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Looks like I'll be updating weekly, for a while anyway. :lol: Puppy pictures are IMPORTANT STUFF, y'all! I need to share the cuteness!

Duncan at 1 week old. He's now 2 lbs, 9 oz - so he's doubled his weight!




We didn't visit this week - too much going on here. We are going THIS weekend, though - so you'll have photos that we took (these are from the breeder.)

The boys have been working on the new Studio/gym. Himself is learning how to wire up a house - good experience! He's done all the plugs on his side, and most of the plugs on the gym side. Today he has a few more to do; tonight he and SG are starting on building the panel.

Meanwhile, I've been in the Studio myself. I have another project bag completed - this one is the Swoon Harriet tote bag.





This is the last of my MHA fabric; I got 2 complete bags out of 1 yard (plus a very, very little left over. Maybe enough to do a coin purse....) Once again, Swoon patterns show how well-written and designed they are; no major problems (well, I did sew the top inside panels in upside down, because the pattern doesn't show which way the pattern should run. No biggie - this is my new knitting bag - but next time I know which way to orient those panels. :lol:). The bag went together nicely - it only took me about 5 hours from printing the pattern to turning off the sewing machine; I did differ in my clasp. The pattern calls for a magnetic clasp; I used a turn lock instead.

The cool thing about the Harriet is the expandable sides. The bag, closed, holds an 8.5" x 11" laminated pattern, my current 2-ball sock project, the completed sock, my darning egg, and a bunch of misc. tools easily. I think I could fit a sweater project in there if I unzipped the sides.

Herself thinks she wants one of these. :lol: We'll see - today I am making a Brooklyn bag. She might just change her mind.........:rofl: (Why, yes - I am knocking out bags recently. I *need* new project bags, and a couple more purses. Plus......Mom wants a bag, and I want to give her few choices of style. Can't really do that without examples, can I? :lol:)

Gotta skitter!
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So. We are all giggly-happy over Duncan's arrival. *We* won't get him until mid-September, of course, but the breeder has been happily sharing her photos with us. Since I know y'all are only here for puppy pictures, let's start with him:


This was the first picture she sent me. Let's all say "Daawwwwwwww...." :lol: Then came these:




Then we made a trip to visit.....and Herself snapped this one of me and Duncan:


There is another photo, but I am making a very silly face (I was cooing at him, all right?) so it will NOT be posted. :lol:

After we got home, this appeared in my text messages:


Moving on before we all succumb to cuteness overload.......I spent most of yesterday in my Studio (finally!) and managed to knock out another purse:




It's the Swoon Patterns Blanche bag. The fabric is from Spoonflower - expensive, but the ONLY place I could find My Hero Academia themed fabric. I accidentally grabbed an invisible zipper (it was the correct color!), so Uraraka is helping me with the pull. :lol:

And, finally - Herself has a new friend:


His name is Griff; he's a Joltean (Pokemon) made by an artist named CrypticEnigma. He's AWESOME. Very well made, the fabric is lush and soft and nice, and the artist couldn't be nicer. (Herself has ordered 4 custom plushes from her now......:heh: She's sending up progress shots - she is SO TALENTED!)

Himself and I played a new outdoor game this AM - Recoil. Basically, laser-tag. With air strikes. He beat me handily, but it was fun.

Gotta skitter - Himself has a doc appointment, and he wants to take us out to lunch. Laters!
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This is going to be photo heavy, so be warned. :lol: I'm not going to cut it, as there's not as much traffic here, anymore, and I am tired. No sleep last night - elbow hurt, and 3 dogs in bed is too many. Anyway.

Let's begin with Miss Suki, the newest canine member of our family:

Suki Outside

Suki Sitting

She is very sweet, very smart, and very much still a puppy. Current destruction count: 3 shoes, 5 toys, and 2 wooden coat hangers.

We have somehow acquired a new rooster - he just appeared last week. We're calling him Nomad:


The slipcovered sofa in my Studio:

Studio Slipcover

THAT was a fun project! I did it so you can still use the sleeper without having to remove the cover - THAT was interesting.

Next up - the bags I've been working on. The pattern is Swoon Bag's "Nora Doctor's Bag", in the Traveler (largest) size:

Chicken Bag Side

Chicken Bag totes

This is, of course, the bag for the Chickens (could you guess? :lol:) I LOVE the fabric! This was the first one - it's not perfect, but it's close. I LOVE it! I feel...well, I feel like this has upped my sewing game! The "totes" are actually modified purse organizers; the bag is so big inside that the meds were rolling around and I was afraid they would break. The totes don't have pockets, but they will keep the bottles all nice and tidy.

Critter Bag Side

Critter Bag inside

Critter Bag totes

This bag is for the 4-legged critters. I...OK, I don't like yellow, but I LOVE how this bag turned out! It's better than the chicken bag, not perfect, but better. I left the inside pocket out of this one - don't need it.

I liked those bags so much, I decided I NEEDED a purse. Not just ANY purse, but a STAR WARS purse:

Star Wars Bag side

Star Wars Bag Inside

It is the middle sized bag; it holds my current (non-themed) organizer perfectly. I will be making a "matching" organizer, because Why Not? :lol:

Here's a size comparison:

Bag Comparison end

Bag Comparison Side

There's 1 smaller size included in the pattern, but it was just a titch too small for the organizer. I NEED the organizer, so.....:shrug:

I have a few more bags planned, but not this pattern/style. I'm moving away from leather bags (for now), so I want to get a few more styles made up so I can alternate them and spread the wear.

