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Sorry for the radio silence - we've been on the run almost constantly. :sigh: Guess it's our new normal? Hope not..... Anyway.

1. The Lord REALLY wanted me to fast - He had Wednesday's Doc appt rescheduled for Thursday. So, I fasted. And stayed home all day. :lol:

2. FIL is better - both docs say so. Hopefully he'll take that to heart.......we (SIL and me) are trying to gently convince him he needs a dog for companionship. I told him I'd cover any vet costs - because, after all, we'd be the ones with the dog if anything happens to him. We're going over again tomorrow, and are planning on bringing the Riley for him to interact with.....we'll see how that goes.

3. The electrician came out Monday evening (after telling me he'd be out Tuesday, since Monday was a holiday), installed 1.5 lights, and left. He's supposed to come out tomorrow.......we'll see. I have moved almost all the sewing books out there - my books are stacked on top of each other in the current shelves and are falling/getting, he can move around my stuff. The serger desk is in there, too - and in a little bit, Herself's sewing desk will be in there. SG needed to get to some of his tools to do finish work in the Studio, so.....:shrug: We're still missing 3 ceiling I can't move the loom out there yet.......but SG says as soon as we get those in and installed, he will work AROUND the loom to finish the ceiling/walls. :taps fingers impatiently:

4. I had an awesome idea for 1 more quilted wall-hanging.......and I have a confession to make. Know how I keep saying I HATE quilting? Well......I had an idea last week for a "fiber critter" hanging; I already had templates for sheep and goats, and found a pattern for Llamas and Alpacas. I went into the garage Studio (soon to be Herself's) and started digging for the goats pattern........

If I hate quilting so much, please explain to me how come I have *14* quilted wall hanging patterns in my stash? Some of which already have fabric matched up to them???? :lol:

I have to admit, I like quilted wall hangings - they're cute, they're different, they're handmade....but I honestly do not like *making* them so much. Back when we bought this house (in 2013), I had *plans* - I was going to be like MIL, and decorate for each season and holiday.....which explains the multitude of patterns. I made 1 with stacked jack-o-lanterns (fun!), then made 1 with 4 turkeys....that one made me dislike quilting. Each turkey has 9 tail feathers that you sew together, then appliqué on the square, then you appliqué the body and details on top of them.......:shudder: I put them aside for a while.

Then we started homeschooling, so I made one for that......we put it up each Monday AM (to start our week), then pulled it down every Friday and replaced it with one I made for Shabbat. That routine got old, I made 1 with goats (matching the fabric for each goat with 1 of our goats :lol:)......:sigh: and :lol:

But. :sigh: MIL told me (shortly after she went to the Rehab) that she had a box of feed sack fabric that had my name on it, and I was to go GET it. I didn't.......until Thursday (because I want to use some of that for my critter quilt). While I was digging for that box, I found a basket with a TON of quilt squares in it. FIL didn't recognize it, so I said :gulp!: that I would assemble them and see what we had....and I would do my best to FINISH the quilt.

Now, most of what MIL had been doing was small lap-quilts, or twin-sized quilts.....and that's what I figured I had. Um......nope. SIL sent me a photo of MIL's friend's finished (matching)quilt (they were working on them together - MIL put hers aside to start on Herself's quilt)...this thing is KING-sized, it's a's HUGE. And she's missing 3 appliquéd squares. :gulp: It'll be gorgeous....and I'm going to try to work on it next year. I need to up my game, first.......I want to do it justice. Guess I need to work on appliqué work now......I figure my hand-sewing will be a LOT better by the time that thing is quilted! :lol:

Need to get moving.......
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1. Busy weekend. Got the Studio ceiling *almost* done - we needed 12 panels; we had 10. Due to a mis-cut, we ended up with 9. Lowe's is out of stock on I have an ugly gap. Ah, well - the hard part is *done*!

