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Busy weekend. Got stuff done.....also made a few decisions. Cut to spare those who could care less...:grin:

Saturday )

Sunday )

So, busy weekend, and I have a better grip on what I need to do now.

Office update: still smokey, still stinky. Better than last week, when we couldn't STAND to be there - Blackmon-Mooring put gel-packs in the ceiling ducts, and new filters. We can still smell the smoke, and our eyes are stinging, but it's a LOT better.

And, we're going house-hunting this weekend - he's found 2 promising sites, and the realtor is looking for more. :whee:
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VBS 2006. It was like herding cats - *I* was in charge of 19 little rugrats, all full of sugar and excited to be there.

Damn kids are too smart, too - I had gone thru Bartlett's Quotations for my clues (didn't wanna make it too easy on them - I had 5 hours to fill, after all, and only 7 bottles to hide), and thought that, oh, the quote from Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream about "I know a bank where the wild thyme blows..." would take at least a nano-second for them to come up with "Flowerbed!".....yeah, right. *sigh* I hadn't even *finished* the quote before they were scurrying outside to start hunting.

Ah, well, it worked, the kids enjoyed themselves, learned lots (?!) and I - well, I'm still exhausted. Ugh.

The Moresca Pirate bodice is a thing of beauty...but. There are 2 pieces of steel boning on either side of the front; 1 goes down to the waist (as they should), the other...the other just....stops. Right at the midpoint of the ribcage. Stops. And...pokes. I have 2 nice-sized bruises on my ribs now from that damn thing! Must add padding somehow - it's a lovely bodice, makes my waist disappear, and gives me a nice long torso, and I *do* want to be able to wear it for a full day next time.

At least today is a "nothing" day here at the office. I think I'll snooze a bit after lunch - I am *that* tired!
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got 4 skirts cut out, 1 completely sewn, 1 needs 1 more seam done, the other 2 are pinned. I'll be packing them up and sending them to my MIL to serge once they're seamed (my serger and I are having issues).

I'd have gotten more done, but a)this is gauze and b)the way the "crinkles" run I had to really futz with the layout. It'll still work, but it took a lot more effort to do than my usual "drop it on the floor, whack it to shape, and go" routine. They do look nice, though. And cool. Very Cool - June will be a scorcher!

Electrician called me - he's busybusybusy, but should be able to fit me in in a couple of weeks. I can wait that long......maybe. *g* He's going to try to come out this week and take a look at what he'll need to do so he can schedule me properly. Here's hoping we can swim by June 1!!

The bank handling my boss's estate is...well, incompetent is NOT the word. (Need I say that this is a bank with a name that resembles jpmorganchase?) The latest: boss left 3 trusts - 1 for his wife, 1 for his daughter (she's mentally incapable), and 1 for his 2 grandchildren. We used to handle his daughter's finances..they're simple. 2 checks a month: 1 for rent, 1 for spending money. Both checks go to the *same* *place*. (You see what's coming, yes?) The May rent check arrived (April was late - the bank didn't tell us that they were taking over as of April 1; we wrote the checks as usual and *they*bounced* because the account was CLOSED.) but the "expense" check didn't. And still hasn't. Why???? Because the oh-so-competent bank sent *that* check to Mr. Boss's son that lives in - are you ready for this - CALIFORNIA. (The other son, who is actually the daughter's legal guardian, lives in Dallas.)

That sound you heard yesterday afternoon was me hitting my head on the desk - again. :sigh:

I don't know how those people are able to dress themselves in the morning...I really don't.

Ah, well....back to the grind.
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At least it's been RAINING all day! Whee!

It was Himself's Birthday party today (Birthday is 3/6; NTIF is next weekend, and...well, kilts win hands down.) He cleaned up pretty well - Lego Mars Rover, Lego spaceship, Lego Helicopter, K'nex, Star Wars ship of some sort, clothes, Star Wars Landspeeder, more clothes, and the Playskool Anakin. He's happy.

