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Ali: first, yes, a cowl is a circular scarf - no ends! Some have twists, some don't.

Second - the insides of color work knitting has "floats"; hang on, let me snap a photo:

2015 Celtic Pennies Inside

The sock on the left is inside-out, the one on the right is not.

You carry the unused color along; if the float is longer than about 1", you twist the 2 yarns together to catch the float so you don't get your fingers/toes caught in it. You *can* see the image on the inside, but it's kind of blurry.

Homestead: Got my new washer yesterday.....I gotta say, I LOVE it. It's a Speed Queen (yup, just like what the laundromats use!), and it's just a basic machine; no frills. NO electronics, either. :grin: AND!!!! A wash cycle is only 30 minutes; the Maytag took a little over an hour. :shakes head: It has an agitator, but at this point? I don't care - it has a SOAK cycle! And *I* can determine how much water it uses. Happy, happy over here!

Kiln: Got the plug put in yesterday.... but something has gotten out of whack on the kiln. :sigh: I am putting off going into the controller, but I know it needs to be checked out. Paragon has a nice troubleshooting guide that should help.....but I don't wanna tear into it! :Sigh: I know it worked when we bought it; I think something got jarred loose either in the trip home or while it sat. It comes on, but the board reads "PF" instead of "IdLE". :gulp: Pray it's only a loose connection, please.

Blather: Bought 1 more pair of glasses from Zenni....they have a set of PLAID frames. How could I not? :lol: So, another $66 dollars; that's approx. $146 for 2 pairs of progressives and 1 pair of prescription sunglasses. Yeah, I think they have a life-time customer. :lol: I checked my order today; the first one has already been manufactured (!) and should be shipped soon. :happy dance: (For these keeping count, that's 3 pairs of glasses for LESS than 1 pair at America's Best. Just saying'...)

We visited the County Fair Wednesday.....:heh heh: I have photos, but don't want to spam ya. Herself got:

a First and Best in Category for her dragon sculpture (even though they broke it. :grrrr:)
a First and Best in Category for my pearl-and-emerald necklace
a First for her Toothless pendant
a First and Best in Category for her dragon scale knitted gloves

Me? I got:

a First for Himself's Kilt Hose
a First for my Pink variegated socks
a First for Herself's Lizard socks (the screaming bright blue and yellow ones)
a First and GRAND CHAMPION!!! for Herself's Firebird socks.

I am chuffed - and surprised. I figured either the kilt hose or the lizards were in the running for Best in Category; GC wasn't even on my radar. And - there were 2 other knitted entries, so it wasn't just me and Herself this year. :snicker: (Which is why I laugh over the ribbons; I'm happy, but...when I'm competing against myself or family, they don't really count much, y'know?)

I need to figure out NEXT year's entries, should we be here. :wink: I have...a few more of the Tsock Tsarina's kits (she of Firebird fame), and might do 1 of them. I also have....well, a LOT of color work socks kitted up. :ponders: I guess I'll just start knitting, and see what I end up with. :lol:

Gotta get moving - Shabbat's coming up fast, and I have to get dinner started and the table set. Shabbat Shalom!!!


Mar. 31st, 2014 12:22 pm
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I promised you Fair photos, so Fair photos you shall have. :lol: Behind the cut, because...well, there's a lot of them!

Photos Ahoy! )
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First up, in the position of Full Disclosure, entries were WAY DOWN this year from when I last entered (2009, I think.) WAY DOWN. I had wondered why, when the rules clearly state only 1 entry per person per class the admin encouraged me to enter BOTH pairs of socks......

I was the ONLY knitting entry. NO children/juniors/seniors/other adults bothered to enter. :sigh: Irish socks got 1st and my Alhambra got Best of Category (which is funny, because the county rep watching the exhibits (for security) told me that at least 12 people wanted to "liberate" my Irish socks. :lol:)

There were *3* entries in Jewelry - Herself got Best in Category AND Grand Champion for her "Blue Scarab" necklace (I'll post photos when we get them back - the ones I took last night, you can read the info card. :oops:)

There were maybe 60 photos. SG entered 4. His night photo got Best in Category (1 other entry), his macro photo got Best in Category (1 other entry); his landscape got 1st (about 10 other entries, I think); and his flora entry got Honorable Mention (about 6 other entries). Not bad, but.....not a whole lot of competition, y'know?