2. Finished the first of 2 wall quilts, and am about to cut out the 2nd. It turned out *cute*! Yes, pics - later. Probably when I do a Studio reveal.....:lol:

3. Have to take FIL to the doc tomorrow AND Wednesday. Yom Kippur begins tomorrow Fasting + driving =/= work.....I get dizzy, shaky, and prone to black outs when I fast. So....I will deny myself "good" stuff - no desserts, no high-calorie stuff, just sustenance. It's the best I can do under the circumstances (if I didn't have to take FIL, I would gladly fast....the consequences aren't as bad when I am home. :sigh:)

Hopefully I will have pics to share soon....:fingers crossed:. The electrician started on the lights today.....we'll see how long it takes him. :lol:
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We went to the hospital today to see FIL. He's in the observation unit; he has a UTI and as of this AM fluid in the lungs. :bangs head: He's very very very wheezy, and tired. We saw the Doc; he said that he *might* be discharged tomorrow.

So. We're back on the treadmill. :fun times: Hopefully we can take him home tomorrow.....we'll have to see if the kids stay, or not. :sigh:

In other news, we have 2 chicks now. One of the silkies decided she wanted to go broody, and 2 survived. They are too, too cute. :lol: The other silkie hen is broody now...we'll see if she gets lucky, too.

And....I am halfway thru a wall quilt. Have I mentioned I hate quilting? Because....I do. But this is cute...and I have 1 more in the queue. :lol: They're for the Studio, of course....and they are sheep-themed. Of course. :snicker: Since I currently can't do any apparel sewing (because I don't have the room to cut out things right now), this has to do.

Work on the Studio is stalled...because we're at the hard part, yo. It's just too ~hard~ to put the ceiling panels up! :/whine: :bangs head: *I* can't move anything out there until the electric is done, and the electrician can't proceed until the ceiling is finished. VERY frustrating. (And no, the kids and I can't do it - they don't know what to do, and I can't physically hold the panels up for nailing. And Himself isn't too sure about the we're at a standstill.) :grrrrrrrr:

Ah well. It'll get done when it gets done. Yesterday we found a CraigsList ad......and scored a desk (for MIL's machine....MUCH better than the cabinet!) with chair, AND a small sleeper sofa. It's smaller than a modern loveseat....and it looks untouched. Seriously - except for dust, it looks brand-spankin' new! Brown/cream/black/rust plaid...slightly ugly, but FREE. :lol: I am researching slipcovers......because the colors don't really fit my color scheme. :rofl: I'm not really sure how to Tetris it in.....but I'll make it work. I need someplace to curl up and read, after all.

The wall quilt is calling........what have I gotten myself into? :snicker:
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First up, the important stuff:

There's 9 Days of Awe to Yom Kippur - Judgement Day. Traditionally, these days (10, in all - Rosh Hashanah starts it) are for getting *yourself* right with God. I spent part of yesterday in introspection - and I recommend everyone do that.

Ok. Random stuff:

1. Talked to our goat-breeder friends this weekend. They came out Sunday, and I found out that this year's kid crop (which I thought was pretty good!) is...well, FANTASTIC. In fact, she put in a tentative "order" for a buck like Hammer - she was VERY impressed with him, and his twin (OK, and will ALL 7 kids...but those 2 she went ga-ga over. :lol:) She also gave me pricing I knew Nubian milkers were pricey, but...she told me that Padme (Hammer's twin) should start out at $400...the others, $300. :gulp: I mean...NONE of them are for sale this year, but......WoW. (Please don't take this as bragging - I'm just so....surprised that someone who KNOWS goats thinks so highly of mine! Mine are just pets.....I mean, we get milk and fiber from them, sure, but......they're my babies! :gulp:)

2. I now have the paperwork to register Zoe and Mal.....once that's done, I can send everything in for this year's crop. :cool: Since I don't get paid until next week, and Yom Kippur is Wednesday (NO no bill paying, no writing checks. :grin:), I'll send 'em off Thursday. Then I'll send off the kids' papers.......:whee:

3. Today was soap-making day. 4 batches - 1 unscented/uncolored, 1 Patchouli/Lavendar/Rosemary, 1 Lavendar, and 1 Bay Rum. All but the unscented are my "Whey Cool" soaps - made with Whey instead of milk; the unscented I used frozen milk + a little whey to rehydrate it. We'll see how they turned out tomorrow when I cut them.

4. Tomorrow is cheese-making day. We're back up to 4 gallons.....and I got rid of most of the whey, so......:lol: For someone who HATES making cheese, I sure am making a lot...but I don't want the milk to go to waste, and we like cheese. SG has requested Derby Sage, so I know what I'll be making.

