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woke up this AM to bucks out. SG finally finished their feeder (um. Yeah. The feeder that took me 3 hours to build a few years ago in the doe barn is still going strong. It took him 2 months...and, well...) and bolted it to the fence. I casually mentioned that it was just the right height for a buck to hop over the fence. He said, well, no - they won't do that.

This AM, I had *2* bucks out - 1 in the barn, making a mess and stinking up the place, the other trying to get to my bucklings. :sigh: It took 45 minutes to catch the stinky, smelly things - and I still had to milk. :sigh: SG and Himself ended up putting the last of the kennel panels up there, to make it too tall for an eager buck to jump. :big sigh:

Anyway. I spent most of the morning sewing a new project bag - the one I've been using is falling apart (and has been since I bought it.) I managed to figure out how to reverse-engineer my current bag (not hard, but) while adding a leather bottom, and figure out how to attach leather straps.

I was successful - but it IS a bit wonky:

Project Bag

The outside is a tapestry fabric (the same one we'll be using for chair cushions, actually - I found 2 more yards of it at Hancock's); the inside is an olive fabric that's bonded to batting. THAT was fun to sew! (It jammed up the serger when I tried to sew the bottom corner seam. :sigh:) Because of the batting, there's no pocket - but I made one out of matching leather, and will be getting a lanyard clip to attach it to one of the handles.

The strap ends are...well, wonky - but I'm happy with it.

And the reason I needed a new mid-size project bag: my Aran. Been working on it for....2 years, I think. :sigh: No reason - it's just dark yarn, on dark needles, in a semi-dark room. :lol: BUT.

I am posting about it for accountability purposes - I NEED a hand-knit sweater. I figure, if I post what I've got done (even though I WILL be putting it down this week - I have a hat, 2 pairs of fingerless gloves, and a Scottish Tam to plow thru before Hanukkah), maybe somebody will poke me about it in a month or so, to keep me moving forward on it. So, photos:


Aran Back

It's been done almost forever - this really is a fast knit, once you get going on it. I put it up...and kinda buried it under other projects. :sigh:

Left Front:

Aran Left Front

I've got 4 more repeats before the left front is done, then I have the right front (WITH buttonholes, how fun!) and both sleeves to do. Then the making up, but that goes pretty quickly. (And if you're thinking it looks kinda familiar - it IS. It's the same pattern I knit for SG and finished in 2010. His is a soft, mossy green - love it, but I look better in darker, jewel tones. :lol:)

So, if y'all'll poke me about the sweater every now and then, I'd appreciate it. I LOVE the yarn, the needles are ebony and are so smooth and slick it's a pleasure to knit with them - I have no excuses (except the afore-mentioned presents that need to get done. The hat and 1 pair of fingerless gloves are Hanukkah prezzies; the other pair of mitts needs to be done by January and the Tam needs to be done by March. I figure I might as well knock them out now, so I can get back to the sweater.)

Not much else going on - we (Herself and I) cleaned the Studio yesterday while the boys were working on the buck feeder, but it's been a pretty nice and quiet weekend. Rained last night - Praise the Lord for it! Hope y'all are having a nice weekend, too!
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because Herself has an 11:30 doctor's appt. And both kids have a 5:00 Psychologist appt. Fun, fun, fun.

Yesterday: OK. It was a very weird experience. Ms boss came in, she and coworker discussed buying more ceramic stuff, then she asked me "So. How are things around your house?"

I took it as an opening, and said "House? Find. Kids....not so much." and proceeded to tell her the doc says we need to homeschool Himself.

She.....focused on the bullying going on at school and TOTALLY phased on the whole "need to Homeschool" part of the discussion. :sigh: went totally over her head.

The conversation ended with "Well, you should know more after your meeting tomorrow, right? Maybe he's got a workable solution." Ummmm.....he does. I told you - HOMESCHOOL. :bangs head:

Coworker told me that she did ask if she needed to start interviewing.......but coworker wants to see if I can work from home :sigh: and only come in 2 1/2 days per month (when Financial Advisor's work is due - coworker can't quite figure out the online system they use for billing, and - while it's not hard - she doesn't think it'd be easy to train someone on. Whatever...). The money (discounted salary, of course) would be nice, but.......honestly? I want OUT.