My kitchen has been semi-organized. My under-cabinet organizer is installed and filled (need to get another one!), my cabinets are...better...and chili is bubbling away (Chili cook-off at church tomorrow. I want to OWN it.) All the mis-matched socks have either been matched or tossed (except for a few NEW socks - what? You don't keep your mis-matched socks in your kitchen??)

Also got a new digital thermostat installed. Very nice - it'll even switch from heat to cool for you! Got the (sold) warping reel dis-assembled - just need to build a box and pack it up, and got the (also sold) Ashford skeinwinder disassembled - again, need a box so I can forward the shipping cost to the buyer.

Am 1.5 full squares, 8 1/2 squares, the ribbing and the toe away from finishing the first sock. It's COOL (pictures will be forthcomingj - need sunlight to get the full effect of the wild colors).

Have woven 1/2 of a dishtowel. Spun 1/2 of a bobbin of the "winter" sock yarn. Am just about off of the sugar rush from the birthday cake....must go knit a bit!

Tomorrow: Must whip out 2 pairs of bloomers for next week, and take up the waistbands of the skirts I will wear. Fun stuff - I HATE sewing!
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I just spent over 2 hours trolling Ebay - I am in desperate need of a new bodice, since I have shrunk out of all my old ones. Unfortunately, I haven't shrunk *into* my older old off to Ebay I went.

Good Lord, what are some of these people thinking????? The "purple means witch" lady is back, and someone that thinks that lace and calico = RenFaire, and folks that have No Clue on exactly how a bodice is supposed to look. And don't get me started on the people that like stretch velvets and no - or very little - boning. *sigh*

There were a few gems: Odd Bodkin has nice looking bodices, at reasonable prices. So does RoyalCoffers - and she tosses in a skirt. I'm trying to decide what color I need.....and then I need to figure out how to get one slightly smaller than I am now - I'm still shrinking, and I don't want to spend the money Now and have the bodice not fit in October, when I need it.

So, anyone out there have any other vendors to tempt me with? I'm looking for a nice, well-supportive bodice that doesn't cost as much as a tank of gas. *g* *(J/K - I'd like to keep it under $100, under $60 would be better)

In other news, Himself has a doc. appt in the AM. He's coughing, and since I'm just coming off of strep, I want to make sure it's nothing major. Yippee - I get to drive into Dallas tomorrow!

I'm tired!

Apr. 2nd, 2005 07:06 pm
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We hit Four Winds again today; me and 2 exicited and hopped up kids. I'm surprised I can still think, let alone think coherently!

We left the house at approx. 7:15. When Himself and I went, it took us over 2 hours to get there. Today....we were in Troup by.......8:45. Opening cannon is at 10 AM. I caved - we stopped at the local Mickey D's and let the kids stuff themselves. We still got there before cannon - but so did about 50 other people, so they fired it early. *g* We were in and browsing by 9:35.

Himself wore his kilt, and he almost has the proper swagger down. It has to be the kilt - he's too young to really "know" to swagger in it. Herself was in her bodice (check out sewingwench on Ebay; she makes lovely bodices!) and pink (screaming) skirt. Very lady-like. Me? Wylde Dogs leather bodice, teal overskirt, sand underskirt, sodhoppers and cavilier hat. We got lots of compliments.

Himself spent *hours* in the petting zoo. I'm glad they only charge once....or we'd be broker than we are. He also bought himself a snack, a plastic pan pipe, and a flag at the joust. (There went his $10....not what *I* would have spent it on, but he seems happy). Herself spent her $10 on 2 things - a wooden snake (ick) and a small dragon figurine. She owes me $1 for the flag at the joust. I bought both of them pictures of their favorite knight (the knights autographed them after the joust - that's a nice touch!) and leather mugs (Himself said his pewter mug "hurts my leg when I walk!"). Me........well. I spent. But I spent it well!

