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Went to the Stock Show on Friday - SG bought me some lovely, lovely work gloves. Thinsulate-lined deerskin gloves; very warm, very sturdy. LOVE them!

FIL is....well, he's been moved to a regular room. I talked to him last night; he was slightly confused and very, very wheezy. :sigh: I....don't like it. At all.

Piano! It's going well. The teacher has both of us in book 1 for "Recreational Music Makers". It fits - I don't want to perform anywhere, I just want to be able to play piano. And harp. :lol: Problem......this book is, so far, too basic for *me*. He assigned both of us Module 1 for this week. I am....well, I'm into Module 4 already. :lol: To be fair, he warned me I'd move pretty quickly at first. The problem? I have to hide it from SG, who doesn't read music, doesn't have much music background, and is struggling with Module 1. :sigh: NOT fun at all.....(Every practice I start with Module 1. IF I play it perfectly, I move on to 2, then 3 etc. I have to play it perfect before I move on, though - I want my left hand to get with the program. Module 5 is where we are introduced to the Grand Staff (both clefs!)...I'm waiting on that. For now. :lol:)

Still knitting. Finished the fingerless gloves and started (yet) another hat. This one has Sheepies on it! :lol:
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Herself is HOME. I missed her - and she missed us. Obviously - she simply WILL NOT SHUT UP. :lol: (For an Aspie, that's HUGE. She has been babbling non-stop. :rofl:)

SG got a shock today. I had been on him to call the flooring company to find out if we could use a steam mop on the new floors. (No, we can't). He finally did; not only are steam mops right out, so are his beloved Swiffer Wet Wipes. :snicker: (That's been a bone of contention for YEARS. I hate those things; I was told that by not using them I was promoting a dirty house. Whatever....)I am laughing.......all I am supposed to use on these lovely, lovely floors are vinegar/water or ammonia/water, or the $$$ cleaning solution that they manufacture. Yeah....I'll stick with vinegar or ammonia and water, thank you very much!

Almost done with the current hat...then it's on to probably another one. Stress-knitting at it's finest, folks! :lol:

Oh! The piano was delivered's nice, it's lovely - and it's bigger than SG realized (I KNEW it was going to take up most of the game/music room - it's a baby grand, for heaven's sake! He, however, thought it would be the same size as the old spinet we had. Not even close. :sigh:) He's a little freaked about how much space he has "lost" in there.....:sigh: I have to find a piano tutor now....Himself is the only one of us who can play even a little, and he's self-taught. It's time for lessons, I think. (Prediction: SG will take lessons for a few months, maybe, then drop it. I will take them until I can play - maybe not perfectly, but until I can read both clefs at the same time and both hands can play independently. Himself doesn't want actual lessons, but wants me to show him what I learn.)

Off to do History now - laters!
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So, I've been gathering links again. Some of them are similar to stuff I've already shared...but these? These are *gold*!

First up, let's see what sort of Math textbooks are out there, OK? :lol: This is the page for Jr. High math; go to the Parent Directory to see what else they have. (A lot!) Algebra and Geometery, with 1 Analyt set, too. Primary Math.

ALL 3 sites include the Teacher's book as well as the Student Text. The books are from the '60s, I think, and they look like good, solid math books. I don't know that we'll be using them, but hey - I downloaded the upper levels anyway. :lol: Knowledge is never wasted, after all! (I would have grabbed the elementary ones too, but we're almost out of that level. So.....I decided to not use the space. I...might go back. :lol:) Take a Cloud Walk e-book. I actually printed this one out yesterday - it looks fantastic! They have other books, too, but I don't think they're free. A bunch of other free e-books. I haven't gone thru all of them yet, but they look good.

The site above also has a lot of other freebies - it's related to Dynamic2Moms (I've linked to them before). LOTS of good educational stuff, for a lot of ages.