5. Found a local gun range, so we'll be going out there Saturday to sight in SG's rifle. And see if he can get his shotgun (!) and .22 (!!) fixed. (He didn't TELL me he already had 2 rifles....not until late Saturday, when he decided that both kids need to learn to shoot, and that a .22 would be the best thing. :sigh: Had I know about the shotgun, I...well, the coyotes would have had notice that maybe this isn't the place to hang out. Y'know?)

6. Part of yesterday was spent working on the quilt I started last year (or so). I remember why I put it away - I have 88 small blocks that need even smaller blocks sewn to 2 corners (to make the corners a different color, triangle-y. :sigh:) Yeah...2 seams on EVERY. SINGLE. BLOCK. THEN I get to assemble the sashing, THEN I get to assemble the entire top. I would ignore it again, but...our quilt is dying. The patches are tearing, and it now has I need a new one. And this one's started.....:grin:

I smell like Bay Rum and Patchouli, and I need to get some work-work done. Later!


Dec. 6th, 2011 12:06 pm
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We did 2 days of school today, so I'm a bit fuzzled. *You* get photos, because it's an easy post! :lol:

Hanukkah is coming! Let's decorate!! )
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so I shall provide photos of the bed quilt in progress. Cut for photos )


Oct. 11th, 2011 02:28 pm
fiberaddict: (Default) happened. I got there a little "late" - at 8:15 instead of 8 (I usually get there at 7 on my Mondays, and it takes EVERY bit of that extra hour to get the stupid stuff done), but no biggie- I had all the checks done before Ms. boss got there. I had also tracked down half of the $$ I was off on the Invoices (they hired 2 new guys, but neglected to TELL ME, so....yeah. I kinda need to know there's new people, especially if those new people want to be PAID. :snerk:)

Anyway.....Ms. boss signed the checks, then told me to cut myself a check, too. :blink: Granted, it wasn't a lot of money, but I was extremely grateful AND surprised.

Half of it's already been spent on prezzies for the kids. :grin: The other half? I'm thinking I need another lap quilt project. :nods: For later - MUCH later. :lol:

It was a good mail day, too - back in June I had donated some funds to (go read it - seriously. My state is ALL kinds of screwed up!), because if you made a minimum donation, you got a "free" sci-fi sketch by J. Ho - a really talented artist. I, being a major Star Wars fan, donated, then requested an Obi-Wan from the Clone Wars series. Got him It's impressive. (Go here and scroll down to see my lovely sketch. I gotta get a matte and frame for it now!)

I also got a quilt pattern for Feasts. At first, I wanted to get a specific one for each Feast, but.....the only Passover one I could find (from the same site) is...well.....stupid; I can't find one for RH or YK or I figure this one is a good choice. I got some quilt templates, too - Celtic knots, naturally. :grin:

And, we got our copy of "Beowulf". We're still waiting on the Odyssey, but that's OK. We're not done with the Illiad yet, so it's all good.

Knit-wise, I've been busy. Saturday, SG bought me some Alpaca/silk fingering weight yarns (he was feeling a little guilty about his latest beer kit.....:lol:), and I CO a pair of celtic-knot patterned fingerless gloves. (On Ravelry, look for "Black Forest Gloves" - or "Braided Fingerless Gloves" - the file is named one thing, but the pattern prints out the other. Weirdness.) He also bought me a "sock kit" (ie. Big honking skein of yarn with coordinated heel and toe reinforcement). Unfortunately, he spent as much on yarn as he did on beer-making stuffs - that was NOT supposed to happen! (Seriously - I had NO intention of spending that much money on something I can make myself. Ah, well...)

I think that's all....I'm gonna try to get back to the Quilt tomorrow after school. I need time to lay everything out so I can do the smaller blocks - until I get the blocks finished I don't want to take photos, 'cause it's Boring. :grin:
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OK, so I got all the blocks cut out for our bedroom quilt. (Midnight Jewels, if you wanna google. I'm pissed at the pattern, so I'm not linking) I sat down about an hour ago and started marking up the blocks (it has you cut out 6 blocks of colors A,C, and 12 blocks of E. You pin them right sides together, mark the diagonal, the stitch 1/4" from the mark, then slice the 2 new squares apart). I'm cruising along, humming happily.....the instructions say "Make 12 A/E units, 12 C/E units and 44 B/E units"

Umm...WHAT? The CUTTING instructions told me to cut *6* A and C, and 12 E, and 22 B and E (smaller block) - I, wanting to end up with a larger quilt, doubled all the numbers (I didn't expect to use all of the resulting blocks on the quilt itself; I was going to use the extras to make matching pillowcases)....