I highly recommend Swoon's patterns - they are well-written, the instructions are clear, and you end up with an awesome bag!

Gotta skitter!
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This dress is in time-out for now. I reinserted the new diamond - one side with pocket, 1 side without. The without side I did "correctly" - I ripped all the seams, tried to sew in the insert (more on THAT in a moment), then re-sewed the seams, running the side seam in 1 go. :sigh: Here, have some pictures:

This is the side done the way the pattern tells you to do it:

dress take 2 side pocket other hole

See that hole? Yeah....

dress take 2 side pocket hole

Here's the whole pocket:

dress take 2 side full pocket

There are gaps on either side....

Here's the side with the pocket removed:

dress take 2 side pocket

And IT has a hole, too!

dress take 2 side no pocket

Yes, the penguins are upside down. I'm not sure WHY, but that's the way it wanted to fit (but...if I attached the pocket to it, they were right-side up? I dunno WHAT'S going on here....

Here's the front, without the zip. There's a good 1" overlap, it looks like:

dress take 2 front

And the back:

dress take 2 back

Part of the problem that I am having is the shape of the inserts. They sew in as diamonds. The pattern drawing has diamonds. The photo of the 1 dress on the website shows diamonds. The insets? Are NOT diamonds - they have cut-out bits in the side corners. I kinda see what they are trying to get you to do - the pocket goes to the bottom corner, leaving a "bite" out (sort of "L" shaped) - with me so far? When you sew the inset in, you only sew in the top - the bottom is free, because you attach the pocket (which is sewn onto the bottom of the inset) to the pocket facing (which is already sewn to the bottom inset opening on the dress).

Problem (MY problem anyway): the bottom fits just fine. The top, though - it doesn't make it to the top corner. If I MAKE it fit (which I have done, by easing it in - which the pattern does NOT mention!), you still have that "L"- and it will NOT match up. I've tried matching up the bottom (which is already sewn to the facing, remember) - and it just WILL. NOT. FIT. :bangs head: No matter how I sew it in, no matter how I pin it, I still end up with a bit of the "L" that isn't attached to *anything*. The drawings in the pattern do NOT help - they don't show this part, they only show what it looks like after everything is sewn in - and *I* don't see any stitch lines on the "L". :sigh:

So. I am going back to the drawing board. I am going to re-trace the dress front and back as designed. THEN, before I cut it out (because I have 2 complete sets already cut out), I am going to lay it over the inserts, and trace the side curves (because this dress IS NOT straight-sided, oh no. It's slightly curved. Of COURSE it is.). I will then cut out the new dress pieces. (And don't forget I have had to Frankenstein this dress anyway, thanks to my big hips. I am going from a 38 (which, by the way, is NOT my bust size - it's my *over* bust size, so I still get to do some tinkering *there*. Fun stuff!) to a 46 (which....I am not sure is going to fit correctly *anyway* - the muslin looks awfully tight in the hip area.)

Tomorrow we are going to the outlet store. My budget is suddenly smaller (because I screwed up and put off applying for Herself's disability - MY fault. I didn't want to admit that she IS disabled, so I ignored it. Now, I am paying for it with less money each month. :sigh: SS takes FOREVER to decide disability cases, and they usually DENY it the first 2 or 3 times. :big sigh: MY fault...but after paying bills, I have $0.39 for groceries. Don't panic - SG's aunt will give me some money for her expenses (it goes to SG's account and pays her bills), and SG said I can have some of it, so groceries ARE covered, just not now. :shrug: It's not like I don't have a full pantry and freezer - it just means I need to use some of my fabric money for necessities today. But not all of it - darn it, some of that money is a payment on my sock machine, and THAT I am keeping for fabric.)

Anyway. Tomorrow I plan on getting as much muslin as I can (along with enough fabric for a couple more dresses) - then I will attempt muslin #3. It should go MUCH easier, since it's just a plain dress. I will fit THAT, make the changes to the modified pattern, THEN I will draw the diamond insets on the "finished" pattern, cut them out, add the 5/8" seam allowance to *them* (since it's already in the dress itself), and make muslin #4 (hopefully out of "real" fabric - but not my cherries! :lol:)...which should, if I've thought of everything, be a wearable dress. Finally. I'm thinking of doing muslin #5 (again in real, but not cherry fabric) WITH the pockets, using MY pattern pieces. We'll see.

So - that's where the dress stands at the moment. I did say I love a challenge, right? Because this? Is a challenge. Oh, and Hearth - thanks for finally pushing me to actually JOIN the pattern review site. I hadn't done so, because I have too many memberships and didn't want to add another time-sink. However...the 1 person who has attempted this dress had the same type of problems I am having with the diamonds. I honest think there's something screwy about the shape, but.....:shrug: I am not an expert or a pattern designer, and I'm sure there's some reason for the "L" cut-outs. *I* just can't SEE them.

OH, and to top everything else off...this AM Tigger and Chloe got into it AGAIN. I have no idea what sparked it - I was at the bar putting on my fitbit when it went from everything's-coming-up-roses to I-hate-you-and-want-to-EAT-you. SG came out and grabbed Chloe (she got him with 1 tooth on his finger, but immediately let go); I grabbed Tigger, who Chomped down on my leg. I kicked her (sorry, but that HURT), and she let go and lunged for Chloe AGAIN. :sigh: She's banished to the bedroom, Chloe is sort of repentant, and I have 5 tooth-marks on my leg. I've been bleeding since 5:00......yes, I hit it with peroxide (I am allergic, but what do you do?) AND tea-tree oil, and it's bled enough that any icky stuff that was in there is gone now, but...:sigh: It's slowed to a trickle now, but....I have a lovely bruise (I bruise at the drop of a hat, so that's nothing new) and a lovely set of teeth marks. The detectives can use it to positively ID the culprit, I guess....:lol: and :owowowowowowowow:

I am going to go knit for a few minutes. That's something I can do successfully. :lol:
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or thereabouts. Let's see....

