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So, I gathered up some samples last night for Alden. 4 singles, and 5 plied yarns. I tried to label them all....hope I gave enough information to help him out. It's been so long since I had to send him samples (1998, IIRC) that I have forgotten what info he needs. :blush: I did *not* include any doghair yarn, since Steph is allergic to it - she's also allergic to bunny fluff, so no Angora samples, either.

I'm leaning heavily towards the 36". (Thanks, Sara! You make a great enabler! *g*) We'll see what the Great One says...but that's where my lust lies. This will absolutely, positively be the last wheel I order from Alden (ummm...yeah, so I think I've said that before, but I really, really mean it this time!), so I want to make sure I'm happy forever. (Hey, who am I kidding? It's an AA - of course I'll love it forever - his wheels rock. Seriously!)

A shout-out for my DH. He finished out a lovely paduak hair fork for me last night - it's in my hair now. It's lovely, very nice, smooth, and holds fantastically. He's got 3 more in the works - all out of zebrawood. (Yes, I admit it - I am an exotic wood slut. The more colorful, the better - you can keep your maple (unless it's curly!), your chestnut (unless it's highly figured!!), send me the purpleheart, paduak, zebrawood, ebony, etc.) 2 are pi-shaped, the 3rd is more organic - like a capital "P" (only, it's a bit too thick, so it needs to be sanded down pretty far. It's too heavy for my hair right now :wails:) All are lovely, and I can't wait for them to be finished so I can wear them.

Got the Fair entries all labeled and packed....did I take pictures? Of course not! :sigh: I'll do it like I did last year - once I get them home on Saturday. I'll be glad when it's over - I wanna wear my silk shawl!!! And my lace socks!!! *ahem* I'll drop them off tomorrow evening...then pace until Saturday when I see the results.

I have just about worked out a swap - some of my handspun for a finished Calorimetry. I like how it looks, but I *HATE* knitting back and forth....I've got some handspun to send to have 1 made for me, and as soon as she tells me what she'd like, I'll get some spun up for her. Win/Win, in my book. :grin:

Tax Returns calleth....
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cold. coldcoldcold. temp this am was 27 - but with a windchill, making it 17. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

caved and bought j a cellphone. he'd been on a friend's plan, but she's decided her *4* year old needs the phone more than he does. no biggie - it upped my cell bill by $17/month - and now it's *his* phone. he just has to notify everyone of his new number :grin:

he and his "partner" are in the middle of a huge dustup. partner brought him back on false's messy. wish i still had......underground friends. :whistles innocently: or a good, friendly contact with the irs.......:blink:

hair is at 24" now - actually a little above. need to do a deep condish - honey/mane'n'tail - soon, as the ends are looking a little dry.

need to go to penzey's today - the chili cook-off is sunday, and i'm almost out of chili powder. the kids have discovered the joys of sweet curry...gotta get some more of that (and recipies, people - share recipies for curry, please! especially chicken!) and cinnamon for more sticky buns. and....whatever else catches my eye. (why yes, it is payday, and i did pay all the bills. well, almost all of the bills. this is grocery shopping!)

wrist is slightly swollen, and still tender. arrrgh.

woven shawl is dry, just need a pic. it'll not stay a shawl, though - it's going to grow up and become a nice warm jacket. after the fair....don't think i have time to get it cut out and sewn up (and i can't knit the cuffs/waist right now anyway). it'll be nice.....
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So, update time. Heeeeeeeeere we go:

Thursday - T-day. Went to the in-laws for lunch and fellowship. Had a good time - lunch was, as usual, excellent; MIL had asked me how I do my turkeys (heh), and made smashed ‘tatoes, 2 types of green beans, candied sweet potatoes, corn, peas ‘n' carrots, stuffing, cornbread, 2 types of biscuits...and desserts. Punkin pie, pecan pie, cookies....dare I say I ditched the low-carb lifestyle for this? :g:

She also made J. his very own pecan pie - and gave me the recipe. He is most happy over this development. Me? I've never made a pecan pie before, so this will be an adventure!