I have been looking for the "perfect" bodice. I love my leather ones, but they're not perfect - the Wylde Dogs comes close, but is cut a little too high under the arms and it's uncomfortable to sit in. (The underarms creep up the longer you sit and start digging in. We had slightly over an hour to drive home. Not fun!) My sewingwench one is a bit loose, so the girls aren't properly supported. The Greycat is nice..but she uses zip ties as boning, and it's just not enough. (Picky, aren't I?) So, I've been shopping. And looking. And shopping some more. Four Winds has 4 vendors that carry bodices, so I went in today on a mission. The first one used NO boning at all. Scratch that! The 2nd only had boning at the grommets.....and it was plastic. Next! The next was the lady I've used before - she makes nice, steel-boned corsets. I have one......and I can't get into it by myself. It has a busk in front that you use to get in and out of it....and my wrists are too wimpy to be able to fasten it. (Even on it's not that it's too little for me. *sigh*) I've even unlaced it to the point of the laces coming out of the, I skipped her.

The 4th one.....well. It's a husband/wife team based in Dallas. He does the corsetry, she does the skirts, shirts, etc. I am impressed. He only had a few bodices there, and none of them were boned. I pouted - he immediately said he could add boning - free. (I did NOT give him the usual response - my kids were *right*there*. He grinned and said he'd pretend I did.) So, we discussed size. I tried on the 12..and it was a bit Big. 12 hasn't been big on me since Himself was born 5 years ago!

The upshot is that he is building me a heavily boned (steel) bodice, in green velvet, custom fit, for.........................$75. I am highly impressed. If it fits even as well as the "stock" one did, I will be happy. The girls will be fluffed but well contained and supported.

I ummm, also bought another Shadowhawk blade. It's not my fault! He had it there last time, and tried to talk me into it, but I resisted. Resistance is's 10", but it will fit nicely in my Sodhopper. Leathersmythe is making a sheath for it that will lace into the boot........and Shadowhawk is making the hilt to match my other 2 blades (which he made to match my Rosewood dagger Steve customized for me.) That'll make 5 that I wear all the the hair dagger (once I figure out the best way to wear's a bit heavy, but nice and pointy and steel). A girl can never have too many blades though, right? Right.

The joust was good...and afterwards Himself got knighted. He was told that he was now in service to the queen, so my little charmer picked a flower from the list field and presented it to her....all by himself. She was quite charmed! (So was I!!) Herself made a curtsey, which impressed me - I only mentioned it to her once.

The daycare lady DID come out - I am surprised and happy. Himself stayed with her and her boys most of the day, and they seemed to have fun. That's good. To be a proper Renrat, you have to start young. *g*

I think it's bedtime!
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Y'know how I said way back in December that I hoped the surgery worked? (No. 4 for those playing along) Well, I don't think it did. I am in agony right now - and I didn't do much today at all.

I hemmed a full-circle skirt this morning. I had pinned it last night, so before breakfast I sat down at the Singer and banged it out. My wrist ached, but not badly, so I put it out of my mind and went to fix the kidlets some food. (Scrambled eggs and sausage. No strain there). Then I cut out a pair of knee-length bloomies - again, no strain, since I'm right-handed, went outside to unload my Mother's truck (9 bags of grain - I did 6), dumped 2 salt blocks (truck to the position, I just basically dumped).....then stitched up the bloomies. Baked a cake, went to the store, boiled eggs.....took a nap, assembled a dessert for tomorrow, threw something in the oven for supper (we went out for lunch).

That was *it* for hand-work until after supper. I whipped up Herself's cloak (2 layers of polar fleece)..and the wrist is *screaming*. It's been achy since before breakfast, but this is back to almost pre-surgery levels. Bad enough that I am contemplating popping a Vicodin before bedtime.

I do NOT understand this - I didn't do anything stressful, didn't push myself to work thru pain. Urk. I give up. I already have an appointment for the Ortho on Monday, so we'll see what he has to say. I will NOT do another nerve-block - that failed miserably. So did the cortisone injections (I quit counting around 6, I think.)