SG, of course, loves this idea because we'd have a little extra money. :grrrrrrrrrrr: I'm just gonna let it ride and see what happens.

If I don't kill the puppy first........(how's that for a segue?)

Got up this AM to find 3 puddles and 4 piles. Plus, Snips had apparently gotten on the table and knocked off my UNOPENED except for pulling out the instructions Owl Mitten Kit (for coworker's birthday) and Kenzie (or Snips - Bree isn't into yarn, thank the LORD for that!) drug it outside...where she had a heyday strolling the solid color yarn ALL. Over. The. Yard. :sigh: 4 breaks, lots of tangles. It took 2 hours to was going to be my next project. I was going to start it this I'm going to take my sweater and chill first...I just can't face the mittens right now.

And SG? Was no help - he got mad because I accused his "innocent" puppy of doing damage. Sound familiar? Yeah.....same situation as with Snips. If he'd get his ego out of the way he'd realize it doesn't reflect on HIM...but he'd rather take it personally. :bangs head: (And no, Bree wasn't involved - she hasn't touched yarn since we first got her and I yelled at her. Yarn is verboten, and she knows it. Snips has a record....and I caught Kenzie red-pawed yesterday with a different skein of yarn. So....yeah. Circumstantial, but pretty solid evidence.)

So.....gotta go round up my sweater, then we're heading out early. I need to acquire some size 4 and 5 DPNs (I have some, but have NO IDEA where they are. Can't do the mittens without them.......:sigh:) and I'm out of Penzey's Taco Seasoning. JoAnn's and Penzey's are both close to the doc......and we have, I have a 40% off coupon. Oh, and I have to head to the Post Office, because I finally got around to filling out the goats registration/transfer papers. (Yes, me - SG kept putting it off. I figured, it's time - I've got 1 goat due in a month, and she's not registered yet. :sigh: Papers will make it a little easier to sell, if we decide to go that route. Plus, we can ask a little bit more......I'm not planning on selling, but it's something to keep in mind.)

Maybe Ms boss'll figure out I need to stay home......originally I wanted 2/15 to be It....but coworker wants me to stay to 2/28. Either one is fine......


Dec. 29th, 2010 07:05 am
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is soap-making day. And hopefully Post Office day...but we'll see about that. It's POURING right now - granted, it's 54*, so it's not freezing, but when I say Pouring, I mean....Thunder-Boomers. I ran out to milk at 5:30, because the rain had "stopped". Got Rosa and Annie on the stands; had Annie half-way done when *BOOM*!. ALL the goats Freaked Out, I had to stop and calm everybody down.....then the rain hit. Sounded like hail. :shudder:

I'm trying to upload photos of the Sweater....they're cell phone photos, because if I dig out the camera, I'll feel obligated to take "real" pictures of the goats, baby Surprise, Bree, the new's best that I don't. :lol:

We have Photos! )

So. Busy.

Dec. 26th, 2010 04:49 pm
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Let's see...up early yesterday. Headed out to pick up SG's aunt, drop her off at his brother's, then on to Ft. Worth to pick up the kids. Stayed about 1.5 hours there, then headed back to SG's brother's for the annual Giftmas gathering.

Too damn many people. I....hate large groups, especially when I don't know half of them. It was.....not fun.

Stayed....a few hours, then thankfully left to drop off the aunt and go home. Where we watched Despicable Me, milked, then ran to Denny's for dinner (nothing else was open. Ah, well....)

Today was not a good day. Supposed to go to SG's dad's...but SG had a major meltdown (over soap. *I* thought he wanted ugly soap for his step-mother. She's "family", so I didn't mind....only I discovered the soap was for HER cousin/friend....and I can NOT gift ugly soap to an unknown/unrelated person. It......this is a sue-happy society. What If she got a rash, and decided to blame MY soap? (Which...won't cause a rash, but prove it. :sigh:) I told him sorry, no...and he LOST. IT. :sigh:) We were supposed to go there, then head to GameStop to test the warranty on Himself's DS - the L and R keys don't work. :sigh:

So, we stayed home. Which was good, as *my* dad came over. SG helped him with his new phone.....

