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And I have a lunch date! :whoo!:

Did Herself's hair last night. This time? A heart:

Still need to work on the top, but it's recognizable! She doesn't care, she just wants it up, but I think she likes it when the other girls comment on it. :grin:

Mocha is in heat again. I checked the calendar - exactly 21 days! So....I need to start all the does on tetracycline (because of the Pink Eye we had this Spring), and give Calvin and the Nubian does their Bo-Se shots, and copper boluses. (Want to try and increase multiples!).

The plan is to breed the Nubians in October, then the Alpines in December, and the Cashmeres in January. By staggering the breedings, we should have milk all winter...we'll see how it works. By Bo-Se'ing all of them, we should increase the chance of twins/trips, and make them healthier. (Pink Eye can cause abortions, so you do a round of tetracycline to prevent that. All the affected does got the shots already, but I want to make sure everyone's covered.)

Gearing up for Yom Kippur. Friday dinner will be big, since everyone but Himself is fasting for YK.

Gotta skitter - it's payday!
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or, pouring. Dark, dreary, and WET. At least all the critter have shelter now! :grin:

Finished the linen closets...just need to finish shovelling out the weaving room. And tidying the kitchen. Don't know that it'll get done by RH, but I'm trying.

Been introspective lately.

Oh! Have a photo to share:

THIS is the reason I wanted a wee lassie with long I could play with it! Herself wants it braided every day, and doesn't care *how* it's up, so I get to play. We saw this one on Dreamweaver Braiding's site...and she has been begging me for a Peace braid ever since. :lol: Sorry for the quality - my phone only takes so-so photos.
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the first day the kids ride to school with our neighbors. Himself was chipper about it (except for when he realized he hadn't done I told him to *2* weeks ago, which was clean out his out-grown clothes, and thus, couldn't find any in-dress-code compliant shorts to wear today. THAT was fun! :sigh:) - but then, he's able to roll with the punches.

Herself, however, had tied herself up in knots over this. The "good" news is that she focused her anger on her grandmother and the vehicle situtation (you have NO idea how much progress this is!), and not on *me*. She understands that *I* didn't bring this about, and that *I* couldn't do anything about it. It didn't make it easier on her, but the fact that she can acknowledge fault where it belongs is HUGE. broke my heart. She did NOT have a good evening last night - too much angst ("What car do they drive? What if they forget me? What if the garage door doesn't open? What if it's raining and I can't close the gate?" - it's stuff that neuro-normal kids don't even *think* about, but she dwells on it. Why? Because it's deviated from her set schedule.)

I had to leave, so I made sure they were both up, eating breakfast, and knew what lunch stuffs were there. I called at 7 - they have to leave the house at 7:15 - and both were OK; dressed, shoes on, teeth brushed (well, they SAID they were ready), and seemed calm. We'll see how it goes......:sigh:

The milking machine worked this AM...sorta. I had to bash the pulsator to get it working - Parts Dept sent out the new one yesterday overnight, so THAT problem should be history. SG had bought new hoses - see, when you put in shut-off valves, you have to cut the hose. No biggie...except that the shut-off valves were BROKEN. Which I didn't know until I tried to, y'know, actually USE them. :sigh: This left me with less than 3' of hose on each inflation...which isn't quite enough. Anyway, SG bought some hoses yesterday....but.......:big sigh: He's a Man. He doesn't THINK. He didn't ask if the hoses were FOOD SAFE (or even potable water safe - I'd accept that!) - he just asked for hoses to fit. :bangs head: He bought 1 shut-off valve...of chromed-metal....that says clearly that it is NOT for use around acid (ie, vinegar) or bleaches (ie, Clorox) - both of which we use to clean the milk lines...where the valve is installed. :bangs head again:

After a lot of stomping around on my part, I *think* we're OK. Hamby's dairy sells some hose (that THEY use) that looks identical to the hose SG bought. He has been told to PLEASE call/go by Home Depot/Lowes and ask what they were intended for. I hope we can use them - we have 20' of it! :lol:

We need to find suitable shut-offs, but I'm not in a hurry. At the moment. I can crimp hoses.

