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but LJ is being slow as molasses this morning. It took *30* minutes to upload 2.....and I have 6 or 7 more. :sigh: I guess you get to see the new dress only, instead of the house. Which is NOT finished, but is much, much closer!


Dress! This is the Sew Over It Vintage Shirt Dress:

2017 SOI Shirtdress front

2017 SOI Shirtdress side

It was very windy yesterday, so the photos aren't the best, but you can at least get an idea of the dress. I did NOT wear the jacket - it was threatening rain, and I will not risk that! :lol:

So, house. Monday the last of the new floors went in. Yesterday the plumbers came in and did the Master Bath, and repaired the pipe SG put a hole in, and re-installed the water filter (they removed it to repair the garage leak) - when SG hit the pipe, he flooded the (NEW!) bathroom. I told them to cut the water, they did - at the house, which re-routed the water into the (missing) water filter. Which flooded the garage. :sigh: It's all sorted, now. Still not DONE, of course - my NSDH has problems prioritizing things. Which is why the pasture got mowed, but the baseboards didn't get painted until 10 minutes before the plumbers showed up. They had to wait on HIM.....never mind. Suffice to say things still aren't done, but the pasture looks good.

Oh! One of the other pictures was of 8 new chicks - we have 2 broody hens. 1 is a nasty banty hen, so Herself pulled all the chicks. The other is sweet, but batty stole her they're in the Garage Studio, as well.

I will try to upload again later - I'm not sure if it's on my end (storms right now) or LJ's. I'm pleased with the way things are looking; the armoires fit and look really, really good.

Gotta go get school sorted - later!
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because I like alliteration. :lol:

1. DH. He FINALLY finished my pantry door. It's....interesting, but it's a door. :lol:

1a. He also FINALLY set up the milking is MUCH easier now. :nods: :lol:

2. The warp from Hell is finally being wound on. I think I'm pretty much over this dishtowel pattern - this warp has been a pain from the beginning; Kenzie had eaten the purple yarn and I had to tie a ton of knots; I have apparently lost the ability to count to 12; the warp is tangling like anything...and I'm just OVER it. I'll weave this off, then move to something else. Probably placemats.

3.The baby goats are thriving. Eating me out of house and home, but that's OK - they're growing and hopping and being cute. :lol:

Things are going well, here. School is perking along....I'm still not totally sold on All American History, but it's moving along. Writing With Skill is *awesome* - Himself is actually WRITING now, without complaining. I am amazed.....

Gotta skitter - gotta get started for the day. SG is off this week - he has totally screwed up our routine, but I'm trying to make it work. :sigh:
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Let's see.....

1. Spent yesterday whipping up an "infinite gore" skirt. I still can't quite wrap my mind around how 5 yards of fabric will get me a skirt with a 7-yard circumference, works. Himself told me the Math was right.....duh! I mean, *I* cut it out, but it still bends my brain a bit. :shrug: The skirt is lovely, and the color works *perfectly* with my new corset (which arrived today. :huzzah:)

2. Today was spent finishing Cyn's b-day prezzie - I had to sew the faces on all the placemats. I need to figure out my machine - for some reason, it's decided that there's only 1 stitch-length, and only 1 zig-zag stitch, no matter that I was using the cams on it. :sigh: Still, I got it done, and they are CUTE. I think I need to make us a set, just because....and I need to go to the designer's website and order the rest of the "set" - she has owl oven mitts, and a tea cozy, and I don't remember what-all else, but I forsee a few more presents out of this! :lol: (And I have a LOT of fabric left, so they'll all match.

3. I also helped Herself cut out her cloak. I'm not sure what's going on; the pattern said she needed 5.25 yards to make the small size. She had 4.75 (+/-) yards. I got the cloak AND hood cut out, and she still has some fabric left (not a lot; but enough for wrist-bands, maybe a belt, a headband, and some coasters. Probably 1/2 yard, all told.) It's too cold in the studio to keep sewing, so I'll help her assemble it when it warms up a bit.

4. Post Office weirdness. I had ordered Dusty a new blanket a couple of weeks ago. It arrived Friday, but after we had checked the mail, so Herself and I picked it up yesterday. The box was beat all to hell, and OPEN....and the clerk told me I might wanna send it back, because I owed postage on it. WHAT? It was sent Priority Mail ("if it fits, it ships!"), and I PAID the amount for that size box....but no, I owed another $24. :whatthe: I paid - because Dusty is too old to deal with cold, it hit 40* last night (and hasn't gotten above 44* today) AND it's going to get colder, and his old blanket got trashed completely by Finn - then went home and emailed the seller. Who is a gem - they promptly refunded the charge, and groused about the box more than I did (seriously, the lady in line behind us commented on the brightness of the blanket, because SHE COULD SEE IT when the clerk handed me the box. I'm surprised the blanket made it here, to be honest.) (And Dusty seems to like it; it's a tie-dyed neon Peace symbol blanket. :lol: Finn isn't sure what to think...he's not quite brave enough to try and bite it...yet. :rofl:)

5. Weigh-in. 190.5. Or 257.5. Take your pick. I think my scale is dying, because I got those 2 readings within minutes of each other. (And I KNOW I am not over 200. None of my clothes would fit if I were!)