They kept the kids, and we headed home. Did laundry and packed - we had us a wee vacation planned. :big grin:

Friday - loaded up the car and headed out for points South. We stopped off for breakfast (IhoP - never again!), then hit the road for the big city of Webster, TX - home of the Johnson Space Center. Whee! Got there a little early, so we hit the Kemah boardwalk for a bit.

Had a late lunch at "the Aquarium" restaurant....basically, it's Landry's with a HUGE collection of fish tanks. The largest was right by our seat - something like 50 feet by 10 feet or so. HUGE. There was an Australian Zebra shark that kept eyeballing us; also a Nurse shark, 2 black tip sharks, a sting-ray, at least 2 green eels, and a host of other fish that I have no idea what they are. The food was good, the company better. They had a 35 foot tall tank coming up the stairs, and 3 smaller tanks with a live coral reef display (1 of them had piranhas...totally cool). They have an area called "Sting-ray reef" where you can go in and feed and pet the rays..but we didn't want to spend the money on it. Maybe next time - the kids would love it!

The hotel (Days Inn) was great - indoor heated pool, whirlpool tub in the room, King size bed...for $50/night. Not too shabby! The bath is *not* quite big enough to share...but. :grin: The bed was comfy - I had me a great night's sleep. Of course, the.....bedtime ritual may have had something to do with it. Let's just say that I worked off the brownie fudge sundae J. bought me for dinner. :eg:

Saturday - headed to NASA. Took 2 tours - got to see both the Historic Mission Control, and the Current Mission Control, which was cool; got to see a pretty much restored Saturn IV....lots of cool stuff. Lunch, it was, but since we're members we got 10% off, which made it a little easier to digest :g:.

Have I mentioned how great the hotel is? Yeah - it's....well, we'll be back. The bathroom counter is the perfect height.......ummmm, let's just say the bathroom is well appointed and leave it at that. :blush:

Sunday - plan to leave....we haven't yet. :eg: Got a few more......kinks to work out before hitting the road for 4 hours.
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I'm currently in a meeting, so.....shhhhhhhhhhh! *g* Actually, *I'm* not in the meeting, I'm sitting here ready to answer the phone/make copies/transcribe (that's the important part!) everything the bank says to Mrs. Boss et al......can you say "boring"? I thought you could!

Anyway.....random babblings as the meeting has lulls.

I'm writing this offline, and will post after the meeting. It'll be very stream-of-thought, so fasten your seatbelts! )

Well, the banker just left; the official meeting is over and now we just need to get rid of the financial advisor (who is ARGUING with us over stuff HE told us to do earlier. And now we DON'T do it. But, we really do. Arrrrrrrrrrrgh!). Then it's off to lunch with Mrs. Boss......The Mercury. Yum! I can already taste the wonderful goodies!

Oh - and yes, I have writer's cramp. 3 legal pages of notes from the meeting...and a lot of it is things like "then he discusses tax stuff". Bah!
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So, I got rear-ended today coming home from work. J. says, in his estimation, it's about $5K in damages.

There's this spot where the road merges (to the right) with the freeway feeder. The car in front of me stopped, so I stopped; he went, I went, then paused - a little red car came *screaming* from nowhere.

Well, *I* paused - the car behind me, obviously, didn't. WHAM. I was on the phone with J - he said "What was that?" " van was hit."

So, we pull off - idiot driver is totally apologetic. His Isuzu Trooper is leaking red stuff from between the front's his son's, supposedly. He's very apologetic.....and, geez - his insurance is in his other car. Yea.

So, I got his DL#, his address, and his work info. J. has called the house once - he's not home (yet). We'll see where it goes.....