Herself's art didn't have much competition, either. Usually, the schools require ALL Art students to enter.....if that's still the case, then there are just NO Art students any more. AT most, across ALL levels, there were 40 entries. (Again, child/junior/senior/adult. Child/junior/senior are ALL school-aged kids.) Her "life and death" got Honorable Mention, and her "Phoenix" got First.

The Grand Champion in Art......well, it wasn't a fair entry. The lady took a photo of our dearly-departed DA and wife and (obviously) used an overhead projector to blow it up on a canvas. She then did a black outline of it......I'm sorry, but I don't think that was a fair entry, because OUT HERE, the way everybody is STILL reeling over it, there's NO WAY the judges wouldn't have tapped it for top honors. (She had another painting entered - we know it was hers because she *signed* both of them....poor form when entries are supposed to be anonymous! - and...well, it was nice but NOT as perfect as the winner.)

There were NO crochet entries, 2 (yes, only *2* - we have a VERY active Quilting Guild out here!) Quilts, 3 total sewing projects, 1 bar of soap, 2 Lego models, 3 sculptures (all school kids), about 10 food entries......dismal.

I guess I need to go back on a mission to try and boost fair entries. :sigh: I've already got 2 entries planned - SG's kilt hose (at his request - he wants them entered) and 1 pair of stranded socks. I'm going to try to get my sweater finished, and then try to get a pair of lacy socks, a hat and a pair of gloves done. If possible, I'll try to get some weaving done, too - there were NO weaving entries. (Also no spinning, but I'm *over* trying to drum up more interest. Last time I did that, I started a guild and promptly got booted out because *I* wanted it to be informal and fun and 2 other people wanted to charge dues. Um. It's dead in the water now from what I can tell.....never mind me, I'm still a little bitter over that.) I'm going to try and nag Herself into doing at least 1 crochet piece, and Himself wants to enter some sort of costuming piece. (When I did this before, entries spiked the next few years and I had some competition. :fingers crossed it works again:)

Why? Because people NEED to have hobbies, and most people need the spur of competition. Honestly, I'm NOT in it for ribbons (because, really? They don't mean much) - I'm in it for the finished items. Spurring people to try and out-do me? Fun stuff. :lol:

So. I have my work cut out for me. I was already trying to finish 1 project/ I need to step it up. :rofl:
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because Chloe AND Tigger decided they needed to sleep with us last night. No room for *me* - I ended up with my legs under my chin all night long. :sigh: Ah, least I was warm.

Kilt hose: Almost done with the calf decreases, and about 1/2-way down the leg. Looking pretty good - but I still check the legend before crossing a cable, to be sure I'm not messing it up again.

I can't find my copy of Lady Gainford's "Kilt Hose and Knickerbocker Stockings"...which is bad. I don't think I want to re-knit this pattern for SG, and her book is the only one I know of that has good kilt hose patterns. :sigh: I did order another copy this AM - which means I'll find MY copy in the next few days, right? :lol:

Baby goats are doing well. Both are LOUD and bouncy - as they should be. :lol:

This weekend is the Dallas Fiber Fest - Herself and I will be going for a short bit on Saturday. We have to be home by 3-ish to get our Fair entries - she entered 2 drawings and 1 necklace; I entered 2 pairs of socks; SG entered 4 photos. The judging was yesterday, but we won't know until Wednesday (when the Fair is open to the Public) how we did. I think her necklace has a really good shot of winning *something* - we'll see.

Break's over - back to the kilt hose!
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Well, yesterday afternoon I spread out the kilt hose and took a long, hard look at it. Something had been bugging me....yup. The calf-shaping knot....was mis-crossed. Not once, mind you - that I could have overlooked...not twice...but somehow I had managed to screw it up *3* times. THREE times!

So, it got ripped out, back to the ribbed garter. 21 rounds gone. :big sigh: I'm back up to round 13 now...fingers are crossed that I am reading the symbols correctly this time. (I've got the symbol chart ON my board, and I am DOUBLE-CHECKING it each and EVERY time. :sigh: Doesn't help that there is 1 symbol not'd think this pattern has been out long enough that it's correct....)

Any way.....we're headed out after lunch to drop off our County Fair entries. We'll see how we do.....