The grain shouldn't have done anything - she parked *right* next to the garage, maybe 10 feet from the barrels. I slapped the bags over my shoulder and let my right hand do most of the work. *sigh*

I haven't touched the loom in a long while - I am out of the yarn I need to finish the scarf. I can't spin the yarn I need (doc told me to not do too much, so the only spinning I've done was the little at work last week.) No knitting since last October, I think........*sigh* I need to find a creative outlet soon or I think I'll explode.

At least the bloomies are cute.........I'll have to get a picture of them. I hit the Scrubs section of JoAnn's....and found the *perfect* fabric. Blue skies, butterflies...and flying pigs. *eg*


Mar. 24th, 2005 02:12 pm
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I got my coworker to take some pictures today of my new boots. I uploaded 3 here; more can be seen on the Garb and Gallery pages.

These boots are buffalo hide, both the boot and trim. Buttery soft, wonderfully comfortable - I have very happy feet today!

Happy feet! )
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I am totally impressed and amazed. I ordered a pair of knee-high boots from Sodhoppers the middle of February. Paul sent me the casting DVD and instructions March 3, and I sent them off around March 8. They arrived TODAY...and they are perfect.

They fit a treat. As well as my Catskill Mountain mocs (that are D-E-A-D; they are at least 10 years old now), but made out of a heavier leather. And did I mention the *fast* turnaround? My Catskill's took 6 weeks! And this was before they were *so* popular!

Oh, and did I mention how inexpensive (relatively speaking) they are? Let's put it this way: my Catskill's are 5 button (about 2" above the ankle) cost MORE 10 years or so ago then these 8 button (knee-high) mocs cost me this year. (The current price for the Catskill 5 button is almost $50 less than the Sodhopper knee-highs. Just sayin')

They are also a bit "fancier". My Catskill's aren't finished on the top - just a raw edge that's been smoothed out. My Sodhoppers have a neatly sewn, rounded top edge. They're a heavier leather, as well - but they feel buttery soft. The Catskill's are comfortable, but not as soft.

The Catskill's have conveyor belt soles, which are thin and "stealthy". The Sodhoppers have "real" shoe soles - these are the Athletic ones. Stiffer and not quite as "sneaky" - but. The Sodhoppers have integral arch support, the Catskill's have shearling liners. (As I get older, the arch support is *much* more important!)

Now, my Catskill's buttons are a bit heavier-duty - they are copper Celtic ones. My Sodhoppers have nice nickle-ish Thistle buttons. I'm not disappointed - just comparing.

I am very very very impressed. I highly recommend them to *anyone* looking for Ren Boots. Paul is very nice, very helpful - and Very Speedy. I love my Catskill's, don't get me wrong - but I think I'm going to love the Sodhoppers even more.
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3 kidlet shirts, 2 kidlet pants, 1 me skirt. All they need is the elastic/drawstrings inserted, and they are done done done!

To do: 2 kidlet skirts, 1 me skirt. Probably not today....I's tired!

Dad came out and got to meet Finn. Finn wasn't impressed - he tried to kick Himself (missed by 1"...whew!) but let me halter him and lead him around. I took the lead off...he got mad 'cause he couldn't nurse with the halter on. *g* Relatively easy to catch him and remove it, so that's good.

Came home and decided the studmuffin needed to mow my back yard. The pony is too blind - I *knew* what was gonna happen, see, and I didn't want dead/mortally wounded pony in my back yard. The mares? Too goofy.

So, went into the pasture, and Dusty came right up. He's such a good boy! Managed to drag myself up onto his back (why should I lead him? He's got *4* legs - let him carry Me for a change!) and rode him home. The dogs went bananas when I tried to open the gate - Zoey actually got out and attempted to bite his hocks...but he nailed her, so she came back into the yard and hung around me. The other 2 proceeded to chase him around the yard...until Lucy got in range. He nailed her right in the middle of her forehead. (She's fine)

So, now the dogs are camped on the porch, barking occasionally so he knows they are watching, and Dusty is wandering around noshing on the succulent green bermuda. It's knee high to me, so it needs to be eaten!