I don't know how many of you have budding violinists out there, but I have found a TON of sites with free sheet music, etudes, and finger/hand exercises. I wasn't impressed when I saw the site name, but he's got a LOT of good links. LOTS of good stuff here. I grabbed all the Technique exercises (to try and bring my hand back) and some of the etudes - I already have a bunch of etude books, so don't really need a lot more of them. A complete book of etudes.....this site had quite a few things to download.

I need to do some digging for piano stuff, but this will do for now. Oh! I also want to say that if you have a kid that wants to learn violin, but you don't play - it's not that hard. (Yeah, I know.....bear with me!) IF you can read music (treble is all you need!) YOU can teach them the basics. There's a lot of sites out there - violin online and fiddlerman, for example, that give you the basics. If you prefer books, you can't go wrong with the Mueller-Rousch books. Old-school, yes, and they give you a SOLID foundation.

Goats are telling me that they are about to die, they are SO STARVED and if we don't milk them like, now, they will explode and we'll have milk splattered everywhere, so I guess we need to head out. :lol: (Goats are silly!)
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It's hotter than...well, Hell out there. 100* at 11:45 clouds. Very little breeze, so the heat just sits and smothers you. Our pastures look like something in the desert - sand, with NO grass; just a bunch of wee mesquite trees and scrub weeds. :sigh: And it's only July. :bigger sigh:

Major battle yesterday with Herself over her Science test. Won't go into it - but it wasn't pretty. She chose her hill, and she died on it - I can out-stubborn a 14-year old. :sigh:

Weird dreams lately - when I do sleep. Bad stuff happening all over....but we're OK. I hope it's true...because the stuff in my dreams is BAD. (Which....IS coming. No question.)

Watched Dawn Treader was OK. Good, if you didn't know what was *supposed* to happen; they changed a LOT from the book. Some of it was good....most, wasn't. Typical, right? :grin:

New violin has a sweet, round tone. It'll get even better the more it's played...or I could do a cheat. See, on any instrument with a sound board (ie, harp, violin, viola, etc), the vibrations of playing it cause it to "open up" and reach it's full potential. This usually takes YEARS of playing......a harpist told me a secret to speed that up. With a small instrument (violin/viola), put them in a sound booth (I use the entertainment center), put on classical music, and let 'er rip. (The shelf with our CD player/boom box is large enough for a full-size violin to sit in front of the player). For a larger instrument (like, say, my floor harp), you put it near the TV or radio (IF you play the radio a lot, that is), and, again, let 'er rip. The vibrations work the same as playing it, and the instrument will reach it's full potential a lot faster.

It works on ANY stringed instrument; the results depend on the quality of said instrument. The cheap import violins won't sound like a Strad, of course, but it WILL help them. (I have proof - 3 crap-instruments that don't sound so...well, cheap.) (And....I have those 3 up for sale. Need to get 'em on CL pretty soon....2 of them aren't horrid. The 3rd....will probably end up as firewood. :sigh:)

Not much going on - we're all trying to stay cool. Kinda hard in 100+ temps, but....we're trying. :sigh:
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I LOVE my husband. LOVE him. He's wonderful! (Annoying sometimes, but still a wonderful guy!)

I've been looking at antique violins - I think I mentioned that. (No, he didn't. :grin:) Watching prices, to see what was going on. *I* knew that IF I was to go ahead and get another violin, I had to have a dollar amount in I wanted to see what the market was like. I figured it'd be a buyer's market, what with the current depression and all.....

So I've been watching 4. 2 German, 1 Italian, and 1 French. The Italian is just for grins - the seller states that he "reserves the right to cancel the sale at any time, due to the nature of these transactions". WHA? If you list something with NO reserve and a $0.99 opening bid, you should be willing to accept whatever price you get, no? Anyway.....The 2 Germans had sound files, and they were meh, the French didn't but had a 14 day no questions asked money back guarantee, the Italian - well, I mentioned it. I REALLY liked the French one - the seller hit all my buttons with his description ("dripping with all the rich, dark, velvety tones a violin can have" being the biggie :lol:)

The French one went for OVER $1250. The 2 Germans likewise. The Italian...I dunno, as it's still running. That' *I* think that's too high, but whatever. SG told me not to worry...and then he made me an offer - he'd buy me a new violin if I'd "give" him mine. All righty, then......but, there's nothing out there I want - or am willing to pay for - at the moment.