Got to get back to knitting - Shabbat Shalom!
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I do have photos...I will try to upload them tonight or tomorrow...but that's....that...doesn't matter. What matters is that we spent all day yesterday at the Fair Grounds.

We had to have Herself up there by 10, to sign in and volunteer. Well.....seems the volunteering is done by the FFA/4H kids, NOT the Creative Talent kids. So...we got her signed in, and she went to volunteer, and got told to go have fun. :sigh: and :lol:

We ran out for lunch (they offered BBQ for $8/plate...that's too much for us.), then back again by 1:30. The Auction started at 2:30.....Herself had to stay to "present" her drawing while the auctioneer did his thing.

Her item didn't come up until 4:48. (Yes, I was watching the time. I have goats to milk!!!) We had to sit thru the scholarship items (a hand-made wooden ice chest went for $3K. :gulp:), then the Grand Champion animals (the GC steer went for.....$11/pound; the GC hog went for $13/pound; the GC Broilers went for 3/$3000. No, that's not a mis-type - $3K for *3 chickens*. It was.....yeah.)

3 lots before hers was a young (maybe 8?) boy and his hog. The hog was almost as tall as he was....and it went for $17.50/pound. Yes, MORE than the GC hog. It was wild....

Herself went up...we bid. Of course we bid - we didn't know how drawings would sell, and we didn't want her to go home with nothing, y'know? We rapidly got OUT-bid.....long story short, the drawing went for $250. To the guy behind us. :lol: He seemed happy when she handed him the framed artwork.....

SG is kicking himself for not bidding more.....I keep telling him, we set a limit, and hit it right away, so don't fret. He now wants to track down the winner and buy it back.....we'll see.

*I'm* thrilled! She's thrilled, which is what counts. She's also already planning NEXT year's entry (should we be here)......watercolor. And an acrylic painting, and maybe an oil. And something modeled out of clay. :lol:
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so we're off and already the tension is mounting. :lol: So much to do, so little time before the daily monsoon hits. :sigh:

Let's see....yesterday was a project for Herself. It to describe this....a socio-economic...lab...thingy put together by her History teacher. (Got that? Yeah...) Anyway, basically, it was a flea-market type thing set up in the gym (or maybe the cafeteria - she's not good with details. I love Aspies....) and the students had to come up with stuff to sell, set a profit margin, poll the school for viability...all sorts of stuff. She, needless to say, put it off to the last minute (see: Aspies, above).

And yet, she made $75. :huzzah:

Ever since I got the notice, I have been...pushing? No, let's say "suggesting"! that she make a bunch of origami earrings and see what happens. She tried that at NTIF....and it failed, mostly because of her lack of presentation. :sigh: (She doesn't care about details, so why should anyone else?) I knew the date was fast approaching, so I hunted for something to artfully display her pretty, pretty stuff - an easter egg tree worked perfectly. :grin:

She tells me that the teachers went bonkers over the earrings. The kids mostly bought the origami frisbee/throwing star thingys. Only 1 crocheted creature sold (she's OK with that) - the origami was the hit (which I *knew* it would be - let's face it, how many people DO origami, and out of those, how many do small earrings? We're talking...she starts with a piece of paper that's maybe an 1" square. Maybe. She's always trying to go smaller....)

Oh, and she got the results of her County Fair entry......1st place and BEST IN CATEGORY. :huzzah x 100:

You have NO idea how happy this makes me - I don't "get" her art, it's too......artsy for my taste, but the fact that she is getting noticed for her art, which she LOVES and lives for, is wonderful. It's given her a bit more self-esteem, and it forced her (the sale, I mean) to actually *engage* with people. This is awesome...

And more so? She just handed me $7 to "give to the orphanage you sponser. That's....almost 10%, right?" That's.....too cool.

Anyway, enough bragging about my sweet Aspie. I have to move Sunny and her twins in with the other goats, get the kidding area cleaned out, run to the store so Herself can spend her $$$$, run to TSC for dog food and to look at tattoo kits, run to the Croc outlet for barn shoes, AND run to Home Depot for.....something Sweet Geek wants. THEN we get to come home, dig trenches before the rain hits, try to patch the roof again, and build a milking stand as a thank-you to our breeder friend. Which we need to deliver
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What? It's true...I have managed to get the tractor stuck. Not in the mud, no, that would be *too* easy. No, what I have done is the height of stupidity - even for *this* blonde.