1. Tigger is healing; she gets her stitches removed Wednesday. Yippee! No more Cone of Shame!

2. Knitting: Finished the Egypt socks, need to get photos. Started my next pair - "Companion". One of the Firefly themed socks. It's going well - and it has BEADS. Never knit with beads before...this is interesting.

3. Books: We hit Half-Price on Saturday. It seems I'm being pushed towards sewing.....I brought home a few felted knit books and a couple of sewing ones. BUT. I was browsing eBay...and I scored a copy of Gertie's New Vintage Sewing (or...whatever. Her first book) for.......$11.41. With $0.01 shipping. I got it Saturday as well.....and it is Impressive. I am NOWHERE near ready to tackle the projects - yet - but it is chock full of techniques and tips. I'm debating buying her 2nd book from JoAnn's - even with a 40% off coupon it's more than I usually spend on a book, but this one is just That Good. I also scored a copy of Colette's book (I love the patterns, but don't want to shell out $15 for a shorts pattern, you know?) - it should arrive today. (It was $9.98 with $2.98 shipping).

4. Sewing: So, the current plan is to read, read, read, then make some bags. One can never have too many bags, right? I'll use some of the techniques from the new books, and get comfortable with them, THEN I'll tackle some actual clothing for me. I need to get comfortable with zippers - and bags are good for that.

5. Life, in general: Still haven't heard from SS on Herself's disability. Starting to panic, a little - I mean, I KNOW God has this, but.....bills are coming due and we're down the house payment each month. :gulp: Trying to stay calm.....

Need to get started with Himself's school. We're on the Summer Schedule, so it's light, but it still needs to be done. Laters!

(Oh, and it's raining. Again. I don't want to complain, but we are going to need to evolve flippers soon if this keeps up. Normal annual rainfall is 34". In May, we got 32". I have no clue what we got over the weekend, but it was at LEAST 2.5" here......we went from the entire state being in Extreme Drought conditions to NO DROUGHT at ALL in 4 weeks. Nice? Yes. But I'm a bit tired of the mud and glop. And mosquitos........Oh. My. Goodness - they are flying around in packs now. :shudder:)
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we actually didn't lose 'net connection, but I tried to stay off anyway. (We won't discuss the's done, but I don't think they did the dish correctly. I mean, except for the 1.5 hours we had no power (and the crew did NOTHING), we had no blips with our connection...which means the dish was NOT moved. :sigh:) I did not get much knitting done, though......Tuesday was the Endo (Herself seems fine, according to the doc....:sigh:), Wednesday was spent with my Mom (we also got Herself an ID card - she does Not want to drive. At ALL.), Thursday we had friends over, and Friday....Friday we were HOME, but trying to get ready for Shabbat AND Herself's 18th birthday and party on Saturday. (Yes, she's 18 now....but maturity-wise, she's...maybe 8. :big sigh:)

And then there was Saturday evening. After the party, SG, Herself and I went to look at a hay field 2 towns over. Himself wanted to stay home...good thing, too. He called as we had just turned around to come home - Chloe and Tigger had gotten into a disagreement, and both were bleeding. I got him calmed down, and SG sped up. Himself called back....Tigger was "bleeding all over the bed, Mom. Looks bad. What do I do?????" :bangs head: I told him to dump a handful of flour on her (flour will stop bleeding - good to know, right?), and to check out Chloe - who seemed fine.

Got home......yes, Tigger was bleeding, but NOT all over the bed. Just 2 smallish spots. BUT - it was bad. She had a deep puncture wound on her back leg, with 2 smaller ones near it, one on her forehead, and one on her neck. Chloe had a couple of small spots on her front leg and some scratches on her belly. :sigh: We flushed Tigger's deep wound with peroxide, squirted some on Chloe, then packed Tigger up and took her to the doggie ER (SG was resistant...after Risky? Not me - I'l figure out some way to help pay off the Care Credit card.)

LONG story short - Tigger had surgery Sat. evening/Sunday morning. Vet called at 1 AM to tell us she made it thru the surgery OK, had a drain tube and about 14 stitches. We picked her up at 8, and have been trying to keep her quiet (HA!) and isolated (HA HA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

Anyway. I am TIRED - no sleep last night, because SG thought Tigger was depressed (probably right - she HATES the cone of shame, but keeps shimmying out of the soft one I made for her (needs work. :sigh:)) so he plopped her in bed. Then fell asleep himself and kept kicking her in his sleep. :huge sigh: Now, of course, she thinks she's allowed in the bed (which...normally she is, but we have orders to NOT let her jump. Riiiiiight. Her name is Tigger for a REASON.)...and she can jump up there faster than I can realize she WANTS up. :big sigh:

Our vet called yesterday to check on her - which I thought was nice. I have to bring her in tomorrow to get the drain checked and possibly removed; she'll have stitches for 2 weeks. I am going to be a zombie for those 2 weeks, methinks........

So. Very little knitting has been done. I have turned the heel and finished the gussets on sock #2, but that's about as far as I've gotten. I want to get it DONE, because I want to knit something else.