I finally finished ball #1 of my sweater. Have about 8" of the back done - that's halfway up to the armpit! :stoked:

Gotta get ready to milk again. We're still getting about a half gallon/day....not to shabby. Although it takes 4 goats to do it....:grin:
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Haven't slept in.....well, haven't slept really since Sunday AM. Just brief dozes, can't sucks. Part of it's pain - I've had to hand-milk for the past 2 months (it's not really worth hooking up the machine for 1 pint of milk, y'know?) and part is stress over the job-thing. Yes, I'm ready to be unemployed, but.....the reality is, my mind won't quit worrying over it.

Spent all day yesterday in my pajamas....but couldn't nap. Ended up trimming the dairy goats' hooves (in my jammies!), refilling all the waters (in my jammies!), and milking 2x...yup, in my jammies. :sigh: There's NOTHING on daytime TV except soap-operas; PBS is running their EOY fundraising, so their programming sucks right now, too.

I did work on my cardigan - got the ribbing and first pattern repeat of the back done. This did NOT help my wrist.....but what else was there to do?

Gotta go pay bills stuff!
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and I've already: Cleaned the Master Bathroom, tidied the Master Bedroom, done 2 loads of laundry, done 1 load of goat coats (they're on the line drying right now), milked the goats.....and CO for a cardigan for me. :grin:

Yes, I got my Webs order yesterday. FAST shipping - I just ordered it Wednesday evening! The yarn is Gorgeous - Valley Yarns North Hampton in "Pine" - a very rich, dark, hunter-y green. LOVELY stitch definition, and feels fantastic. I didn't need to start another project....but.....I couldn't help it.

I need to soap....I need to do some melt-n-pour this go 'round. I need to get some car-shaped soaps done....hopefully I'll get around to it today. After I nap - that's the only thing on today's agenda..catching up on my Sleep. :nods:

That's about all I have for you this AM.....need sleep.....:grin:
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and The Sweater has been washed. It needed it - it had been hauled around for what? 2 years? And was...pretty filthy. (The wash water? Was *gross*!). It's now back on the wooly board, drying. It survived the wash!!! (Yes, this makes me happy! :lol:)

Herself is cranking out more mice....she wants to make her Science Teacher a Lab Rat. :groan: But hey - it's keeping her busy. :lol:

I'm almost done with the Kippah as written. It *is* a Kippah, so it's small - 8" diameter - and I want something more "snood" like, so I'm going to wing another round of the petals. That should make it the right size. The silk is *wonderful* to work with! So smooth and shiny....I'm geeked over how it's looking (especially since I switched to circs last night - you can see the "round-ness" of it now. So pretty!) The goal is to wear it to NTIF this I gotta get knitting. :grin:

Sweet Geek is fighting a stuff. He brought home 3 more pallets yesterday - think we almost have enough wood for the milkroom. :grin:
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Let's see...where to begin? I know - I'll cheat! It's faster to SHOW you! Photos ahead! )

Gotta run - I spent too much time fighting with Scrapbook over this!
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no sleep again last night. :sigh: Need to figure this out - I am one tired fiberaddict!

I do have a confession to make. I.....cheated on the cardigan. It was an accident....when we went to the LYS, I bought a skein of Henry's Attic Cascade (fingering weight 100% silk) to knit the kippah from Piecework's "Historical Knitting" issue. (NOT because I think women should wear headcoverings - it's NOT Torah-based, and most of the women that do it (that aren't Mennonite or Amish, anyway) around here do it for the attention it brings them. :sigh: THAT'S a whole 'nother rant.

Anyway......I had flipped thru the issue, saw the kippah, and HAD to knit it. (These things happen.) I put it in line AFTER the sweater - as a "whee! We're DONE!" sorta present to myself......but last night I snapped.