Hair: I have finally successfully managed a crown braid. It's not perfectly smooth yet, but it's good enough that I am wearing it to work today. :lol: The hardest part is switching my hands around when I get to my right ear, then switching them again when I get to the plain braid part, over my left ear. Still, Crown Braid! :whee:

The bank POSTPONED the meeting AGAIN. Today we have a telephone word on when they're actually coming down. :sigh:
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Tuesday? Huh....I'm off a day. I *know* I was at work yesterday, but it still feels like a Monday. Must be because I was up at 3:50 to milk (Himself, my milking-buddy, is at Grandma's, so it was just me). The goats were happy to see me, so that was nice. :grin: (The food helps.)

Took the crown braid out last night.....I had poofy hair. :snicker: I french-braided it this AM - I am SO tired of my usual knot. I was told that braids make me look younger...don't know about that, but it's different. :grin: Think I'll dig out my braid-books and see what I can come up with. :nods:

Snips goes to lesson #2 tonight. She still jumps the fence, doesn't listen to "No", "Sit" or "Stay"....AND she ate one of my shoelaces last night. :grrrrr: To top it off, she got my shoe OUT OF THE CLOSET. :bangs head:

I'm tired.......I did get Friday off (Herself's b-day is Sunday, so I need to clean house anyway), and I have a date with my bed. I need a nap! :lol:


Aug. 16th, 2009 10:23 am
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This has been a busy weekend so far - and it's just Sunday! Yesterday, we had to go pick up my dress from the cleaners (Sweet Geek took it to be ironed; I need it for our date Wednesday and he forgot it Friday), then we hit the Mall - I wanted to get some more stuff from Lush. BIG mistake.....if I order thru the catalog, I buy 2 things - the Marilyn hair mask, and the Blonde shampoo bar. Going into the store.....:oops:

I got 2 shampoo bars, the Marilyn, 2 conditioners (1 for me, 1 for Herself) and a small sample of their facial soap for Herself. Let's not discuss the total...let's just say I can't do that every month.

Other mistake: I didn't know we had a Lego store in Dalls - I knew about the one in Frisco....Himself and Sweet Geek fled Lush, and discovered Lego. :sigh: I am in SOOOOOOOOoooo much trouble! Himself did say he was NOT going to spend his allowance at Wallyworld - he wanted to come back to Legoland instead.

Herself discovered, that's where HER allowance will go. (G'ma, use that as a threat/bribe, 'K?)

We then took Himself's violin to Fiddle and Bow for a workover - the "A" keeps popping off the bridge when he pizzacatos. :sigh: It'll be ready until then we either a)don't practise or b)he just practices bowing open strings. I think "B" will win.

Hit Wallyworld for groceries and school supplies (for Herself - Himself's was pre-packaged at Brookshires) then home in time for a short swim and dinner (homemade pizza - YUM!)

Today, I have tackled the black hole that is my weaving studio. It's livable now, but still needs a bit. Won't ever be spotless - it's a working craft room, after all - but I can stand to be in there now (and I can GET in there now. :whew:) The kids are supposedly cleaning their rooms....right. I have Marilyn in my hair...need to go wash it out; it feels all gooey. I also need a milkshake.....:lol:

I will say this - when the Rapture comes (yes, I belive it will, and I believe it will be in the next year or so, on RH), whoever grabs my house will be set. I have books on *everything*, I have yarn/needles/looms/thread/material/sewing machine/serger.....they will be set for food and clothing (And I had NO idea how many books I had on creating clothing from nothing. Wow..). The chickens are laying pretty regular (and I have books on their care, as well as horse care AND goat care, although I just don't think the goats are gonna happen - I have a feeling about that) You can't eat horses (they aren't clean animals) but my neighbor has cows - they might be able to work a deal with him. :shrug: I don't plan on being here, so...:grin: (And if I'm wrong, well, I'm still set for what I see coming. It's NOT gonna be pretty, and it'll be our gov't that brings it. Just sayin'.
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but we did Lunch on Monday, so my week is ALL kinds of messed up. :lol:

Herself had a breakthrough on music last night. I finished their lesson, then decided to go ahead and practise myself - they might as well hear the good, the bad, and the UGLY, right? (I'm actually not doing too badly - I can't count worth a shit anymore, I'm having a little trouble controlling my string changes, and I'm slower than slow, but I'm getting there). I played...something, can't remember what, but it's a "real" violin tune. She said "Whoa. How do you know what to do?" I said "Well. You know 2 notes, D and A, right? :uh huh:'s a "D" on this piece?" She got this really weird look on her face, then she all of a sudden brightened up and said "OH! Right there, right?" I said "Yup. A "D" is a "D" on *every* piece of music in this clef. That spot (the first space under the first line for those Non-music readers) is ALWAYS a "D". Same with "A" - in fact, same with EVERY note - they are always in the same spot." The look of wonder on her face didn't last long - but it was there. :grin:

The hens were all fine yesterday - of course, it only got to 90*. :lol:

The music stand esploded last nigth while we were practising.....I mean, it completely fell APART. To the point that I can't get it back together. I wanted to get another one...but now I need 2. :sigh: Stupid piece of junk.....

Paypal settled the claim - they recovered all but $8 for me on the cream seperator. Great..but now I need to find another one. :sigh: Guess I should just man up and pay the difference for a brand-spankin' new one from a dairy-supply company...that hurts my cheapness, but....:sigh:

Got my Lush shampoo bar in...I like it. My hair isn't weighted down, it's clean and soft, and feels....better. I think I'll be sticking with the solid bars from now on...but we'll see. I've only used this one 2x..:lol:
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but no lunch date today. :sad: He's at the other site, so we'll do it tomorrow.

:yawn: Got a bit more sleep last night..but I'm still not sleeping all night. :sigh: Oh, well...gets a lot of praying done!

I've got an entry written, but for some reason can't post it. Guess I need to re-edit it.....when I'm a bit more awake. :sigh:

Looks like the pool company got the chlorine generator working - FINALLY. I was getting tired of tasting salt all the time. :fingers crossed: it keeps working - a new cell runs $355 on eBay.

Herself suggested we put frozen water bottles out for the chickens - they LOVE them. :grin: Egg production is down - which is understandable, seeing's how we are hitting the low 100s now. (It's JUNE, dammit! JUNE. August will be *miserable*!)

Ordered me a Lush shampoo bar...we'll see how it works. If it does, I'll be ordering some for the kids - they say a shampoo bar lasts as long as *3* bottles of shampoo...for about 1/2 the price. (Of the good stuff, anyway - you can't really compare to Suave. :lol:)

I'm all random today...THIS should be a fun day! :lol:
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Brace yourself..this is going to be a wild ride. Lots'a stream of conciousness stuff here....

Herself )

Wheel Stork Update )

The weather outside is frightful... )

Hair blatherings )

Think that's all....for the moment. We'll see. :grin:
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So I am home, waiting for Sweet Geek to get here so we can a) get his truck key replaced, b) eat lunch and 3) Meet the Teachers at 4. Busy day!

It's not raining - at the moment - so the Fence crew is here. 4 guys, a hand-held auger, and my Kubota, all in the mud-pit we call the Pasture...this is NOT gonna be pretty, folks! :grin: The press gang is going nuts - they want to know what's going on, but they don't want to be near the's funny.

Cassia'd my hair this morning - it's nice and curly now. Soft, too. It *is* a bit red, though - hopefully it's just temporary! (I used Cassia Obvata, I thought, which is NOT supposed to change the hair color. It's called "Neutral Henna" for a reason....although MM's Marigold Blonde gave me red tints, too...))

Not much else to report. *9* eggs yesterday.....:lol:
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Seems the kids have adjusted to the lack of daycare. This is good! We have more time in the evenings now, and everyone seems more relaxed. :whee:

Am almost done with the first pattern repeat on Sweet Geek's cardigan. It's fun, it's relatively fast - there's 144 stitches, yeah, but I can finish a row in about 10 minutes, (less on the even rows - the Blackberry stitch slows me down on the odd rows)so it's good. Just have....what? 10 more repeats to go on the back? :grin:

Hair: Since LHC is down (again), I'll post it here. Did a honey/condish treatment last night. Hair is soft and bouncy today. (It needed it - the smoke and chemicals up here have done a number on it!)