Since I had doubled the squares, I will end up with just enough blocks to make the quilt AS-IS. :bangs head: (It says the finished quilt is 50 1/2" x 70 1/2".....not quite large enough to cover our queen-sized bed. I want to cover the bed, so....I gotta add blocks. :shrug:)

I've emailed the company (Kaufmann fabrics).....and I'm grumpy. It took FOREVER to cut out all these I have to cut even MORE out. :sigh:

I think I'll make up what I have, and see how large it actually ends up after it's assembled. I *might* get lucky and not have to cut any more out for the top itself (but I would still like matching pillowcases.....) :grumble:

I wish people would proof their patterns before publishing them - even free ones! This is frustrating! (If I had cut only what the instructions said, I'd HAVE to cut out more blocks just to get the size the pattern claims it is. :grump:)

EDIT: And [profile] ghislainedel has pointed out my blondeness today: this DOES work, because each sqare ends up making *2* blocks, because I sew 'em together along the diagonal and then slice the 2 new squares apart along that line :doh!:

Some days it's not worth getting out of bed.....I swear!
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I just realized I hadn't posted the finished goat wall-quilt. I need to remedy that......:lol: Cut for photos! )
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Let's see....we tried the first bottle (and 2nd) of homebrew last night. It's remarkably GOOD - which is why we cracked the 2nd bottle, to verify our findings. :lol: It's similar to Harp - a light, pale ale. He's already got 2 more ciders bubbling away (apple again, and orange. He's using a different yeast this time.), and is going to pick up supplies for a lager next payday. Hope the garage fridge is big enough for this!

Cynthia's mom is doing MUCH BETTER! Thanks for the prayers - she's supposed to be moved to rehab in the next day or so. It looks like only her speech was affected, which is good. Praise the Lord!!

Ali, a couple of posts ago, you mentioned you wanted to get your sewing machine out and learn. I have what is probably the easiest first project for you: Cut for pictures! )
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since our 'net has been dicey lately. Stupid SkyBeam - they promised us better and faster access than CenturyLink (who we were with), at a cheaper rate. Well, the rate's cheaper......but half the time we have NO 'net, and half the remaining time we have 'net, but at slower than dial-up speeds. The major problem with this? Is that we have no land-line now, except for the VoIP - which requires FAST, DSL-speeds for the phone to work. :sigh: I keep telling myself, it's OK - I'm home, I have a cell phone (except AT&T is having problems in our area; it's dropping a good 2/3 of my calls in the house right now.) It's not helping.

Work...still sucks. Was on the phone most of the day yesterday trying to fix an Invoice problem caused by the billing system. :bangs head: I am PART TIME, dammit! Leave me alone!!!! :sigh: I can't get the other contract done if I'm on the phone all the time with THIS one.

:deep breath:

Sewing: I'm letting it simmer while I do the contract stuff. I'm working on the wall-hanging off and on; 4 of the 5 goat blocks are quilted. I'm hoping to get it done this week so I can hang it.

Elul: The cleaning bug's still here. I spent time yesterday cleaning out my part of the closet. Got rid of 3 bags of clothes; 2 for donation and 1 for trash. Cleared up 40 clothes hangers.....these were mostly things that I had bought for work, but didn't love. Why keep them? I can sew now (even if not well, at least I feel like I *can* sew things, which is good), so I can make clothes that fit and look nice and suit me. Let someone else have the clothes I don't like.

Had to have a repairman out for our fridge yesterday. The icemaker's's gonna cost $350 + tax to repair. Which is OUTRAGEOUS, but what're you gonna do? We can't buy a new fridge for that (it's a 27 cf (I think - it's BIG) JennAir that we bought used a couple of years ago. The fridge is FANTASTIC...but it's an expensive model. Parts are overpriced. I need the space for all the eggs, cheese, milk, and normal foods that we keep. (We do have a garage fridge now.....but that's gonna be filled with homebrew this, not much room for dairy and eggs. :sigh:)(And the garage fridge doesn't have an icemaker - that's why we bought it. No need for ice/water in the garage - but we do need it in the house.)