But right now, all I want is a few solid hours of SLEEP. It looks like rain - again - so maybe I'll get that. :fingers crossed:
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I think. Still stuffy, sneezing all over the place (I don't usually sneeze. Right now? It's epidemic. :sigh:) Headache-y, dry, itchy eyes...but hey! I'm awake! And semi-coherent!!

I finished SG's Tardis socks last night. They're currently on the blockers drying (I always wash my hand knits when I take them off the needles - no telling what kind of gunk they have, and water makes the stitches look better.), so no pics yet. I also finished shoelace #1 and started #2 - only, it's from Season 18. It's all purples (for the "Rose" fits, and it's STILL the Doctor's scarf, so it works, too. And I won't get bored! :lol:)

I also started a hat for me.....yeah. I'm borked. But hats are fast and useful and on larger needles than socks - and my wrists need that right now.

And apparently I have "sucker" written in Canine on my forehead. :sigh: We ran to Sonic yesterday for milkshakes (which...I didn't get. Because SG accidentally dropped mine. :bangs head:) and both of us saw a small dog almost get run over. I guess the other driver saw my panicked face and flailing arms, because he slammed on the brakes; I opened my door and said "Here baby! C'mon here!" and up this little beagle ran and hopped right in the car. She let me cuddle her for about 15 seconds, then she wriggled over to the back seat, curled up, and went to sleep. :sigh:

I took her to both vets today, and she's not chipped and neither one recognizes her. She's sweet, but she HATES our dogs. HATES them. It looks like she's a spoiled l'il girl, used to being an only child. We've called a local rescue group (they are going to try to pick her up tonight. :fingers crossed:).....she spent the night in MY bed; SG was banished to the sofa because Loki and Tigger were NOT happy with the situation. (The bed is THEIRS, you see - and she won't let any other dog get near her. She's a beagle, which means she's no banishment to the bathroom.) I don't think I can take much more of the Drama around here....:lol:

I need to go blow my nose again. Laters!


Jan. 20th, 2015 04:17 pm
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1. We had to put Bailey down yesterday - it was past time. He had started refusing food, and was totally blind. Yesterday AM, he couldn't stand up on his own, so SG finally made the call. (I had reached that point a few months ago, but was told No, it wasn't time yet. :sigh:) He had a good, long life - he was 14. For a Pyr, that's incredible - the vet even said that!

2. Finished SG's first sock. I had forgotten why I don't like knitting socks for him - nothing's ever *right*. Normally, I knit his socks on 72 stitches; for this pair I bumped it up to 80 (because color work does draw in a little...not an inch!, but a little). He claims it's TOO TIGHT (no way. No freaking way it is too tight - it slips over his heel (with a little work - you don't want them floppy!) and I can stick 2 fingers in there with his heel - and the stitches STILL have more stretch!). Then, I asked him what color he wanted the heels and toes - blue (like the rest of the sock), white, or black. He hemmed, he hawed, then said "White." OK. I start the heel (while we are OUT running errands!) and he says....."Oh. I wanted Black." :bangs head: OK...I offer to stop and switch to black when we get home...."No. White's....OK, I guess." :big sigh:

He's now in the "solid color or self-striping yarns ONLY" category.

3. Finished all the work, and will deliver it tomorrow. Client has offered lunch.....I won't say no. :lol: Since I'm doing them a favor, client offered the kids lunch too - so, we're going out tomorrow. :shudder: and :lol:

4. Oh! Almost lost a horse yesterday (because SG is a doofus.) He has suddenly gotten WAY into RC toys (don't. Just...don't ask. Because we can't afford to replace my mixer (and I found a replacement IN STOCK locally for 1/4 the regular price!!!!!), but we certainly can afford a RC drone, a Universal controller (that cost $19 LESS than my mixer......:grrrrr:), parts for a "free" plane, more batteries, more parts...honestly? We could have bought my mixer AT FULL PRICE and still not spent what he's spent on toys......nevermind me. I'm a little over-wrought right now.) - anyway.

Yesterday he was off. He decides to go INTO the horse pasture (mistake #1), WITH the girls (mistake #2) and attempt to fly his plane (mistake #3). Which he crashes into the tree. Which freaked out the girls (of course)...and Denara freaked out and tried to jump the fence....only her back leg got tangled in the wire and down she went, all tangled. :freak out:

Himself and I ran down there, thinking she was gone, because she wasn't moving. I saw her head twitch, which was a relief, so I threw myself on her neck (if you immobilize a horse's neck, they won't panic as much when you try to help them) while Himself tried to free her. A few minutes and some bolt cutters later, she was free, I was covered in mud, and the fence had been taken down. Fun times! (No, SG hasn't learned - he's in the shop now trying to get the plane back working, so he can do it again. :bangs head:)

I think that's all......for the moment. I need to CO the 2nd sock...I want to get this pair done so I can start a hat for me for the barn. Then it's all kilt hose, all the time until that pair is done......:lol:
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I forgot this - because I am trying to forget it for real. :weak grin: It...well.

We have......many dogs. Critical mass, to be exact. Bailey, Bree and Kenzie are "good" dogs - they tend to spend most of their time imitating speed bumps. a pain, but not destructive. Chloe...well, she's been destro-mutt from day 1, and she's taught Riley some bad habits.

We think Loki is a wonder-dog, but I am beginning to think he's got us snowed. Why? Because the destruction had slowed down, until he came back from his operation. All of a sudden there's been an uptick in mischief.

We left the house at 8-ish Friday morning, and walked in the door at 5:15. When we pulled up to the gate, I saw *something* out in the backyard, but couldn't tell what it was. So, we unloaded and I went into the backyard to assess the damage.