Have lunch plans today, so I'd better get cracking on the work. :grin:


Feb. 6th, 2008 07:42 am
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:grr: LJ just ATE my entry. :sigh: SO, to recap:

Baerreis has great customer service - my Finny fork broke Monday, and they are replacing it for free. NOT what I expected - I bought it in August, love it, but it snapped right where the 2 fins come together.

No biggie - I was getting ready to order a Purpleheart "simple round" anyway, so I'll just include the check in the box I'm returning my Finny in. :grin:

In other news...not much. Heart (the little shit) kicked me last night, but she's little, so no damage was done. Except to her dignity - I bopped her on the nose. :grin: Himself has 3 new pairs of jeans and a cake topper set on the way (LOVE eBay- LOVE IT).....I'm waiting to hear on my new camera (take 2)...nothing else to report.
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Rough night. Kept waking up because of strange noises - I *know* why it's happening, it's nothing to worry about, it's just *me*. I know what I need to do to "fix" it - it's nothing major. (Just noting it here for my records - no fretting. Honest!)

Did a honey treatment last night....and didn't wash it out until this morning :oops: :grin: Was too tired by the time the sun went down - today? My hair is Super Soft, Super Moist, and the highlights are dazzling. :grin:

Ms. boss is taking me out for my birfday....but I don't know about it yet. :big grin: Probably the Mercury...whee. The office party is the 18th....which means BONUS time. :whee: We know it'll be at least what it was last year, which means I get a whole-house water filtration system this year. :huzzah: Our water sucks......but that's what you deal with when you're on a small Water Supply Co-op. The water softener has helped a great deal, but I'm still getting sediment - and the WSC says we have "no problem, even though our contaniment levels are a bit high". :sigh: Right.

Vacation scarf is almost completed. I'm aiming to finish it today - but probably won't. Wrist is acting up....ah, well. There's no rush to get it done, I just want to move back to wool. And my rosewood needles. :grin:

Tonight Sweet Geek is taking my picture. He needs to do a portrait for his class assignment, and I'm the guinea pig. Hope I don't break his camera - it's a nice one. :grin: The plan is for my AA Scottish Wheel to be in it, too....I always like showcasing AA's work. :grin: (Keep telling myself it's all about the wheel, and I'll be OK. It's all for AA.....right? Right. :grin:)

Herself is SO Disorganized...I don't know what to do with her. Himself brought the school pictures home last night (they're cute..wish he'd smile, but oh well.) and I asked about hers. "Oh." she said "I lost the form in my backpack, so...we missed them. :shrug:" I lost it. Completely and totally *lost* it...and ended up scouring her current backpack. *1* FULL trashbag later (and this is a KITCHEN SIZED BAG, you understand), her backpack is neat and school-ready. Unfortunately, it'll be back to normal by tomorrow night...that child is SO messy it isn't funny. Her daddy was the same way, so she comes by it naturally...but, ugh. I've put on the schedule that I need to scour it out every Friday afternoon. :sigh:
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on the way to the paddocks this morning. :grin: I was "mugged" by 2 very cute, but very obnoxious, l'il girls this morning...."Hey! You! Come pet MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I'm Cute!" "do you think she'll notice me snarfing up the grain on this side? Uh oh - turn on the cute, she saw me!" :snicker:

A quick toss of the bucket and both of the settled down to clean up the mess....:lol: Silly horses......

Did some more spinning last night - I now have about 1/2 a bobbin full of froghair. I LOVE how it's turning out...but it's gonna take FOREVER to get 3 bobbins full. Ah, well - as long as the yarn is finished by Dec. 1 I'm good. I have *PLANS*. :grin: (shhhhhhhhhhhh - it's a sekrit! projekt! :giggle:)

Wrist is all wonky today - hope it's just the weather. 48* + my wrist = pain I can't block. Apparantly. :sigh: I dug out the Alpaca wrist warmer...we'll see if that helps.

Probably means no knitting today......:sigh: I'm up to row 9 on the shawl (doesn't sound like much, huh? But it *is* - the pattern has developed, and you can SEE it now. Looks like......huh. Looks like little roses - NOT icky, sticky webs now. :grin:)

Hair has grown enough that it doesn't want to do ANYTHING now. :sigh: Another inch or so will help with *that*......