At least the van is drivable, and I'm (as of right now) OK. But, my poor van - I've *never* had an accident before; this is my very first new - only - me - driver car.....:sigh:

I need chocolate. And sex. The first can be procured now...the 2nd has to wait until the kids go to bed.
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TGIF! I am *so* tired it isn't even funny. I think I could sleep for a week and still be tired at the end of it. I've increased the vitamins (for those playing along, I now take: 1 One a Day, 4 Udo's Premium Oil, 2 Hair Formula, 1 Evening Primrose (1000 mg), 1 Biotin (5000 mg), 2 Horsetail Fern (500 mg each) in the AM, and 4 more Udo's, 1 Evening Primrose, and 2 Horsetail Fern in the PM), so maybe we'll see a difference soon. (And, yes - I'm growing the hair out again. I miss my waist-length hair...haven't had it that long since Himself was 6 months old. It's currently just below the bottom of my shoulderblades, about 1" from my bra strap.)

A lot of it is the "new toy" syndrome - on J's part. *eg* I understand it, but I'm still exhausted. (This also explains the silence here - he *hates* the computer, and hates giving me even 15 minutes each AM and PM to check my emails. He needs to get used to it.....I'm NOT surfing/gaming/whatever, I'm just checking my freaking email. :sigh:)

Speaking of hair, I ordered some "neutral henna", which isn't neutral or henna. It's Cassia Obovata, and it's to add shine, strength and luster - but no color. I'm blonde...while I *love* red hair, I'm too pale to carry it off well. If I could guarantee strawberry blonde, I'd go for straight henna - but I can't,'s a no-go. Think I'll try it on Herself's hair, too, since...well. Hadn't mentioned it, but she has managed to *break* off *all* her hair. It went from mid-back curls to barely jawline length in 2 days, because she was "bored". Seems it's fun to wrap the hair around her fingers and yank... *sigh* I've been pushing the Hair vitamins on her, and oiling her hair (for moisture - I'm using Sweet Almond Oil right now; will soon switch to jojoba when I a)find some and b)have the spare funds to purchase it), AND using the hair formulas from the Afro-American aisle. Her hair was *so* pretty,, it's a broken up mess. *deep sigh* Hmmm....wonder if switching her to a more natural conditioner will help (curly girls shouldn't use shampoo - it messes up the curls. So, about a month ago I switched her to conditioner only - *I'm* using a conditioner with no silicone in it, and my hair has gone nuts...we're talking curls, curls, curls now instead of simple waves. Wonder what that would do to her hair?)

Tomorrow we go to the in-laws for our Halloween get-together. This'll be fun....the kids *require* breakfast at Granny's, so we have to leave early. Granny requires lunch and mid-afternoon tea, so we won't get home before 4-ish. Sunday, we have church, then have to hit Tyler to pick up a few more tools, then on to J's cabin to pick up some more of his stuff (let's see....5 PM at the earliest. Note to self: Put a roast on) Monday is a holiday (Fair Day!), but I can't afford to go to the Fair, so the kids will go to daycare and I will - finally - go to sleep. (If, that is, J. has a job by then. He's got a prospect - he's there now, as a matter of fact - but if the money isn't what he wants he won't take it. *sigh* Stress, much?)

I'd like to pick up some hair stick blanks soon, so I can prettify them up. Maybe, if Herself helps with that, she'll be more inclined to leave her hair alone and let it grow out again. Maybe pick up some hair pin blanks, too.....hmmmmmm. I've got all these lampwork beads, see, that need to be used......

*yawn* Must pretend to work, now.
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and everything is still coming up roses. Love ya more than ever, J!

Miss me?

Oct. 2nd, 2006 09:07 am
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Ugh. Himself brought a stomach virus home Tuesday night....J. and I took him to the doc Wednesday, but there was nothing to do but let it run it's course. (Naturally).

I was back at work on Thursday.....but. While HE got better (he polished off half a pizza for lunch) *I* got sick. I managed to make it home...where I lost everything I had eaten from about 10 AM on.