Oh - Ali, Anna, here's something interesting: HebCal says that Elul started today. iCal says the same. According to my widget (moon phases), the New Moon was 2 days, 9 hours ago. (My Feast book matches up with the calendars), we have a "problem" if you go by the calendar vs. actual New Moon. :wink:

Gotta go rustle up breakfast - hope this posts!
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Been busy. Finished blouse #2 yesterday - ended up sewing the inside of the collar facing down by hand, because I could NOT see how to do it by machine. I cut out #3 yesterday - I'm doing the sleeveless version this time, to see if I can *get* what the collar is supposed to do. (I mean, I *know* what it's supposed to do, but *I* can't do it. It's the freaking curves of the blasted thing - I can do it if I only sew one facing on, but when I've attached the 2 (the "alligator mouth" :lol:) I can't get the stupid thing to sit right for me to machine-sew it.) No biggie - I need new tops, and sleeveless is THE way to go right now (day 56+ of 100+ temps. Not in a row, no (because of the ONE day of freaking rain drops that we got...:grrrr:) - it's good. Just tedious.

I have the goat wall-hanging top done, and pin-basted to the backing and batting. I even have - gasp! - pictures for you!

Yes, it was hanging on the wall. I wanted to make sure that a) it was large enough to fit in the spot, without being too large and b) that the colors would work where I wanted to put it. Since the answers were Yes/Yes, we're good to go. :grin:

Cut for detail photos. Clicky if you care about those! )

My daughter is driving me nuts. Today was Review day in Math - we've been working on the SAME stuff all week; it's easy - estimation. She does NOT get it. :bangs head: I had to force her to start - once she started, she breezed thru it, but MAN! Getting her to even LOOK at the first problem was a battle. Next week we start pre-Algebra - I am NOT looking forward to this!

I need to get to work on blouse #3. And maybe #4. :lol: I finally found a pattern my husband approved of, so I'll be churning out shirts for him soon (Folkwear #102, the French Cheesemaker's Smock). He's picky.....This one combines nice, stylish looks with relative ease in sewing, so it's a win/win. Shorts are up next - he needs new ones badly (and so do I! Loose fences do a number on fabric!)
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Heart kicked me yesterday when we went out for Morning stables. Stupid brat.....I'm ok; she caught me on my left hip, so it's a bit tender to sit on. Fortunately, I was close to her, so I didn't get a hard kick; it was more of a shove. :sigh: I need to invest in chair cushions for the dining table and the sewing table, though......

The blouse is in time-out. I keep having flashes of understanding, but when I sit down to DO it, they fade away and leave me confused again. It's frustrating! Ah, well - I have 3 of the 5 goat blocks done for my new wall-hanging. :make lemonade: #4 is started - the blocks are easy, but time-consuming; I have to applique the goats onto the block, then go back (once the top is finished) and embroider on the details. The pattern calls for machine applique, which *I* think looks tacky, so I am hand-appliqueing them in place. I like how they're turing out....just need to settle on the side border colors and design (the blocks have a dark green background, but I don't want the hanging to be "green".) The sashing between blocks will be a nice orange, as will the outer border....I just need some inner border panels.

The hanging I'm replacing is sheep; very country-fied. (It was a kit.....and my 2nd quilt ever. I like it, even though I am NOT country in my decorating.) It has sunflowers in the corners, with the stems trailing down to the next corner....I don't think I want to do that again, but I'm not sure WHAT I want instead. :pondering: I'm thinking a pieced inner border.......we'll see. I'll go thru the stash once these 2 blocks are done and see what I can come up with.