The Registry has gotten Starz registration application. How do I know? They sent me a new membership card. :grin: I guess they quit sending out reminders - I haven't renewed in...years, because they didn't send out begging notes. Whatever - I now have a cool decal on my truck, and a WAY cool card. (Yes, I'm easily amused!)

Yes, I'm avoiding work......wanna make something of it? :grin:
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Well, for me it is, anyway. I got to take my father to the Hospital tomorrow for an angiogram, and a possible stent or bypass (oh, please, NOT another bypass operation! :whimper:). work for me tomorrow (well, OFFICE work. Sitting in the waiting room is plenty of work for me....)

I need to figure out what to bring to keep me sane...I'm thinking of running over to JoAnn's today to grab some silk sewing thread to ply with the Franquemont Fiber's single I have (Wild Wines, I think is the colorway - it spun up AWESOMELY, and is much gorgeous, and is MINE) so that I can play with it...I'm thinking shawl..maybe rectangular (since there's basically NO THOUGHT needed for a rectangular shawl)...we'll see what I come up with.

Wrist is blown - again - so....knitting may not happen. :sigh: Can't figure out how to haul a wheel into the hospital...:sigh: Well, 1 day of knitting won't kill me - it'll hurt, but...I can live with it.

Stupid pool man left the filter on backwash last night...thank goodness my sweet geek got me my lovely plaid wellies! :grin: It was a swamp back there..but my loverly boots kept my feet stylishly dry. Gotta love a man that knows what a girl needs! :wink:

Weaving WILL occur this weekend - I am so close to finishing the first scarf it isn't even funny. Scarf #2 will be in log cabin......I am itching to get it started. :bounce:

Tried a new bun today - the "orchid" bun. Looks cool, is fast and easy, and feels pretty secure (held by my Graydog fork). We'll see if it holds up over the entire day. :grin:
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So, my hair is no longer green - it's back to blonde. It's lank today, though - it usually is the day after a cassia treatment, since I don't wash it (you're supposed to let the cassia oxidize for 24 hours, so I tend to simply re-CO the next morning. CO makes for limp hair - on me, anyway). Oh, well - tomorrow I'll have nice and bouncy hair. :grin:

The blue jean Ficcare looks Marvelous, which I thought it would. I love these things - but 3 is, I think, enough :thud: (I heard that! :grin:) Forks are still my first hair toy choice, but these....ah, these are for fast and messy up-dos.

The barista today must have KNOWN how much I needed a chocolate fix - *10* pumps, with extra on the whipped cream. MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I'm wired! :grin:

Am almost done with the present acquistion. Haven't scored the Mindstorms yet - but I will. :determined: Just need to up my limit, I think....we'll see. Himself *needs* a set. :grin:

Herself has a new project for school - she must build a model of a Mars Rover. I'm thinking "Yeah! We have this Lego Rover! And it's built! And it's accurate! Go us!" and she's thinking "Nope. Too small." :bangs head: Ah, well....we have boxes and paper towel tubes........:sigh: Must go get photos for her now.....

Bills are paid, and there's money left over - how'd that happen? :grin:

Need to get started on my Top Sekkrit Spinning Projeckt. :grin: Have the wool, have the to get going on it. It's Stay At Home spinning (much like the Alaskan wool I was gifted with this weekend - THAT is for ME. ME memememememememememememememememememe! It'll become...a shawl. I think. MINE. ALL MINE. :grin:) - must be perfect yarn for what I have in mind. :twisted:

Must go hit eBay - I have money, I have a plan, must get a Mindstorms set.
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My Ficcares arrived today safe and sound! The Blue Jean one is AWESOME (so is the burgundy) and I know what I'll be wearing it with tomorrow. :grin:

Right now, I have green hair...soon as Himself gets out of the tub I will wash the cassia out and return to my normal blonde locks. *Someone* I know would be very upset if I changed my hair color....:wink:

Today sucked....the Financial Advisor got there at 10:30....and left with us at 4. Erk. We redid the CA 100X 3 f'''''ng times...........:bleurgh: He finally signed off on it, though, so we are DONE. Until 2007 is due. :sigh:

Ooops - must go rinse hair! :grin:
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Bedford this weekend - it's gonna be DEAD, I'm sure, but still - kilts and bagpipes and kilts, oh my. :grin:

Chili's in the crockpot for dinner :yum:, we have company coming over :yum: erm....:yippee: :grin: and....Mrs. boss is NOT coming in today! Break out the party hats, ya'll!