Somehow - and I still can't figure this out! - 1 of the dogs managed to get MY violin case thru the pet door and into the backyard. Now, this is a rectangular case, with the pocket on top for music.'s NOT a small case by any means. Somehow, they managed to get it thru the pet door (something like 12" x 22", IIRC) and around the side of the house.

WITHOUT damaging the violin or bow. The case, however.....the music pocket is gone, and the music that was in it was scattered all over the yard (I think I found all of it. :sigh:) The strap was chewed in 2, and they tried to get into the case, but they didn't succeed. Both SG and Herself were amazed that the instrument was unharmed; I reminded them that I bought that case 2 years ago and that it was Airline rated - meaning it was meant to be tossed around in an airplane's cargo hold. So *I* am not surprised that the violin came to no harm.

But STILL - how did they manage that? The case isn't that lightweight - Loki couldn't have drug it, I don't think, but Chloe has NEVER even sniffed the instruments. Riley...well, he was caught hauling a chair cushion out the door last Wednesday, and he's capable of dragging things. Chloe, of course, is perfect capable of dragging the case, but.....she's more of the destroy-in-place kind of destructor. Not a haul-outside type. :Sigh:

So, I need to buy a new case. Again. (This is actually my old violin that SG traded me for. He bought me a really, really nice Italian violin when he was taking lessons to "replace" my nice German one. He had purchased (against my advice!) a cheap Chinese set when he decided he wanted to learn to play, and he found a really good teacher. The teacher was....not that impressed with the instrument, but told him it would work for a bit while he learned. Then SG brought my violin to his next lesson and was told that it was EXCELLENT for a beginner to an intermediate player, and why did he spend money on a Chinese one when he had access to this one, and...well, he then decided that he NEEDED mine. So, he made me an offer and hauled me to a violin shop. Funny thing? He had said he couldn't afford a decent instrument which is why he went Chinese. The one he bought me? Was almost $2K. :bangs head: and :lol:) (And, much as I love my original violin, I love this one 10x. It's...well, it's got a richer voice. And no, I don't play much any more because of my wrist problems. So for him to insist on buying me a new one? It was kinda stupid/silly, y'know? But he insisted. :sigh:)

Oh, and then yesterday SG decided to be Hanukkah Harry. :lol: New video games for all! We're now set up for the kids/kids & SG to play co-op on Destiny...and they're already looking for more games to play together. I don't mind - the kids get along a lot better since they started playing video games together, and I hope it works with SG, too (He...doesn't "get" teens. At all. :big sigh:)

Anyway, I think we're now up to date. I need to print off the rest of our History assignments (MoH 4 finally shipped! I got it last week, so need to print out the rest of the year's stuff.) And knit - I'm tired of the hat, but need to get it done. :sigh: (I'm tired of cables. To try and speed it up I've started cabling without a cable needle - something I've resisted for a long time. Now? I want to get it done. :lol:) (It says a lot about my growth as a knitter - 2 years ago cables were my favorite thing. Now? Hate 'em! I'd MUCH rather do color-work.)
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Let's see:

Thursday: We had out-of-state friends come over. Fun times - I usually only see them 1x/year, so this was a bonus! visit. they brought Herself a bunch of old computers - she wants to use the circuit boards for jewelry.

Not much sock-knitting got done; as we were getting ready to go out to milk I noticed something...fabric-y out in the yard. Went out...and Chloe had eaten 1 of Himself's hat's earflaps. To say I was furious would be a major understatement. (Thursday and Friday were NOT Chloe's best days.....) After beating the crap out of her (sorry, but...I was FURIOUS. She took it off of the kitchen table - no, it didn't belong there, but it wasn't exactly in her line-of-sight, either - drug it outside, and had fun. :sigh: So, during school and the rest of the morning, I frantically re-knit the flap (it doesn't quite match, but Himself said it was OK.). :sigh: I had just CO sock #2 when our friends arrived.

Friday: Grandparent day. Left right after morning stables...I thought about locking the dogs outside, was 21* when we left, and not due to warm up much. I just could NOT do that. I can now, though - we came home to a completely destroyed house. Chloe ate:

5 pound bag of sugar
3 bars of wrapped soap
4 plush sheepies (she had to go OVER a chair to get to the bin they were stored in)
2 placemats
2 hardcover books
Rosetta Stone headphones (she.....unplugged them FROM my laptop. They were NOT within easy reach!)
scattered a set of Aleph-Bet cookie cutters (but didn't munch on them, thankfully!)
tore up about 6 magazines (nothing important, thankfully)

We were only gone 6 hours.


Yes, she got punished. No, it hasn't changed much. (While I was typing this, she pulled one of the sheepies off of the table and took it back outside. And dumped the trashcan over.) She might not make it to her 1st birthday at this rate.....

Saturday: Letterboxing! Fun day - we had a lovely, lovely walk around a heritage farm near us. Only 1 letterbox, but we got in a good hour's walk.

Other: I have been intrigued by charm bracelets for at least a decade, now. The "hot" thing now is apparently Pandora bracelets...but the cost! Herself handed me her Fire Mountain Gems catalog.....anyway, now I have a Pandora-esqe bracelet for - wait for it - $20. I need more charms - I have 3; the rest is spacer beads - but still....$20. I also got her a bracelet (the chain from FMG was only $5.32!) and some starter beads, and I got the stuff for her to make Cyn a bracelet....all for $58. And we have enough spacer beads left over for at least 1 more bracelet. :blink: Herself is all excited - now she can buy me charms as presents! And she can bling them up! :lol:

I think that gets me caught up. I'm at the heel of sock #2...and at the moment, it looks like I might end up with enough yarn to maybe eke out 1 more pair of socks. I'll weigh the balls when I'm done....but that's what it currently looks like. I'm impressed!