So today, we're running around. On the way home, he just happens to stop at a violin shop.....I don't think this was premeditated. I really don't. But they had 4 instruments in "my" price range. 1 a 10 year old German, 1 a new Hungarian, and 2 new Chinese.

The Chinese instruments were immediately off the list - I don't like them. Yes, they are making semi-decent instruments now, but *I* won't have one. The Hungarian...was nice, but.....not as nice as mine. The German?

Came home with us. It's deep, it's dark, it's mellow. A full range of over- and under-tones. Mature sounding, without being "flat". The sound under my ear was yummy...and it sounds just as good when someone else is playing it.

AND - it was the least expensive in the store. :nods:

No, I wasn't planning on coming home with anything.....but....well, it was there, and I was seduced. :grin: And...I think it sounds better than my old one. Not that I'll tell SG that...he's QUITE pleased with the deal. He now has a *real* violin (his old one? A new Chinese one. It's ok, but has a 1-dimensional voice, and *I* can't stand it. It'll do for the kids to learn on - it's not bad - new one is better. :lol:)

Off to noodle around again!
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but not lunch date day - Sweet Geek has a violin lesson today at lunch. :grin: All the help he can get....actually, he's NOT that bad. In fact, for a beginner, he's really good - we'll see how it progresses. The kids...not so much. :ahem:

The pool was perfect last night - the perfect temp when compared to the weather. It was *wonderful*.

Scottish Monkey #1 is DONE, and #2 is begun. Just finished the cuff and am on the first pattern repeat....Monkey goes fast. And looks cool. It'll never be my "go-to" sock pattern - I like it, but not enough to have a drawer full - but it's a nice, quick, easy pattern to whip out.

Not much else to report......

Oh, wait - anyone have any experience with Open Office? They have a Mac version, it's FREE, and they claim they can read/write XL and WP files. Any advice?
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Let's see....the goat barn now has a drive-thru window. No, seriously - we picked up a nice window with 2 sections yesterday - both slide. Sweet Geek installed it sideways (I don't need a *tall* window, I need a wide one)...and it looks like something you'd see at BK or whatever. :snicker: Much hilarity ensued....."Let's see - you wanted 1/2 gallon fresh milk, 1 lb feta, and 1 pint ice cream. That'll be $28.95, please pull around and it'll be out once the goats are milked!" :lol:

The rotary dryer is in and in use. I have blanket out there now - it looks like rain, but the sun is shining at the moment, so hey - might as well put it to good use!

Just finished repeat #2 on Monkey Socks - the Scottish version. The CSM is giving me FITS - I am almost done with the ribbing, but it has dropped at LEAST *6* stitches (I think more...6 I am sure of) and keeps trying to drop ribbed stitches. :sigh: It needs an attitude adjustment...I just want to get a plain pair of MacLellan socks out of it!

Got new strings in yesterday for the violin - these are Piastro Obligatos. So far, I like them better than the Evah's....we'll see. The "E" isn't as tinny, so that's good.

My aunt is on her way from Houston...should be here around 2. Need to get the socks to a point I can leave it, and clean up a bit.
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Let's see...

Mom: sat up a bit this AM. Still not on solids - I asked the nurse, who took 15 minutes to tell me that she would call the doctor (who said she would start solids on WEDNESDAY. :bangs head: People wonder why I don't go to my local doc/hospital). :sigh: Haven't heard anything this AM, but if she's supposed to be discharged tomorrow, they'd better get their act together - she can't leave if the pipes aren't working!