School is going well - both kids are finally at the same place History-wise. I have to read the sections aloud (only have 1 book), but at least I KNOW that Herself is actually *reading* (or, hearing) the assignment. Maybe it'll boost her scores.. her History test scores suck. :sigh:

Gotta go teach violin!
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and, wouldn't ya know it, but they're saying we *might* not break the record - tomorrow may get to 99* only. Dammit - we've come THIS far, Lord, let's go ahead and break the damn record, THEN drop below 100*. (And I can TOTALLY see someone out at the official thermometer with a magnifying glass to make SURE we break the record. Yes, we're totally punch-drunk out here, but heck - we've come this far, let's go all the way, y'know? Tomorrow we MATCH the record, Saturday we Break it. Let's do this....especially since LONG-range forecasting show 100+ from Saturday thru the foreseeable future. :sigh:)

My neighbors believe our gate was revenge for reporting the mailbox. :sigh: SG is looking into getting a security system....just in case. Yes, we have dogs - but it only takes a bit of meat with anti-freeze on it to take care of them. I'm more worried about the critters than my house - the house is only *stuff*, y'know? The critters - they're living, breathing partners to us........

I have 2 completely finished placemats, and 2 almost done. Himself is binding one of them - his stitching is...well, messy, but honestly? I don't care - he offered to help, and I will LOVE using it.

When we first moved into this house, I became Holly Homemaker for a few months - I made all the curtains, I made (very very simple) placemats, I made all my hot pads.....I came to my senses before I started a tablecloth, but it was touch-and-go for a bit, there. That urge is back.....I am eyeing my fabric stash, I'm looking at various quilt patterns, and I am FIGHTING the urge to measure my table and do some math. I'm not sure WHERE this urge came from - the Sabbath wall-hanging, OK. I've wanted to do something special just for the Sabbath for a while, now, and I tripped across that pattern in a totally different search. The placemats....well, once the hanging was done, I decided I needed "matching" special placemats. I get that...but now I'm eyeing some of my early placemats - I sewed 2 fat quarters together and called it good - with the idea of slicing 'em up and making a bunch of 9-patch squares to reassemble into "nice" placemats. And I was hunting a tablecloth pattern last!

School yesterday was Horrid - Himself had a meltdown over writing. Again. So, he has writing the rest of the week. Today? He did it promptly with no problems. :bangs head: Both kids are enjoying Latin - which is a surprise. Of course, it's EASY - but still! They wanted to do more than the 9 translations that were today's assignment (Sum, Nauta, and Ego. Sum = I am, Nauta = Sailor, and Ego also means I am, but more as an emphasis of Sum. We did Sum Nauta, Ego Sum Nauta, Nauta Sum Ego, Ego Nauta Sum....because in Latin, word order doesn't seem to matter. Yet, anyway.)

Gotta run Herself to the quilt store - she decided out of the blue yesterday that SHE wants to, we discussed what she wanted to do (a wall-hanging for her room). I asked her what she wanted it to look like - of course, she went overboard with stuff that would have to be appliqued, which she is nowhere near ready to do, so I had to re-direct her. We settled on a hanging with a panel in the middle (from scraps of one of her shirts - it's an oriental-looking fabric, with dragons. I had to do some fancy piecing to get 1 entire dragon, but - if I do say so myself - I did a good job on it. It actually looks like a solid piece, and not 3 I had to wiggle around and sew together.), with some sort of border. I'm hoping the quilt ladies can help her choose the "proper" colors to make it look Spectacular, and not just "meh".
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now I have *2* in a 2 week period. :sigh:

OK. You know about the pool. You know about my mailbox last week. What you don't know about is my front gate. Last night, it was pristine - SG needed to hook up the automatic opener, but that's a minor thing. We had it latched closed (with a bungee cord - yeah, we're High Class here!), and every thing was hunky-dory.

At 11-ish last night, the dogs went bonkers. We didn't get up to check - they go bonkers over stupid stuff - and that was a mistake. See, someone deliberately drove THRU our gate - the gate is toast. Amazingly, the bungee is FINE - this wasn't someone "missing" the turn; this was someone wanting to get back at us for some reason.

We filed a report, and I'll be calling it in to the Insurance as soon as SG calls me with the report number. The officer agreed that it wasn't an accident, and he went down the street to see if he could find the vehicle that did it. :sigh:

7 years in this house, with no problems. Now? I've got morons taking out my mailbox AND my gate....for no reason.