Today is stay-at-home day. I need it after last week!
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37* for the high today. :brrrrrr: Yes, it gets cold here every year. THIS year, however, it's here early. I really don't wanna think about what this means for the rest of Winter....

Chloe has completely housebroken herself. Thursday she was free all night....NO piddles, puddles, or bombs At All. :huzzah!: She's a smart cookie.....pretty much. :lol:

Stealth project: the knitting part is DONE, I just need to full it. (Fulling and Felting are the same thing; Fulling is when it's done on purpose, and Felting is when it's an oops. :lol:) That's on the agenda for tomorrow, provided SG goes into the office.

Knitting: Working on Auntie's fingerless mitts. She tried a pair of mine on Thursday, and they fit, so we're good to go.

We got complemented on our hats today at Gamestop.....I had an idea for another chu'llo. Um. 1) Game-related motifs and 2) Star Wars. I just so happen to have a collection of Star Wars charts....methinks I need to get another yarn order ready. :rofl: I'll put them in the queue.

Spent some time today filling in my Lesson Plans - we finished Vol. 1 of All American History, and Vol. 1 of Writing with Skill. Today I filled in Vol. 2 of some point this week I need to fill in Torah Class Leviticus - not that we are anywhere *near* finishing Exodus, but..why not? Go ahead and get it set up, then it's open and go the rest of the year.

Sewing: I made Tigger a sweater - only it looks like a pajama top, so it's her "jammies". We had to run out to pick up some velcro - I braved the frozen studio and attached it today. She's SO cute in it! And she seems to love it - she's all curled up on the couch; not even trying to shimmy out of it or anything. I need to make Kenzie some sort of blanket - she's shivering now, too. (It's 32* outside - I don't blame her!)

SG cut firewood today, so we're good for another few days of cold. Not that I want more days of cold...but we're ready. The Scottish Wheel is set up in the Living room - it was nice to sit in front of the fire spinning yesterday! I need to schedule more spinning time....I need a few more oven mitts and I have a lot of nasty wool that'll suit.

Stay warm!
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well, not really. Achy, yes - but not breaky. Although Himself says they FEEL like they are breaking. :sympathetic grin: Poor kid - I didn't think; I scheduled his cleaning right before his installation....he had to keep his mouth open for 2.5 hours.

And...the dentist discovered that he has some baby tooth roots that never got reabsorbed; those have to be extracted. They wanted to do it yesterday (and fill the 3 small cavities), but the ortho said to wait until NEXT visit - the blood would have interfered with the cement. visit will be kinda bad, too. :poor kid: At least that's ALL he has to have done; after next visit they'll all be "normal".

Chloe is....weird. By yesterday lunch, she was pretty much housebroken. I shut her up in our bathroom while we were gone; she was fine....until SG got home. Then she started piddling again.

And this AM, she poo'd AND piddled. 2x. In front of SG. :sigh: She's currently locked outside - in the COLD - because, well, she looked straight at me as she squatted. :bangs head: She's smart, so she'll figure it out, but Oi! She's got a large bladder on her! Good thing she's cute and soft and fluffy, though! :lol:

Not much else going on. I'm working on a "stealth knit" - a Scottish Balmoral Bonnet for SG. He has no clue...and I'm trying to keep it a secret. It's his birthday present. :lol: Next up are the fingerless mitts for his aunt, then I get another pair, then Herself wants the "lobster" mitts from SpillyJane...and Himself and SG have both requested gloves. So, my knitting queue is full up for a bit. I love every minute of it! :lol: I'm glad I discovered Jimmy Beans wool - they're inexpensive, fast, and friendly. Even if my last order did go from NV to NJ to TX. (guess it wanted the grand tour?)

Today we take Auntie shopping, so I guess I need to get with the program. It's 34* here now - supposed to be icy and nasty tonight....:brrrrrrrr:
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OK, I told y'all about the Heritage Homestead Fair this weekend. Here's some photos of our handiwork:

Hand-dipped candles:


Himself did the blue one, I did the green one, and SG and Herself each did 2 of the white tapers.

"Gift" baskets:

gift baskets

Mine is green and purple; Herself's is blue and brown. These were fun, and actually easy to weave!

Then I bought a kit....

market basket

It's a bit wonky, and it's not as tall as it should be (well, let me rephrase that. It IS as tall, but not as many rows. I need to work on my packing-in skills. And my tension.) Still, it's a basket, and it's perfect for holding yarn. :grin:

And then......hold on, let me set the stage. Monday I went and got my Jeep inspected. I was a little leery - I JUST paid it off, so I kinda expected it to fail. It passed...but the driver's side window FELL. :sigh: Monday evening Himself managed to pull it back up, so I called it good.

Yesterday was office day. Left at 6; the window was up. Got on the freeway and the window started to fall. :sigh: It was 46* - TOO cold! I pulled off, but couldn't get it back up. It only fell to the halfway point, and there it stayed while I was at the office. SG took off at lunch....sent me a quick link, then went to pick up Snips. :sob:

Um. The link.....the local-to-us Animal Shelter had 11 Blue Heeler X puppies available.'s close to the Firestone we were taking my Jeep to. :oh no!:

I ran home, got the kids, and headed to Firestone. Then we all piled into SG's car and headed the Shelter. (Before anyone says anything, SG and I had discussed a new dog. We both agreed it would be a shelter pet, we wouldn't rush it, but we were open to the idea. Snips left a HUGE hole, and we felt like we did need to fill some point)

The shelter is small...but they had about 50 dogs. The puppies SG were interested in (SO CUTE!!!!!) were in isolation - they had gotten a cold, so no adoption of them. But.....