I had noticed that I was looking for reasons to NOT knit the sweater. I had 2 hours yesterday and 4 hours on Wednesday that I could have knit at work...and I DIDN'T. Instead, I looked at knitting online. I browsed eBay. I browsed CraigsList. Anything I could do to NOT knit. :sigh:

So, last night I came in, tossed my knitting travel-bag on the table, and announced "I need to knit something NOT green!". Sweet Geek blinked, then said "OK. Start on your kippah!". :love that man:

I did.....4 times. :sigh: You start with 8 stitches on 4 DPNs. Or you're supposed to. I ended up putting the 8 on 3 DPNs. I'm on row 5 (again)...we'll see if I can keep going (you start the whole shebang with a yarn over. I can do that - it's easy. It's NOT easy keeping *track* of the first YO when you're talking about 8 stitches on 3 DPNs. In slippery silk.) :grumble:

Since I'm up (still), think I'll go wrangle with it. At least it's silk, it's cream-colored, and it isn't GREEN. (I will go back to the sleeve this weekend. I've only got 4 pattern repeats to go. 48 rows. Of 102 stitches each. Relatively mindless knitting at this point......:lol:)
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26* this AM. The high today is supposed to be 56* - almost where it's *supposed* to be. Tomorrow, it's supposed to be 60* - THAT'S more like it! :grin:

Herself is crocheting up a storm! She's already finished a "wash cloth" for me (need to take photos - it's good!) and is working on a scarf for one of her Beanie Babies (I...don't even know. She's happy, so...:shrug:) She's now working with some acrylic that she HAD to have.....and she says it "feels funny". :snicker: Guess I shouldn't have started her with cotton - but it's what I had on hand.

We're planning on going to the LYS (Local Yarn Store) Saturday - I want to try and sell the 12H table loom. *IF* I'm lucky, the shop will buy it, and I can just trade with them. :grin: I want some more weaving yarns, some solid-color sock yarns for my *next* project (Turkish socks! I need TONS of color!), and I'd like to get the kids' stashes started (or at least Herself's - Himself is off of yarn-fondling at the moment and is concentrating on Airigami. least he's doing SOMETHING with his hands!) Maybe pick up yet another set of crochet hooks, since Himself has *lost* the set I got off of eBay. :sigh:

Cleared off 3 more bobbins last night - soon as I ply up the last little bit of orange, I'll have cleared off every bobbin except the one that's on the Norwegian. (Cashmere - THAT one won't be touched until it's full!) The Norwegian is now ready for NTIF.....and I'm a little more comfortable with the Can. Sax (my Production Wheel). That lovely scares me - it's SO fast! (Well, DUH! It has a 30" drive wheel!) One of these days I'll get comfortable with her......I'm having trouble controlling the foot vs hand speed. I just need to sit down and play.....but right now I'm in a knitting mode. (The sleeve is at 25% now.....we're moving along. Slowly, but progress can be seen)

Pondering the Book of Revelation again.....lots of questions. Well, we'll know soon enough, I think.
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I've already: taken the kids to school, taken a nap, done 2 loads of laundry, cleaned my kitchen, knit a bit...think I need to go to work to relax! :lol:

Forgot to mention in yesterday's post - Sleeve #1 is DONE. Finished it Friday AM at Denny's. Sleeve #2 is up to the 2nd pattern repeat (out of 12 total. :sigh: Still - progress!)

We hit Home Depot yesterday and picked up the stuff for my Wooly Board. Let's see...$100 for a ready-made one, or $26 for the dowel rods and glue to MAKE one. Oh, and I should mention - these are OAK dowels! I am chuffed! Now, to get Sweet Geek to actually BUILD it....:lol:

Zorra cut her mouth on something yesterday....she seems fine, but it's still worrisome. I didn't find anything she could have cut it on......

Oh! While we were out Saturday, we hit B&N. I had another 15% off the kids each got a book (Airigami for Himself, How to Crochet for Herself (she hasn't noticed that it's aimed at *6* year olds. She's finally figured it out and is going great guns. :whew!:) and I got the Piecework "Historical Knitting" edition. It's cool.....and I now have a mitten project, a kippah project, another sock project....:grin:

Guess I should rustle up lunch and work on the sleeve. I wanna knit something COLORFUL. Or at least Not Green. :lol:
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she did something so naughty that she pissed off her staunch protector, Sweet Geek (let me say, up front - no serious harm was done to anything of mine.)