Spent all day Friday next to the bathroom. ('nuff said!). Saturday...I spent it on the couch/in bed; J. and the kids helped my mother move. (From 9 AM until I begged him to come home at 6 PM....this, *with* "professional" movers, yet!)

I was finally able to keep food down Saturday evening. (Huzzah!) Yesterday was a slow day - church, then a cookout at church, then home to rest. J. started showing signs of this bug (Ick!), rest for me.

He and Himself had to go to Cub Scouts last night (stupid night for a meeting...I will be switching troops soon as I find one nearby - there's 3; just need to see which day they meet would be best for us)'s the last meeting they can hit for months - our Sundays are all booked up until almost New Year's.

Wave 'em if you got 'em - J. is at an interview now. If it doesn't work, he's got some more prospects....but he needs to get a job soon. I can't keep up with his bills on top of our bills. :sigh: AND, his "landlord" (the lady who he's buying the property from) is in the hospital, and not doing very well. Not good....

Can I go back to bed now?


Sep. 21st, 2006 09:04 am
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That's how many yards of 2-ply silk yarn I got from the 4 oz of Chasing Rainbows Bombyx roving.

Let's repeat that: 576.88 yards. Of 2-ply. In teals.

I'm thinking shawl, here....*g*

In other, not so good news, J.'s job was vandalized Tuesday night...and broken into last night. Last I heard, he's missing $5K worth of tools...:sigh: I'd already told him to just quit (after not even a full week - won't go into details, but the owner is...unethical. J. doesn't need to be tarred with *that* brush!), so maybe he'll listen.

I don't need this stress - neither does he. :sigh: At least the sherriff's department knows *me* - I told him that if they don't want to perform an actual investigation, drop my name into the conversation, and tell them I still have my attorney on retainer. That should cover it.....*eg*


Sep. 19th, 2006 03:05 pm
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I'm tired.....I think I'm not getting enough quality sleep (shut up! Just...Shut Up! *g*) - ah, well, I'll nap on the weekends to try and make up for it.

J.'s first day was...well. The puppy is not only a puppy, but clueless. He was *actually* turning away *business*. A lady drove up wanting new tires, and oh, the ball joints (whatever the eff *that* is) are making noises, can you look at them too? Boss says "No, we can't". J. says - Why not? only to be told (in front of the customer!) that "we don't have the tools to do it".

J. said "Ummm, *I* do. It's a 20 minute job per side. No biggie." :headdesk: (for the puppy's stupidity, especially with the fact that J.'s toolbox is larger than most undeveloped third-world countries, and full to boot!)

I don't know how that ended - J. got distracted at that point and, errrm, never finished the story. :blush:

Today is going the same........he says he can stick it out until he finds a place he can open on his own (I'm not even mentioning money. He wants his own garage, he can figure out how to pay for it - I have no extra funds. None. Have $100 to last until next week....with 2 vehicles to gas up, milk to buy...this will be *fun*!) - we'll see. He's got the daycare lady working on finding some leads......again, we'll see.

Good news - he picked up the kids last night, and is planning on doing it again tonight. This means I can get home, take a deep breath, start supper, and just - be - for a few minutes. Pure Bliss!

Must contemplate supper....stir fry? Or Pasta? hmmmmmmmmmm.............

Oh, Yeah - Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh, Mateys!
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or, in my case, the house. The Front Yard, to be exact.

Labor Day dawned foggy and drizzly - perfect for a Scottish wedding, no? We had a good turnout - 24 people at last count (but I'd swear there were more. It was....crowded.) Clan McClellan were there, as was Clan Young. J's daughter and son-in-law came - she baked the cakes (which were beautiful and yummy!), my mother (with an ice cream cake - double yum!), a bunch of J's friends, my brother-in-law, my brother and sister-in-law (He took the pictures...150 or so, I think), my in-laws, the National Director of Clan Young and her family, and of course my Father was there (he did the actual ceremony). It was a very nice (but busy!) day.