What did I do, you may ask. Well.......let's start at the beginning, OK?

No, that'll take to long. Let me sum up )

In other news, Herself got a 3rd place in the County Fair for her pipe-cleaner sculpture. I'm a bit pissed over *that*, as well - I never gave permission for her to enter anything, since I knew we'd be out of town last weekend. :grrrr: I mean, yes, it's OK that she entered something - if we'd been in town all *4* of us would have entered something (Himself some weaving, Herself art, me yarn and hand-woven or -knit something, and Sweet Geek (who is on the PO Box and uses this address) some photos), but.....we weren't going to be here to get the stuff on Saturday. :sigh: I even told the teacher NO when she asked me to sign the release forms. :bangs head:

Although, that being said, I fully doubt we'll be entering the Fair next year, either. If things go the way I am expecting, the Fair will be the last thing on *many* people's minds. (I'm just sayin' - I fully expect something to happen in Jerusalem on Passover/Matzah/FirstFruits this year. I'm watching...)

Anyway, that's it for this intrepid idiot. Tune in next time for more fun-filled idiocy from your local Fiberaddict!


Jan. 8th, 2008 02:23 pm
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I just printed out the info for this year's County Fair. They've gone up on their entry fees - they've doubled this year. Yeah, $2 isn't much.....but.

See, the entry fees come out of my discretionary fund. It's not big, and I use it for the "fun" stuff - vacations/zoo visits/movies..stuff like that. I have a set amount each month I try to not exceed it (and usually fail miserably, but...:grin:) Usually, it's not a problem.

This year, it is. We've got a LOT of trips planned this year - we're going to Houston, naturally, but also Galveston, San Antonio, Austin, Big Bend, Longview....right now, we have about...10 trips planned. Most weekend ones, but still - hotel rooms, gas, and food all add up. Yes, Sweet Geek will help - but I will NOT allow him to foot the bill for all these trips.

So.....$1 extra per entry will hurt. I had already scaled back my entries - 1 knitted item and a few skeins of yarn for sure....maybe a woven one - and the kids..well, Herself will have 1 drawing for sure, Himself..probably nothing (especially if the looms sell. :grin:) I just haven't had the time to get stuff done (I have 2 shawls, a pair of socks, 3 washcloths and a hat on the needles now....granted, the hat is within 18 rounds of being finished; I have 2 spinning projects on the wheels (and a...lot of yarn to choose from anyway), and dishtowels on the loom)...the Fair isn't until April 1, but entries are due March 7....and I don't know that I'll have time to get more done. (The hat is my default knitted entry. It'll be done by then, and I can do without it this winter...the rest? I have 1 sock almost to the toe decreases, but the shawls are...well, 1 of them might be finish-able, but I see a glaring mistake in it right in the middle. The receipient probably won't notice it - but *I* do, and I can't enter something I'm not 100% happy with. :sigh:)

I just don't want to be accused of not entering out of fear I won't win - I DON'T CARE about that. Yes, we have a guild now - I hope EVERY member enters something - especially handspun yarn (there STILL isn't a category for that - I looked 3 times :sigh:). I won't have my handwoven jacket finished - I can't sew, and haven't had the time to find someone who does to convert my yardage into a jacket yet.

:sigh: Guess I need to see what the trip schedule is - if we have a destination the weekend of the fair, then my decision's made - I won't enter anything. If not, then I'll see what I can get done.

Fun stuff.....and now, back to the hat!
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The county fair is over, I am home, tired, and extremely happy!

I demo'd from about 9:30 to 3:30. Have 4 bobbins full of nice singles, and 1 bobbin about 1/4 full. Had lots of interest, and scored a 33 gallon garbage sack FULL of blue suffolk fleece (my mother will pick it up tomorrow, since the shepherd lives near her. Go me!!!

Oh, ya'll want the results, huh? :grin: Let's just say we cleaned up!

For those with click-thru phobias....Herself got a 1st for her drawing, and a 1st for her mosaic doorstop. Himself got a 1st and Best in Category for his herringbone scarf (which he gave to ME, so hahahahahahahaha!) and a 2nd on his Alamo. (Way to go Kids!!)