6. Have I said how thankful I am for the firewood? Because.....I have had the woodstove going since 6 this AM, and it's still going. I'm not so worried about the wood supply now......and I'm *warm*. :happy dance:

7. I'm also thankful for Herself. We finally got her 'script filled yesterday.....but I'm not sure she needs to keep taking it. Both SG and I told her she could try weaning herself off, if SHE felt like it. We'll see. She's matured a LOT in the past few the point that today, after she bombed math (deductibles)...she asked me to explain it to her, then re-worked all the missed problems - WITHOUT me having to tell her to do it! :blink: This is....huge for her. HUGE. And I am SO THANKFUL we've reached this point.

7a. And Himself.....he's hit a wall in Math (Quadratic equations; solving by the square method). Instead of whining (which he would have done a year ago), he asked for help, then actually SHOWED HIS WORK. :bigger blink: His maturity level has also shot up's amazing. And humbling. (And I'm not gonna tell him he's almost out-stripped me in Math. What Singapore has him doing looks suspiciously like beginning Trigonometry to me (the formulas they want you to use, I mean - it looks a lot like some of the stuff I remember.).....I need to start looking into the Community College here and see what they require for dual-enrollment. Because....I don't think I can teach Calculus, and we're about 1 year away from that at our present speed. :shudder: Khan Academy will help....but he's going to need some real-time feedback I think.

7b. Yes, I know where we are prophetically. I realize that we may not be here next year....but I can't use that as an excuse to NOT teach my kids. I know some people in real life that are slacking because they expect to go any time....and while I agree with the "any time", I can't agree on the slacking. I've been given the job of teaching would it look to tell Him "Oh, well....I knew they wouldn't need to know this stuff, so I let them do whatever!". :shakes head: (I can't think like that.....I mean, right now I'm only looking 1 year in advance. He's college material, but I'm not even thinking that far ahead, except in the abstract. IF we're here, I'll worry about it then.)

I need to get some packages out, but it'll be next week. Laters!
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It's been raining here off and on since Monday. We NEED it, and it's been wonderful - some heavy thunder-boomers, but mostly a soft, gentle, steady rain.

Today has been sunny, which is good - my furniture was delivered at 1. :happy dance: This is the first NEW living room furniture I've had since Himself was 18 months old - and that set was relatively cheap. This set? Very very nice. Taller than our old set, and much firmer. And comfy!

Tomorrow the oven is supposed to be delivered - I hope it comes early. There's some stuff the kids and I want to do - but we can't if we're tied down waiting for a delivery.

Anyway, it's Wednesday. So......nothing's changed. Still hanging out at 190-ish. :sigh: I bought 2 new DVD's at Half-Price.....they make Tony Horton look like a dweeb. :ow ow ow: I think the series is called "10-Minute Solutions".....and they are HARD. Which is good!


1. My new furniture! I am SO glad we had enough refund to purchase them (well, I had to get store credit, but they'll be paid off in 7 months instead of the 36 they gave me.) on top of the oven.

2. The weather! 'nuff said!

3. My kids. They are both SO MUCH better than they were a few years ago - they've finally settled in to the whole home-schooling thing, and they get along SO much better! And there's less arguing (most of the time!) and more actual LEARNING going on. It's.....wonderful.

4. The Lord, who has provided us with SO much! (Yeah, should be first. Always!) He makes sure we always have just what we need - and sometimes what we want, too. It's just....amazing, how He works things out.

I've been sewing a little. Cyn's birthday is 3/9, and she collects owls. To the point that it's hard to FIND stuff that is unique and that she doesn't already have. This year? I found a pattern for owl placemats. :lol: I have 4 done to the point of needing the eyes, then they're finished completely. They're cute! (Yes, yes, I owe y'all lots of pictures. I'm working on it, promise - I just haven't felt like taking the time to upload and edit them. I some point. :lol:)

Gotta skitter - there's a loveseat that needs breaking in! :lol:
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Seems that someone didn't like the probable outcome of a trail, because this AM (around 8-ish), a "county employee" (1 site is saying Prosecutor) was shot by 2 suspects outside the County Courthouse. Normally, I'd make a mental note and go on....but the Courthouse is only a few miles from us, AND I have to go to the feed store and pick up some hay - and the ONLY way to get there is to go past the Courthouse. :sigh:

I'd wondered why we had helicopters doing fly-overs all morning. :bigger sigh: I can't help but wonder WHY, all of a sudden, there has been an uptick in shootings. I'm NOT a conspiracy-theorist, but does seem strange that all of a sudden (just when it looks like the gun-grabbers aren't going to get their way), bullets are a-flyin'.

