, I believe him...but I'm still calling Sears back next month to get it fixed. I can only handle so much rumbling from my appliances. :grin:

Finished my bookmark, and have already started a different one. *This* one is looking much better - so far, my tension is pretty uniform, as are my picots. We'll see how it goes.... Next up will be a Celtic something or other..then on to trim! (I lead SUCH an exciting life, don't I? :grin:)

It's supposed to be sunny this weekend, so I'll try to get pictures. Have a doctor's appointment, though - and I'd like to visit the Llamas. We'll see...


Aug. 8th, 2007 11:07 am
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The meeting last night went great - even if I had screwed up the date (it..umm..was supposed to be NEXT week :bangshead:) :grin: We'll be having another one next week, with even MORE people - whee!!!!

Waiting for Sears today....what fun! My bedroom is tidy (finally!) the laundry is empty (whoa!), dishes are all washed (by hand, yet!)....and I'm pooped. :grin: Will be hitting the couch later for some much needed napping..the kids can be on the lookout for Sears and wake me up when he gets here.

Am about 3/4 done on the tatted bookmark. I need to work on my tension, and on keeping my picots even, but it looks good. I've already got 4 or 5 new projects lined up :grin: (let's not count the knitting, weaving, or spinning projects, ok?)

Got a whale of a deal on fabric napkins - set of 4 for $0.95. I grabbed 4 sets - 2 gold, and 2 green. They're lovely, and will look nice on the table. Now, I just need to weave off the current crop of dishtowels and start on a tablecloth :grin:

Back to work - gotta feed the hungry masses before they expire!
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I've been tatting up a storm lately! Am halfway done with my first bookmark - it's pretty. I need to work on consistancy, but it's looking like an actual bookmark! :grin: Mine's in size 10 crochet cotton, in varigated blues/greens (mostly blue tones). Pretty!

First guild meeting tonight - should be fun! I met two other fiber artists on Sunday - one of them is an *awesome* spinner - I am in awe! She showed me some of her consignment yarns - WOW. I aspire to be that good! Seriously - beautiful, beautiful yarns! The other raises llamas - and if the fiber she brought to show me is any example - Whoa! I may have found me a new obsession! Super soft, lovely colors.......ahh...wonder how much I can squeeze into my attic? :big grin:

Right now, though, tatting has me enthralled. I need to find a source for silk tatting thread......I want/need to tat some lace for a chemise. (Yeah, yeah - I need to finish weaving the trim, too.....but tatting is easier to haul around. Besides, a girl can never have too many chemises, right? :grin:)

The pool was *perfect* last night - right temp, right depth, total bliss. Too bad I'll miss it tonight....especially since it gets cleaned today. Ah, well - there's always tomorrow!
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Let's see.....woven shawl is FINISHED, but still on the loom. I might just leave it there until after Christmas - not sure I want an empty loom when the family is all over, but we'll see. I washed the dishtowels I wove...way back in the dark ages, but still need to separate them and hem them - they're prezzies, so I need to get on the stick with that.

The knitted silk shawl is *still* on the needles. I need to just DO it - there's not a whole lot of yarn left, and the faster I knit the faster it'll be done. Tatting kinda drug me away from the needles, but I gotta get back to them. I also need to get back on J's socks.....:blushing:

Finished 1 batch of goats milk soap; will make some shea butter soap tonight, I think. I only ended up with 7 bars of the goats milk, so I need *more*.

Wrapped a few presents last night, have a ton to go. This year, surprisingly, I bought most of 'em (wow. Who'd'a thought you could *buy* presents?) It's not that I don't care, but honestly - most of my family is too into possessions to really appreciate handmade gifts. That's ok - more dishtowels and soap for *me*! Why waste it on the unappreciative?

Finished my very first tatted snowflake - the pattern calls for 2 more "rounds", but it looks cool as is, so I declared it good enough. Pictures will be forthcoming, soon as I find the camera (I've said that a lot lately...hmmmmm.)

Got earrings for my b-day - Himself gave me 5 pairs of "diamond" studs, Herself gave me a pair of green cat's eye dangles and a tiger-eye heart necklace, J. gave me a pair of blue chandilier earrings (plus all the loot on Saturday.) Today it's diamonds and tigereye necklace..tomorrow, who knows....probably the catseye, to keep jealousy issues down. :grin:

Hair: LHC is having problems, so you get it here first. :smile: I got some of Moonchaser's SS Oil yesterday, and immediately applied it. I bought the coconut oil version with cayenne pepper :bigeyes: Oof! My scalp tingled all night. Here's hoping it works!

My hair looks like it's getting thicker - I have no idea if it's the extra vitamins, the cocnut oil, the scalp massages, or what, but I'll take what I can get! I have a lot of short hairs from nape down to about 2", and more around the crown of my head. :surprise: No complaints - I just wish I knew what was causing it, so I could increase it! :lol:

It's up in a modified fig. 8 bun today, held by my silver Crafty Celts fork. Quick, pretty, and stable. Here's hoping it lasts all day!

I love...