Cut to save my friend's pages and their sanity )

Think I'll wait until tomorrow to upload the prayer shawl photos....*g*


Sep. 1st, 2006 09:56 am
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Not only is it Friday, and Labor Day Weekend.....J. got offered a job at a garage 12 miles from the house.

They want him to Although *next* Monday (not Labor Day - the next one) will be fine.

:blink: Coolness! AND - the pay starts at what the ISD was offering, but...and this is the cool part....once they see that he knows what he is doing, they will up it $100/week. Which will put him *over* my salary, which means........when this job o'mine is gone (I give it 12 months, max - maybe 18, but I'm thinking 12), I CAN STAY HOME. No more daycare (at $150/week during the school year, $300/week summers)! Yeah, we'll be back in the 1 paycheck category, but the extra $$$ each month (from no daycare) will go into the savings for things like taxes/vacations/etc.

Sorry for yelling, but....this is good news. :blink:blink:

They are going to sit down next Thursday/Friday and hammer out all the details, but HE HAS A JOB!!!!!
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Or better yet - NEXT Friday?

I did pick up a loaner phone from the local Cingular store. They are very nice out here - unlike the N. Dallas yahoos. 'nuff said.

Daycare lady invited herself to my nuptials Monday. :Pause to let that sink in: Yes - she invited herself and her family to my wedding. I told her the wedding was family only, but - :sigh: - she could come to the cookout afterwards. J. was there - he just shook his head in exasperation. (I told him we should have just grabbed the kids tomorrow afternoon and hit the JP's office, but oh, no - we Must have Dad do it, with the Family there. Arrrrgh!)

Let's see...that brings the total bodies at my house up to....21, if everyone shows. :sigh: Didn't I mention I wanted a small, intimate, simple thing? Of these, only 9 will NOT be at the ceremony...but still. That's *9* extra people to cook for.....

At least my house is clean. At the moment, anyway. (Dear Lord - did I forget to put the trash can up this AM? I hope so - otherwise the dogs will have had a heyday killing all the stuff in it...) All I have to do is pick up the groceries.......I'll just add it to the weekly grocery run, and call it good. Oh - and I gotta get some flowers, since my MIL will have a conniption fit if I don't have flowers for me, Herself, and Himself. (I don't argue anymore, I just roll with it.)

4 days....I can survive 4 days......

In other news, I am on the last ball of yarn for the shawl. Of that ball, I am down 1/ it's almost done. I would be further along, but I spent an hour last night making stitch markers...I thought 22 would be enough....heh. I am hitting JoAnn's at lunch today to pick up some charms to put on the plain jump rings I still have on the 2nd side. (I don't like the plain rings - I keep missing them and having to tink back to do..whatever the marker was there for. I have *way* too many stitches crammed on my needle now). I'm thinking of picking up some silk flowers for my and Herself's hair.....we'll see.
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:sigh: So, we schlepped over to the "local" Cingular store at lunch. Small store, lots of employees (I counted 6), no customers.

The rep that "helped" me (more on that in a moment...) was Not happy to have to work. He looked at the phone (which showed 4 bars), said "I don't see a problem" and tried to hand it back. I told him what it was doing, told him what the Customer Service Rep had told me....this guy frowned and started fiddling with it.

He replaced the SIM card (twice), "activated" my "new" account (:snerk: whatever, dude), and told me he couldn't do anything else. Buh-bye! (This was the extent of the "help" - i.e.: not much)

So, out we went, me with a dead phone (I wasn't even *offered* a loaner - ass***e!), my co-worker with a pissy attitude at the way we'd been treated.

Got back to the office, and called the "Exchange by Mail" number. Low and behold, they can't help me - it's a warranty issue and I must call the insurance #. Again.