ETA It was an Ass't DA, according to sources, and he has died. :sigh: My heartfelt condolences go out to his family and friends.

I suggest, if you believe in the Constitution, that you do whatever you need to do to get your State's concealed-carry license - even if you NEVER intend to carry a firearm. (You CA folks are kinds SOL - even if DiFi has(had?) a CCL herself....of course, the laws don't count for gov't folk, it says so. I recommend getting a FL non-resident license if possible. Just because.) You need to get grand-fathered in, just in case. (And yes, I realize that ANY law restricting your right to have/hold arms is un-Constitutional, but we have to work with what we have. Right now, we have to play the game.)


I'm stalled on SG's chullo - I'm halfway up the 2nd tier of motifs, and I just can't get motivated to keep going. I need to.....but :meh:

Weight: Same-ol', same ol'. We were going to go walking today.....this AM's stuff has kinda put a kibbosh on that. No sense in putting ourselves in an at-risk position, you know? :sigh:


1. I got all our taxes done, and the IRS accepted the return last week. We're scheduled to get our refund by 2/19/13. :huzzah: I've already got my list going - after we pay our property taxes, we'll have enough left to replace my oven, floor and insulate the studio attic, AND buy some storage for the studio (I'm looking at a credenza, some sort of armoire (for soaping - I really want a Hoosier cabinet, but I'd prefer to NOT spend that much), and a new sewing table. AND we'll still have enough left for some "fun" stuff! Praise the Lord for that!

2. SG being so supportive of our homeschooling. He didn't bat an eye when I told him I needed to buy a different Math curriculum for Herself - after a bit of discussion, he agreed. That's big - because, see, I HAVE ALL our curriculum thru 12th grade already purchased and waiting for me. I didn't want to get into a situation where I'd need books, but didn't have the funds to purchase them, so I bought them all up-front.

3. My kids. Always. :grin:

Need to go wash the Jeep's back window - we got in some Star Wars "family" clings, and I need to put them on the window. :snicker: Better than the generic "soccer" family ones from the local chrischun store!


Jan. 24th, 2013 11:44 am
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Yesterday was Field Trip day. We went to the Perot Museum - Mom had helped me buy a Charter Membership in December.

Short and sweet: WORTH. EVERY. PENNY.

Longer: Totally cool! It's set up in a neat way - you go in, and (if you follow the "plan"), you ride up an escalator to the 4th floor (top floor!). There, you start out in the Astronomy section (This is how stars are born! This is the wave length of light! This is.....totally cool!). From there, you head into the Archeology section - with TONS of fossils and casts. The jewel of the collection is the ONLY complete fossil of the Alamosaurus, which, so far, is the only "native" Texas dinosaur. (If I understood things correctly. You gotta understand, things got blurry after a while, there is SO MUCH to see!) There's also a lot of stuffed creatures - was the 3 ground squirrels. 2 were in....normal-ish positions (1 standing, 1 sitting on his back legs); the other......well. Um. I need to get the photo of Herself's camera, but imagine a 70's era dude sitting in a hot tub. Yes, really. "Hey ladies. I'm your man! C'mon in!" TOO funny!

Then you go down the stairs to the 3rd floor, which is basically Earth Science. Dirt, Rocks, Minerals (the Hall of Minerals is TOTALLY AWESOME!) - and, this being Texas, there's a whole section on the Oil and Gas Industry, with a foray into Alternative Energy (the Plasma Reactor was totally cool....heck, the entire museum was!). Lots of hand-on stuff in each area - we got to "build" a bird on the 4th floor, for example, and you could build your own dinosaur, too. We got to work a Farraday machine - Himself managed to create as much energy as is in 1 drop of oil - and.....well, I'm blanking, but there was a LOT.

And there was 3 ISDs there, we skimmed the other 2 floors. :sigh: After the 15th loud SQUEALfest over the "Make your own Tornado" machine, I had to get out of there. That was the only downer - too damn many out-of-control school kids. I can't blame them their excitement - this is 1 Awesome museum - but the out-of-control aspect needs to be looked at and addressed.