Kids: Herself is *overjoyed* with the stuff I brought her. I laid out the deal: I bought this for her, in exchange I will get 5 more pairs of earrings. From this point, IF she wants to try to sell jewelry, she will have to pay the listing fees (both etsy and ebay charge small fees) AND the paypal fees (minimal, but still), AND pay me $1.00 each to take the photos, write up the copy, and actually do the work to upload and list them. The rest of the funds are hers to do with what she wants - BUT. She'll have to purchase any supplies she needs from this point on, out of HER money. She's cool with that...we'll see. I didn't tell her, but I am planning on keeping her fees down to $2 - so I might not be getting $1/item. Oh, well - she needs to know that nothing in life is free. And, if she chooses to just make stuff for gifts, that's OK - we'll negotiate supplies later.

Not to leave Himself out, I found (and printed off) some instructons for an origami x-wing. He's made 3...and asked for more directions. I've found a tie-fighter and the Enterprize...we'll see if this keeps him happy. :lol:

Both are tolerating school. For the moment. :snicker:

No violin lessons so far this week....we need to work on that. But, between work/school, swimming, hospital visits, critter care and arbitrary bedtimes, it's just not working. Once mom is home that'll change...but for now they had to go by the wayside. We WILL be picking them back up, though. I am determined that they WILL learn to read music, at least. Actual playing ability is secondary. :lol:

Off to hunt for more jewelry ideas for Herself - I'd like some peacock earrings, and she "can't quite visualize them." :snicker:
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the Pianoman came, brought us a "new" piano, but declined to take the old one. Since it will cost $$$$ to fix, and since we can't, in good conscience, donate it in this condition, we want to give it to someone who will appreciate it: Someone with a trebuchet. :evil grin:

Free - seriously! - but I want a video of the fling. You can fling it in our back acreage, even - but you'll have to pick up the pieces. (Probably better to fling it at/near a dump - but that's your call!)

Let me's on the front porch now, and that's a little too...white trash for me. :sigh: It needs a new life.

Also, if someone just wants a parlour piano with no plans to play it - come get it. It'd be more fun to see it go "splat!", but.....I'm not adverse to helping out someone's decorating scheme, too.
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Let's see....the house is pretty much CLEAN. Even the kids' rooms - although they still need a little work.

Piano: Had a guy come out to tune it yesterday - FAIL. Seems this one is good as an ornament only - it'll hold a tune, yes, but the felts are gone, the...horizontal something is bad, know, I don't know what all was wrong, but it would be about $1500 to repair. Just as I was getting ready for the hose job, the guy said, "But - we buy a lot of pianos sight unseen, and we have 5 ready to go now. I can sell you one in good, playable condition - like what you need - for...let's see....the cost of a tuning." :blink: So, for $200 (because we are paying $80 to bring it here), we get a ready-to-play, in tune piano. NOT the snow-job I expected. Now, we just gotta move the parlor-decoration out....

Hair: Did a Marilyn treatment yesterday, and have the last of the jar on my head right now. My hair is so soft, it's not funny. Sweet Geek LOVES the smell of the Godiva shampoo with the Vegen..whatever conditioner. :grin: So..that's good.

Baked a loaf of French bread yesterday - it failed, again. I just can't make a decent loaf of that to save my life. I have a loaf of Pain de Champagne in the machine now...we're see how it turns out.

School starts tomorrow - sucky timing, since that's mom's surgery. Keep us in mind all morning please - we have to have her at the hospital at 6 AM.
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Only today, it means Dinner Date, too! Yes, today I'm all dressed up with somewhere to go! :grin: We'll see how it goes....

Sweet Geek picked up Himself's violin yesterday - Rob did a FANTASTIC job on it! It sounds like a totally new instrument - MUCH better than before. It's still a crap violin, but much better now.

Still don't have Herself's prescription....the doc supposedly mailed it last Monday, and we still DO NOT HAVE IT. The doc keeps shrugging it off.....Mom will be going out there today and demanding a presecription - we've been out of the Vyvanse since Monday, and Herself *needs* it. School starts Monday..we do NOT need this. I think I need to find a new doc...

Gotta run.....
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so, at least it has that going for it.

Let's see....we are now a 4 stop-light town. :sigh: I love my little hamlet; I moved here because it had only 3 lights. Very small-town feeling. Now, we have 4 - they finally put one in at the freeway intersection. Yes, we needed it....No, I don't like it. Ah, well - progress, right?