Dec. 9th, 2006 11:09 pm
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Half-Price books. Really, I do....we went there today as an early birthday prezzie to me. I scored: A new copy of "The Magic of Handweaving", which isn't too bad, a new copy of "making Kumihimo", which isn't what I thought - this involves a takadai instead of a marudai, a copy of "Celtic Needlepoint" by A. Starmore, a bunch of fiction books...I made out like a bandit. :grin:

We hit Hobby Lobby and I got 2 more tatting shuttles, and some string - still tiny, but larger than the sz 20 I started with. I'll be winding a shuttle later and making *white* snowflakes.

We hit a few other stores, too - Mardel's and Russell Stover's; the kids and J. went into Thrallmart while I sat in the car and devoured my new treasures books.

It was a good day. :lol:

Oh - the tree is decorated, and the woven shawl is *thisclose* to being finished. Must go weave!
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:sigh: I am so tired of dealing with stuff that should have been outgrown in HS, y'know? I'm an adult, not a teenager - and I don't want to deal with a teen until Herself gets there! :brickwall:

ANYway.....I have my first Tatted FO! It's shaped......thingy. 5 rings, all attached at the side picots, in a red/black sparklie-yarn. The yarn is a bitch to work with (it's got/is rayon content), but it's pretty. This will look good on my tree (which will be going up this weekend), and I'm happy with it. I need to work on my tension, but all in all, it looks good.

Hair: The LHC is having site problems again, so you get to read it here. :g: I slept with my hair loose last night - choir practise ran late, and I was too tired to mess with it - and woke up with NO Tangles. :surprise: It's probably because J. took over the bed, and I only had about 8" to sleep on. :wink:

Today it's up in a messy bun, held by my new silver spiral flip stick (from neuroticsmurfmom on eBay :love:). The stick was a bit tricky to figure out, but once I figured out how to insert it, I love it. It's holding my fine hair perfectly.

I inventoried the Christmas presents - I'm just about done. The kids are done, except for the stockings, immediate family is done - just need to make soap, hem the dishtowels, and buy a few cheap things and I'll be completely finished. :grin:

Haven't touched the loom since...Sunday? Monday evening? Gotta get to it tonight - I'll probably skip dinner and hit the loom instead. The shawl is coming along beautifully - I love, love love it! The weft is just *so* soft and cuddly...I can't wait to wear the finished shawl!

I'm hoping we get really good bonuses this year. I don't *need* anything in particular, but I'd like to be able to blow a couple hundred on "frivolities"; like.....a wooden tatting shuttle. New books. Couple spindles. Handdyed wool. Silk. Hair toys. Simple stuff - none of it very expensive, but nothing I'll spend the grocery money on. I'd also like to put some in savings - we need it. :fingers crossed:
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since there seems to be interest out there :cue "Twilight Zone" music: :g:

[ profile] mantofev - Tatting is fun, and it's pretty easy once you figure out exactly what you're supposed to do. I tatted 3 rings this morning before work (and - they're attached to each other! Whoo!); it's fast and pretty mindless.

Basically, you make a loop over your left hand, and tie knots using the shuttle (or needle - from what I can tell, it's the same basic idea). The weird thing (to me, anyway) is that you tie the knot with the shuttle yarn, then "flip" it onto the that the shuttle yarn becomes the base and the loop is the knots. :blink: Once you get the "flip" in your head, it's easy....but that's where I kept getting stuck.

[ profile] oakenking - Jump on in - the water's fine! :g: I don't recommend the book I bought - "Tatting" by Bernadette Baldelli. The pictures and explanations leave a bit to be desired (at least for ME.) I screwed up 6 rings before throwing the shuttle across the room and hitting the 'net. The explanation of a chain involves 2 shuttles, and adding on to an existing ring.....which is confusing (again, to me).

Carrie Carlson's site has really really good drawings and explanations - I actually got it the first time I did it. (Oh - and she has downloadable videos, too!) has videos - but they moved too fast for me. (for some reason I can't get it to come up....I googled "tatting + video" and it was hit #1 or #2) YMMV. :g:

And, if you have it or can get it, the "Reader's Digest Complete Book of Needlework" :snerk:(it's not really complete...but it does have tatting and bobbin lace in it) has some decent instructions. I like Carrie's better, but RD helped me figure out how to attach the rings together. It has decent photos of finished rings, but no real explanations of chains.

Now, all that being said, I haven't mastered chains yet, just rings. Still, I figure rings would be harder, since you have to attach them - and chains are basically rings that you tat with a straight piece of string instead of a loop.

My next step is finding some decent pattern books and going to town. After I weave off the current warp...and finish the silk shawl(any hints on blocking handspun/handknit silk?). Knowing me, I'll ditch the 2 current projects and jump into this...:g: Oh, and attempting it with handspun...


Dec. 5th, 2006 09:30 pm
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I'm tatting! It's not too difficult - except for the "flip", but by George, I think I've got it!

I'm using a cheapie plastic shuttle, and some #20 DMC thread. Man - it's *teeny*! :g:

Just thinking of all the lovely trims I can do now......:giddy:

Gotta go tat some more!


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