The 2nd floor is the "Technology" floor. Robots and artificial limbs and earthquake-proof buildings. Too bad we kept getting shoved aside by rude kids. :big sigh:

The first floor has a dino fossil in the atrium, and H2O molecules on the ceiling that move as you walk under them. And the gift shop. (I came home with a Galileo thermometer). There's also a floor under the whole building, where the children's area and traveling exhibits are. With piano-keyboard stairs. :grin:

We'll be going back, for sure - we only scratched the surface, and there's SO MUCH to see and do there! I'm also budgeting so I can keep our membership, because....well, just because. :lol:

Weightloss: 189.5. Did so much walking yesterday that I didn't sleep - my legs cramped all night long (and today, but.....:sigh:)


1. Family. My kids are the best!

2. The opportunity to do stuff like we did yesterday - fun AND educational.
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and has been for 24 hours now, and is supposed to for another 24. Praise God! We NEED this so badly! Yes, it's wet and squishy and muddy and mucky, but I don't care - it's RAINING!!!

Weigh-in: 189. Boo-ya! I'm aiming for 170.....that's right at 2 pounds per month. Should be do-able. :nods:


Spent 2 hours yesterday making a circular needle holder. I've wanted one for years...but. I just can't spend $40 on something that's so simple to make. I had a bunch of fabric that my MIL gave me, so for $0 and 2 hours (because I had to re-thread the serger and do my daily Hebrew lesson), I have a nice hanging holder. Photos forthcoming....I have a lot of things to take photos of. :grin:

I got the Passover coasters set up, just need to sew them. Won't take long....but I want to get the Purim ones set up too, so I can sew them up all at one time.

Trying to find some salvaged cabinets, but not having much luck. I might have to end up buying some....:sigh: I'll keep's not like I'm in a huge rush or anything. At the moment, anyway.

Thankfuls (since I may or may not post tomorrow....):

Rain. Have I mentioned it's been raining?

My kids. They've been SO helpful lately, it's incredible. AND, they haven't complained about our new school schedule - I've added a few things, and ramped up others. So far, so good.

My house. I don't say thank you enough for my lovely house. I tend to take it for granted, and i shouldn't. We are very, very blessed!

Well, I got some cleaning to do before we start school - laters!
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and Weigh-in. Let's get *that* over with first, shall we?

189.5. Same as last week, which is amazing if you consider all the fried-stuffs we were stuffing ourselves with last week. Friday was FRYday....EVERYTHING was dumped in the deep frier. :lol:


1. My family. Miss my kids horribly, but they are having a blast at Granny's. Probably being totally spoiled, but hey - that's OK. It's a grandparent's prerogative, right?

2. The weather. It's been SO mild here lately - 70's yesterday. Today? It's back to winter - 40, with a windchill in the 30's. Looks like the grasshoppers are dead (THANK YOU LORD!!!!), so it's all good.

3. My State. No, we're not as "great" as Michigan....but we're getting there. Yes, our guv'nor is....well, interesting...but at least he's not trying to trample on our Constitutional rights just because of all the propaganda (and you can't call it anything else - why else show photos of the victims? We didn't after the CO theatre, or the OR mall. THINK about it before you have a knee-jerk reaction, OK? ) Gun-free zones should be abolished, IMNSHO - they're just *begging* for bad guys to come in. (And the arguments about not arming teachers, because the kids would have access? Um. Concealed means CONCEALED. If they're doing it right, the kids would never know WHICH teachers were carrying. Which is how it should be.)

4. My husband. Just because - he knows why. :grin:

Think I'll go do my ironing today.....that way tomorrow will be relaxing. I've got all my work-work done except for 1 company - and I got about 1/4 of it done today.
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Or something. Since I like alliteration. :lol:

Weigh-in: 189.5. :happy dance: I bought Tony Horton's "10 Minute Trainer" for SG for Hannukah; it arrived Monday. *I* started it Tuesday...he started it yesterday. (Yeah, I don't get it either.) I am trying very hard to not laugh at him....but he complains more than *I* do. :snicker: It's NOT an easy workout - it IS 10 minutes of non-stop, very fast movement. I'm glad we started with this...there's NO WAY SG could do any of the other, more-traditional workouts. (Yes, he's out of shape. Badly. Worse than I was, if truth be told. He NEEDS's just getting him to DO it that's going to be the problem.) I'm hoping that if I keep it up, he'll be......forced by pride to keep up, too. :fingers crossed:


1. My husband, who is a good sport. He's complaining, but at least he's DOING the workout. Mostly. :lol:

2. Family: enough said. :grin:

(Yes, it's short - I don't want to strain for this, I want to be "real" about this. I'm thankful for more, of course! - but these are on the top of the list right now.)


Anna, I did finally slog thru the video. Um. It's...interesting. Not sure what I feel about it...except that because it's from Devorah, I have doubts. (Because she's been wrong before - and never acknowledged that she was wrong. It's not that she WAS wrong, it's that she ignored that she was, if that makes sense. So I don't put a lot of stock in her posts anymore.....but I also admit I may be wrong in that. I'm trying to keep an open mind here.) one point he says something about numerous "holes" in the Earth...each 50 meters in diameter. OK......I know of a few sinkholes...but he implied/said that there were lots more than that.....but we don't know about them? :confused: (And that might be a translation problem.)