I got home a little early last night. I was contemplating dinner - I had beef, and chicken, but was pretty much out of ideas (you know how it gets - you *have* food, but don't want to make the same ol' thing.) Sweet Geek asked me to help him feed...and while out, asked me what we were doing for dinner. I told him I didn't know yet - I was thinking about it.

We feed the critters (goats are SILLY creatures, that just KNOW they will starve to death RIGHT now, unless you give them feed STAT. :lol:), and get back into the warmth of the house. Sweet Geek announces that HE is taking us out for dinner. Okey-dokey! The kids get their shoes/coats/hats on, I grab my shoes (it's muddy out there! Can't wear mud boots to dinner!) and, as we start to head out, I look at Snips. I look at Sweet Geek.

"OK." I say. "I'm gonna give you a chance. DON'T BLOW IT." Out we went.

We were gone MAYBE 45 minutes. (I'm thinking it was only 30, but I'm not sure. I know it wasn't an hour.) We walked inside......:deep breath:

My CHULLO WAS ON THE FLOOR. She had yanked it off of the center of the table (and half the tablecloth, too), and ripped a tassel off (no other damage, praise the Lord! Otherwise, she'd be gone.) She had eaten some of the....I don't know what they're called, but they are small plastic beads that you put on a peg board in a pattern, then iron to melt and fuse the beads together. Anyway, the stupid dog had EATEN 2 of the fused projects the kids had made. She had gotten into some of my wool. She had pulled some paper towels out of the trash......and she had the audacity to greet us as we came in the door.

To say Sweet Geek was FURIOUS is an understatement. He was more upset about my hat than *I* was. He has FINALLY made up his mind that she HAS to have training (before now, it was all "Yes, dear - I know. We will." Now? It's "As soon as I get paid, I'll write the trainer a check. We HAVE to do something." :snicker:)

He was still pissed at her this morning - which is a surprise. I fully expected her to have him wrapped around her little paw again...nope. Apparently, it took a threat to something he saw me put a LOT of time into.....damn. Had I known that, I'd have left some other project out. (Just kidding - I do NOT trust this dog. I'm not gonna risk any of my hard work.) I am glad she didn't do any permanent damage - all I had to do was re-braid the tassel cord and re-tie it to the earflap. (Well, she did destroy the kids' projects......:sigh:)

We'll see how it goes from here - but he's still mad at her. :snicker:

I need to knit a bit before feeding critters. It's 32* outside, and I'm not ready to face that yet. Plus, I'm about 1" from finishing sleeve #1. :bounce: I wanna get this sweater FINISHED. I wanna knit something with umpteen colors and wild patterns and looks like a sock! :lol:


Feb. 9th, 2010 06:33 am
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The "winter weather" that was supposed to hit...hasn't. It's COLD (currently 28*....when I got up an hour and a half ago, it was 30*), it's wet (it rained ALL. Damn. Day. Yesterday), but the roads appear to be clear and (relatively) accident-free. Right. Betcha there's a bunch of idiots out there about the time I hit the road. :sigh:

I feel like I am making very little progress on the Never-ending Cardigan. I knit and knit and knit AND knit...and still have 3" to go on the sleeve. I'm itching to start something new, something riotous with color, something *new*.

Interweave didn't help - yesterday I received my copy of "Knitting Traditions"...on the cover? Beautiful, colorful, Turkish socks. :sigh: Add that to the "Fancy Feet" book I bought the other day, and it's a receipe for the knitting-doldrums. (The magazine? WORTH the money! Full of beautiful knitted projects from all over the world - the Yarn Harlots' current sweater? The Bohus "Wild Apple" is IN THERE. I could totally knit one.....if I wanted to. :grin: Without having to buy the kit. :lol:)

I am craving a new pair of socks. A colorful pair. A *stranded* pair. :sigh: Soon as I finish sleeve #2 I will CO for a pair of brightly-colored, wild socks. To take the edge off before starting *my* sweater. (Which won't be as mind-numbing as the Cardigan - for one thing, it's 2 colors; they're knit in strips, and I can change up what color/pattern I knit so I don't get so bored. Hopefully)

I need to get a photo of the RH loom - Sweet Geek is having fun weaving lace. He just called me - he wants to warp up some placemats or something. :lol: Good think I have a placemat kit around here.....:snicker:

Gotta go feed critters!
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and I seem to have caught it. Sore throat, stuffy nose, slight earache. Sweet Geek has the above, plus the upset tummy. Himself is OK, Herself has the head-stuff.