Must go check on his water - more later!

I did it!

Mar. 11th, 2005 07:26 pm
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I managed to cut out a skirt for moi - and finally, finally! - I got it cut in 2 pieces, instead of 4. It's a full circle skirt, and I've been doing it in quarters - but tonight, I did *something* and it worked! Can I do it again? Who knows.....*g*

So, the tally for tomorrow (so far) is: 2 boy shirts, 2 boy pants, 2 girl skirts, 1 girl chemise, 2 adult skirts (the first one is in *5* pieces...*sigh* I miscut one...oh, well). If I get the gumption, I will cut a couple more skirts out for me, but we'll see.

I need to cut 2 kids cloaks out...but that may wait. The weather is nice - this weekend. Plus, next week Herself is being shipped off to Grannie's, so she doesn't get to go to the Ren Faire. Ha. She'll just have to hope we go another weekend during this season.
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NTIF is the unofficial official kick-off of Ren Faire season here in Texas. The first 2 (that I know of) start this weekend - Excalibur in Austin, and Four Winds in Tyler. So, this is the week to get all your garb together!

And, that's what I've been doing tonight. *My* garb is in good shape - I have fabric for 5 more skirts, but I don't *need* them for Four Winds - it's all bubble gauze and is intended for the big Highland Games in June; the kids' garb, however, is Not.

Himself is in pretty good shape - I made his peasant outfit last year 3 sizes too big, so he can wear it now. Herself.......has grown. A lot. Her skirts are too short, and she can't locate her long chemise (or her bodice....*sigh*). I don't DO bodices - I bought this one, and paid more for it than I did for mine (mine was an Ebay score; the seller was happy to make me a similar one for her, but at retail price.) I have a problem with I'm putting it off. *g*

I also have to knock out 2 more boy outfits - the daycare lady is planning (well, yeah - so she says) on coming with us next weekend. While her track record is not great, I have hopes that it'll, I get to dress her 2 boys. 1 is Himself's size, pretty much, the other is quite shorter. Peasant pants and tops are super simple, though - and if I make 'em both fit Himself, he'll have 2 more outfits. (The daycare lady will borrow one of my outfits - I'm a Garb Whore of the highest order, so this is not a problem. I can fit *anyone* from a size 4 up to a 20, and have. (No, I've never been a size 20 - but I have 2 houppelondes with infinatly expanding waistlines from my 2 pregnancies. Very comfy, very period, very nice-looking.)I've even outfitted a school play from my garb closet!) Her hubby can wear one of Steve's shirts..he'll have to do sweats or jeans, because I can't find the pants, and he won't fit in any of the doublets I have)...we'll be stylin'.

I wish I knew a SCA/Rennie family with a girl a bit bigger than Herself. Then I wouldn't have to torture myself attempting to make her garb! (My MIL cuts out my skirts for me...I am skirt-impaired.)

Whee! It's bedtime! I have successfully postponed skirtmaking for another day! *eg*


Mar. 5th, 2005 07:25 pm
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Day 1 of NTIF is down.....Day 2 to go. I am beat!

It was busybusybusy. Very steady stream of folks - but not many stopped to chat this year. I mean, I'm used to being surrounded by curious people asking really stupid questions (quick - what does a *spinning wheel* do? Why, Weave, of course! Or Knit! Not spin yarn - that's too obvious!) Today - I had maybe 10 people.