Ali, not sure it's the same guy, but it sounds like it. I'm ok with some pseudo-science - we don't know everything, after all! - I'm still digesting it (see above for why I have a problem with him).

School: This is our last full week of the year. The kids go to Granny's this weekend, but I'm not going to pick back up until after the New Year. Herself is totally done with Discovering Mathematics 2A/B; Himself is 2 weeks behind her. We'll be starting 3A in I'm giving them a break for now.

I have more bouncing around in my head, but I have work to do....laters!
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As well as weigh-in Wednesday and Thankful Thursday. :lol: I have spent TOO much time outside the house this week, so today is STAY HOME day.

Weigh-in: 191. Yup. Gained 1 pound. BUT. Tuesday was the office luncheon...and I had a lot of salty stuff that I don't normally have. Plus dessert. (It's hard to say no when the boss is paying and insisting, y'know?) I'm not upset - I had to tighten my sweats again, so it's all good.

Today I am thankful for:

1. My kids. Heart went thru the fence last night, and without asking both kids helped get her back on our side, AND they helped fix the fence. DURING morning milking. (Yes, this is a miracle! :lol:)

2. SG. He's been working early and late the past week, but he's still sweet and considerate - even dead tired. He's still silly - he's upset with me because I bought him a workout set (Tim Horton's 10-minute Workout DVD set. SG said I needed to find him a workout I did. Then I bought it. :lol:) - seems HE wanted to pay for it. :confused: Whatever - I'm just happy he's decided to actually TRY to lose weight (and...he needs to. Moreso than me - it's just taken him a bit to own up to it.)

3. Ms. boss. Yes, I'm thankful for her - she was more generous than I expected. And it was - and IS! - much appreciated. She even gave generously to the kids - both kids are over the moon. (And the candy/cookie gift bowl was a nice touch, too!)

4. My goats. The 4 does on the milk-line are STILL putting out almost 1 gallon/ December. it's amazing! And great - I have 3 gallons in the freezer, plus about 3 in the fridge...and they're still producing. Not sure what's going on.....but I'll take it!

The Lord is good!
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Yesterday was busy - after court, my mom came over, took us to lunch, then we left. Did some shopping (mostly for Herself), and met with Cynthia - I needed my paycheck. And I got some good news - I AM getting a bonus, and it's a little more than last year's. :happy dance:

SG got home EARLY yesterday - he beat us home! :happy dance:

Today is list making - I do this every year, once I have a total. I make a list of EVERYTHING I'd like to buy (even the stuff I know isn't possible), then I figure costs, and decide what I get to do. It's fun....and it keeps me from spending money I don't have on stuff we really don't need. This year is "goat year" - I'm going to restock the goat meds. And hopefully pick up some Fiestaware bakeware. And get my CHL...:lol:

So, 2 more thankfuls (because you CAN - and SHOULD - be thankful every day!) - for my Boss, who decided to be generous this year (Thank You LORD!!!!) and my mom, who gave me a check for my birthday - I paid for a year's membership at the new Perot museum of Science (grand opening tomorrow! We're "Charter Members" :woot: :big deal:). Next year's field trips are set! :happy dance:

I have chili in the crockpot, and cornbread planned. Hope y'all have a blessed Shabbat!
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Today, I am VERY thankful for:

1. Our Legal system. Today was our court date - needless to say, Mike didn't show up (quick, look surprised!). The judge was great, he went thru the formalities, then - of course - granted us our judgement. AND he didn't quibble over any of my itemized list (I was a little concerned over the fact that SG included both the original ductwork AND the replacement - I still feel that we should pay for 1 set, but...:ehhhh:) Mike has 20 days to appeal it, then we get to go courthouse-hopping to file a legal judgement against him in all counties where he might own property. I don't expect to actually SEE any of this money, least we did everything properly.

2. My husband. Whom I haven't seen much this week - his work is INSANE. He's been leaving the house at 5:30 AM, and last night he got home at 11:00 PM. It'll be like this all this week....but a) he has a job and b) his boss will give him comp time for this. (Since he's salary, and isn't getting paid any more for all this extra work). He's so sweet - and he's excited about the pair of socks I have on my needles. :lol: Shalimar yarns, in "Zoe" (I's all greens), in my basic sock - only I've added 2/2 cables at the sides of the leg. We'll see how it works when I get to the heel....:grin:

3. My job. Yeah, it sucks - but because of it I was able to replenish the kids' wardrobes yesterday. They both are growing faster than I can knit/sew, and they needed winter clothes. Wal-Mart had a bunch of stuff on sale (Thank you Lord!!), so they're now set. I need a new pair of sneakers, but I can wait. They couldn't.