String supplies: If you or someone you know plays a stringed-instrument (specifically in the violin-family), I can HIGHLY recommend Quinn Violins. Good prices, not necessisarily the lowest, but their customer service is Outstanding. Example: On July 10, I ordered a Tabary composite bow. I had been researching for weeks, and had decided that this was what I I began the low-price search. Everyone had it listed at $99.99 or UP, except for Quinn, who lists it at $59.99. :boggle: I called to verify; yes, that IS the going price, and YES, it IS a good deal.

Now, it says on the website that there is a 7-10 day wait on this bow. The salesman I talked to reiterated this; no biggie - I can wait 2 weeks to get my new bow. So, I went thru their shopping cart, entered my CC info, and hit Buy. And prepared to wait.

On July 12, the charge hit my account. Cool - I started the countdown. On July 20, I emailed to check on it, and was told it should be in any time. Okey-dokey, then. On Aug 8, I emailed again, very nicely, and said "Hey, just wanted to check on this order, the charge hit July 12 and I haven't seen anything, do ya think my PO lost it?"

The OWNER emailed me back. "Oh, no", he said "You should NOT have been charged until the bow shipped. It comes direct from the manufacturer - that's why our prices are so low. I checked - they are on backorder; won't be in for 2 weeks. I can offer you a comparable bow, I can let you wait, or I can refund the $$ - your call." :hmmmm: I emailed back asking for bow recommendations; he replied that he would go with the Glasser Composite. I went and looked...nice bow, good reviews..but they had it listed at $79.99. :sigh: So, once again I emailed "OK. I like the Glasser, but I don't have any spare $$ until the 15th, so I guess I'll wait and upgrade it next week."

I hadn't even navigated off of my sent mail screen when the owner replied "No, you misunderstood - there will be NO CHARGE for the upgrade, since we screwed up. Our goal is happy customers - enjoy the new bow!"

I got it last night. It is.....very nice. I like it, what little I played with it anyway. It needs more rosin before I can make a definate statement, but it was very responsive, pulled a nice tone, and....believe it or not I had very few squeaks on the "E".

I WILL be ordering from them again - I need to change strings again. The Evahs I have on my violin now are irritating me - they are TOO bright for my taste. (Go figure - I wanted something brighter than the old Dominants...these are, but I HATE them. Too twinkly and chirpy. I want to go back to gut...but they are too expensive and don't last. I'm leaning towards Obligatos....that's what 2 people have recommended to me, one being the luthier that worked on my violin. So...yeah. Obligatos it is)

Still need to find a piano tuner....
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Had a good time in the pool last night - apparently I make a good torpedo target. It was fun, even if I do have new bruises. :lol:

I think I need to split the kids up when we do lessons - we did that last night, and it seemed to work better. We'll see....

I had the *most* *fantastic* treat yesterday - a "slice" of brownie pie. Once I got rid of the whipped cream and tossed the crust, it was fantastic (before that, it was too sweet.) I think I need to figure out the Chocolate Angel's brownie receipe.....

Not a whole lot else to report......


Aug. 12th, 2009 07:34 am
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Lack of sleep does not make for a happy Fiberaddict. Ah, well - S'bux to the rescue. We'll see if it works....

Lesson last night went well. I had told Sweet Geek that I was willing to teach him, but he'd probably want to see a "real" teacher a few times to make sure I had him on the right track. I do - Lew (the teacher) was very pleased with where he was, pointed out a few things for me to help him with (I am NOT a teacher - I can play, and I can advise, but I am not good at pre-emptive help.) He covered a lot of ground in the hour - not much playing was done, actually, but I could hear a difference at the end of the hour.