They transferred me to the insurance department.......who couldn't understand *why* I needed a replacement phone. (Ummm, maybe because this one only worked for 1 week. Nothing we tried worked.) After some hemming and hawing ("Did you drop the phone?" Nope "Did you get the phone wet?" Nope "Did you hit it with anything?" Not before it died this AM.....ummm, Nope.) she finally told me they'd send a replacement.

Only, it'll take 2 or 3 DAYS. I have no Phone for 2 or 3 days.

I think I'm going to have a problem with this......

In other news, J. lost his radiator this AM. It decided to die. He pulled it; it has a huge...chunk out of it (pardon my lack of intelligence here. It's a radiator. The water pours out of it. That's all I retained of his explanation.). He's already got the replacement and is installing it today....BUT. While he and his buddy were at lunch, his Buddy's radiator died.

I have informed him he is not allowed near my van until this weekend.....I don't need a dead car on top of a dead phone. *g*

I need to hit the pool tonight to cool off. I'm that upset over this travesty.
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SO. Weekend. Busy. Saturday, I cleaned inside while J and Dad worked on the outside. I got the kitchen totally scrubbed; they got the front yard done, the horse trailer moved, the old camper top (here when I moved in) moved, the jumps gathered up (but not moved - yet), the front porch cleaned/swept/rearranged....then, THEN, they came inside.

After lunch, I napped.....J. cleaned the family room. And by cleaned, I mean picked-up-the-sofa-with-one-hand-while-sweeping-under-it-with-the-other cleaned. And got the kids to haul all their stuff into their almost-clean rooms. Then he swept the floor. So well that I didn't vacuum when he finished. He then rearranged all the furniture........:blink:

Sunday was church (potluck; I bought cookies. I totally should have baked something), then he and I went of too a "car show". "" because there were...well, NO cars for him to judge (he does customizing, is very well known for it, and is asked to judge these things all the time.) We showed up at 3:30; judging was supposed to start at 3:00 (oops!)...and by the time we left (5:45-ish), only *2* cars had found the place...both of which J had done. :blink: It was held way out in BFE land (we got lost twice.....)and there were no signs. :sigh: Ah, well - it was a fun afternoon of no kids, in a nice, rolling field (with loud boom-boom music - oh, well; the DJs were nice. Rappers, but nice), with nice people.

My MIL has jumped in on the wedding planning (10:30 on Monday - ack!) - she is taking both kids shopping this Saturday for outfits, she is going to decorate the front porch, and she is bringing banana pudding (yum!) and...something. I wish the whole family were as excited as she is, but there ya go. As long as WWIII doesn't break out, I'll consider it a success.

Oh, and it RAINED yesterday and it's raining as I type. Woot! I think the boom-boom music may have had something to do with it...
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He didn't get the job. They filled it "within the district".

So....I've printed out a list of all the CoC members - he can start calling the garages there to see if they need anyone.

This just means something better's around the corner, no?
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Ah, I know it's just PMS, but....I had a moment this AM.

J. made it back safely last night, stayed at the house (and finished the water softener installation - we had lovely soft water this morning!). This morning, we got up, had breakfast, and went thru the normal "Let's go! Out the door - time to go!" routine.

Himself bounced into the garage, then turned around. J. was waiting for me in the kitchen; I was shutting doors/turning off lights. Himself said "Hey, Dad - Let's Go!" :sob:

J. looked at me, I looked at him, and Himself said "Daddy - we gotta go! C'mon!" :bigger sob:

I'm very happy he has accepted this. I'm also sad that he never got to say it to his real dad.

We also got a call from the ISD last night...I'm waiting to hear from J. what they wanted. Fingers crossed it's a job offer!

Oh - and Char, I have a Motorola H500 headpiece. You're supposed to be able to tap the button to pick up a call, but it hasn't worked yet. I've changed the settings to "Not have to open the phone to answer", "answer all calls in headset", and whatever else looked likely, but I still have to open the phone to answer. It pops up a message "Receive call in phone? Yes/No?" - I just ignore it and the headset picks it's not a big deal, just a slight irritant.