We looked at all the dogs. Himself was told HE could choose - IF he wanted. There were 2 catahoulas there, but they were very very shy. A dobie...but not really friendly. And puppies....oy. A TON of cute li'l fuzz balls...but Himself wasn't interested. Until he saw 2 black dogs in separate pens. A black female "Swiss Mountain Dog" (my ass - lab cross, maybe.) and a black male lab. The female was let out first - she made a beeline for Himself, knocked him over, and proceeded to lick his face while holding him in a bear hug. :snicker: We put her up, and got out the male.

Who proceeded to ignore us. He ran to the end of the room, marked both sides of the door, and proudly told all the other dogs that HE was out, and they were not.

So. Guess who came home with us?


Meet "Chloe". She's about 4 months old (maybe), very sweet, and very very soft. Hard to photograph - she's SO black it's not funny. She's figured out the pet door, but isn't sure about WHY it's there. (She's a puddle-hound. I didn't know a puppy could have such a large bladder! :lol:) She's all paws and tail right now - and Himself is just all over excited about her. She fit his "requirements" - she's sweet, she's (pretty much) fluffy, and playful.

We take her back in February to get spayed, and the Shelter has a trainer that offers 6 weeks of free training to every adopted dog. I'll be calling her today.....Chloe is sweet, but Himself needs to train her (and we'll use the training on the other dogs, too. Win/Win.)

She was quiet last night - no whining, no destruction...just a lot of bombs and puddles. :sigh: Ah, well - this too shall pass. And we'll have a nice dog at the end of it all.

Today Himself gets his braces......the dog will help with that. :lol:

RIP Snips

Nov. 29th, 2013 05:45 am
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We had to say goodbye at the Vet Hospital last night at 11:43. Yesterday was a bad day - she didn't get off the couch at all, and didn't respond to anything. Not even people coming over got a response. She had another seizure at 10:15, and SG said enough was enough.

Even though the Vet said we made the right decision, it hurts.

Himself doesn't know yet...not looking forward to this morning.
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Snips is....well, she is. Blind, but SG and I both think she can see shadows. Her hearing is better - she actually perked up when SG came in the house earlier. She's not as "drunk" when she walks. She lets us know when we wants something - by whimpering.

But. She's not eating - we had to use a syringe to force beef broth and milk down her. She's not drinking. She spends most of her time either asleep or wandering around the house, bumping into walls. :sigh:

Still. She's better than she was - so we are still hoping for improvement. The other dogs are curious, but not picking on her - which is a relief.

In other news....SG bought me a nice bench for the studio - it has storage; it replaced the crummy fabric boxes we were using for the milking stuff. It looks MUCH nicer in there now!

I found yarn for another present - it won't be ready for the start of Hanukkah, but I have hopes of being able to ship it off during. :grin:

A note about gifts: I LIKE giving stuff to people. I don't expect anything in return - I just like *giving*. Not to make me look good, or generous, or whatever - I just like being able to show the people I like/love that I care. Some people have a problem with that - please, if I send you something, accept in the way it was intended. I saw it, thought of you, and happily grabbed it to send to you. NOT to make me look good/better/ I making sense? I've run into problems in the past with recipients thinking they needed to reciprocate - nope, not at all! Wanna do something in return? A quick "thanks" and a quick prayer is all I need. :nods:

Not much else - it's 36* right now. We have a nice fire going in the wood stove; Snips is dozing on the couch soaking up the heat, and the kids are cleaning the house. (:huzzah!:) Hope your day is as nice! I gotta get knitting!
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Let's see:

1. Snips is HOME. She's nowhere near *well*, but she's home. Right now, she's blind, groggy, but more alert than she has been. Doc wanted us to take her home, because he felt she'd be more comfortable. She has been eating and drinking, and she's walking better, so.....:fingers crossed: (He's not sure if this is medicine related or neurological damage - we won't know for a while. While I'm hoping it's medicine related, I can deal with neuro problems.)

2. The fingerless thistles are DONE. Photos later, after Shabbat.

3. The high today was 37*. With rain. And sleet.

4. We're taking next week off - we have to get ready for Thanksgivukkah (that wonderful holiday that occurs once every 125 years. :lol:) Our turkey will be chunked, battered, and deep-fried. :omnomnom: I still have to do stuffing....but that's OK. Should be interesting!

5. For some reason, wordpress is having problems with me commenting. :sigh: I'll look at it on Sunday.

Shabbat Shalom! I have to get dinner in the oven - hope y'all have a great one!
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so this'll be light on content, but heavy on photos. Or something.

Snips: We had to take her back to our vet yesterday. She was Zombie-dog; almost totally catatonic. I had bugged him all day Tuesday, because of it, and he said - at first - it was attributable as side-effects of the phenobarbitol. Um, yeah, the drunkeness, the weak back end, the blindness, the deafness are all attributable to it...but this was something MORE.

Wednesday AM he told me, OK, he'd take a look at her, but it was probably just the normal things...until he saw her. Nope - this was MUCH worse. He thinks she is very very sensitive to the drug, and has taken her off of it and is flushing her to try and get it out of her system. :sigh: (What the hell, it's only money, right?) We went to visit her at lunch time; she's still out of it, but was actually responsive when we petted her. She's still not *there*, but she's eating now (a little, and only licking the food off of a spoon - she's not *eating* by herself yet). He's worried, but thinks she'll be back to "normal" at some point. No idea of when she'll get to come home - but we're praying.