Wrist: Not as swollen today, but still ouchy. I'm half-heartedly working on the latest washcloth - an aside, I HATE cotton yarn, but washcloths are fast and easy. :hmmmmm: And the big needles (sz 8) don't hurt my wrists like sock needles do. :ponder: Might need to buy more yarn and do these for prezzies this year......:ponder:

Still loving my Ficcare - hope the next 2 arrive quickly! I still prefer my forks, but man - this is a fast and pretty way to get my hair up off of my neck.

The fillie's registration papers were sent off yesterday.....this is good. :grin: Now they're "official" :lol:

Almost done with the holiday shopping - just need 3 more things for Himself (2 if I win the current eBay auction :grin:) and 1 for Herself (drawing paper), and I'll be DONE, DONE, DONE. :whee:

Think I might go work on my website....maybe. :grin: I've got some pictures up here I could code up......


Oct. 9th, 2007 05:42 pm
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blew out the wrist again keypunching today. up side, almost done. down side - wrist blown. :sigh:

got my ficcare today - O.M.G! it holds like iron, and i can't feel it! wonderful, wonderful thing - it hurts to pop it in, but once i'll be ordering another 1 or 3 soon......i need a blue one, an emerald on, a burgundy one....:grin:

had a wonderful lunch.....salad. it was was better. :twisted:

off to rustle up some food...
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the birds are singing, the horses are...wickering, the dogs are barking, the children are yelling...:grin: Seriously, it's pretty out. Not too cold, not too hot, almost perfect temperature. Nice!

Except for the extrememly large, ugly, HUNGRY 8-legged THING that decided my garage door was the perfect spot to set up shop...right where *I* have to walk to feed the horses. :shudder: The resident bug-killer will be in tomorrow to remove said Thing...:grin:

Did a honey treatment last night - hair is overly conditioned this AM. It'll be back to normal tomorrow - today, I just tossed it up in my normal bun and will forget about it. My Ficcare shipped on Wednesday - hope it gets here soon. I'd like to play with it and see if it's worth the money to get another 2 or 3. :grin:

Fondled the llama last night (Now, there's a statement you don't see often! :grin:) I'm thinking handcarding's the way to go...but am still planning on experiementing. Probably skip the combs, though - flick, hand-, and drum carding should give me a good sampling. We'll see...

Got to bake cookies and cinnamon rolls tomorrow...and possibly bread. :bounce: I like to bake!
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so it MUST be State Fair of Texas time! :grin: It *always* rains during the fair's run!

My children were little heathens last night - they got THE lecture (# 2443, I think..the one on proper behavior) and have promised (HA!) to straighten up. It lasted until breakfast (a new record! :grin:) - Herself declared she was running away and "leaving this horrid place!" (complete with head toss and dramatic exit, stage left). I followed right behind her "Great! I can rent your room out and make $100/week!", opened the front door (stupid child - she KNOWS how this works :grin:) and scooted her out. The shocked look on her face was priceless.....(why, yes - I AM just that mean. SHE's the one that declared her intention to leave...I keep telling both of them, over and over and over, don't say it if you don't mean it. I WILL hold them to it!) She came back in a few minutes later all contrite (I had forgotten to relock the front door. OH, well....:lol:)

:sigh: Other than that, it was a lovely evening - I gots me some Llama! To DIE for! It's a beautiful, russet, chestnut-y color....and oh, it's SO SOFT. Rolling around in it will commence tomorrow night (I have choir practise tonight, so have to postpone the ecstasy until then :sigh:) is SO SO SOFT. I'll be sampling it - I'm thinking it'll need to be carded and spun long-draw, but want to test spin it combed and flicked, as well. We'll see.......

Hair is now at 28"....2" to go to waist. :grin: Am going to try a new experiment that is taking LHC by storm......we'll see. :giggle: (And no, I won't go into it here, until I see the's a bit....embarrassing :grin:)

Gotta go download some photos!


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