The running joke in the clan area was that I had on the wrong bodice. It seems that today was hooker day, and I didn't get that memo. Seriously - I don't think these women even glanced at a was scary. The 40-ish woman in 6" spike ankle boots, no hose/tights/socks, and plaid skirt so short I could see butt cheeks (the consensus was that she was probably wearing a thong, but no one wanted to get close enough to verify it). The "girl" in the underbust bodice......with what looked like size F cleavage...that almost fell out of her chemise at one point in front of our tent. The midi bodice (it looked horrid) with NO chemise on a slightly tubby female - stomach cleavage and back cleavage is just gross. And Wrong. *sigh*

Me? I was in my nice, modest Wylde Dogs leather bodice - it's not too low cut, it fits nicely, it looks decent - with a lace trimmed long-sleeved chemise, burgundy overskirt, lace-trimmed underskirt, and St. Pat's Day bloomers. Even displaying my bloomers didn't attract a crowd....I think I'll wear my Clan McBuffet ones tomorrow (black with large neon orange, neon pink, and dayglow purple flamingos). Maybe that'll get folks over to chat.

Tomorrow I'll be in similar garb - my black dragon bodice (cut slightly lower, but still not indecent).....probably a green chemise/overskirt and my in-the-drier-now lace-trimmed underskirt. Or that's what I'm thinking.

Baby is fine - he wore his halter for a good 10 minutes tonight. I've got some good Gaelic names...but I need to get some phrases translated. You know "Dumb butt*!" and "Stupid head" and "No! Stop that you idiot!"...since I know from experience I'll be saying that a *lot* as he gets older. *g*

*I gave up cussing for Lent. It's not going too well right now.
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are done! I ended up trashing the rest of the warp - I threw away probably 2 dishtowels-worth of yarn, but the tension kept getting worse and worse and I was tired of dealing with it.

Total tally: 10 large towels and 1 small rag (I'll use it to polish the wheels).

All that's left is to toss them in the wash to wet finish. *g* Pictures after they're dried and ironed.

My next project will be towels, again, but this time for my kitchen. Orange and beige 8/2 cotton...I'm thinking a color and weave effect. If it turns out nicely, I'll use part of the warp as my samples for a twill exchange some friends are doing.

Tonight I get to fix fence *again*. Apparantly, my neighbors' grass is *much* tastier than mine, and Dusty (the stud muffin) keeps going over there to help maintain it. I didn't have time last tonight it is.

Tomorrow will be the costume marathon, and winding a new warp, and let's don't forget to mop the floor and pick up stuff. Sunday we're off to my mother's church (they want me to demo - whatever. Have wheel will travel!) then home to meet an old friend of Steve's.....he wants to borrow one of Steve's costumes; I hope he brings back my leather sewing machine. I have boots to be made that are stalled for lack of sewing ability. (Can't do it by hand - my wrist would revolt, I think. My regular machine would die if I tried to force 4 oz leather thru it....) Oh, yeah - and sometime this weekend we have to get the pumpkins decorated. Busy busy busy!

At least my Christmas presents are *done*!!!! Himself's are 1/2 done, I think...Herself isn't motivated. She keeps mentioning knitting, though - I'm glad Santa is bringing her a needlework kit. It has embroidery, knitting, cross-stitch, and crochet stuff. We'll see.......
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I woke up this AM with the determination to weave fabric for a new bodice. I don't need more garb, so I'm not sure where this idea came from, but I like it.

The weaving part will be easy. I need to decide on the yarn (10/2 cotton in burgundy, green, or blue marl, or 8/2 cotton in one of the many colors I ordered from Camilla Valley? Handspun wool? Some fantastic yarn I haven't bought yet?? This will be the hardest decision!) and the twill pattern (it'll either be Walls of Troy or Gothic Cross....not sure which) and the weft color (same for a subtle faux-damask look? Contrasting for emphasis? Slightly different for rich color interaction?) and I'm good to go. *g*

I'm thinking I won't need too much fabric - it is just a bodice I'm thinking of, so what? 2 or 3 yards max. Probably no wider than about 30" in the reed - I should end up with 24" fabric (at least) what with shrinkage and draw-in. The weaving will go fast - it'll be the same treadling throughout, which goes quickly.

The hardest part? Finding someone to make it up. I don't do bodices, except in leather - I don't like working with steel boning. (And I need steel boning to keep the girls corralled and smush the baby-tummy. Trust me - plastic boning doesn't cut it!).