Must pretend to work!
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Thankfully it's Thursday! This week is almost over!

Yesterday was busy.....I left "sick" at noon. Headed home, picked up J, had a quick lunch at the local tea room, and went to the courthouse. Silly man *left* his driver's license at his shop....and was surprised that the County clerk wouldn't give us a marriage license without it. (Duh - J is very well know in his town(s), but he's totally *un*known in my county. It was funny to see him face total anonyminity (or however the hell that's spelled), when he's used to everyone knowing him by sight. I plan on ribbing him with this for *years*.)

So....fall back and punt. We headed to his hometown. He got one of his employees to bring him his license, we went in to that courthouse, and are now ready to get this show on the road. (And, yeah - probably didn't need his license there. *Everyone* knew him. It was hysterical.)

Labor Day. At my house. Sometime - probably before lunch. (Family - be there, 'k? *g*) My Dad will do it - or, at least, I think he will. Haven't asked him yet - he's out of town until next Tuesday. (I don't see a problem here.)

Why the rush? No rush - we stopped at the ISD yesterday, and while they say they haven't made a decision, his is the only application, he is more than qualified, and...they took him on a tour of the garage. Pointed out *everything*. I'm too old for a long, drawn-out engagement, my kids do *so* much better when he's around, MIL told me to go ahead and "get it over with" *g* No, I'm not pregnant - if I *am*, my OB/Gyn will have a lawsuit slapped on him so fast it'll make his head spin. We paid good money to shut *that* factory down when Himself was born. Yes, it's love - both for him, and for my kids. He's nuts over the 3 of us, too.

I know from experience that life is too short. So, why not? It'll be low-key, private, and yet the family can be there withoug any major planning on my part (they were going to be at my house anyway.)

J. went to the daycare with me yesterday afternoon. The owner and 2 office workers went ga-ga; Himself nearly had a coronary "J! He's HERE! Look, guys, it's J! J - this is blahblah, and blahblah, and oh - my teacher! This is J! He's great!" (lather, rinse, repeat - he hauled J. all over the daycare.) Herself was all like "Hey J! Look what I did today! Let's go home now! Hi, Mom!" *g*

So, that's the state of the Fiberaddict et al. Still plugging away at the shawl; I did CO a pair of (large men's) socks last night, but won't be putting in the hours on them until this shawl is done. Want to get back to the silk spinning, and the scarf weaving, but this shawl *needs* to get done and handed over.
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and the kids were (sorta) excited this morning. Not so much about the *school*, but...they get to see the friends that don't go to the daycare. :blink: Whatever....Herself forgot her backpack (I put it on her chair. She pulled it off to sit down, then didn't pick it back up when we left. How is this my fault, again?), and got a little perturbed when I refused to go back home for it. Ah,'ll settle down again soon.

J. did all the plumbing work for my water softener. He had to dig down 2.5' to find the main line (and,'s usual here to go down 8-12", yeah. Fun!); he then cut'n'pasted some new pvc pipe on and routed that the water will (eventually) go thru the water softener before entering the house. Yeah, I understood all that.......anyway, all that's left to do is put in the electrical stuff, then hook it up, open the water valve(s), and we'll have soft water. Or something.

We're waiting to hear about the job he applied for. *If* he gets it (he says he will....I dunno. They *did* call and check his references last week, so that's good, but I refuse to get excited until it happens), then I'll change my plans, grab the marriage license, and hit the JP's office next week (or, my dad's house. He's an ordained minister...). It's stupid for him to drive 70+ miles 1 way when my house is 5 minutes from the jobsite, and I won't let him move in without getting married. (A Note: I don't care if anyone lives together before marriage. If I didn't have kids, it wouldn't even *be* an issue - he'd already live here - but....with the kids, I feel I should attmept to be a good role model. So, no living with until after marriage, since that's what I keep preachin' at them. These weekend...sleepovers...are slightly problematical for me, but I'm dealing. They haven't asked questions yet, so I'm merely sidestepping the issue. Who said parenting was easy???)