Sweet Geek also bought me some music :hugs: Vivaldi's Concerto in D Major. It' Fun isn't the word for it. I suck, but I'll get better. (OK, so "suck" is too strong of a word. The problem is, I *know* what I'm supposed to do, I try to do it, but my left hand is so weak that the speed is *gone*. I can't trill - no strength. I can't bounce my 8th notes (although that *is* getting better).....but I'm still pretty accurate on pitch. I will *never* be back to where I was, but I can play for an audience now without being too embarrassed. Not that I'm planning on doing *that* :lol:)

Piano: There are NO tuners listed in the local phone book. Nor are there any piano teachers. Sweet Geek called the High School (the thinking being "The HS MUST have a choir; they'd have a piano. It needs tuning, therefore - I can get the number from them and we're good to go!")...the lady put her hand over the phone and hollered "We have a PIANO here? Really?? I didn't know that! Who do I transfer this guy to??" :bangs head: Although I figured something like this - they don't have an orchestra, the choir doesn't have a webpage (but the band does - linked to the football SITE, of course!)'s still funny.

Knitting: Still no mo-jo, but I got the heel of FF sock #2 finished last night at the lesson (well, up to the kitchnering; couldn't do that without a pair of scissors. Figured it wasn't a good idea to bring scissors into a music shop. With a hardwood floor. During a lesson. :snicker:)

Left wrist is all stiff this AM..not surprised, since I knit and practised my new Vivaldi. Hopefully I can hit the pool tonight - that should help. So would sleep...wonder if I can take a quick nap?
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The kids' Granny is stable; she's in ICU now. They tied off 3 more bleeders in her throat, and want to run some sort of test today. So, that's encouraging.

Book Review: Just finished reading "A Baptist Among the Jews"....and I am disappointed. *I* thought it would be about the author's journey to a deeper understanding of her Hebrew Roots..instead, I got the story of someone who is searching, but not really finding. Or, maybe she was finding, but not recognizing *what* she was finding. It seemed like she was more into "look at me, a Goy among the Jews, and *I'm* accepted because I don't push the Messiah!"........and, y'know, I thought Baptists were more into the "Great Commission" than that. :sigh: The book was more fluff than substance......I wanted more.

Everything in the Torah points to the Messiah. ALL the laws, ALL the prophecies......they all point to the same place. *IF* the author had been sincere, she would have *seen* this - I did when I started really reading the Torah for myself. It's incredible that probably 90% of Yeshua's teachings were directly quoted from Torah - a fact most people miss because of the translation they're using. (The KJV is pretty good at keeping them the same; the CJB - which I prefer - lifts the passages directly from the source, AND footnotes them.) The fact that the author missed telling. :sigh:

Ah, well......Sweet Geek has a violin lesson tonight. I have knitting - hope my mojo is back. Otherwise I'll have to browse the sheet music section....I'd rather have a sock to show for it! :lol:

We have hot water! SOoooooooo nice to be able to take a shower this morning!

Need to find a piano tuner...there are none listed in my local phone book. :sigh:

Off to google....
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The plumber should be out at 8 with my hot water. I need a shower. I tried to take one last night, after we got out of the pool......BIG mistake. I froze. I just can't handle cold water - At All. My dear, sweet Marine laughed at me - told me I should have been in Korea in the winter. 2 minute showers, all cold - I'd get used to them. :pbbbbbbbbbbbt: Nope, said I - I'd have made friends with either the commander or the laundry service and gotten HOT water. I'm not stupid enough to be a Marine. :lol: (He knows I'm joking - I'm very proud of my Devil-Dog!)

Got the piano - it's a Lester Betsy Ross Spinet, probably from the '30s or '40s. Needs to be tuned and a few keys fixed...but that's not a problem. It wasn't the Free one, though - those folks didn't contact us again. But it was only $100, with the bench,'s cool. It's also pretty...looks good in the music/game room. (That's what counts, right? :lol:)

Need to tackle the weaving studio - then most of the house will be clean. It's a disaster.......but it shouldn't take long. Most of it is loom, anyway - that's why it's such a mess; everything is shoved around it. I think most of the stuff will be tossed, anyway...we'll see.

Gotta go find a piano tuner....laters!
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Besides the whammy of mom's diagnosis (thanks for the support!), and the Sabbath, we've had all sorts of stuff. When it rains, it pours, yes? And yes, He doesn't give us more than we can handle.....still.