Short today - Mom is coming over to take us to lunch. :mmmmm: Laters!
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and it happens to fall on Thanksgiving....ah, well. I like alliteration; too bad a National Holiday had to like it, too.

So. I'm a tad busy, but I still want to do my list:

Today I am thankful for:

1. My husband. He got my birthday present out of lay-away early, without me asking - or even knowing! :snuggles:

2. My kids. They spent yesterday helping me (Himself did a pie, and Herself - on her OWN!!! - scrubbed their bathroom. With a toothbrush. Because Granny is coming. :boggle:) and today, both of them re-cleaned the public areas without complaint. Makes things easier on me!

3. Our health - so far :knock on wood: none of us have been sick. Minor sniffles, but not SICK. (I...just jinxed us, didn't I?)

Short one today - I gotta get back to the kitchen. We have a full house today - my parents, SG's aunt, and the kids' grandparents are all coming over. :whee: I don't normally like crowds, but for one day I can take it. And we don't see the grands all that often (as opposed to my parents; we see them fairly often or talk on the phone. The other grands, we don't. So this is a Big Deal!)
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I gotta stretch for this I am thankful for:

1. Liking the knitting process more than the finished item. :sigh: Last night, I was on the 9th round of the 6th repeat of my sock leg - almost ready to start the heel! - when I noticed a dropped stitch. No big deal, thinks I - I can pick up stitches in my sleep! Only...this one involved some increases AND decreases (because it ran down to round 1 of the 6th repeat. :sigh: I tried ripping back to the end of the 5th repeat, but this yarn - while lovely! - splits like a banana when you're trying to pick up stitches. I got ticked...and frogged back to the ribbing. 6 repeats - HOURS of work! - gone. :sigh:

I have since knit back to the last row of the 3rd repeat, so...I'm getting there. I had wanted to have the heel turned before tomorrow, so that I could take it with me tomorrow. (The heel is a different ball of yarn, and isn't really portable.) Ah, well - today's project is to get the heel done...we'll see if I make it.

2. Having enough "play" money to buy another set of DVDs. I HATE Sulihaya's (or whatever) I did some research and found a highly recommended set...and I had enough funds to purchase it. I need more than 1 set of workouts, to break it up and keep it fun...and her set isn't cutting it.

3. Our woodstove. It's been in the 30's the past few mornings; I light the fire as the DVD is coming on, and by the time I'm done, it's nice and toasty in the house. And it smells good, too. :lol:

4. Friends! Y'all have given me some good name ideas - keep 'em coming! (SwashBUCKler! :snicker: I think I have a winner.....for that scent, anyway. :lol:) And I didn't know that fat turns to muscle so quickly - that's a relief!

Well, I guess I need to get back on the sock. School starts soon......laters!
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Let's cut right to it, shall we?

1. Milk, glorious milk! Our does are still milking their little hearts out - to the point that I had 3 gallons in the fridge this AM. So, today I am making Manchego.

2. Forgetful accounting. I forgot to write in a deposit, so I had an extra $40 in my account. Doesn't sound like much, but I was able to buy our turkey yesterday (24 pounder, for $0.98/pound) I still need to round up the side dishes, but that's no big deal.

3. The internet. See, SG asked for sweet potatoes for turkey-day. I've never seen them served any way except for sweet potato pie, so...I needed marshmallows. Only.....marshmallows aren't kosher. Not locally, anyway.....but, thanks to the internet, I was able to find kosher ones (made with Glatt Beef gelatin!); they're not cheap, but they're currently on the way here. Of course.....I have since found out that SG has never HAD sweet potato pie, so.....I guess I need to find something else to use the marshmallows in. :lol:

4. Field trips. We're gearing up for our next field trip - the Dead Sea Scrolls are in Ft. Worth, and we're going to go sometime this month. :bounce:

I've got more, but I'll save them - we need to get school started. And I need to cut the curds!
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Today I am thankful for:

1. My daughter. She has turned out to be a VERY good Vet Assistant. Today I wanted to worm (with Cydectin) all the does (except for Dulce and Sasha, who are in the breeding pen). I hauled the bottle and a syringe out to the barn this AM, to at least get the milkers done - Herself said "Hey, let's go ahead and get this done!" and started grabbing goats. Even the skittish Cashmeres! We got ALL the does done in *record* time - the only hold up was me trying to push the plunger.

2. Homeschooling. Not for the usual reasons - but because I CAN slow down if we need to. I had tentatively scheduled Latin for 1 chapter a week - do-able, I thought. NOPE. Not even - this book throws a LOT of stuff at you, with a LOT of stuff that needs memorizing. So, we'll do 1 chapter every 2 weeks. I'm not on a time-table here - when we get done, we get done.

2a. Technology. I found a You Tube channel of Wheelock's Vocabulary - the guy puts up a flash card, then you hear the proper pronunciation. I'm not too concerned with our pronunciation - you don't *speak* Latin, after all - but it helps.