J. is very handy to have around the house. Not only did he do the plumbing, he fixed the pool pump (it blew the gasket and was dumping water *everywhere*), re-ran the front fenceline, edged the front of the house (I had already mowed it, and got yelled at. It's His job to keep the yard nice, apparantly), rearranged the garage shelves (and plans to re-rearrange them when it cools off - it's not "efficient" the way it is), and drew up plans for a studio for *me*, so we can move the large Swedish loom (and the 2 table looms, 2 inkle looms, my fleece stash (since, y'know, sheep are going to go extinct *any* minute now, and I have felt the need to stockpile wool), the yarn stash, and the sewing stash out of the dining room and utilize it for the purpose it was designed for. *g* The way it's drawn up, I will have room for SnB's - WITH a sofa and loveseat. :bounce: The AA wheels will NOT move out of the house, but the Ashford and Louet will (the studio will have central heat/air, but....the house has my canine security system, and the studio won't.) - this will clear out a lot of space in the house. We'll see how long it takes to get it started. *eg*

Ug - this got long. Must pretend to work now!

ETA: Just picked up my old wedding ring from the jeweler in our office building. Wow. Just - WOW. He not only reset the emerald, he polished and cleaned the whole thing. It looks like it has been dipped in instant gold or something - it's clean, and shiny, has Never been this pretty. Never.

Needless to say, I handed him my engagement ring for a re-size. Can't *wait* to see how bright and shiny it's going to be when I pick it up Wednesday! *g* (And, yes - J. is fine with it. The jeweler is only charging me $12, AND I'll have it back in 2 days. We both agree it's worth it to not have to ship it off somewhere for a week or so.)
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My van is fixed - it was the battery. Coworker's DH got it running, so I hopped in and headed home. J. had me stop at O'Reilly's (he has an account there.....heh.)....I shut it off, then tried to re-start it. Nope. Deader than a doornail. "Good!" J. chirped, happily - "Just what I wanted to hear! Now, go in and..."

I walked in, grabbed a salesman, and handed the phone over. "Here", I said. "I don't wanna screw up the translation". The man was nice, then he got on the phone. A few clicks of his mouse later, and he became NICE-nice, as in "Oh, shit - this is a bigwig. Must bend over backwards here". Seriously - his hands started shaking and he was so nervous......I have no clue *what* the 'puter said, but I'm not arguing. *g*

J. and he chatted for a bit, then the phone was handed back to me and out we went. Neither of us could get to the battery (it's on the passenger side, under the fuse box (with the wires UNDER the motor support -go figure!), with side terminals.) - we tried everything. The salesman went above and beyond - to the point of trying to dismantle the motor mounts, even!

So, J. told him how to test the battery (since it's hard to get to the terminals, it wasn't obvious as to HOW to hook up the computer) - dead. So was the alternator. Fun! They decided to get me a new battery, jump the old one, and get me home so J. could take care of it.

$68 later (for a 72 month battery......major savings. All I'm sayin'), we went out to put it in the back - and my lights came on. I looked at the salesman, he looked at me, I hopped in and turned the started right up. He slammed the hood down, told me to drive carefully, and I took off.

J. got here around 9:30.......he finished up at 12:30. The new battery did it - the old one was corroded and rat-infested. (No, really - I live in the country. Mice and rats abound. And like my van. *sigh*)

THEN, to top things off, today at daycare Himself decides to destroy his glasses. He got mad at.....something, so he took 'em off and pounded them into the tile floor. *sigh* Guess what I'll be doing this weekend?

At least they're still under warranty.......*bigger sigh*

Off to work....


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