Any suggestions? Volunteers? It won't be happening for a bit - I have to get this never-ending warp off the loom, then do the shetland scarf (yarn spun, mostly plied. Need to wind the warp, dunk it in the dyepots, and it's good to go!), *then* I should be ready for this one. I'm leaning towards cotton, right now, and lining it in Trigger or heavy weight broadcloth. 1/4" eyelets for lacing (right now, I like bodices that lace in more than one spot, so I can dress myself)'s do-able, I just need help with the sewing up part.

Must contemplate this....
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So, yesterday Dad came over. Not only did the dear man edge around my house, he also cleaned out my garage. And rearranged it. And swept it. And put the trash on my burn pile instead of in the garbage cans. (It was very satisfying to watch it go up in flames...) He also patched my bathroom wall and the part of the bar in the kitchen that the Zoey-monster had eaten. (New houses taste yummy, y'see)

THEN, my hay man came out and delivered 2 round bales, and the wonderfully talented bladesmith called and had finished my belt knife. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. So, I threw the kids in the van and we headed out to his shop. This blade is *awesome*. He says this is his finest forging job to date - he was able to forge the bevel in. It's beautiful, and it matches the bodice dagger he made me back in the Summer.

This completes 2 of the things Steve was going to make for me. (Unfortunately, I've had to actually *pay* for them, but hey - you do what you gotta do, yes? I miss my jack-of-all-trades hubby, for more than the usual!) The knives Steve had already made for me, a belt knife and a dirk (with the by-knives, even) have Hondurous (or however that's spelled) Rosewood hilts set with Tiger Eyes, and the belt knife has a matching Rosewood sheath). He had gotten a blade for a bodice dagger for me, but we traded it (with an Osage Orange hilt) to a friend of mine for a set of hand-thrown mugs, so he had started the search for another blade for me.

So, when I met Mr. Adams (of Shadowhawk Blades), I admired his forgework and ordered the bodice dagger. I dug out a hunk (technical term, there)of Pink Ivory (a really pretty hardwood) and sent it off to him......the bodice dagger is gorgeous. I just need to find a sheath-maker......ahem. Anyway, he told me he had enough of the wood left to make a matching dagger, if I wanted it...of course I said YES. The wood was some Steve had gotten to make himself a sword hilt, so it had sentimental value, and, can never have enough live steel!

The only problem is that he doesn't make sheaths. *sigh* Neither do I - I know *how*, I just can't do it. I've tried, and wasted lots of leather, and I just can't make them so they look right. I figure that's one thing I can leave to the experts - I really don't need any more hobbies!

I spent today at the loom. The kids were weaving again today - I had to rewarp Himself's loom, since the visit to the daycare kinda ruined the original warp - but they both got a few inches done. Me? I'm on dishtowel #4 - they look absolutely awesome, and much much much more complex then they really are. Dad saw #1 during it's creation, and he was amazed. In fact, he told me today he had no idea how I was able to make all the patterns in it (9 per row, 10 rows per dishtowel - each row is approx. 2" tall). Hehehehe. It's all in the threading and treadling. Easy-peasy. Only, it's gotten both kids inspired....I can see lots of strange twills in my future!

Pictures have been taken of both the weaving-in-progress and the daggers - I should be able to post them on the webpage tomorrow. I'll post links when they're up!
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I'm bushed. After all the mowing yesterday, you'd figure I'd take it easy today, right? Nope, not me!

After church, I tried to nap a bit, but ended up moving some stuff around in the studio. THEN, I decided that the dogs were just too filthy, and must be bathed. Right then.

This would not be a problem, if I had normal dogs. Unfortunately, I don't - I have the super-duper extra-large variety of dog. I also made the brilliant decision to wash them in the front yard, instead of the back, since there is more shade out front. That was rather stupid of me....(FYI, they will *not* in any way, shape or form, fit in my tubs. Even if they did, there is not enough room in either bathroom for me and a large wet dog. It just won't work. Trust me on this one.....)