2a1. I found quite a few online helps, as well. I'm trying to NOT become dependent on them, because the 'Net can go down/dark, but for now they're a big help. Quizlet has a bunch of flashcards (I downloaded them, and am printing them out as I have labels. Easier than printing on paper and cutting them out.); there's also a bunch of sites that have quizzes. I'm using those, too, to help cement the vocabulary.

3. My husband. Yes, he's sometimes a goof, and sometimes drives me up a wall, but he means well, and he's ALWAYS looking out for us. I wanted to go to the gun store this weekend to ask more questions; he found a "local" gun show and offered to take us there. Sweet!

In other news, I cut my hair yesterday. It hadn't been trimmed least 5 years, and needed it. 1.5" later, it's now right at the top of my bra-strap. MUCH shorter than I wanted, but.....the ends are now even and blunt and don't tangle. The goal is still I've upped the vitamins. :sigh: I'll get back to waist one day! (After Himself was born, my hair was almost to my hips......I stupidly cut it after DH1 died....biggest mistake! Ah, well - it's only hair, and it'll grow. Slowly, but it'll grow.)

Oh - I found another Hebrew language site! < href="">Mango Language. MOST libraries have a subscription (mine, unfortunately, doesn't), which means you can access it for FREE. (Otherwise, it's $80 for the 1st level; not sure about the rest). It seems like a good program - and there's more than just Hebrew there.
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This was a hard week......but first, a confession. My math was off yesterday - the soap boxes are $0.20/each, not $0.05/each. (And yeah - I'm teaching Algebra II! :whee!: :snicker:) Still cheaper than the cigar bands.

I made 2 batches of soap Tuesday....the chocolate batch (2 pounds) came out GORGEOUSLY. The 5 pound batch of a big FAIL. I am VERY thankful that Yah was watching out for my poor, stupid self, because a) the impressionistic swirl doesn't work in large batches (the soap set up LONG before we - Herself helped - got all the layers in and b) raw soap is HOT. :Sigh: I decided to use the condiment bottles, because I thought it would go faster...the lid fell off, splattering raw soap *everywhere*; I don't wear gloves (yes, I should, but I can't) because I have enough tactile loss without them, and I have a greater chance of dropping things with them on.....I got raw soap all over both arms. Yah is good, though - no burns, just a hot spot. (And....that batch is a big batch of FAIL soap. I cut it yesterday; the swirls look good, but it's bleeding the fragrance oil. Not sure WHAT happened, but...we have a batch of Sandalwood soap for house-use, now. Doesn't smell...and it has weird pockets, but there's no zap, so it's safe...I just can't sell it. Ah, well...lesson learned. This swirl needs to be done in small batches.)

I'm also thankful that I have some income.....SG has gotten himself into a bind again, but - Thank Yah! - I have *just* enough left after bills to pick up most of the slack. It means I don't have any "fun" money, but hey - at least we'll have critter feed. (And the fun money wasn't needed, really, anyway. I have the kids' Hanukkah prezzies, which is the "important" thing. We're good!)

And I'm thankful for my kids - they are getting better about picking up the slack. Herself jumped in to help me with the soap Tuesday (and wants to help me re-do the batch.); Himself has been happy to jump in and help take strain off my wrist. And *both* of them are happy to dive into the new school stuff.....

I need to go do a quick price-check on Cydectin - I need it. And it's $80 at TSC...surely I can find it cheaper (even with shipping, maybe?)
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1. My children have started helping with things outside their own interests, and they're doing it *willingly*. Case in point: Tuesday AM, as we went out to the barn, we heard a goat in distress. Normally, we ignore it - Nubians are VERY talky, and they get distressed over the silliest things (she's too close to me! She took my favorite sun-spot! I haven't been petted by a human in 5 minutes!) This wasn't a normal was really distress. Got into the barn to find Chell (my poor, brain-damaged orphan) with her head stuck (AGAIN!) in the panel under the feeder. :sigh:

The other kids have figured out that this isn't smart...but not her. And this time - THIS time, she'd done it but good. She somehow managed to squeeze her head into the square that overlaps the feeder leg....and we couldn't get it out. :sigh: So. Milking was postponed - we didn't want a dead goat on our hands, and Chell would have gotten trampled in the mad dash for the milk room - while we tried to figure out how to a) get her loose and b) prevent this from happening again.

Herself ran and got the bolt cutters, while Himself looked for boards. I got her free, then the kids ferried boards and screws to me to completely cover the panel. And all of this was done with NO complaints, and lots of working together (they had to break apart some pallets to get the right wood-lengths needed. Hard work, and takes 2 people.) It's a major break-through for my 2!

2. Handmade Artwork! Yesterday I received a LOVELY handmade card from Lydia - it's beautiful! And it's going on the Studio refrigerator, with all of Herself's artwork, so we can enjoy it. (Thank you!)