Himself, however, has other problems. He was running in gym yesterday, and he ran into the boy in front of him, and fell. The boy behind him stepped on his glasses. :grrrr: All accidental, but still.....the glasses are wonky, but wearable. Himself's elbow, however.....nice, 1" long scrape, and bruising. I applied E-balm to it, so we'll see how it does. We were planning on eye exams next month...guess they'll be moved up. :sigh:

Red Angel's latest post has had me was about Mercy and Justice. I might post later - I gotta get my thoughts in order, first.

Sweater: Didn't get a whole lot done yesterday. Ms boss was SUPPOSED to not be in. I had planned on working on it....we got a surprise deadline, so the morning was spent getting the contract work done (usually we have time to do it..this was sudden. Oh, well...). I started knitting AT LUNCH.......Ms boss came in at 12:40. DURING our lunch hour. :sigh: Had to put it up, because knitting isn't allowed (even on MY OWN TIME!!!). :sigh: She'll be in all day sigh:

Exercise: Did the "Fat Buring" DVD last night. It's.....OK, it's strenuous, but not as bad as the "Slim Down" one. And not as bad as I remembered. Lots of leg work. Tonight (unless I am hacking up a lung), I'll do the Hips/Thighs one. *That's* where most of my fluff is - my upper body is OK (needs toning, but it's OK.) I'll save the Abs workout for either tomorrow or whenever. Trying to decide if I want to alternate an "easy" DVD with the Slim Down/Fat Burning ones.

Mom: got all the tubes out yesterday. Still in ICU. Finally got rid of some phlegm - but not by coughing. (Upset tummy, basically. :ugh:) I need to call the nurse...maybe later today? Not sure when she'll be home.

DIY: Have been looking for a Wooly Board for blocking sweaters. (Yes, they ARE a necessity for well-knit sweaters, IF you want said sweaters to look their best.) That's the cheapest I found them I kept looking. I found a link for plans for a PVC one...but...I really don't LIKE PVC. It (OK, I AM cheap, but...I also like things to look nice. Plus, the price quotes were around $40....that's still a little high - especially for PVC!) Then, I hit paydirt = Wooly Board Instructions from Knitting Beyond the Hebrides (I used to be a member, way back when she who will NOT be named was really getting nasty). This uses 5 36" dowel rods, 1 thinner one, and a 36" long piece of scrap 2x4. CHEAP. And nice looking! :grin:

Sweet Geek has promised to make me one. When, I don't know, but he's got until his sweater is finished. :lol: It's adjustable, and I do have plans for more sweaters, so it IS a necessity.

Need to drag out my office sweater - it's COLD up here. :brrrrr:
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since we just got hit with a deadline. :sigh: Way to plan stuff, guys! :lol:

Crochet: Himself looked at the book, started practising with the cotton yarn I had at home (to save the "good" stuff)...then lost the hook. :bangs head: I found it this AM on the floor.....anyway, whilst tucking him into bed, he said "Thanks for the stuff, Mom, but....I don't really like anything in that book." Figures.......

Herself is busy working. I think she likes the fact that she can do something *I* can't. :grin: Her class is doing an economics project - the kids have to set up a business, with a plan, budget, etc, then on 3/11 they'll be having a "flea market" type thing to sell their products. She said "Oh! I can sell crocheted stuff! Or origami jewelry! Or...." :grin:

Sweater: Still on the sleeve. Only did 5 rows yesterday. I need to get cracking!

Exercise: Got my other DVDs in last night, so did the "Basic Moves" one. It's easy, compared to the Slim Down one, and just what I needed last night. Tonight will be the Fat burning one, I think. I haven't lost any weight, per my scale, but my pants are a little bit looser (loose enough now that they keep sliding down. Not a HUGE difference, but still...)