Lucy was the first victim. She was excited with the whole leash thing, thrilled with the going out the front door routine, OK with the tie me up to the fence thing, but decided it was not fun when the water hit her. The fact that the water was being manned by Himself may have had something to do with it......anyway. She was ok for the soap her up and rub into a lather part of it, and was stoic during the rinse down. She took great delight in spraying all of us when we were done.

Bailey....what can I say. He's a big, dumb lug. Pulled out of his collar twice, but is too stupid to figure out he can walk right thru the front gate. After 20 minutes of aerobic exercise on my part, I tossed in the towel and let him back in the house, still one of the unwashed minions.

The Zoeymonster was good. Not too thrilled with the water in the face routine, but enjoyed the soap suds - apparantly, flea shampoo is a delicacy. I took over the rinse cycle, then we walked around the front yard to dry.

Baked a cake for the kidlets (which got demolished quickly) and *finally* finished my bloomies. (Yes, they have elastic now! They ARE wearable!!!) next up is baths and spinning.....maybe. Depends on how fast the baths are.

I will get back on the exercise thing tomorrow. I need the break!

Oh, rant for the day: I hate beginners that think they deserve free lessons and provide strangers with way TMI.
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So, today's the day I have the nerve in my left wrist cyrogenically frozen. Yea, yippee.

Let's hope it works - unlike the 3 surgeries I've had on it.

In other news, I got my bloomers back from K yesterday - wow. Just Wow. They are too, too cool! She did a beautiful job with the dyebaths. I'm plotting ways to wear them.


Jul. 18th, 2004 06:42 am
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Yesterday was busy! A couple of my friends and I had planned an informal stitch-n-bitch, so I got up a bit early and started getting the space clean enough to sew in. Decided an hour later that my front yard really needed to be got on the Kubota and went to town.

To digress - I *love* my Kubota. Mid-sized, honest to God tractor, with a 48" bushhog. Cut my 1 acre front yard in a little over 30 minutes. I just need to remember that just because the bushhog fits doesn't mean the front-end loader will.

So, got finished,then took Zoey the wonder puppy for a walk. Well, she walked, I was drug. Good exercise, though, for both of us.

Back home, a few minutes before S showed up. (Other friend got tied up - she owes me. ) We yakked a bit, then looked at fabric and design ideas....then jumped into the leather pile. We drew up her bodice, then I cut it out. )I had thought she wanted me to do the tooling - that's cool, I enjoy it - but no, she decided she wanted to do it. Another convert! She did a *really* good job, especially for her first time.) We then taped my feet so I can get started on my boots, then broke for lunch.

After eats, I showed her the tools and gave a quick explanation of each, then she started. Very nice - she even got it finished!...but after about an hour we decided we needed more leather. So, Off to Leather Factory we go.

That was a took $200 to get us out of there. We found the perfect golden yellow cowhide to trim my boots and make her a bodice. The remnant box had the perfect shade of steel green...which made immediately see another bodice and pouches. Add to the pile more coin pouches for the VBS program.....and you see where my money goes. Lots of nice leather...I will be back. Soon.

The funniest thing, though (besides the sight of both of us diving head-first into the remnant box trying to grab the elusive green) was Dairy Queen on the way home. S treated us both to blizzards...and the lady there was, shall we say, country. Very. "Ya'll want this singularly or togetherly?". The blizzards were great, but.....I ordered a small and she made me a a small cup. Ditto for S's med in a lg cup. We were dripping all over the place! Too, too funny.

Got home a few minutes before the kidlets - much enjoyment there. Himself is a little man, now, and Herself is very much the young lady. They had to show me everything they did, exclaim over the new color scheme, check out what we were doing...all in the first 5 minutes. S had to leave, so they had to jump up and tell her bye and be careful and all the other stuff young'uns do to delay the inevitable.

They finally settled down.....I'm glad they're home. It'll take awhile to readjust - I had gotten almost used to the quiet, they had definately gotten used to being spoiled.

Must start breakfast before they wake up


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