Me? Oh. Well...if you insist. 1st for my snowflake socks, 1st for my garter-stitch scarf, 1st for my handspun yarns, 1st for my huck dishtowel, 1st and Best in Category for my woven shawl/soon to be a jacket fabric, and a 1st and Best in Category (and lots of ooohs and ahhhhhs) for the worm-spit lace shawl. Whee!!

And, for the cynical out there, Yes, there were other entries not related to me in each category. :grin: (The yarns were in Weaving:accessories, and of course, were the only ones. I'm working on that...)

I'm chuffed!!

[ profile] ritaspins37, I got all of the "clown spore" batts (orange/green/yellow) and all of the red/purple roving spun up. I'll be plying them up either tonight or tomorrow, and pictures *will* be posted at some point. The clown spore was a big hit - I need to do some colorways similar to this, I think...gotta drag out the dyepots! :grin:
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Alden got the samples yesterday - yeah! And he didn't act like they sucked, so - Double Yeah! :grin: He did, however, give me lots more to consider before sending him a check...
Cut to not bore people to death )

So, lots to think about...

In other news, we dropped off our entries last night. At the last second, Himself decided to enter his model of the Alamo (J. did the cutting and fitting, he helped glue and paint it). They said sure, so....I didn't have to haul it home. :grin: They asked if I could demo tomorrow, but it's tax season, and I've already got next Friday off, so.....NEXT YEAR I will plan on taking that Friday off to demo (Promise, guys! I'll be there!) I've already got my baskets packed (roving/book/notebook/niddy/noste in 1, some samples in the other. Had to leave room for the entries to come home!)

I'll be at the Fair Grounds Saturday from about 10 AM to 4-ish PM, of the AA's. I'm leaning towards the Norwegian, since it's what most people think of when they think "spinning wheel"...but we'll see. It's got the most bobbins (so I wouldn't have to stop, switch flyer arrays, and ply)...but....1 bobbin has some silk/merino on it, and I don't want to spin *that* in public, and I really don't want to wind off onto a storage bobbin yet - this bobbin's not full! (/whine). That's just an excuse....the Norwegian *is* :grin: (Bigger drive wheel, slightly larger footprint, but it's shorter, so the overall feeling is "small". It's actually pretty deceiving...:lol:)

Back to the, fun, fun.
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and the fair entries are due. They are currently residing in the van - I'll drop 'em off tonight. This gives me 2 days to gather up samples, get my notebook in order, wax the wheel, pick out some loud, obnoxious roving, and get set for the demo on Saturday. Piece of cake! :grin:

Am wearing the "P" zebrawood fork today - looks cool, holds my hair great, and isn't snaggy at all. Love it! I think I'll get J. to modify one of the pi ones - I don't need 2 identical forks, after all - so that I'll have 3 looks out of the same wood.

Not much else to report...
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So...weekend was busy. Spent yesterday morning shopping - we hit the local Women's Shelter Thrift store, where I scored 5 dresses, 1 pair of jeans, a top/capri set, and a pair of overall shorts for me, 4 dresses and a hat for Herself, a ceramic lamb for the kitchen, and a KJV Bible for J., all for $68. :boggle:

Spent the afternoon tagging my fair entries - it's next week. I get to drop them off Wednesday....:ack: :grin:

Today the kidlets came home. [ profile] ritaspins37 came by, and dropped off my blue batts and left with some of my $$. :grin: I scored some lovely blends to use for sales yarn - why should *I* dye it when she's done such a lovely job? :wink:

J. modified my clock reel - it measured out 2.5+ yard skeins....and every swift I've ever had (plus my nids) measure up to 2 yard. Since the reel is one of the least expensive toys I own, I had him shorten some of the arms. Soon as I get some yarn plied up and washed, I'll test it. :grin:

I need to get some sculpey - I saw a yarn holder for spinning wheels in the latest Spin-Off that I want to try and improve on. I just can't find the Sculpey I have lying around here....:ponder:

Am plying up the first batch of kilt-hose yarn now......froghair. The Louet is straining - I have to treadletreadletreadle to get enough twist in it :sigh: Ah, well....I contacted Alden yesterday about maybe, possibly getting a production wheel :blush: We'll see what he says...


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