In other news, the placemats are done, quilted, and ready for the binding. I think I'm turning into Holly Homemaker here - yesterday I washed ALL our table linens. Today I'll be ironing them...I don't know WHAT'S going on. I am SO not house-proud....this is odd. VERY odd. :looks about:

Gotta go wrangle some kids into the school area.......what a way to start the day! :sigh:
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and I'm blaming Hearthwench. It's HER fault, you see - she's been posting pictures of skirts and child-dresses she's made. I've tried to avoid it - I haven't even left comments, because if I do, I have to admit to myself that I wanna be able to do that! :heh: Yes, I have an inner "Becky Home-ecky" that wants to be able to sew pretty things (thanks, Hearth! LOVE the name!) I haven't even visited her other blog, because I KNOW that'll push me over the edge.

I've tried to appease it - that's why I banged out the 2 wall hangings a couple of weeks ago. That's why I spent today painstakingly piecing together Sabbath placemats, v.2.0 (the first set...well, were a horrific failure. All 4 of them came out wonky, mis-sized, and...well, I wanted better for the Sabbath table. We stopped at the quilt store Saturday and picked up NEW fabric for a set - and they turned out BEAUTIFUL. I just need to quilt 'em up and bind them and they're ready to use.) In the middle of piecing mat #2, my scissors fell, I grabbed for them, and stabbed myself in the process. Stab wounds..bleed. A lot. :shudder:

Herself isn't helping - she got a machine from Granny for her birthday, and made 5 shirts while over there. She's an Expert, now.....and keeps telling me that SHE'LL be happy to make me whatever I want....only, *I* want to make them! :pout: (She doesn't get that - she can sew, so she can make me stuff. I want to have the personal satisfaction myself, y'know? Even if it's not perfect, at least *I* did it!)

We picked up 2 clothes patterns today - Easy Sew brand. (Or something like that - supposed to be SUPER simple, which is my speed.) I wish I could use my serger (but I kill it every time I try to use it), but I can pull out my sewing books and learn how to make pretty seams. :sigh: Hearth - Look what you've done! :lol:

I also bought a new quilt pattern.....with GOATS. :lol: I wasn't looking - the last time I looked for goats, specifically, nothing came up. Today, I was looking for Sheep (I have a sheep wall-hanging I did, and it's starting to get "old". I wanted a new one)....and found a bunch, and then the Goats popped up. Nubians, and Alpines, and Angoras, and and and....I am already planning the new hanging, and the pattern just got mailed out today! :lol:

In all seriousness, sewing is something I need to conquer. Home-sewed clothes last longer than the cheap crap you buy, and the colors are better suited to the wearer. The styles are more suitable, that I feel like I "get" my machine (I LOVE my White! They knew how to build 'em in the '50's!) I have the itch to USE it for "real" stuff. I can knit, and I can weave and spin...I NEED to be able to sew!

At least the quilted stuff has been good practice. I can do pretty straight seams now, and I can keep the tension even and the speed even, too. I've had plenty of practice with the seam ripper, too...:grin:

I need to cut the backing fabric and pin up the 4 placemats. I also need to go hunting for a pattern for RH, and the other Feast days - it's only right that I try to decorate for the REAL Festivals. I mean, I have patterns for Turkey-day, and St. Pat's day, and Chocolate day (Valentine's, if you want to be "real" :lol:) - so I really should put forth the effort to make Biblical Holiday ones. I've found a Passover hanging....but need to hunt for the others (and decide if a hanging of 10 squares with sashing is worth $40. :sigh:)


Jul. 26th, 2011 09:16 am
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I have photos to post! I'll put 'em under a cut to save my FL. Clicky! )
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for an adjustor to call. :sigh: The claims agent was nice, but kinda in shock about things - I guess pools aren't supposed to explode! (And, welcome to the country - she was more concerned about damage to the Kubota than she was about the pool going *boom* :lol:)

I spent about 45 minutes this AM getting lesson plans set up thru Rosh Hashana. Everything - EVERYTHING - except math is input and ready to print. I can't do math, because I don't know how Herself will do. :sigh: Still - I am *ready* to begin on Monday!

Got the school wall quilt *done*. It looks OK - it'll work. The Sabbath quilt top is finished, I have it pinned to the batting and backing, and just need to start. I sliced my finger with the rotary cutter, though, so hand-sewing is problematical. We'll see when I start....