3. Friends' advice. I spent about 2.5 hours yesterday playing with weebly, and I have a very basic site! 1 thing, though - weebly IS free, but you get a address. If you want a personal address (, you have to - of course! - purchase a domain name. Weebly offers this service....for $40/year. :gulp!: You can get a domain name for anywhere from $0.99 +....I went with, for $11.30/2 years. (Yeah, godaddy has it's haters, but it's who I have my personal site thru, and they've always been good to me. I don't remember who *hosts* my personal site - but godaddy recommended them, and they're not too expensive.) But anyway - weebly is free except for that. Soon as we get better photos, I'll go "live" with it, and post the link.

4. My husband. I sent him the link to the basic site, and he had some good input. He also agreed to take "real" photos for me this weekend - he's a much better photographer than I am, so this is fantastic! He also agreed with the site vs. etsy - because he's thinking that he might want to make stuff to sell later in his woodshop (basic spinning/weaving tools, soap molds - that sort of thing. We'll see. :wink:)

5. The weather. It's been GORGEOUS this past week - not too cold, not too hot. Granted, 51* this morning is a little on the cold side *for me*, but it's not unlivable.

Also - A, I answered you in the comments.......I kinda think we have a mis-communication. "Nagging", here, simply means that I ask about x, then drop it. I do this daily for about 1 week, then it drops to 1 or 2x/week for...maybe a month? Then it's dropped and I do my thing. It's not a constant, droning, on-going thing. And.....I'm sorry, but I missed the "don't nag" sentence :hangs head:. Sorry!

It's a beautiful day, the kids are watching an episode of "Enterprise" before school, and life is good. GOD is good!
fiberaddict: (Default) late. Ah, well...:lol: I am thankful for:

1. Our pool. It's 100* out right now. We just got in from our..PE class. Yeah, that's it - we're doing Swimming for PE. :nods: We started out with one of those "pop up" pools from Wally World - it was OK, but not deep enough for real swimming, the pump wasn't really strong enough to *do* anything, and storage - yikes! We used it for 1 season, and I decided it was worth the $$$$ to buy a "real" above ground pool - we can vacation at home now! I don't regret the decision at all - which is why none of us balked at replacing the pool when the other one exploded. WELL worth every penny!

2. My kids. They are getting along better - partly because the doc added a new drug to the mix for Herself. It's Abilify, and I've had to sneak it in, but - so far - it's keeping her moods more level. Which makes for more peace amongst the children. :huzzah!:

3. My husband. I've said it before, and I'll say it again - he's great! He tries to put the kids and me above him - hard to do, when the 3 of us sometimes all want different things, but he manages to make most of us happy most of the time. Can't ask for more than that!

3a. Today he bought some home-made tamales from a guy at work. He knows we LOVE them, so when he got the chance, he jumped on it. Too bad I already had a roast in the slow cooker....:lol:

4. Knitting. I can sort of knit again. It's not pain-free, and sock needles are Right Out, but I am slowly knocking out the "modern mob cap" from this year's "Jane Austen Knits". (Which my husband bought me, because he knew I'd want it. :hugs:) I saw the photo, and HAD to start knitting, Right Then. Size 8 circs (MUCH larger than my usual size 2s!), bamboo silk yarn in a lovely shade of indigo....and I hope to soon have another cap in my head-covering arsenal. Pics at some point - but it's SLOW going, so don't expect anything *soon*.

5. My "garden". The grasshoppers got the peppers, but the tomatoes simply Will. Not. Give. Up. I don't even LIKE tomatoes (but they were buy 1/get 1, and I figured I'd get 1 or 2 cherry tomatoes from them, and we'd be happy. No, I managed to get the only 2 invincible tomato plants the Earth has ever seen. We've gotten probably 100 cherry tomatoes already, and there's a good 20+ more ripening now. The strawberries made a good effort (and tasted great) - but the watermelon! It's about to take over the yard in a hostile coup. We've beaten it back once....but it's managed to overgrow the barrel it's in, and it's crawling up the back yard fence as we speak. AND it's headed toward the pool......if it finds water, we're hosed. :lol: (Seriously, it's gone viral. Guess goat poop is good for something!)

6. School. We watched "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" today, and both kids thought it'd be a good enrichment item for Geography. :snicker: All-righty, then - I have all 3 movies (#4 doesn't...doesn't count, because it was Stupid and Sucked. And I'm NOT inflicting it on my children. Or giving Speilberg/Lucasfilm any money for it - it was That Bad.), and we'll see how we can tie them into our Geography course this year. :nods: (Don'cha love homeschooling? Where you can DO this sort of stuff legitimately?? :lol:)

Gotta go start a loaf of challah - Shabbat Shalom!!


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