Woodstove: Estimate was......DOUBLE my budget. Right at $5K. This includes *everything* - stove/hearth/pipe/installation...but...:whew: We are discussing this. Might not happen, now. We'll see.

So. Tired.

Feb. 1st, 2010 05:49 am
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Been up since Sweet Geek's alarm went off at 3:30. Didn't get a nap at all this I am Dragging. :sigh: Hope the boss isn't in today.......:yawn:

Herself has decided she wants to crochet. :horrors!: We took the Aunt out to lunch yesterday, then took her to Barnes & Noble. While there, Himself saw a Kirigami set....and Herself found an Ami...A....Some-Japanese-word-that-appears-to-mean-cute-crocheted-animals set. So.....I gave her some waste yarn and the only hook I own, to practise with, and she's been diligently working on it. I'm glad she's getting into yarn, but - Crochet??? :lol:

We dropped off the Aunt, then hit Half Price. Himself now has almost every Star Wars Book put out by Scholastic; Herself got another Crochet book. Me? I got "Fancy Feet", which is cool, but I'll probably never knit any of the socks. (I like inspiration - and this book has it in spades).

I'm plugging along on the sleeve.....don't know how much I'll get done today, as I'm exhausted. :sigh:

Got the quote for the wood's DOUBLE what I wanted to pay. Gotta think and pray on this one.......


Jan. 31st, 2010 08:41 am
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as usual. Went to the hospital yesterday....THAT was an experience!

Mom had called Friday evening. Still loopy, but sounded somewhat "there", so I asked when we should plan on visiting. She SAID that after lunch would be best - she was sure they would be moving her to a room, so....Alrighty, then!

We headed out at 11 - I needed to hit the outlet mall for a new sports bra, and Sweet Geek needed gloves. The Bali-outlet was having a buy 1, get 1 50% off sale, PLUS I had a 20% off coupon, so I got a new sports bra AND workout pants for less than the bra alone. We hit Wilson's Leather...and got mobbed by the 2 girls working the till - apparantly my and Herself's hats are the coolest things they'd ever seen...and when they discovered that they were hand-knit...well! I was a mini-hero (which is funny - *I* can see all the mistakes!) We scored him a pair of suede gloves for $12, and headed on out.

At 12-ish, I called her cell (ICU doesn't have phones in the rooms.) No, she still wasn't moved, and *the next visiting slot was at 3*. Ok-dokey, we're on the road and won't get there until 1:30-ish; we can deal!

There's a Weaving/Knitting/Fiber Arts shop maybe 2 miles from the freeway exit. I *did NOT* want to go - I know how my self-control is when faced with fresh, soft, yummy wool - in any form!'s 1:45, we can't visit until 3, so.....:sigh: Sweet Geek *said* he'd help in the self-control department, so Ok. I can do this.....

It took 10 minutes to hit the $100 mark. HE was no help at all! :lol: We did score the buttons for his cardigan (well, they ordered them for us, but we had to prepay), I got some bright roving that'll work for Irish Fest (if I can't get anything wilder!), some yarn for Sweet Geek yet another hat (except this AM he decided that the roving would make a much more funky hat, so can I spin it up for Him a Hat? :shakes head:), some DPNs for Himself to finish his hat....and got our hats praised again. (It's much more meaningful to me to have "real" knitters admire my stuff - it shows me I'm on the right track. They even liked the inside of my hats - which is funny, since I cheated and just tied all the ends together! :lol:) Sweet Geek now wants to weave in the worst way; the store owner wants photos of my 12H table loom that's for was a fun visit. (And....I was good. They have a HUGE sock yarn collection..and I didn't even touch! I know it sounds like a large amount for not much goods...but really? It's not - I also got a replacement tape measure and some more row counters. The yarn was 50% off, and the roving is 8 oz....I feel like I did good. I won't be doing it again anytime soon, but it's nice to see *real* yarn, and not just look at it online. Oh - and this IS the "Local" store - the next closet is in Dallas, and it's 10 miles FURTHER out. :sigh: I live in a yarn-deprived area!)