To take my mind off of her, I needed something.....complex, yet mindless. Yes, such a thing exists - SpillyJane's "Prickly Thistle" mittens. Only, I don't need mittens, being in Texas and all, so I did some surgery on the charts...

thistle mitt hand

This is the back of the hand. How could I NOT need this pattern - it has the Blessed Thistle of Scotland on it!

And the palm is just as lovely:

thistle mitt palm

It definitely needs blocking, but it'll wait until I get the mate done. I removed 1 repeat of the leaves and changed the thumb to a gusseted one, instead of the "sore" thumb that SpillyJane loves so much. Me, not so much - it's not as comfortable on my hand as a gusseted thumb is. My chart looks like something belonging to Frankenstein, but it works. Hope I can read my scribbled notes as I knit #2. :lol:

This is the last set for me for the moment. I have 2 pairs I want to make for others (and more for me, but I can wait. :lol:)....and I need to work on SG's tam. But not now, because he's off all next week, and stealth knitting isn't possible when the recipient is watching and commenting on your current project. :sigh: and :lol:

I've got a post brewing, but am too brain-dead to make sense of it - but. Actions speak louder than words....and if you claim to be a Christ-follower, you need to keep that in mind. Especially this time of year. More later.....
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because we had to take Snips from the hospital to our vet. He's keeping her until 4:30 for observation. She had 1 more seizure last night; they loaded her with phenobarbital and Valium. She'll be on pills the rest of her life (poor thing!)

She's groggy, but alive. Our vet said she should recover most - if not all - of her vision. We have to keep a close eye on her - the other dogs might jump on her, and we don't want that. :Sigh: and :praise:, because she's alive.

Anyway - photos maybe tomorrow.....we'll see.
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Snips is at the Animal Hospital - she had 2 seizures this AM; 1 in my lap. She's lost a lot of her vision, and she was acting "dumb" off we went. They're not sure what's up - they haven't called us back yet, so we don't know much more than we did when we took her in.

Yes, she's a dog. Yes, we took her to an Emergency Vet. Look, when *I* took her in, I made an agreement - I'd take care of her to the end. This? May be the end, but it might not. Best case - she's on seizure meds the rest of her life. Since she's only had 2 seizures, we feel we need to do what we can. *IF* the drugs can't control them, then....well, we just spent a lot of money on her.

But I'd do the same thing to any other member of my family, so.......(it upsets me that a lot of folk look at animals as disposable. They aren't - they have the breath of God in them, too. Yes, there are some we can eat - but we need to treat them well before we do. Dogs...they're companions and work partners. They deserve care and love and respect - not to be tossed aside just because they got sick. :sigh: I do have my limits - we opted to NOT do any neurological testing, or MRI/CAT scans, because, really - why? It's not going to show much, according to the vet, so why put her thru the stress?)

Anyway. I have photos, but they'll be coming later. Or you can go to my Rav page - fiber-addict. They're posted there.

So. Hot.

Jul. 17th, 2012 10:07 am
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It was in the mid-80's when we went walking this AM. Sticky. :ick: Supposed to be back in the triple-digits by this weekend...SO not looking forward to that!

Risky, Zoe and Rosa ate a little last night; more this AM. I think I've figured it out - our Feed Mill got shut down by OSHA (some of the findings I can see - you shouldn't run heavy machinery with *extension cords*, but 1 of the "big" ones was the catwalk. OSHA says it should be 24" wide. Thiers was 30". So....they got slapped with a HUGE fine....because the catwalk was too wide. ?????) and they are now just a storefront. We had very little warning - we went bought feed 2 weeks ago (we buy it every 2 weeks, because we can't haul a month's worth at a time - they still gave us the bulk discount), they had just had the inspection......but OSHA moves fast. :sigh: chance to transition to the new feed. And apparently it tastes differently enough that some of the goats won't eat it, and it's apparently different enough that it gave some goats tummy problems. :big sigh:

I've switched feeds mid-month before (when the horses got into the feed, for example - we had to make an emergency run to Tractor Supply; no chance to transition there, either!) and didn't have this is new. I had Herself mix horse feed into the rations - they had a stock of our Complete feed, so it's the same (this time), and the goats have eaten it before. That helped - Risky and Zoe both cleaned the pans and begged for more, and ALL the does were bashing their way to the feeders. We need to figure out something....I can't afford sick goats or the drop in milk.

Penny is something else. She figured out Wednesday (*2* days after surgery!) how to jump up on our bed (it's tall. BREE can't get up on it, because she can't quite coordinate her back legs well enough to jump that high. :lol:) she discovered that Hey! The People Bed is SOFT. And COMFY. And WARM!!! So, every night she jumps into bed with me while SG is feeding the other dogs (I feed her earlier by herself, to make sure she gets all of it). It's all right with just her and I....but when SG comes to bed, it's another story. She starts out at/on my feet...then slowly worms her way in between us, where she begins to every so slowly *Stretch* and *wiggle*.....and I end up on the edge of the bed. Little snot takes up 2 square feet! :lol: She's cute, though.....

Almost done with today's work assignment. Then I get to play with fabric! I have all the Passover placemat squares cut...just need to iron them, and start sewing them together. I'm still trying to figure out the corners (when I post photos, you'll understand....I'm trying something different with this set.)....we'll see how it goes.


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