I cleaned yesterday. The Master Bedroom is DONE, the kitchen is...well, it WAS done, but it now has the trash from the bedroom in it needing to go out. The living room is DONE, the game/music room is DONE Done Done! The desk is GONE, we've rearranged the furniture, I've cleaned...and we're supposed to go pick up a piano today. :fingers crossed:

Now, add to that.....the hot water heater died this morning. When I say died, I mean DIED - it's bubbling over at the intake. :sigh: The plumber was surprised - it's only 6 years old. It's a good brand. It's DEAD. He cut off the water to it, and will be back in the morning with a brand-spanking new one (So much for our savings...:sigh:). We *could* have gone to Home Despot and picked one up; he'd've installed it, but he said that HD Water Heaters SUCK and would die in 5 years. His? 6 year warranty; they normally go 15-20. :sigh: Same price, so what'cha gonna do? (Hint: Take cold showers today and tomorrow!)

Things do work out for the best, though....we were supposed to pick up a $$$ piano; we got an email about a free one that was supposed to be picked up yesterday. It wasn' off we go this afternoon. (Again, :fingers crossed:) Free is good....

I need to hit the weaving studio next. It's a disaster. Then I'll have to find something else to keep my mind busy...'cause the house'll be clean. Before Elul, even!

Oh, man!

Aug. 6th, 2009 06:28 am
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Wish I could share our sunrise - it's all pink and purple and blue and orange and GORGEOUS. Unfortunately, the camera is in the bedroom, and Sweet Geek is sleeping. He didn't sleep at ALL last night, so I made him lay back down. He might go to work...IF I remember to wake him up. :grin:

Yep, I'm home today - Mom has a doc appointment. We'll find out what the biopsy said (biopsies? biopsys? Whatever...) Then we'll get the schedule. Fun stuff...

The hens love the new coop, but don't use the roost - they'd rather cram all 29 of themselves into 10 nesting boxes. Well, ONTO also - they were crammed in, on the perches, and on top of it when I went out to see how they were doing the other morning. Too, too funny - Sweet Geek suggested we rip out the perches and replace them with another set of nesting boxes. Sounds good to me!

How humbling is it to be looking for sheet music of a Vivaldi piece you played in HS, only to find a recording of Ithzak Perlman playing the same piece with the Israeli Symphony? All I can say is I suck. :lol: I was good, once upon a, not so much.

Need to go clean something...the appt. is at 10, and I'm just at loose ends.
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Today was slow. After yesterday, we needed it - we were on the road from 10:30 to 6:00. :whew:

Today, we slept until almost 8 (!), hit Tractor Supply for a new chicken feeder, had a nice violin lesson (both violins were in the "sound cabinet" for 2 hours this opened them up a bit and they sound *much* better!), had lunch, then headed out to G'ma's.

Sweet Geek is practising again - I would be, but we took a quick dip in the pool, and I pulled some scar tissue (or somthing) in my left elbow. It's quite painful. :sigh: I'm on the couch with the laptop and a book. :bigger sigh:

Ah, well - we needed a slow day, and we got one. :grin: Mom has another Doc appt. Thursday, when we'll find out what we do next. I needed the breather today.


Aug. 1st, 2009 07:59 pm
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it's been storming all day - but now, NOW, we have a double rainbow over our backyard - a FULL double rainbow. It's...gorgeous. Sweet Geek got some photos - and he WILL be sharing them with me. :grin:

Picked up the kids....ANDran to an orchestra director's house and got each of them a violin. Or...violin-shaped object. :lol: Himself is a bit smaller than I thought - he needed a 1/2 size; Herself needed (of course) a 4/4 size. They...are cheap chinese imports, but they don't sound horrid, and the kids can bang 'em around without me freaking out. :shrug: They'll do for now.

Have to take Mom to the doc next Thursday.....more on that later.

Gotta run - Star Wars Ep. I is on. Priorities, people - I have priorities! :lol:


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