At 2:20, we headed for the hospital. I had finished the cardigan front, and was working on sleeve #1 (Did ya catch that? The Cardigan BODY IS DONE!!!), so I was OK for a bit of a wait....only, ICU visiting hours are from 1 to 3.......and it was 2:40 when we found her room :bangs head:

Herself and I chatted with her for 10 minutes, then Herself left and I stayed in until 3. SHE says she's doing great, and wants to move on........I cornered the nurse when I left her room. :sigh:

Surgery-wise, she's doing great. HOWEVER...she refuses to cough. She HAS to cough to get all that crud out of her lungs....and she won't do it. She does cough when on the phone, I need to call her more often, and get others to do so too. They're keeping her pretty well sedated (to aid in healing), and the room is kept dark. I don't think she really understands what they did....I mean, she's missing half a lung now! Of COURSE they need to keep her under observation as long as possible - pneumonia is a real threat. :sigh:

I could say more...but I am impressed with the hospital, especially her nurse.

Today, we take Sweet Geek's aunt out for her today is toast, too. :Sigh: At least I can knit in the Jeep....:grin:

So. Tired.

Jan. 28th, 2010 06:22 am
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Every time I tried to nap yesterday the phone rang....I am totally wiped out today. I am going to work - only, late. I have to take the kidlets to school, then boogie on to the office. Sweet Geek will be getting off early for the duration to pick them up......

I currently have a 3-legged horse. Heart did *something* to her left foreleg. Not sure what - the hoof is fine, no noticable bruises or abcesses (and the hoof is cool, so...), the leg is a slight bit swollen, but not a lot, and - this is what's so odd - it's not tender anywhere! :baffled: She did it sometime Tuesday; we noticed when we fed Tuesday evening, but it was too dark to see anything. I checked her out yesterday....and am still baffled. She's on Bute for the moment, and I wrapped both forelegs.....this AM she was still limping, but not as much. (Yesterday, she refused to put any weight at ALL on it, today she's putting a little.) She did lay down a bit yesterday, which is good - she was able to rest her other legs.

The water softener went out Monday morning. :sigh: Looks like the motor is toast. I think it'd be cheaper to simply replace it instead of trying to fix it, but that's up to Sweet Geek. Good thing I don't have to pay childcare this month. :wry grin:

I've already started my birthday and Hannukah shopping. IF Ure and others are right, this year is going to be HORRIFIC. The predictions are that by December, most people will be more worried about being able to afford food than giving their children presents. So.....I usually start in April with the holiday shopping; this year, I'm starting now. Won't hurt, and might make a difference come December. I never buy big, expensive stuff anyway....but this year I'll go ahead and get it now. (Herself gets craft kits and origami paper; Himself gets models and baking stuffs.)

Need to go knit a bit before heading out. I'm on the 13th repeat (out of 15!!), so....need to get cracking!
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I promised, so here we go. Lots of photos - I'll put 'em behind a cut to save dial-up users!

Sweaters ahoy! )
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which is good. Forgot the card reader again, which is bad. Have a fantastic photo of Dusty over my PC - which is very, very good. far, this week is good. :grin: (I really need to get Sweet Geek to email me that photo - Dusty is in his classic "Turn your head!" pose, with a goofy look on his face. It's silly, and it's *totally* him. I think it would make a LOVELY LJ icon. :lol:)

Am cruising along on the Never-Ending cardigan. Just finished the 3rd repeat (out of 16. :sigh:) Still, it's moving on. My sweater yarn is due to arrive Saturday...I am trying really hard to NOT focus on the new and keep plugging along on this one. Oooh, look - Koigu sock yarn! In GREENS! :lol: (It's safely stashed. I am trying to ignore it..and the CSM. For the moment. I have plenty of socks. I really do...:lol:)

Work :sigh:

I need to go to a remedial class on lighting the Coleman lantern. I tried - again - this morning. First attempt, nothing. Second attempt, flames out the top. Third attempt, I managed to get it lit....but when I turned the gas knob to "UP" (to brighten the lantern), it went out. :bangs head: Any experienced campers out there wanna help? I'm following the directions; I googled, found some tips, and am using *them*, but.....I am lantern-impaired. Is there a help-group for that?


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