Had 'net problems all off and on all day. Fun times.....

Gotta go milk!
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Um. So. About midnight last night, we heard this loud.."woosh' sound, the dogs went SG went out on the back porch to see what they were barking at. I don't have words...

Our pool Exploded. 13,000 gallons of water went whooshing out the side, knocking the Kubota (!) about 5' to the side, moving the pallet full of shingles INTO the Kubota's front-end loader, knocking the push mower out of the way, and flooding the drive down - almost to the barn.

We need to call the insurance agent - I know the tractor is covered, and I *think* the pool will be, too (I know we got a lot of extra coverage, because of all the stuff we own..I'm hoping the pool is considered personal property, or structure, even.) I will be going out in a bit to get pictures - it's a mangled mess.

Anyway......on to the post I WANTED to write last night (ummm....before bed. :lol:)

I spent most of yesterday making a new wall-hanging. It's not quite done - it still needs to be backed and quilted, but I don't have batting right now - but I'm pleased with it. Especially since I do NOT sew well, and I had to wing 2 of the blocks.

It's a "School" themed hanging. I figured that, since I am doing a "school hat", I should probably have a school hanging to replace my old sheepie one (our kitchen has this...dead area in between the MB door and the bay window. When we moved here, I thought it would be cool to have a quilted hanging for each holiday. No, I don't know what I was thinking - but the kids' granny is a devout quilter, and had been trying to get me into it for *years*. I made 3 hangings - 1 "pumpkin patch" for Halloween, 1 Turkey one for Thanksgiving, and my sheepie one for every day. The turkeys pushed me over the edge; 4 cute gobblers with more tail feathers than I can count. :shudder: I have patterns for St. Pat's day (shamrocks;another one is a pretty celtic knot), Valentine's, Flag day - and a back-to-school one. The turkey also taught me that I do, actually, suck at sewing, and hand-sewing drives me batty. Ah, well...)

I took the apple block from the back to school one, and made 3 apples (red, yellow, green). I found a schoolhouse I liked better online, and did that....then cobbled together a pencil and the first 2 letters of the Hebrew Aleph-bet. It's....OK. It's not gonna win any prizes, and there are a *bunch* of mistakes, but *I* like it; SG thinks it looks good, and that's good enough for me. (Pictures when it's done. If you wanna see examples of my wall-hangings, go to my website (it's on my side-bar) and go to hobbies, and quilting. I think I posted all of them's been awhile. :lol:)

Today, I'll be making 1 more. (I figured, I have the machine out, and the fabric, why not?) I've been wanting something more "Sabbath"-y, so...I found a GORGEOUS Star-of-David wallhanging that I fell in love with. It's....more complicated, but when have I ever let that stop me? I have fabric that'll work, and it'll look nice when it's done. I also need to make some placemats (again, I have the fabric - so let's do it NOW. Can't swim, so might as well do something useful.)

And....SG found me a Mac-native lesson plan program. Planbook. It's....simple; all it does is lesson plans, but 5 minutes in and I have the entire year set up (all subjects on their respective days), and it took maybe another 5 to put in the first week's details. So....I'll be finishing out the first 6 weeks either today or tomorrow. I like it - I can print a report for me with both kids on it, and a report for each kid that has only their assignments on it. I don't like that that's all it is - assignments -'ll work. We'll find a simple gradebook and run with it. (I know, I don't NEED to keep grades.'ll help me see that the kid is *learning*, it'll help the kid see how they're doing, and.....some of the local businesses offer free stuff for good report cards. Why should my kids miss out? :wink:)

Gotta go milk and take some photos. :sigh:
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So, the kids are at Granny's, the animals are all fed, and I've measured 2 inches of warp. Would have more done, but Dad brought me a new light fixture and we had to hang it *right*now*. Took 2 &*&)_(*&& hours to hang the blasted thing! It's pretty, though!

Made out like a bandit at my IL's. DSWMIL cleaned out her sewing room - I came home with 30 or 40 quilting magazines, 15 books, tons of pattern templates, some old catalogs (for ideas) and 2 fat quarters. Whooo Hooooo! Gotta browse them later - after the warp is measured!

Off to call the kidlets and get back to measuring!


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